Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
23 May 1896

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Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
23 May 1896

Read an issue on 23 May 1896 in Blackfoot, Idaho and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Blackfoot News.

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - May 23, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoEffect of an eruption. People and cattle hurled under a Shower of stones in the went indies. But the bombardment in some places must have been terrible. I have seen tracts of land once smooth and Fertile plantations now covered with the great rugged stones so that you have to pick your Way among them As you pass. Many of them Are four or five feet Broad. Of course these Are Only the larger stones the Little ones were buried under the soil Long ago. Stones seem to have fallen All through the eruption sometimes in one place sometimes in another. Not Long after the first eruption of smoke a negro boy was tending goats on a Hillside i have seen the place often. Suddenly a Small Stone fell near him and then another. He though that some of his playmates were pelting him from the Hughes and so began to throw stones in return. But the contest was too unequal for it was the Mountain that was throwing stones at him and Ere Long he fled in terror leaving his goats to their Fate. I have no space to Tell you the whole Story of this great eruption How Many plantations were ruined by the Shower of stones and far worse How fifty or perhaps a Hundred people were killed by them with great numbers of cattle and horses How the lava dammed Back a Stream and forming a boiling Lake which broke through after a month and came hissing Down the Valley overwhelming a whole negro settlement How ashes were carried five or six Hundred Miles out to sea and Barbados eighty Miles off. Was darkened by the Cloud so that people had to Grope their Way at noon and use candles in their houses now the explosions were heard hundreds of Miles away and it was thought that they were the guns of a great Fleet or army. But one thing i must Tell you. When the eruption was Over and people could ascend the Mountain again they found Tae Crater the one or. Bell had visited All changed. Instead of the smoking Cone there was a Lake of a All our trunks had to lie the custom House inspect opened Tih a to a it we Mem. 1 had any Cologne 01 cigars de. By see in pm. 1 done to see Why they Call them custom House officers though. Their costumes weren to anything wonderful. It took pop a half an hour to get Liis trunks All through because he said the inspector did no to know the language. Pop says he asked him what nation he belonged to and the Man said tie was Vinglish and pop told him head never heard of any Sulci people where did they live. In hug land the Man said. Whereas that asked pop and the Man nearly fainted and then pop gave him a half a Crown and then pop gave him a half a Crown need t open any More trunks because a Man As ignorant As he was would t have sense enough to try to smuggle anything in anywhere. After the trunks were All passed pop asked a Man where the baggage car was and that Man could t speak English either. He asked pop what and pop says again where s the baggage car and just then an american that had Boon Over before says to the Man he Means the Luggage Van and the Man said 0i1 by did no tee is so. Pop says lie thinks that s Welsh which is a language he never liked anyhow. The Only Welsh thing lie Ever liked was a Rabbit he said. Lots your name asked the baggage Man. Drake says pop. Well your Van is the seventh car up. It s marked with a d. Do you know a d when you see it pop said he guessed so. Head seen one once and he had an idea that it looked like a p without a Pedestal or a b Cut in two. That a it. Said the Man. Well you put your Luggage in the Van marked with a p without a Pedestal and when you get to London you can go and claim it. But suppose somebody else claims it said pop. That a his affair and yours not mine says the Man and he walked off. Then pop found out that they Don t give checks Over Here and he said he guessed the reason Vas that they preferred Harper s round table. Three Lon a nil excellent Yyi re is. There Are three rather Long words which May he used As pegs on which to hang reflections of their own or Points round which ideas May Cluster. One is develop Une 1 it. If you Cut an Apple through 1 lit circumference As you Cut an Orange you will see in Clear outline around the starlike Center made by the seeds the shape of the Blossom. The fruit has grown from the Flower and the Flowers shape is in the heart of the fruit. The fruit developed Little by Little through summer Days and Winter Days but the Flower gave it the Start. Take the Little thought and use it. And if you have a gift or Grace a taste for housekeeping cooking sewing Pati citing or Reading develop it by use and study and develop it taking pains. My next Long Avon is Ity. It Means As we All answering when we Are swering to our names. The Respo Sibil know the called an re spouse i a be person can he trusted. Not Long ago in new York City a fire broke out in the upper stories of a great apartment House. Tavo Young women one a Young lady visiting the family 111 a certain Home on the sixth floor of the House Tihe other a maid in the same Home were confronted suddenly with Black volumes of smoke red tongues of flame and no Way of escape but by the Iron ladder that lung along the Side of the House. Then were two Little children there and some valuable papers and though the Young women could not save every thing they took the children and the papers Down the tire escape with calmness and courage. They were responsible. My last word is consecration. It is a very sacred Woid and i leave you to a eave your own Sweet fancies around it. We must be consecrated to the Best possible Ideal we must fill every Day with Noble Ito Imd table. Ter 900 feet Belyav tilling the whole in voile Gentil. Handel had produced an opera before he was 15. Corneille had planned a tragedy lie fore he was 10. Auber air the an operetta for the stage before he was 14. Pitt was Chancellor of the exchequer before he was 25, Schiller was widely known As a poet before the age of 20. Kaulback at 17 was pronounced the first artistic Genius in Germany. Kant began his philosophical my area and so deep that no one has Ever metaphysical speculations before the been Able to fathom it. And besides Aore of 1# this separated from it Only by a thin Wall they found a new Crater even larger it was nearly a mile Long three quarters of a mile wide and 800 feet deep with sides like Walls. That pit was blown out by the great explosion. I have stood Between the two craters and looked Down into them. The new one is Green and pretty now with Bushes and ferns and no signs of fire but the old one is a hideous depth of Gray Green water through aah High bubbles Are always ascending and bursting into Sulphur fumes at the top. Sometimes the wind carries these fumes Over the neighbouring plantations for Miles around As if to warn people that the old tires Are not yet extinct. I Hope it May be Long before they break out again a a at Byma raw a by Herbert h. Smith in st Nicholas. Greek Ami roman swords of the swords of the three great nations of Antiquity the assyrians the greeks and the romans we Are Able to get a remarkably Clear idea from the carvings they have left on tombs and temples. The assyrian sword had a slim two edged Blade merging into a a handle that was scarcely More Thau a Haft. The decoration was limited almost entirely to carvings of the Heads and bodies of animals so placed assay be seen from the pictures As to give a singularly striking and Distin a Guia hed character to the weapon. In the Many Lively skirmishes that took place around the Walls of Troy during the famous ten years siege the greek Warrior carried an admirable sword. The rather Long two edged Blade with us gradual swell that tapered gracefully to a Sharp Point has been likened very aptly to the form of the Sage Leaf. These outlines were so Good in themselves that any extra decoration seems out of place. We find Hoa Vever that delicate tra Ceries on the Blade and Silver studs set thickly in the Hilt were favorite ornaments. Although this sword avas shortened in later years its Beautiful outlines were retained and the sparing decoration of Blade scabbard and Hilt was remarkably simple and artistic As befitted the greek race. But the sword that gained the greatest renown in classical Antiquity was the Broadsword of the romans. The weapons commonly used in times before the Christian Era Avert the Lance and the javelin. It was with these that the unshaken strength of the far famed macedonian Phalanx had been maintained against Many a fierce attack. The Phalanx consisted of foot soldiers drawn up in line of Battle four eight sixteen or Twenty five ranks deep. The men who were heavily armoured held their Shields close together Edge to Edge and their Long Spears tilted Forward to protect the rank in front. The Broadsword of the roman legionaries however those sturdy Fellows who knew How to fight Avith a fortitude and tenacity that has Nerer been surpassed taught the greek a new lesson in military tactics. A successful formation of the Phalanx required careful preparation and a fairly level country was absolutely necessary. When it avas possible to command these conditions the compact Square of Spearman presented a front that it was almost impossible to break. But in a sudden encounter or fighting at close quarters an effective use of the Broadsword did not depend upon any definite order of formation and it brought into play quite another sort of courage. Men then no longer fought As machines it was the personal bravery of the individual and not the dumb stolid resistance of ranks of human beings formed into a living Wall that won the goodly sword a by Mary Stuart Mckinney in st. Nicholas. Goethe had produced a considerable number of poems and several Dumas before he was 20. Raphael showed his artistic abilities at the Early age of 12 when he was w idely known As an artist in Oil. Michael Angelo at the age of 10 entered an artistic Competition with tin Best known artists of his time. Ben Jonson a Rote a every mail in his humor a considered by competent critics to be his Best play at 22. Coleridge is said to have begun a it re on the a ancient mariners when he was about 14 years of age. It Vas printed and Given to the Avold when lie was 17. Prince Eugene exhibited military Valent at the age of 13. For hours he would sit poring Over a map and when asked what he was doing the Bill answered that he was planning a Campaign. Mozart was a composer of a sonata before he was 6 at 9 lie produced his first mass and before he avas 20 he was known All Over Europe As a composer of Church and operatic Musk and of quartet and . Louis Globe Democrat. A Peep at try blah. A even the huts along the Ron transfigured and glorified by Are the wealth of foliage that softens and enriches All it touches. Hedges of Cro tons six feet High with leaves of Gold and Orange and mottled Green or of Hibiscus red and a Lite whose Flowers would measure four or five inches across the Center grow in front of Cabins that in themselves would be a blot on the plainest landscape Eer Eye beheld. Bur behind such r hedge and covered with some Brilliant a Ine one forgets the Shab Biness of the meanest Hovel since nature has concealed it with such a gracious hand. A Kun Zimik Romance a few years ago John and Emily Harger were divorced at Garden City. John went to Hugoton to live and Emily and their daughter Emily continued to make their Home at Garden try. After a while the daughter married and went to Coolidge to live. Taal of weeks ago John Harger started for cripple Creek travelling by Wagon. He went by Avay of Coolidge to see his daughter and there found his divorced wife on a visit. He wanted to Hack out. But the daughter would not have it that Way. So there avas a family reunion at dinner and afterwards the Tarq who had become estranged were brought together by the prattle of their grandson a babe just taking his first Steps the daughter and her husband looking on the daughter saw ail Opportunity to cause a reconciliation and dispatched her husband for a marriage License awhile she herself went for a Clergyman. The License obtained and the preacher on the spot the daughter said to her parents a there you two Are getting pretty thick. 1 guess you both see that you live made a mistake. Stand up and ave will marry so they were married and the next Day John and Emily Harger reunited drove Wavay to cripple City Star. Tonnin Ida a the wooden much comment mechanical Walker. Man that caused so a fear months ago by pro menacing up and do Avn Tona Wanda streets drawing a two wheeled covered Avayou has again appeared with some added improvements. When first it appeared it was propelled by hand Power a Man sitting inside the Wagon to furnish the Coaver. The 111 111 and Wagon were brought out the other Day for a second Experiment and this time it was propelled by a two horse Power gasoline engine and aah Ith much better results. It is the intention of the inventor to build another one of larger proportions with a phonograph attachment and propelled by machinery. The Man aah ii he about eight feet Hiigli and it is expected he Avill be Able 10 walk four Miles an hour. When completed and the phonograph stocked with speeches expounding the virtue of anything the manufacturers thereof Are villing to pay for it it Savji be started from new York and Avn ked to san Francisco stopping at All the principal cities along the express. And what a background Orange Trees limes cashews tamarind Cacao Trees Pawpaw bread fruits mangoes Calabash and others whose names i know not. Brilliant with fruit of every Shade of color from Green to red and gorgeous yellow vie with each other in claiming precedence for themselves in the marvelous display which meets the Eye. In the Little patches of Garden the Long splendid leaves of the plantain and banana almost hide the Flowers of every Hue that form so Strong a contrast to the Ever present Green awhile amid a Hundred unknown perfumes one May detect that of the odorous Cape Jasmine hanging heavy in the air. The Eye becomes bewildered amidst such luxurious abundance and can Only take in a fraction of Arhat it . In a a Small Bofis Observance rope. We had a great time when we land Hau Iii the Slot i. The tames Hunting in the world is sloth Hunting in comparison with which the Pursuit of orchids is quite exciting and Turtle catching is wild and dangerous sport. But i have done my turn at it nevertheless. Once on the mighty Essequibo River in British Guiana i took a native companion a gun an a and a Leaky Canoe and set Forth to round up a lot of Chestnu headed sloths. We paddled about thirty Miles that Day and picked eight sloths. They were found by paddling along the Shore and watching the tree tops for things that looked like big Gray spiders. Sometimes we found our sloth a spread bag led on the outer branches of a tree others Avold be hanging upside Down As shown in the illustration but always eating. They eat so slowly that before one meal is Oater it is time for the next. Usually the gun would bring them do Avn but some times it was not necessary. Two w Ere taken alive by Pantie who climbed up and plucked them like so much fruit and twice we had to Cut do Avn Trees a a the lowest of our quadrupeds a by William to Hornaday in st. Nicholas. Start infer in a strange baud. An army surgeon stationed Avila his regiment on the mexican Frontier was very popular and his mexican friends one evening gave a grand Ball in his Honor. The Ball began Early As mexican balls do and the surgeon danced in the first set. He danced in nearly every set in a t. And after a few hours became tired. But the dancing went on and the doctor danced us ii he was completely worn out. 1 finally. In desperation he Drew one of the men aside and asked if the Ball avas Ever going to end. A Why Senor a said the mexican politely a have have been waiting these Many hours for you to the signal pm the last give a much in there is More in dreamer would imagine. Name. A name than a in this City ave have eight or ten great department stores and four of them Are the property of men a false names do not appear on the signs at the door or elsewhere. The most fashionable dry goods House in the metro tolls is conducted in the name of Tavo englishmen who established a Little place in Catherine Street Over sixty years ago and neither has been connected with the business in Twenty five years. The firm name is Worth half a million annually to the present York letter to the Pittsburg dispatch. Hen Peck vol doctor How much Beer Nave you been in the habit of taking evry Day on an average patient with a Avist Ful Glam e at the door a please doctor just go and see if my old woman is listening Rheinisch Westfa Lische be Putin. A a re a Start. A marriage ceremony avas in Progress at he when the critical moment arrived the pastor asked the bridegroom if he had the ring. A no but Here is the Pawn ticket for it i suppose that will do As Well a Fth Eleude Raetter j judges of the olympian games. Universal peace during the month of the games was proclaimed by heralds in every pan of Hellas and the slightest breaking of the sacred Trine was thought sacrilege Vii Rich deities and men alike were bound to punish. The judges of the games or die Ianozi Cate a ranging from n be to twelve in number at different times were elected by the cleans All who wished to be judges were required to show not Only that they had Nev Ltd committed a crime Public or private but that they were stainless in moral character. Not infrequently even men of distinction were excluded by this severe test during the Golden age of hellenic a the olympian games a by g. T. Ferris in april 8t. Nicholas. Hows this we offer one Hundred dollars Reward for any Case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Halls Catarrh cure. F. J. Cheney amp co., Toledo o. We the undersigned have known f. A Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him perfectly honorable in ail business transactions and financially Able to carry out any obligations made by their firm Walding Kinnan amp Marvin wholesale druggists Toldo Ohio. Halls Catarrh cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by All druggists. Halls family pills 2gc. Wards out Charity Hunters a Well known judge has invented rather a neat reply to the letters of busybodies soliciting subscriptions for useless societies. Lee fills the first Page on the note paper with these words written in a bold hand dear sir in reply to your letter i have much pleasure in subscribing a Here the Secretary joyfully turns the Page to find the conclusion of the sentence on the following Leaf a myself your obedient servant John st. James budget. Coeds cough Balsam is the oldest and Best. It will break up a Coli quicker than anything else. It is always reliable. Iry it. She told them. M. De strop Mary remember i am at Home to none except or. Vere Brown Kins this afternoon. Mary half an hour later a in be told four gentlemen callers that you were at Home to none except or. Vere Brown Kins May am and they left very mad . Piss cure for consumption is our Only Medicine for coughs and . C. Fielitz 43 j 8th ave., Denver col., nov. 8, 95. An instance. A moral courage a said the teacher a is the courage that makes a boy do what he thinks is right regardless of the jeers of his said Willie a if a Feller has Candy and eats it All himself and Ain t afraid of the other Fellers Callin him stingy is that moral courage a a Cincinnati enquirer. There Are dictionaries and dictionaries 1 it the not jest roman of them All seems to the Webster. It is still easily in the Ead in the great in it e for popularity. Well and Happy when she had enough. We once knew a woman an inmate of a county infirmary who attained the Ripe age of 10 3 j ears who had always been an inveterate user of tobacco which owing to her poverty was a luxury not easily obtained. To economize in its use she first cheated the plug and dried the quids from which she made a Tea and drank of it freely then the residue was carefully retried for consumption in her to pipe. The old lady proudly affirmed that she had never been ill a Cleveland medical Gazette. Ii the baby is cutting teen. Segure and use that old and Well tried remedy Mas but slow a soothing Sylt for children Teet Liing hard Fate. A this ladies and gentlemen a said the dime museum orator leading his auditors Over to the next platform a is the armless wonder Signor bag Stock Avo was not Only born without arms but is also deaf and dumb. The great grief of his life ladies and gentlemen is that he can neither say anything nor can he saw Tribune. Ht8�?All Fite stopped tree by or. Kline a Greit serve restorer. No fits after t he first Day s use. Marvelous cures. Treatise and 82 to al bottle f re to h it cases. Send to or. ,�o31 Aren tot.,plua., 1. There Are fifty one anarchist papers published in England and America. There Are Twenty creeks in the country with the name of the tiler. Speaker Reed denies the report that he studied for the ministry. Nearly every citizen of a town be Ives that he a a made it. Iowa Patent office report. Des Moines april 3.�?patents have been allowed to Oava inventors As Follo avs to h. Mendenhall and f. B. Davis of Audubon for important improvements relating to a feed trough for animals for which Patent no. 339.915 was issued to the said Mendenhall april 13, 1886. To j. W. Terman of new Sharon for a composition for purifying and preserving butter Sweet milk etc., and destroying bacteria or other Micro organisms therein. Rancid butter treated therewith and sterilized thereby is said to be As Good and Sweet As fresh butter. Valuable information about obtaining valuing and Selling patents sent free to any address. Printed copies of the drawings and specifications of any United states Patent sent upon receipt of �?~25 cents. Our practice is not restricted to Iowa and inventors in other states can hate our services on same terms As the Law key is. Thomas g. And j. Ralph Orwig solicitors of patents. Probably has not occurred to him. A if the British lion a chuckled the american Eagle a a is hurrying to discover the South pole so he can wrap his Tail around it and take Possession let him go ahead. The revolution of the Earth on its Axis will give his Tail the hardest twist it has Ever had Chicago Tribune. The Pilgrim easter number. Will be ready the Early part of april everything in it will be new and original. It will contain articles by capt. Chas. King u. A a., sex gov. Gea w. Peck of Wisconsin and other noted writers. An entertaining number Well illustrated. Send ten 10 cents to Gea h. Heafford publisher 415 old Colony building Chicago 111., for a copy. A Prince alter coat often covers a multitude of patches. If you thi you Don t k is Wise it is because a a a Well. Whether on pleasure Bent or business take on every trip a bottle of syrup of figs As it acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys liver and bowels preventing fevers headaches a and other forms of sickness. For Sale in 50 cent and�1 bottles by All leading druggists. Manufactured by the California Fig syrup company Only. Trade in bananas. Few persons Are aware of the extent to which the banana Lias become popu a Laried in the United states. According to the statistics there Avert imported 16,720,127 Bunches of bananas in 1895, of which number 928,336 Bunches came to Baltimore 1,637,802 to Boston i 2,499,618 to Mobile 5,088,119 to new a Orleans 4,548,572 to new York and 2,026,780 to Philadelphia. The Baltimore Boston and Philadelphia Supply was from Jamaica. New Orleans an Mobile got their Supply largely from. Central America while new York got piers from All sources. The people find in the banana a cheap and wholesome article of food which is valuable at seasons Ashen few fruits Are to be had. A in How it Doe it i not or a Ramon. It is Onouye to Kin in Cha takes out the coi us and a very pleasing Relief it is. 15e, at druggist Lovely. A ooh yes a continued the girl of the prehistoric period a we had Birds Twenty feet High in those a dear me a exclaimed the Fin de Siegle person a what Lovely hats you must have had Well Well a a Detroit Tribune. �?o1 have tried Parker Ginger tonic and believe in a Quot rays a Mother and to wid you say when familiar with its revitalizing properties. The Queen of Roumania fairly revels in literature. Half fare excursions via the Wabash Ruhe Short line to st. Louis and Quick route East or South april 21st and May 5tb. Excursions to All Points South at one fare for the round trip with $2.00 added. June 16th, National Republican convention at st. Louis. July 3d, National educational association at Buffalo. July 9th, Christian Endeavor convention at Washington. T july 22nd, National people and Silver convention at st. Louis. For rates time takes and further information Call at the a Bash ticket office 1415 Farnam st., Paxton hotel Block or write Geo. N. Clayton n. W. Pass. Agt., Omaha neb. A lie must be thatched with another or it will soon rain through. Billiard Tabie second hand for Sale cheap apply to or address h. C. Akin 511 s. 12th st., Omaha neb. An imprudent but gushing woman. Young women who take books at the circulating Library Are imprudent to use their pages As blotters. They Are doing wrong also for it is against the rules. A copy of a lord Ormond and mss Aminta a which has been in use in a Philadelphia Library held in front of a Mirror revealed the inscription a i Send you my heart with a All women finish their letters with that phrase which cannot therefore betray anybody but in this Case the signature was there. The rack the Thumbscrew and the Boot were old fashioned instruments of torture Long since abandoned but there is a Tormentor who still continues to agonize the joints Muscles and nerves of Many of us i. He rheumatism that inveterate foe 10 daily and nightly Comfort May be conquered by the timely and steady use of Hon tetter s stomach bitters we Len likewise eradicates neuralgia Billious malarial Bowel stomach and nerve complaints. There Are two great crimes murder add slander. Ayers Sarsaparilla the remedy with a record 50 years of cures gasoline my Iron and Wood pumps of All kinds steam pumps. Eclipse and Fairbanks windmills towers tanks irrigation outfits Hose. Belting hellers. Wood saws drive Points pipe. Fittings brass goods and Fairbanks Standard scale. Prices Low. Get the Best. Send Fot catalogue. Fairbanks Morse amp co., 1102 Farnam st. Omaha neb. Patents Trade Marks. Examination and advice As to patentability of invention. Send for a a inventors guide or How to get a Patent paths 07as Bell Washington 35. Amp write for what you want to the Mechem investment co., mining Exchange Denver Colo. School desks Western school Supply save 00c freight a Vang of. Pm Bill to ii Pach by. D from thou e. Bes Moines la. Usa $ Thompson s Eye water. X of. Ltd 10 nth other Tokos of of a it a a it 5/i ounces for 10 cents. You May have a a Money to Burn a but even so you throw away 2 ounces of Good tobacco. For 5 cents you get almost As much a a Battle a a As you do of other High grades for 10 cents. A Voogo oooo. 1780. Try Walter Baker amp Cocoa and chocolate and you will understand Why their business established in 1780 has flourished Ever since. Look out for imitations. Waiter Baker 6 co., ltd., Dorchester mass

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