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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - March 7, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoWhy he knew it atm Good. One the principal men in the Bureau engraving and printing had a somewhat Peculiar experience in new York recently. Lie had occasion to visit the Metropolis business and after a stay several Days at one the chief hotels he called for his Bill. When it was Given him he tendered in payment a Brand new $20 Silver certificate. The clerk looked at it for a moment and then passed it Back. A a what a the matter Quot asked the official a i can to take that a replied the clerk a i done to think its Quot not Good Quot exclaimed the official. Quot not Good Why Man i know its Good. I made it Quot yes Quot said the clerk Quot that a just what i thought Quot a Washington Post her philosophy. Of course deceit is an abomination and yet it has its uses. Its very like Poison something to be shunned in everyday life but extremely valuable at certain crises. They Are mainly social crises. When Good temper can be preserved and harsh feeling escaped by a Little deceit then it should be used a at least so says the social philosopher. The greatest Joy one can give ones enemies is to let them see that their arrows have struck Home. Unless one wishes to engage in the work affording pleasure to ones foes it is therefore Wise to show no anger at their blows and to be entirely unaware their attitude. Put no Trust in unexpressed affection. There is Only one thing which will prevent a Man from giving voice to his Devotion As soon As lie is sure it and As Long As it lasts. That is a total dumbness. F one who was Loyal. Broke the tobacco Trust. St. Louis mo., special a col. We. A. Kirchhoff general Western manager the american tobacco co., has startled his numerous friends by stopping the use tobacco. For years he had smoked Twenty Strong cigars daily and a Lees Quantity would leave him nervous and ill. The habit was undermining his health and he tried to quit but could not until he took no to Bac the medical Miracle that has cured so Many thousands tobacco users. Col. Kirli Hoff a craving for tobacco has entirely gone and he feels better than Ever before. He is a great no to Bac enthusiast now. Over 300,000 bad to Bacco user have been cured by no to Bac and the loss to tobacco manufacturers is easily Over $10,000,000 a year. He worked liar Oata the English papers have been telling a Story about an alleged country person who recently got the Best Barney Barnato. He wrote to the King the Kaffir asking for Relief from embarrassment account an overindulgence in Kaffir. Quot my aim Quot he wrote Quot has always been investment not speculation. When your Bank came 1 regarded its shares As an investment and purchased 400 them at �4, sinking my Little All in them and a Good Deal More. They have now fallen to �2, and i am undone. I cannot face my Parish As a bankrupt and what am i to do i throw myself upon your . Barnato was deeply moved by the Appeal and replied that he would buy Back the shares at �4. On receipt this reply the guileless Parson wired to his brokers to a buy 400 shares Barnato Stock at �2 and Send them around to Barnato bros., who will give you �4 for them,�?T1. Quot Tiow is he to Day. Irso Quot Quot there has been no change. Unce in the night there seemed an improvement hut it was Only momentary and he has remained just As you see him now. Perhaps 1 was mistaken even she spoke with the Calm matter fact preciseness her calling and watched in respectful silence while the doctor made his wonted examination. Standing at the foot the bed in her Plain Gray dress and professional Cap and apron she looked a Strong reliant figure capable the patient fulfilment burdensome duties and Swift masterful action in moments emergency. Her face was Pale and appeared paler still for the deep rings under her eyes that told a nights Vigil and though trained for years but impassive contemplation suffering and sorrow its features were ail too finely moulded and sympathetic to wholly conceal a nature instinctively gentle and tender. The doctor put ins watch Back into his pocket and slowly buttoned his coat As he looked at the unconscious figure in the bed. Quot the change May come at any moment a lie said Quot and when it does there will be nothing More for us to do. He cannot possibly live through the Day lie May die in the next live minutes. 1 will stay Here a Little while i am not Busy this morning. He scanned her keenly and noted the weariness her eyes could not conceal. Quot you had better rest in the Arm chair. You look a bit tagged. Did you get any sleep last night Quot Quot no Quot she answered simply moving to the chair he wheeled Forward for her. She failed to add that she had taken no rest and scarce any food since wednesday afternoon though it was then Friday. He would have scolded her for her want care herself and her secret was inestimable dear to her. The doctor Drew the blinds to shut out the morning sunlight there was Little need for Light now. Moving noiselessly about the room he amused himself examining the books and Curi Odds and ends that littered the room glancing from time to time toward the the bed where his dying patient breathed slowly and heavily. He even wondered al amt the identity the Man whose existence had Only comb to his Ken when lie wan called by the laundress a couple Days Back it was then too late to discover much for the patient had Iain All night insensible by the heavy brass fender with a fractured Skull and precious hours wherein it might have been possible to raise the depressed Bone remove the clots and so relieve the pressure the brain had passed without a suspicion. The Shadow death was creeping across the Large room in the Temple. The charwoman found him in the morning and screamed for the assistance and fort her daughter Hannah. The canvases sir Peter Lely Are to us to a. The doctor examined a he portrait for a moment and peered at the dim name written across it. Smiling Toler Antly As the Wear and tastes earlier Days come Back to ids mind while the woman in the Jinn chair watched him with tired eyes fix heavy breathing and the regular binding tin lips changed suddenly to a Quick convulsive struggle and in an instant both were by the bedside. Together they watched and waited till the Brief agony was stilled. Quot i will Send you up the laundress a the doctor said Quot and then you had better go Home it is no use stopping Here. Know his solicitors and will write to them that they May communicate with his relatives if he has any. They can see me about the arrangements they want to mile nodded without speaking and he left with a cheery Quot Good by a telling her to he certain that the door was heed Ere she left. As he went Down stairs he said to himself she was working too hard and needed a change and made a mental vow to Schuher with his next patient ordered to the Seaside. She remained at the foot the bed until the heavy approach the laundress roused her. And ski went shuddering to the chair where she sat shading her face while the woman Laid out the body after tin decent fashion our people. When she had gone she locked the door. Then she pressed her hands Over her eyes and trembled slightly remaining still and sorrowing for some inmates. Presently she went to the bed. And uncovering the face began to smooth the hair from the forehead speaking in a Low murmur Quot Harry dear Quot she whispered Quot the world could not Divide us at the last though it is so big. We Are together you and i As we used to be in the beginning. Do you mind now that you knew that i was with you you Are not angry dear because after All these years god has let me see you again and Call you by your name and a Oil yes a a she Bent to kiss him but Shook her head sadly instead and Knelt by ins Side. Quot let me talk to you just As if it were the same again and As if nothing Lead happened and we were boy and girl once More. I wont say anything about her to make you angry i wont remember it. And you must forget it. Too. Can you forget. I wonder do ton forget now you forgot me while you were alive Are you forgetting me now you Are dead a the tears gathered into her eyes. 1 and she sobbed softly. She looked in a to the White face and said quickly Quot but 1 wont ask you to forget Harry. I wont ask it it Isnit mine to ask. J it was All a mistake dear and we 1 have both suffered perhaps she has suffered too. It was hard you were not Happy you were so Good and loved so much. We have both loved much have we not where have you been All these years i wonder if you Ever thought me As 1 have thought you and remembered the old Days. If you had met me i wonder if you would have taken me in your arms and kissed me As you did in the Meadows at Langly. I would have let you. Harry As i did then you know i com j would were you too proud to come to Back to me new dear i would beware ointments for Catarrh that contain Mercury As Mercury will surely destroy the sense smell and completely derange the whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except prescriptions from reputable physicians As the damage tiny is tenfold to the Good you can possibly derive from them. Hails Catarrh cure manufactured by f. J. Cheney amp co. Toledo o., contains no Mercury and is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces the system. In buying Halls Catarrh Cura be Ture you get the genuine. It is taken internally and made in Toledo Ohio by f. A Cheney amp co. Testimonials free. Sold by druggists Price 75c per bottle. Halls family pills 25c. Bismarck lower lip. It is said that Prince Bismarck is particularly Well pleased with the truthful Way in which Pfretzschner the sculptor has treated his lower lip in the Relief medallion for his Monument being erected the Rumelsburg. Quot the artists Quot he says Quot have always made my busts without giving me Justice As far As my lower lip is concerned and that is wrong. It is there and it is there very much but not too much for that would indicate Wilfulness. That was never one my qualities and i have always been amenable to argument if better opinions than mine were Given. But a Well formed lower lip indicates perseverance. A upon the completion the artists work the Prince took the modelling Spatula into his own hand and engraved personally his Well known a a a. B.,&Quot giving the medallion a signature which no other Bismarck portrait has Ever received. Tame Parrot poet. Sir Lewis Morris the recently knighted tame Parrot Well known poets comes to the front with commendable regularity every Public occasion which offers reasonable excuse for an ode an elegy. It is said that he tried to induce american newspapers to Cable across the Atlantic his recent effusion the subject the armenian atrocities but even a new Knighthood proved too weak a weapon to accomplish this High handed assault Fame. Quot lord Sallisbury will deliver Armenia from turkish oppression Quot sighs one weary reviewer a but who will deliver the Public from sir Lewis Morris a a Chicago times Herald. Ghosts Are Pate and shadowy say those who profess to have interviewed them. Whether spooks Are tallow faced not mortals Are whose blood is thin and watery in consequence imperfect assimilation. When invalids resort to i Lostetter a stomach bitters and use that unequalled tonic persistently they soon Quot pick up in strength flesh at d color it should be used also to prevent malarial rheumatic and kidney complaints and to remedy constipation sick headache and nervousness. The Rule l holds Good that the bigger a the the More modish the garment. Fit 8-All fits stopped free by . K1 Ilievs Frea i nerve restorer. Befits after the Larsn Ihyo a use 11 a Vadous cures. Treatise and $2trial Bottis fre to git cases Bead tour. K iaet931 archst.#ljjlili., i a Teaspoon us Flavouring extract is enough for a Plain cake. A i have tried Parker a Ginger tonic and believe Ioli is yet it a Mother and so i 1 you say when familiar Wita its Revit Ulizzi g properties. Scattering Chloride Lime about will banish fleas. Get her they began to treat the poor have lain at your feet had you wished gentleman for what they compre Heip it and begged you to look Down and sively termed Quot fits Quot but the girl Dis smile at me. But its too late now covering the Small wound at the Back there a no Hope for either us i Felt a Eonis magic com warranted to cur Money re funded Ajic Yod a Ruff hit for it. Price 16 cents. The first Issue the Atlantic monthly for 1896 opens with an unpublished note Book Nathaniel Hawthorne now printed for the first time. There Are also the opening chapters a new three part Story by f. J. 8tim-60n j. S. Of Dale entitled Quot pirate two political articles will be sure to attract attention a the emancipation the by John e. Proctor chairman the United states civil service commission and a Congress out Date Quot the latter being an Able statement the evils due to the present system convening Congress a year after its election. J. M. Ludlow contributes an Able paper Christian socialist movement Middle the Quot the the the Man who minds his own business will always have something to do. It costs a great Deal More to be proud than it does he generous. We will forfeit $1,000 if any published testimonials Are proven to be not genuine. The Piso co., Warren a. A word to the w ise is enough when it happens to be the right word. Billiard table second hand for Saie cheap. Apply to address h. C. Xix us s. 12th st., Omaha new a the head the doctor was speedily brought and they voluble furnished him with the leading facts. He was a very lonely gent wonderfully lonely and during the ten years she had known him she had never seen him with a Friend. No visitors came to his room and even letters were rare. He led a quiet orderly life with Money always ready for reasonable comforts and was Ever kind and pleasant spoken to herself and her daughter. When she found him lying there so still and awful it gave her quite a turn and she was too much flurried to think what should have happened. Perhaps the doctor was right in thinking he must have fallen from the narrow ladder leaning against the Book shelves and struck his head the fender. Such a thing had never happened before in All the time she had been in the inn and she could remember . File her quietly checked the reminiscent flow and hastened to place a nurse in charge. He was satisfied that the accidents As he was certain it had been could have but one ending. There Are few threads in the tangled skein London life that run their the Century for january following following upon two special numbers the Twenty fifth anniversary and the Christmas numbers is not lacking either in individuality distinction. The capable and picturesque artistic work . Castaigne would itself give distinction to any number a Magzine. This month his Pencil is applied to the illustration the first several separate papers Rome by . F. Marion Crawford who first gives us Quot a Kaleidoscope Rome Quot setting Forth contrasts the eternal City with so to speak a reconstruction the City As it was in the time the emperors and coming Down to the Rome the present Day which he describes with very distinct detail . Castaigne shows his versatility in the reconstruction the colosseum and the forum in the Days the Christian martyrs together with numerous scenes and character sketches today. Lois Opportunity is i lots. Think suffering s greatest with neuralgia 5 to 15 years years years promising his when the lies st. Jacobs Oil. It cures. Length smoothly enough to enable any int i know lems re stranger to pick up any part and Trace. Shook a. I its history and . Pil plier was too a a Rio al 4. A accustomed to the knots the sudden entanglements the confusing Xinliu ence intruding threads to expect to carry far his investigations into the antecedents an unknown patient. The Man was the intellectual Type the Good forehead and the Long Well shaped nose could belong to no stunted mind. His books if somewhat incongruous revealed literary appreciation the water colors the Walls and the China about the room argued taste a Crucifix at the bed dead suggested a religious temperament which the doctor judging from the general surroundings surmised to be impress signal rather than devotional. On the writing table he found a letter from a firm solicitors acknowledging the receipt instructions and Quot Best attention a this he put into pocket. Standing by itself in an old Oxford Frame was a Little half faded photograph a girl in the evening dress the seventies. The enormous skirt with two three huge bows Down the Center the puffy sleeves fastened at intervals with hands ribbon and closing tightly around the wrists the full Square Cut bodice and Loose pile hair controlled by a single strip velvet were All strange to eyes accustomed to later modes but no enormities dress could dim the vivid Well nigh wicked Beauty the girls face. A Black velvet band with a Little Gold Cross Hung Low her bosom and heavy ornaments pierced her Dainty ears but had her face been smeared with the fantastic adornments a polynesian Beauty had her Teeth been blackened and her lips run through with Bones she would still have been triumphant in loveliness and the trying fashion Twenty five years Back was important against her charms even when judged by modern standards. Her Small pert face with its Dainty Cheeks and daring Eves was As real in this faded photograph As the Frank charms honest mistress Nellie in that there could not be after the Day you wrote me but i would have faced everything and dared everything if you had come Back. Never mind dear it is Good to look Back upon and think and love and nobody can take it away from us. Done to think it if it makes you angry but i can to help remembering and now in a telling you with no one else to the Bright Sun beat through the window blinds and filled the room with a radiance thick and hot. She bowed her head the bed and remained kneeling with her arms stretched across the body. Presently she arose and began to move softly about the room touching his Hooks and Little treasures. The White figure the Cross Hung in its infinite pathos. Over the bed. She took it from its place and was about to Lay it his breast. With a Quick gesture she stopped and replaced it the Wall. Then she turned to his writing table and took up the faded photograph in the Oxford Frame. Quot you were his then Quot she said in gentle even voice Quot and you Are his still. You have the right i have none. Perhaps you living in your great world to Day have quite forgotten remembered and Quot Little Quot he would wish it. She Laid the photograph the body where she had turned Back the Sheet and smoothed the creases away from it. Her hands clasped before her she stood looking at the strange pair the dead Man with his peaceful face and the picture with its saucy eyes and i antiquated wineries. The wicked orbs seemed mockingly to Tell her a Barrier she must not pass a right Possession she dare not dispute. She sighed As if submissively and turned to the window fitting a Corner the Blind to scan the Well nigh deserted thoroughfare. A Coster passed with a Basket Ful cowslip and she remembered a morning in Langly Meadows. Where Harry made a Wreath and crowned her his Queen the cowslip. Going to the door she called Hannah and. Giving her some pennies sent her to Puy a Bunch the Flowers. She took them Hack to the room and began to strew them Over the cover lid. The mocking eyes appeared to follow her with unconcealed derision and hastily she swept the yellow blossoms together again. Filling a Large Jar with water she arranged the Flowers in it. And put it a table by the head the bed. She picked tip a few sprays from the Bunch and Laid them for a moment the cold lips. Then she took them and undoing a Button in her bodice hid them at her breast. Without. Looking at him again she crept noiselessly out the room Locking the door and giving the key to the laundress As the doctor had directed. In the smoking room a West end club two men were talking. One said Quot i was it lady Stour common a last night. What a flirt that woman remains at fifty Quot a Black and White. A 400 in prizes Oats and col is last year we offered $200 for tho biggest yield Oats. 209 bushels Silver mine Oats won the prize. This year we offer $200 More Oats $100 Silver King Barley a Barley yielding in 1895 116 bushels per acre and $100 Golden Triumph yellow Dent Corn the Corn your dreams. What a Teosinte and Sand vetch and Macaline and la thyrus and giant Spur by and giant incarnate Clover and Lota such things make you Rich if you Plant a plenty. Catalogue tells you if you will cot this out and Send it with 10c. Postage to the John a. Sailer seed co., la Crosse wis., you will get free 10 grasses and grains including above Oats Barley Corn and their Mam catalogue. Catalogue alone 6c. . A stand Hli memorial. Three Hundred patriotic ladies and gentlemen descendants revolutionary sires gathered in so Autura mass the other Day to commemorate the Landing at that place september 30, 1621, Captain Myles Standish and his party. The site was marked by a Monument built Beach stones in the form a Cairn about ten feet High and three feet in diameter. The Cornerstone a round White Flint was Laid jointly by . Adams and mrs. Lee and a polished Granite table was placed in one Side bearing this inscription Quot Captain Myles Standish with his men guided by the Indian Quanta landed Here september 30, 1621. This memorial is erected by the daughters the revolution the Commonwealth Massachusetts september 30, 1896,&Quot Quot Browne a bronchial troches Are great service in subduing hoarseness and coughs. Sold Only in boxes. Avoid imitations. A Jiff to How if Doe it in not the question. It is enough to pm it a thu Luide acorns Tak sout the coins and a very pleasing Relief it is. 15c, at druggists the fan is now an inseparable adjunct ail Dainty evening Toilette. It the baby is cutting teem. To sure and use that old and Well tried remedy mrs. Winslow a soothing syrup for children Teeth in g a six Pound roast roasting to be rare. Requires one hours Oxe Bot ii tiie method and results when syrup figs is taken it is Pisan and refreshing to the taste and acts gently yet promptly the kid Neys. Liver and bowels cleanses the system effectually dispels colds Lead aches and levers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup figs is the Only remedy its kind Ever produced pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects prepared Only from healthy Ami agreeable substance its Many excellent qualities commend it to All Aud have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup figs is for Sale in 50 cent bottles by All leading druggists. And reliable Druer wrist who May not have it hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. California Fig syrup co. San Francisco Cal. Id Seville by new York we a a a a the large5t piece Good tobacco Ever 50ld for cent5 a a the literature crime. Buffalo express those persons who like to fancy that published accounts crime tend to incite people to commit similar crimes can amuse themselves by discussing the possible responsibility Mary e. Wilkins for a recent murder in Albany Ore. Miss Wilkins detective Story published in the express told a woman who dressed in Many a clothes to commit a murder. Very soon after its publication this Oregon woman actually donned male garb and committed a murder. To be sure she May never have heard Mary e. Wilkins her Story. Then again it is usually the True stories crime As published in the newspapers which meet objection from these critics. They May be As ready to argue that literature ought to be suppressed As that news should be. But perhaps they can induce an argument to show that no person should be allowed to learn to read. I he Gem no a Caine tier Iez Wilh Glyz Rii a cure chapped h ands and face tender sore feet chilblains pile. Amp a. C. G. Clark co., new Haven cd then and now. Twenty five years ago h. R Mears an inventive watchmaker Youngstown o., turned out a bicycle which though heavier was very similar to the bikes now in use. The people did not take kindly to the new machine and when Mears continued to use it against their protest he found that his business was injured and he was finally compelled to close his store and locate elsewhere. Now everyone in town who can afford it and Manv who cannot is Riding a dispatch. 1 1 a it r m to a la 1 Field and hoc Fence wire. 26, 33, 4.2, to b8 inches High. Quality and workmanship the beat. Nothing the Market to compare with it. Write tor full information Union Fence company. De Kalb ill. Now never. Miss is it right for a girl to kiss a Man before she marries him Madame it May not be right but it is a Good plan if she cares for kisses a truth. There Are two kinds Sarsaparilla the Best a and the rest. The trouble is they look alike. And when the rest dress like the Best who a to Tell them apart Well a the tree is known by its fruit Quot that san old test and a Safe one. And the taller the tree the deeper the Root that a another test what a the Root a the record these Sarsaparilla ? the one with the deepest Root is Ayers. The one with the richest fruit that too is Ayers. Ayers Sarsaparilla has a record half a Century cures a record Many medals and awards a culminating in the medal the Chicago worlds fair which admitting Ayers Sarsaparilla As the Best a shut its doors against the rest. That was greater Honor than the medal to be the Only Sarsaparilla admitted As an exhibit at the worlds fair. If you want to get the Best Sarsaparilla your druggist Here san infallible Rule ask for the Best and you la get Ayers. Ask for Ayers and you la get the Best. The Aero let a it it roles half tin world a Windmill business because it Lias reduced the Cost wind Power to 1/6 wbk a it it a Many Branch Bouse Aud supplies its goods acid repairs at your door. It can and does furnish a Heiter at tide for Lofs Money than ethers. It makes pumping and geared steel galvanized after completion windmills til tins and fixed Steri Tower. Steel bum saw Frame steel a leed cutters and feed grinder. On application it win my one these articles that it Vilii furnish until Jan nary 1st at 1/s the usual Price. It also make tanks and pump All kind Send for catalogue. Factory 12th, Rockwell .-in1 shia a streets Chi Cala. Well iia Ghieri illustrated Catal Osrue showing Well augers Rock drills Hydraulic and jetting machinery Etc sent bib. Have been tested and All Icar ranted. Sioux City engine and Iron works successors to Pech mfg. Co. Sioux City lows. The Rokl Lachar Mach a buy co., 1414 West eleventh Street Kansas City x 0m0m morphine habit cured in if to so Days no pay till cured. Or. J. Stephens Lebanon Ohio w. N. U., omaha�?3�?1896 when writing to advertisers kindly mention this paper

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