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Blizzard (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Oil City, Pennsylvania B-29 Down eight rescued at sea gop to map strategy on new tax Bill Houm Republican Leader Martin policy group to meet Republican Leader Martin of Massachusetts called Hii policy committee to a huddle today to map party strategy on what he called the phony new Lai Bill. Some republicans privately describing the Bill As political said they will Vole Lor it despite misgivings about some of its features. The vote is expected next week. Vol. 106. No. 28 Oil City a Friday evening june 23, 1950 5 Lena and Hubby crash at in Rescue near Guam Draff to run two or three More years by Edwin b. Haak1nson peacetime Drall in sure to last 13 More Days and is just about set to run on or two or three More years. It was due to expire at Midnight tonight but Congress moved fast yesterday ind approved a Slop Yap Bill providing i 5-Day Extension. To president Truman for his end to milk strike seen i ote tonight Pittsburgh and area workers to vote whether to accept offer la i never too late say or. Aad mrs. George t. Harmon. 51 the measure would slash excise. As they proudly How of their baby on in Wichita Kan. The baby an de j i tie Stopgap Bill was sped to president Truman for his i m o r c was delivered by one of mrs. Harmon s three grown daughters. Herself on fur Coate. Jewelry by voice Vole in Al members will j the Mother of three. Mrs. Harmon who attributes her health Indle smell movie j by unanimous Cona and the 15-Day he has decide tonight whether to end j leu Home vitality to the Large amounts of she eat also feed the baby with Mill. International police arrest six speeders warn of firecracker Sale Bills awl scores of other items. Ould make up the excise Revenue sent of the House. Loss to a Large degree by new taxes in the meantime the Senate i big corporation. Jih outed its approval o Athree year rep Kean member Oil draft Extension after Compro the. Ways and Means raising one difference beating this Bill reduces the tax on j Down for a second time Lor the order Infix icons through said racial armed t on i by luxuries Aad trat Feri the tax Bur-1 segregation i dec. Of forc j there remain some in arts told newsmen Isi a kid and or phony in Bill. T face honed Oul Uler. For in jives to some m Lac Nouh bin at the same time it makes taxes much More burdensome i the gop Leader Many Oleri seemed certain to wind up Wilh republicans and Well ii Lus than his present City last night on charges of speeding. Each Motorist paid a Fine have been battling Lor reduction of Broad authority to order the Akiua 01 extend Lac draft two no1. Three. In any event the president Oil cily police Loday said six arrests were made in the another to Loris was apprehended or driving Loo fast for conditions police said. J meanwhile police said they have received reports Lac. Some local merchants Are Felling fireworks under the and warned Ihm prosecutions will result to Boih seller user alike it the Rraci ice not halted. This is definitely ust warning chief in a Jolln stated today. Whenever we can produce m in the furore j will the wartime excise taxes. Martin drafting of men. A Horii to you i oni t this o keep inc armed service e a ii ill Power his no been in Ceni months he services depended upon iry a Blifil Tho armed service i com of Hij authority although the House had voted to Giva con Pittsburgh Ilont the Power of . A spokesman for the a of of Ohio army private is held in slaying police say Sayre pa., youth admitted he killed cabdriver Withington we an in yer old. Air Force. We held the police chief said today Tor grand jury action h Are being received from Tei dents n6r_police Taid he -1-" contends that instead of hiking1, other iaxe.3 to make up the Revenue Lois the excise Relief should be accompanied by reduction in govern ment spending. Moreover he whaler Che will stimulate Busl atm so thai actually the govern ment if not Likely to suffer any Revenue Loos by culling1 Lac excises. Smya and Meana commit cd chairman dough Lon the top democratic lax manager lakes i the View Alao that the Boot in taxes on big corporation .00 lie tid that he guld see a. Reduction of govern. Under the 1-hs selective Cervice .5-Day-old strike against 67 dairies in Pittsburgh and de seven surrounding counties. Officers of local 205, milk and ice create salesmen and Dairy employees called t h e1 session to present a new and of better wage and hour propos my melted by the greater milk dealers As a of of Ncora to. Sough a Orlle a Lar into he will deals de Bank dividend two Are killed will be paid in plane crash stockholders of old the of Chy to receive Amateur Pilot and his son in Law killed in Brownsville r crash i a Rinvil payment o per share i Browns iut a Pronin immediately to Harry a. Teen. President of 1 local 205, Eaid details of the offer will not be released the meeting adding the negotiating i Nolan to i her re a j eel Ion or acceptance is Ulo the members to decide who Larrr they la continue on i the Union struck Nufler protracted inc Foliations for a new contract to he one which expired Jaatje May 1. Marriage in 1917 or Lena Home the big Issue bean and Tennis Haylon former Lany raises would by Retro Active to Mem musical director is a Murre. Cd in Paris by her publicity other Crew members of crushed super fort reported to be still missing men of the i 1 Man Crew of a sup j Erfort Down 40 Miles off Guam were rescued today by a Craa Boal. I three others one of whom was seen from planes As he tried to climb into a Lifeboat Are missing. The crash boat reached the survivors of a b-29 crash be fore dusk. Far East air Force Headquarters announced. A exarch for the other three Crew members coot aued. Meanwhile the to Muley sped tonight to the spot where the aur Alvors were afloat. Hovered Over the alter dropping life Boals to ill men in two rails lashed loge Lher and three others wearing life jacket ii he water. The survivor a were Iraq. Spotted today by i. Cmdr. Edward p. Drake Pilo ing a c-54 on a routine military air Traa port flight. Drake reported he saw Only men in the rails. Other plants including two b-1t Reacus Squadron ships which drop 1 Ped the life boats three b-293 and an air Force c-j7 reported the other Hryc in u a water. The Superforn was re turnip from a. Routine practice bomb run on Omna a Cate Day it went Down at sea. Rule Hayton that Date. Swimming Pool open tonight the. Nuclei Fol swim Manj Pool on Muon heh kit who open la the Pogue tonight the Flani Elf it of the throughout the City about the i of the he pointed to the Lav which provides a. Fine of Jiw or 90 Days jail or both against anyone who ing Gordon jr., a part1, time cab Driver in tempt May the Soldier . Nolds of Sayre pa., told u. S. Com i to save Money. He to stockholders of the old the Oil to Pilot through the National Bank predecessor or Alloi and his son irl Oriel Alk the Union asked lha. Sc1 1 by by the Ciu National Bank i i be however since in apparently 10 inc Piid july 10. Lilbert w was now o Cut. In making the announcement to Cyril i Holt he at a pre Scala the to rework and the for i nose apprehended while not same. Chief Joslin said the enforce is being made As a safety i the Hopes we so i though in a the officers. Die chive surge and other july fourth without an a join j Sullivan and capt. Murrey Chasin of the air Force the Alfiert the police also reported a Reynolds confessed to their. Ipp Liet increased Ctm Linurd on raft t the a luminary hearing. He Lold Lawrence i Ai the hearing a Jyh. Him correctly. Wii l mib topic of l i was stolen from a local child inc Pool in some a1, the Muni Cepa slim tuesday was recovered Brush a Ong Colbert ave. Police Aljo received a report that a bicycle owned by w. I. Roscor of Rouseville was stolen a the pool1 that he killed Brown in an a Templ de robbery. They said he told them he wanted to get Money to give to Hii whom he said had cared for Hiir. Since infancy. They continued that he his grand Mother badly needed Biz Zane died yesterday in crash of Daity Guarani Cej of drive a plane which the older Man from to to j1 Edio Purchase. Dealers have offered victim of the crash nine Mies 1 the Union also asked a reduction of Brownsville were Marq Nissin the 4s-hour week to 40 _ 53, of la., and Wilh no loss n . The Industry to it wiil be Piid to Quinni a Ai the offered a 44-hour work with no 210 stockholders. University or plots Bur a. Salary Loofs. Who former a lived in finally Chr Union a skid lha. Pm. And was a naive of 15 _ years1 re re Dis Eric was Pilo ing the if r. A Fairchild two place two. The stale police raid Day. Liquidating agent l. M. Camp Bell said the dividend Wlsh amour the dividend will wind up Bank s liquidation. O Lac old Bank be required to present their , properly endorsed and the negro am her fro in Paris where singing in club and u hero marriage took place. In while she he Bam Viu be per Between us ii with til Yale Day. Department in hailed cab Al the boiling continued on Nei Gliniors Cory Don. A. Up Raymond Goi vied Mir Ferar gets the Seite ice Morgan own a t year old Coal Miner was convicted a it Dep the murder thursday Clarh he wire their seven Chil i hut county s record o Dren arc counting the hours today years without a death they can move into the remained unbroken. I Hogue neighbors Are building to re the i of dict returned Asa Irist Vin p acc one destroyed by fire last Corzo Stefan uni of slay night. Ins a Coal company doctor at a Attar the tire left the Clarks. S a City ferry slip on april i was homeless word o their plight i f phra5ed Aslo make life spread quickly through this com a mar.daior.-. Near Philadelphia. Before no since West Vir noon thursday trucks bearing Lum inia Jill was of Virginia Ter and cars bearing Volunteer j . A a cursor a been sentenced of Dii workmen were a Tivin at the n the Mccurty. In t a a Cene. Was for . Hundred were sir Finizii told tic he had a at night Hood or. Paul Douglas 40, Lor donated by the Cory Dori and for remarks the physician lire companies permitted ithe work to continue. He a of materials brought he made he j let i cd e Elan Izz and threatened tul Root he Miner with the Rolf and Plarl on the in Erier. Or. N pi5to said he two Ihsle Over the doctor s a Aruj then backed up when1 or. Douglas marked to Claib from the vehicle. To retreating. S a Fanizzi his Elbow struck a Wall the weapon was discharged accidental s. Killing or. Douglas. What a you i Hank of Oil City s traffic Slopr what ii your Opu Loa of operations of the Vari Braj teen of City what about or Candy Tom of Uli comm Mir be Breaf Ulven an Opportunity to i tier tic i a and other in Rhi and at the Aane Usk Rrt paid far Tom. Tin by turd Ever wily accepting tace written of Many people of Ike con minty which reflect Utler under the Ihler if i were City i would Taay female. Have constructive Iamma on Che sub Ecta. An a others of interest Tor Fly. Each ii now Betag Given the to no Rah beae Idna. In the to Alejj flu in clude a Coren uncut Bend Tarot go the Courtesy of the Betah Merck Ata Burra of the or the Derrick Pumi Skilbr tto Aho per Petit a to govern Emit Bond. The Chi City Barhall Clab. Inc pre sent a grandstand for remitting Oil Chi ers Han Hall ajar fac Tara la Ike a be tax Nett Anefee float of Terrt. A Leften of eld be mailed the Kamw the City. Signatures guaranteed to or. Camp cause fit la i Hap could not be Bell Al Oil City National or . Firemen had to Cut Tutelage and receipt i hair away portions of in fuselage la dividend remove the bodies. The old Bank closed in March. Buie . Man scr of the 1933 the new Oil cily i Connellsville Airport said he had Bank was opened demons Ira de int plane to Chisholm 8 fall from broke and drowns Republican head opens Campaign Gabrielson Aii erts Amer Caiu agree with Mccarthy objectives by James t. 1cackett work who be ii of Ai peso fam Hyndman work u 10 begin soon on a new Hyndman Poal office to replace the one thai b .Ed Down when fire levelled most of the Iowa s busing 3 Section night. The office department said the cacti track has been awarded Aad it is hoped hat he new quarters will be ready by september 1. I since the fire the Post office been operating out of temporary or your.? icon try or. Helplessly. Guy. X. Quarters Unac Celab c assets Over to a Board of three a be liquidated or the Benefit of Lac thu Bird was i officers and one of the torn Nizer is recently he had hrs a wording out of Ducj Moinul for the Sontron to his hold and Hody 1- stolen Rug Case Al . Sol Dan. W. R. Ritz and l. Company. A manufacturer. I m. Campbell. Members of the com associates said a hid in r i i Mittee. Without Len did to operate an Airport this it Sikiri is their Effort in handier Jummer at the or in an orderly and 2 and 119 near Quinn. A of he operated a land there while continuing hi5 studies at Pitt. A two Day of Republican coders from. to Fiorin the of it behind closed Iho n shirtsleeves or Merlin pm aimed at get o it the pc Buncan vote this at the Hospital loan Rooma a. M. To 1 p. N. And 3 to 9 p a sell or Vale and j to i awl 1 to p. A men the liquidation Cost ind on fitel pm Birsh tree Lawr studied hearing depart mar. His charted Kran Lilly poll i Loda can sol a Community in mrs in for in the so Olin i Zuj cd. H -5 received great 15 jul night. Poltri said. Ncn5mcn before he Botn it Hulic of 210 Lith is. Convened. Krom 5 he said of is hat the peo Adilard Koepp mounted rur l and of per tort her homr Hail Pilot Sureh Ftp Oto to hearing Here. July 6. To i 5lt a a try Clra inc firm re lord Tiv Ray and informed police they Chr rur to e four today is anniversary of first typewriter Patent Danville. A manufacturing concern bought Home City 1 a nine Day conc Simanic hear ing into re port to officials a cd City employees or Priva a work ended late Yale Day. City x. Alpern who conducted the fax ruination of More than a of to a con second twins in 16 months for Hooker a twin trl Max j trunian Loday nominated l1 Gen. Sprague Eddy of he Corr. Pc Era. Of u. S. Army of ices n Europe. The typewriter and when j a i i Shes trom the Mon our coun stumped Well probably Are Lany others. Historians Eay it was Christopher Latham Sholto inventor for Ham Holca literally died with the n of Pellani. . Or peans Juania. today i the of the. Man who gave the i world the Type i said Montour county Hia i Lorian Arthur Toye Foulke. The real of the Job in now up to Council n i i i completed a rugged Miltn men i have introduced every witness we Zoum get. Repeatedly i have asked any per son who has any information on the mime of the City labor materials to come w. Vivah Stewart who presided during the hearings. Declared Council the City is aware think any fair understanding per son will agree we have heard wit you Fullon invest try the who would not be allowed Alei a o testify before any other body Ary of the Day when shoe Whitney the Cotton i i ind Alei a granted the Patent or a prac dlr the but prob tical typewriter. Us. Or x i Shoie received tile Patent after i matter remembers a so had bought to Obwald a Veator a the Patent for aim liar letter Fritiof added. Bom he gave Hia amt of Type or Star aa4 Iti keyboard it it lot turn Haat Moo Natif m k. Aluta 4avj, shot a in a armar Dettar Xcvi Lacr Rcpt eat waa not to Hia Naae or at to aaa Taf Wilalor 4aaik Hla Rici i k u was Steuart Nave no indication when Council will make ill dec Lioio. It Bai several 1. Declare it n Aali Iyih there Hai no Mittac of a Terlalis w 1 Fin Cir t la peach to acted Etc Ali. 4. Recon theod crib Ian prov cd sire. Fred Baker Rich Hill. Mrs. Richard Harj. Knox John we Rotor. 9 Orchard. Robert stuck. 12 West Sish. Elizabeth Churchi. Lee mrs. Xor can p. Sis Bis the sell. Donald Ginnery. 220 main. Mrs. Allent. Felmlee. Seneci. Anna Mcwilliams. Tionesta Benjamin f Perry. R. D. 2. Mrs. Frank Ziegler. 607 North. Mrs. J. B. Cadi can. 307 hone. Robert Fipp. Kennerdell. Mrs. Samuel Dinjer. St Petert Charlrs Reisinger 16 do Frederick x. Farringer. Rock i Juis h. Kominske. Colbert. James harmless to e. Fourth. Henry h. Kramer r d. 1. Deborah j. Covert. Crash error. Garv n Chola. Pleasant vice. I Liam Clark. M Oak. Mrs. Geo pc Reed. Emlenton. Theodore Walentosky ii Hoot. Arthur Mcc nutty Marilyn Carton. North. Or Blair f. Rodabough. R. D. 1. Anita Pitlor. Franklin. Mrs. Russell if. H Washington. Hrth a daughter at a. M. To def to or. And hrs Norman p. Tia at. Jyh few tint fat

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