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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - October 10, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoYol. 10. Blackfoot Bingham county Idaho saturday october 10, 1896. No. 20 items of local interest. Or. Berryman wife and children Are expected Home from Utah to Morrow. The grand Lodge of Odd Fellows will meet in Boise City on the 19th inst. Manager Jos. R. Smith of the Idaho forwarding co., is spending a few Days with his family in Salt Lake City. The District court for Fremont county was Only in session monday and tuesday of the week. Sheriff Kiefer has sold 100 boxes of apples from his Willow Creek ranch after reserving enough for his family for the Winter. Many cases of measles Are reported in and around town but the disease is in a mild form and none of the Little ones Are seriously ill. The Register office Idaho Falls will print the election tickets for the county. Or. Wheeler turns out Good jobs in that line. Editor George Chapin of Idaho Falls spent tuesday in Blackfoot looking to the filing of the county ticket. The three candidates for assessor were shaking hands with Blackfoot voters thursday. Mrs. Charlie Hart and Little daughter Agnes Are visiting in Pocatello for a few Days. Jule Bassett Secretary of the Silver Republican state Central committee will go Over to Boise tomorrow morn ing or. Bunting will go Over to Silver City in the near future to look after some mining claims. Special land agent Sadler went up to Teton Basin first of the week to look after Uncle same a interest. A Beautiful wedding was reported from Idaho Falls tuesday evening. The contracting parties were miss Susie Clark and or. George Russ Hitt. Mrs. Cassie Wright and daughter mrs. Simmons Are visiting friends in Salt Lake City. Or. Steunenberg and capt. Gunn Are in Bear Lake county to Day. They will make a tour through All the Southeastern counties. Or. Cleveland and family have returned to Washington for the Winter and he will soon begin the preparation of his message to Congress. A gentleman in politics is always a gentleman even when he criticises his opponent. Or. Beane was notified this week by the Post office department Washington d. C., of the establishment of two new pos offices in Bingham county. One to be called Coltman and the other Goshen or. And mrs. Karl e. Hopf of a Angee spent a few hours in Blackfoot Friday. They returned Home by Way of st. Anthony. The Ball Given by the philharmonic band of Pocatello last Friday evening was quite a pleasant affair. Their outdoor concert was also creditable. Or. Capps nominee on the electors ticket for representative will begin his canvass As soon As his Little family recovers from the measles. Two of his Little ones Are sick this week. Services will be held at the Fairview school House next sunday oct 11th, at 3 00 p. M., by Rev. J. A Yost on an evangelist. All the people in that Vicinity Are cordially invited to attend. When the parties of Idaho get through with the entanglements of fusion it will be As difficult to Tell their political kinship As for the school boy to Tell a if Dicks father is Toms son what Kin is Tom to Dick a or. O. Buck and son Ellis of Willow Creek were in town thursday. The old gentleman on private business and the son who is the democratic nominee for assessor and collector was making acquaintances among the voters. Mrs. J. H. Greene wife of our Blackfoot druggist who resides at Houston is in the City and will probably remain so her children can attend the Blackfoot school during the Winter. This is the season for compliments to wives and babies. Every candidate will Praise the wife a Good cooking and the Beauty of the babies. Every two years these non voters get their honest dues. You May Point out the spots on the Sun or you May foul with mud the Silver face of the Moon but they go on shining for All that. You May denounce or. Mckinley or you May slander or. Bryan but what of that your say so does not Stop the race they will run on to november just the same. See those doilies with embroidered silk 5 cents and a full line of floss silk at Biel the wheat crop of the United states is estimated to be 80,000,000 bushels Short and the prediction is made that the Price will be advanced to is. A Bushel before the next Harvest. A fusion of democrats and Mckinley republicans in some county in the state would make the Chain of fusion Complete a sort of endless Chain around the political wheel. Bruneau Valley has had two mysterious murders within the past 10 Days. The remains of both murdered men were buried alike both were shot in the Back of the head. The murderer is supposed to be a swede and is very deaf. L. W. West night operator at Idaho Falls visited his family at Blackfoot last tuesday. He reports business largely on the increase at that station and that the daily shipments of Grain Are growing heavy. The Advance in the Price of wheat is Good news to the Farmers. It will do much to lighten the Burden of debt and hard times which have been weighing heavily upon their shoulders. The indications Are that the Price will be farther advanced and before the year closes it May be to 75 or 80 cents. It is rumoured that the the Vicinity of Basalt and on the West Side Are not satisfied with their part of the ticket. The veterans of the party Are retained As High privates in the rear rank and the new members Are commissioned and Given the place for offices. Such is politics. Or Storer democratic nominee for state treasurer stopped off at Blackfoot for a few hours Friday on his return from Boise. He gives encouraging accounts of the Outlook As he Learned of it at Boise. Or Storer will be the next state treasurer and Bingham county should see to it that he be Given the High water Mark on the list of votes. The democrats and populists in Custer county failed to fuse at the county conventions september the 30th. The populists named a part of a ticket and adjourned and the democrats adjourned without any nominations. Saturday october 4th, the democrats and Silver republicans fused and put up a full ticket. Rev. Robt. Fugard late Rector of st. Paul a Church Blackfoot is now a student at the episcopal theological Seminary at Faribault Minnesota. He and John we. Jones of the Shattuck Academy have met and will doubtless hold frequent seances and commune with the spirits from their faraway Idaho Home. Judge Fred s. Stevens broke the Dull monotonous political talk at Blackfoot for a moment wednesday october 7th, by ringing the Silver Bells marriage Bells and making Matthias la Rouche and Emma Adams of Idaho Falls Man and wife. The ceremony was Brief and to the contracting parties As Sweet As Brief. In the afternoon the Happy couple drove about the principal streets admiring the Beauty of the Grove City and then departed full of love and Hope for a Long married life. Sheriff Kiefer went up to Butte City Montana Friday morning for a burglar who robbed the Home of Bill High in Conant Valley. Or. And mrs. High were visiting from Home and in their absence a Young Man in their employ broke into the dwelling took Money a pistol a Winchester and other things and then took or. Highs horse and Saddle and Rode away to Butte. Or. Kiefer will return with him to Morrow. Married at the residence of the brides parents or. And mrs. Morris on wednesday afternoon october 7th, by Rev. J. R. Yost Charles h. Wicks and Melvina Morris. Miss a. V. Wicks and or. G. A. Powell acted As bridesmaid and groomsman. A Large number of the neighbors were present to enjoy the nuptial occasion. After the ceremony a most excellent dinner was served. The Young couple have the Hearty congratulations and Best wishes of a Large Circle of friends. Judge Clagette a personalities in his speech thursday night detracted from its merits and in the estimation of his Blackfoot audience reflected on his judgment and estimate of the people. Blackfoot citizens Are Liberal in their attendance at political meetings but they have no patience with a speaker who is personal and abusive in his remarks it matters not to what party he May belong. A Blackfoot audience is always made up of intelligent cultured and refined people and any speaker makes the mistake of his life when he thinks abuse calumny and personal reflections Are in accordance with their tastes or will meet with their approbation a conundrum. If a Democrat is fused with the populists on the state ticket with the Silver republicans on the county ticket and his party is running straight on the precinct ticket what kind of a speech would be expected of him if called up at a big Public meeting killed in a runaway. J. H. Homes wife and baby of Pocatello were driving in a Wagon tuesday afternoon when the horses became a Ltd frightened and ran away. They were All thrown from the Wagon or. Holmes and baby were slightly injured but mrs. Holmes was so badly Hurt that she died in the night. To betters quarters. The Idaho forwarding company to meet the growing Trade has been forced to seek better and More commodious quarters. Or. Jos. R. Smith manager is giving up the old Danilson buildings and is moving into the Bunting buildings on North main Street. He will occupy the old Bank building for offices and the old store building for store room. Judge Clagett. Judge Clagett a the old Man eloquent of his party in Idaho is speaking in the Southeastern counties of the state. Wednesday evening he spoke at Idaho Falls and thursday evening at Blackfoot. At the Blackfoot meeting a fair audience was present to Greet him or. Whittier the Peoples democratic nominee for probate judge presided. The judge made one of his characteristic Campaign speeches of which the people of the state have heard so much in other campaigns As Well As in the one now on. There is no question about it judge Clagett is the speaker of his party in Idaho. Robert Edward Hallock. The wires Tell us that Robert Edward Hallock the respected trusted and confidential clerk of the Overland hotel Boise City is dead that he died sunday morning the 4th of october. To us of the later generation of idahoans he was an inseparable part and parcel of that popular hostelry. For ten years past we never registered at the Overland but he was present with his Welcome and his cheerful words of greeting. We never bade him goodbye but with the feeling that we would be glad to meet him again. We shall not soon see his like again. All Idaho will miss him As it will mourn his death. Green be the turf above his peaceful grave. Indiana for Bryan. Richmond va., oct. 7.�?governor Matthews of Indiana has written the Richmond state As follows regarding the political situation in his state a in reply to yours of the 30th ult., which i have just read i am glad to say that after quite an extended canvass of the state i have no doubt of the result Bryan will carry Indiana by a tremendous majority. Our people especially in the country districts Are thoroughly aroused to the importance of the Issue. advices Lead me to believe that Illinois will be for Bryan and Ohio May be put in the doubtful list. Well informed gentlemen from Kentucky feel satisfied that Kentucky will return to the old Faith in the democratic column again. A Large majority. Chicago oct. 5.-if the National election were to be held to Morrow says the democratic managers Illinois would give William j. Bryan and Jno. P. Altgeld Over 80,000 majority. At the present rate the majority May reach 100,000 by november 3d. These figures were gathered by 15,000 democratic voters under the direction of the democratic state Central committee. Every county in the state has been heard from and in two thirds of the counties every school District has been polled. Unless the shrewdest democrats Are at fault Illinois can no longer be classified among the doubtful states the legislature will be democratic this year a majority of Illinois representatives in Congress will be democratic and senator John m. Palmer will be succeeded in the United states Senate by a Democrat. Programme of the w. T. U. Gospel Temperance meeting at the methodist Church tuesday eve oct. 12. Singing1.choir. Scripture Reading. Prayer. Responsive Roll Call. Singing. Choir. Houck. Rebbeca Wright. Select . Mingus. Recitation mrs Grace Stevens. Singing,.choir. Paper entitled a the history of the w. T. U. In Blackfoot,. Holbrook. Solo. Or. We. Danilson. Collection. and congregation. Lazy Joe and the reservation. Lazy Joe our Indian spokesman sat on Quantrell slumber pile wednesday afternoon As sedate looking and contemplative As was Caius Marius amid the ruins of Carthage. The news Devil thought he was in trouble that maybe a third Squaw had eloped with another Buck and approached him to learn of his heartaches and troubles. A a what a the matter Joe a asked the Devil a you Heap sick a a Ukai a was the monosyllabic answer. A your Squaw run away with another Indian a a you studying politics and tho grand possibilities of fusion a a Are you weighing the fusion candidates in the balances with a View of making a plunge in the gambling Market Over the results of the november election a a then what Sze matter Are you disturbed about the pow wow last saturday and the opening of the reservation a. A Ukai a Well How do you stand anyway on the opening of the reservation. Do you favor it a a but you see a added the Devil a if you take your 40 acres in severally you will have a farm of your own a cat and a cow a horse and a plow and you must work for your bread or perish Stone then Joe awoke from his dreamy contemplations. A work for bread a aroused him and he arose to the Sublime eloquence of his tribe and said a me want no Little bitty farm me want the Range. want the mountains where the Jocund Day stands tiptoe on their lofty tops. make no treaty. A Hope for indians will bid the world Farewell and it will be added and Freedom shrieked when the reservation fell a but there will be Money for you a Home another Squaw a pig a cat a cow and All the other it Ceteras. A dog a sheep a Pony a Duck and a Goose. Make the treaty and you will soon be Rich and then Joe smiled and said a me Ketch a what you say me make a treaty pretty a in untangling themselves. After the november election there will be lots of fun watching the fusion its of Idaho untangling themselves one from the other. Some of them will be in a hard knot. You see they Are tied up in this style democrats with populists democrats with Silver republicans and democrats straight. Populists with democrats populists with Silver republicans and populists straight. Silver republicans with democrats Silver republicans with populists Silver republicans with Mckinley republicans and Silver republicans straight. Mckinley republicans with Silver republicans and Mckinley republicans straight. Prohibitionists straight. This is the status of the political situation in the different counties of the state. Iri such a mixture there can be no party organizations and the Best thing for the average voter to do is to select his men and vote according to the dictates of his conscience and his Best judgement. Illinois Indiana Michigan and Ohio will be the Battle from now until november. It will be red hot Down there every Day in the week. Strained Honey 10 cents at Biethan sex governor Campbell of Ohio who has been As still As a Church mouse since the Chicago convention has stepped to the front and Given notice that he will support Bryan and will speak for him from now until election. Ohio is now counted one of the doubtful states and even bets Are made that Bryan will carry it. See the Large and Fine line of steel ranges Cook stoves and heating stores before purchasing at Biethan s. Wan Ted Grain and Hay on subscription. Market prices allowed. The news. Cures in sixty minutes headache Toothache cramps Colic and pain of All kinds relieved in one minute by or. G. W. Shores Mountain Sage Oil. 25 cents at Hull amp october 20th, Only Otto entire y Clear out our line of tan shoes and Oxford ties mens women Sand misses a All Are on Sale at less bit factory Cost and in order to make room for our fall line of clothing we will give a discount of 20 per cent., for Cash on any suit or pants in the House. Produce at Cash prices will be taken on the . Bunting amp co. I in school 22supplies composition books j As c eap As tablets a Cal t cheapest. Slates and slate pencils Lead pencils and erasers Ink and penholder blackboard erasers crayons in All colors and White in boxes everything for the school room. S old by Benh furnish bargains having decided to Cut Down my shoe Stock i offer the following a gig a a i genuine bargains. A 4 4 4 % ? 50 pairs menus Kangaroo and Cordovan shoes in lace 4 4 4 t and Congress. Old Price,.$5.50 go at $4.00 4, an Overstock of size 10, menus Light shoes from 3 it 50 pairs celebrated Stroo Traane a ladies Fine shoes 4 4 4 4 $2.25 to $5.50 go at one third off 4 f 4 4 4 4 4 f 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 a i 4 444 4 4 444 4 4 44�4 4 444 4 4444 444 4 4444 44 44 4444 4444 4 44 4a few ready made children a dresses lace Congress and Broad toe Button old Price 3 $3.50 to 4.50, per pair go .$2.25 to $2.75 4 4 4 this is less than Cost Arul will last but a Short time. A come Quick and let your size i have the Best line of 4 4. 4 4 children a school shoes Ever brought to town. 4 4 awl come and see my line of to inter Goodes consisting of dress goods and trimming underwear for men women and children blankets quilts menus and boys clothing and overcoats which i am Selling for the lowest that they have Ever been sold at. Blackfoot Idaho

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