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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoYol. 10. Items of local interns t. Re voir. John Mitchell who married in Black foot a Tew years ago and who was Here a few months is a nominee for the legislature from Lemhi county. Bob Tschudy a Bright Young lawyer of Pocatello and a leading populist bolted his party after the county convention last week. Lincoln county shipped a big lot of calves to Omaha and averaged $13 per head. Stock cattle is said to be advancing in Price and have already gone up from two to three dollars per head. The news requests every Reader who reads and talks politics to read carefully our article a Charity of speech a in the editorial column of to Days Issue. The populists of Kootenai county Are out in the cold and the Silver republicans and democrats have fused. Life in Kootenai ainu to Worth the Oneida Standard. Mrs. Sill is visiting her daughter mrs. Cora Gage at Palouse Washington. Mrs. Gage has been very sick with typhoid fever but at last accounts was convalescing. The courting season is a Good time to Exchange views on the woman a suffrage amendment. Court is in session at Blackfoot. When courting nobody should go beyond the woman question in politics. In All the discussion on state and county politics nobody stands up in meeting and expresses a doubt about the election of the Steunenberg democratic ticket. It is admitted to be a sure Winner or. Presto Burrell has the thanks of the news for 100 pounds of Choice plums and apples. He has the largest fruit crop we have seen in the county Many of his Trees have been broken by the weight of , Bingham county Idaho saturday september 20, 1896. No. 18 less than 200 voters have registered in the Blackfoot precinct to Date. Mrs. Same a Taylor of Idaho palls and mrs. Buck of Willow Creek visited mrs. C. B. Wheeler this week. Senator Dubois was called to Boise wednesday by Telegram. A Snow of ten inches has fallen in the National Park. The storm Center of Idaho politics will strike Boise City to Morrow. Geo. H. Storer democratic nominee for state treasurer spent wednesday with friends in the Grove City. It is Given out in new York that the imports of Gold will reach $50,000,000 before the season is Over. Illinois had a bitter cold spell for the season last sunday. The Frost in Many localities resembled a Light fall of Snow. The j. D. Wood live Stock company of Beaver Canon owns 80,000 head of sheep. The 66th Semi annual conference of the Church of latter Day saints will be held at Salt Lake City october 4th, 5th and 6th, agent Teter with a number of his Indian police has gone to Jackson Hole to arrest and bring in his Bannock Hunters. Reports from Fremont county say assessor j. C. Brandon is soon to take on the vows matrimonial with a Young lady of his county. Attorney Chalmers has rented the Behle residence in the Elmwood addition. Guy b. Higgins of the Pocatello Advance gave us a Call this week while up on court business. C. B. Wheeler is expected Home from his business trip to Custer county today. Or. W. G. Stufflebeam a disciple of Sammy Tilden said on leaving Blackfoot wednesday a know All men by these presents i am still a had the populists put Johnnie Drew Marsh Orr Jake Hutchinson Joe a cuff or John Watson on their county ticket there would be less kicking and More show of carrying their own votes. Land office business is Dull for september but then it is better than it was in August. Born to the wife of w. A. Sample monday sept. 52d, a girl resident on the West Side. Postmaster Gene a Wilson has returned from his european tour and Eastern papers say he will now get Down to close business in his department of the government. When the Bennett delegation from Blackfoot and the Stufflebeam delegation from Tilden left the convention at Idaho Falls tuesday they said a eau special land office agent Sadler has been ordered to Boise City. Hon. J. W. Eden after an absence of several months has returned from los Angeles to Pocatello. Some men Are bad at figures. The Mckinley ites claim Indiana by 40,000, and the Bryan men by 50,000. But then 90,000 make a Small difference in the guessing in these exciting times. The wind storm which did so much damage at Ogden last week extended into Cache Valley. The town of Logan was a sufferer in Shade Trees and a few wooden buildings. The fruit was almost entirely blown from the tree3 and some Orchards totally destroyed. Secretary Walsh of the National democratic committee is still in Boise City. He has the staying qualities which ultimately bring Success. His motto seems to be a learn to labor and to the Young men of Blackfoot desiring to enter the government service will have an Opportunity to take the civil service examination at Pocatello next month. See notice of Date in to Days Issue. Wait until All convention disturbances come to a rest and then pass judgment on the respective tickets. It is easier to kill game at rest than on the Wing. Grand master mock of Nampa will be in Blackfoot this saturday evening to assist in the dedication ceremonies of the masonic Hall of Grove City Lodge a. P. Amp a. M. Installation of officers will also take place on this same evening. A fusion of democrats and populists of Fremont county was agreed upon at st. Anthony last saturday. The legislative ticket headed by Thomas e. Bassett for the Senate favors a populist for the United states Senate. The Silver republicans named Ben e. Rich for the Senate. Peter m. Johnson an Asylum attendant received a letter a few Days ago from Sweden announcing the death of his aged father and Mother the one following quickly upon the other. United for so Many years in life the survivor could not stand the grief of separation and their remains now sleep together in the grave. Mrs. Ada Merritt Eitress of the Salmon City recorder is a successful newspaper woman. Some years ago she bought the recorder when it was below the level when its editor was eking out a doubtful existence and she has made it one of the most readable papers in the state. Within the last month she has advanced it to a Semi weekly and she will make that a Success too. Now there is a Merritt that wins All along the lines and meritorious by at that. Bunting gets the Viola mine. The real estate of the Viola mining and smelting company consisting of Nineteen claims including smelter and Mill Sites on Spring Creek and smelter on Williams Creek was sold at sheriffs Sale yesterday for $3,700 to c. Bunting amp City recorder. Again postponed. The hearing in the people s canal Case has again been postponed by the authorities at Washington this time to the 21st of october. Col. Hannaford received a Telegram to Day As we were going to press to that effect. Such Are some of Laws delays. A pleasant entertainment. The entertainment at the opera House wednesday evening by the Asylum orchestra was a pleasing Success. The program was Short and Sweet and everybody present was lavish in their praises of the performance the visitors at court who were in attendance were More than delighted and were profuse in the congratulations of or. Moore for having such attendants in his institution. The entertainment closed with an enjoyable dance. Drew the Short Straw. Blackfoot and All that territory of Bingham county lying South of Idaho Falls Drew the Short Straw at the democratic county convention tuesday. Blackfoot was Given w. A. Woodin for treasurer and the West Side Snake River James l. Bumgarner for commissioner. Idaho Falls in addition to her candidate for state treasurer was Given s. F. Taylor for senator e. P. Coltman for sheriff or. Willson for Coroner and c. D. Chapin for Surveyor and an adjoining township. Willow Creek Ellis Buck for assessor and collector. This is the Story of the nominations of the Idaho Falls democratic convention. District court convened monday and May be in session several Days of next week. The september term of the District court for Bingham county began last monday and May run to the Middle of next week. Judge Standrod is disposing of the business before the court with his usual dispatch but the accumulation on the docket and the Long tedious cases before him make the Progress somewhat slow. The attendance of attorneys is Large. Quot we note from Idaho Falls h. J. Has Brouck j. De Smith w. T. Smith Worth Clark h. K. Linger and . Holden. From Pocatello Reeves Terrell Warner Whittier Winters and love Budge from Paris and several from Ogden and Salt Lake City and our Blackfoot attorneys. During the week a number of civil cases in which the general Reader has no interest was disposed of and of which no mention will be made. In the cases of the state against a. H. Quot Wheeler for forgery and we. Spencer for grand larceny the defendants each pleaded guilty. State is. We. Hunt was dismissed. Three divorces were granted namely Olive Sagers is. Henry Sagers Eveline Jones is. Jos. H. Jones Chas. S. Dixon is. Nellie Dixon and the Case of Mary b. Rogers is. W. S. Rogers was taken under advisement John s. Beckwith was admitted As attorney to practice in All the courts of this District. David j. William Theo. Beck and Peter m. Johnson were admitted to citizenship. A number of important cases for jury trial Are still pending and upon their duration of trial will depend the length of the term of the court. Idaho Falls tickets. The following Are the tickets named by the conventions at Idaho Falls monday and tuesday of this week fusion democrats and populists. For senator Samuel f. Taylor d. Representatives a. H. Orr B. A Briggs Sheriff a. P. Coltman d. Assessor and collector Ellis Buck d. Treasurer a. A. Woodin d. Probate judge a. Whittier Coroner or. Wilson d. Surveyor a. D. Chapin d. Commissioners a. Smith M. D. Andrews p., and James Bumgarner d. Silver republicans. For senator Fred Turner r. Representatives a. M. Capps d. Joe Mulliner a sheriff a. B. Garletz r. Assessor and collector a. D. Huf Faker r. Treasurer a. A. Readicker d. Probate judge Scott Griffith r. Coroner or. Mitchell r. Surveyor. Commissioners a. F. Owens r. Isaac Ericson r. C. B. Wheeler d. Given a Gold watch. Last saturday evening just prior to his depart in a for st. Louis or. Moore medical superintendent for himself and employees of the Asylum presented or. Poynter with a Beautiful Gold watch As a Mark of their appreciation of his honest and faithful services during his two years at that institution. The or. Made a neat Little presentation speech and or. Poynter was so overcome by the Surprise and this evidence of appreciation of his associates As to be almost too full for utterance and for thanks. The same evening a Beautiful present was Given miss Clara Siebold another employee who left thursday morning for her Home at Portland Oregon. Another pledge broken Idaho county democrats and Silver republicans have agreed upon a fusion for the legislative and county ticket. This is another break of the state convention Resolution to give the populists the control of the legislature. What the nails indicate. It has Long been known to doctors that the shape and appearance of the Finger nails form important factors in the diagnosis of disease. Thus Long nails indicate physical weakness and a tendency to consumption. Where the nails Are Long and bluish they indicate bad circulation. This same Type of Nail but Shorter denotes tendency to Throat affections bronchitis and the like. Short Small nails often indicate heart disease where they Are Short Flat and sunken you May look for nervous disorders. Only if. If our business men would talk More business and less politics if our newspapers would give More news and less of the Campaign if our ranchers would give More time and care to ranches if our Stock men would look More after their horses and cattle if our House wives would give More time to fruit preserving and pickling for Winter and if our lovers would talk More love sentiment and poetry there would be less worry Over Complex fusions bolts and party splits and More peace of mind by Day and sweeter dreams at night than come to the average citizen in these exciting times of political anxiety and confusion. Lore s financial school. She said a a in a Only just sixteen but George id like to know what All these funny phrases mean Mon Bandy to and from a free Silver a a parity with Gold and what Gold bugs have done and will you kindly just unfold what Means a sixteen to one a a my dear a said George and took her hand a those terms i can to explain some people read up Horr and Bland before they get insane. But make that last term a Sweet sixteen to one a and that one me then i will vote for it my Queen to All a puck. Fine strained Honey a. Bulls. 10 cents at w land without Domestic animals. Japan is a land without Domestic animals. It is this Lack which strikes the stranger so forcibly in looking upon japanese landscapes. There Are no cows the japanese neither drink milk nor eat meat. There Are but few horses a and these Are imported mainly for the use of foreigners. The wagons in the City streets Are pulled and pushed by coolies and the pleasure carriages Are drawn by men. There Are but few dogs and these Are neither used As watch dogs beasts of Burden nor in Hunting except by foreigners there Are no sheep in Japan the Wool is not used in clothing silk and Cotton being the Staples. There Are no pigs pork is an unknown article of diet and lard is not used in cooking. There Are no goats or mules or donkeys. Wild animals there Are however in particular bears of enormous sittings. A chinese Republic. New York sept. 21.�?it is whispered around the City that an influential and far reaching conspiracy exists to overthrow the dynasty of China and establish a Republic. While the chinese Empire is in no immediate danger there exists an organization with Headquarters in new York which has for its ultimate object its overthrow but will Content itself for the present with an agitation looking to the betterment of the chinese people. This organization has its Headquarters in new York and a Large and influential offshoot in san Francisco and branches in every City where chinamen abound. Its members Are banded by solemn oaths and no chinaman is admitted who is not intelligent and of Good moral character. The president of the organization is said to be Walter n. Fong the first chinese graduate of the Stanford University and his principal colleagues and advisers Are the chinese graduates from Yale Harvard and other american universities. They propose an incursion of school books and the Bible into China and have secret emissaries Well supplied with literature and arguments among the chinese to arouse them to the necessity of a new order of things. The news respectfully refers the county candidates to or. Hanna As a most astute and shrewd politician in these particulars he keeps his own counsels he does no to Tell everybody what he is doing he does no to underrate the opposing forces he does no to waste time abusing opposing candidates he works he keeps pegging away As if he was in imminent danger he canvasses thoroughly and he canvasses close. Now do like or. Hanna in these things. Done to waste time kicking at the other Fellows done to be wild and rash in your promises done to count on the other Fellows As sleeping while you Are working. In the language of the Parrot done to talk too darn much a but work for votes. Work always counts in a Campaign. Boise City has raised the Street peddle so License to $25 per Day. This make it practically prohibitory. For Sale a Complete line of household goods at hard time prices. Call on or address a. G. Whittier. Until september 20th, Only tzo Vej Tirel y Clear out our line of tan shoes and Oxford ties men a women a and All Are on Sale at a a less than factory Cost and in order to make room for oar fall line of clothing Ive will give a discount of 20 per cent., for Cash on any suit or pants in the House. Produce at Cash prices will be taken on the above. C. Bunting amp co. School supplies composition books tablets slates and slate pencils As cheap As the cheapest. Everything for the school room. Lead pencils and erasers Ink and penholder blackboard erasers crayons in All colors and White in boxes Gold by Ben h. Purnish a it less Timet g0st a 4-44 5 a ladies tan shoes were.$3.00 now $1.85. A a a a a a a 2.75 a a 1.75. T a a a a a a 2.25 a a 1.25. % f a a a a a a 2.50 a a 1.65. A a a a a a 2.00 a a 1.40 children so a a a 1.25 a a 90. % 1 a a a a a a 1.25 11 85. I menus a a a a 5.oo a it 3.00. A a a a a a a a a a. 2.50 a a 1.65. A boys a a a a 2.00 Quot 1.40. A. Ladies waists 11 60�?~ a a 45 4 a a 41 1.25 a a 80. % Quot a a a a 2.00 a a 1.35. 4 ladies wrappers a a. 1,40 a a 90. T Quot a a a a 1.65 a a 1.00 a f a a a a a a 75 Quot 55l 4 t .5 one half Cost a few ladies waists 75 a a 40 x a ? �5 Straw hats at your own Price. A lot of summer dress goods Maple suiting Duck suiting Cremons brilliants sateen etc., at less tha Cost this is a Bona fide wanted Grain and Hay on subscription. Market prices allowed. The news. And prices Are exactly As stated and As there Are not a great Many of these articles you will have to come Quick to get any of them. Blackfoot Idaho

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