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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - October 24, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoA Short catechism. An easy method of converting misled voters. Once they understand that this ii a Battle for Universal supremacy be tween Uncle Sam and Joba Ball the la tote for free Silver. Questions what Issue outweighs All others in this years Campaign answer the question of the restoration of the principle of bimetal ism in our monetary system. is so much earnestness Felt of the subject the vote next november will probably determine the question finally one Way or the other. not the Tariff equally an Issue in the Campaign , there is no appreciable opposition to a protective Tariff and All other issues Are lost in the great one of Gold or bimetal ism. the position of the Gold advocates insist that 23.22 grains of Gold shall constitute the measure of the Dollar no matter to what Point Gold May Advance. Are they so wedded to the Gold Standard it is the English Standard and England is looked upon As the most enlightened nation of the world. there any reason Why we should have the same Standard As european countries whatever. The monetary system of a country is purely a matter of its own internal concern. influence has precipitated the Issue at this time Money influence. do you mean by speculative Money influence legitimately employed has Little to make or lose by the question of the standards. A piece of property is Worth just As much whether expressed in English pounds or in French francs or in american dollars. So invested capital represents the same intrinsic value whether it be measured by Gold dollars or Silver dollars. Only Large investors in Money have any very real interest in maintaining forever the Gold Standard. would not a change of Standard be an injustice to them Issue had better not have been raised at this time but As it has been raised some injustice must be experienced on one Side or the other. raised the Issue advocates of the Gold Standard. Are their chief arguments the advocates of bimetal ism As populists anarchists fanatics and Cranks. these denunciations justified Many Able political economists and statesmen advocate bimetal ism. free Silver carry with it the destruction of the National banking system the restriction of the Powers of the government to preserve the peace in times of riot and insurrection and other so called pop Listic measures no Means. The re monetization of Silver is a legitimate question of statesmanship with a solid basis of scientific truth underlying it. what do the bimetal lists contend for the free coinage both of Gold and Silver. do you mean by free coinage privilege on the part of any Holder of the precious metals of taking them to the mint and having them coined into Money without limitation. the term a a free simply Means unrestricted As to amount . If every Coin contains the full weight of pure Metal and passes at what it is Worth there can be no object in limiting the coinage. The More Money we have the better. Bow about the expense of running the mints present Gold is coined at the expense of the government. In some countries the Cost of coining is charged to the person getting his Metal converted into Coin. That would be a matter for Congress to Settle. There can be no objection to a charge for coinage. There May be advantages in it. free Silver simply Means putting Silver on an Equality with Gold in throwing open the mints to its coinage does. A what do you mean by 16 to 1? present Silver Dollar has 16 times the weight of the Gold Dollar. The expression 16 to 1 Means the continuance of the coinage of the Silver Dollar at the present weight or at 16 times the weight of the Gold Dollar. the present Silver Dollar has but half the Bullion value of the Gold Dollar has it not , but its depreciation results very largely from its de monetization. Restore its functions As real Money and it will certainly Advance. it return to a parity with Gold at the 16 to 1 ratio Good thinkers believe it will. In any Case the disparity would be but very Small compared with what it is to Day. advantages Are claimed for free coinage would break the existing Corner in Gold and cause the Dollar to return to its old value. Q what would be the effect of that , for All products of labor would Advance business would revive debts would be More easily paid labor would be in greater demand and strikes and riots would cease. Prosperity would be restored to the country. the support of free Silver does not mean anarchy and repudiation the slings and arrows of outraged Farmers. Re a it j labors wages and Mono Metallis. _ a j. A a. A a s a j i a ifs Rel fail Lull Letl a a Silver Standard is almost As bad As a single Gold Standard. The one virtue of Silver Mono Metallis Over Gold is that it keeps the forces of production at work. There is practically no unemployed in the Silver countries. A third of the forces of production in toe Gold countries Are Idle at the present time. And again it is organized labor that keeps wages up in every country. Labor is thoroughly organized in nearly All of the Gold Standard countries. In the Silver countries it is not. All of the Gold countries named have heretofore been bimetallic countries. The Silver countries have always been Mon metallic. Wages thrive under the bimetallic system. Wages go Down under the Mon metallic system be it Gold or Silver. This country is now on a Gold Mon metallic system and has been since 1893. Wages have gone Down 30 per cent since then. The daily pay of workmen in the United states in 1892 was $12,000,000 today it is about $8,000,000. We want to get Back to the bimetallic system not merely As it partly existed prior to 1893, but As it wholly existed prior to 1873. Then wages will go up. The advocates of the present Gold Standard Are fond of asserting that wage Are higher in Gold Standard countries than they Are in bimetallic countries. They quote the daily wages paid in Brazil Belgium Denmark fance Germany Italy Holland great Britain Argentina Norway and Sweden Spain Turkey Portugal Canada Switzerland Venezuela United states Chili and Australasia All Gold Standard countries As against Austria China Russia Central America Persia Peru Uruguay Mexico Colombia Japan India and Ecuador All Silver Standard countries. It will be noticed that not one of the countries named Are on a bimetallic system except it be the United states the figures Are for the year 1890, when this country was on a partial bimetallic basis which they nevertheless put in the Gold Standard column. Today All the countries named have either a single Silver Standard or a single Gold Standard. Not one of them has a financial system like the United states had up to 1873, and in a measure from that time to 1893, when the Sherman Law was repealed by a forced panic and under which wages advanced so much. A single a far from it the intelligent and conscientious free Silver advocates have solely in View the Prosperity of the nation. To oppress labor. Aldrich s committee misrepresents the facts. New York journal what Are those statistics in which such constant appeals Are made and for we hich men Are asked to distrust their common sense and common observation fortunately this question May be briefly answered because All these labor sympathizers refer to the same set of statistics the Only set in the world that would answer their purpose. It is the report made by senator Aldrich of Rhode Island to the Senate finance committee in 1893. Those who know nothing about the wages accepted the committees summary but others looked to see in what industries this astonishing Rise in wages had taken place. They found that upon a books and newspapers wages had fallen since 1873 in the Quot building trades they had fallen in Quot City Public works they had fallen in Quot Cotton goods they had fallen but that in a dry goods a where the greatest fall was expected wages were reported to have risen Over 40 per cent turning to the employers reports in another volume to learn where the wages of clerks had been rising at such a phenomenal rate it was found that but a single dry goods store up in new Hampshire had made a return. Less than Twenty clerks were employed by it and yet the Aldrich committee assumed that All clerks throughout the country had had a similar Advance in wages. As clerks Are More numerous than Cotton operative for example a Rise of 40-Odd per cent in the wages of a score of clerks was made to offset a fall of about one sixth in the wages of Over a thousand Cotton operatives and leave a handsome balance to be applied to other industries As needed. Other methods likewise extraordinary were used by the committee such As the separation of the foremen from the hands and the making a Rise in a Foreman a wages offset a fall in the wages of a score of men under him. By these Means the desired results were secured. What the employers returns really showed was something very different according to an Independent investigator who went Over the returns a few a fool st. Louis Republic in the same column a Republican Organ tells the Workingman that if he votes for Bryan he will vote 47 per cent of his wages into the pockets of mine owners and that he will vote to depreciate not Only the Silver Dollar but All the currency to 53 cents on the Dollar. How in the name of Hanna can free Silver coinage put 47 per cent of each Dollar coined into the pocket of the Silver Miner and at the same time reduce the value of the Silver Dollar and All the currency dependent upon it to the value of 53 cents any Schoolboy can figure out that if the value of the Silver Dollar depreciates to 53 cents or anything less than its face value the Miner can not make 47 cents by its free coinage at the mints. Or to put it the other Way if the Miner makes 47 cents the value of the Silver Dollar will have to be raised to the value of the present Gold Dollar in which Case there will be no depreciation of the currency. The Gold Standard advocate can take his Choice of alternatives but not both. This is a fair Sample of the kind of logic with which Hanna s agents Are flooding the country. It proceeds on the Assumption that the workingmen Are fools. / months ago. The summary for All the persons employed in All the industries covered was As follows average average aggregate Dally daily persons wages wages wage Date employed. Daily currency Gold january 1860.,5.651 $6,566 $1.18 $1.18 january 1873 .6,153 12,566 2.04 1.81 january 1891 .7.765 13.125 1.09 1.6 in other words Between 1860 and 1873, under bimetal ism Gold wages Rose 53 per cent in thirteen years Between 1873 and 1891, under the incomplete Mono Metallis Gold wages in the most favored establishments fell 7 per cent. Since 1893, under Complete Mono Metallis the decline in wages has been at a much More rapid rate. In Massachusetts the labor report for 1894 showed that in two years the nominal rate of wages in the factories of the state had fallen 7 per cent and that even this lower rate was received by fewer hands working fewer Days. Wage earners who do not know the statistics know the facts from hard experience and those who depend upon statistics to persuade the wage earners to take the Side of Money lenders and tighten their grip upon the Industry of the country have a difficult task before them. De monetizing Sliver. I will take it on myself to answer or. Edward Helliwell who inquires about what is meant when it is asserted that Silver has been his letter published in the record aug. 6, refers to two objections often stated As he says which he gives As follows 1. A we were not using any Silver in 1873, and therefore Silver could not have been 2. A we Are using More Silver Money than Ever before in our it is a technical word. One might say the Silver Coin now has no Independent purchasing Power whereas once with us All the Silver Coin of the United state did have such Independent purchasing Power and from 1853 to 1873 the Silver Dollar possessed it while the fractional Silver Coin did not. The Independent purchasing Power of the fractional Silver Coin was taken away in 1853 and that of the Silver Dollar in changes that occurred from 1873 to 1878. That is the taking away of the Independent purchasing Power of any of the precious Metal coinage by Law is the a de monetizing of such Coin. While we did not actually use the Silver or Gold Coin As a part of the volume of the circulating medium in 1873 the Law permitted the Gold Coin and the Silver Dollar to be carried on Independent purchasing Power and after that this privilege was taken from the Silver Dollar. While the Silver Coin now has the same purchasing Power As Gold Coin it is so because they Are in the volume of the circulating medium As the solvent representation of the Gold Coin. The Silver Coin changes purchasing Power with the change of the Gold Coin and not with the change of Silver Bullion. It May then he True that in 1873 we were not using the Silver Coin in our volume of the circulating medium and yet the Silver Dollar was privileged to be coined and used on its own purchasing Power but after 1878 it could Only be used As the solvent or insolvent representation of Gold Coin. The Silver Dollar was restored in everything but its Independent purchasing Power in 1878. The Silver Dollar therefore remained nor does it make any differences it bout the volume of Silver Coin for be the Issue few or Many the question involving the Quot de monetizing of precious Metal coinage is whether or not it is issued on Independent or dependent purchasing Power. Purchasing Power alone is a Standard of prices a and any Money to perform the office of a a Standard of prices must have sufficient Independence of purchasing Power to fill this office. Solvent representative Money never has any purchasing Power of its own and therefore can Only be subordinate Money and is Zer Wakeley in Chicago record. Just like Cleveland. Those Republican papers that have been roasting Cleveland for his Goldie financial policy can now with the same consistency roast Mckinley but it is a noticeable fact that they do nothing of the kind. If there is any difference Between the policy announced by Mckinley and that pursued by Cleveland people would like to know what that difference River news Miner Hailey. Idaho. Pau its foot in it every Day. Chicago Tribune today this Silver agitation is All in the interests of the Silver miners. They want to make fifty cents Worth of Silver Worth a Dollar. Chicago Tribune yesterday the value of Silver cannot be increased by unlimited coinage. Query if the value of Silver cannot be increased by free coinage How is free Silver Goi tfx to it a Benefit the Silver miners woman s laugh. A woman has no natural Grace More bewitching than a Sweet laugh. It is like the sound of flutes on the water. It leaps from her heart in a Clear sparkling Rill and the heart that hears it feels As if bathed in a Cool exhilarating Spring. Have you Ever pursued an unseen fugitive through the Trees led on by her fairy laugh now Here now there a now lost now found some of us have and Are still pursuing that wandering voice. It May come to us in the midst of care and sorrow or irksome business and then we turn away and listen and hear it ringing through the room like a Silver Bell with Power to scare away the evil spirits of the mind. How much we owe to that Sweet laugh. It turns the prose of our life into poetry it flings Flowers of Sunshine Over our dark some Wood in which we Are travelling it touches with Light even our sleep which is no More the image of death but hemmed with dreams that Are the shadows of . Piso a cure for consumption lets been a family Medicine with us since 1865.�?j. R. Madison 2409 42d ave., Chicago ills. Little Keal sympathy among africans. The sick Many a brother is with us also and although a Good worker is absolutely indifferent to his brother a illness. There is no sympathy for another a pains in the soul of the african when a chief Dies there is a lot of bellowing and assumed grief the tears Are not real but Only part of the ceremony attending death. Upon the death of a Young child the Mother does actually feel grief most keenly and is for some Days inconsolable refuses meat and drink Rolls on the ground tears her hair and lacerated herself in her Century. Ball s Catarrh care ii taken internally. Price 75c. Four eggs five cups of flour two cups of Honey one cup of butter out cup of Sweet milk two Teaspoon Fuls of Cream of tartar one teaspoonful of soda one Pound of raisins one Pound of currants half a Pound of Citron on teaspoonful of cloves cinnamon and Nutmeg. Bake in a slow tember ladies Home journal. Sarsaparilla sense. Old fashioned Apple Fie. Fill a deep yellow pie dish with pared apples sliced very thin then cover with a substantial crust and bake when browned to a turn slip a knife around the inner Edge take off the cover and turn Bottom upward on a plate then add a generous Supply of sugar cinnamon and cloves to the apples Mash All together and spread on the inserted crust after grating Nutmeg Over it the dish is served cold with Home journal any Sarsaparilla is Sar saps Rilla. True. So any Tea is Tea. So any flour is flour. But grades l differ. You want the Best. Its so with Sarsaparilla. There Are grades. You want the Best. If j you understood Sarsaparilla As Quot a Well As you do Tea and flour it would be easy to determine. But you done to. How should you when you Are going to buy a commodity whose value you Don t know you pick out an old established House to Trade with and Trust their experience and reputation. Do so when buying Sarsaparilla. Ayer s Sarsaparilla has been on the Market 50 years. Your Grandfather used Ayers. It is a reputable Medicine. There Are Many Sarsaparilla a hut Only one Ayers it cures. i a Good Luc Lay your foundation with a Battle it is the Comer Stone of Economy. It is the one tobacco that is both big and Good. There is no better. There is no other 5-cent plug As Large. Try it and see for yourself. Except in the ottoman Empire per Sia Arabia Siam China and the Interior of african countries slavery is now extinct. One cup one cent less than a cent in fact a and All Cocoa a re Cocoa a no chemicals. A that describes alter Baker amp breakfast Cocoa. Walter Baker amp co., limited Dorchester rials. $ a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a coughs colds la Grippe and Throat troubles speedily cured. Miss Neilie Penoyer 1536 so. Tenth st.,Omaha, neb., write a have used your or Kay a lung Balm for a severe Case of la Grippe. Two doses gave Relief. My lungs were very sore and in taking the or. Kay Slung Balm i found that it stopped any desire to a a Doug it. At once. The soreness on my lungs and in my head soon disappeared. It is very pleasant and easy to take and while it does not cause sickness at the stomach like a Many cough remedies it cures quicker than any i have Ever tried. I Kay a i tag Balm it cures every kind of cough. Sold by druggist or sent by mail for 25 cts it is perfectly Safe for All Ages and a sure cure for All lung troubles. Send address for Booklet it has Many valuable receipts and give symptoms and treatment for nearly All diseases and Many have said they would not take ffe.00 for it if they could t get another. Address Western office or. B. J. Kat med oat co. Omaha. Neb

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