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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Nov 28 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - November 28, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoVol. 10.Blackfoot, Bingham county Idaho saturday november 28, 1890. No. 27 items local interest. The thermometer indicated 24 below Zero Friday morning. Lets build a few More sidewalks and then repeat our thanksgiving. Congress meets next monday week and the estimate is that As it is the Short session the work will he Short. Mrs. Jule Bassett is visiting in Salt Lake City. Eight inches Snow fell at Boise and in the Western part the state monday. The revival meeting in Progress at the m. E. Church is expected to close next sunday evening. Miss Cora Downer from Illinois granddaughter mrs. S. A Holbrook is visiting her Blackfoot relatives and May remain two three months. Hon. A m. Bennett came up from Pocatello and spent Friday with friends in the Grove City. A number Young friends gave miss Minnie Glen a pleasant Surprise party thursday the anniversary her birth Day. The Winter weather is with us and it has come to stay. Look out for the latter part december and give close attention to your woodpile. Tom Holcomb has sold his Saloon together with All its fixtures Etc., to messes Towles amp Readicker. Col. Mcfadden has 80,000 pounds mining machinery the Railroad platform awaiting shipment to his Custer county mine. Illinois is boasting the completion the finest prison for women in the world but Illinois should be like Idaho have Fine women who do not go to prison there was a surplus slush in the streets monday tuesday and wednesday. That should be an irresistible Appeal for More sidewalks. Thank Giying morning was the coldest the fall. The Mercury ran Down below Zero. The state canvassing Board was forced to adjourn last monday to await the returns from Kootenai and Shoshone counties. Rev. Or. Yost married a Montana couple tuesday evening. Blackfoot is rapidly becoming a Gretna Green for our Montana neighbors. Montana is claiming the coldest november weather known in Many years. The Snow is two feet deep the streets Helena. The Man who doubts Texas democracy should look at the figures the last election and then go into Winter quarters and shame himself. A a coins Harvey has been mutely silent for weeks and the question is when will his a financial school take up again the populist amp Jef Kansas have decided to put Peffer the retired list politicians believing that he has outlived his usefulness it will pay anyone that is needing House furnishings to visit the Idaho furniture . George Ferris the designer and a party Chicago business men visited the land office wednesday looking up lands in the Vicinity american Falls. They expect to Plant a Colony in that Vicinity in the Early Spring. The weather indications Are favourable to Indian education. The colder the weather the More the old indians Are inclined to say a we must educate we the state canvassing Board old Virginia took advantage a technicality in counting the returns and gained a democratic congressman for the state and later by a similar technicality lost the state a Bryan elector. Caldwell gave a tramp a uniform tar and feathers monday and started him the March outward. Like a Good Soldier he will not Stop until ordered to a halt a and Caldwell citizens will not say president Budge Bear Lake county and l. K. Thomas Fremont Are reported candidates for the Blackfoot land office under Mckinley. The candidates for Indian agent at Ross Fork Are too numerous to mention. The inauguration president Mckinley is to be the grandest affair Ever witnessed in this country. Parties Are making engagements for windows Pennsylvania Avenue this far in Advance inauguration Day. Rev. And mrs. Yost were the Happy recipients a thanksgiving present a Beautiful quilt from Ross Fork being the Handiwork miss Amelia j. Frost and her Little Indian girls each the girls names appear the quilt. The suffrage amendment. The suffrage amendment is hanging in the balance. A majority the voters voting a a yes and a a not was in favor the amendment but if those failing to vote either Way be counted against it the amendment is Defeated. Two years ago the attorney general held that it required a majority those voting to carry the measure but other Learned lawyers differ with him and the supreme court will be called upon to hand Down a decisive opinion in the Case As soon As the state canvassing Board completes its work. New arrivals in Idaho. There Are two Large sea Lions in Snake River just below the Falls. They Are seen upon the rocks and sporting amid the angry Waves every Day. One is much larger than the other and there is every reason to believe that they Are male and female. This adds another attraction to our famous Falls. It is to be hoped that sportsmen will treat them As they have the eagles Eagle Rock and not molest journal. Ready obedience. No people the Globe can adjust themselves so readily to circumstances As the american people. They can wind up an exciting Campaign at fever heat and the morning following its close be As Calm and collected As if removed a generation from the election. All this comes from the fact that we Are a self governing people. We have a voice in the election the men who b make an execute the Laws our land. _ a leu Frank i Enn Mckinley repub-1 a submit readily to the Powers that lican and the Only member elect because th0y Are our agents. The that ticket in the legislature is to have actions oin. A lawful representatives 111 builder the Ferris wheel which attracted so much attention at the worlds fair died in Pittsburg penn., sunday last. Or. F. Pyle a professional Man from Challis spent wednesday in Blackfoot. He goe3 to Boise with a View locating there. Wheelers Candle like the country a Flag a is still there a make your guess at its Bright Light How Long it will Shine and get the cloak for your wife and be Happy. Married at the Parlours the Blackfoot House monday afternoon by a Rev. R. Yost . John l. Carter and mrs. Margaret d. Hull both Butte Montana. Senator Shoup gave a reception to the Fedei al and state officials at Boise the evening before thanksgiving at which judge Clagett was an honoured guest. There now. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad company last saturday ran a special train five cars loaded with turkeys for new York and Boston. The train Load amounted to Over 100,000 pounds. Thanksgiving Day was a very quiet Day in Blackfoot. There was a general suspension business and the business men generally spent the Day at Home with their families. R. V. Cozier formerly Blackfoot but now Moscow is a candidate for United states District attorney for Idaho. Col. Morrison late candidate for Congress the Mckinley ticket is also a candidate for the same office. His seat contested. The contestant must be hungry for office. The Man who will Rob a body its Only member its Bottom Dollar is a very hard hearted office seeker a words to that the evangelistic services at the m. E. Church will probably be brought to a close next sunday evening. Rev. Frost will preach sunday morning and Guy Phleps the younger the Brothers will preach in the evening. Rev. Frank Phelps will Supply the Pocatello Church next sunday morning and evening. Washington d. C., nov. 23.�?it is the present intention . Mckinley to Call a special session Congress before the end March. The authority for this statement is Abner Mckinley brother the president elect. Abner Mckinley arrived Here yesterday to make arrangements for the hotel accommodations the Mckinley party. He remained Only a few hours and imparted in Confidence the information that unless something occurs to change plans there will be called a special session Congress immediately after the inauguration. This is How Josh Billings describes a Square Man a Heiz amongst men what Good Kil dried boards Are among carpenters he wont shrink season Krack. It done to make any difference which Side him you Kum up to he in the same bigness each Way and the Only Way to get at him Enn How in to face him. He knows he in Square and never spends any time Trie Itig to prove it. The Square Man in one the Best shaped men the world has Ever produced he in one them kind chunks that you Kant alter to fit a spot but you must alter the spot to fit Are to All intents and purposes our own actions. It is our duty then to adjust ourselves to the circumstances and make the most the bargain we have hand and we always do it. The reason Why. The army the unemployed is a Large one and it is kept Large by Choice its members. Too Many people want something for nothing. Too Many in position believe that their employers cannot get along without them. Too Many believe that the proper thing is to barely do the work assigned them in a barely passable manner and then Stop. This is not enough. Every one should do his work in the Best manner possible consistent with neatness and dispatch. Too Many Are looking for a soft when one arrives at the conclusion that his services Are indispensable and does his work along that line belief his dismissal is not far off it will be sure to come. If you will work for your employers interest and make for him More than the amount he pays you you will be certain to retain your position and be contented and Happy for honest work brings Contentment and happiness. The Dingley Bill. A summary the provisions this famous document. Most readers have forgotten what the Dingley Bill provides. Now that there is a Prospect its passage a summary its provisions seem desirable. It is a temporary Revenue Bill. It would expire by its own terms in gust 1, 1898. What Revenue it would yield it is difficult to say . Dingley expected $40,000,000 increase from it Treasury experts put the gain at a lower figure. It takes Wool All kinds off the free list and puts upon it a duty six tenths As great As that the Mckinley Tariff. To the present duty Woolen goods it makes a like addition. It does precisely the same for lumber in All forms it adds to per cent the Mckinley rate to the present rates in schedules a to a including chemicals earthenware Glass metals manufactures Wood and metals tobacco agricultural products wines spirits Cotton goods flax hemp and jute Silks pulp papers Hooks and York world. A smart arithmetic Man. A chinaman died leaving his property by will to his three sons As follows a to Fuen Huen the oldest one half thereof to Lupin his second son one third thereof and coding Bat his youngest one ninth when the property was inventoried it was found to consist nothing More nor less than seventeen elephants and it puzzled these three heirs How to Divide the property according to the terms the will without chopping up seventeen elephants and thereby seriously impairing their value. Finally they applied to a Wise neighbor sue Punk for advice. Sue Punk had an elephant his own. He drove it into the Yard with the seventeen and said a now we will suppose that your father left these eighteen elephants Fuen Huen take your half and so Fuen Huen took nine elephants and went his Way. A now no pin a said the Wise Man a take your third and so no pin took six elephants and travelled. A now Ding Bat a said the Wise Man a take your ninth and so Ding Bat took two elephants and Vamoose. Then Suen Punk took his own elephant and drove him Home again. Query. Was the property divided according to the terms the will conundrum supper. A conundrum supper will be Given by members the episcopal sunday school next tuesday december 1st, commencing at 6 clock p. Mat the old Silver Moon restaurant building. Everybody cordially invited to attend. Valuable train silk. The most valuable train silk that Ever passed through Blackfoot ran up the Road saturday night to go East Over the Northern Pacific. It consisted ii cars eight baggage and three refrigerator cars All loaded with valuable Silks from the Orient. Gid Oram was in charge the engine and Thatcher was conductor. The value the train Load was near $1,250.000. U i am. Yours Lazy Joe was in town wednesday afternoon and calling at the news office asked the Devil if he was Learned enough to savvy thanksgiving Day and Christmas and when the Devil replied he was High enough up in the Art preservative to set up a thanksgiving proclamation Joe asked a do you savvy the Best Day for big eat a thanksgiving Christmas a a both All the same a said the Devil a it is Turkey and cranberries for thanksgiving and cranberries and Turkey for Christmas. Do your gastronomical instincts Ever cause you to Long for the american Bird about this season the year Joe a no a said Joe a me like a beef Heap beef and then he continued to received one week ago the largest candles Orr transported Over the Union Pacific. Net weight 45 pounds. A record will be kept the a exact number hours and minutes it will Burn. Each Pur Chaser a i More will be entitled to Register a a a Griess length time Candle will Burn and to the lady and gentleman coining nearest we offer the following prizes to the lady her Choice any jacket Cape in the House. To the gentleman his Choice any overcoat in the House. To a girl \ her Choice any jacket cloak in the House. To a boy Quot his Choi emf any Hoys overcoat suit in the House. Bunting amp co. S1s.00-Doiaia-9b1s.00 the largest eve ruin Blackfoot every 50 Cash Purchase to a Chance to this elegant present. A us a i1�?nr h f 1 everything needed amp the holidays. Ben m. Pernish 45 you May talk about your Turkey roasted to a Savory Brown a and 3our thanksgiving dinner As the Best in any town but give me a big eat a dinner that brings its Quick Relief say a Bushel bread and a taters and a chunk act Uekert a beef and i am yours Cleveland o., nov. 23.�?a close Friend chairman Hanna to Day explained under what circumstances . Hanna would accept a place in the Cabinet. A emr. he said a will either go into the Cabinet he will be the next Republican senator from Ohio. Or. Hannah a course must be decided by senator John Sherman. Both the chairman and . Mckinley understand that and they Are awaiting to learn what position the irishman will take. Mckinley wants . Hanna to accept the Treasury portfolio but Hanna has other aspirations. He believes it would be a greater Honor to be senator from Ohio. But Sherman stands in the Way. Mckinley will offer senator Sherman the position Secretary state and if he declines to go into the Cabinet then . Hanna will accept the position Secretary the Treasury. Should Sherman decide to become one Mckinley a advisers thus vacating his seat in the Senate . Hanna will become his successor. Mckinley will not decide his course until he learns exactly what position senator Sherman will this same Friend Hanna said that it had practically been decided that congressman Bou Telle Maine would be Secretary the Navy. Despite the fact that general Miles and col. Fred Grant held a conference with Mckinley neither them says this gentleman will get the portfolio War. You did and you think buying a stove either steel Range heat stove you want / la having determined to a my to see our prices. T death mrs. R. Rounds. The wires last monday morning brought the sad news from Idaho Falls that mrs. R. Rounds was dead. That esteemed lady had been ill Many Days but her acquaintances in Blackfoot were not prepared to hear her death. The hand affliction Falls heavily upon the bereaved husband whose every Day existence seemed made up the companionship her who has been taken from him. To him the sincerest sympathy goes out from his friends in Bingham county and from Over the state. From a lovelorn Swain. Uncle same a mail clerks run across Many queer things in the Many thousands missives that pass under their notice. Poetical superscription upon letters for instance turn up occasionally. At the Post office at Bridgeton n. J., a few Days ago a letter arrived evidently from some lovelorn Swain which was addressed in this fashion hello Uncle Sam May i go in your mail in be taker a notion to ride the rail. In the Sta a it new Jersey let me drop. In county Cumberland there let me Stop. In the Bridgeton Post Ottlee there let me Lav until the Good letter Carrier takes me away. At 85 Oak Street there let me meet miss Millie Dolance looking so Sweet a Philadelphia record. 4 444 4 4 444�?T 1�?T 444 a a a a 44 4 44 4 4 444 444 4 4 5 4 4 4 444 4 444 44444 4 v v 4 4 % 4 4 4 �T�5 �?�5 4 our entire line stores. You should see the Beautiful line novelties in each department at the Idaho furniture co., Pocatello. The Blackfoot and Challis stage line is now its Winter schedule. About this time year a person begins to think Xmas and what they shall remember their friends with. A glance through the Stock Hull amp Greene sat the Pioneer drug store will show you the most Complete line Ever brought into the town. Comprising All the latest novelties from the largest new York factory in Plush celluloid paper Maehoie enamelled Metal mirrors decorated China and perfumes Etc. 4 4 a 4 a a a. 4 a 4 4 4 4 4 a 4 4 4 t 4 4 4 4 4 a 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 we will sell stoves lower than anyone. We did not conclude to do this until after getting our Winter Supply consisting % 4 about 50 stoves. This is a genuine c. And All we Ash is for you to come and see our prices. We also have a full Stock Wash boilers Coffee boilers Tea Kettle rots griddles skillets stovepipe elbows and. V 4 4 4 t 4 4 4 4 4 4� 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 t 4 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 44 4 4 4 444 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 to 444 4 444 4444 4444 4 44 4 444 4 everything v Ipp the me As a Heap a go Raper than anyone by we Blackfoot Idaho

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