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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - May 9, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoAmerican securities. A Why is not this Odd or. Ascott to have letters alike with the same English postmark. Of they must be from your brother. Its very kind of him to write to me instead of Mamma a Isnit it a the pretty girl smiled mischievously at her Mother and or. Ascott As she opened her letter. Or. Ascott had come with them from their Western Home to see them off for Europe lie smiled too As he began Reading his letter and then sighed a really who thought., a what a Case Arthur is a Quot he does not seem to have written so cheerfully to you As to me a said Elizabeth noticing or. Ascott s perturbed expression. Quot what does Arthur Ascott say Elizabeth does he give us those addresses we wish a asked mrs. Board Niau. Quot ves Mamma he sends every address you desired and will meet us at Southampton. Now i Call that downright kind when he has never Een us. Your brother must be awfully fond of you or. Ascott to do so much for your Quot of Arthur is a Jolly Chap and i have no doubt he is pleased with the idea of meeting two american ladies. In fact he says so Here a said Henry Ascott tossing his letter to the Middle of the table with the other mail and beginning his breakfast. Quot to shall be glad of a guide philosopher and Friend in the shape of a Young englishman. Does lie look like you or. Ascott i really wonder if i shall know a the will know you at any rate miss Elizabeth As i have Given him the fullest description and besides you Are to Wear your Sailor Cap and Reefer the Day you land As that is what in be written a i wonder if he will like me a asked Elizabeth demurely. A come Beth you have bothered or. Ascott enough and we have some shopping to do. Remember we have Only two Days Elizabeth picked up the swagger Blue letter and followed her Mother from the dining room. Tie next time she thought of that letter she was Well out at sea and it occurred to her that she would read it again for she was quite interested in Arthur Ascott. She found it in her Steamer trunk and was much amazed As her Eye fell upon a my dear he first impulse was to put it away As she real sized that she had exchanged letters with or. Ascott that morning in the hotel but seeing her own name on the first Page she finally succumbed to her curiosity and read it through. Her eyes sparkled and her Cheeks flushed As she put it carefully away and there was an expression of determination quite unusual about her delicately curved lips. During their stay in London mrs. Hoard Man was made fairly dizzy by her usually sedate daughter. It seemed it As if Arthur and Elizabeth were never apart. There were rides in the Parks rows on the thames Long Days of sight seeing and nights of theater and opera until the Chaperon grew weary and occasionally reverted to the american custom of letting the Young people a go it a positively Elizabeth i believe you Are in love with Arthur Ascott. He is of Good family and quite a handsome fellow but i think with your wealth and lie Auty you might make me Mother to a Duchess. You should not encourage him dear unless you Are 8 a i am serious As he will see if he Ever asks me to become his the color mounted to Elizabeth a fair brow and she lowered her eyes. The night they left for the continent Arthur asked Elizabeth to be Bis wife. He told her that he had loved her Ever since she had come to England and though it was but six weeks it seemed to him that he had lived Only since then. He took her hand and she returned his pressure slightly. A give me time to think Arthur. This is very sudden. A answer me now Dearest. There is is unsatisfactory As after dwelling most eloquently on the lady s personal and financial charms you say the dear girl sails immediately without mentioning ship or time. Kindly Cable me so 1 can meet her and Mother. Perhaps you May know How her Money is invested whether in a a Kaffir a american rails or some blasted Chicago pig sticking company As to the result of our acquaintance you May rest assured of that. Elizabeth Elizabeths scarcely euphonious you know but what a in a name i feel confident 1 shall convince her i am the soul of everything honorable etc., and Trot her off to Church. Now done to preach old Chap the present state of financial difficulties do not agree with me 1 am getting desperate. I manage to get plenty of clothes from the governors tailor and now and again Send him a customer. He has just made me a swagger Knickerbocker suit. People May think me quite Well to do but it is All my Tail mexican Cem Tery. She four us the better in her Steamer trunk. Or a fault. I Only live till i see Elizabeth. Your affectionate brother. A Arthur Ascott. On the margin of this letter was written in a girls Clear hand a this is my answer. E. Kilbourne Cowles in Chicago times Hera id. Cutting Lee by electricity. The feasibility and Economy of the electric ice Cutter has been satisfactorily demonstrated during the harvesting of the late ice crop. One form of the machine which was tested a few Days ago in new Hampshire gave excellent results. A Speed of 100 feet a minute was obtained at which rate a Groove 9 inches deep was Cut. The apparatus resembles a mowing machine with a sled in front of the wheels. Directly under the seat is a motor which drives by Means of a Belt a circular saw placed in front of the machine and also by the action of friction wheels the mowing machine wheels which propel the machine. A guide runs in the last Groove Cut which directs the machine and makes the cuts parallel. The current is conveyed through flexible conductors which drag Over the ice. The whole apparatus weighs about the same As an Ordinary horse and the operator in his mowing machine seat can by the Means of levers direct the motion of the machine and vary the depth of the Cut from one Inch to nine inches. The next step in the development of ice cutting appliances will probably be an electric ice planer. The americans Are now taking to skating with an eagerness which promises to biking it into the first rank of National Winter pastimes and the possessors of conveniently located sheets of water Are finding that by paying attention to their skating grounds they can be sure of a steady and in Many cases a handsome income while the Frost lasts. But the skater who pays admission to a Sheet of ice insists on having it planed at least once a Day. The operation As now carried on by horses is absurdly slow and unless a Large number of ice plots Are used it is difficult to plane the whole of an extensive Sheet of ice within the time allotted. An electric ice planer would remedy this. It would enable the dressing up of the ice to be done possibly in one fourth of the time and it would be one of the most popular machines of the Winter season. Until tie Clin Peron grew weary. No time like the present a pleaded Arthur. A i will answer from Paris. You must be satisfied with a then May i Hope a a i said i would answer from Paris a she repeated blushing beneath Liis ardent gaze. A week later Arthur received her letter. He beamed As he Tore open the envelope and hummed a love comes like a summer a by a Ove what s this a he gasped As he rapidly read 13 Victoria Street London s. W., May 16, 189�? dear Henry i shall be eternally grateful to you if 1 meet the charming Elizabeth. Your letter driving Bacilli oat of milk. The new York Board of health has been using a Small machine worked on the centrifugal principle As a method of determining the amount of fat in samples of milk. The machine simply whirls the milk around at a High velocity throwing the lighter or the Cream to the Center and the milk dear of fat or Cream to the outside. By a simple scale the relative amount of fat to the whole Quantity of milk can be ascertained. Large machines on the same principle Nie used in big dairies and these it is believed by the medical experts of the Board can be used As a Means of ridding milk of impurities and possibly of Bacilli. Or. Martin says lie has found that after a thousand quarts of milk had been strained through the finest Strainer and then passed through the finest Muslin. There was still a considerable Quantity of dirt in it. If this milk were put into a centrifugal machine out of 1,000 quarts a double handful of filth of the barnyard would be shaken out. Tie process seems to make tie milk More digestible partially sterilized it and enables it to keep several Days longer than the milk which Lias not been treated. At one time the Farmer was wont to keep some of the scum found on the outer Edge after the Cream skimming process to feed to his bogs. It gave so Many of them the tuberculosis and killed them that he gave it up. This encourages the Assumption that centrifugal straining runs out Bacilli As Well As dirt. The Benefit of this process to the Public would be immense but until it is made compulsory by Law or. Martin sees no probability of its general adoption. It would add Only about one eighth of a cent a quart to the Price of the milk and the Farmer would not think he was paid for his extra trouble. Besides the consumer knows nothing of dirt so he swallows it and does not complain. Where Graves Are rented at the hate of #1 per month. A correspondent describes the queer cemetery of the mexican City of Guanajuato. There is hardly room in Guanajuato for the living so it behoves her people to exercise rigid Economy in the disposition of her dead. The burial place is on the top of a Steep Hill which overlooks the City and consists of an area enclosed by what appears from the outside to be a High Wall but which discovers itself from within to be a Reso Taele for bodies which Are placed in tiers much As the confines of their native valleys compel them to live. Each apartment in the Wall is Large enough to admit one coffin and is rented for $1. Per month. The poor people Are buried in the ground without the formality of a coffin though one is usually rented in which the body is conveyed to the grave. As there Are not Graves enough to go around whenever a new one is needed a previous tenant must be disturbed and this likewise happens when a tenants rent is not promptly paid in Advance. The body is then removed from its place in the mausoleum or exhumed As the Case May be and the hones Are thrown into the basement traveller Ohe Road to Fortune by Luke Sharp. The modern heroine. A literal portraiture from tie description of a popular novel. As Many readers of fiction have had cause to complain authors and artists often work at Cross purposes and the novelists eloquent Conception of the heroines personal attributes is but faintly shadowed Forth in the artist s lines. To show How a heroine of romantic fiction actually looks our esteemed contemporary the Pathfinder handed to a realistic artist a chapter from a popular novel with instructions to make a literal portrait of the heroine. Here Are the eloquent words of the author from which the faithful portrait was drawn a Belinda was the fairest of Earth a daughters. Her shapely head was folded in the form of a perfect Oval poised gracefully on a Swan like neck. Her delicate Shell like ears looked fragile As the thinnest porcelain. Over her Alabaster forehead rested an Aureole of Golden looks that fell in a Shower All Adown her temples. Her brows were perfect Arches and under w Neath them like windows to her soul needed in building a remunerative prac shone eyes the brightest Loveen Ertice for themselves in tie Well known i suppose that most newspapermen have been approached at one time or another by people with tremendous schemes for making fortunes. Sometimes these schemes require publicity and so the owner of a world revolutionizing Patent selects a newspaper Man in the Hope of getting that publicity which the inventor thinks is All that is really needed to bring it to Success. London has always been the Happy Hunting ground for men who wish to get capital for their projects. The smoking rooms in the big hotels on Northumberland Avenue Are usually very full of americans Olio live come Over Here with great Money making schemes which require Small fortunes to set them going. There was a time when almost anything american could be floated on the London Market but that time is past and 1 doubt if it will Ever return. There is a general belief that most company promoters Are swindlers but As far As my own experience goes 1 find generally that the men believe in the schemes they have come across the Atlantic to promote. The investing part of the British Public have been so duped by the wholesale railway swindles of America and other trans Atlantic schemes for robbing them that for the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to capitalize anything from the United states. The present crisis Between the two countries has effectually killed any remnant of Confidence that the British capitalist had in american investments and now if the Man with a business to sell is Wise he will Endeavor to sell it at Home and not spend his time and substance upon London hotels. Sometimes these schemes Are not what they appear to he on the surface. Some years ago three Young men from Chicago called upon me wanting some information about the ways and the haunts of the British capitalist although Why they thought i knew anything about him is More than i can Tell. They were All lawyers and As lar As 1 could see had not yet Suc thought it advisable to drop him a hint. I said to Hope you Fellows understand that things which can he done in one country without attracting attention May be illegal in another country. In forming a company you have to be very careful that you keep within the limits of the Law and if i were you i should make no move without the advice of a competent English there was some alarm in his face As he looked quickly up at me. A Why do you say that a he asked. A because yesterday a Man dropped in Here to make inquiries about you and i suspect without being absolutely certain that he is a detective of some a did you Tell him anything about our business Over Here a asked the Young Man. A no i did not but 1 should judge from my visitors talk that he knows a Good Deal about your business a Well a said the Young Man a i know i a Mem that extreme tired feeling afflicts nearly everybody at this season. The hustlers cease to push the tireless grow weary the energetic become enervated. You know just what we mean. Borne men and women Endeavor temporarily to overcome that looked upon a pair of stars gleaming Forth resplendent. Her nose was her Only commonplace features slightly ret Rousse but redeemed a Hundred times by the roses of her Cheeks. Her Chin was a dimpled peach her lips twin cherries opened to reveal a of Teeth that had the semblance like Row of a string of milk White wonder then that with these varied charms of face she should have had the easy confident gait of one that knew the irresistible Power of her own Beauty a if artists generally were More literal perhaps authors would be less free in their use of fanciful metaphors. Electricity anti hypnotism. That the mind can so influence the body As to produce organic changes is Well illustrated by a Case detailed by Tuke where a woman saw a heavy weight falling and crushing a child a hand. She fainted and when restored to consciousness was found to have an injury on her own hand similarly located to that sustained by the child. Not Only was there a wound hut it went through the various stages of suppuration and healed by granulation. Other Well attested proofs of this Power of the mind Over the Tody Are afforded in the fact that a Blister can be raised by mental suggestion and Bat Stigmata undoubtedly occasionally appears on the hands and feet and in the Side of certain religious ecstatic who vividly see the crucifixion. Or. J. Robertson says that More patients Are cured by the firm and tactful influence and suggestiveness of the physician than by the drugs which they prescribe in the majority of cases to stimulate the imagination of the patient. He has found that electricity More than anything else appeals to the imagination of the patient and very often the effects obtained by an electric application Are purely psychological. It has frequently happened to him that through a failure to properly connect his circuits or some other slight mischance the Supply of current was Cut off and yet his patient would exhibit All the symptoms heretofore experienced when really receiving Large quantities. Or. Robertson has frequently at a word of suggestion caused the suggestion of burning at the electrode to be Felt the limb to contract or relax and Many other Phenomena to assert themselves which were usually associated with the application electric current. Another surgical procedure which has suggestion of the so called painless extraction of Teeth by using an electric Shock at the moment of pulling and thus diverting the patients attention. City of Chicago. They had a plan however of making a Fortune for themselves in a Short time and when this laudable ambition had been attained they intended to go in for name and Fame in the Law business. They claimed that there was a great Deal of Money to be made in Seal fishing. They therefore came Over to England for the purpose of raising Money enough to fit out ten Small vessels and Send them from British Columbia to engage in the sealing Trade. I pointed out to the Young men that it was rather strange for three citizens of the United states to come to a foreign country for the purpose of getting Money together with the object of disobeying the mandate of their own government but the Young men replied that they had gone deeply into International Law that the United states was wrong in its Contention that sealers could be driven from the Bering sea that the United states would undoubtedly lose its Case if it went to pearls. What arbitration and that when the decision of the International court was Given against the United states there would be a tremendous Rush into the sealing business and so they wanted to get organized thoroughly before the traffic began and before the Cream of the business was divided among too Many. The Young men said they had devoted much time to the Law on the subject and they were certain that the Case of the United states could not a novel plot anticipated. Turning Back to old London books and plays to verify the titles of a True blues and a the tost Captain a i have unearthed the fact that the plot of a East Lynne has existed on the English stage for nearly sixty years. The Strong incident of the a Post Cap lain is that of a wife leaving her husband. Who fights a Duel with the Man who ruined her and from the effects of the Duel loses his sight. In the third act the wife returns to her Home and is engaged As governess to look after her own children and husband and Dies penitent and forgiven. Here we have a East Lynne As Well As a miss Multon a and the plot dates Hack to 1836.�?London Telegraph. A three Chicago Young men from called upon me. Be made Good before Anju competent tribunal after events certainly showed that the Young men knew what they were talking about. I was unable to give the Young Fellows any assistance and the business was too much out of my line to make my advice profitable to them but they were Nice Young Fellows and often dropped in to have a Chat. I understood As time went on that their business was not prospering and that they found it difficult to interest capitalists in their scheme. Capital is notoriously timid and when there is a Chance of litigation Between two countries the natural timidity of capital seems largely increased. One Day there dropped in on me a Man with a note Book. He was a very suave person with gentle and insinuating manners and he wanted some particulars about the three Young men. I asked him if they had Given me a reference and he said they had not but he knew they called upon me occasionally and he hoped i would Tell him All i knew about them. I said that the three Young men were strangers to me had brought no letters of introduction. And i could not vouch for them in any Way. I then asked my visitor to Tell me if he would be so Good what he wanted to find out. He said that he was perhaps in the Way of doing business with them and was anxious to discover whether their record was Good or not. I suspected my caller of belonging to Scotland Yard or the detective Arm of the British government and when one of the Young men called next Day i he was a Snave person. Considerable about the Law on both sides of the Atlantic and we have been doing nothing the Young Man left and that was the last i Ever saw of the Chicago Trio. About a week Laler the suave gentleman came in again with a smile on Liis face. A Well a he said a your Birds have flown to Chicago a pronouncing the latter word with the Middle syllable As if it were spelled a ooh have they a i asked a i did no to know. I Haven to seen any of them for a a yes a lie continued a they took the hint you gave them and concluded they would be safer on the other Side. Of course you told them that i had been Here a "1 told one of them that you had been a that was Why i came. E done to want to have any trouble with these Young Fellows and i think they will enjoy themselves better on the other Side of the a what have they been doing a i asked. Quot their business seemed straight enough. They Haven to been breaking the Law have Alliey a a Well not exactly and yet they have been sailing rather close to the wind. What did they Tell you they were doing Here a a they said they wanted to get up capital to fit out a Fleet of ten Small sealing vessels to sail from British a exactly did they add that they had no intention of capturing any seals a a no. Why should they want to fit out a sailing Fleet if they caught nothing a a their object a replied the Man a was not to catch but to be caught. Their vessels were to be fitted out for no other purpose but to be caught and brought in by the United states cruisers then when the Case came to arbitration and when the United states failed to win As probably they will fail heavy suits for damages would be brought against the United states government by the nominal owners of these vessels. The three Young men were not to appear in any Way in the company but they were to share in whatever damages were to be extracted from the United states government. They were also to appear As the Legal advisers of the nominal owners of the vessels in the United states courts if the matter went to the courts. This they claimed would give them a certain Legal standing in Chicago and with the Money they were to have received the Case might not after All have turned out a bad speculation. Their design came to the ear of the authorities Over there who were anxious that nothing should be done to complicate matters. There were hardly sufficient grounds to justify the arrest of the Young men and if they had been arrested there would probably have been an outcry on the other Side that innocent Young men were being tyrannize Over by the brutal britishers. However they seemed to know very Well that they were not in legitimate business and i was very Giad they took their departure As quietly As they i intended to give still another instance of a Gigantic scheme for making a Fortune but to that 1 shall devote a separate article next free press. Big sleeve going out. Sleeves this Spring Are to be close fitting to our great Delight with simply a Small puff at the shoulder to cause the transition from puffiness to flatness to appear less abrupt. Every one rejoices Over the proposed change except the very scrawny women who adored the fashions that gave them apparent bulk. Also our skirts Are to be much narrower. Instead of the abominations known As Odets our skirts Are to be Sligo Italy shirred or plaited at the Back and sides and perfectly Fiat in front which will relieve us of the tremendous weight of material lining and interlining we have to carry about at present if we observe tie current fashions and do not in revolt at their inconvenience plunge recklessly into bicycling suits As Many women in Paris have done. Alpaca of every Shade and color is to be the favorite Spring material and wild and wonderful combinations of this once despised stuff Are being made to Gladden our eyes and empty our purses a Little later letter. Feeling by great Force of will. But this is unsafe As it pulls powerfully upon the nervous system which will not Long stand such Strain. Too Many people a a work on their nerves,t9 and the result a seen in unfortunate wrecks marked a nervous prostration a in every direction. That tired ing is a positive proof of thin weak impure blood for if the blood is Rich red vitalized and vigorous it imparts life and Energy to every nerve Organ and Viasus of the body. The necessity of taking hoods Sarsaparilla for that tired feeling is therefore apparent to every one and the Good it will do you is equally beyond question. Remember that Sarsaparilla is the one True blood purifier. All druggists. A prepared Only by c. I. Hood amp co., Lowell Maas. Are easy to take easy Loloci s pills to operate. 25cents. The greatest fled Cal discovery of the age. Kennedy a medical discovery. Donald Kennedy of r0kd�ory, mass., has discovered in one of our common pasture weeds a remedy that cures every kind of humor from the worst scr Fula Down to a common pimple. He has tried it in Over eleven Hundred cases and never failed except in two cases both Thunder humor. He has now in his Possession Over two Hundred certificates of its value All within Twenty Miles of Boston. Send postal card for Book. A Benefit is always experienced from the first bottle and a perfect cure is warranted when the right Quantity is taken. When the lungs Are affected it causes shooting pains like Needles passing through them the same with the liver or bowels. This is caused by the ducts being stopped and always disappears in a week after taking it read the Label. If the stomach is foul or bilious it will cause squeamish feelings at first no change of diet Ever necessary. Eat the Best you cd get and enough of it dose one tablespoonful in water at bedtime. Sold by All druggists. so smoking tobacco f 2 of. For 5 cents. T cheroots�?3 for 5 cents. A give a Good Mellow healthy t pleasant smoke. Try them. It i Lyon amp co. Tobacco works Drhu 1. C. F here5 your Denver train the Burlington so Denver limited a which leaves Omaha at 4 35 p. M. Daily reaching Denver at 7 30 the next morning. Fastest and most comfortable train Between the Missouri River and the Rocky mountains. Through sleepers a chair cars diner. Tickets and full information on application to the local agent or by addressing j. Francis Gen l Fass r at Omaha neb. What is al Bastine a pure permanent and artistic Wall coating ready for the Brush by mixing in cold water. For Sale by paint dealers everywhere. Maria tint a showing 12 desirable Tinta Rutt also Ai Bastine souvenir Rock sent free e 11 to Anir one mentioning this paper al Bastine co., grand rapids Mich. Iron and Wood pumps of All kinds eclipse and Fairbanks windmills towers tanks irrigation outfits Hose belting , Wood saws. Drive Points Pine fittings brass goods and Fairbanks Standard Scales. Price Low. Get the beet. Bend Fot catalogue. Fairbanks Morse amp co., 1102 Farnam st. Omaha neb. Parker a hair Balsam cleanses and beat Lff Eythe her. Promote a luxuriant growth. If Ever fails to restore Gray hair to its Youthful color. Cure Scalp disease a hair 00c, and drugging Lindsey. Omaha. Rubbers i Thompsons Eye water. N. Us a omaha�?14�?1896 when writing to advertisers kindly mention this paper. I

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