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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - May 23, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoRuffles. Mother Bic Kerdyk 3�?~s work for poor soldiers. Iii a did you say that Mother Bicker Dylie was in Washington a 1 did. I saw hoi in the pension office an hour Quot bless my soul Call Ruff. We Haven t seen that blessed old woman since the War a a a knew her then i suppose a Quot knew her Well rather. An Angel appeared with not wings exactly but Healing to two poor tramps with broken Bones bleeding wounds and starving bodies. She appeared with heavenly smiles and food and cheer and ruffled night gowns that s How Ruff got his Quot Well always Hoard him called a Ruff a but took it to be Sciort for Rufus Ralph or. Maybe these Middle aged men had come to the pension office on bes i Ness and to look Over their old camping grounds now in the heart of the great capital City and this was the Story of Quot Comrade Ruff a a in 1863 8ain and i were discharged from a Southern Hospital As Able to go Home and make room for others. Iat Rufh a and lace were not to be ridiculed. Quot these gowns with other garments had been Given Mother Bieke Dybe by wealthy women for the hospitals and All the Way through the South she had sold the finest to the rebel women for butter eggs and milk. These she had brought along for that purpose. Quot the next morning she took us along with her 1o the Field Hospital. When Able we were sent Home a unfit for and boys Sam goes on one leg a i have Only one Arm. But 1 Tell you whenever and wherever Mother Bick Erylie s face shines on us in this world there a one Arm to wave and one willing leg to tramp in her that very week Mother Bieke Dybe met a the boys and laughed and cried Over them As they told her the Story of rutile and Quot Ruff has been called by that names since 1s63. A by Margaret Spencer. 1 Ai americas , Ali eur in Luttery a know her Well ties w Battles were fought every Day and the dying and wounded brought in Hundred to the hospitals. This old empty sleeve boys tells my Story and Sam had a Bullet in his hip. It was August and the heat intolerable. We started for Home but travelling on slow trains waiting at crowded depots in the hot Sun and wanting care our wounds broke out afresh. We had to Stop off one night on the Ohio a Mobile Road crawl into a Little shanty and lie Down we Felt to die. Provisions and bandages used up clothes in rags and our wounds bleeding. I crawled half a mile for water and determined of signal the next train and beg for food and help. I tied a scrap of White paper 1 had picked up to a stick a find about Sundown waved my signal up and Down As the evening train came by. The conductor slowed up. Quot �?~win., do you want a he shouted Quot a take us aboard or leave plies i yelled. Quot Sam had stumbled Over to the track and we did t look like interesting Ems Seagers. A the train stopped. Off sprang a sunshiny cheery fair faced woman. A she carried a bundle almost As big As herself and a Black bag and a sunbonnet Hung off her neck. It was so warm boys. Talk about Angels we met one then "81ie said Why boys you look pretty Well used up. Soap and water and bandages and something Good in your poof stomachs first. 1 guess a she grumbled at the nurses and surgeons who could a let boys go on in that out of that bad and bundle came eve Grything we needed. We built a fire and cooked such a supper As we never tasted since just we three in that us sup Cui tire a growing in Florida. While most of the pineapples sold in the United states have within recent a ars. Come from Cuba the cultivation of this fruit in Florida has rapidly increased. And last season 50,000 crates were shipped from sections in that state other than the keys. The output from the Central and Northern part of the state this year is estimated at 35,000 crates while hut from the damage to new plantations by freezing a year ago. A crop amounting to 250,000 crates was counted upon for the next few months. The Bahamas formerly furnished the main Supply which was carried in Small sailing vessels taking from four six Days to reach this port while unfavourable winds made a voyage of Twenty Days not unusual. Most of Flie pineapples now coining from Nassau and other ports of this group Are consigned to Baltimore where they Are canned. As Many As 5.500.000 of these pineapples have reached that City within the past four years and Large quantities Are canned on the Island. Nearly All the cuban pineapples come to new York 200,000 barrels and More constituting the imports for a year. These pineapples Are All grown near Havana and shipments continue during the entire year. The season begins however in the Middle of March and continues at its height for four months while the Bahama season is a month later in opening. Some of the choicest pineapples have in recent years come from the Indian River Section of Florida and exceptionally Large and High Grade fruit omes from Porto Rico the comparatively Small supplies from Jamaica include some sex cheat varieties which Are in special demand. The delay of a Day in the transportation of this perishable fruit May mean a heavy loss and Twenty four hours of warm Damp weather May injure a cargo to the extent of 50 per cent of its original value. No vessels specially fitted for carrying Pine apples Are yet in service and this tender fruit is closely packed in steamers carrying sugar Quot and other heating articles. Quick transportation in steamers equipped with improved ventilation and the Best storage facilities As Are already in use in the banana Trade would open up new possibilities for this department of the fruit Trade. At this time when besides the shortage caused by the loss in Florida the Trade in Cuba is affected by War prices have been High. The Trade known to wholesale grocers As Havana xx., thirty five Pine apples being required to fill a barrel now commands $0 per barrel and this is also the importers Price to shoes Nile buyers for barrels holding forty live and ninety of the fruit Garden and Forest. The surplus of horses. In some parts of the far West it said that horses Are being Slaugh just we three in that lonely place lonely place by the Railroad. We heated water and Mother Bieke Dybe washed and dressed our wounds. Quot a got no change boys a Quot a not one Quot gait came the bundle and wrapped around paper parcels saucepans bread lint matches and Jelly came two Long Fine Cambric night gowns. Quot Lere,1 boys got to be clean some homa fluid comfortable got to have just the thing soft and Bantages nice.? a Quot so Sam looked at me and i looked at Sam. And we both looked into the Der Blixie eyes of our Saint and we ail laughed actually laughed she Tore off the lower portions for wide bandages and used the upper portions for shirts. Mine had some sort of edging just same a was trimmed around the neck sleeves and Down to the Waist with a wide soft flowing ruffle. He Flint la protested and tried to get it fucked inside but Mother Bieke Dybe said a a never mind the frills boys. You can Tell the rebels they Are none Quot too Good for our Quot we were so heavenly comfortable with our stomachs full of Good food our burning throbbing wounds washed and wrapped in Cool soft cloths ourselves clean and decent once More Larry and the burglars. Larry Dolan thought it the coldest night he had Ever experienced As he spun along the wide suburban Avenue in the face of the bitter Northwest wind. Larry was a messenger employed by the Mutual District messenger company and As his station covered a Large suburban area he was often called upon to make Long rides upon his bicycle to answer the Calls of Typ patrons of the company. In nearly All of the Rich suburban Homes were the Little electric Call boxes which enable the owners to summon a messenger by turning a Crank. He had been in the service about a year in fact Ever since his arrival in America from Quot Auld Ireland a As he called it. He had been Quick to learn the ways of his adopted country and on account of the shrewdness and Industry was considered one of the Best boys in the service. A a bad Luck to the Man that called for a messenger this night a said Larry to himself As he coasted Down a Grade steadying his bicycle with his feet while he rubbed his ears vigorously with his disengaged hands. In his Long Larry through the absence led Larry to tired and fed to Swine. This fact carries its moral along with it. It Means that there is a great surplus of horses of a certain kind. Men when engaged in that business should certainly consider the propriety of raising some other kind of live Stock than horses on those ranges. They can surely grow beef at a better return than they can get for horse flesh when fed in that Way. And in other plates horses Are being regularly slaughtered and canned for consumption. This too Means a strange use to put the horse to. If meat is the object of production on the Range the steer or the sheep will answer the purpose much better than the horse. These facts Are significant. They should say to us grow horses if they Are grown at All that will be far too valuable to be fed to Swine or to be consumed As food for Nort i Western Farmer he Neil she she he whistled As he went for want of thought. Of course it was a boy. You find a girl whistling for want of thought. He no she whistle shed journal. Silently climbed tie open window. Night rides he had contracted the habit of talking to himself Quot to Kape me company a As he expressed it. Quot could As it is and late too he ought to be ashamed to ask any one to come this distance. Besides i done to believe lie meant to ring for a Bye anyhow As the Annunciator Only fluttered a bit and did not turn in a full in act this circumstance had led the night clerk to suspect that it was not a Call and he was once on the Point of telling Larry not to answer it Quot it makes me mad to think All this is for col. Collamore a muttered Larry Quot the most disagreeable Ould curmudgeon on the line. Did no the have me taken to the station House last summer charged with stealing his pears Whin id been to his place to answer a Call there s no telling How it would have ended either if the mounted policeman on the beat had not come in with the very Bye from the Reform farm that he had caught with a Basket Ful of the colonel s pears and the colonel Niver so much As said t beg your Pardon Larry a for the Hurt to me feelings. As for that lie does not seem to know me name and Only says when he sees me a hello Twenty six is that you a bad Luck to him and the could weather having restored the circulation in his benumbed ears Larry increased his Speed and with head bowed Down against the cutting wind sped out the Avenue at a rate which soon brought the dark outlines of the Collamore Villa to View. This was a Large Oliree Story Queen Anne House sitting Back some distance from the Avenue and surrounded by Trees and shrubbery. As he Rode up to the Side Entrance he was surprised to see no Light in the colonels Horary and office. The Only Light visible was one that shone from a second Story bedroom of a Light in the Library believe that the Call had been a mistake for if a messenger were needed the colonel would be in that room which he used As an office. Larry knew that the colonel would Likely be alone for the family were in Florida for the Winter. He dismounted and leaning his bicycle against the Carriage Block was about to ring the Bell when he was startled to see that a window leading into the Library was open. Quot Faith now and what does this mane a said Larry half aloud following his a nit of talking to himself. He approached the window and then he saw a Large Semi circular Hole in the Bottom of the upper pane the piece of Glass that had Lieen removed lying upon the ground and near it a Gunny sack which rattled when he touched it with his foot. This discovery caused something like a cold chill to course Down his Back. Quot burglars a thought Larry As he stooped Down and Felt the tools 111 the bag. Within the next few minutes the boys Busy brain did a great Deal of thinking. His first impulse was to ride away and leave the burglars undisturbed. Quot Why should i bother Mesils looking out for him thought Larry bitterly. Quot sure he a treated me badly enough and it would Only serve him almost immediately he was ashamed of himself for harbouring such thoughts and the better nature of the sturdy Irish lad came to the top. Quot Faith. Ill g. T even with him another Way a he thought Quot and do me duty too. I m the Only one that can save the colonel from a robbery now. And ill do it occurred to him to mount his bicycle and ride for assistance but he remembered that the nearest police station was nearly two Miles Distant and unless lie should meet some straggling patrolman the burglars would have time to get away before help arrived. While debating this matter his Eye fell upon his bicycle lamp which was making a Broad Streak of Light on the driveway. He quickly rolled the wheel aside and hid it behind the shrubbery turning out the Light then Larry resolved on a bold step he would go into the House by the Way the burglars had entered. He Felt sure the marauders were up stairs in the Vicinity of that Light and Lafr had an idea which if v could be successfully carried out would furnish the quickest Means of obtaining assistance. The lower Sash was raised to its full height the burglars having out a piece from the upper pane to enable them to get at the window Fastener. Larry silently climbed through the window and dropped noiselessly into the Library. Then he removed his shoes and stole out into the Hall walking without noise in his stocking feet. At the foot of the stairway lie paused hearing voices in the room above. The door of 1he room was evidently open As a Broad beam of Light shone into the Hall. With 1ns heart beating so loud that he imagined he Coull hear it Larry crept up the stairs clinging closely to the Wall and avoiding the banisters for fear of making a noise. He halted on the Landing and applying his ear close to the open door could plainly hear the conversation in the room. Apparently there were three men and they were discussing the advisability of blowing open a Small Safe which stood in the room evidently the receptacle of the Silver and other valuables of the household. Due of the men was for trying to pick the combination lock As tiie noise of the explosion he feared might awaken the servants in the rear of the mansion. The first burglar insisted the colonel would not be at Homo that night and they might As Well take their time to make a Good Job of it. Having heard this much and being satisfied of the intentions of the intruders Larry quietly descended the stairs and returned to the Library to put his idea into execution. He first closed the door leading into the Hall and then groped his Way 111 the dark Ness to a Corner of the room where he knew a Telephone instrument was located. Larry had often sat in his room waiting for the colonel to answer the message he had brought from the City station and was familiar with the apartment. He knew that this Telephone had a patented arrangement attached to the transmitter to enable one to speak in a lower tone of voice. By the Aid of this instrument one could almost speak in a whisper and yet be distinctly understood by the listener at the other end of the wire. Covering the two Call Bells on the Telephone with his hand to Deaden the sound of their ringing Larry turned the Crank at once and taking Down the receiver listened for the reply of the operator at the Central office. Quot go me 279,�?� said Larry in a Low tone of voice when he received the cheery Quot hello a of the girl at the Central office. In another moment he distinguished the voice of the night Elerk at the Mutual District messenger office and the familiar Quot Well a with which that person answered All Telephone Calls. Quot mister Fisher this is Larry a said the boy in a whisper. "80 i observe a answered the night clerk. Quot so not so loud if you Plaze a cautioned Larry forgetting that or. Fishers voice however loud could not be heard beyond the receiver at his own ear. Quot mister Fisher in a at the Folia More a and there a burglars up stairs. Send word to the police station Quick. In a in the Larry spoke slowly and distinctly and evidently or. Fisher took in the whole situation immediately. The exclamation of Surprise which he uttered was half Cut off by his closing the Telephone suddenly. Larry knew that the night clerk would act promptly and that help would be forthcoming at once. He closed the Telephone and stole softly Back to the window confident that at that very moment a patrol Wagon Load of men would be leaving the station House. Quot yes and Tlam Omad Hauns will be after driving up the Avenue ringing their gongs and giving the whole thing away a said Larry to himself As he climbed out of the window. Quot i think id better ride Down and meet mounted his wheel to return to the office. A a a anyhow in be done my duty said Larry As he Rode along and if Thirn j fellas done to catch the rogues its no fault a when he reached the office he was besieged with questions by the night Elerk and the other employees and for the time Larry was quite a hero. In about half an hour the patrol Wagon drove Back on its Way to the police station and inside securely Liand cuffed were the three burglars. They had been completely surprised and had surrendered without a struggle. When the Wagon stopped in front of the office Larry mounted the step and said Quot there a just one thing 1 would like to ask you fellas who turned in the Call for a messenger Bye a Quot that must a been me a answered one of the burglars. Quot i was feeling along the Wall to get to the door of the Library and i ran my coat sleeve up against a Little kind of Crank that moved and made a sort of clicking Quot that accounts for the Call not coming in full a said Larry to the a igbo clerk. Quot the Crank Only went half Way Quot and now me remarked Larry to the burglars Quot me advice to you is done to try to Rob a House Whin there a a Call Box in the Library and Larry Dolan s on a muttered growl from the Trio was the Only answer As the Wagon drove on. Col. Collamore had spent the night in the City and the first news he had of the attempt to Rob his House and the failure of the Effort was the announcement in the morning papers. In the afternoon he drove Home and stopped at the Mutual District office on his Way out where he found or. Fisher just coming on duty for the night. The colonel had some conversation with him and then drove on. That evening when Larry came on duty he found a Large Square envelope on his table bearing the Collamore stamp. When he opened it lie found a Check for $50 and the following note Quot col. Collamore presents his compliments to or. Larry Dolan and begs to apologize for the unfortunate incident of last summer which placed or. Larry Dolan in an embarrassing predicament for a Short time. Col. Collamore also begs or. Larry Dolan to accept the enclosed As a slight testimonial for the conspicuous services rendered by him last a Faith lies apologized at last a said Larry to the night clerk a and a course his apology is accepted. Moreover in a no longer a messenger Twenty six a but mister Larry \ he could plainly hear the conversation inthe room. Found in an Ostrich s stomach. The stories about the omnivorous appetite of an Ostrich Are sometimes received with scepticism. But actual facts As revealed by a postmortem examination of one of these Birds which recently died in Central Park new York would seem to indicate that the half had next been told. The digestive capabilities of an Ostrich Are even greater than those of a Harlem Goat and it is less particular As to what it swallows. The Ostrich which was dissected by a taxidermist a few7 Days ago had Quot in his stomach the following articles one wooden Clothespin two pieces of Glass the Bottoms of Beer bottles Mouth Harmonica five inches Long and to o inches wide a Metal skate key the Ferrule of an umbrella with a piece of the stick in it about four inches Long an Ordinary brass door key five inches Long a woman a Black Horn comb a woman s silk handkerchief two pieces of Coal about an Inch thick and three stones about an Inch thick with some cabbage grass Bank president Isaac Lewis of Sabina Ohio is highly respected All through that Section. He has lived in Clinton co. 75 years and has been president of the Sabina Bank 20 years. He gladly testifies to the Merit of Hood s Sarsaparilla and what he says is worthy attention. All brain workers find hoods Sarsaparilla peculiarly adapted to their needs. It makes pure Rich red blood and from this comes nerve mental bodily and digestive strength. Quot i am glad to Bay that hoods Sarsaparilla is a very Good Medicine especially As a blood purifier. It has done me Good Many times. For several years i suffered greatly with pains of neuralgia in one Eye and about my temples especially at night when i had been having a hard Day of physical and mental labor. I took Many remedies but found help Only in ii oods Sarsaparilla which cured me of rheumatism neuralgia and headache. Hoods Sarsaparilla has proved itself a True Friend. I also take hoods pills to keep my bowels regular and like the pills very Isaac Lewis Sabina Ohio. Hoods Sarsaparilla Lithe one True blood purifier. All druggists. $1. Prepared Only by c. I. Hood amp co., Lowell mass. R him Are prompt efficient and a look s i is easy in effect 25 cents. The greatest fied ical discovery of the age. Kennedy a medical discovery. A _ Donald Kennedy do Roxbury mass., has discovered in one of our common pasture weeds a remedy that cures every kind of humor from the worst scr Fula Down to a common pimple. He has tried it in Over eleven Hundred cases and never failed except in two cases both Thunder humor. He has now in his Possession Over two Hundred certificates of its value All within Twenty Miles of Boston. Send postal card for Book. A Benefit is always experienced from the first bottle and a perfect cure is warranted when the right Quantity is taken. When the lungs Are affected it causes shooting pains like Needles passing through them the same with the liver or bowels. This is caused by the ducts being stopped and always disappears in a week after taking it. Read the Label. If the stomach is foul or bilious it will cause squeamish feelings at first. No change of diet Ever necessary. Eat the Best you can get and enough of it dose one tablespoonful in water of bedtime. Sold by All druggists. Wall paper free would be dearer than Ala Bastik which does not require to be taken off to renew does not Harbor germs but destroys them and any one can Brush it on. Sold by Alj paint dealers. Write for card with samples. Lab Affine c0-. Grand rapids. Mich. Websters International his tonary the one great Standard authority so writes Hon. P. J. Brevier Justice u. 6. Supreme court. Send a postal for specimen pages Etc. Successor of the unabridged. A 9 m Standard of the it. S. Ltd ova to print Enji office the u. S. A so i preme court Oil them the supreme courts pu-1 of nearly All the schoo looks. Warmly commended by state superintendents al or tools Anil other Educ tors Amobi without number. The Best for everybody because it �9 easy to find the word wanted. It is easy to ascertain the pronunciation. It is easy to Trace the growth of a word. It �9 easy to learn what a word Means. Ent putting on his shoes but not stopping to lace them be mounted Bis wheel and shot Down the driveway and into the Avenue Over which he sped at his Best Endeavor. After a few minutes of Riding he saw two specks of red Light far Down the Avenue and he know that the patrol Wagon was coming in answer to his message. Dismounting lie unfastened his bicycle lamp and after lighting it. Stood in the Middle of the Street. Directly he could hear the Clatter of the horses feet and sure enough occasionally the Clang of the Gong As they passed a Street crossing. When the patrol Wagon was about half a Square away Larry swung his lamp from Side to Side As a signal to Stop and was rewarded by tie Driver pulling up the team alongside him. In a few words he told the sergeant of the situation at the Collamore Villa and suggested that the burglars might he easily captured if the police would surround the House without noise. The patrol Wagon drove on and Larry lettuce celery common dirt and a few minor pieces of vegetables. The Bird did not die from the effects of the junk shop in its stomach but from tuberculosis. A Braff gnat. Quot yer a blow year a i heard one newsboy say to another on Park Row the other Day. Quot yer Are a liar a Quot no i Hain to yer Blower around that yer Fadder was sent to sing sing fur tree years a Quot and Wasny the a Quot naw Only got two months at de Island All de kids is on to be and yes a better Tumble Over yer Ueck a a Detroit free press. The Chicago tines Therald syn Webster dictionary in in form Iriti Lulu e Jin Bonty on everything i artau Milf to our laminate n theory of play. Boiro and definition. It there is no Appeal Lisa perfect As Lui Man i hoi Tun j scholarship can make . 14,1&j3. G. C. Mek Kiam co., publishers Spring eld mass., . A Cumle she a smoking tobacco j ? 2 of. For 5 cents. F cum Ash i f cheroots�?3 for 5 cents. F give a Good Mellow. Healthy f a pleasant smoke. Try them. F m Lyos amp co. Tobacco works dirham k. C. $ up Parker a hair Balsam cleanses and beautifies the half. Promote a Lortman growth. Never fails to restore Gray hair to its Youthful color. Cure Scalp diseases amp hair of Aliice. 50c, and $1.00 at druggist he meant the planet. Minnie he said that you reminded him of Venus Mamie dear me the impudent �?8aid you looked so much better after Dark.�?Indianapolis journal. Lindsey. Of Munji. Rubbers w. N. U., omaha�?16�?1896 when writing to advertisers kindly mention this paper

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