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Bloomington Daily Leader Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Bloomington Daily Leader (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Bloomington, Illinois Do tour want to rent to amp a it a a to buy to work to employ ? keep an a a add in and an Eye the leads advertising column every Day. Bloomington daily Leader. -2ott tax a Lster 1\> rent. To Law Ais to buy to employ. To work keep an a a add in and an Eye the Lead eke a advertising columns every Day. Vol. . 37. Bloomington Illinois monday evening april g. 1891. Price three cents. R k if Mother were Only alive in All through life she has known a mothers watchful care. She now is a Young Mother and gains strength but slowly. She would a give worlds a to do everything for her precious baby but cannot the doctor is so strict and does not sympathize with her a a As Mother always that baby has unfolded in the Young mothers heart new emotions. She has a living responsibility and requires strength to enable her to perform a Loving duty. At such a time too much care cannot be taken and the vegetable compound is indispensable. Lydia e. Pinkham a vegetable is the Only positive Core and legitimate remedy compound d for tile Peculiar weaknesses and ailments women. A a it cures the worst forms female complaints that bearing Down feeling weak Back falling and displacement the womb. Inflammation ovarian troubles and All organic diseases the uterus womb and is invaluable to the change life. Dissolves and expels tutors from the uterus at an Early stage and checks any tendency to cancerous humor. Subdues faintness excitability nervous prostration exhaustion and strengthens and tones the stomach. Cures headache general debility indigestion etc., and invigorates the whole system. For the cure kidney complaints either sex. The compound has no rival. All druggists sell it As a Standard article sent by mall in form pills lozenges receipt $1.00._lydia e. Pinkham med. Co., Lynn mass. Ian illustrated Book entitled Quot guide to health and etiquette a by Lydia e. Pinkham is great value to ladies. We will present a copy to anyone addressing us with two 2-cent Stamps. Quot removal c. W. Klemm has removed from his old location to his new elegantly refitted store 107 North Side Quot Square formerly owned by f. Fitzwilliam and lately occupied by the Chicago department store will open out and be ready for business monday april 6th. A cordial invitation extended to All. Extraordinary great bargains in every department. Be sure to come and see the prettiest goods in the prettiest store. 0. W. Klemm 107 North bids Square. The Only evening newspaper in the City receiving the full associated press report. Liberals baked. Parnell a address to an amnesty society meeting. Freedom for political prisoners the disc owned King declares that Gladstone puts irishmen in jail and the tories release them Call for a Lynching party started by Healy test Davitt rejected As a member the labor commission death new tipperary miscellaneous foreign notes. Dublin april 6.�?the spectacular effect which was intended to be Given to the mass meeting held in pm Buix Park yesterday to express popular sentiment in favor amnesty to Irish and Irish american political prisoners in English jails was spoiled by the drenching rain which prevailed and the procession had to be abandoned. In spite the bad weather 2,000 persons gathered in the Park and supplemented this manifestation their earnestness and enthusiasm by cheering Parnell and heartily groaning the electors Sligo who voted and worked against him. A set resolutions passed by the amnesty society demanding the release the Irish and americans confined in British jails for political offences was placarded throughout the towns Andje Arnell delivered a speech in support Lese demands. An attack the liberals. Parnell a utterances were very vehement in tone and very intemperate if not wholly reckless in respect to phraseology encouraging the belief that frequent defeats at the polls will cause him to abandon the constitutional methods which have heretofore characterised his course and Lead him to adopt a More violent policy. Uis criticism the attitude the Liberal party was particularly harsh. He declared that it had always been a Liberal government that had condemned irishmen to Long terms imprisonment for political offences and invariably a tory government that had released them. What government he asked had released Michael Davitt from the hardships prison life certainly not Gladstone a government. Why did not Gladstone a upon leaving office unlock the prison doors which he had closed upon members the party whose interests he professed to uphold a heat the diversion. Gladstone did not hesitate in 1888 to ascertain the opinion Dyn miters in America As to whether they would accept the Home Rule Bill and he had even received those persons at Hawarden. Why therefore Hud he not released these prisoners who were certainly no worse than those with whom he had bargained a voice a Why did not Yon make their release a condition accepting the Liberal Alliance some head Sites Here raised Aery a Kiil Himly a Lynch Himly Parnell stood unmoved and replied without a quaver a the Irish party has never made conditions and the prisoners would rather not than that it the Irish he declared had nothing to Hope for at the hands the liberals but the Irish nationhood which was very shortly coming would release the Frisou ers now wasting their lives in British jails. Parnell has retired to Avondale where he will spend a few Days in recuperating preparatory to addressing a series meetings in Ireland. New tipperary is doomed. It by the German press generally. The motive is not As much unfriendliness to the United states As to put a Stop to German emigration. Trying to Check cml Gratton. This is already making itself Felt in the Lack labourers for agricultural work. The conservative party and the Large landholders generally Are in favor prohibiting emigration for All except jews As is done in Russia. The government is not prepared to go this far but none the less appreciates the fact the Drain upon the industries Germany. The impression is therefore sought to be created that America is a Lawless country Aud that scenes like the new Orleans massacre Are Ordinary occurrence. In the chinese Navy. A fall work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy a a and Samuel Livingston amp sons the enterprising proprietors the Columbia clothing Emporium Are determined that none the boys whose parents clothe them from their immense Stock shall be Dull boys and have no play. So they have decided to give Ever boy who gets a suit at their store one the greatest toys the age a the ,.�?� the musical top free charge. Free Freeh free11i their Stock is one the finest and most Complete Ever brought to the City Bloomington. Done to ail to examine it and see the display in the West window. South Side Square. 114 we St Washington St smut barrys tenants giving up their fight with him. London april 8.�?it is stated that Smith Barry has notified his tipperary a agent . Townsend to make Liberal terms with the tenants returning to their farms. The tenants have been gradually coming Back for the past four Mouths but the Large body have held out Aasu now when they make a Complete surrender and practically throw themselves it he generosity the landlord. This is the and at new tipperary which has Cost Many thousands pounds to the Irish National league and Ita supporters in America and Australia. Season for the surrender. I the reason for the surrender the tenants a this time is their anxiety to take advantage the Irish land Purchase Bill a Titch comes up this week and will be canes Law virtually without opposition except the part Lahon czbere and a few other English radicals. Should the tenants not be in Poese Sion their farms they could not coarse take advantage the Bill it is said that both Irish factions in parliament favor the measure. They objected to Davitt. The Irish Leader rejected a a Royal labor commissioner. London april 8.�?the refusal the government to accept Michael Davitt a Irish representative the labor commission is generally approved by both parties in England. The London Trade unionists do not conceal their satisfaction and their Leader Tom Mann who proposes himself to Issue a labor paper is said to be gratified at the repudiation Davitt who Maun and his fellow unionists maim to regard an a foreigner with no right to interfere in the labor interests great Britain. No place for Eddy earn i tars. It is stated that no sooner was Davitts name mentioned than Argent protests poured Smith not from conservatives alone Bat from liberals every rank claiming that a Man convicted connection with Dyn miters was not a proper person to sit in a Royal commission dealing with most important interests the Empire. _ what Antl Parnell Itee say. Dublin april 8.�?the National press the new Mccarthy Ite newspaper says the Sligo result a despite the fact that nearly 1,000 orangemen supported the candidate the Parnel Lites and that the votes almost As Many members the National federation party were abstracted and in the face the grossest bribery Sligo has struck a smashing blow for the National cause. In spite Bally Ings bludgeoning and mob Law personally organised by Parnell the nationalists have won the most remarkable Triumph Ever achieved for borne Schmitts Oyster s chop House ii Kadru a a Tab amp for Val Blatz celebrated Wiener and Muench Ner Hobran Beers. Dining room for a Dies and outs up stairs British wives have 8ms# rights. London april 8�?ths decision in the famous Jackson cases that a wife can live apart from her husband if she chooses to a so has apparently wrought a considerable change in the interpretation to Glisic Law this subject Bines the s vision was rendered judges have fre no vently informed wives who applied for Joel separation from their husbands 1 proceedings an unnecessary to effect the t. Wind separation. Q Erk any asking questions. How 10 Teriw Lum imbroglio la mat la ohs father land. Londow april a it is stated that the German Mee Munat has sent instructions to its miss the to ascertain what if any guarantee Protection the american cheerful sort punishment meted oat to transgressors. London april Ftp the German officer Florschutz who took a command some time ago in the construction the chinese Navy has written Home some interesting facts about the War vessels that Empire. The native officers he says insist upon treating sailors and marines guilty offences just As chinese criminals Are treated Shore and it is not an infrequent spectacle to see three four men marched up deck to have their Heads Cut off in the presence the Crew while occasionally a Cage May be seen hanging from the Yard Arm with a poor wretch inside it undergoing a slow death by starvation and Lack sleep. They have also introduced the practice keel hauling in which the Crews take great Delight although it is usually death to the subject the punishment. A doctor makes a bad patient. London april Ftp an amusing Story is told sir William Thompson the great physician who has been ill for some time but who is now mending. His medical attendants declare that they never had a worse patient in the matter obstinacy. He would not take his Medicine for Days together and it was Only by the doctors threatening to abandon him altogether that he reluctantly consented to Swallow the prescribed draughts. The leading physician expressing a disbelief in drugs As a remedy when his own ailments Are under treatment is somewhat a Novelty and calculated to Rouse Many suspicions Aud misgivings in Ordinary Lay minds. _ Here a another complication. Paris april 6.�?if Chicago expects to get the Best work from leading French artists for the worlds fair better guarantees than any yet Given at american exhibitions must be assured. Benjamin constant says he is not inclined to a end other pictures than those already in the United states. Bou Quereau whose opinion is very weighty he being president the society arts says that while he is most kindly disposed towards Art movements in America it is too great a risk to expose valuable works to such a Long absence when it is difficult to get redress in the event irregularities. Brown Srou Srda a elixir. London april 0.�? . Gosset Paris has been experimenting with the Brown Sequard elixir. He says a i do not cure anything but i give the sick Means getting Well beginning with strength sleep and App tit Gossett says lie has made 6. 100 injections in a patient suffering from hereditary tuberculosis. He said he had been receiving treatment six months and had gained thirty three pounds. More russian villainy in Bulgaria. Sofia april Ftp Prince Ferdinand and Princess Clementine have received letters threatening them with death unless they leave the country at once. M. Gre scoff is also threatened with assassination if he does not resign the office minister foreign affairs. There is Strong evidence that the letters emanated from an official connected with the Hussion embassy in this City. _ american editors alarmists. Rome april Ftp minister fava will sail for Italy the filth. The Opl Nione news paper protests against the alarmist state ments the american press As intended to excite feeling against Italy and obscure the real position which concerns the whole world equally with Italy. Ordered Loo cd a reset closed. London april Ftp the Pope has ordered 100 churches in Rome to be closed they being unable to support themselves account the sequestration their goods by the government. Criticising a 8tatue. The Bronte to Lafayette has seme favrits 8e it is said. Washington cite april 0 a the new Lafayette statue which stands in the historic Square opposite the executive Man a Ion was erected saturday and yesterday was viewed by Many thousands people. There is much comment the fact that the state is not veiled and it does seem As if the compliment paid this country by French artiste should be acknowledged by a formal unveiling and by keeping the statue covered till the Day the ceremony. A too Vola Stnons Liberty. It is not improbable this Monument will be the subject a Good Deal unpleasant disc Samoa. The figure Liberty reclining at the base the statue Bolding a sword aloft for layfayette a hand the Seise is rather too nude and voluptuous even for a goddess Liberty. The feature the new Monument most unpleasantly criticised is the site the Heads the two cherubs cupid whatever they Are. Which adorn the North Side the column. 8 welled headed cherubs. These Little Fellows have Heads so abnormally bulbous that neither them could Wear the Large Chapeau Lafayette either his compatriots who stand the East and the West sides. These Boyish Heads Are so Large As to be rid leu Loua if the project to give France s Monument Washington lip return for this gift from the French be carried out it a hoped that the artiste will avoid putting no. 9 Heads a 8 boys. Dramatic scene in court. A convicted murderer tree the is usual Sutelle with pol Sou. Denver qolo., april a Thomas Heffner who had been trial in the criminal court Here for the killing chinaman Jion Lay in this City last fall wis brought into court yesterday to hear the the jury. When the verdict a murder in the second degree was read be Heffner was seen to raise a Small vial to his month and Swallow Tbs Eon tents. Physicians Ware matted and a stomach pomp was applied which raved the life the would be suicide. The vial contained arsenic which would have killed Twenty men. Lull in the storm no further turbulence in the Coke regions. The funeral passes off quietly. Two those wounded thursday die their wounds Watchorn and Frick engaged in an Issue veracity with the former a Little ahead so far a labor meeting at Chicago sits Down a speaker who did no to speak to suit a Industrial notes. Mount pleasant pa., april Ftp the funeral the men killed Here thursday by the Deputy sheriffs took place at Scott Dale saturday without hindrance and notwithstanding the gloomy predictions Given out no trouble followed. After the funeral speeches were made by the labor leaders but All them were appeals for peace. Several shots were fired last night the Hill Back the works at Morewood causing a great Deal excitement but at 10 clock everything was quiet. Superintendent Ramsey s House was surrounded by senti Nels and eleven soldiers were bleeping in the Kitchen. There is some ill feeling against him because men who Are not out strike have been ordered to go to work. The strikers threaten violence to any one who goes to work. A Check for 810,000 from the Headquarters the United Mike workers America was received by the local officials in Scottdale saturday night think the disorder is Over. The men in charge the strike think there will be no More disorder. Their idea is to have Large numbers the strikers visit the plants now in operation and persuade the men to come out. At different places in the Region notice was Given yesterday that the fight for the 8-hour Day and against a 10 per cent reduction has begun. The number wounded in last thursdays trouble has been greatly exaggerated. The list will hardly exceed fifteen and they Are ail now doing Well. But two the wounded died their injuries saturday night Paul Salinsky and Joseph it Saraan. Having a Little controversy. A controversy has broken out Between h. C. Frick and Robert Watchorn Secretary the United mine workers. Frick is reported in an interview As holding the labor leaders responsible for the troubles. Watchorn when shown the interview a Aid he would have affidavits made to a How that h. G. Frick paid for tiie passage workmen from Europe to America and that May these men were forced to go Down a the mines at the muzzles rifles and revolvers where they were compelled to stay until such time As . Frick saw tit to liberate them. He also indignantly denied that he was at All responsible for the bloody affair thursday and said that he had counselled peace in and out season and always denounced Lawless attacks property and persons. The charge denied by Furtek. Frick absolutely denied the charge that he had assisted men to emigrate to this country to work in his plants. He said �?o1 am now ready and willing to state that neither myself nor my company nor any one in its behalf directly indirectly assisted procured requested any Man to emigrate to this and he adds that he is ready to meet Watchorn this Issue fact Aud can prove that the statements Are false and that Watchorn knew it when he made them. Two witnesses brought Forward. In reply wat Horn resents the charge made by Frick and presents two affidavits one which a signed by James Collins who says he signed an agreement in Lancashire England to come to this Region and work for h. C. Frick amp co. At the rate 81.75 to 82.00 per Day it being asserted that there was no strike in existence pending. This was in january 1880, and when he arrived the whole Region was a Trike. William Mullah swears that one Fricks went to his House March 27 last and ordered him to go to work and upon his refusal ordered him to leave the company a a House which he did. Forced to join the fatal raid. Robert Ramsey superintendent the flick works said �?o1 have a list the houses where the strikers damaged the doors to make the men go with them. Out the thirteen Honses so far examined ten door panels were broken oat in one House halt the door was completely knocked out and a number locks were broken. One poor fellow who was compelled to go with the strikers was _ did no to please his audience. Battery d to protest against Tho carrying out the sentence death against Todt Rusnok Ank Sabyl the Pittsburg strikers who were recently found guilty the murder one the firemen at Carnegie a Iron works during a strike a year a go. Cool escape from prison. Remarkable endurance Gotham italian. A noted burglar gets out Trio lilo Penitentiary. Columbus o., april 6.�?George Moore a convict in the Penitentiary complained yesterday feeling ill. He dropped out the ranks and secreted hira3elf in a cell. He then climbed a fire escape and throwing a rope Over a beam climbed to the roof. Armed with a chisel and Center bit he broke several bars out Tho ventilator. He Drew himself out upon the roof and walked in supposed full View guards and persons in the prison i closure to the administration House. Went out in citizens clothes. He broke open a window in Tho latter and ascended to warder Dierks office. There he Laid off his prison garb donned a suit belonging to the wardens son in Law and the shoes and hat the Warden and walked boldly out into the Street. He was received dec. 22, 1885, a thu years sentence for burglary and larceny. He is a noted burglar Aud goes by the name George Ell Wood. Gen. Sherman a remains. Both legs Cut off by sections death a Man Pittsburg a april Harper president t he Pittsburg Clearing House and the Bank Pittsburg died at his residence in this City Early yesterday aged 80 years. At one time . Harper was a member the Ohio Senate and waa for Yean conspicuous in the politic the Buckeye loft his Bride Aad 800 creditors. Neb York april Ftp George e. Simla Cloe Afflis store in Williamsburg mob Day lost and has not Sinee been aeon. In Iem mated that he left 800 creditor a firmo Taeu Alvo left Quot m Chicago seamen do gutted with a Milwaukee Man s speech. Chicago april Ftp John Dolan who came All the Way from Milwaukee presided at a meeting the seamen a Union in Columbia Hall yesterday afternoon. Tiie meeting broke up in a Row because Doland a remarks displeased the members. Dolan is president the Milwaukee Anion. He advocated the interests the vessel owners without touching the grievances the seamen for which purpose the meeting had been called. He was frequently interrupted with cries and catcalls and such remarks As a a who a paying your salary and expenses a a is this a meeting the vessel owners association the Seaman a Anion a the audience grew More impatient As the speaker informed them that under the existing circumstances they would be unable to secure better wages the coming season. Advised to go Home. A then argued railroads freights Farmers and almost every other subject except the particular object the meeting until those present howled themselves hoarse. Finally Richard Powers a member the Chicago Union jumped to his feat and denounced Dolan and his methods. He advised Dolan to go Back to Milwaukee and attend to his own business and said that the chairman had insulted All present by bringing policemen into the Hall. He invited the audience to turn their backs upon the meeting and leave the chairman alone with the policemen for an audience. As soon As he bad finished the audience arose and left the Hall Dolau said that his expenses Here had been paid by the Milwaukee Branch but that he would return immediately to Wisconsin and not attempt to hold any More meetings in Chicago. Tin workers a strike. St. Paul minn., april Ftp seven Hundred tin Sheet Iron and Cornice workers St. Paul and Minneapolis Laid Down their tools saturday night and will not resume work until their differences with the Bosses Are adjusted. They demand nine hours As a Days work from May 1 and 20 per cent increase in wages. Minneapolis tin Sheet Iron and Cornice workers have a similar fight band and the Anions both cities will stand together. A bequest to Tho preachers. Pittsburg ph., april Ftp at the meeting the Pittsburg Central trades Council saturday evening a Resolution was adopted asking the clergy Allegheny county to preach at least one Sermon Between now and May 1 the eight hour location a a Means educating employers. Some the ministers will not Grant the request. They Are to he removed in order that Fulli wishes May be compiled with. St. Louis april 6.�?the remains gon. W. T. Sherman Are to be removed and the detachment United states troops that has been detailed to guard duty at the grave will watch Over the remains in their new temporary resting place. Before his death Gen. Sherman gave directions As to his last resting place and it is in order that the wishes May lie complied with that the remains will be temporarily transferred from the Sherman lot in Calvary to the receiving vault the cemetery. It was the wish the general that his remains should not be interred in an Ordinary grave in the Earth hut that they be placed in an apartment under ground which should be built store and Concrete Aud covered Over with a heavy Marble slap. The sepulchre will be built Large enough to receive the remains the general his wife and two children that now rest beside him in cavalry. The Detroit sleep fasting match. Detroit mich., april Ftp wonderland s turnstiles clicked 10,000 times yesterday for As Many persons anxious to see the fight Between sleep and the two men Townsend and Cunningham who have successfully battled with it for Over six Days. Townsend dared not rest a moment from his wild Pace up and Down and Cunningham seemed like a Man in a dream. It is Likely that they will stay to 1 clock this afternoon when the race is Over. A bag containing 8500 in Gold was Hung up in Plain sight the men yesterday to give them courage. A drastic railway Bui Teaten. St. Paul minn., april 6.�?in the House saturday morning a vigorous Effort was made to recon older Amend and pass the Currier Railroad Bill which had been Defeated Friday but it failed. The objectionable feature in Tho Bill is that making the terms nil and commodity Tariff conform to the distance Tariff and As this was insisted by the friends the Bill the motion to reconsider was Defeated. This disposes extreme Railroad legislation in this legislature other pending Hills being much More acceptable to the railroads. War against non sectarian schools. Quebec april Ftp Cardinal Tachereau and the entire roman Catholic Hierarchy have entered upon a War against Tho Manitoba school act and in All their churches yesterday a joint Man Domont signed by them was read after which in the Basilica Cardinal Tachereau preached strongly in its support urging the faithful to declare against the act and demand its disavowal at Ottawa. The act in question prohibits religious instruction in Public schools in Manitoba making them All non sectarian As in the United states. The Rhode Island election. Providence r. A april Ftp the Rhode Island election resulted in giving Davis Democrat 1,251 votes More than Ladd Republican but 900 votes too few to elect. The legislature stands republicans 50 democrats 20 Independent l Twenty five members Are yet to he chosen so that if the republicans fall to elect a single one they will still have a majority joint ballot four. Edmunds senatorial ambition. Washington cite april Ftp senator Edmunds yesterday celebrated the Twenty fifth anniversary his appoint ment to the Senate. Or. Edmunds has no intention resigning Bis seat it being fair ambition to eclipse the record made by Thomas h. Beuton Missouri who was a senator for thirty years and six months continuous service. An Iowa dam gives Way. Low a cite ia., april Ftp corals Lyle dam a few Miles above thin City burst from the immense pressure water Fri Day night Aud a flood swept Down the Valley causing a great Deal damage. The people who had been warned before hand Tho Advance the flood fled to higher ground. The dam was built in 1869 and Cost 830,000. Farmers out live Stock feed. Stout City ia., april Ftp there is Al most a total destitution among Farmers in this Region feed for live Stock and cattle Are suffering extremely. There Are reports actual starvation in several localities. Hay is 815 to 820 per ton and some Farmers have almost Given away their herds to save them from starvation. 8tan Leys boy 8ali. He gels an idea what a a Equality Means in the United states. Atlanta ga., april it a Stanley a serv ant sail has come to the conclusion that it is More pleasant to be a negro in England than in the United states Amer Lea. A while i was sitting in the Kimball Bouse Quot said he a a Man came in and Shook me and called me a negro. I found that he was the policeman. He told me to get out that they wanted no negroes in that hotel. Of course i left the people in England Are White and yet they do not do that Way. I do not want to stay in such a country As thin a the hotel people say that they could not entertain negro under any circumstances but that Bali was a impertinent Quot and d reserved what he got an Echo Parr Len s abduction. Detroit mich., april Ftp tha Echo the now famous abduction Joseph per Rien recently was heard saturday nigh when chief police Borgmann tendered Hie resignation at the request it is said the police commission. When per Rienus abduction first became known the newspapers put their Best men at work with the Reault that they Laid Clews and news before the department. Borg Man it laughed at the ease and belittled it. The newspapers openly Sec used him Ines Cliency and demanded Hie removal Jay Gold Cal sea the president. Washington cite april Ftp Jay Gould accompanied by Bis Eon a Maroon the Western Union to it he kick. Of a i latest by wire Brief summary the news the Day doings in All parts the world while the uhf Ort unite Man looked 1�?Terfectly conscious a heart affection making am Estrotios impossible terrible affliction caused by a filing brass and neglect medical assistance a lie succumbs at last to la Grippe a his favorite joke new York april Ftp a Man who the doctors say possessed greater physical courage than any one who Ever came under their observation was among the victims the grip who lied last week. His name was John Rebollo and his crippled figure has been n familiar sight for the past year so the West Side town. Four years ago Rebollo was a Man in rugged health almost a giant in strength. He was employed As a Block Cutter in a Wall Paiter factory. More than three years ago a bit brass filing became lodged in some manner in the big toe his right foot. Inflammation set in hut Rebollo would have nothing to do with Doc ors. The Rollon in ills blood. Blood poisoning in a mild form Supervene and Rebollo made up his mind that the too would have to come off lie performed the operation without flinching and ligature and bandaged it so As to control Tho Haemorrhage. A few weeks later inflammation from his wound Pread and gangrene set in. Then he applied to the surgeons Roosevelt Hospital for treatment. They found it necessary to take off the entire foot immediately. Even that did not Avail and a few weeks later another amputation was made above the knee. Lie was discharged apparently cured. Both these operations were performed without the administration Anre thetis As Tobolo was a victim heart disease but lie bore them without flinching. Another operation Nereus try. But the Poison in to Bollow a system had apparently not been exterminated for three months after his discharge from the Hospital gangrenous symptoms appeared in the Lel t foot and he was again compelled to go to the operating table. This time the surgeons took off the be t leg at about tiie same Point where the other had been amputated. Before lie a i recovered from that operation Tho fatal blood poisoning reappeared in the stump the right leg. Then the surgeons were about ready to give him tip. It was therefore decided not to operate. When the situation was explained to Rebollo he insisted that the operation should take place without an Amos thetic. To did no to care fore the pain he said and the surgeons might go ahead As fast As they pleased. Astonishing in Lek Anil nerve. He was so determined in the matter that Tho doctors decided to try it. They took Oil the right leg at the hip joint and Rebollo not Only Tore it without fainting shrinking but he grimly watched the surgeons at work and even attempted to assist them in some details. The doctors sold it was the most remarkable exhibition endurance they had Ever witnessed. Even this was not Tho end the poor Fellows sufferings. No sooner had he partially recovered from the last awful experience in the surgeons hands than the same condition tilings presented itself in the left leg. That also was taken off at the hip joint in tiie same manner. Lived through it to die i a Grippe. Rebollo lived through it. His wonder Ful Pluck never deserted him for an instant. Lie got Well and nearly two years ago he was discharged cured. To retained ids health until attacked by the grip a tout two weeks ago Ami Tho disease finally conquered him. He Hud a comfortable Little property his own Aud he earned a partial living by Selling trinkets. He never tired cracking his favorite joke when asked How he was doing in business otherwise. His reply always was a ooh i can to nine people Burn to death in a building at Rochester several whom were italians a. T. Barnum Tho Veteran showmen seriously ill other news. Rooks Tab a. April 6. A there have been nine bodies found St the fire the m Linery store. Only two have been it. Cognized. They Are . Keene and his ton. One Hundred and fifty thousand dollars in Gold sep posed to have belonged to italians were found in the Rains. The conc lesion is that the italians became con need and Ronld not find the stairway thus losing their lives. The fire broke ont Bont Midnight in a Large Frame building occupied As s dwelling and stores. The fire started in the Kitchen Keener a residence and he and Bis son were suffocated by smoke. A number italians occupying rooms in the upper portion the building were burned to death with the exception Ona them a girl aged 18, who Eso sped with slight injuries by leaping from the window. Marie Teo Ohio who escaped says aha tried to arouse the people but they were already asphyxiated. She stayed until the fire burned her and she was compelled to jump for her life. All the bodies have been removed. Tha list the dead is is follows 0. Keene and son Baptiste tee Ohio and Annie Hie wife and their three Bildren Annie Yozef and Rosa Vittorio Teo Ohio brother Baptiste and Joseph rams s Boarder. Preacher pugilist and miscreant horrible murder his wife by a negro at Jersey City. Jersey City n. J., april Ftp Edward w. Allinor coloured who it is said Haa been a preacher Aud a pugilist murdered his wife in a most brutal manner at an Early hour yesterday. Tho woman had recently left him account cruel treat ment. Hallinger while frantic with liquor forced an Entrance into the House where his wife was stopping and began beating her the head with a lather s Hatchet again and again he Sank the weapon into the woman a Skull. Even after the woman was dead the infuriated brute kept striking her with the Hatchet. Hla victim terribly mutilated. When he finally desisted the woman a Skull was crushed to a bloody mass. Both her arms were almost severed from the body these having been out while she raised them in an Endeavor to Ward off the blows. Ballinger then attempted to kill himself. He bad Cut himself severely about the head when the police arrived and disarmed him. The refusal the woman to live with him again was the reason Given by the murderer for his terrible crime. Planck and nerve in a woman. Columbus ind., april Ftp while Mirk ing Friday evening mrs. Mary Reynolds was bitten through the left band by mad dog. She caught the dog by the ear and held it until her husband secured an Iron bar and killed it. A a mad atone has been applied to the wound mrs. Reynolds hand. Treasurer ii ton at Home ilk Washington City april 6.�?acting treasurer Whelpley saturday received a letter from United states treasurer Hus ton who is at his Home in Indiana. Or. Huston says he is ill and will not return to this City until the Middle the Mouth unless his presence is absolutely quire. Nebraska s legislature adjourns. Lincoln neb april Ftp the legislature adjourned at 4 clock yesterday morning without having passed the legislative a portion meet Bill. Governor Boyd says Trtat he will Call right extra session for that purpose but the time is not fixed. Scarlet fever the teutonic. New York april Ftp George q. Wright Steward Samuel Green assistant Steward and William Hughes an Engineer All the steamship teutonic were remove from the ship saturday to North Broili Ere Island Hospital suffering from Scarlet fever. Warner Tuer is All tight. New York april Ftp a Telegram has been received from Hon. Warner Miller at Gre town Nicaragua stuting that he and All his party recently wrecked had arrived Safe and Well the Bee manufacturers association ban Francisco has Given notice that if strike now in Progress a one the a Hope is not settled by bad canny night they will close Alt tha shopg8hrowiug 800 men and girls out a it the British have taken Ren n be a Tbs attack a British abbreviated telegrams. P. T. Barnum is dangerously ill with tiie grip at his Home in Bridgeport con a. Bishop Gilmour the roman Catholic Bishop Cleveland o., is Dpi aug at St. Augustine Fla. The London Field sane Knees that tha famous yacht Thistle which did aet win the America cup from the Volunteer has been sold to the be rum Kaiser. Mrs. Nicely Mother the two murderers who were imaged at. Greensburg pa., last week Aud who was reported to to incurably ius Aue has regained her reason. The tempest a tug Sank in the River at Cleveland o., saturday and Howard i Joinis Engineer will Hughes for Emma Aud Harry Hersey deck hand Wear drowned. It is now stated that commissioner Quinton who was with the Al mfrs at Manipur India when the natives attacked them was captured by the natives and with two other Duglish officials killed. Wine and women Are what Henry Ark Bays caused his fall and he wants to be sent at once to the Penitentiary. He was Secretary Tho Beaman a Union at ban Francisco Aud stole 82,500 the funds the Union. Edwin Booth the tragedian made a speech at the close the performance in the Academy music Brooklyn saturday afternoon in which he announced that he would Retiro from the stage for a time owing to poor health but hoped to return in a year. It is stated that the English press has nothing now but criticism for Henry m. Stanley and that his reception when he returns to England will be a cold a it was in Texas where All his engagements had to be cancelled. The texans were Wroth because they say he deserted the Southern cause during the War. Gen. Butler went to the Treasury department at Washington City last week t it get a Check for 8275,000, the pries some property lie had sold to Uncle t Congress did not appropriate the 891 Essary for the making out the it Butler waxed Wroth and refused to accept the Check uni yes the Gover meat paid for the deed finally walking away with that document in his pocket. Her Haring disposition. A my wife Haa a saving disposition Quot arid Hicks. A when we got our upright piano she made a red i Tush cover for it so Tysl the Rosewood get scratch. Then she Cov ered that with a sort Tinea duster arrangement so As to save the Plash. I Tell you women have great big minday a harpers Bazar. The unadorned feels. Now Tell is the naked truth a said . Fosdick to his Young son who waa under examination for a Boyish eat Spade. Yes a added mrs. Fos Lek who wag 8 graduate Vasa a we want Only tha a clothed veracity. Judg death dismayed. Death in the dark once wooed an ancient maid. Who Quick embraced the last and Only Chance when Murning Camo poor death waa so do Mayer lie fled la haste and left her in a trance a new York Herald. Miss Mary Eastlake who has been East in this country with Wilson Barrett will make a tour Here this season beginning a october. Her brother Charles Kwet Lakoff. Will be her manager and she will Puy a Clit and a a Yorkshire the latest daily markets. Chicano aprils. 1 15 p. A a we Kate Mark t Arm oath l0s4b�8j May july i.rmai.. Corny Market steady Cash at. May wr4 ask july 63tou3h. Oats Market steady Cash May emf july 1�?Tokk�?Market slow Cash 12,29 May Lemk july 12.75. Lard Market steady Cash Sjo May muh july 8. To. 8hort rir8-Market steady Cash 5.18 May leu from Civ Lull is Fra �8 6,� h446 00 july tt.s��0.15. Hyiev nominal. Mas7. Hakarv nominal 780ho. . To Mot by Rasy 1.44 whisky�?115, Ohio ago april 5 Oatt Lka receipts 11x47 steady to Shade stronger. No extra Piton steers Furr ethers 4.7845.75. 5725 prime heavy and Butcher weights ass 6.40 Light 4 sw85.i5 hours receipts .11,000 Shady to lower. A to Yinnon 4.8044.75 mixed end packers t5 prime 40 fight 4 v receipts 11,000 Market steady. Westerns 5.k4&60 natives 4.0045.75. New York april a we rate Market lower May.1.12 3 lwll2 july l7r4l.07tl. Horn Market week lower 78419 4-Oatm-Market lower Western suck. V Fork Mark t firm new 15.75414.0 lard Market Brin t.9% Rutter Market steady Western 1302714. Kun my Market weak Western . April a corny Market met re 2 47 5 te1,. Of atm Melket quiet easy 2 White ism 8 Wal e a Ryks mar kit uomlnalt�74kh. I Laukia at Roll 4. Wheat Market Arm 1 Spring i Corn oath Market easier s7. Mai Ket easier Whit

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