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Bloomington Courier Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1902, Page 3

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Bloomington Courier (Newspaper) - October 28, 1902, Bloomington, Indiana . Indiana. Tuesday. October As. 190a. Cravens Bros. Poto Binl assault upon Yoong lady. Mos Ida Weimer struck on the head with a heavy Hickry club. Wagon Herway Home at 9 o clock last evening when attacked. Girl s Emvy flu hat was All that saved her life. From Sid urday s daily. Miss Ida Weimer one of the Young lady operators at the Telephone Exchange was made the victim of a Baniul and Arnost Faul assault last night. She had left the Exchange at 812$, and walked Down Walnut Street to third where she turned into College Avenue. She proceeded Down College Avenue on the Way to her Home which is on the Railroad and the third House South of first Street on the West Side. The girl walked across the old College Campus which was the usual route she Folk wed and when near the Southwest Comer of the grounds and in the full Glare of the first Street electric Light she w3m struck with a a Kory club. The by it a made a two Inch Gash just Over the left ear and Laid Bare the Skull. Miss Weimer wore a heavy Felt hat which probably saved her life. The dub crushed her hat and broke her hat pin. Miss Aheimer had noticed a Man following her when she was on College Avenue. He would quicken his Steps As she walked faster but when the bks a was struck she did one was get a Good party vote to carry Indiana. Her assailant. Marshal Johns and Fiker Morgan at once bin to search for the fiends and traced a couple of Lobos to the Yards and placed them in jail. The tramps were questioned this morning and released after the it ricers were satisfied that neither of them were implicated. Why was miss Weimer so brutally assaulted what was the motive this question is puzzling the officers. The Young lady did not have her pocket Book with her and the pay for her week s work was not due until tonight. Marshal Hohti is the opinion that the brute attacked the wrong person. The Young lady is 33 years old and is a girl of Good character. She has been employed by the Telephone company since last april and has been a splendid operator. Her Mother is dead and she resides with her aged father and step another. She is the Only daughter and has a brother. Miss Weimer Lias passed through the Campus every night since she has been with the Telephone company and was never before molested. It seems strange that her assailant would make his attack in the most open and Best lighted part of the a conservative forecast As to the result of the coming state election is Given in this morning s Indianapolis Sentinel by Louis Ludlow who was recently Here. After having visited every county in the Tate the writer says Quot with the election Only ten Days off it May be stated conservatively that no one can forecast the general result in Indiana. Those Republican leaders like senator Beveridge who have be ii chasing rainbows up and flown the state have no basis whatever for tie claims they arc making. It is Well enough to be candid even in making Liol tical prognostications and Tipul that Republican themselves Are nut taking the Rosy assertions of their leaders at All seriously they Luok us ii or. Beveridge s "30,000 majority Quot pre it fiction and similar forecasts of the Republican state committee As the usual Campaign guff. After visiting a Large majority of the counties in the state and attempting to size up the conditions accurately casting aside political prejudices it is the opinion of the Sentinel correspondent that the democracy is in a fair Way to make gains All along the line Towin in a very considerable number of representative and senatorial districts which Are now in the control of the republicans and to add from one be aia quote Quot a congressmen to Indiana s not know any one was near her. Pm a. M o. A Quot a a is also his the club used was a Green he Rory Quot Quot Quot Wop Quot a on that the result As to with the bark on. It was found. The Railroad gives i this Mommy by the police. J a Brilliant Light Over the uth West a lec n Cepenas la Geisy the Young lady was choked and Pat of the Campus. There is a there were scratches on her face Well beaten path running through i this morning her hat was found a he Park to first Street which is three of four feet away from her a several citizens who reside handkerchief and in still another j i Quot part of the City place was found her hair comb and the condition of miss Weymier at hair pins. The Girt Mit Tiave was seemingly favourable for made resistance and struggled with recovery. She has considerable her Assai Huit but As to this she can Ever. And being under the influence not herself testify As she is under narcotics is not allo Ved to talk the influence of opiate Tocy. it is fit icon wifi How Long min a a a own Rumin Theomi Iii Tertha tie Indin polls Southern attack. In an unconscious Condo w. T. Hicks has returned from lion the wandered about the Booth Indianapolis where he talked to on the democrats themselves. All ii locations in it int t othe probability that if the republicans carry the state at All it will be by a greatly reduced majority and As sure As two and two make four the democrats have great opportunities before them if they will make the last Days of the Campaign count As they should. What is needed is Clos systematic work in getting out the Vole. No brass band accompaniment is necessary for if democrats All put their shoulders to the wheel the time to Hurrah will be after the i action. Are Pun 01 town and Nemly a or tvs w treasurer w. E. Stevenson of the tie indications generally the residence of Charon l4awson, Indianapolis Southern. Or. Stev such As to cheer and encourage dem South Wab iut Street. To Rea Enson said that his company was of crafts. While the Aii Athy in Newny Walnut Street she had waded a pushing matters rapidly As po�?-j3arts of the state is so thick you Branch of mud and wafer to her sible and expected to build the Road could Cut it with a knife the re pub Knees and when she was admitted to the Home was k Fri Toul the wound she receive it we4 pro next year. Laicans Are worse affected by this the democrats. It citizens Froni Greene county who cry edition than Are Here today state that the is a fact which is True throughout insely a covered her Southern is going right a head be the state that a democratic speaker Ollil Froming she vomited blood curing night of Way i tha county of Ordinary Caliper is Able to draw Fredy. I and paying for abstracts. The Cit larger crowds than the biggest gun9 at9 to her father William Wei Zens of Greene have the greatest among the republicans. This is it 75 a i old was notified of his daughter s condition and a message was also sent for to poli the girl we to her Home or a p. Tourner imen4e�l of Iier a juries it w9s Virnea Ihm tie girl he not safer criminal relations with Confidence in the Road. Certainly a sign that the people Are More interested in hearing Public questions expounded from a dem than from a Republic air student s directory the Stu Jent s directory publish socratic by the y. M. C a. Is ready for a is standpoint. If senators flu ranks tri Hutton. A copy May be pro and Beveridge were to admit their cured either at the Coop or at the real feelings they pc Bly wow y. M. C. A House. i of Vetn Iii Silver concede that their Indiana me ethics ill through the Campaign have let Een disappointing. Generally i leaking the apathy is much More pronounced among the republicans than among the democrats and they will be the worst sufferers by reason of the stay at Home vote there is a tried and True put axiom that even when the West sude tie parties is Tadduni Tami Pirty a a Iya la the worst i Gferer by a gemeral a fisc condition. There is not the slightest Don but that senator Pai Tanki is Midi frightened Over the pro act that the legis Hitmi Britt be Carri tit the democrats in Wahidi Vcci be will Loia a Hilt in he vim session ended Nissis iry Chi Farnce Cid i Decito re tend hmm from Friday s daily. The program for last Day of the proceedings of the woman s synodical societies commenced at 9 o clock yesterday morning with prayer service. The following presbyterian societies reported. White water mrs. B. C. Estes Vincennes mrs. C. V. Halbruge new Albany mrs. E. G. Hulbert Muncie mrs. E. J. Dukes logans Ort mrs. William Wirt Indianapolis miss Sarah Mayo port Wane miss Anne Keller Craw Fordsville mrs. Herbert Campbell. The closing session was held yesterday afternoon and the delegates have All returned to their Homes. The next meeting will be held in Crawfordsville. The devotional service yesterday afternoon was led by mrs. R. W. Miers. The subject was the resolutions committee made its report and thanks were extended for the entertainment Given to the choir the pastor the offers. Press and All who assisted or contributed to the convention s Success. An interesting discussion followed on Quot the practical effect of mrs. F. M. Hatch of South Bend talked on the foreign work and mrs. P. C. Clark of the Tabernacle Church Indianapolis on the work of the Home Churchi. Mrs. Gailord of Indianapolis talked on the practical work individuals May do. Rev. George c. Doolittle favored the audience with another talk on syrian Days. He repeated the moslem prayer. Mrs. J. E. Brown told of the splendid Mission work being done by the Christian Endeavor societies and sunday schools and the program was ended by a Farewell address Fromi the retiring president mrs. A. B. Mitchell. New contracts por Carnig the nails to be of Blooming Toni s oldest citizens. While in the City this week Louis Ludlow had a talk with the venerable John Blair. In this morning s Indianapolis Sentinel or. Ludlow tells of the interview As Fellows Quot John Blair who lives in a Cumi odious Frame House on the highest Point in Bloomington where he can behold on All sides a Beautiful Panorama of Hills and valleys stretching Many Miles away has resided on the same spot since 1827. He recalls some very interesting experience with indians in the Early Days notably one occasion when a group of redskins amused themselves by shooting with their bows and arrows at the round Ball which surmount the Monroe county court House. The same court House surmounted by the same round Halli still stands in the Public Square. Quot i was one of a group of school children who went Down to the Square to witness the sport Quot he said. Quot we stood at a very respectful distance. One old Indian shot and his Arrow struck the Ball and glanced Over in the direction of the place where we were standing when he Qune Oyer q get to he let Loose a gut dish yell and you ought to have seen us scamper. The dog Cine was Mcnee deep and we became tangled m it and had an awful the getting or. Badr recalls that the Stone ukr in the court House was hauled Nuie Miles from Ketcham s Liitt. Ii the boilers i dog Domi three or Lour feet hit a soil the Wiiki have saved themselves the to nth of hauling Sudi a Lony dish a Rattha Conn in Miotla it Quot of n on july 1st, 1903 the present contracts for carrying mail on Quot Star route Quot will end the new contracts for four years will commence on that Date. In pursuance of this the government has advertised for bids for this services and proposals must be filed with the department at Washington on or before december 2, 1902, at 4 o clock. No bids will be received after that time. The former practice of allowing bidders from Distant state or counties to bid for this service has been abandoned by the department and Only those who reside on or Are continuous to the route will be allowed to bid. The words Quot on or continuous to the route Quot As used in this connection Are to be construed As meaning within the territory regularly served by a Post office on the route. A additional services in the Way of delivery of mail will also be Given to the patrons along the line of the Quot Star the Carrier will be required to deliver mail into All boxes or bags or satchels that May her placed on cranes or posts along line of the route of any person not residing in the corporate limits of any town or within 80 rods of any Post office. Carriers Are not required to collect mail from boxes but May do so if it does not interfere with his schedule time. The following Are the descriptions of the routes in Monroe county and any additional information desired on the subject can be obtained by applying to the postmasters at the various offices. By Quot Star route Quot meant the country mails carried where there Are no Railroad connect runs and the following gives an excellent idea of the Cost of handling such mails in the one county of Monroe 33.279. Buena Vista by Kirks Vilic and Victor to Bloomington. 15 Miles and Back six times a week. Bond required with bid.$900 present contract pay.296 subcontract pay.270 33, 280. Gent to Belmont 6u50 Miles and Back six times a Weela Bond required with bid.$400 present contract pay.i44-3o subcontract pay.130 33.281. Stanford to Bloomington 10 Miles and Back six times a week. Bond required with bid.$600 present contract pay.153-37 33.282. Bloomington by Dolan to Bryants Creek 10.50 Miles and Back six times a week. Bond required with bid____$700 present contract pay.191.98 subcontract pay.175-00 33.283. Fleener by Unionville to Bloomington 14.75 Miles and Back six times a Wek. Bontol required with bid. $900.00 pre it contract pay.260.21 33.284. Gable to Paragon 5.50 Miles and Back three times a week. Bond required with bid____$300 present contract pay.60 subcontract pay.50 33,286. Smithville by Payne South Granger and Todd to Allen s Creek running from Allen s Creek by Cortelyou Chapel Hill and Fairfax to Smith vice 29.32 Miles equal to 14.66 Milra and Back six times a week. Bond required with bid.$900 present contract pay.286 subcontract pay.2b0 33,288. Godsey to marts Villez 9 Miles and bade twice a wed. Bond required with bid. Present contract pay >65.98 to Piaf to amp Omu Vilks 7 Miles and Back six tunes a wed. Bond leu fed Willi subcontract .53 to he tons subcontract pay.158 33. Lemons to Gosport Miles and backs six times a week. Bond required with bid____$400 present contract pay.1244 subcontract pay.i6aoo 33,290. Bks Monington by Stobo to Belmont 11.50 Miles and Back six times a week. Bond required with bid____i700 present contract pay.365.57 for 20.95 Miles of six times a wed service. 33>26o. Hendricks due by White Hall and Blanche to Bloomington 13 Miles and Back six times a week. Bond required with bid.$800 present contract pay .255.98 subcontract pay.2oaoqjobi Blair s Romr Kruhe i Piri Oke Indianapolis Sentinel Quot John Blair of Bloomington probably is the Only Man in the United states who helped to Bury enough corpses to Fiu a cemetery and then at the end of an Ordinary life time removed with his own hands the remains of All of the bodies he had buried. The experience was s most remarkable one and it came about in this Way on the farm in the Edge of Bloomington where or. Blair has lived All his life was an old Covenanter graveyard the ground for which was Given originally by or. Bur s father. In the Early Days the Pioneer settlers were always neighbourly but never More so than in times of sorrow and the helped Bury one another s dead. Or. Blair was a participant in near All of the Early interments. Recent a it was decided to abandon the graveyard and it was then that he in his old age performed the melancholy duty of taking up the bodies of his friends and associates of the Early dais. The first burial had taken place fifty three years previous to this time. Or. Bur says that he observed Many remark Aue things and what Strudic him particularly was that the human hate will grow after death just As Long As there is any substance in the body. Among the caskets which a opened was that of Rosanna Ratney whom he had known Well. She had died thirty three years be Bre the Dis interment and her Haic Lead grown until it reached blows the shoe soles and turned up clean Over her feet in the Bottom of the coffin. The body of prof. Jamea Wood bum sr., which had been buried thirty years presented exactly the same appearance As when it was interred. Even the shirt front waa immaculate but when the air strode the body it crumbled into Dost. Or. Buur. Remarked that the Beard on the face of his brother in la Iii lad grown a Quarter of an Indi. N one place where there was an ant Hill Over a grave he discovered that the ants had made their Home in the coffin below. He always found in every grave some Remaina of the body except in the Case of two men who were notorious drunk aids and in the Graves he found not a particle of hair flesh or Bones. No one can talk to or. Blair without getting a More firm impress too than he Ever had before of the Brevity of life and the celerity with which dust ret meth unto dust Quot died Irwi hit Hii Ries. Bedford Democrat a Pimp Stagg of Learly known As to Stagg the Hooker at the Hoosier Mill at cd it Lytic who was crushed on Der a heavy slab of Stone while at work tuesday afternoon died Al 11 15 o Doc wednesday Nigil from the result of his injuries. He will be buried at the Giat Yard about a Mike and half norther of Rothrie Friday afternoon at in o Doc. J Stagg waa a ont in years of age Dpi and Kava a widow and four a Dren. He Fame find near sunni Ville and he been wording in the soar Rita for Aoma Tiam Hia fifa
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