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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - March 21, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoOsk of satiric i the Hng that for it y earn it or stories of Gold strikes at cripple Creek have revived those ancient be of accidental Mineral finds which lends such a Glamour to the aviation of the prospector. If one can rid an old Miner with an unoccupied had a fairly Good claim nothing of the Bonanza in its nature just a Good honest ounce and a Lulf or two ounce proposition that beat Day wages by a Shade Only. There is one thing about Farncomb Hill that is its uncertainty. You never know what the next Wallop with the pick or the next shot with a Cartridge will uncover. Souther was Down in the Hole and i was on the Windlass hoisting the buckets he filled with Ore. Aye had a soft thing so far As labor was concerned and All an hour lies rare and picturesque could almost shovel the Ore up. It was a soft talc a Cross be teen Chalk and ind sufficient in number to freight a rain can be had for the asking. Col. Thomas Jefferson Maloney now an a operator in cripple Creek properties. Has been through All the flush times Colorado has known and has likewise Iii Reed his Belt for Lack of a More satisfactory dinner at those times when Colorado was not so flush. Quot there have been no such strikes in the last five or six said col. Maloney a was we used to have in the Good old Days when old Man Tabor rib staked the two German Shoemakers. Hook and Riche and went 10 sleep in his clothes two nights afterwards a millionaire owner of the Little Pittsburg. It was hard getting him to bed too. I think lie would have been celebrating the strike yet if the boys had not chloroformed him. Now when a Man makes a find he goes and covers l up until he can Vona his neighbors waft seventeen transform Nylon. The late l. L. Langs troth when a boy was a close observer of insect life. Once he was whipped for wearing holes in his trousers by too much kneeling on the ground to observe ants. Between the Ages of eight and twelve he made a thorough study of cicadas including the a seventeen year locusts a As they appeared in Center Square Philadelphia. This is his account of them a the larvae of these insects come out of the ground late in the afternoon and i noticed that the holes out of which they crept were almost As smoothly bored As though made with an augur. As soon its an insect emerged it made for a tree or some other object. If suddenly approached while in the act of mounting it would often drop to the ground As if dead. After fastening its Sharp claws into some chosen surface it remains motionless for a Short time. When first leaving its Hole the body of the larvae feels quite hard but soon becomes soft As dough. Then it can no longer crawl and if prevented before becoming helpless from getting a firm hold on some object it could not emerge from its Shell but fastened firmly by the a drop of blood fell of her hand. At this moment he was doubtless signalled off Shore to some of their vessels. Everything depended on keeping a Stout heart. His six Twenty four Pound Carro trades were loaded with grape and Kent a conic see the Cundis flicker.�?T1 wit of their claims. In the other Days i speak of when a Man struck it Rich to went out on the causeway and pro Kilmed his great Luck he spent ail he Money in adding �0 the general Joyo Wisness of the Camp and made no Bluff at work until his Means for Celebration were wholly Exia usted. Quot yearly All the Bonanza strikes have been made by ace5dent. There was Adams famous Luck Over in the Sandia Range. Adams said he was a descendant of the family that had so Many presidents and signers of the declaration in it. I always set him Down for a liar he came from Elgin ill. He was invariably making this Pec duration of Independence play w heu he should have been doing assessment work. This Many a name was John Quincy Adams same As the last president of the name and he never let you go to sleep in ignorance of the fact. Matiy Providence should pick out such a Man to Shower favors on i never could imagine. It was his idiotic carelessness that made him a plutocrats. Any Man with a morsel of sense would have never have got Rich As he did. He was always prospecting around in the most unpromising spots. He packed a Jack Load of plunder with him pans and picks and shovels and powder besides his grub. One Day he was projecting around the Sandia Hills. Thinking he was looking for float and letting his heart swell with family Pride. He had his Haversack Slung i ver his shoulder and among other truck in it were ten or twelve cartridges for blasting. His magnifying Glass Lay at the top of the bag. Adams sat town against a Rook to rest. And the Glass focussed the Sun so that it set fire to the Canvas bag. Adams said subsequently he made the quickest play of his life in getting from under that Haversack strap. He hit one Ridge and landed forty rods away behind another Rock. He had just reached Cov a i and big went off his blasting powder. Adams went Back out of the Best curiosity to see what kind of a it Ole it had made. He found the reek he had leaned against scattered at Large Over the face of the Earth. The i \ crack had fallen into a sort of Prev a at the foot and the explosion had i Ted everything into the air. Among other things it opened a vein of free milling Ore running $3,800 to the ton. That Man Adams sold a tenth interest for , it was Worth ten times As much but lie deeded Money for Dovel a Anent. Tie made More than a till Iolj and they arc working at the vein yet. Adams is blooding i1 Back in sri ssh Chusett. He bought some of Hie. Property of the old family had Siuk naturally glided and varnished it. La says the Adames Are on Earth for he second than three if men a i never let fewer Wirk in one of my said an owner of property in the Clear Creek District. A it May be an Idle notion hut i have been haunted by the idea t crate near commit Ting Mur Lerf the most cold blooded character i few years ago. If there had been Rii rce of us instead of two partners he thought would never have come to me and i have the bad dreams that disturb me occasionally. I have never since put myself in a position where a possible homicide would not have at least one witness. I will not work alone with another Man in a Minev "1 got my Start up in Farncomb Hill. Jim Souther was my partner. It Putty. I got a b7cktt�?oat�?o last Klong Lajos it soon begins alternately to about 2 in the afternoon that weighed like a ton. I could scarcely lift it. 1 dumped it and almost dropped dead. The Ore was so Rich in Gold i could Sec it Shine. 1 examined the bucket and found Little strings of wire Gold hanging to it. Jim had struck one of those celebrated Farncomb freaks and it was so dark Down there that he had not noticed the alteration in the character of the stuff he was sending up. Do you recall that Fine twisted Gold wire exhibited at the worlds fair much of that was what Souther and 1 took out of that Shaft. I called to Jim to stand from under for 1 aimed to come Down and see him a while. I broke the news to him and then we began to figure out How we stood. As nearly As we could decide we bad a pocket or chamber of this stuff extending into the Side of thy Shaft about j eight feet. We could reach in and get i out handful is of Fine spun Gold that looked like it came from under a redheaded girls hat. But we j stand in the Shaft and Admire it All Day. There was at least $15,000 Worth of the stuff. The Metal that was not free could easily be separated from the rest of the Ore. It was enclosed in decomposed Quartz and required nothing but ribbing Between the fingers to get it. We decided to raise it All that night that is unless it turned out a bigger find than we thought. Aye figured it Best not to go about beating the drum to advertise our strike but hoist the Ore and do our talking later. A Jim stayed in the mine and i went Back to the Winch. Then my temptation came to me. There was a Good big piece of Money there for one Man and just half As much each for two. I. Contract and expand its body until what at first resembles a Little crack on its Back opens wider and wider disclosing More of the emerging insect. At last it raises its head and the lower part of its body from the Shell then the legs and rests to while until its claws become Strong enough to enable it to climb out altogether and cling to the rough surface of the tree. Its a wings which Are narrow and thick now thin out gradually like a piece of dough Over which a roller is continually passing. Reaching their full expansion they remain flattened until quite dry. When suddenly they assume the position for flight. A was the transition from hard to soft conditions is very Short it is obvious that the holes in the ground from which they emerge often bored through hard ground must be made a considerable time before they Are required to enable the insect to push quickly through the Little space that is needed to let it out when its instincts teach it that the time is at hand for its coming changes. A the Locust lives Only a Short time As a flying insect when the female Mir Sholes into the extremities of Small a twigs in which she inserts her larvae when hatched feed upon the twigs until the latter Wither Ami fall to the ground. When the Young cicadas penetrate the Earth to reach the roots of Trees by sucking the juices of which with their Sharp hollow prot Bosckis As was discovered not Many years ago by a distinguished lady the species live for seventeen returning to Philadelphia in his Fortieth year. Or. Langs Hoth it being Locust year collected larvae from Trees in Independence Square and sat in 1775 the Brigantine governor Clinton left Philadelphia loaded with flour for Spanish town Jamaica. It was the 15th of september and capt. Ira Drake her commander expected to eat his new years dinner on the Island. Everything was auspicious and with a Northwest wind he sailed Down the River. He remarked Long of i ter Ward that he Felt unusually flurried by his parting with mrs. Drake and his daughter Emma on the wharf but not being of an imaginative turn of mind the impressions passed and he saw the jail poplars and red roofed farmhouses in the neck fade away in a Der the autumn Sunset with professional indifference. The governor Clinton was Only 4<10 tons and she left port in company of Twenty six others foreign bound most of them Square rigged. At the present time there Are Only two ships owned in Philadelphia and neither sails from Here. Mrs. Drake and Emma walked up second Street to their Home which was in the House then a two Story afterwards the ten store of tin late Qeeen tric John Lamond who died a new months ago. To be a captains v Ife. In those Days was to hold social position next below the magnates of society Hill and capt. Drake was reported a prosperous Man. A a Mother a said the daughter a do you feel any unusual anxiety in parting Wirlin father this voyage a Quot no my dear. Done to let such tilings gel into your ledge the arms Chest was opened Cut lasses and pistols were served to the Crew muskets were loaded and the Cook filled his coppers with hot water ready to repel boarders. Mate Spain went aloft with a Glass. He at once hailed the deck. A a there a a Topsail Schooner lying behind that Point of land off the starboard Quarter. I can to i make out any sail on a fall right. Come Down. Well have breakfast. There a trouble ahead. But there Are Twenty three of us All Good men and we ought to make a tidy fight for our a strict watch avs kept at the Mast head and at 10 of clock a Hail came a there is a boat full of men putting off Shore. It is a yawl with a tug. She a coming fast under sweeps a the Ensign was seized Union Down to attract some passing vessel and All waited and watched. There were not less than forty men in the yawl. J if a yes but the Aggy Slade has been out Over sixty Days and she a bound for Jamaica too. Poor mrs. Folsom is just wild about her husband. How i do wish father would give up the sea and stay when it was within about Twenty Yards of the Brig the Captain cried a fire a but As usual two of the car Donades missed fire the other scattered ten feet wide of the boat and next it swept under the Bow. The Leader amp White Man springing into the chains followed by a gang of Nuila toes. Negroes and spaniards All big men. The captains head just came above the Bow. When he was run through the neck by a Pike and dropped overboard but his men managed to get on the Bowsprit and some aboard. Two of the pirates mounted the channels and tumbled into the Waist. The Cook a negro giant weighing 300 pounds rushed at them with a Cutlass beat Down their guard and hewed them Down. A third had grasped the swifter to help him up when his Arm was Cut clean off at the shoulder by the negro. A splash in the water told the rest. In the Bow the defenders had done Good work but capt. Drake was stretched on lie bits covered with blood. The last pirate had run out on ship masters wives had to have Stotri hearts in those Days there were perils the Jib Boom and fired his pistol just As on the sea that Are unknown now a a Musket Ball took his life and he had done his work for poor Spain got his Bullet in the head and never spoke after. They were beaten and under a parting Volley the ruffians sprang to their sweeps and with the loss of half West India voyage meant poor charts dodging among the reefs and keys of the Bahama Banks Northern hurricanes. And More deadly assaults from i lie desperate ruffians who infested the have read am where that every Man j until Quot with his of daughter an a to Imp inn air to it Iron aii it Sci Iti Ltd. A a a a ,. Some school companions to show then has his Price if you keep on bidding. You can reach him sure at some spot. A the curious changes just rates bribed since that Day i have shuddered to from Boyish recollection he could have hunk How cheap i am. A measly by Deserf Ted them almost 000 in Ore came near getting me. To accurately before All came to me As if it were printed in big letters and held before my face. I of fold Call to Jim and get him out of the Drift into the Bottom of the Shaft and let go the Windlass. There would not be a kick left in a Man who had \ been smashed on the head with a Sev i Ehtyl be Pound bucket. With 200 pounds of Ore in it after a fifth foot i fall. A the first time i called i raise my voice Over a whisper. It re minded me of the time i had the Neu i Monia. My first year in the mountains and Jim nursed me out of it. He walked Twenty Miles Over the Hills in a Snow storm to get Medicine for me and it s the surest thing in the world t have been hoisting pure Gold out of a Farncomb Hill Shaft if Jim Souther Hadnot sat up with me Day and night for a week four years before. I thought of All this while i was lumbering up my voice for the second try at calling him. That time i did it. Quot a what is it Billy a he hollers Back. I could see his Caudle Flicker As i looked Down the Shaft ready to let go the Winch when i had him placed right. A what seating of you now a he keeps on. A we ainu to got any time for merrymaking or visiting if we get this spending Money out to Day he says. A make Yor talk Quick. Bill �?o1 had to try three times again before i could make a noise. A shake a Bush a says Jim a if you can to speak a a a i want you to come up and work the Winch i yells Back 4i Don t like to be so far away from the a a a All right a he hollers up a if you prefer it. But you know you can to stand it Down Here As Well As i can and in a some afraid you la get the worst of a so Jim came up and i took his place. When a was going Down the Shaft he says a a a you look like you had seen a dead Friend. Bill. I think another strike serval ions. As vividly and As after the later Ofa out re gentleman. Tipi y k s she a once a cat it r in Ellis Wheeler Wilcox believe in Hein rar null on theory mrs. Ella w heeler Wilcox believes in reincarnation. She thinks possibly. She was a cat once. This is due prob j j ably to the fact that she bestows j much of her surplus affection her interest and the unanswered won Dor in of her heart upon Banjo. Banjo is her pet cat. He is. Of course the most remarkable specimen of the feline race that Ever scampered after a fluttering ribbon or tried to Chase its own Tail. Banjo is an aristocrat and he is intelligent. One characteristic that mrs. Wilcox Points to with Pride is banjos love of mice. Other cats May be afraid of mice but Banjo is composed in their presence. At night he slumbers on a downy Pillow in a warm room furnished exclusively for his Comfort. Mrs. Wilcox declares that Banjo was not always a cat. She has an idea that in some former existence she and Banjo were friends. It is her theory that the soul goes into the vegetable and Mineral state from time to time and that occasionally it passes into animal life human beings for instance. By entering our forces at a Given Point mrs. Wilcox thinks we can Tell in Advance the next stopping place of our souls. A Over three fourths of the inhabitants of the she says a believe in reincarnation. I do not Call myself a tie sophist because theosophy is Only a Branch of a mighty tree of truth under which my soul finds shelter and satisfaction. There Are too Many doctrines in the world and not enough beliefs. I am satisfied with my nameless religion the reincarnation theory. I believe there is a possible Christ in each of us. And the More unselfishly we live the More quickly we attain to it by lessening the future incarnations and hurrying on to the new York letter in Philadelphia press. A Oft. Mother on your hand on your hand a coast of Cuba and were secretly upheld by the Spanish authorities who shared their plunder and at this time both tardy and the Lafitte were known to be cruising in the Gulf. Lie unde the i lieu ext Piny of his life like Titis would give you heart a what did the find do we took out $22,001� from that pocket and sold the claim for $45,000. Yes Souther is still in the mining business with me. I told him about my plan to dissolve partnership when he was in the Shaft. He said a do you know Bill i had a Strong notion to Belt you on the head with a pick when you came Down the Shaft and i found what kind of a pile of Putty i had dug into a a a William Eugene Lewis in Chicago time Herald. He of find Rocco Nylon. Busy women continually resolve to a take things More easily a a to rest on their oars for a season a and Drift on the River of indolence if Only for one hour a Day. We embark on the daily j voyage fully intending to do this but a before Nightfall realize that we have been shipwrecked on the scylla of duties real or imaginary or engulfed in the Charybdis of social hurry. W by not really make up on minds that one hour daily shall be devoted to recreation or resting in some Man 1 19th of december Ner either we will walk an hour he ended. A norther Down an hour sew knit do fancy work visit or Chat with a congenial Friend for an hour. In Short we will overturn our common methods for one Brief space daily. The result of a months fair trial of this plan will encourage to further Effort in the same direction and in christinas passed and As new years came on a feeling of uneasiness and dread entered the Drake household. Emma had an additional source of anxiety. Sam Spain although Only Twenty four Ivas first officer of the governor Clinton and a splendid specimen of the american Sailor and before this voyage he and Emma had exchanged vows. And so poor Emma fretted and made her Mother anxious. New years Day 1776, was cold blustering and sleety and after attendance at Early mass at st. Josephus both women sat Down to breakfast. A for the lords Sake. Emma done to Tell me anything about your dreams. You make me nervous. Your father and the Brig Are All right and when the Quickstep comes m Well hear from Span is i tow7 n. She sails from there a but Mother there is something in dreams and i never had such dreadful ones before and you know Good god. What is that Quot and the girls voice Rose to a scream. Quot of. Mother on your hand on your hand a the Mother looked and grew Pale As death. There on her plump White hand was a drop of Ruddy blood. She murmured. A maybe i pricked myself with the Fork a and with a shudder Wip d away the dread Token. But there was no wound the of test was unbroken. A there there it has come again of. Mother let us Pray. My dear father and Sam Are in peril. I know it. I feel it a and Rhey Knelt and with Heads bowed Down prayed to him who rules the winds and tempests to spare their Iovu ones on tie sea. Their Crew made for land. The governor Clinton was an old tub and did her Bert when she reeled off eight knots on a bowline but this time under a fair Northeast wind she was cutting a Feather through the Waves of tiie Bahama Banks on the Here her Good Luck set in. Driving them 200 Miles off their course and then head winds blew for a Wek so that it was the last Day of the year before they came in the sight of the cuban coast and not Over ten Miles off Cape st. Antoine the wind failed and there Camo one of those dead calms Peculiar faithful Observance to these latitudes the sails Hung with of some such system we shall renew our a youth like the eagles a Wilile Many of the worn and toilsome places will take on new beauties a and Blossom As the Ness Meiier Magazine. Out a shiver and the Pennant was As straight Down As a Yard of pump water. But this was not the worst. Capt. Drake knew that he was in the track of the pirates and was practically helpless to keep away from them and suddenly the Mainsail gave a Flop. No orders were needed. The Topsail halyards were manned a up with the flying Jib trim sheets round in starboard braces a was the cry and the Little Brig began to surge through the water. Quot see see the Schooner s making sail. Up goes her Gaff and Foresaid. The fights not Over men Shell Cut us to pieces with her Long just then came the sound of a heavy gun and so intent were the Crew watching the pirate vessel that they had not seen half a mile away a British Corvette piling on sail up to royals. She was a flyer too. And inside of five minutes swept Down on i lie Brig hailed and was told what had occurred. The pirate Craft was intent Only on saving her men in the yawl but it was too late. The Corvette ran her Down and at one Hundred Yards gave the marauders a Shower of grape that Tore the boat and Crew into splinters. The Schooner made off. Followed by the Man of War and both disappeared in the Southern Board. The second mate took command of the Brig. Her Captain had a broken thigh and a shot through his Lxiv. While the mate and four of the Crew Lay dead. The Breeze kept steady and on the 4th of january they came to Anchor in Spanish town Harbor. Capt Drake lived to get Well end quit the sea. But before the Christ Church Chimes rang for another Christmas poor Emma Drake had followed her Lover to a better land. Proof of i . The attorney for the defense became impressive. Quot do you ask proof that Niv client is insane a he asked. A Well there is plenty of it. When he came to engage my services he promised me $10,000 if i would take the Case and yet he Hasni to a cent. Is that the act of a sane Man a a did you know that when you took the Case Quot asked the attorney for the prosecution. a Aveil i can to see that that Liel its him in any Way but it would make a splendid plea for you if you were on and the court so Post. Clip pc it in no Dnn i. Chappie in a really Deuce anxious to know what the new woman is going to do this leap year. T miss cutting done to worry. They wont be Likely to trouble any one but the men. Nervous people wonder Why their nerves Are so weak it Why they get tired so easily Why they do not sleep naturally w by they have frequent headaches indigestion and nervous dyspepsia. The explanation la simple. It is found in that impure blood feeding the nerves on refuse instead of the elements of strength and vigor. Opiate and nerve compounds simply Deaden and do not cure. It Riua feeds the nerves pure. A Liger Ioles. Hoods Sarsaparilla feeds the Rich blood gives natural sleep Tion i s the True remedy for All nervous Trou hoods Sarsaparilla Isth one True blood purifier. A11 druggists it.-. cd re liver ills easy to flood s Hills take easy to operate zoo. A Penny a or two All extra profit. That s the merchants reason who urges an inferior binding for a costly skirt. Its not is As Good As #1 Bias velveteen skirt binding. Look for s. H. Amp m. On the Label and take no other. If your dealer will not Supply you we will. Send for samples shown rials to the s. H. Amp m. Co York City. Fing la p. O labels and mate Box 699, new $3. Ask your dealer for w. L. Douglas �3. Shoe a wait do if you pay ft4 to s i for shoes examine the a. L. Douglas shoe and see what a Good shoe you can buy for Over Ico styles and widths Congo ass Button and Lack made in Ali t ids of the Best a elected leather by skilled workmen. We make and sell More $3 shoes than any other manufacturer in the world none genuine unless name and Price is stamped on the Bottom. Ask your dealer for our 5, 84, 83,50, 83.50, 82.25 Shoe�-82.50, 82 and 81.75 for a Guys. Take no substitute. If your dealer cannot Supply you Send to factory enclosing Price and 36 cents to pay Carriage. State kind style of toe Cap or Plain size and Width. Our custom dept will fill your order. Send for new illustrated catalogue to Box it. W. L. Douglas Brockton mass. Unanimous Choice the new York morning journal recently offered ten leading makes of bicycles As prizes in a guessing contest giving the winners free Choice of any one of the ten machines. The result was All of the ten winners selected Columbia bicycles the journal accordingly bought ten Columba As paying $100 each for them without discount or rebate. On even terms a i few will choose a bicycle other than the Columbia Standard of the world unequalled a approached. Beautiful Art catalogue of Columbia and Hartford bicycles is free if you Call upon any Columbia agent by mail from us for two 3. Cent Stamps. A Pope manufacturing co. Factories and general offices Hartford Conn. Branch stores and agencies in almost every City and town. If columbian Are not properly represented in your Vicinity let us know. We have no agents. A Quot a but Sel i direct to the consumer at wholesale Price. Ship anywhere for Esumi nation before Eale. Everything warranted. 100 styles of Carriage 90 styles of har Ness,41 styles Riding saddles. Write for catalogue. Elkhart Carriage it harness mfg co. Elkhart lad. Vav c. Mme c. A a b. Pratt secy Well machinery illustrated catalogue showing Well stoles Rock drills h and jetting machinery a to. Sent Fres. A five been tested and All warranted Sioux City engine and Iron works successors to Pech mfg co. Sioux Vity. Iowa. The Rowell it Chase machinery co., 1414 West eleventh Street Kansas City 5o. Parker s a a hair Balsam Anil the hair. Promotes a luxuriant growth. Never pail to restore Gray hair to its Youthful color. Cures Scalp diseases amp hair failing. We had Lothat did a Stela Hayden bros.,1."� a Anta for i Mim Mimi a a rite for catalogue of a Arlar a Shams free How to become lawful Fralc Tara Noarae by mail write 111. Heal Tai Velty Chi

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