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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - November 21, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoYol. 10.Blackfoot, Bingham county Idaho saturday november 21, 1806. No. 26 items of local interest. Tho state canvassing Board will meet next monday to pass upon the election returns. Mrs. Or. Moore has been quite sick this week. Senator elect Bassett of Fremont county spent wednesday with friends in the Grove City. The general missionary society of the m. E. Church gives $4,000 to the work in Idaho this year. Kentucky has secured one Bryan elector. The count stands Mckinley 0 12, Bryan 1. Or. Hobart says 800 babies have been named after him since election and the cry is there Are More babies to be born. Born Friday morning nov. 20th, to or and mrs. Harry Horton a son. Reports from Cuba say a de rebels is licked Magin. B. A. Jenne of Idaho Falls will soon move to Pocatello to engage in the hotel business. Or. Johnson cashier for w. A. Clarks Bank Butte Montana came Down this week to file on an Idaho Homestead. George h. Holbrook has tired of official work and is again with d. H. Bie than. Done to Overlook our Bright and attractive a ads a new in to Days Issue. When you read them go and get their bargains before they Are All gone. Alabama and Georgia Send two new men to the u. S. Senate but they Are both Good democrats. Hon Texas Angel of Hailey is the latest populist candidate for the United states Senate. Railroad agent Collins is confined to his Home with rheumatism. He is under medical care and is suffering Criter a a a a so a a a a by j. P. Cowan of Portland Oregon has been appointed Indian agent at warm Springs Oregon vice major Gallagher deceased. A Block in the business part of Ketch us was burned a few evenings ago. To he fire is All the More to be regretted because that portion of the town will never be rebuilt. An important contest Case Wheeler is. Rogers involving the old fair grounds land at Idaho Falls was heard in the land office thursday. The hearing ordered by the commissioner of the general land office in the Case of the Peoples canal company and the american Falls company will begin monday december 14th, 1896. The ladies of the equal suffrage association intend making a fight in the courts for their amendment. Hawley and Borah have been retained to represent them. Services will be held at the Porter school House next sunday at 2 p. M., by Rev. J. R. Yost if weather is not too disagreeable. Hon. Giles democratic congressman elect from the first Missouri District died tuesday under a surgical operation for an abscess. Steunenberg is spending a few Days at Pebble Bannock county fishing and Duck shooting. Harry Kin port is his guide about the Happy Hunting grounds. One of the greatest curiosities Ever exhibited in Blackfoot is wheelers Mammoth Candle at buntings store. Done to fail to see it and hear him expatriate on its wonderful Light Etc. Attorney v. Rapp at one time practising at Blackfoot but now at Logan Utah expects to be appointed postmaster for that cd Quot a when the change is made by or. Mckinley. At new a Rorke a big horse show it was a question As to which was attracting the most attention the pretty women with elegant jewelry or the Fine horse3 on exhibition. The election returns of this year compared with those of 1892, show a change of 2,500,000 votes or about 20 per cent of the whole number. It is now said that the following populists will be before the next legislature As candidates for the u. S. Senate Clagett Walton Ballentine Bruner Nelson j. De Smith Ruick Cooper Wester and Boyce. And its 50 Days to the meeting of that body. Evangelistic meetings will be continued at the methodist Church every night next week. These services Are very helpful to the membership and a number of persons have been converted. All Are cordially invited to attend. The most disastrous floods known in the Northwest Are reported from Washington and North Idaho this week mrs. Robert Moore of Houston was accidentally killed last thursday. A loaded gun in her room fell to the floor and was discharged the loads of both barrels entering her Side. Or. Bryan and a number of a High up politicians Are enjoying a Hunting and fishing Outing on White River in Taney county Missouri. Senator Jones chairman of the National committee is with the party. George a Williams the wealthiest populist in the state and a candidate for the u. S. Senate tells the Boise statesman that Clagett cannot be elected to the Senate. He and a number of others will oppose him. On monday evening nov. 16, at the residence of or. And mrs. A e. Arney of this City occurred the wedding of miss Grace Jenks to or Thos. F. Terrell both Well known residents of Pocatello. The Home of mrs. Arney was beautifully decorated for the occasion and promptly at 8 30 of clock Rev. D. Q. Travis appeared on the scene to perform the ceremony at the conclusion of which a reception was tendered the Many friends of the newly married couple. A Large number of useful and costly presents were received from friends both Here and abroad. Or. And mrs. Terrell departed on the morning train for Boise where they will remain a . Last night about 7 of clock while the South bound freight was waiting at the depot 4 tramps broke into the caboose and stole live overcoats and one undercoat. The loss was discovered and Constable Dan Clyne and night watchman Willson soon had the thieves in custody. One resisted arrest and in the tussle received a blow on the head which requires several stitches to Patch up. They were brought before Justice Clark this morning where they waived examination and were remanded to jail to await the action of the grand Idaho Falls times. O. F. Smith the Nursery Man and tree Man of Idaho Falls has completed a contract with James Bumgarner whereby he will Plant a Nursery of All kinds of fruit and Shade Trees the coming Spring. Or. Smith was formerly proprietor and manager of the Ansly Nursery in Nebraska and has had 15 years experience in the business. In order that Success May attend his efforts he should have the Liberal patronage of the people until his Stock is Large enough to sell. Badly Hurt. Brakeman Beardsley of conductor Burns train fell from a car in motion one mile South of town wednesday night and was badly if not fatally injured. He was taken South on the passenger train to the Hospital at Ogden. Or Kellerman goes East. Or. C. R. Kellerman presiding elder of Idaho conference has been transferred to the Detroit Michigan conference and Rev. G. A. Landen pastor in charge of the methodist Church at Pocatello has been appointed to the elder ship. Commissioner Ericson s Accident county commissioner Isaac Ericson is a sufferer from a very serious and painful Accident which befell him wednesday. While working at the head Gate of his canal the Derrick which he was using broke and portions of the falling timbers struck him breaking his left Arm and left leg the Arm near the wrist and the leg near the Middle of the thigh. Surgical Aid was promptly called and the sufferer was treated and made As comfortable As could be under the circumstances. The army of unemployed. Statistics submitted in the report of labor commissioner Wrigh t. Washington nov. 16.-Hon. Carroll d. Wright commissioner of labor in charge of the eleventh census has transmitted to the Secretary of the Interior a special report on the statistics of occupations. The census bulletin on occupations issued More than a year and a half ago gave Only the Bare numbers of persons engaged in remunerative work at the census of 1890, but this special report presents detailed information. It shows for the first time in census work the number of coloured persons engaged in each occupation separate and distinct from the native and foreign White elements of the population and other hitherto a compiled figures. The most interesting feature of the report relates to the question of the unemployed. These figures simply show the aggregate number of persons unemployed for it different length of time and to a very considerate extent probably at different times during the census year. They do not show the net period after making allowances for the time when not engaged at their principal or usual occupation during which their services May have been utilized at some other kind of work. The census enumerators were fully instructed but the returns were not Complete enough to warrant compilation. There were 22,735,661 persons ten years of age and Over engaged in gainful occupations in 1890, of whom 18,821,090 were males and 3,914,571 females. Of these 3,013,127 males and 510,613 females or a total of 3,523,730 persons unemployed at their principal occupations during some part of the census year ending May 31, 1890. Of the whole number of persons so employed 3,818,865 were unemployed from one to three months 1,368,418 from four to six months and 336,447 from seven to twelve months. This is equivalent approximately to 1,139,672 persons unemployed at their principal occupations for the entire twelve months and this number would represent 5.01 per cent of the total number of persons engaged in gainful occupations in 1890. Divided As to sex the approximate number of males unemployed at their principal occupations for the entire census year was 972,000, representing 5.16 per cent of the whole number of males at work while the approximate number of females unemployed at their principal occupations during the same period was 167,672, representing 4,28 per cent of the whole number of females at work. Has saved $2,000,000. Bingham co. School statistics. The news is indebted to county school superintendent Fred s. Stevens for the following school statistics no. Of school houses in county. 40 no. Of teachers employed males .17 a a a a a a females.20 average was be paid 54.55 a a a a females. 43.75 no. Of children Between 5 and 21, males 1308. A a a a a a a a females 1s40 a a a a enrolled for the year. 2137 per cent enrolled. 70 a a a a of attendance. 60 amount paid teachers,.$13351.75 a a text books. 1300.29 average Cost per Pupil for text books. .63 a a a a a a a a a instruction 6.27 receipts for the entire year.23453.93 expenditures for the year.22740.84 bonded indebtedness of All districts., 17200.00 value of school houses and Sites .35000.00 a a a a seats and desks.3800.00 a a a a school apparatus. 1500.00 a a a a school books on hand .3000.00 44 44 a libraries. �?.70c.00 Economy in the agricultural department show ii in Morton s report. Washington nov. 15.�?Secretary Morton in his annual report which will shortly be made Public will review economical features of his administration and cite figures to show that he has covered Back into the Treasury two million dollars of the appropriation for the agricultural department during the four years or $500,000 each year. This is in the neighbourhood of 20 per cent of the appropriations for the year. One of the principle features will be a lengthy refutation of the claim of what he Calls a calamity he will contend that agricultural interests Are not declining that 72 per cent of the farms in the country Are without any encumbrance while the encumbrance on the remaining 28 per cent was incurred in the Purchase and improvement of the lands. The report will state that the greatest ratio of mortgages is found in the North Atlantic states and that new Jersey shows especially heavy encumbrances. The Secretary will decry the lavish publications of the government and show a runing Down of the literary output of the department. Coinage of Silver. Washington nov. 17.the records of the Treasury department show that from feb. 1, 1896, to nov. 1, there were coined at the mints of the United states 16,262,922 Standard Silver dollars Froin the balance of the Silver Bullion on hand purchased under the act of july 14, 1890. The seigniorage upon this amount was $5,051,430 which has been turned into the Treasury. The balance of the Silver Bullion purchased under the act of 1890, on hand nov. 1, 1896, was 125,061,263 Fine ounces which Cost the government $112,865,625. The coinage value of this amount is $161,693,000. Foreign gossip. Capt. Slocum of Boston with his 13-ton Sloop Spray has reached new Castle new South Wales on his solitary sail around the world. Windows along the route of the Czar in Paris were let at very High prices. Top Story windows on the champs Ety sees and Flie Faubourg st. Germain brought $50, while those on the first floor fetched from $200 to $600. While emperor Francis Joseph of Austria was visiting Bucharest after the formal opening of the Iron Gates of the Danube canal he bestowed on Queen Elizabeth of Ron mania Carmen Sylva the order of Merit for science and Art. Russia is employing the schoolmaster to secure her conquests. Schools have been established in Merv and eight other towns in the Region beyond the caucasus where the russian language is used in teaching by the Side of the native tongues. Moissant states in the Annales de clinic it de physique that the most stable compounds known to science disappear in the electric Furnace. The Only exceptions Are the perfectly crystallized brides Silic ides and carbides discovered by him. These he thinks probable Are original constituents of the Globe and must still exist in some of the stars Little laughs. Needed no longer a a Why is it that women have practically abandoned trains a a what do they need with trains when they can ride on wheels a a Detroit free press. Juvenile , now Sammy let Mary Wash your face and bands and Brush your a Law pshaw going to have company Fer dinner again.? a a Chicago record. Hicks a i hear there is trouble Between Bowser and his Wicks a yes he brought Home a tandem and they have been fighting Ever since about who shall ride in train script. On the bridal tour a she a papa thought he was smart putting a receipted Gas Bill among the presents did no the a he a yes especially when you always turned Tike Gas almost out when i life. Quite a phone superintendent Over the wire a a hello there you no swearing through the irate subscriber a i ainu to swearing through the Telephone in a swearing at . Y. Weekly. A i will follow you to the uttermost ends of the Earth a hissed the villain. A no you wont a said the heroine calmly. A Why wont i Quot queried the villain aghast at her coolness. A because i m not going there a she replied til bits. Notes about games. Among famous Asiatic writers on chess Are Ali Sbat Ranji Suli Damari Sodeiker hazes Bilbo Sherf Mohammed and Ghulam Kassim who have written in arabic persian and several dialects of Hindustan be of the theory and mysteries of the game. The lot casting mentioned in the scriptures was performed by the use of a number of pebbles one or More being coloured Black. The pebbles were placed in an urn or helmet and shaken and by their falling out the business in hand was determined. When James in. Of Scotland came to London to propose for the hand of Margaret the daughter of Henry vii., he was somewhat disgusted to find her at their first meeting so busily engaged in a game of cards that she was scarcely Able to give him any attention. It is a singular fact that while All other games of Chance or skill have at one time or another been denounced by the clergy of every Faith chess alone has received their approbation. Wheelers big Candle will be lighted saturday morning at 9 of clock. It is the most wonderful Candle Ever seen in the state done to Niss seeing it and making a guess at it. About this time of year a person begins to think of Xmas and what they shall remember their friends with. A glance through the Stock of Hull amp Greene sat the Pioneer drug store will show you the most Complete line Ever brought into the town. Comprising All the latest novelties from the largest new York factory in Plush. Celluloid paper Machie enamelled Metal mirrors decorated China and perfumes Etc biggest line toys and dolls in the county at Hull amp Greene a. M is is a sew depart tt/?77 will receive in a few Days the a y largest Candle Ever transported Over the Union Pacific. Net weight 45 pounds. A record will be kept of the exact number of hours and minutes it will Burn. Each purchaser of or More will be entitled to Register a u guess a of length of time Candle will Burn and to the lady and gentleman coming nearest we offer the following prizes to the lady her Choice of any jacket or Cape in the House. To the gentleman his Choice of any overcoat in the House. To a girls her Choice of any jacket or cloak in the House. To a boy his Choice of any boy is overcoat or suit in the House. C. Bunting amp co. 18.00 doll ill Ien away Ciegis Tias Eye. The largest fever in Blackfoot Ever y go cml Cash Purchase entitles you to a Chance to this elegant present. Everything needed for the holidays. Ben m. Pernish the you did and you think of buy Iping a stove either steel Range or heating stove you want to see our prices. Having determined to t a a a �?�5 �?�5 a a a a f a a 4 t �?�5 a line t a a 5 a a a we will sell stoves lower than anyone. % we did not conclude to do this until after getting our Winter Supply consisting of t a 4 4 a a a about 50 stoves. This is a genuine offer a and All we ask is for you to come and see a 4 a a our prices. A 5 4 a a a t we also have a full Stock of Wash boilers Coffee boilers Tea Kettle pots griddles 4 4 a skillets stovepipe elbows and Hay for Sale. H. Fornier of Wolverine has 200 tons of Hay for Sale. Will sell in qualities to suit buyers at hard times prices. Parties writing to him will address Presto p. O. I 4. 4., .$.4.4.4. 4.44. Everything in the Une As cheap a or a Skaper than anyone. Bumgarner Bros will set out 1000 Apple Trees and Duncan Bros. 500 of the same kind the coming Spring. Blackfoot Idaho

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