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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Nov 7 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - November 7, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoYol. 10.Blackfoot, Bingham county Idaho saturday november 7, 1890. No. 24 items of local interest. Millick is paying 85 cents Cash for wheat to Day. A Mckinley smiled when told of Hobart a big vote in new Jersey. Moses f. Fowler prohibition candidate for governor received three votes at this precinct tuesday. Bingham county did a Graceful thing in its vote for or. Storer for state treasurer. Bryan carried Utah by 50,000. The democrats will elect a senator to succeed Arthur Brown. Or. Bryan has been offered a $25,000 salary As an attorney for a Chicago business House. Utah gains a democratic United states senator and a democratic congressman. Idaho a secure for Good quiet and conservative state administration for the next two years. M. C. Sentor is sojourning at Thom Asville Georgia a Little town near the Florida line. Dick Bland a the Silver Champion a is re elected to Congress from the 8th Missouri District. We. Kirkpatrick sold Henry Sells a Fine Bunch of beef cattle this week. Two Homestead proofs one Timber proof and one Homestead entry were made in the land office Friday Forenoon. Services will be held at the Fairview school House next sunday at 3 00 p. M. By Rev. J. R. Yost. Miss Ellen Dougherty of Wood River is visiting a week or two with mrs. O. A. Spencer of Blackfoot. The Lone robber of the train at Uintah Utah some weeks ago has been arrested. Or. C. E. Thum came Over from Silver City thursday morning for a Day of business in Blackfoot. Fred Vogler went Down to Salt City tuesday night and caught the election news in Zion. When you want the news the wires break Down when you want papers the trains done to run but for governor you May know its Frank Teuny and for Congress its Captain James Gunn. Judge Frantz weft Down to Pocatello Friday afternoon to Swap election news with his old time friends. Utah a legislature is almost solidly democratic. The Senate has one populist and the House four republicans that Sall. Ross Fork divided its vote part went to Pocatello and part came to Blackfoot. A number of Strong suffragists forgot ? to vote the amendment add now they Are puzzled to remember the key of the old tune a we will have peace and love at next week the news will be Able to give full results of the state election. At this hour it is impossible even to approximate the vote in several counties. The w. C. T. U. Will hold their regular meeting next tuesday afternoon at half past two. Ail members Are requested to be present. Go to Church next sunday put a few dollars in the contribution Box and forget your election sins of omission and commission. You will be the better for it the week following. The equal suffrage club will meet at the m. E. Church next tuesday afternoon at half past three of clock. All members requested to be present. Hillard amp Dobson Are progressing nicely with their troublesome Job of painting the dome Cornice and eaves of the court House building. If you did not get the candidates of your Choice give an honest and sincere support to the candidates of a the other Fellows a and the country will not go to ruin. Detailed returns from the state Are very meagre but enough is Given to show that the entire peo pies democratic ticket is elected by a Large majority Hon. Robt. B. Smith brother of the late judge a a Kentucky Smith has been elected governor of Montana by a Large majority. While eagerly scanning election returns do not Overlook the a a ads of manager Smith and Eugene Woodin of the fair store. You will find something of interest in them for you and your family. Is before you make too Many plans for the Christmas holidays consult or. Hicks on the weather. He says the cold will be intensely severe during those 4ays of gaiety and pleasure. Idaho May be called a a Small mining Burroughs but she does not use eggs As an argument in politics. Kentucky did and Chicago did. The Mckinley republicans did not get the vote which they claimed for the state nor 8,000, nor 7,000, nor 6,000 nor 5,000. There now. The Stormy weather of the week is favourable to fort Hall Indian school. It takes heavy storms to make some indians think seriously of Book learning. In the voting Bee last tuesday Blackfoot stood up and saw the last Man of every other precinct sit Down. When Idaho Falls went Down she had one voter standing. Blackfoot cast 262 votes and Idaho Falls 261. There is no use in grieving Over spilled milk a what cannot be cured must be accept the situation and make the most of it. There Are Only 1256 Days to the next National election. That is not a Long time for an Active worker but it is a age for an Idle Grumbler. If you want the time to Fly on Angels wings be Active be at work. Judge Frantzy Many friends in Pocatello wi31 be pleased to learn that he is on the High Road to promotion in Bingham. He has been in the county Only a few Short months and was honoured with two votes the Only two for sheriff on the prohibition ticket. When a Man carries the full vote of his party it is proof positive that he is a Leader of that party. The Phelps bros., evangelists will begin evangelistic services at the methodist Church next sunday evening. These special services will continue for several weeks. These men Are endorsed by the Idaho conference and the presiding elder. All Are cordially invited to attend. Professor Eugene Thompson came in monday from Montana and filled the position per appointment As one of the judges of election for Blackfoot precinct tuesday. The professor is now drawing a Good salary in the capacity of civil Engineer for a heavy mining company of Montana. The legislative ticket. The legislative ticket for Bingham county will be for senator Dubois for re election. The ticket As elected stands Senate Fred h. Turner. Representatives precinct officers. Tuesdays election gave Blackfoot the following precinct officers justices of the peace George a Wall Jacob g. Hinkle. Constable George w. Weeks. Our county ticket. From returns received it is Safe to announce the following county ticket As elected Sheriffe. P. Coltman d. Assessor w. A Huft Aker s. R. Treasurer a. A. Woodin d. Probate judge,.a. G. Whittier p. Surveyor. Chapin. Coroner Thos. C. Willson. . Smith. Commissioners a m. Andrus. James Bumgarner. The Peoples canal company. The commissioner of the general land office has ordered the local office at Blackfoot to give a hearing in the Case of the american Falls co. Against the Peoples canal co., and report findings to his office. The Register and receiver will name a Day in the near future for the hearing and will give due publicity to the same. The Case promises to be a protracted one As both parties we understand desire to be heard at considerable length. Constitutional Azen dents. From the votes cast on the constitutional amendments tuesday it is plainly evident that a Large per cent of the voters overlooked the important matter of voting of these measures. Out of 262 votes cast the following were Given on those questions for woman a suffrage. 134, against 59. For abolishing dist. Atty 140, against 27. For separating probate judge and superintendent of schools 137, against 28. Ato other Case like it. S. B. Clyde proprietor of a Small hotel in Minneapolis was so eager to vote last tuesday that he left his sickbed and went to the polls. While marking his ballot he toppled Over and when picked up was dead. His hear had ceased its pulsations and his band to Mark the ticket. Latest county election returns. The following returns on the county vote May not be wholly Correct but Are nearly so s. R. P. Rep. State Turner. 62 1taylor. 578rogers. 170 r Presentati Vest 604capps. 595 a. Orr. 554 Briggs. 491 osterholm. 208 Hasbrouck. 158 sheriff Garletz. 585coltman. 630 Keefer. 166 assessor and collector huffaker., 559 Buck. 526stevens. A 286 treasurer Readicker. 522 Woodin. 627fisher. 206 probate j Udger Griffith. 479whittier. 605linger. 242 Surveyor Mackie. 490 Chapin. 617 Martin. 218 Coroner Mitchell. 560willson. 592porter. 177 commissioners�?1st Owen. 490 Smith. 624rounds. A 188 2nd dist. A Loyd. 515 a Andrus. 593 Berryman. 206 3rd Ericson. 521 Bumgarner. 686porter. 158 Teton precinct not included in the above table is reported to have gone Silver Republican by 20 majority. The suffrage amendment. Basing its statement on the vote Given in Bingham county the news is warranted in saying that the amendment has met a signal defeat. And this is very strange at least to the ladies who were so intensely in Earnest for its Success. All the political parties of the state declared in favor of female suffrage by placing a Plank in their respective platforms pledging themselves to it9 support and still when the votes Are All in it will found the measure is Defeated. How wonderfully strange this must appear to tender modest women who cling to menus promises As they Are faithful in keeping their own. But this defeat will teach its lesson. There will not be so Strong a fight for it two years hence and there was last tuesday. The a i forgot it beat the ladies. Freak election refs. London eng., nov. 3.-it is estimated that $500,000 in bets has been placed in London on the result of the election in the United states. Colonel Wilson of Chicago made a Wager of 81,000 even today that Mckinley would be elected. The bet was taken by f. A Fulton a Chicago Bryanita. Besides the Ordinary election bet there has been considerable Freak betting. General Morgan a Brooklyn Silverize made a bet in which he engaged in the event of Bryan a defeat to have All his Teeth drawn. In the event of Mckinley a defeat his opponents four in number agree to have their beards and mustaches shaved off. The parties to the bet Are under penalty of $500 each in Case of the bet. Articles have been signed and witnessed to that effect. The foreign mail. A considerable saving of time will be effected by the new method of discharging and distributing foreign mails which is to go into operation on the 1st of August. After that Date fast tugs will meet the mail steamers at Sandy Hook and receive the mails which will be assorted on the tugs and distributed to the various railroads without passing through the new York Post office. New York will continue to be the great receiving Point for foreign mails but a gain of several hours it is believed will be made in sending them Over the country. Every gain of this kind is appreciated by the people at Large and especially by the business Community a new York Tribune. Wipe off your slate erase the hard things you have said against your neighbor and the candidates you opposed love your wife and serve the lord and the Sun will Shine brighter for you and you will be happier and will enjoy thanksgiving Day All the better for such manliness. Let us have peace let brotherly love continue lets forgive and forget our election troubles and prepare ourselves for the Prosperity and Good times which the victorious party is pledged to give us. Deserved a better Fate. T the ladies of Idaho deserved a bettor Fate than that which fell to their lot last tuesday. They were modest in their demands gentle and reserved in their efforts for these demands and had a right to expect better things and better treatment from the ballots at the polls. All the parties of the state had pledged themselves to stand for the suffrage amendment but the results show that their promises and pledges were broken. The lesson will teach the ladies something of the treachery fickleness and of the unkept promises in a Campaign. The news suggests that in their future efforts they work for a constitutional convention instead of for an amendment to the present Constitution. The condition of state affairs demand a Radical change in its Constitution which Vve have outgrown and we can never better those affairs until we get a new Constitution. In the future work to that end. Theater. A treat is prot ised our Public next monday tuesday and wednesday in the form of the new York Stock co. This company is composed of artists of More than Ordinary ability and must not be confounded with the average run of companies that have visited us. The Cheyenne Sun Leader says the new York Stock co. Is the Best report Torie company that has Ever played there. The st. Louis Globe Democrat says the above company is above criticism. We predict packed houses nightly As the company promises to refund Money if patrons Are not satisfied. Monday evening the Beautiful Southern comedy drama entitled a North Carolina a will be presented. The prices will be 50c. For adults and 25c. For children under 12. Reserved seats now on Sale. The United states government has been the largest owner of arable land on the Earth the total area of the a Public Domain a sold and unsold amount to 1,849,072,587 acres and constitutes 72 per cent of the total area of the United states including Alaska about 700,000,000 acres of land have been sold and donated about 1,150,000,000 acres remain unsold As the area of Alaska is 369,530,000 acres the area unsold exclusive of that territory is about 780,000,000 acres. One of the leading humorists of the Campaign of 1896 has a factory in Buffalo. He has painted this sign conspicuously on the front of his building a any employee of this concern who does not vote As he pleases will be discharged if the latest report be reliable the Mckinley republicans will not have a single member of the legislature. Ideal jury men. Jones How did Brown happen to get on the jury has he no prejudice against circumstantial evidence Smith not the slightest. He does no to know what it . Notice of Issue of attachment. In the District court of the fifth judicial District of Idaho in and for the county of Bingham. Idleman Brothers plaintiff is. J de f. Winn defendant. Notice is hereby Given that on the 24th Day of october a. D., 1896, attachment issued from the above named court in the above entitled action against the property of said defendant de f. Winn for the sum of 8420.00 and interest thereon from june 16th, 1892, at 10 per cent per annul less the sum of $100.00, and for the sum of $60,00 attorneys fees and for costs of suit. Attest my hand and Seal of said court this 26th Day of october 1896. Seal Geo. F. Gag on clerk of said court. Delinquent notice. The Blackfoot irrigation company a corporation a location of principal place of business Blackfoot Bingham county Idaho. Notice there is delinquent upon the following described Stock on account of assessment no. 17, levied on the 12th Day of september 1896, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders As follows name. No. Cert. No. Share amt. R. H. Hopkins. 7 3 $6 00 Mary a. Wall.106 2 4 00 a. T. Barry159 1 2 00 j. I. Frantz107 3 6 00 Berryman amp Rogers. .116 2 4 00 c. W. Berryman.146 4 8 00 and in accordance Avith Law and the order of the Board of trustees of the corporation made on said 12th Day of september 1896, so Many shares of each parcel of Stock As May be necessary will be sold at Public auction at the office of the company in Blackfoot Idaho at3 of clock p.m., on the 24th Day of november 1896, to pay delinquent assessment Cost of advertising and expense of Sale. By order Board of trustees. John Montgomery Secretary and treasurer Blackfoot irrigation company. Blackfoot Idaho nov. 6th, 1896.ilitil november Dili Otto Vej Tirel Clear out our line of tan shoes and Oxford ties men a women a and misses a All Are on Sale atless than and in order to make room for our fall line of clothing we will give a discount of 20 per cent., for Cash on any suit or pants in the Hrasc. Produce at Cash prices will be taken on the above. C. Bunting amp co. This is the season for coughs colds of croons. A c an ounce of pre a a a a native is Worth w e have a Large Supply of the 0 following Well known remedies a Pound of cure. Shores cough remedy Shiloh a consumption cure chamberlains cough remedy our own syrup of White Pine and tar Kings Mew discovery for consumption Scott a emulsion and Many others. Everything kept a a it in first class drug f stores on hand f m men h. Fernish druggist next door North d. H. Biethan a Blackfoot aaa having decided to Cut Down my shoe offer the following 444 �$4444444 4 444 4444 4 4 44 444444484 genuine bargain s. 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4a a a i 4 50 fairs menus Kangaroo and Cordovan shoes in lace a a and Congress. Old Price. $5.50 go at $4.00 j % an Overstock of size 10, menus Light shoes from j $ $2.25 to $5.50 go at 0j�e-third off 5 50 pairs celebrated Strootmann a ladies Fine shoes v a % lace Congress and Broad toe Button old Price 4 4 $3.50 to 4.50, per pair go at. .$2.25 to $2.75 4 4 4 4 4 f this is less than Cost and will last but a Short time. F 4 v come Quick and get your size. I have the Best line of a. I children a school shoes 4 4 Ever brought to town. I 4. 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 4<4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 444 4 4 4 4 44 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 a few Beady made children s dresses 4 at Gost come and see my line of Winter goods consisting of dress goods and trimming underwear for ment women and children blankets quilts menus and boys clothing and overcoats which i am Selling for the lowest that they have Ever been sold at. Blackfoot Idaho

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