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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Nov 2 1895, Page 3

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - November 2, 1895, Blackfoot, IdahoA daughter of Ford. She naturally drifted into thespian realms. Indomitable will and a hereditary love of the stage count for anything this gracious and Lovely Young woman will prove herself a favorite with the patrons of the stage. To flan a reporter or her Rise to Fame when a school girl she Wai too shy to recite her piece nov Guach inf Ladr iss Martha Ford the new leading lady owns a name which is w e 11 known throughout the theatrical world her father John t. Ford who died eighteen months ago was at heart an actor though he never reached the stage in closer personal relationship than that of manager and playwright. His love of the stage and stage people seems to have been born in him and therefore it is but natural that his Bronze haired daughter should choose her life s profession amid the people with whom her father was so closely associated. Dearly As miss Ford loves her Art. It is of her father that she likes to talk most. The Blue Gray eyes with their Long lashes and pathetic expression grow Luminous when she relates incidents of her father s childhood. A father you known was a self made Man a she says with Pride. A when he was a very Little boy he kept a news stand opposite the Richmond then the most popular theater in the South. Among the literature for Sale were play books and when the actors came across the Way to buy one of these he would present them with a copy and in this Way became very Friendly with Many who afterwards became or were at that time leading lights in the profession. I could talk for hours about the Way his first play was accepted by Kunkels nightingales a How he staged and managed it and How be afterwards became identified with theatrical interests in Baltimore both at Holliday a and the opera House that bears his Quot but How about your own career Quot was ventured mildly for it seemed a pity to interrupt this Sweet faced daughter in her Eulogy of a much loved father. A there is nothing remarkable about it Quot was the modest reply. A i have been on the stage for years making Roy debut with miss Marlowe in Baltimore in a As you like it it was just after miss Marlowe s illness and she received a great ovation which i shared simply because it was my first appearance and in my fathers theater. The people in the company were very Lovely to me and i received so Many Flowers and charming gifts that i was Here miss Ford showed a Superb Little watch engraved with the Date of her first appearance which was among the a charming gifts Quot received on that occasion. Miss Ford to talk with is unusually interesting though there is a Little Trace of shyness which seems incongruous with her chosen profession. A i am horribly she admitted when this peculiarity was mentioned a and my going on the stage amazes me As much As it did my family. There Are ten of us living and of that number l am the Only outcast the others never leaving Home and Mother. I am the prodigal and of my Sisters and Brothers the one least expected to take up a Public career. A when i was a girl at school 1 was positively afraid of my own voice and when i would get up to recite it would be with downcast eyes and trembling voice. One commencement i selected Poe s to Helena and was to practice in the Chapel with an audience at the Back of girls who had congregated to ridicule my efforts. Whether 1 became imbued at that time with some miss Martha Ford celestial fire i know not but at any rate i recited that poem in a very different fashion from the Way i recited my lessons and my elocution teacher was quite indignant because i had Given no evidence of any Talent in this direction before. Later i recited once in my father s theater and after that you have kept me off the stage no matter How hard you had a you have played leads before have you not Quot a yes with Crest a Clarke and with Wilfred Clarke last year i was with or. Dasy. But i feel that a Stock company As i am la now is the Best school in the Quot Are you better pleased with the emotional roles or those More humorous in character Quot a i Don t think i have Ever played in the latter for even though 1 have had some spiteful Little parts there Are a few lines somewhere that i could make sympathetic so that they would t think that i was altogether miss Ford As she said this impressed her hearer with the idea that she could make even Quot ugly things 1 sound Sweet and Lovely and surely if notes of the stage. A Wall Street Syndicate is said to lie backing Lawrence Hanley who is ambitious to Shine As a shakespearean Star. Miss Anna Bruce has just been engaged to create the role of Rosalind in the new musical farce Quot the newest apropos of John hares american tour it has been definitely decided to include in the repertoire of the Garrick theater company Coughlin a com re Yal opera Stockholm Sweden miss Dietta. A a quiet rubber a Sydney Grundy s a a pair of spectacles Quot and a. W. Pinero s a the notorious mrs bbb Smith Quot additions will doubtless be made and it is probable that some one of Robertson a comedies will be selected. Mme. Francesca Guthrie Moyer the dramatic Soprano will tour with her own concert company supported by the following artists Henry f. Stow Tenor Sig. E. Svedelivs late Basso of the Royal opera. Stockholm Sweden miss Fannie Lobey. Violinist and Herr j. Erich Schmaal pianist from Vienna Austria. The season will open at the Academy of music in Milwaukee sept. 26. Richard Mansfield. The actor whose recent illness maned Mlih anxiety or. Mansfield was born in England in 1857. Studied for the East Indian civil service but came to Boston and opened a studio As a Painter. He went Back Richard Mansfield to England to study Art but necessity Lead him to the boards and he procured an untre m liner at Ive engagement in Small parts in comic opera. He came to this country again and after a Success at the Standard theater new York As Romez in a Les Manteau Moirs Quot his Advance was rapid. His successes have covered the wide Field from Kokon Quot the Mikado to Richard iii., but he has created Many parts peculiarly his own of which Beau Brum Mel. Rev. Arthur it Amesdale in Quot the Scarlet letter Quot and the titular roles in a Cdr. Jekyll and or Hyde Are Amonjr. The most famous. A us w. Base Ball note. The Best strike out record of the season Lias been made by Thornton the pitch apr fanned out by Chicago to Rockford. In a game against Dubuque sept. 2, be struck out fourteen men in seven innings. Manager Hanlon has lit upon a promising minor league Pitcher whom no other club seems to have unearthed. His name indicates that he hails from Erin. Baltimore Sun. Must be Mcginty or of Grady president Kerr of Pittsburg is Mabeb distressed because the profits of this year will have to go for the Purchase of stronger players instead of a new grand stand. Manager Hanlon favors the adoption of the double Umpire system. A new York Exchange says that st. Louis has but four men who Are fast enough for league company and names Ely Cooley Pietz and Breitenstein. Captain Tebeau is rather mortified because the impression has gone out some Way or other that he believes that there is crookedness and that Cleveland i being dishonestly worked against. V o. P. Caylor has started in even this Early to discount Fred Pfeifer s Advent on the new York team and to make the Road Rocky for him. Caylor seems to be never so Happy As when roasting some unfortunate fellow . Young George Reiman the Maysville Pitcher who Defeated the senators in one game and won two from the Cin Ein Natis May be Given a trial by the Indianapolis management. Then it he is All right he will be shifted to . St. Louis won but one game new York and Louisville but Brooklyn. Louisville s Victory the very last game of the is Agio broke Brooklyn is Seoul the victories stepped at ,12. A tan Sarah Bernhardt ers. She thinks and what Sarah daring is not Wor perhaps she has approved of the mounted a which a Lolin l a John l. Sui or has applied Boston. Beat All the world Pillsbury the wonder of the chess experts. The Vonn bostonian win won the world s a i in Ilia Marvel our work in eco lamp i a Arrond moral in. Chess players who Ever became a professional. His style is peculiarly adapted to one round tournaments As his play is of the tactician rather than of the strategist and he is consequently Able to defeat players in one game to whom he would eventually lose in a. Series. He enjoys the sport. A hero of the circuit. Tom Cooper the famous class b rider. A product of Iho present season California As a Center of bicycling Quot interests gossip about the wheelman he hero of the National bicycle circuit at the present time is Tom Cooper the Detroit rider. Cooper who is one of the youngest riders in class a made his debut on the circuit this season in a very a ostentatious manner and after several months Riding and winning the reputation of a Quot fair racer Quot he electrified the racing enthusiasts by forging to the front and defeating Eddie Bald the peer of the path and All the noted men in class a Cooper s Victory was not a temporary one for his first Success has been followed by repeated victories. Short distances seem to be his specially. His rapid jump into prominence has surprised the racing fraternity. He has won Twenty three first prizes on the National circuit this season. In the arrangement of the National circuit cities have to be left out of the National circuit meet for which they apply owing to Lack of time within the Ordinary racing season in which to Grant the Date. In the arrangement of the National circuit the capabilities of the men have notes of the turf. This season All is different. To coast has sent excellent Talent and although their doings have not been those of world beaters Ziegler Terrill and Wells have and Are rapidly convincing the riders that the West is not to be sneezed at. It was in line then that the coast people should want to see their Best men meet the Best men of the East. Their promoting a months addition to the National Clr Eull to take place in october was in keeping with their desire. They secured the National circuit dates. Dealers worked together for these and now that they have secured them not a dealer in California or a meet promoting club intends the dates shall go a begging for entries. Kyrle Bellow distinguished author playwright and romantic actor. Harold Kyrle Bellew was born in England but went to India in boyhood his father Rev. J. C. M. Bellew. Being appointed chaplain of the Cathedral at Calcutta. Kyrle entered the English Navy As a Cadet served seven years and then went to the australian Gold Fields. He later joined an expedition to new Guinea which was shipwrecked he being one of three survivors. He worked for a time on Melbourne newspapers then returned to England and made his debut at theater Royal Brighton. He became leading Man and Star in London. And in 1886 leading Man in Wal lacks theater new York. Then he joined mrs. James Brown Potter with whom he has played in All English speaking countries. Or. Bellew is author of a Yvonne a a a Lolander Quot and a hero and Leander a besides Many adaptations. He majority of americans were greatly surprised the other morning to read that the International chess championship had been won by Quot pills Bury the they would have been surprised had the championship been won even by Steinitz a the american Quot notwithstanding the naturalized Bohemian was regarded As by All Odds the Best of the representatives from this Side but to hear of a comparative unknown taking the Honor was a Surprise pleasing to National Pride and arousing interest even in those who care Little for the intricacies of chess. Pillsbury is the Only native american to beat the world at this game since wonderful Paul Morphy won the Honor in 1s58 and aroused the wonder of almost All the world by his Briliant playing. Time after time since Morphy retired and became insane the Honor has gone among the More numerous class of players in the old world. Tar Rasch the German had taken first place four times in succession when Pillsbury stepped into the Honor. Thus the opinion had grown that America did not class with other countries in the Quality of her chess players. Mite Morphy Pillsbury has won his spurs while yet a boy. He is Only 22 years of age. Morphy was 21 when he Defeated Lowenthal for the worlds championship. Of course the Competition at that time was hardly so Strong As that encountered by Pillsbury the Success of the latter appears to have been favourably received in England. The London times says of the con cons 1 ion of the tournament a Pillsbury s Victory was a scene Long to be remembered. He was warmly congratulated by Tarrasch Steinitz and others. His play was marked by depth As Well As brilliancy. He appears to be a fitting successor to Morphy in More than one Pillsbury won fifteen out of Twenty one games. He lost to Tseh Gorin Schlechter and Lasker and Drew with Marco Wal Brody and Blackburn. Draws count half a game hence his score of 16%. Schlechter the austrian. Got the special prize for making the Best score against the seven prise winners. By getting first place pills Btry won �150 and some special prizes. Harry n. Pillsbury was born in Massachusetts on dec. 5, 1872. He Learned chess at 16, and soon showed remarkable proficiency at the game. In a Short time he was the equal of the Best players in Boston. He began it laying Blindfold at 18. And soon gave exhibitions of eight simultaneous games without sight of Board and men. His first contest against a player of International note was when he met Steinitz in Boston in 1892, in a series of two games out of three. The Champion conceded Young Pillsbury Pawn and move and was beaten. Pillsbury a work attracted the attention of chess experts at new York and he was induced to make that place his Home beginning with the Spring of 1893. During that year an attempt was made to get up an International tournament it being thought most of the great players would be glad to come to America during the worlds fair. The Effort did not succeed very Well but a Torna Baron Alphonse de Rothschild something of a gunner. Baron Alphonse de Rothschild against whom a recent attempt at assassination was directed is the third son of the late Baron James de Rothschild and is the head of the French Branch of the family. He is the chief financier of the family and the director of its dealings with the markets of Europe. He is described As an indefatigable worker up earlier than most of his clerks and one of the first to enter the office. He takes his lunch in the Bank and never leaves it till the doors Are closed. He possesses an intellect at once Cool and Luminous he sees a situation at a glance and All the advantages that can be derived from it. He has not Only the temperament of a financier but the science of finance. In Paris he is fond of walking about the streets and he May be seen on foot not Only when he leaves the Bank but after dinner or after leaving a party. Shooting forms one of the great banker s chief distractions at Ferriere his favorite residence. While engaged in this sport in december 1892, the Baron was wounded by a glancing shot which entered the right Eye near the Corner and some months later the Eye had to be removed. Baron Alphonse does not care for show and no parser by is attracted by the splendor of his equipage. In the country he Hunts and shoots More for the Sake of his health than for any passion for the Chase. His wife who is an English woman and a Beauty is a More ardent Follower of sport than he is. Charles f. Cochlan. Fine of the lending adorn on the american st Raj be. Or. Coghlan is a. Leading actor and dramatist of ability and was born in Charles f. Coghlan. London 1n 1848. His father was a Clergyman and he. Himself was Lral Ned for the bar which he abandoned for the stage. He played at several London Heaters and became a leading Man in the famous company of the Prince of Wales theater. In 1880 he came to the United states and soon earned reputation for his Fine ability and his Captain absolute in a the rivals Quot played to John Gilbert s sir Anthony absolute was recognized As a finished production. He is the author of a a Jocelyn and a lady which he wrote for his sister. Rose Coghlan during the past season he and his sister have carried on a successful tour starring in Sar Riouz a comedy Harry n. Pillsbury International chess Champion ment known As the a Impromptu International was arranged. It Drew the second class players Only from abroad. In this tournament Pillsbury gained Only seventh place. A few months later however he took first prize in a smaller tournament containing the Best american players. This year he was sent to Hastings As the representative of the Brooklyn chess club. In 1889 he joined the old Deschapelles club of Boston. This was a rival organization to the Boston chess club which was More than half a Century old. In 1892 Pillsbury went on a professional tour to the Franklin chess club at Philadelphia and Defeated All opponents. Losing but one game. At the invitation of the Boston press club he gave an exhibition of blindfolded play contesting eight games simultaneous-1y, of which he won seven and lost one. This feat ranks him among the masters of that Branch of chess play. Pillsbury then moved to new York City and became the proprietor of the chess automaton of the Eden Musee. Pillsbury is the Only one of the line of Boston the proposed series of races for the championship of the american turf is further off now than Ever. An Effort was made to arrange three races hut the owners failed to agree and it now looks As if the races were off for Good and All. The Only Man that has shown no fear and done All in his Power to arrange the series is August Belmont he positively declines to make a match at a distance less than a mile and a Furlong. The other owners want to go into a series of sprint races. As the matter now stands Henry of a Navarre is undoubtedly the King at a distance of a mile and a Furlong and Over. At All distances of a mile and less Domino is undoubtedly the Champion. Clifford and revel Santa Anita Good As they Are at times cannot Lay claim to championship honors. Meantime the cracks will go on dodging each other the rest of the season. The fabulous prices being paid for harness Speed would not seem to indicate that there is any immediate danger of the Trotter sinking into a state of Quot innocuous Des etude a says an Exchange. In the face of Adverse circumstances Fleetwood presents a wonderful front so far. Three meetings have been held thus far and no losses and this without the usual Pool privileges. The last meeting netted handsomely but the expenses of the season have been very heavy. It will Cost More than 875,000 to run Fleetwood this year including purses. Still everybody is Happy. The scorcher. Adown the Street his whirling feet propelled him like the wind his nose was on his handle bar he struck a four ton trolley car and to his funeral from afar the people came and grinned. Kyrle Bellew. To be taken into account. Racing is a hard business when Carrier on through a great length of time and the great distance that has to be covered in giving meets even with the great Railroad system and the comfortable travelling enjoyed in this country. Thus it is that a vast territory has hitherto been it off the list owing to a Lack of time California has come to be recognized As one of the Best sections of America for the bicycle business. The racing men from the coast have broadened out until that Section is now and has been for a year represented in National circuit races by men of High Caliper and far different from the men of old when the records of the coast were Many seconds slower than the records of the world held by Eastern riders. Waller startled the world when he Tom Cooper lowered the Twenty four hour record of the world. He did it on the coast and the Eastern people came to realize that there was growing Over across the Rockies a class of riders that would be a Factor in the sport of cycling. Then Ziegler came to Denver and the results at the time were sad to relate. Ziegler wiped the ground up to use a Slang phrase with the Eastern men. At the time there was some soreness a great Deal in fact and the Western men returned Home with the malediction of the easterners in their ears. Notes of the wheel. Denver is a record breaker tor races meets and hospitality. Ziegler mourns that he with not be Able to race in the East. Manhattan Bab added pyrotechnics to its racing meets and does better. Cabanne mourns most that he could not win a first at his Home in st. Louis. The opening of the theatrical season is being Felt on electric Light rar ing. The l. A. W. Racing Board came out on top in the st. Louis sunday racing matter. Hissing judges for conscientious decisions is a thoughtless but injurious practice of spectators. Local lights whose sphere is limited have plenty to do at county fairs in september and october. Canada gave the racers from the states a hospitable reception and there was a Good time generally. As a result of business racing the racing men Are appealing to the courts where the referees decision must give Way to the judges. L. C. Johnson of Cleveland collided with Ray Macdonald while training at Hampden Park september 1. Johnson a wheel was demolished and be himself suffered a fracture of the Collar Bone. Quaint description of i Turing a party of ladies and gentlemen who elsewhere pass for intelligent beings assemble at the Ball room. Soon they array themselves in opposing lines. Presently a Young lady jumps up from the floor shakes one foot and comes Down again. Again she Springs up and the other foot quivers. Then she turns round in her place Springs up and shakes both her feet. Her intelligent partner opposite performs the same operations. Then both Rush Forward and seize each other s hands jump up again then shake their feet and stand still. The next lady and gentleman very rationally and soberly follow the example just set them shaking and turning and so on to the end. They know Sousa in Japan too. At a recent Celebration in Yokohama the Imperial guard played Quot Liberty Bell Quot Quot Manhattan Beach Quot and Quot the High school cadets Quot marches

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