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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives May 9 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - May 9, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoYol. 9.Blackfoot, Bingham county Idaho saturday May 9, 1896. No. 50 local happenings Para graphed. The Rainy season is Here All the same As Oregon. Col. Lane Indian inspector is at Ross Fork looking Over affairs at that Agency mrs. James m. Stevens returned Friday morning from her visit to Boise. Several train loads of cattle have gone North this week. The Union Pacific gives rates to the Pocatello convention. Or. Behle will build on his recently purchased lots in the Hopkins Block. See the Brooklyn Bridge in buntings big show window. Blackfoot had a rainfall of one and one half inches tuesday. Dontot miss the comic opera monday evening. Mrs. H. K. Linger of Idaho Falls is reported dangerously ill. Our wealthiest relatives Are often the most Distant ones. Col. Bryan of Hailey is reported quite sick with Mountain fever. Done to mention May roses yet awhile talk about macintoshes Gossamer and last Winters storm Coats. Little Frank Berryman has passed the danger Point in his sickness of typhoid fever and is improving nicely. W. H. Horton West Side has gone to Custer mining Camps with a Large Load of Bacon of his own curing for Sale. In Post office circles Mountain Home will hereafter be known As Mountain Home. Or. Behle purchased wednesday of John Millick five residence lots in the Hopkins Block consideration $500. A slide in the Canon at Beaver delayed the South bound passenger train eight hours Friday morning miss Frost teacher at Ross Fork has returned from her visit in the East much improved in health. The Challis stage under present schedule reaches Blackfoot Early in the afternoon. Lucern Hay has become very scarce with the ranchers and has been advanced in Price to $5 per ton. If you will you May worry yourself into the grave and lots of people will help you there with their troubles. According to the almanac this is May according to tuesdays weather it is Winter. Life is too Short to worry about your neighbor. Keep in the Middle of the Road yourself. Done to miss seeing the handsome Bridge scene display of notions in buntings big show window. M. H. Houston of Houston Copper mining Camp came in town for a Load of freight this week. Congress will adjourn May 18th, if the Senate says so. The House adopted a Resolution favouring adjournment that Day. The wild Flowers May not be ashamed of the May weather but they Are drooping their Lovely faces very Low. The Spanish planter is the Best 5c. Cigar in Blackfoot. Hull amp Greene. Fresh soda Pearl Oyster Lemon snap lady Finger fruit biscuit Cracker. Full Cream cheese horse radish strained Honey at Biethan a. The Clouds of the week did not show any Silver linings but their rainfall will bring Many Silver dollars to the Farmers and Stock men. The heavy rainfall in the Wood River District will cause such rises in the Rivers As to endanger All Bridges. One Hundred thousand sheep Are grazing in the Vicinity of Dubois Fremont county. A b. Wheelers show window of groceries makes As handsome and tempting display As a California exhibition of its Orange fruits. Done to miss seeing it. Reports from the different counties of the state show that last saturdays primaries very largely selected Dubois delegates to the conventions. Mrs. Rea expects to leave for Montana next tuesday morning. Mrs. Osborn will accompany her As far As Anaconda where she will visit a few weeks. Arthur g. Whitter has taken rooms in the rear of the news office where he will open a real estate and insurance office. House cleaners use al Bastine at Ben h. Fern is has. Sometimes a Man gets a reputation for being close because he has paid All his debts and Hasni to any Money left to get a reputation with for being Liberal. Six inches of Snow fell on the Divide Between Chesterfield and fort Hall tuesday night but it disappeared during the following Day. The secret of the jews Success is that he done to devote two thirds of his time to somebody else a business and the other third to running the government. Five hobos of the Cross tie travelled class were lodged in jail wednesday evening some for 10 and some for 30 Days. Sex governor West of Utah is said to be an applicant for the position in the Treasury department lately held by Hon. Frank w. Beane. The coming National Campaign will be unusually exciting the state Campaign will be full of interest but we must not Overlook county affairs. County officers Are the closest to us. It is a rare Man who Hasni to some kind Friend to Tell him the Nasty things said of him by Bac biters. The freight trains still refuse to recognize passengers with hand bags on the platforms. They pass without the Ordinary salutations of the Day Good morning and Good evening. Charlie Woods has been placed in charge of the Odd Fellows cemetery by the order and parties wanting lots or information about lots water etc., Are referred to him. Russ Hitt a prominent Young business Man of Idaho Falls is reported very sick with inflammatory rheumatism at the hot Springs near Ogden. Miss Susie Clark has gone Down to assist in alleviating his sufferings. Rev. Or. Yost held the 3d quarterly conference for Blackfoot station thursday evening. Or. Kellerman presiding elder is attending the general conference at Cleveland Ohio. The bravest Are not always tenderest As the poet sings. There is the red game rooster for instant he will fight a Bird double his size but he cuts up Tough in a pot pie. Deputy sheriff Pete Bain has been exercising his jail Birds in building sidewalks. The exercise is healthy for the Birds and Good for citizens doing business at the court House. Or. Stander of the West Side while rolling Sage Brush last monday was thrown from the roller with such Force As to break his left leg near the ankle joint. State senator Boyce of Shoshone county is making a tour of Custer county. He declares himself uncompromisingly opposed to a fusion of the populists with the democrats. Or. Hicks still keeps up his reputation As a weather Prophet. He hit the tack squarely on the head about this weeks spell and the ugly part of the prophecy is there is More disagreeable weather to follow. Or. De Keifert a class of 40 trained voices will give a musical festival at Idaho Falls this Friday evening. The rendering of the 6g Page cantata Lauda Sion will be the main feature of the festival. Morton Quay Reed and Cullom need no Compass to get their bearings. They know pretty Well where they stand with the dear people to Day. If either one wants to get in the swim he had better make terms with Mckinley for the second place. Whenever a baking powder is sold either wholesale or retail at a lower Price than the Royal it is made from inferior ingredients probably from Alum and is to be avoided under All circumstances. The tramp nuisance has become almost unbearable in Blackfoot. Coxey could gather a Good company in a Short time. Many ladies in town Are in constant dread All the Day Long. The majority of these cramps at e Young men and Many of them Are Well dressed and have the appearance of having lived a better life. Or. Bassetts Beaver Canon and National Park stages will begin running 1st of june. Notice the undersigned has moved his Barber shop from the Blackfoot hotel to the Idaho House where he will be pleased to see his old customers and All new ones who May favor him with their patronage. L. Newman. The Rainy weather in Oxford Valley has been hard for sheep men. A great Many lambs have died. The freight business at this station continues Good. That is a sign of Good times and better coming. One bottle of National Dehorney will Dehorn 3,000 calves for $1.00, at Ben h. Fernish a. The preliminary hearing of Charles Humber for the murder of policeman Scanlan at Pocatello easter morning was begun this week in judge Arney a court but was continued to next monday in order that the defence might secure the attendance of witnesses from Anaconda. The impression with Many at Pocatello is that Humber committed the foul deed but he claims he can prove that he was at work in Anaconda the Day the murder was committed. A Man named Billings a sort of a Josh Billings has been working some of the people hereabouts on the Gold Nugget Racket. He had a mine hidden away that shelled out Golden nuggets without limit to prove which he would exhibit a few handful. For considerations ranging from ten to several Hundred dollars he let a select number of honest persons one Ata time in with him. It is said that he cleaned up $4,000 in this Way. His scheme was discovered and he was held in $200 bail. The Gold Brick Man could find a profitable Field in this Democrat no wonder some of the newspapers lose Money in their various enterprises and they deserve to when they pursue individuals and trespass on private rights in a Way to Merit the disapprobation of the Public. A newspaper has no More right to invade a Many a private character than it has to felonious by enter a Bank and take its Money. Protect the fish. The irrigating ditches along dry Creek were the cause of thousands of Trout dying last year. They would be carried into the Fields Aad die and rot in the Sun. Screens should be put in where the water is taken out of the Stream to prevent the fish from getting out the of the main Channel. This would be but a slight expense and be the cause of saving hundreds of pounds of fish each Enterprise. The Viola this mine is about 12 Miles East of Boise in the Black Hornet District and adjoins the Ironside mine. Development work is going steadily on a Force of ten men being employed. A Shaft has been sunk on the vein at the North end line of the claim 85 feet in depth nearly All of which is in Good Ore. A Cross Cut Tunnell 220 feet in length has been run into the Hill intersecting the vein at a depth of about 150 feet. At this Point the vein is 20 feet wide and the Ore Low Grade. A Drift North from the Point where the Tunnel enters the vein has been run 150 feet or nearly to the end line of the claim where a connection has been made with the Shaft. This Drift enters a Chute of pay Ore about 20 feet from the Tunnel and continues in it nearly the whole distance. Several Cross cuts show that the Ore is in some places thrice As wide As the Drift. Thirty five feet from the North end of this Drift a Winze has been sunk 43 feet deep in Ore. Going Back to the Point where the Tunnel strikes the vein a Winze is now being pushed As rapidly As three shifts can do it and at the same time a Drift has been started South from the Tunnel which As it advances up the Hill grows rapidly in depth and which it is expected will soon strike another Chute of Ore similar to that which the North Drift passes through. No Ore has been taken out excepting in Drifting and sinking As the work is being done for the purpose of developing the mines. The Viola is owned by John Grey of Boise and is bonded by g. Bunting and others. The development work is under the Able management of c. E. Thum the Well known mining mining news. Carefully avoid All so called baking powders offered under misrepresentation. Alum powders Are invariably sold As pure and wholesome Eream of tartar goods. A baking powder now advertised As having received highest award for strength and purity was on the contrary reported by the official analysis As actually containing ammonia. Royal is the Only absolutely pure High class baking powder. Twenty years ago the average capacity of a freight car was 20,000 pounds while to Day 75 per cent of the equipments is rated at 600,000 pounds capacity. A thirty cars hauled by one of the Large freight engines of to Day represents a says a car service superintendent �?o100 cars of Twenty years the Box cars of Twenty years ago carried 300 bushels of Grain the Stander of passenger trains including sleeping cars has been increased almost pro Portia Tely with the freight equipment. Don t grumble keep still. Each Road has its roads every pleasure its pairs this existence no Hope will completely fulfil. But its useless to angrily tug at your chains done to grumble keep still. The world does no to wish to be groomed with your woes each soul has enough of its personal ill. And your troubles pass quicker if nobody knows done to grumble keep still. If you want to be called to fair fellowships feast be received at the Board with a Hearty Good will bring your happier thoughts to the fore or least done to grumble keep still. A swindle which evidently is new is being worked with great Success in Many Indiana towns says the Goshen Democrat. A woman Book agent appears in town and goes from House to House leaving books for examination. Next Day a Man Calls to see if the books Are wanted and if they Are not he takes them away with him. Usually they Are not wanted. A few Days later the woman agent appears again and on being told that the Man has taken away the books weeps copiously says the villian has been collecting her books All Over town pleads poverty and so on and accepts the proffered compensation. Keep a careful Eye upon the baking powder sent you by your grocer to see that an inferior Brand is not substituted for the Royal. There Are Many cheap imitations of this necessary Leavening agent sold under some other name which because of the greater profit they afford to the dealer Are sometimes sent to the customer when Royal is wanted. Bishop Talbot is expected in Blackfoot about the 1st of june. Blackfoot continues to grow. There was a time when Rome once a proud mistress of the world a was no larger than Blackfoot a time when Chicago was not half As Large. Behold what possibilities there Are for us Cord Wood at Trego a. Try the Diamond a Home cured hams and Bacon at the Fulton meat Market. When you want Good imported wine or liquors of any kind go to Hull amp Greene. If you want a Good cup of Tea done to forget that w. A. Bulls is handling the Fugi Tea celebrated Brand. Why one feels Chilly when lying Down. The reason is simply this. Nature takes the time when one is lying Down to give the heart rest and that Organ consequently makes ten strokes less a minute than when one is in an upright posture. Multiply that by sixty minutes and it is 600 strokes. Therefore in eight hours spent in lying Down the heart is saved nearly 5,000 strokes and As the heart pumps six ounces of blood with each stroke it lifts 30,000 ounces less of blood in a night of eight hours spent in bed than when one is in an upright position. As the blood flows so much More slowly through the veins when one is lying Down one must Supply then with extra coverings the warmth usually furnished by circulation. A harpers Bazar. Ranch for Sale a ranch West Side Snake River for Sale. For Teit is apply to c. P. Pierce. M a for Sale two almost new bicycles. Terms to suit purchaser. Apply to de Keifer. The markets. Corrected every thursday evening eggs per dozen. 12 4 lard per Pound. 124 butter per Pound. 15 @ 20 Beans per Pound. 05 apples dried per Pound. Apples per Box. 135 oranges per dozen. 35 bananas per dozen. 50 flour per Hundred.1 60 @ 1 90 Oats per Hundred. 1 25 wheat per Hundred. 85 Alfalfa seed per Pound. 09 chickens live per Pound. .07� 08 Honey per Pound. 10 potatoes per Hundred. 50 cabbage per Pound. 04 onions per Pound. �o2h hogs live per Hundred. 3 00 hogs dressed per Hundred. 4 00 beef on foot steers per Hundred. 2 50 beef on foot cows por Hundred. 2 00 hides dry per Hundred. 6 00 Hay per ton. 5 to Nice location al open Day and night when you come to Blackfoot Stop at m Pocatello will be the storm Center of Idaho politics on the 16th inst. Miss Ada Sill is doing copying work in the county auditors office. The Public school children planted 43 Trees Arbor Day. F \ he Idaho House first class accommodations at Low prices. C. Bunting amp co. Speaks to and interest. Fead their display Quot and Quot to Day ii on the i i me now is the time to paint your House before the summer heat comes. Best and most Complete line of Vari Iskes colors i Pai Iris oils. Sotic Keri while Lead it my prepared House and Carriage paints it j Are the very rest on the Market it faint brushes. A s amp by size or Quality. Pure drugs and smokers articles in Stock. Next door North of d. H. Biethan a. Physicians prescriptions Ben h. Fern1sh, compounded Day or night drug Gas me new Beautiful stylish cheap 60c. 75c. 90c. $1.10, 1.25 1.35, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25. Ladies capes ladies capes come now and get your Choice 25c., 30c., 35c., 40c.,. 50c., 60c., 75c., $1.10, Thomas Clegg proper. Cheaper than you can buy the goods and make them. Come examine and be convinced. Don t forget the cheapest place to buy your dry goods. And per remember harness saddles hardware crockery ass Ware stoves furniture Wall a carpets etc., in Stock at prices lower Ever. Blackfoot Idaho. A

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