Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
9 May 1896

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Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
9 May 1896

Read an issue on 9 May 1896 in Blackfoot, Idaho and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Blackfoot News.

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - May 9, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoUses and to div Vea led tho fact been robbed a a search ult Ere Billy be that the old Man Hail Well As Murdell. A it a a a a it a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a have you Ever strolled in the quaint old City of san Antonio to where Ike River cuts like a steel knife Blade through the Hills it runs in the rift Between the Hills As if nature had carved its course in the dark and tangled it All up. Like a Silver Blue rile Bon in the Forest of Mosquito Vinye. Have you Ever followed is winding t and looked upon the haunted House standing High above the River a brim and see dark upon its mouldering Walls the print of a bloody hand no then 1 will fell you the Story it happened Many year ago. $ it was new years eve a raw wind swept through the clefts Between the Hills and dashed the Spray of the san Antonio River in a monotonous swish against the Steep overhanging Bank. What with the Rush of the wind through the Trees and the beat of the turbulent Waves minor sounds were swallowed up in a general discord of nature. On the Bridge spanning the River stood Francesco Pitro and Juan Tasca their sombre of drawn Low Over their faces their throats muffled to keep off the cutting wind. Pitro dashed his hand against the Bridge Mil. A i Tell you Juan a he cried a if Raschal Quito were not the old misers Only heir he should marry my daughter. A proud Lazy trifling a Pitro caught his breath sharply As the sound of a cry shrill and away floated Down the River. A what is that a he said grasping Tasea sarm a some one cried As if a As if in death Tasca Drew his Muffler Down from one ear. A i hear nothing a he said. A it was the cry of a Jaguar you heard no doubt. You Are excited enough to hear a per haps a assented Pitro a yet something in the cry i Tasca moved Forward. A you were talking of Young Quito a he reminded. A yes the boy is wild apparently trifling but there is an element of Good about him. The Way the eld Uncle of his treats him is enough to drive the Energy out of any spirited Young fellow he has never had a Chance to show what is in him Good or bad. Now there was the Timon a Quot i want to hear no Praise of a. Quito a interrupted Pitro harshly. A there my daughter might have made a Fine match with Senor Hoe a True a Little old for so Lovely a girl but a Man of standing of wealth yet what can i say who knows what sums of Gold that old Man Quito has hidden one cannot Overlook that. And when my Nita throws her arms about my neck and vows that she will marry no one but Rase a 1, Only Raschal what can i say she is my Only one my Little a no fairer sweeter child Ever blessed a fathers Home a added Tasca. They were Over the Bridge now and nearing Pitros Home. From a different directions who May just say when a a. Tail Young figure had just left that Home. A Good night. My Nita Mia a he had said folding his Beautiful Young Fiancee in his arms a you will not have Long to wait. If my Uncle will not support me in decency nor allow me to support myself we will marry anyhow. I have a plan and i will not Tarry Long in accomplishing Monitas soft dark eyes flashed a love Light up into his face her red lips closed like a Rosebud for a kiss. A i will never marry any one but you a she cried a a a it is Only you i with these words ringing in his ears Paschal Drew his cloak around him and disappeared in the gloom of the Mesquite shadows. Some distance Down the River miser Quito As he was called sat muttering in his Home. The fire was Bright that warmed him he did not have to spend Money for fuel the room was comfortable his family had been Well to do All they had left was his. A Why does that wretched boy stay out late a he muttered. A always anxious to leave me when any one might come to this lonely place and Rob me. Always anxious to work for his living pah As if i could Trust a hireling to protect me As Raschal a presence does. A i will make him suffer for this delay wretch that he is to leave me thus alone a a heavy step sounded on the Stair outside the door was pushed open As the old Man unbolted it and a tall cloaked figure stepped into the room. What followed during a bitter alternation belated passersby who heard the raised voices could not say. Was not miser Quito forever quarrelling with Raschal and now that he had forbidden Raschal to marry was not the quarrelling Likely to be worse than Ever. My Nita Lay sleeping through the Early morning hours Mie fringe of her Long lashes Lay on the rounded flush of her Cheeks and blotted out that c rim spin hued Shadow that had fallen upon her life. Right toy Ftp wedding they had., Whiite the Pat amp i before the Church was Gay with a joyous crowd. Raschal unearthed his uncles treasure from its hiding place but to this imy you May Sec standing High above the Brit of the narrow River tho delaying wails of the haunted House whose door is sealed with the imprint of a Crimson hand. Of All Amantonio she was the Only cattle twin by Miri oily. One who did not go to look at the print of the crimes hand. Of All san Antonio Tasca was the Only Man who could not see that the contour of the red Palm and blood dripping fingers was that of Raschal Quito. The text Day miser Quito was buried in his own grounds for no Money could i found for burial else there and the expense that the town went to was Yiai out of the Sale of some of his handsome effects. They were sold at a Mere trifle for the people said a Raschal Well never come Back to vie hanged a and they did not scruple to make Good such a Chance for acquiring the heirlooms of the Quito family Hough miser Quito Saverice had not left any too Many for Sale. The Hunt for Ras Cliel was a Sava Ltd a one but fruitlessly and finally it was abandoned. A the must have drowned himself Quot the people said a perhaps when the River is Low in the fall we May find his a you remember that cry a asked Pitro of Tasca a at first 1 thought it was old Man Quito a voice now i knew it was that of Raschal As he plunged into the a perhaps a assented Tasca. The misers House was locked and time wore on until the wild Flowers of Texas made a covering of Blue and Gold Over miser quite of grave and the Mark of the Crimson hand grew less vivid in Hue. My Nita Clung to the belief that Raschal was innocent that he would Send for her some Day when it was Safe to do so and she never questioned her intent to go when the time came. Tasca alone Learned her belief and it was wonderful Liow. After Tasca had assured her that it was also his own she bloomed again into modern a filler give them the care on Ocean voyages. The improvement in the arrangements made for the Protection of animals during tin voyage across the Atlantic arc said by or. Ten Nan principal of the animals division of the Hoard of agriculture to have fairly kept Pace with the increase of the Trade. During the Early Days the losses owing to tempestuous weather bad ventilation and other causes were often of a very serious character and in sonic instances resulted in the destruction of the entire living cargo. As experience was gained however and improvement took place and since the year 1s89, when the losses among cattle amounted to no less than Twenty one of every thousand that were embarked there has been a steady decrease in the mortality among this class of animals until in 1893. It was reduced to three per thousand and during the year 1889 to five per thousand. Sheep Are at All times bad travellers when compared with cattle the losses among them during a Long journey being almost always Large and during the five years in question the average losses amounted to a Twenty eight per thousand notwithstanding the fact however. That the importation during 1894 increased nearly eight fold and leaped up to upward of 4<x ,000, the losses during the past year Only amounted to seventeen per thousand. A London news. He had Heava her say so. That it is Only step from the Sublime to the ridiculous is Well illustrated by the following amusing incident that happened a few sabbaths ago in a Well known Church and caused no Little merriment among the teachers. The superintendent was telling the wee Small folks of the custom in certain countries of chaining the prisoners hands and feet together. A and a she asked a a done to you suppose that if some one came and released them they would be Happy and grateful a it was unanimously agreed that they would a and a continued the superintendent coming to her Point a Jesus was sent to the world to release people from their sins. Are any of you Here bound with the chains of sin a a no a piped the 4-year-old of the minister a a in a not but my grandmother Post. Some Georgia philosophy. The Man that sings the loudest in Church throws his head so Back that he can to see the collection Basket when it comes along. 8ome folks Are so fond of trouble they can t enjoy Honey for thinking of what might have happened if the Bee had stung Mem. The Road to heaven is so narrow that some people have about decided there is not room for two at a time. When you hear a Man saying that this is a a hard world ten to one he a broken his leg trying lofty when he should have been Constitution. When travelling whether on pleasure Bent or business take on every trip a bottle of syrup of figs As it acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys liver arid bowels preventing fevers headaches and other forms of sickness. For Sale in 50 cent and $1 bottles by All leading druggists. Manufactured by the California Fig syrup company Only. Every Man has reason to be thankful that the fool Uii Ier is dead. Large quantities of fish Are being shipped from Maine to Cuta. Denny in the hair. No woman can be wholly Plain who has Beautiful hair nor on the other hand can any be wholly Beautiful if Lovely the hair is faulty. A recent writer on state of Ohio City of Toledo Lucas county is. Frank j. Cheney makes Oah that he is the senior partner of the firm of f. J. Cheney amp co., doing business in the City of Toledo county and state aforesaid and that said firm will pay the sum of one Hundred dollars for each and every Case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Halls Catarrh cure. Frank j. Cheney. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this 6th Day of december a. D. 1886. A. W. Gleason. Seal notary Public. Halls Catarrh cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials free. F. J. Cheney amp co., Toledo Ltd sold by druggists 75c. Hall s family Pilis 25c. Merry Maiden she had been before this tragedy had swept across her life. The roses came Hack to her Cheeks and she no longer refused to see her friends. Rut she grow quiet and staid As year after year went by without a sign from Raschal and All san Antonio was talking about the sound of loud voices that were heard after Nightfall in the Quito House and every new years eve along the course of the River there rang a muffled cry. Which chilled the blood in the veins of the hearers and hastened them away from the dark haunted Stream. Time never hushed these cries years never wiped away the imprint of that Scarlet hand beside the door nor turned the love of Beautiful my Nita into another Channel. The care of this important Factor says a brushing is a sure Means of beautifying the hair. Brush not one minute but ten not once a Day but several times each Day. Two brushes Are indispensable one for the rough use of cleaning the hair and the other for pol the supreme Coert wit. The grave and reverend justices of the supreme court sometimes of Tener indeed than might be suspected descend from the dignity that Marks their official and Public life and do not scorn to indulge in Little pleasantries and frivolities that Ordinary mortals Ejov. The other Day or. Justice Gray was in a reminiscent mood and began the narration of an incident with the sentence a when i was a Little or. Justice Shiras broke in with the incredulous remark a you done to mean to say you were Ever a Little boy a a Washington Star. I suing for it. Use a Black Brush for former purpose and a White one the latter. Washing in soap and water spoils brushes. The Way to clean them is to rub them thoroughly with bran which removes All the grease and leaves them stiff and firm As Ever. When the bristles of a Brush become too Limber for use they can be renewed again by dip dug them into a liquid composed of one part spirits of ammonia and two parts of water. This will also cleanse from All Greasy it must let of confessed that a for the Ordinary Young woman these it was nearing Christmas one Day instructions a re a bit formidable. If and As they files a into the open door of she is to Brush her hair for ten minutes san Fernando a Man waiting beside at a time and several times a Day it it stepped Forward at the approach of Means that she must give thirty forty Juan Tasca and said or fifty minutes daily to this task. Quot you Are sheriff Tasca a there Are few who can devote an hour to 99 it was in the Gray Light of new years morning that Marco the woodcutter looked up As he passed miser Quito a House and saw the print of a bloody hand on the Wall beside the door. Morco grew Pale through his Swarthy skin. Bloody deeds were not uncommon sights about san Antonio. Marco had no horror of them. But whoever saw a Seal like that upon the Wall of a Many a House Marco turned with a sudden weakness in his Knees and hurried into the town. Among the Rush of people who hastened past Marco on his return to the Quito House were Tasca and Pitro. As if answering an unspoken accusation Tasca turned to the door crying a this is not the Mark of Raschal a hand the fingers Are too Short and Broad for no one noticed him As the crowd pushed its Way into the miser s living room and looked Down with a sort of horror upon Rise battered remains of the Oil miser lying in a Pool of blood. The old Many a Nephew had Many More enemies than friends and from them burst a cry like the yelp of bloodhounds upon a murderers track Raschal a they scattered in every direction in a self constituted search for the murderer. He was nowhere on the Prem Tasea nodded a a then you Are wanted at once take the deposition of a dying Man. A that is not my business a began to sea. A no matter a urged the latter a the says you Are the Only Friend Raschal Jiyto had and a �?o1 will come cried Tasca growing White at the sudden thought of Raschal Whin reach living dying he hurried the Man on his Way till he paused at the door of a ranch Many a House on the outskirts of the town Fritz Van Meister a Man of unsocial habits but not lacking friends. A there a cried Tasca As he followed his guide into the House. A yes Here a answered the Man ushering him into Van Mel stars bedroom and pointing to his dying form upon the bed. The Shock of seeing the unexpected rendered Tasca dumb. �?o1 am dying a moaned Van Meister a i must confess. The priest has thrived me but you Are Raschal a Only friend�?1 murdered the Uncle. He does not know a what a yelled Tasca with a Tiger like Spring toward the bed. The dying Man shrank. A yes i murdered him but i never meant to. He owed me Money i tried a Long time to get it in vain. That night he was alone. I threatened him. A but he was bad and cruel i struck him in my anger. I did not mean to kill him but he fell dead at my feet. Then the Devil got into me. You know How i crushed him. No one was there i took All the Money i found not much for he had hidden his wealth Well. When i got out into the fresh air the Devil left me. I grew weak to think what i had done. I leaned against the Wall to keep from falling. I heard the sound of Raschal a voice humming a love song�?1 hear it now that and old Quito s voice when he fell. I ran Down stairs and hid in the Shadow As Raschal passed me and went up. I heard him cry out i heard him afterwards say a no one will believe 1 did not do it. They will hang me without shrift. Of my Little my Nita. And must i leave you a a i heard no More. These words steadied my brain. I went Home no longer fearing the Brand of the murderer Safe to live on with his family. Now a he ended spent with exertion of the recital a i am ready to Tasca looked at the Man who had followed him into the room. A you heard All Quot he asked. A a All a they replied. A then help me to find Raschal a he said and left the House without one backward look at the Man who Hod wrought so much evil. Each Day to brushing the hair or even half an hour. Yet it is a most helpful treatment and if followed faithfully for even a few minutes each Day the result will prove most Gratifying. Charley Lamb s love of the . Once and again it would seem a Man is born into this world belated. 8trayed out of a past age he comes among us like an alien lives removed and singular and Dies a stranger. There was a touch of this strangeness in Charles Lamb. Much As he was loved and befriended he was not much understood for he Drew aloof in his studies affecting a a self pleasing quaintness in his style took no pains to hit the taste of his Day wandered at Sweet Liberty at an age which could scarcely have bred such another. A hang the age a he cried. A i will write for and he did. He wrote As if it were still Shakespeare a Day made the authors of that spacious time his constant companions and study and deliberately became himself a the last of the when a new Book came out. He said he always read an old . I believe Fison a cure is the Only Medicine that will cure m. Ross Williamsport fa., nov. 12, ?95. Nyers favorite st Ory. Bill Nyers pet Story was the one As to How he was charged $4 for a Sandwich in a Village in new Jersey. He told the Man who sold it that it was a High Price for a Sandwich and said that he had frequently gotten a ten course dinner with four kinds of wine for just Mak a speech and finally asked the Man Why he charged $4 for a Ham Sandwich. A Well ill Tell you a said the Sandwich Man a the fact is by Gad i need the free press. Jowa farms for Sale on crop payments 10 per cent Cash balance m crop yearly until paid for. J. Mulhall Waukegan 111. Some people love just for meanness. A i have half a notion to end my existence a said the dejected youth. A i have nothing on Earth to live a better wait a while a said the Cumminsville Sage. A after you get a few years older you wont want anything to live for. Just living will be considerable enquirer. An Idle scavenger. The bowels act the part of a scavenger inasmuch As Thev remove much of the debris j the waste effete matter of the system. When i they grow Idle neglectful of duty it is of the utmost Imp trance that they should be j impelled to activity. Hostetter a stomach j bitters effects this desirable object without griping them like a drastic purgative. The a bitters is also efficacious for malaria Bil a Lious dyspeptic and kidney troubles. Getting Keady for the show. Young Perkins had been paying court to the Bill poster a daughter for some time but no engagement seemed to come of it the father becoming impatient said to Perkins finally a Young Man when does your show open a �?o1 Haven to any show a replied Perkins. A i thought you had for you and sue have been Billing for some time Perkins took the hint proposed and was accepted and the show commenced not Long 8iftin is. If the baby is cutting teem. Be Rury and use that old and Well tried remedy mits. A Vuk slow a soothing sir for children teething coed to cough Balsam is the eldest and Best. It will break up a cold q or than any thine else. It is always reliable. T i Efey by 1ft� t a double punishment. A Man was in the Dock charged with theft. He pleaded but the jury a verdict was a not the judge was not at All satisfied with the result of the trial and remarked to the prisoner a you do not leave this court without a stain upon your character for by your own confession you Are a thief and by the verdict of the jury you Are a me up. Iowa Patent office report. A kind voice. There is no Power of love so hard to get and to keep As a kind voice. A kind hand is deaf and dumb. It May be rough in flesh and blood yet do the important in milling. Toc. F. Murray work of a soft heart and do it with a Desmoines March 25.�?patents have been allowed but not yet issued As follows to m. Macy of Adel Iowa for a gauge for flouring Mill rollers. The device is very simple Strong and durable and Well adapted to show whether or not the rollers Are trimmed or parallel while in motion. Rollers Are often parallel when stationary and yet out of Tram when rotating and the device for detecting such defect is very of Des Moines a practical Railroad soft touch. But there is no one thing Man for a Block signal system that that love so much needs As a Sweet will operate automatically to protect a voice to Tell what it Means and feels i train in front and rear when going in and it is hard to get and keep it in the either direction. It is designed to be right tone. One must Start in youth used at stations and on dangerous and be on the watch night and Day at curves etc., and is positively actuated work and at play to get and keep a by the passing trains. Six United voice that shall speak at All times the i states patents were issued to thoughts of a kind heart. It is often in a Iowa inventors on the 17th. Youth that one gets a voice or a tone i printed copies of the drawings and that is Sharp and it Sticks to him specifications of any one Patent sent through life and stirs up ill will and to any address for 25 cents. Valuable grief and Falls like a drop of Gall on information for inventors about secur the sweets of Home. Watch it Day by Hig valuing and Selling patents sent Day a a Pearl of great Price for it will free. Be Worth More to you in Days to come than the Best Pearl hid in the seas. A kind voice is to the heart what Light is to the Eye. It is a Light that sings As Well As shines. Power of a i hitting stroke. It is no doubt interesting to express the Force of a stroke of lightning in horse Power. During a recent storm which passed Over Klaus Hal Germany a Bolt struck a wooden column in a dwelling and to the top of this column were two wire nails 5-32 of an Inch in diameter. The electric fluid melted the two nails instantly. To melt Iron in this Short time would be it was strange to and How Many men impossible in the largest Furnace now found excuses for Rachals unsocial in existence and it could Only be ability in the past. How could a pen complis cd with the Aid of electricity Niles Man tied fast to a lonely old but a current 200 amperes and a porn i ser. Find time or Money for friends Tennial of 20,000 volts would be Neces or society they remembered that it sary. This electric Force for one Sec was pity for the feeble friendless crea ond represents 5,000 horse Power but that had kept Raschal beside his As the lightning accomplished the Uncle. They remembered his kindness melting in considerable less time say is his coldness and Pride were for .1 of a second it follows that the Bolt gotten. What a Welcome they gave him when he returned Ere the end of the week a Man with a Resolute face his Black hair threaded with Gray with a comfortable business in another state where he had adopted another name and prospered. If my Nita was no longer in the first Bloom of her youth she was in the full Flower of her Beauty and it was a Thomas g. At it j. Ralph Objio solicitors of patents was 50,000 horse . Grotte Witz in a German review. A horrible catastrophe. A had an Accident on my last trip today a said one Tram conductor to another. A what was it a a woman said a thank you to a Man who gave her his another penalty of greatness. The gifted but impecunious literary Genius wrote an impassioned letter to a personal Friend asking him in the name of Sweet Charity to lend him $10 to keep him from starving. I May not get the $10,�?� he Soliloquy sized bitterly As he sealed it a but some Day a mercenary grandchild of his will get $100 for this letter.�?chi-Cago Tribune. Half fare excursions via the Wabash the Short line to st. Louis and Quick route East or South april 7th, 21st and May 5th. Excursions to All Points South at one fare for the round trip with $2.00 added. June 16th, National Republican convention at st. Louis. July 3dl National educational association at Buffalo. July 9th, Christian Endeavor convention at Washington. July 22nd, National people and Silver convention at st. Louis. For rates time Tab is and further information Call at the Wabash ticket office 1415 Farnam st., Paxton hotel Block or write Geo. N. Clayton n. W. Pass. neb. No Man Ever thought a woman was an Ange though Many of them have lied about there is pleasure and profit and no Small sat is action in Abatti g troublesome and Tain tul ills by using Parker Sauger tonic. If you love anyone Well enough to die for him first get your life insured in his favor. It a to easy to remove Corn with Tuat a wonder so Many will a mire them. Get Himle Corus and see Bow nicely it takes Ihen Oil. Cast Iron pennies Birmingham. Are in circulation in fits a 11 fits stopped free by or. Kline a Gre to nerve restorer. No fits after t or amp to Day a use. Marvelous cures. Treatise and $2 trial Lottie free to it lit casts Send to in. Kulju Ejka Laren bt., philo., to a everyone makes the fatal Blunder of telling their secrets so those who teil their secrets. Billiard table second hand for Sale cheap. Apply to or address h. C. Attn 511 a la the st., Omaha Neh 9000000000000000000 such ills As soreness stiffness and the like oooo oooo poets break out. In the springtime. And a great Many who Are not poets pay tribute to the season in the same Way. The difference is that the poet Breaks out in about the same spot annually while More prosaic people break out in various parts of the body. Its natural. Spring is the breaking out season. It is the time when impurities of the blood work to the surface. It is the time therefore to take the purest and most powerful blood purifier Ayers Sarsaparilla ssi Gold Given to party who bends us the largest numb a 9. Word Only our firm name with order for one lot of ten packages of our Choice Flo Quot he seeds on receipt 46o, or five lots for 1.00. Thl a a pc Cial inducement to place our 1896 varieties la every Home at less than Cost. Send Money order of Stamps. Preserve this As it will Chicago Flower Spottl co., not appear again in site Sima st., Cleage. Of agents. Trade Marks. Examination and advice As to of invention. Send for a a inventors guide re a ova to go a pat3isk 07a3bsll, Washta of c. Write for want von want to the m ecu pm investment co., mining Exchange Denver Colo. St. Jacobs 01 wipes out promptly and effectually. Walter Baker amp Cocoa is pure its All Cocoa a no filling a no Walter Baker amp co., Ltd., Dorchester mass. A photograph of Mont Blanc has taken at a distance of fifty six ofies. Been 44 no wonder poor Dinnies so tired carrying All Day that great big piece of m no matter How much you Are charged for a Small piece of other brands the Chew is no better than u Battle for 10 cents you get almost twice As much As of other High Grade goods. The 5 cent piece is nearly As Large As other to cent pieces of equal Quality. C

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