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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - October 24, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoOne of the Best known residents of. Of a acts hollow was Ephraim Stark weather More familiarly known As old Eph. Old Eph was a Little dried up Inan with bristling Gray Elvin whiskers and a twinkling Eye that looked out from under Bushy brows. No one sew How old he was for he had been the first settler at Puddy a hollow and those who had followed him could not remember that he Ever looked any younger. Gene Tompkins the postmaster said he reckoned Eph was Between 100 and 200 years old but he a a venture to say that he Wasny to nigh onto 300.�?� in the face of All these speculations old Eph kept his peace and when the Hoys asked him solemnly if he remembered seeing Gen. Washington and whether or not he was present at the Battle of Bunker Hill his eyes Only twinkled slyly and be passed it off As a joke. For he knew As Well As any one that the boys were Only in fun Aud that they enjoyed nothing better than to visit him in his Little House by the Creek and to look at the rifles Aud shotguns that Hung on the rafters or Bear him Tell How he shot the Bear or Coon whose hide he was stretching on the boards at the Back of his woodshed. Old Eph was a famous Hunter Fisher and Bee Man. He knew the woofers As Well As most men know their own sitting rooms where the partridges squatted where the ducks fed in the Rice Beds and the pools where the Best Bass fishing was to be found. And besides this when he was in the mood be could Tell the most wonderful stories and this alone was enough to endear him to All the boys of Puddy a hollow. One sunny afternoon in late september Frank Staples con Bigelow and Fred Horn walked up the Grassy Wagon Road from Puddy a hollow to a the Home of old Eph. As they climbed a Over the Stile that led to the House they saw the old Man working with a a number of pails crocks and tubs. In a deed he seemed to have All the utensils that he owned out in his Back Yard near the Well House. A wonder what Eph a doing a said con with the greatest interest. A a pm raps he a trying to keep a lot of fish alive in the tubs a put in Fred who was the youngest of the three. A no a answered Frank with some disgust a old Eph be that but they All quickened their Steps had when old Eph saw them he straightened up and smiled. A Hullo boys a he said with the greatest Good nature. And at that moment they peeped into the tubs. A a Honey a they All shouted in a breath. And Honey it was tubs Aud pails and pans of it to say nothing of the generous Supply daubed on Eph a Mouth and have a bite a asked the old Hunter and then without waiting for a reply be dipped up a generous Supply of Rich. Yellow comb on three shingles and passed them to the boys. The Honey melted rapidly away and then the boys began to ask questions. A been finding Bee Trees Eph a a Waal now what a you so pose this come from anyhow think it grower in my Garden a and the old Man chuckled to himself. He was in rare Good humor Over his Success. A when d you find it a asked con. A Bast night and Molly and me have a been drawing in Honey Ever a where was it Eph a asked Fred Cager it a Waal now that spa Intel Isnit it a raps you a like to go and find it. In be seen whole families in the same fix before he a and old Eph kept the location of the tree quite to himself. A by a see a he said a a pm raps there a another tree around near there and i May want to get More Honey a fore Many when the boys heard this they were much excited but tease As hard As they would they vere unable to find out anything More about it. So they began to joke old Eph about his age. It was what they fell Back upon whenever they persuade the old bunter to do just As they would have liked him to do. Close in the Corner of the House they sat in the Shade Nib bling away on the Honey and laughing and talking about a Methusalem a As Fred called the biblical patriarch. Old Eph worked busily in the Sun getting Bis Honey ready to take to town. He listened to the joking in the greatest Good nature sometimes ral tying Frank about ins shooting or Fred about his la ear of the water but always heaping up the shingles with Honey As often As they were passed up. Toward Sundown the boys loitered off toward Home. A a in la Tell you what a said con suddenly a old Eph knows where that tree is and its probably got 200 or 800 pounds of Honey in it. Why can to weird Sale and find it ourselves and. Mate some Money a a a let a do it lets do it a exclaimed Frank much excited by the suggestion. Fred was quite As fascinated by the 4>lan As were the other two boys but a while they were discussing it his face suddenly grew grave. A that would hardly be fair to old Eph a he said. A never you fear about that a said con. A old Eph did no to Tell us where it is did he and if we find it we find it ourselves done to we Well then 1 guess we be got a right to look for it Haven to we. Frank a Frank agreed with him heartily and Fred although not fully convinced could not resist the temptation of taking part in the fascinating adventure. Frank had once been out with Eph when he was Hunting wild Bee Trees and he was confident that he knew All about it. And both Fred and con had heard so Many stories told by Bee men that they also Felt familiar with the a sport. Early the next morning the three it out for Puddy a hollow and walked out a Grassy Road until they came to a deserted Clearing about a mile from the settlement. Along the edges of a a Lap dated old Fence grew thick Banks of Rich yellow Goldenrod and in the Sunshine bees and gnats hummed merrily about and the air was full of the warm fragrance of the Woods. But the boys intent on their great expedition and filled with dreams of the Small Fortune they intended to make from Selling the Honey from Eph a tree saw Only the bees. Carefully so a life a by # presently tie Bee game Dick Frank crept up to a Bunch of Golden Rod and caught a Bee in his Bee Box with its Glass cover. Then lie and the other two boys went out into a Clear place in the Field fastened the Box to the top of a staff and watched the captive Bee Load himself Down with Honey. When his Little grip sacks could Hom no More Frank carefully Drew the cover and the Bee raised lazily out circled about in the air a few times and then flew swiftly off to the eastward. Much excited the boys waited and presently the Bee came Back bringing a companion with it and both settled Down in Franks Box. A a we be hit it the first time a shouted con delightedly. Then Frank put Down the cover and with the bees in the Box the boys walked As far in the direction that the Bee Lead gone As they could and feel sure they were on the right track and then tie bees being again loaded with Honey they let them out and watched their flight. This was repeated Many times. The hours slipped quickly away and slowly the Sun was sinking in the West. A if we done to get there soon a said con a i m afraid Stop for the a another trip will do it a answered Frank encouragingly. A the trips of the bees Are getting very a i done to know just where we Are a put in Frank doubtfully for they had been travelling through unsettled country nearly All Day and Frank Wasny to sure that he knew the Way Back again. Frank was too much absorbed to reply. The bees had just settled again into ills Box and he was ready to take up the Anarch in tie direction from which they came. Tie boys stood in a natural opening among the Trees. Tie Woods Rose High on All sides and Frank was confident that the Bee tree was Only a Short distance away. A come on a he shouted to the boys and taking the Bee Box and staff he led tie Way into the Woods. A what s that a asked con suddenly stopping. A a in a sure it was someone a foolish a said Frank a a done to you know we re ten Miles away from any houses a a moment More they plodded on and then Fred stopped listening. A i hear Eow Bells a he said positively and con agreed with him but Frank said it was Only bullfrogs. In two minutes they came to a rail Fence and Frank did no to know How to express his Surprise. Con and Fred ran Forward and broke through the Bushes and there not 100 Yards away stood a Small log House and Back of it was a Man working among some Bee hives. A a it a lint Cooke a place a said Frank the moment lie saw it. A a where a the Bee tree a asked Fred invited the boys who were tired and hungry to ride Home with him and he even promised not to Tell on them at Puddy a hollow. But the Story got out and although this happened years ago and Frank and con and Fred Are now grown men they have never heard the last of it. It May also be said that from that Day Forward none of the boys at Puddy a hollow7 twisted Eph about i record where it is hot. High temperature in the depth of Oiree building basements. A say if you people think this is hot you ought to have my Job for about a week and then see what you a have to say a said a tall thin Man to a group of perspiring unfortunate s who stood on one of the Down town Corners one afternoon during the recent hot spell. A Why what do you do a came the feeble query from one of the sweltering ones almost too overcome to be curious. A a in Man Oiler in the engine room of that big building. And say this air out Here is a picnic to what we get Down there. If you Fellows think 90 in the Shade it hot or this 100 per cent humidity business is hard to stand you want to come Down where we work eight hours a Day with the thermometer making All the time from 110 to 120 degrees and see that it feels but he never got any farther for at the Bare mention of 110 degrees the group melted away like the Mist before the rising Sun several members being seen a few moments later holding themselves up in front of a soda water Fountain with their eyes turned heavenward. A newspaper Man who happened along just in time to catch the closing remarks of the Oiler became interested and follow7ed the Man across the Street to his place of w Ork. It was one of those Gigantic structures which have reared themselves All through the Down town District in the last few years. The building ran up to a height of fifteen or sixteen stories. Six elevators carried the traffic up and Down throughout the Day tw7o of which made no Stop below the eleventh floor. In the building we Ere Barbers shops lunch rooms Telegraph and Telephone stations and All other forms of luxuries so necessary to the business Man of the present Day. The superintendent of the building was found in an amiable mood w7hieh permitted him to relax his face into a Broad smile As the subject of the heat in the engine room Wras mentioned. A Well a said he a a in la confess its a pretty hot place to work in but the men get used to it and i never hear a kick from them. Most of the men have worked in the Marine service and they take to the Wrork like a Duck to the Quot water. In fact if the truth were known they look upon this work in the lower regions of an office building As the softest kind of a snap. I prefer them to the Ordinary run of this kind of help. They Are by far More contented and satisfied with their work. Then again they Are More Active in performing their Quot duties than men who have been used to working on the land All their lives. These men have been brought up in a school where when it came time to we Ork it meant Hustle or York Tribune. A Well stocked Stream. Evading Revenue a avs. Skill shown by mountaineers in swindling Uncle Sara. A it is remarkable what ingenuity mountaineers show in evading the Revenue Laws a said a. Russell formerly a Deputy United states marshal at the Riggs. A the most unique scheme i Ever ran across we As in Mitchell county n. C., near the town of Boone. I received information that a Good Deal of illicit liquor was being made in that Community and knowing that it was useless to take a posse there without definite proofs i went in Guise of a Timber buyer. I could find no Trace of any stills. In fact it seemed to be one of the most religious communities in tie country. There was a Church which i was informed always had the same kind of revival it was having then. People would go in and out and every night there was a baptizing. After meeting a very one got drunk but i Coul see no liquor. I made up my mind that the have a. Bit eff a kit be the old Hunter. Who did no to quite see through the situation yet. A right in those hives a said con not at All Good Nat redly. Frank was too much chagrined to say a word. A a done to go up there a he said finally a for find we be been out chasing tame but the words were hardly out of his Mouth before they heard a voice calling them by name and then they saw7 old Eph his shoulders fairly shivering with suppressed mirth come Down through the Field. A did be find that Bee tree a he asked. All three boys reddened when Eph peered into the Bee Box. When he saw the bees inside he went off into another bit of laughing. A Bee men ought to be Able to Tell wild bees from tame ones a be chuckled and the three boys were too much ashamed to offer any defense. A it served us just right a put in Fred As they walked toward Jim Cooke a House a we had no business to try to find Eph a Eph had Molly at the Gate and he stil was in the Church and sent word for a posse to come. This they did and we captured the meeting. Under the pulpit was found the whisky. The stove was not a stove at All but a still the smoke of which passed through what looked like and came out of a Chimney. There has not been a revival in that Church Star. Delights of the Cline. A a in be missed More fun this summer than you could shake your Tail at a mused the Brindle cow. A How a asked the family horse. A to Day for the seventh time i let one of those new women get almost to the Fence before i realized that so Wasny to a news. Three Bull. A Rise they Are applying Ball bearings to a great Many things a yes they have a Ball bearings sign Down where i keep my watch a a Washington times. Fhe old Farmer charged a big fee for the right to fish if you Gould. I had just gotten my Rod together my was hooking on a worm when the Ovner of the Brook a sturdy and somewhat ill looking Farmer appeared on the Bank beside me. I offered a Short salutation and received one in return considerably Shorter than my own. A any Trout in this Brook a i asked. A chock full on a you allow fishing Here of course a a Yaas of the pay is All a How much a a five dollars a trip now she stocked a a ooh she s stocked is she Well ill give you $5 in Advance he pocketed the Money and i Down the Brook a Basket Ful of half Pounders swimming before my dazzled vision in the first three Miles the Only bite had was from my coat pocket. I spent an hour casting in a the Pool a and another one through a the Cut a and finished out the afternoon skirmishing around the shores of a the then night came on and i a was glad. If Ever i have an evil deed to perform anything like murdering an Able bodied Farmer i Perfer to do it after dark. On my Way to the station i stopped at the House of the Farmer and inquired for him. A a pay a gone tur the Village a said the boy a the got some Money sturday so he a gone Over tur git some a your father told me the Brook was stocked a i said fiercely. A so a tis a a i done to believe there a a Trout in it Over an Inch a i done to Nutter a said the boy a spa did no to Stock it Tell Las Lewiston journal. The fall Moon of Goco ants. In Bombay when the Rainy season is Over the fishermen and their wives and children gather by hundreds to keep a festival which they Call a the full Moon of the the feast occupies two whole Days. The idea that inspires it is that the sea is very powerful. The simple minded people think they ought to Praise it because it gives them their bread Aud so is they stand upon the Shore they beg it to be Good to them. They ask it in caressing words not to be angry or Stormy when their Little boats shall go out and they Tell it they Hope it will give them plenty of fish. Not Only the fishermen but owners of boats and shipbuilders and sometimes Rich merchants go to the Seaside to court the favor of old Neptune. Every person carries a gift of Cocoa nuts. Wading out into the surf As far As possible he flings the rough Brown fruit into the Waves. After the Coconut has been received by the Billows the devout finish by offering a Crown of Flowers. The Waters Are Cov Herd with Beautiful wreaths and garlands which Are Given in thankfulness for past favors. Little does the Ocean care for the Flowers and the fruit which Are poured into its Depths. But the festival makes the grave men and women As eager and Happy is children and when they go heme at the end of the second Day they carry with them memories which will make them Joyful As Long As they think of the a full Moon of the a dog with a wooden leg. Did you Ever hear of a dog having a wooden leg asks a writer in the new Unity. I know7 a Man near where i live w7ho had a Small dog one of w7hose front legs Wras crushed by a Wagon wheel. Being somewhat of a surgeon his master carefully amputated the crushed leg and wifi in the w found had healed provided the dog with a Light and Strong wooden leg. In the course of time the Little dog w7hich is a very intelligent animal became aware that he could rest his weight upon the wooden leg and use it for walking purposes. In walking or trotting the dog always uses his artificial limb but if he has occasion to do any fast running or leaping he will gracefully hold up the wooden leg and depend solely upon the other three for the service required. Peculiar election custom there is a strange custom attendant upon local elections which has existed in Brown township Delaware county Ohio for the last thirty years. It is that of eating forty dozen hard boiled eggs on election night at the expense of the successful candidates. Neither the Bill of fare nor the number of eggs is varied. When the count is finished a committee having been selected to secure the eggs and boil them they Are passed around and everybody eats in the utmost Goodfellow slip. Only one Man Ever dared to Brave popular sentiment and refused to pay his share of the expense. He had been elected by a Large majority but was Defeated at the next election for no other reason than his want of respect for the custom. No one knows How the Cus Tom originated. Jay that lighted matches. A dangerous acquirement of a pet Blue Jay is told about in the american naturalist by James Newton Basket of Mexico to. The Blue Jay referred to somehow Learned that parlor or popping matches would make a delightful splutter and flame if properly manipulated. The Bird w7as in the habit of beating much of its food against some hard substance perhaps for the purpose of breaking or softening it. It probably treated one of the parlor matches in this Way one Day and so Learned that they made a noise. When a match was Given to it he would hop on a chair round and strike the fulminate against tie Wood end on repeating it rapidly until the head w7as ignited. Then it would throw it away and watch the flame. Effect of Good housing upon the foor lord Shaftsbury who practically interested himself for More than sixty years in improving the Homes of the masses said time and again that Many of the people who were in a filthy and deplorable condition had been made so by their surroundings and that where their Homes had been improved they had been rescued from such conditions. Human nature is imitative the Force of Good example is catching. Lack of Opportunity to Lead a More civilized existence not the inclination to remain As they Are largely explains the situation of the poorer elements a Mong City dwellers. Sir Sidney wat Trow cites the punctuality with which the rents Are paid his corporation As evidence that people having Good rooms Are anxious to keep them. He believes there is a growing desire for comfortable Century. That Joyful feeling with the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness which follows the use of syrup of figs is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the Well informed. Big school of porpoises. The Steamer Yulunda which recently arrived in Halifax from Liverpool encountered an enormous school of porpoises pursued by about two dozen Large whales just before it came into port it was estimated that there was Over 1,400 poses in the school. They were seen about 15 Miles East of Hali fax and jumped the vessels sides in their evident terror of their pursuers. The sea was Black with them and they rushed through the water like mad with the great puffing whales in close Pursuit. Old salts say they never saw anything like it on the american coast fits stopped and permanently cured. No fits after first Day use of or. Kline a great nerve restorer. Free $2 trial bottle Aud treatise. Send to a. , 031 Arch st., Philadelphia pay a african s care for his ornaments soon after you get started on a journey with Black followers All your breakable property cups saucers etc.,�? will be smashed or lost but the gentle african notwithstanding will Wear around his ankle a thin thread of beads for three years he will tear his Way through matted grass and follow a wounded Buck through tangled Jungle without injury to his ornament. It is remarkable How an ornament Sticks to a Nativad september Century. Yob Are not a shaken before taken with malarial disease but with Prodigy out violence afterwards if you neglect immediate measure of Relief. The surest preventive a ind medical form of medication is Hostetler a stomach bitters the Potency of which As an antidote to Miasmatic Poison has been demonstrated for Over forty years past. The liver when disordered and contested the bowels if constipated and the kidneys if inactive Are promptly aided by it and it is invaluable for dyspepsia nervous debility and rheumatism. One of the profitable results of the present agitation of the Silver question is a concise statement in the september review of reviews of the pros and cons of the question a would american free coinage double the Price of Silver in the markets of the world a the affirmative View is supported by Charles b. Spahr pm. D., of new York and the negative by prof. J. Laurence laugh Lin of Chicago. Each of these writers is a recognized authority on the question of the standards. Harpers round table published september 1st will continue the first instalment of a new serial Story entitled a in the old Herrick House a by Ellen Douglas Deland. To the same number Dudley d. F. Parker will contribute an interesting paper on the arc of sailing Small boats. The article will be fully illustrated and will be found to contain Many useful suggestions and directions for Young yachtsmen. If the baby is cutting be sure tend use that old and Well tried remedy lbs. Winslow a soothing strut for children teething in most cases men who marry beneath them live to regret it. Take the Best when you need Medicine. For blood appetite nerves stomach liver nothing equal oods Sarsaparilla the one True blood purifier. All druggists. $1 hoods pills cure All liver ills. 25 cents. Wop Missouri. The Best fruit Section in the West. No Droutas. A failure of crops never known. Mild climate. Productive soil abundance of Good pure water. For maps Aud circulars giving full description of the Rich Mineral fruit and agricultural lands in South West Missouri write to John m. Purdy manager of the Missouri land and live Stock company Neosho Newton co., Missouri. $9.50. 9. H. Bl00m�9, Council Bluffs Iowa. Patents Trade Marks examination As to patentability of in mention. Send for a a inventors guide or How to get of Farrell son Washington d. Pic Vij ,. H Mas for a fifth of a Century cured All forms of a. Kidney and liver diseases the dread Bright s disease we Pat Cash weekly and want men everywhere to sell Cadi to acc millions test. Lanh ill Loed prove a absolutely outfit new system. Stark Brothers Louisiana mo., Rock out he it Hanifl Vax Sants school of Short Hulm Lirt Llu bldg Omaha. Only one in Omaha taught by practical stenographer patents 30years experience. Send sketch for and. I i Iii i a a vice. L. Deane late inn. Examiner . Deane amp Weaver Mcgill bldg.,. I Fiji Sam mini whisky hah a How a a we Luff my. Or. B. M. , Atlanta Fla. A of Quot s Thompsons Eye water. Is but incipient kidney disease. Either Are dangerous. Both can be cured if treated in time with Warner s Safe cure. Large bottle or new style smaller one at your druggists. Ask for either and accept no substitute. A it Piso a cure cures where All else fails. Syrup. Tastes Good. Use Best cough syrup Intima. Scid by druggists. W. N. U., omaha�?38�?1898 when writing to advertisers kindly mention this paper. Pretty fair proof. Dick but How do you know to is a sign Painter Harry because he wrote a sentence in which there were six apostrophes and he got every single one of them in the wrong transcript. A the added pleasure of Riding a Columbia is Worth every Dollar of the $ 100 a Columbia costs/7 the supremacy of columbian is admitted. They Are Standard of the world. If you Are Able to pay h00 for a bicycle Why buy any other full information about columbian and the different models for men and women and for children too is contained in the handsomest Art Book of the year free from any of our Branch houses and agencies or by mail for two 2-cent Stamps Pope mfg. Co., Hartford Conn Branch stores arid agencies in every City and town. If columbian Are not properly represented in your Vicinity let us know. Ail Columbia bicycles Are fitted with Hartford single tube tires Ullem Junioe tire arc asked for. Re know no tires so Good As Hartford

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