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Blizzard Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 3

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Blizzard (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Oil City, Pennsylvania Of monday june-27, 1955 to of party Une Fulton Lewis progressive teaching stirs growing dislike Sylvia Forte income tax savings make marriage Good financial Deal for bridegroom office memo to Fulton Lewis or. From staff assistant Russell Turner. As you so frequently comment it should be a must for working Washington reporters to get away and from that it was amazing to find so Many people in full Accord that the country s political salvation must come from a re alignment of political parties to separate the sheep from the goats Perio d i c a 11 Yin each of the present parties and from the poll affect a True separation of Liber tics is. Every gals and thing Atmos the democrats Are torn Between getting married in America in this Era is not Only the magnificent emotional experience it always has been. It also is a magnificent financial Deal under which Uncle Sam hands deed. In addition you ordinarily get the Benefit of an extra personal exemption. These two items alone can mean the Bride an impressive tax dowry a big annual saving to. You As you phere of this capital where the City Only is the Union and Ada bossed North Ern who now control the party nationally and the South Ern conservatives republicans Are whig Industry government i equally split Between International so after to Joist liberals and conservatives who weeks in the continuing trend towards i Middle West i just wanted to Tell socialism. Virtually everyone you that the one Overall subject agrees that this lineup should be about which i heard the most Dis Cussion about which i was asked revised to put the lefties in one Camp and the conservatives in and permits the bridegroom. Some Eye stopping tax savings. And it s Hish the most questions and which Gen another. Really seemed to hold the most this is no Gallup or other kind changing the business scene a nationally known writer makes this striking observation regarding the Ameri can economic scene a Ray of Hope for Freedom s safety comes from the quiet revolution now changing our Trig business structures from ownership by the wealthy few to ownership by the i affluent Many. Millions of Ameri cans Are now stockholders writer e once there were Only thousands. The cartoonists concept of big business As the be Terest was education. The two sub Points of interest were dese Grega my impression is it is being accepted with remarkable i a growing dislike of progressive teaching in pub Ilic schools which More and More people regard As failing to teach. There was interest of course in other subjects but that is the one which seemed to have the most i generalized hold on the minds of people with whom i other subjects there the Many i talked. On the seems to be no belief whatsoever that any Good will be accomplished american business is not Only interested at the big four Summit meet of allegedly scientific poll on which i am reporting. It is simply a sum Mary of what i heard said arid of questions asked of me in sever Al score conversations while driving out and Back during some 10 Days visiting my wife s family in Springfield mo., and while on Side trips to several other places. Springfield incidentally is the site of the Federal prisons Bureau s big Hospital. One of the principal objects of interest in that Ozark foothill City was the possibility of Freedom for two inmates at the Hospital the finn twins who were imprisoned on charges of interfering with a Federal offi vill see from this table showing taxes on your income tax time say a female As Well As a reporter that America s brides realized just How much t h e y r e Worth in tax Dol Lars and cents to their new husbands. Under our tax Laws in fact that old excuse of the hesitant male i can t afford to marry is so much Balderdash. Under our Laws the would be Bride would be entirely in order if she retorted with a twinkle of you can t afford not to marry to America s brides and grooms in this merry month of marriages i hereby offer the following figures As a i bring it to you through the Courtesy of the Ameri can society of chartered life underwriters which worked out the stimulating statistics. When you marry Young sir Uncle Sam extends to you the privilege of filing an income tax re income married 668 single 840 saving 172 225 when you take a Bride. Marriage also doubles the Maxi mum you can deduct on your fed eral return each year for amounts you spend during the year for med ical care. Or say you re in the chips and want to Shower your beloved with gifts. The life underwriters society suggests you see your tax adviser even before your clergy 412 Man. You might learn it would be 596 better to wait until after the Cere what s More our tax Laws make Mony before you give her the Kohinoor for then your gift would qualify for the special More certain that your Bride will j marital deduction and you might fulfil the Promise of the sacred Cut your gift tax by As much As Book of proverbs she shall 50 per cent. Ill the welfare of that particular business ing in Geneva next month or that jeer s performance of his duty. Tip concerned with the anvthin2 except harm could result he is directly concerned Wun me preserve i _ in o _ Tion of the system which makes its exis Viet display of seeming tence possible. This is combined with a rather a great step Forward was taken a More than a year ago when the monthly problem of relations Between the investment plan was inaugurated. Under it j United states and the communist i a i j people can buy stocks Over a period of time by investing modest sums each month or Quarter. For any. Reason they drop the jewelled magnate is obsolete. The modestly Pian they receive the number of shares attired widow limited Means Pic they paid for. Many thousands of peo Tures today s business pee have taken advantage of this opportune by typical Ity so far and the number grows apace. American families Means greater economic democracy. That in turn vastly strength ens our political democracy and shores up the Structure on which All freedoms rest. The Man or a few shares in an that s All to the Good. Yes the modestly attired widow not the be jewelled magnate is symbolic of today s owner of corporate Enterprise. And the soviets will find Long if plans go through 10 soviet farm experts will visit Iowa and take a searching look at american farming methods. Russia has always had a food and periodically she has suffered widespread Famme. V the head of the communist party is determined something drastic about it and he clearly is convinced that at least a partial answer found in the u. Of decadent he especially interested in what is known As a Corn hog under it Farmers raise big quantities of Corn and use it to fatten hogs for Market. The soviet experts if they Are honest i will report Back to the Kremlin after their Iowa visit that Corn must be grown in a suitable climate that Farmers will produce it in Corn Belt quantities not by compulsion tint with possible profit in View and with a right to determine whether it shall be Corn or hogs this year. That is a free Economy and capitalism of course and anyone who would suggest it in Moscow would be in for a rough time. The experts May As Well stay Home. If they do come they will certainly get some surprises. For. Example it might profit them to Survey the great american livestock of All kinds being one of Russia s chronic shortages. They will find that the livestock producers even in times of severe Price declines have re fused to ask for government subsidies or supports and have chosen to take their own Chance and keep their Independence. These producers in other words be Lieve in Freedom and they Aren t afraid of risk. That will pose a really Tough prob Lem to the masters in the Kremlin. Of a sneak Pearl Harbor atomic or Hydrogen bomb attack by rus Sia on this country. It is accepted As one of the elements of life in the atomic age with the world divided into two armed and hos tile Camps. On the question of Domestic poli tics there is. A general agreement that the 1956 presidential race probably will be a rerun of 1952 with1 president1 Eisenhower again defeating democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson. The general feeling is that Ike has done a. Pretty Good Job with reservations Way or the other depending on whether you Are talking with conservatives or Render him Good and not evil All the Days of her life just consider what these annual tax savings can amount to capital Zed at 6 per cent Over a married Ife of 20 or 30 years. And presumably when you say i you nope and plan to stay value savings 30yrs. Income for tax value savings 20 yrs. 6.707 .268.033 or say you re Well heeled and generous and want to give gifts of Cash to your relatives or friends. Your tax status As a generous mar ried Man would be much better than As a single Man. And so it goes far be it from me to suggest to any lovelorn lass there Ever can be any improvement on the traditional Moon june soft lights Sweet music and of you know. But just in Case something extra is needed at the crucial moment you might by coincidence have this column tucked into and that s not All. Say you re not Corner of your Dainty Little purse. George they tried to make a citizens arrest of a United states attorney in los Angeles who was direct ing Legal action to recover from he finns a surplus air Force plane they had bought secondhand rom a school when the govern ment decided the resale was in Egal. Sent to the Springfield hos Pital the finns went on a hunger strike and presently Are. Being United nations charter As a treaty raised in questions of Domestic Law they failed to convince me but Springfield ans Are of a mind that he treatment accorded the twins has been rather Cavalier and that they do not deserve imprisonment some subjects inter est around Washington i hardly heard mentioned for example the administration s personnel Security program. What Little mention i did hear was to the effect that it is a necessary evil. The Liberal St. Louis Post dispatch allegedly an influential paper throughout this area was of course campaigning against the program but it seemed to have Little if any effect. In the Case of Sioux City memorial Park cemetery inc., it the question again arose As to the relationship of the United nations charter to the american fed eral and state Laws. Justice Felix Frankfurter delivered the Opin Ion of the supreme court. This Case con Cerns the Refus Al of a cemetery Tion on the rights of the states lament a a Long tradition going and of persons otherwise reserved to them under the Constitution. It is a redundancy to add that there is of course no basis for buy in Ference that the division of this court reflected any diversity of opinion on this the United nations charter is a treaty Between the United states and 59 other nations who Are Mem Bers of that body. Under our Law a treaty is the Law of the land Hal Boyl Many world boundaries still remain unexplored new York left the poor Man s adventurer my child my child i this world lies before you the great-unknown., so Many boundaries unexplored. The mighty greeks and they did Many things said know thy James water resource recommendations due Washington to Ben Morell 1 the task Force and commission Jan oblique suggestion his task has opened a bag of torn cats recommendations Are due out in j Force was motivated strictly by the romans boisterous Pris 1 owners of the greek mind after robust Cen Turies said the same thing. The in Quiry handed he is a retired Admiral and chair Man of Hie Hoover commission s task Force on water resources and Public Power. About a week. Economics. But in a speech at St. Louis 3. He will do All in my Power wandering Down tribe who by every held the sword of Conquest since their re Mains both a question and a commandment. Vav e work by the Back door. We his group 26 Man did the june 15 , who is chairman of the Board of Jones Laughlin ground work investigation for the 12-Rhan com step corp., indicated 1. His group recommended to the commission that the Federal government sell its Power plants Mission Hea d e d and out of business of to mobilize Public support for those parts of the commission s recommendations with which he agrees. Moreell did not say outright in his St. Louis speech what his task Force s recommendations would be. Selling electric private j nevertheless hero Are some of by former or if that cent he conclusions said he arrived Dent Hoover. The or local communities. Task burial of a Winnebago Indian under a contract which contained the. Clause Buri Al privileges accrue Only to Mem ers of the caucasian the discussion in this article does not concern itself with the moral or social correctness of the conduct of the owners of the Ceme Tery it to effects of the United nations Char Ter upon the United. States. The plaintiff raised the Issue that the action of the cemetery owners was a violation of the. Char Ter of the United nations. Justice Felix Frankfurter said of this there was reference in the the weapons by the Grace of opinions of the Iowa courts and in to permit the not passed by Congress in the Usu Al manner but negotiated executive signed by the presi Dent and confirmed by two thirds of the Senate present. Such a treaty then supersedes any Federal or state Laws no matter How ancient. In a California Case the charter Vas Aii played to vitiate a Law which had been in existence for ome 30. Years. Lod if that is the word have always lain like dust in the world. He main Toolis tie mind of Man f Man is. Destined to survive on his crowded Earth and raise the lard Victory of the mind against pull of easy ignorance. How Little we know after these centuries and they have been Many suffering centuries. No real scientist today can Tell even what sleep is. Or How Al though he knows they Are to enforce it Why he can t build life. The doctor surrounds his patient with soft words and soft Medica ments but he fools neither Himsel nor his patient. The mystery of final knowledge escapes both yearn to know. The briefs of counsel to the United nations Iowa courts dismissed summarily the claim that some of the general and Horta tory language of this treaty Nicl so far As the United states is concerned is itself an exercise of Back to Magna charter of jealousy Over its prerogatives and suspicion of the executive. Because of historic circumstances particularly the importation of the sover eign from Continental Europe parliament actually captured the control of the executive so that every member of the Cabinet is first a member of parliament. The sover eign does not possess such administrative Power As the president of the United states. The Cabinet is a captive of parliament. If a treaty Between great Bri Tain and another country were to e made to apply As the lawyers propose in the Case of Rice v. Sioux City Etc. Parliament would Lave to Law on the subject before it could apply. The not the be debated n the House of commons and the the charter of the United a ions As a treaty will continue to the used by lawyers for the Benefit of their clients until an Amend ment to. The Constitution alter.--, the relationship Between the charter and Domestic Law or the charter More emphatically is made to state that it cannot be applied to Domestic Law. During my recent visit to eng land i made inquiries concerning this subject and found that they operate under a system that is something like the Bricker Amend ment. A treaty with them is no the Law of the land. If a treaty is to have the effect of Domestic treaty making Power under parliament must do Constitution constituted a limit the legislating. The British Par House lords and the i debate would be published in the press or All to read if they Are inter ested. The executive cannot make British Law by a treaty. I cite this example because the opposition to any amendment to the Constitution on this subject bases itself upon the rather silly notion that it demonstrates a Lack of Confidence particular presi Dent. The Law is Long presidents come and go. Amendments to the Constitution. Ought not to be evaded lest the sensibilities of a Public official be bruised thereby. Were that the Case it would be impossible Ever to Amend the Constitution. One was even adopted limit ing the term of the. President. Sam optimism growing in clothing Industry new York with 72 per cent a year growing today in both the men s j i j and the makers of men s shirts and women s clothing industries. I pyjamas sportswear say that or if orders production and sales Are Dering was so much better at last Man the divine totem pole a tall animal is a and enduring Monument on which is scratched both ignorance and discovery. The reach for what is True is try to understand nature while re the tremendous voyage of Man fusing to try to admit even that and Man has by put his foot in a this is Only a window glimpse Canoe he created him ourselves. Self and pushed with a but the magnificent Power that courage into a roaring dark. Can now be massed and take a who Are you where can you magnificent look at the human go what can you learn what can race the poor things we Are you really do for people what can after All these centuries the human become things that by a Power above More than it is. For All that we any indication the american fam ily is going to Spruce up its looks and so the Tex tile Industry is getting ready to to the commission on March 31, 1955. Week s shows Here that Good Busi Ness is indicated into next Spring and summer. Optimism is based primarily on increased ordering by retail out Able for that purpose this fall. When All the textile and ing workers Are Back from vacations the production Pace is expected to be much higher this sum Mer. Makers of women s dresses Here report Early orders Are up by 40 per cent and they Are looking for their Best postwar season. Take off on its thinking in the textile Industry annual vacation Springs from the growing belief cheerful mood. In the women s apparel District Here manufacturers report that orders by lets. But much of the Long term the clothing manufacturers Assn. Of the u. S. A. Reports that heavier Early orders of men s regular suits overcoats and top Coats Means that retailers have Low inventories in these categories and that they have full Confidence in Good fall men s suit production in May was up 19 per period in a that the american consumer is due another shift in his buy ing habits. For some time now it was the maker of durable autos. Household appliances and the was getting the now tie commission free to ac-1 Sion will say. J Force proposed. But Morell did 2. It is unfair to say Federal not hint what exactly the commis a Power Plank arc a yardstick for will Sav. Tho i the electric rates private utilities cent or reject the task Force Firni-1 he did. However say its rec i should charge since the govern Ings will make a will be a Compro Ament plants pay taxes and to the president and Congress on Misc Between political and ceo have been financed at lower m Crater resources and Public Power. Nomic considerations. This seemed Crest rates. Yean Gravy from the business Boom cent Over last year and overcoat and specially stores textile executives Are output gained 27 per cell markedly heavier than at last their timers coming 1 the National Assn. Of shirt a weapons. Blackness ahead. Bennett cite established May 22, 1882 published every afternoon except saturday. Sunday and holidays by the Derrick publishing co., 1510 w. 1st St Oil City Penna. Want and office 210 Scucci St., Oil City. A. G p Boyle. Publisher r. W president h l. editor j j Shiran. News editor f editor entered at the of City Post office As second class matter d subscription Bates by Carrier payable weekly or in Advance 25c per week by in. Venango. Clarion Foreit Crawford and Warren Coati to one month m months one year elsewhere in the United states per year. Clarion 241 Branch offices for u it til us us Branch 5-1227 lesson in by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say i claim that my figures Are say i 0 f t in mispronounced Scourge. Pronounce Skurjo not Skorja. Often misspelled sent scent cent synonyms laconic Short Brief concise succinct sententious pointed Pithy. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word profusion Abun dance lavish Supply. She was showered with a profusion of thai american men and women Jama sportswear manufacturers the men s clothing Industry on i Are now turning to replenishing says Advance ordering for next a nationwide basis ran at 86 per their wardrobes and that they Are Spring and summer is heavier than cent of capacity in May com i going to have More Money Avail j either last year or 1953. Try and Stop me the late and great cartoonist h. T. Webster once in a Obde like mood chose Twenty friends at random and sent them a one word Telegram Only two phoned to ask Why the others sent notes of thanks. Each had recently enjoyed some minor achievement he deemed worthy of Webster s wire an exemplary Young Man enlisted in a police school. While there he met a wonderful girl who also was studying to be i come an officer of the mutually attracted the pair took to going out together in the even ing so they could practice pinching each other. A big Oil refinery got a letter from the Sahara desert complaining that its personnel s water rations were inadequate. The president Pooh poohed with those spoiled so and so s Are always Etc. This answered his aide i think they mean it. Their postage stamp is attached with a the Cyl do it every time by Jimmy Hado Rosewater at last Fuho just the of acc space-h16u up and a particularly Beautiful 60es a so get a Load of this View can see 4ll Over Otey get a Street

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