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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - November 2, 1895, Blackfoot, IdahoThe Blackfoot news. Pumi i thud it but in rim. Pkg cd Jones Rabi Uher. Bla Tkv oot. A Idaho the Utica press thinks that International yachting races Quot arc calculated to promote so they Are if you win. China has a big lot of Money to raise and cannot very Well economize on her methods of living. She is on Quot a diet of Rice now. Quot what s in a name Quot Only this an Ohio woman recently presented her husband with his sixteenth child and her name is Moore. It must be admitted that the cattle crop is also pretty Good when we read that 200,000 head in Texas will soon be ready for shipment. Mrs. Noe was arrested in Little Rock for wearing bloomers. Judge Wilson dismissed the Case and handed Down a decision that Quot bloomers Are just the miss Marie Millard a Boston actress announces her engagement to count Raoul de Brabant of France miss Millard has scored in the game of love. She won a count. In places East mischievous persons have purposely placed Glass tacks and nails on the highways used by the bicycles for the purpose of wrecking the tires of the wheels. At Chicopee mass. An ordinance has been passed making such an offence unable the penalty being from $2 to s20 for every such offence. Such an act is mean enough to richly deserve a much heavier punishment. Two gentlemen of Newport by. While engaged in painting that town a vivid Scarlet gave offence to a sensitive cow which chased them into a convenient Church. The Louisville says that a crowd speedily came to the scene and rescued the gentlemen Quot from their perilous the phrase shows the Peculiar esteem in which the Church is held in Kentucky. Or. Heine Marks of st. Loud by ays bicycle riders form a great suicide club that threatens to depopulate the world. All the functional and constitutional disorders to which the race is subject Are ascribed by the doctor to bicycle Riding. On some fateful Day in the course of his lifetime or. Marks probably thought he could ride a wheel and found that he could not. That would explain his extreme hostility. So much grave robbing has been going on in the Small cemeteries around Indianapolis recently that owners of the cemeteries have adopted the plan of placing nitroglycerine in Graves. An old Man was buried at Greenwood the other Day and three Sticks of nitroglycerine were placed on the coffin. Some Day a carelessly dropped clod will produce a premature resurrection that will not Only raise the dead but the Quot Stew woman has broken out in another Way in Georgia. This time she comes to the front As a distiller. A woman in Jasper county and another in Cherokee have been granted the necessary government License to enable them to establish registered distilleries from which to make peach Brandy. These Are the first cases of women distillers who appear on the books of the Revenue department. There have been isolated cases of women who were alleged to own illicit distilleries but those have been spartan women who took the blame on themselves in the Hope that the courts would be lenient with them. Now let women acquire the habit of drinking the stuff and going Home with jags like men and beating their husbands next and their Trumph Wilt be Complete. The abandoned Telegraph line which the Western Union Telegraph company set about establishing through Alaska about thirty years ago is to be revived the company deciding that there is sufficient business to warrant its construction. The line Wil be built to forty mile Creek on the Yukon and branches will run to Sitka and Juneau thus putting Alaska in touch with the world. The plan thirty years ago was to construct a line through Alaska byway of Behring Straits to Siberia and thence to st. Petersburg. Before the line had been finished to Alaska the Success of the Atlantic Cable made the trans siberian line unnecessary. One of the principal difficulties the Telegraph encountered was from Bearb which took the Telegraph poles for Bee Trees and the humming of the wires As the sound of disturbed bees. They Tore Down Many poles in their Active search a he Honey supposed to be concealed pm. Bears Are still numerous in Region and the Enterprise of carry the Telegraph to that far Region be found More difficult to a com a an is now thought. A regime Buney Ork ii my a for watering but is not doing any who water the Whis a the six Days of the Only refrain from the. With water a full of water and on sundays. New j/0lly Bard time. A Chang is the Jerrid we Trust t will ref Ain he got it. At the . It is thy wife of husband lot me in 1 am weary and the Way was hard the Snow was deep the Way was hard to win i fell before thy Gate against me Barr d. Of let me in it is Viliy weary wife. Hitherto following with wounded feet. To find title Here and lose the pain i life. Excepting this my bitter Hud no Sweet. And my despair no Hope when thou Wert. Past of love from out my darkness to thy Light. And now for me for me the Dawn at last for me the rapture of the end of night downfall a my husbands silent House before. He hears Rue not then death undo the door. A f s y s Story of 0234-h. G. To amp by Perole w. t. It is non i he forty second Day of the Spring season in the year Ottoo a. D. My name a. Tells the Reader my residence family and Phreno logical classification Aud when i state that i have reached the mature age of ten any one must realize that i have something Worth telling or 1 would never risk the penalty imposed by Law upon the purposeless author. No question but Ilia we have made Long strides in civilization during the past thousand years for if we were to credit the accounts handed Down by contemporaneous historians it is very doubtful if our ancestors at the beginning of the epoch had As yet progressed any further than primitive electric Ity and Aerial navigation. But there was one great advantage the ancients possessed this was lie privilege of publishing a Book upon the slightest pretext and sometimes it has been recorded without any pretext whatever. In these latter Days when every subject has been covered classified and consummated it is hardly possible to imagine the condition of literary science teu centuries ago. There was then completo originality of thought and word and a Reader might spend his life in vainly seeking for exhaustive literature upon any subject. Instead of the publishing of a Book Wing a exceptional Eweul. As now it is said that one or even two new books each week was not uncommon. But to return to my narrative i am a clerk in the Bureau of carpet tacks department of House furnishing of d continent formerly North America. Although my labor is credited to Guthrie the governmental Center of d continent i prefer to reside on g continent formerly Africa by reason of its Superior climatic advantages As Well As the greater select Ness of its single tax areas i have she reputation of being honest and industrious and although ii takes me nine minutes to reach my office from my Home via the electric Flash system of governmental transit yet i am As regular in my hours of attendance As those living within a few Hundred Miles. Having recently finished my proportion of individual labor for the common Good during the current year Aud her mimic was simple Xuy Clurna received government tickets for the same. I determined to devote my vacation to making a slow journey throughout Ilie world. To rite generality of Mankind this might seem an absurd manner of spending a Holiday but they should remember that youth Aud animal spirits cannot always find relaxation in scientific pursuits. My first destination i had determined should be the newest continent of ail continent h formerly Allari Cubiat and the slow passage t lift her on an air ship freighter was a novel sensation indeed. Under the most favourable conditions a Speed of Over 100 Miles an hour was impossible Aud the voyage although enlivened by numerous Well told legends of ships Oliai sailed on the water seemed interminable. When we flew Over the Gigantic system of mirrors that by deflecting the rays of the Situ have made a Semi tropical country out of this Erst while ice bound coast the air became rather oppressive. But la a very few moments we bad reached the elevated landings. Rapidly spreading my Wing plane 1 jumped outwards from the deck and soon reached the ground in safety. The moving sidewalk carried me rapidly through the streets until attracted by the announcements from the automaton stationed in front of the Public place of amusement 1 stepped off and went in. The manager came before the curtain. Aud. In i introductory speech stated that his company would give a faithful reproduction of the wonderful american allegory entitled Quot Uncle Toms he stated that in the Days of Mark Antony Lor Mark Twain As he was sometimes erroneously Eill Edi Aud Mckinley Bill inti Enscy audiences gathered to witness lids Pagan spectacle and intr thousands of negroes were Tarn to pieces by Savage Bloodline us Foi in Fie of the assembled populace. Ill accordance with the rudely drawn pictures to lie found in the extant copies of a pm mus publication called a comic or conic weekly the part of Little Eva was played by a woman of advanced years and the cakes of ice were represented by specially constructed and labelled soap boxes. Do leaving the Public theater i kept on the moving sidewalk for a few Miles and then stepped off and walked for fully Twenty minutes on the Roadway. This unaccustomed exertion was rather fatiguing and As night was drawing near 1 made haste to find a place of shelter. On my right hand 1 noticed what looked like a human habitation although it was not constructed of out. Glass with inside shades As is our Universal custom. The House if such it. Coiled he called was seemingly built of painted Wood with Square holes in which a few Small pieces of Glass Wen set. Attracted the possibility of a adventure which of course arc very rare nowadays 1 walked at once to the door and entered. Almost at the threshold i met the owner Aud greeting him cheerfully announced my intention of making a Brief stay with him. Much to my Surprise he seemed to demur but soon recovering his self Possession ushered me into a room and introduced me to his daughter. 1 was rather embarrassed to perceive that she was dressed in the pictured costume of Antiquity but presumed that it was merely done in Sportive mood yet truly she looked a picture of loveliness. There was Otnel Littig almost picturesque in the braided hair foil skirt and Jaunty huge sleeved Waist with czarina Collar Aud a Zhongli for prac tical purposes our present Universal dress is much belter adapted for both sexes. 1 cannot hut regret that in the bosoms of heir families at Leas a women might deign to Wear the Beautiful costume Hinl historians ascribe to the re period on engaging the Young person in conversation i was As founded to find that her name was Gladys. Who could believe that he a ame of the past was worn by a native of the thirtieth Century. But my wonder was further increased when still wearing the ancient garb she spread a White cloth upon to table and placed thereon several vessels of rile China Ware similar to tin now in our school museums. Instead of receiving to Weir portion of i lie condensed food in gluten capsules from the Public food factories this family had evidently returned to the old time custom of preparing their food themselves in primitive style. Much As 1 marvelled at this. 1 took my place at the table with the Twain Aud joined in their unique repast. Strange As it May sound the roast slices of meat and vegetables boiled in water tasted extremely Well but the trouble and time required to prepare and eat them must become exceedingly Nibuo Toupous. After the Strung meal was Over. Gladys father Tefr us. Aud i engaged the Maiden in conversation by asking her opinion As to the proposed changing of i he Earth a orbit for the purpose of rendering tile seasons More equal. "1 regret to say that i know nothing about the subject on which you site answered. Although somewhat astounded. I determined to persevere and finally Hil upon the theme unit usually interests the feminine element. Quot whom have you selected As Candi dates for your hand in marriage Quot 1 asked. To my Surprise her face ruined As red As a Rose Aud for a few moments i was fearful that she was having an apoplectic stroke. But before 1 could soy or do anything to assist her Stie hastily Rose from her chair a and left the room. Although extremely perplexed by Lilis a womanly behaviour the Sweet Charm of the Maiden caused iter image to dwell in my thoughts in a very surprising manner. She was entirely dissimilar to All the women of my acquaintance. Aside from the wearing of Snell strange drapery. Her voice was Low and even in Send of having the usual womanly harshness and her gliding walk Aud composed Maimer bore no resemblance to the manners of the brusque Excita Bio women who Lead the Van of advanced thought in our world councils. To my extreme gratification. Gladys and her father returned together to tile room and the former took up a violin and How and commenced playing. Although her music was simply nocturnes Aud rapid fingering b was rendered in a sprightly Mutt iter and would have been extremely pleasing to me if it were not for the fact of its Harmony. After she had Bald rhe instrument aside 1 took it up Ami played the g chord with which i have delighted Many critical audiences my sex Dulstie Art. In playing the same chord for Over an hour and giving All the do Liui Tive phrase of expression and modulation was not seemingly appreciated by her father for in a very Lew minutes he yelled to me that if 1 play any Ether note Sihau that 1 Lead better Stop and Inte larded uis words with some strange Iuler Jet runs that were utterly incomprehensible to me. When i ventured to ask ids reasons for returning to barbarism in eating and dressing he turned of to Ile ively Atid said Quot Young Man in a tired of being a machine. The government tells me just what 1 can am am to do and How to do it. My food is always store and no one can lie any ulcer than another no one can work More than another and As for employment that is ail Cut Aud dried beforehand. Vol the out ambition Man is contemptible and us Man can appreciate food that never los to worry Alk iut where he is going to get the next meal. In a u Radical i believe the Good old Days were the a Best and in i working As a missionary to Endeavor to get the people in vote them b c Astrit. Stupefied by this madman s i., is i retired to qty lied lint not to sleep. This benighted family did not use the water mattresses which yielding to the slightest movement allow every muscle to relax Ami sleep a so tossed the Livelong night on a crude Feather arrangement and vowed that i would return Home at once and give notice of this dangerous conspiracy to the world. And so i have done flite Togo farm topics. Salt Point Khz Foh to Lakhs of the soil. The advantage at knowing Vav hit to do next fall Cantu Palgon against Weed a sleep after Harvest a Vareton turn i Poti Iten. It is a Wise Man Vulio Kouwe what to do next. No matter where you Are placed there is always one thing to do which is More important than All others. The Wise Man instinctively turns to that More important work first. The unwise Man. The Man who never succeeds the Man who is always behind in his payments with his work the Man who is always losing Money is he who makes u mistake in what to do next. His next work is not the most important work and the really important work is neglected. Every Man considers himself competent to superintend a fruit farm Aud Nursery or a Grain farm. The fact is that Many would fall in thai capacity. For the reason that they Vav oud not know what to do next. Take for instance the in tit farm. At every season of the year there is some one import i tiling to be done Lylial cannot admit of delay. Often there Are Many such important things when it will perplex the Wisest to know which to do first. But the capable Man though lie has to study the question for hours finally hits upon the most important work and that is the thing which he will do next. I know of men who think they Are doing the most important work and yet who Ai Ivov the worst farm weeds to go to seed upon their place without attention. Surely the Dock one Plum of which would seed Down a whole farm should he considered one of the must important things to be attended to. I know of men who drive around in rickety wagons tires Loose Hills rattling boxes ready to fall to pieces who think they know what to do next when the fact is rhe next thing they should do would he to get a new Wagon or to repair the old one. The same Farmer runs his mowing machine his reaper his plows and cultivators with Loose Holt and everything shaky and rickety thinking lie knows what is Best to do next \ a a a read. The first thing he should i i would 1m1 to Pul his machinery in Good working order. What should you do next Reader possibly you should inform your wife that she has been a Good devoted helpmate. Perhaps you should give your boys a Holiday. Possibly you should All take a Day off together for a picnic or other s fruit grower. Shiv anti Nutter. In producing a Pound of butter says prof. Robertson there Are sixty six times More room for skill than in the production of one Pound of potatoes. Dairying offers a Man the Best Chance for putting his skill into Money. The object of the butter maker is to get the fat out of the milk with As ill tie of the other constituents in the milk As possible. In every 100 pounds of butter there should be about Ihl teen pounds of water eighty two pounds of butter fat three pounds of suit Ami two pounds of the other constituents in the milk. A cow is not a machine but a living organism and therefore will Noi give a different product because she takes different food. The food does not affect the blood of a cow. From which milk is largely formed. Food will affect the qualify of the milk sometimes by changing the composition of the fa1 itself. If the Quan Tyty of fat is not affected the volatile fits from the food will become part of the fat in the milk and give its Peculiar flavor to the milk. These volatile flavors can lie expelled by heating milk or Cream to 150 degrees. The ease with which Cream May be separated from the milk sometimes depends upon he kind of food a cow lakes. Cows for making butter should be handled under such conditions a will give them perfect Resposs. Cleanliness should tie strictly observed. Impure. Air of the stable will affect the milk and ens Ilage will not injure the milk when fed to cows. When cows have been milking a Long period or have been overheated or without Salt the milk will become Sticky and pro vent a Complete separation of the Cream. By having a few fresh calved cows milk to mix with the milk of rows that have Laten milking a Long time a better Quality of butter Eon be made. Keep the Cream Sweet and cold and use a suitable fermentation starter Aud you will get a Quality of butter in january As Good As the Quality of june butter. If Cream is properly tempered a temperature of from 5-1 to 58 will be suitable for churning and 45 minutes will be Long enough to get a fitter. A a a Finney Quot Dairy the following description of the Dairy in which not Only the Princess of Wales but her daughters have Learned to make the most perfect butter is clipped from an Exchange which is All the authority we have for the statements made the Walls Are covered with tiles presented by the Prince of Wales who placed them Here As a Surprise to the Royal Dairy aids. They were made in Bombay Aud Are of a deep pad cock Blue the Rose Shamrock Aud to Kisile being intertwined with the motto Quot Icli a White Marble counter running around the room holds Silver pans of milk from the Alderney grazing without. Above this of Broad bracket shelves of Marble is a collection in every imaginable material of cows Bullocks and calves italian and parian Marble Alu Omsler porcelain Terra Cotta and Silver All gifts. A Long milk can. Painted by the Princess to match the Indian tiling stands in one Corner Ami opposite is the head of file Price ssh pet Alderney with to Silver plate recording iter Virtues. Here the Princess some a Mes Churus in u Silver churn and ill the next room the butter for the family is made and sent up fresh every morning when they arc in London. The Day s Supply is made up into Little Pat and scrolls All Eedy for the la ble. Ami tic Prince requires a special order of pats. Not a Grain of Salt is allowed in them and they Are made the size of a half Dollar Tud the thickness of three with either the Crown the coat of arms or rhe three feathers stamped of each. Full i n in in tfx ii against we Vii. Inquiries Are constantly coining to us concerning the Best method of getting rid of noxious weeds especially perennials. Begin by sowing the in-1 Fea Ted Fields to Oats in the Spring or wheal or Rye in the full. Soon after these Small grains have been harvested plow under the stubble thus checking the development of the i isl crop of weeds when the second crop has started on the slowed ground go Over in with a disk Harrow Corn cultivator or any other 1 Arni implement that will kill the Young weeds. Repeat Llilas operation As often As necessary this fait to prevent the maturing of any seed or the development of Root Stock. Seed the Field to Winter Gra Iii again this fall add repeat the operation again next year. If the weeds Are very persistent As the Canada Thistle quack grass Etc. Cultivate the fallow often enough to prevent any Green surface appearing. Otherwise the underground stems will live for a Long time. This is the Best method of treating an infested Field and if persisted in will be successful. Now is the time to begin the work. Do not neglect it. A Orange Judd Farmer. Sheep after Harvest. No species of Stock will pay better returns when turned on the st whte Fields after Harvest than sheep says the Iowa Homestead. They will not Only clean up waste grains left Liy the harvesters but will eat All lie Young weeds and grass As Well and will prevent the weeds from going to seed and scattering trouble All Over the farm. They will also distribute Fertility upon the land and if kept in Titis Way there will be an appreciable gain in the flock from feed that would otherwise have been lost. This feed would not Only be most to the Floe Mas ter. But the noxious weeds that would Spring up in the Fields without the sheep would make the loss greater than that of the gleanings of the Harvest merely. It May occur to the Reader that some other Stock will answer this purpose As Well but there 1 nothing that fills the Bill in these respects i be the sheep. Swine May get All the wheat and now and then eat a hog Weed or some purslane but the sheep will take a clean Swath apparently unconscious of the taste and animated Only with a desire to clean up everything in its path. Wide tire text. A at the Ohio state says the Carriage journal a a test was made during the fall of lust year the result of which was As follows an Ordinary Wagon with a now three inc tire was loaded with 4.480 pounds the dynamometer being used to measure the draft tin a hard dirt read the draft was 254 pounds on a grass Field it was 4us pounds on newly slowed land it was �71 pounds. I he draft Power of a horse of 1,000 pounds is 150 pounds and therefore two horses could draw the Load easily on a Good dirt Road or one Aud a half tons of a grass Sod. With a narrow tire half As much is a full Load for a two horse team showing a marked advantage for the wide tires in addition to which they become rollers and smooth and level the Road and so make it Jotler the More it is used instead of culling it into rats As is Well known the narrow tires do Oil soft canker in cd tick. Canker of the threat in Chicks is often mistaken for gapes says farm journal. The characteristic yellow sores sometimes close up the Mouth of Hie Windpipe and cause the Birds to gasp for breath. If an attempt be made to extract gape Worms from a Chick so affected it is Likely to die in the operation. A drop of peroxide of Hydrogen applied with a Pippet syringe or Dropper to the sores May give speedy Relief. Did fowls Aud pigeons Are also frequently affected by canker. Sick Birds should he removed at once from the Fiock and All water vessels cleaned out scalded am coated with Lime Wash and All food should lie supplied in clean vessels. Give homeopathic Ine eurus Vivus or nitric acid in drinking water. Agriculture Pointer. The removing of the old canes to the Thrifty growing Plant i about All of the pruning needed with currants and ii serves to keep the plants in a Good fruiting condition generally. To Tere is excellent food for Stock in wheat Cut Green while the Grain is soft and at recent prices pays better for Milch cows and other cattle horses and sheep than to thresh the Grain. Those who have their doubts about intensive cultivation extra manuring Etc., Are the men who Are never tempted to practice them. One should never he ready to condemn a thing without some trial. It is not to the Farmer that Bard times Oft Euest Koine. Aud bankruptcy is a rare visitor. Statistics show that agriculture is safer than banking rail Waying or manufacturing taking nil things into account. Sow a Small Corner of the Corn Field to Rye. Only or Barley for pasture for pigs. The pigs can he run for a few weeks teds fall without the least damage Rollie Corn crop and to the great advantage of the pigs. If one desires u clean Long lived prolific Meadow All Slock should la kept off. And alien mowed Iwine a year if necessary. A Good Timothy Meadow May lie easily ruined by tramping and grazing after Harvest. It is estimated hint the ration which makes one Pound of steer men i beef will also make one Pound of butter or two of cheese. This is a thought worthy of consideration by these Farmers who Are anxious to gel a lie Ler profit out of their live cure asthma a leading Fri Ciao at last Dii non tha remedy. The majority of sufferers from asthma and Kindred complaints after trying doctor and numberless remedies advertised As positive cures without Avail have come to the con Lusina that there is no cure for this most distressing disease and these same persons will be the More in doubt and sceptical when they learn through the Columna of the press that or. Rudolph Schiffmann the recognised authority. Who has treated More cases of la Tese diseases than any living doctor has achieved succeed by perfecting a remedy which not Only gives Relief in the worst cases hut has positively cured thousands of a uttered who were considered incurable. These were just a a sceptical As some of our readers now Are. Or. Schoffmann a remedy no doubt possesses the Merit which is claimed for it or to would not authorize this Pajur to announce that he is not Only willing to give Freo to each person suffering from Astenia Hay fever Phthisic or bronchitis one free fibres trial package of his cure but urgently requests All sufferers to Send him their name and Addrena and receive a package absolutely free of charge knowing that in making the claim he does for his cure a Strong doubt May arise in the mind of Many and that a personal test As he offers to All will be More convincing and prove its Merit than the publishing of thousands of testimonials from others who have been permanently cured by the use of his asthma cure. A Cdr. Schiffmann s asthma As it la called Haa been sold by All druggists Ever since it was first introduced although Many persons May never have heard of it and it is with a View to reaching these that he makes this offer. This is certainly a most generous and fair offer and All who Are suffering from any of the above complaints should write to him at once and Avail them a a tvs of the same As positively no fre samples can be obtained after oct. 10. Address or. R Schiffman. 825 Rosabel Street st. Paul Minn. A Wise Choice. A Young lady in charge of the Captain of a p. Amp 0. Boat had tvo suitors on Board and a pug dog. The latter fell overboard and one of her swains instantly jumped after it into the sea. The other confined himself to leaning Over the aide and crying a poor Doggie a when the rescuer came on Board dripping the Young lady turned to the Captain and asked him which of her two lovers after such an incident lie would recommend her to take. He was a practical Man and replied. Quot take the dry one Quot which she accordingly did. Ram s horns. Selfishness is a hard Snake to kill. The Cross of Christ is the key to heaven everything god give us to do needs to be done. Christians get along faster when they travel in pair. God s fire in the heart soon melts All the Lead la the feet. Whoever takes Christ for a Topolo will both have him for a guest. The better we know the Bible the plainer god can talk to us. If we talk about Christ we will never run out of something to say it takes the Man who carries god s message a Long while to get tired. Many hear the voice of Christ before they know who it is that Speaks. Whatever Christ has Given the Church to do every Christian should gladly try to do. Police Justice what a the charge against this Man policeman a impersonating an officer. Quot what did he do a Quot he walked up to a Street Vendery a stand and took a handful of record. Damages for libel a Virginia paper brought to terms by Lite american Book company. A dispatch from Norfolk vs., says a the american Book company of new York has just gained a signal Victory in the courts of Virginia and has received an absolute and Complete vindication after a Long and exhaustive trial by special jury in the circuit court of this City. The Pilot new paper of this City upon the awarding of the contract for school books to the american Bouk company printed a Long Anit in written and prepared by r. Ii. Byrd. A agent and attorney forging amp co. Of new York in which it was charged that the state superintendent had been bribed by the american Book company the Pilot was immediately sued for Libei and after a five weeks trial which created and immense amount of interest throughout the state a verdict for punitive damages was recently awarded and the jury found that the statements made were false and a Deli Iso Rote libel. Not Only so but the company upon unimpeachable evidence was proved to have dealt honorable and uprightly in every particular in their negotiations with the state officials. It was further proved at the trial that no better terms Hod been made with any other state for school books. In tact the attorney general of Virginia stated that the american Book company seemed to throw open to Weir Whoie business to us and after Fuji and Complete examination of ail the original contracts made with the various states he expressed himself As absolutely satisfied that the prices were the same in All cases and that no discrimination whatever had been made against the state of Virginia. Furthermore he mentioned that none of the statements of the american Book company had been accepted until every one of them had been absolutely verified by direct reference to the governors of some fifteen states with whom contracts had been made. This proved conclusively that the repro eau tat ions of the american Book company were Correct in Toto. This celebrated Case has thus ended in a Complete Triumph in every respect for the american Book company end has shown in Clear contrast the clean and business like methods in which they carry on their Greet Industry As compared with the attempted use of political pulls and misstatements by their Tribune. Indiscriminate Breeding h one of the causes of lessened profits with sheep. Nearly All the Loudon newspapers buy their i tint paper in Germany. Gave Hlat tolf away. My is psalter at divine service whispering a its so Good of or. Nie Feilo to go to the assistance of that old gentleman who fainted and do you notice How deftly lie makes his Way in and out of pews without Inco Moding anybody a mrs psalter he is entirely too Graceful about it. He must have had a Good Deal of practice going out Between the acts at . Y. Yvo weekly. Tote Man who snores la a sound steeper the smile that helps ethers Bas to begin in the heart

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