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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Nov 14 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - November 14, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoVol. 10.Blackfoot, Bingham county Idaho saturday november 14, 1896. Items of local interest. The county has Only three prisoners. Mrs. C. A Berryman has been visiting friends in Utah. The territory of the country was for Bryan but the population for Mckinley. The Mckinley vote in the state was Between 5,000 and 6.000. Mrs. W. A. Bull has been seriously ill for several Days past but is somewhat improved to Day. It �3 claimed now that Kentucky will give Bryan two electors. Or Dubois returned to Boise thursday morning. Sam Gundecker came Over from Boise thursday to visit senator Dubois. The next fad of 16 to 1 will be 16 applicants for appointment to 1 Federal office. Ninety two indictments have been found against the officers of Bacon s Bank Salt Lake City. Bannock county voted against woman suffrage. Oneida county cast 320 Mckinley 790 people democratic and 284 Silver Republican votes. Stop and see tha Large doll Ben h. Fernish is going to give away Christmas eve. A dance will be Given at the opera House this Friday evening. Music will commence at 8 30. Two weeks to thanksgiving and after that begins the work for the holidays. Bert Ryan Secretary to senator Dubois will visit relatives at Sun River Montana before returning to Washington the first of december. The Only change in the county ticket from that reported last week makes or. Mitchell Coroner instead of or. Willson. A the Boise statesman believes the woman a suffrage amendment has carried in the state by a big majority. We done to know. Special land agent Sadler has been a ordered to Valentine Nebraska. From that Point he will be furloughed for the holidays. One voter at Pocatello marked every Circle on the ticket. It was his aim to go the whole hog or none. Engineer Nickerson has been appointed government Engineer for the reservation canal vice h. B. Mitchell deceased. Wheat is reported at 98 events Cash at Market Lake 1.10 at Dubois in Trade and 1,15 at Beaver Canon in Exchange for dry goods and groceries. Every person buying 50c. Of anything in our store gets a ticket to the big doll drawing Christmas eve. Ben Fernish. A v. St. Clair has been appointed postmaster at american Falls vice Frank Campbell resigned. Snow is reported 6 feet deep on the Divide Between Rocky bar and Atlanta Elmore county. Fill up your Coal bin and build up Jour Wood pile for it is going to be As cold As Iceland after the Middle of december. Milwick is paying one Dollar spot Cash for wheat to Day. From this it May be said wheat is As Good As Gold and Gold is As Good As wheat. A recount of the ballot of Occam anon precinct Bannock county has been ordered. More votes were tallied than there were registered voters. As far As can be ascertained to Day the legislature will stand for Peoples democratic ticket 40 Silver republicans 29 Mckinley Republican i total 70. Attorney r. P. Quarles associate Justice elect will move his family to Boise next month before the snows Cut off travel Between Salmon City and the Railroad. Regular monthly communication of Grove City Lodge a. F. And a. M., next tuesday. A full attendance is desired. Bannock county commissioners will recount the vote of Portneuf precinct in that county should it be thrown out for any cause it will defeat judge Arney and assessor Thatcher. The Phelps bros., evangelists will hold revival services at the methodist Church every night this week and next. Services begin at 7 30. All Are cordially invited. Thirteen members of a Coal Combine in Salt Lake City have been indicted for refusing to sell Coal to any but members of the exch anime. Two years ago there was Only one democratic member in the lower House of the Idaho legislature this year there is Only one Republican. Behold How the tables Are changed the Theodore Durrant Case for the killing of miss Lamont of Dilion Montana at san Francisco More than a year ago will be called up in the supreme court of California 7th of december. Sid Larkins the prisoner in jail under death sentence was Cool enough the other Day when told or. Coltman was elected sheriff to ask his informant a do you think he is on to his Job All right a col. Hannaford returned from Washington d. C. Wednesday morning. He is very hopeful of the ultimate Success of the Peoples canal company in its claims for lands on the West Side and believes the Case will be finally disposed of by Secretary Francis in 30 Days after the hearing in the local land office. Reports from Pocatello say j. B. Wilbur is circulating a petition for the appointment for postmaster under Mckinley. The old conductor is in a hurry. He ought to wait at least for the frosts to fall on the pumpkin and the Corn to be in Shock. Phelps bros., evangelists Are conducting a series of evening meetings at the m. E. Church. The attendance is increasing from night to night and the growing interest promises Good results. The delay in getting election returns suggests the idea of a change in the Law governing the count. Two sets of judges and clerks in precincts of 200 and More votes would not entail any additional expense but would make known the count in an hour after the polls were closed. When Frank Fenn takes his seat in the Hall of representatives of the Idaho legislature next january and finds himself the Only Republican he should arise at his desk address the speaker and repeat a the boy stood on the burning deck whence All but him had fled.1 cashier m. C. Senter of first nation al Bank Pocatello is wintering at Thomasville Georgia a Little town on the Florida line in the land where a the Orange tree diaper their perfume and the Rose Speaks of love and of Light. A he reached Thomasville in time to witness the Celebration of a de culled gents men in Honor of a Scapin Hannah a big victry and or. A Kinley a Mckinley a majority in the electoral College is larger than any presidential nominee has had since 1872, except Cleveland in 1892, but this majority is far less impressive than the 1,000,000 popular plurality which is immeasurably the longest Lead Ever Given to a presidential candidate in any contested election. Moreover the Mckinley states represent double the population of the Bryan states and three times the . Judge Stevens made them Happy Carl Bauman is a Happy Groom and Mary Mccormick a blushing Bride from Melrose Montana. Carl has seen the snows of 65 Winters Whiten the Mountain tops which Overlook his Home Village and Mary has inhaled the fragrance of the wild Flowers Blooming in the valleys and along the Little Mountain streams for 55 Summers and still they wanted to marry and were married. In their faraway Montana Home they had heard of a Blackfoot judges Fame and Good name in the solemnization of marriages and Carl said to Mary a Mary we Are getting old and Well stricken in years and if we would bring Back the Blush of youth and the tender Romance of our younger Days we will go to that Blackfoot judge and be Happy a and Mary smilingly said a bless your thoughtful and Sweet soul Carl ill go you a and wednesday they came and made known their wishes to judge Stevens and he promptly made them As Happy As were Jacob and Rachel after their courtship of 14 years. Concluding the ceremony the judge poured his benedictions upon them which were As soothing As Oil upon the Beard Yea As that which ran Down Aarons Beard and the Groom and Bride returned to Montana As Happy As when the Fields appeared Young and fresh to them and the blooms of youth were on their Cheeks. All Hope abandoned. Young methodist minister of Troy lost in the mountains. Slain by a fierce Bear. Troy mont., nov. 9.�?-Rev. Chas. D. Mentor was attacked by a Bear near Kalispell mont., nov. 10.�?Rev. Alex. Burke the methodist minister at Troy mont., is lost in the mountains near that place and All Hopes of finding him alive have been Given up. He started out Hunting last thursday afternoon in the mountains in search of Deer being lightly Clad and without food or Means of starting a fire intending to be gone Only a Short time and fully expecting to return that evening. When it was late and he did not return at the expected time his friends feared that he had lost his Way and a party was organized to search for him. The locomotive whistles were kept going All night and All Day in the Hopes of his being in hearing distance and that he might have something by which to guide himself. The searching party discovered his tracks and he was traced for a distance of Over fifteen Miles and at one place it was found where he had been kneeling and it is presumed that he was in prayer. During the search the Snow began falling very hard and in a Short time fourteen inches of Snow had fallen making it impossible to follow him or to do anything further in the Way of search and so the party returned Home very reluctantly. There is no doubt that he succumbed to cold and hunger and All Hope of recovering his body is now abandoned until Spring when the Snow goes away. Rev. Burke was a Young Man of about 24 years and came fee must have More room. Cjt0 entire y Clear out our line of tan shoes and Oxford ties men a women a and All Are on Sale at a less than factory Cost. And in order to make room for oar fall line of clothing we will give a discount of 20per cent., for Cash on any suit or pants in the House. Produce at Cash prices will he taken on the above. C. Bunting amp co. This is the season for us an ounce of pre to take charge of the Church at Troy. He was unaccustomed to the mountains and was easily bewildered and lost. The people of Troy have done All they can and Are very deeply affected in the loss of so promising Aman. The Young Man was on a charge in or. Stull a District. This Point and torn to pieces in a Des Perate fight he was out with a Hunt out from Chicago about four weeks ago ing party and saturday sought to adventure alone in the Hills. That night he did not return and when morning came a Relief party was organized and search was instituted for him. Several Miles from the Camp the searchers found blood on the Snow and later came to a spot where a terrible struggle had taken place. The Trail in the Snow to the Point where the animal had dragged the body was followed and what was left of it was found mangled torn shredded and Frozen covered with the life blood of the Man who attempted to defend himself against the brute. Judging by tracks in the Snow the Man had been partly devoured by the animal when the Relief party arrived. The opening g in. A hot retort. Its getting late. Twelve Days Are gone its getting1 late. And no one knows the vote of the state. The men Are impatient and the women too to know results be they false or True but they cannot he gotten and its awful late not to have them All in up to Date. It makes one tired. A vote of thanks. The ladies of the equal suffrage club have requested the news to convey their unanimous vote of thanks to All the officers of the election for the courteous treatment extended to them on election Day. Johnny a composition. Teachers have you finished your composition on what Little boys should not do in school Little Johnny yes a. Teachers read it. Little Johnny Reading a Little boys when at school should not make faces at the teacher and should not study too hard a cause it makes them nearsighted and should not sit too Long in one position a cause it makes their Back crooked and should not do Long examples in arithmetic a cause it uses up their pencils too . Teachers what is a straight line pupils the picture of its own Road which each company prints in the Railroad map. The largest doll Ever in Blackfoot is going to be Given away by Ben Fernish. A wreck of a passenger train in Nebraska tuesday delayed the mail for Blackfoot seven hours thursday. Why she saw no use in longer remaining a widow. The widow teeters husband had been dead Only a few weeks when there were surface indications that she was about to marry again. The late or. Teeter had not been exactly a Model husband and it was the general opinion that his death was a stroke of Good Fortune for mrs. Teeter but still the relatives of the deceased thought that his memory required a widowhood of at least a year. When the indications of the approaching marriage became apparent some of her husbands friends waited on mrs. Teeter and one of them said a we hear that you Are about to marry again a Well i done to know that it is any of pc apr business a replied Lucy Ann t if it will give you any satisfaction to know the facts i done to mind telling you that i shall be a married woman again in about two a but Tom has been dead less than three months a protested another. A Well i suppose he Sas dead As he Ever will be Isnit he a a but a said a third a you ought in common decency to wait until he is a wait until Tom Teeter is cold a repeated the widow with fire in her Eye. A if your theological belief is orthodox you must know that Tom Teeter Hasni to a ghost of a show of Ever getting then the objecting relatives filed out and mrs. Teeter resumed the work of preparing her . Bryan to deliver two lectures in Lincoln on saturday. Lincoln neb., nov., 11.�?saturday afternoon Hon. We. J. Bryan will deliver two lectures at the opera House in this City. These Are supposed to be his opening guns in the four years Campaign for a bimetal Lisma which or. Bryan has promised to inaugurate. At 3 of clock in the afternoon the first address will be delivered to the Mary Bryan club. At 9 of clock p. The second will be Given. This will be under the auspices of the trayling menus Bryan club and the Bryan Home guards. Admission will be free but by tickets which must be procured of s. S. Whiting president of the travelling menus club. From Lincoln or. Bryan goes to Colorado and then to Utah and it would be a Graceful thing to invite him to lecture at Boise City Idaho. To of be have a Large Supply the to following Well known Sentive is Worth a Pound of cure. Shores cough remedy Shiloh a consumption cure chamberlains cough remedy our own syrup of White Pine and tar. Kings new discovery for consumption Scott a emulsion and Many others. Everything kept in first class drug f stores on hand. Ben h. Fernish druggist next door North d. H. Biethan a Blackfoot j i recent inventions by women. Overlandis new time card. Cheyenne nov. 11.�?a new time card for the Union Pacific Overland flyer was made Here. By it the running time of the East and West bound trains is shortened 25 minutes on the Wyoming division. This does not change the schedule at the Omaha and Ogden terminals. Photographs photographs great reduction in prices for the next 30 Days. A dozen splendid photo grabs Cabinet size full length for the unprecedented and insignificant sum of ninety nine 99 cents. You can afford several dozen at this cheap rate. C. J. Anderson. Gallery South of the Mill Blackfoot. A bicycle skirt. Nonrefillable bottle. An improved Dustpan. Improved window Sash. An improved Medicine Glass. An adjustable quilting Frame. Faste Aier for bottles jugs Etc. An improved duplex dress shield. Abdominal supporter and Bandage. An improved self heating sad a tor. A telescopic shaped Miner s lantern. An improved device to Aid the hearing. A table implement for holding Green Corn. A protecting pocket or screen for ranges. An ingenious machine for hanging Wall paper. A device for supporting flexible Gas pipes or tubes. A shoe upper made of one piece of material and joined by one seam Only. An improved refrigerator there a the shelves revolve giving ready Access to the contents. A scissor Holder consisting of a Metal Loop with ends Bent backward and safety pin attachment. An ingenious xxx re table provided with Handy Little Pockette and drawers w hich pull out Jiust where wanted. A combination of Curling tongs and stove or Heater for same with fuel and All combined in a pocket Case. An ingenious hinged garment Stretcher which simulates the human form and when not in use folds into a Small Compass. A sectional blackboard for school purposes with sections to arranged As to permit several scholars to work at once without interference. A Jap Board which instead of being made in the Ordinary shape is made round and prevents any possible looseness in the outside material As the Board has practically the curve of the body. Bargains having decided to Cut Down my shoe Stock. I offer the following. F �?�24m5m5 4 444 �?�$-45�454�4 4 5,4m5 4 �?�5m5m344�44� 44 4�4�4�4� 4� a i 4 x a genuine bargains. 50 pairs menus Kangaroo and Cordovan shoes in lace and Congress. Old Price,.$5.50 go at $4.00 an Overstock of size 10, menus Light shoes from .$2.25 to $5.50 go at one third off 50 pairs celebrated Strootmann a ladies Fine shoes lace Congress and Broad toe Button old Price 83.50 to 4.50, per pair go at.$2.25 to $2.75 this is less than Cost and Mill last hut a Short time t come Quick and get your size. I have the Best line of t children a school shoes i Ever Broucht to town. X a 4444444m8>444�44444�4�44�4�?T4 44�4�?T4>444�?~4�?T4<444�?T4444>444�?T4�4�?~4�h�?T4 a few ready made children a dresses at a ? let come and see my line of Winter goods consisting of dress goods and trimming underwear for men women and children blankets quilts menus and boys clothing and overcoats which i am Selling for the lowest that they have Ever been sold at. U a Blackfoot Idaho

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