Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
18 Jan 1896

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Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
18 Jan 1896

Read an issue on 18 Jan 1896 in Blackfoot, Idaho and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Blackfoot News.

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - January 18, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoTrolley mrs Uno pills. From the evening Newt Newark n j. Mrs. Ann Burnt of 888 plane Street Newark. N. J., is decidedly pretty Brunette Twenty six years old tall and a pleasant conversationalist. On the ground floor of her residence she conducts a Well ordered Candy store. When our reporter a Lei Ted her store she in response to a question told him a very interesting Story. A until about two months ago a she began a i enjoyed the wary Best of health and could Woik night and Day if necessary. Suddenly and without any apparent cause. T began to suffer from intense pains in my head in my limbs and temples. Almost distracted with this seemingly never ending pain i tried cure after cure prescription after prescription and almost a gallon of Medicine of All kinds. Nothing did me any food. In fact i became worse. The Nuckles of my hands soon became cramped and the pain in my hips became More and More distressing each Day. Business in the store had to be attended to however and to 1 was obliged suffering As i was to keep More or less on my feet and occasionally i was forced to go out. This was the ordeal i dreaded. Each time i went out i trembled when i came near the car tracks for my pain at tires was so severe that i was obliged to stand perfectly still no matter where i was. On one occasion i was seize i in this Way while 1 was crossing the tracks on Market Street and there i stood perfectly rigid unable to move hand or foot while a trolley car came thundering along. Fortunately it was stopped before it struck me but the dread of it All lasted As Long As my pain for i never knew when crossing the tracks whether i would not drop to the ground in my agony and be crushed to death. My anxiety to get Well grew apace end i had about Given up in despair when 1 saw in the evening news one Day. An advertisement or. Williams Pink pills. Here was something i had t tried before and 1 lost no time in getting to the nearest drug store. There i paid fifty cents for a Box of these truly wonderful health restoring pills. Before i had finished taking half of the pills i began to feel relieved the pains in my hips gradually disappeared and for the first time in Many Days i Felt As if there was some Hope. 1 continued to take the pills and the More i took the better 1 Felt. I finished one Box got another and now having taken Only a few of the second fifty cents7 Worth i am free from All pain and As Happy As the Day is Long. Since x began to take or Williams Pink pills i have gained thirty pounds and now when i Cross the car tracks i done to care if there Are a dozen vehicles near by. It is a great Relief i assure you and suffering humanity has a never failing Friend in or. W Illiams Pink pills for Pale people. I know what i am talking about. I speak from or. Williams Pink pills contain in a condensed form All the elements necessary to give new life and Richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. In men they elect a Radical cure in All cases arising from mental worry overwork or excesses of whatever nature. Pink pills Are sold in boxes never in Loose bulk at 50 cents a Box or six boxes for $2.50, and May be had of All druggists or direct by mail from or. Williams med. Co., Schenectady n. To a Southern a irl. Tier eyes would match the Southern skies when Southern skies were bluest her heart will always take its part where Southern hearts Are truest Bright pearls the gems of Southern girls her winning smile discloses her Cheeks when admiration Speaks were Only Southern roses. Her voice by nature and by Choice even those who know her slightest will find As soft As Southern wind when Southern winds Are lightest. Her laugh As Light As wine or chaff Breaks Clear at witty sallies As Brooks run bubbling through the nooks of All her Southern valleys. Such youth with All its charms Forsooth alas too Well 1 know it a will claim a song of love and Fame Sung by some Southern poet but she in future years maybe these verses will discover some time May read this Little rhyme Sung by a Northern Lover. A Buffalo commercial. Skirts of actresses. Maggie Mitchell once told a questioning woman that she always wore divided skirts although at the time of this conversation the bifurcated garment was scarcely known outside the world of the stage. Miss Mitchell said that almost All actresses wore this Petticoat because they found that it gave most Fredom of gait and Grace to one s movements she also said that she had her skirts trimmed with lace and embroidery put on wrong Side out and that this was another notion prevalent in a the Quot because you eee a she explained a in getting in or out of a Carriage or a Street car it is the underside of the edging that shows and Only that a wonderful wheat yields. The yield of wheat and other Grain in Manitoba and the other Western Canadian provinces this year has been phenomenal. Thirty five millions of bushels of wheat thirty millions of bushels of Oats six millions of bushels of Barley besides Large quantities of flax Rye peas etc., have been produced in Manitoba by Only 25,000 Farmers some of whom settled on the Prairies a few years ago with very Little capital and other almost totally inexperienced in and unaccustomed to farm work. This enormous yield seems almost incredible but when one reads of a Farmer Selling a part of his crop for $17,000 and having 4,000 bushels still on hand it is easy of belief and that another Farmer a or. Pruyn near Emerson. Manitoba had 21,000 bushels and Many of his neighbors harvested 10,000 bushels and upwards. A Portage Plains Farmer averaged 53 1-3 bushels on a 40-acre Field and near Neepawa nine acres yielded 600 bushels a an average of 66 2-3 bushels per acre. Another Field of 16 acres on the same farm yielded 800 bushels while the entire crop of 105 acres turned out 40,000 bushels. A Carman settler was rewarded with 36,865 bushels off 985 acres a an average of 86% bushels to the acre. In Oats one Farmer raised 75 bushels to the acre by measurement but by weight there were 106 bushels the Grain weighing 48 lbs to the Bushel. Of course every Farmer has not these phenomenal crops but there Are countless instances where the wheat yield was 30, 35, 40 and More bushels to the acre. Roots and vegetables too rivalled the cereals in their prolific yield. Stock is also largely raised there being extensive ranches in Manitoba and the vast country to the West of it and the shipments this year have aggregated 45,000 head sheep being also raised in Large numbers. Dairying is being rapidly developed and the recent establishment of creameries has brought this new country prominently before the markets of the world on account of the excellence of its butter and cheese. But wheat raising is Manitoba s distinctive feature the soil being particularly adapted for the production of no. 1 hard unsurpassed by any other Grade and it is Safe to say that there is not any part of the continent where the yield has been so uniformly Large and the Grade so High As in Manitoba. The headlights from the locomotive on the Maine railroads attract the Deer from the forests and numbers of the animals Are being killed by the engines. Difficulties of authorship. Struggling author Quot Eldora can to you keep that baby out about two minute Hie yells Are enough to drive one wife a no i can t in be got to finish the dishes and knead the bread and mend Tommy a struggling author Quot Well anyhow you could make Johnny and his Sis Stop their Racket and close the windows so there wont be so Many smells coming in from the neighbors and lock the doors so those heartless Bill collectors tank to get in to annoy me. Pm writing a article on a How to be Happy though York weekly. Boulders burglar. Bowlder a wife was away at the time and Bowlder left lonely and forlorn to look after the House and earn Money was having a sad had time indeed. Not that Bowlder really lacked anything but he missed his wife. Where before the merry prattle of his offspring made the Racket of a boiler Bop All was a solemn peace and hush. The Bowlder mansion was like a graveyard. Naturally Bowlder Felt lonesome and to avoid As much As might be Hai lug his loneliness thrust upon him by the empty desolation of the Bouse be made it a Rule during his wife a vacation not to go Home until 3 o clock a. the night or More properly morning in question Bowlder Wen de homeward at Sharp 3. He had been missing mrs. B. Painfully All the evening and to uphold himself bad subscribed to divers drinks. These last Bowlder put safely away within his Belt and they cherished him and taught him resignation and he did not miss his wife As much As he had. Bowlder at last by mistake got his Latchkey into the Keyhole to which it a pertained and the door swung inward. This was a distinct Success and Bowlder heaved it sigh of Relief. This door which had grown singularly obdurate since mrs. departure had been known to hold Bowlder at Bay for Twenty minutes. Bowlder had just cast Bis Bat 011 the Hall floor he intended to hang it up in the morning when he would have More time and had got As far on a journey to the second floor As one step when a noise in the basement dining room enlisted Bowlder a attention. His curiosity rather than his fears was aroused another Happy effect of his libations. Without one thought of burglars Bowlder deferred his journey up stairs and returned instead to the dining room below. Bowlder would investigate the untoward noise which while soft and Light was still of such volume As might fall upon the ear. A wonder if the House is haunted a observed Bowlder As he went deviously below. It had All the thrill of perfect Surprise when As Bowlder turned into his dining room he beheld a bulls Eye lantern sitting on the table shedding a malevolent Stream of Light on his face and caught the shadowy outlines of a tall Man behind it who seemed engaged in pointing a gun at him. A hold up your hands a said the tall Man a and done to come a step further or out goes your a Well i like this a observed Bowlder in a tone of querulous complaint at the same time however clasping his hands above his head. A i like this. What a the Row Here a the tall Mao made 110 reply but came around and deftly ran his hands Over Bowlder for possible arms. Bowlder had no gun. The tall Man seemed satisfied and. Stepping Back told Bowlder he might sit Down and rest his face on his Lap. Bowlder took advantage of the permission. A any objections to me lighting a she Gar a queried Bowlder. A not at All a said the tall Man. Bowlder was soon puffing away. Besides being Friendly not to say polite Bowlder bestowed one on the visitor. A is it a mild Cigar a asked the burglar. A Colorado Claro a said Bowlder. A that s All right a assented the other. A a done to like a Strong smoke. It makes my head As the visitor lighted the Cigar Bowlder noticed that he wore a Black mask across his eyes and that the latter shone through the apertures Cut for their convenience like beads. The mask gave Bowlder a chill which the pistol had not evoked. Indeed. It came very near destroying the whole Force of the drinks he had accumulated. When the stranger had lighted his Cigar Bowlder and he puffed at each other a moment without a word. A what Are you doing 111 my Housh a at last demanded Bowlder. The stranger smiled and puffed on. Then he kicked a Large sack with his foot. Bowlder had not observed the sack before. As the stranger touched it with his foot it gave out a metallic clinking. Bowlder s eyes roamed instinctively to the sideboard. There Wasny to much Light but enough to show Bowlder that the sideboards Burden of Stiver Ware was gone. With such a Start Bowlder was Able to infer a great Deal. A made a clean sweep he a remarked to wider. The masked stranger nodded. A if you be got All there is Loose and Little in the said Bowlder he Bowlder Conquest old lady me Huv game Jack was was talking plainer every to me 11. Now a a you be got $1,500 Worth. Bce up stairs yet a again the Man of the mask nodded. He also exp ibo Nal symptoms of being about to depart. A a done to remonstrated bowl Der. A want to talk to you. Did you get the old lady a jewelry up stairs a a again the burglar nodded. He seemed disinclined to use his voice unless it was necessary. A a trash bad remarked reflectively referring1 to the of his w Ifer a jewelry. A the wont do a thing but make. Her some More. And the worst of if is Shell put up the figures on what Jim cracks you be got and in Shifs they re Worth four times their True value. In a Lucky if site done to put it higher than $1,000. And they Ain t Worth $200 you la be Lucky if you get half that on the burglar looked hopeful As Well As a he could with a mask but retorted nothing to Bowlder. The latter mused 011 sorrowfully Over his wife s jewels. A you see. It push me in the Hole a said Bowlder. �?o1 get it going and coming. You come along and Rob me and then mrs. Comes Home and robs me again. Done to you think that a a Little rough a the stranger said it was rough. He did t not tins time but used his i voice. Encouraged by the strangers agree j ment with his views Bowlder urged the return of his wife a jewelry. A just Gimme Back what a said Bowlder a and you can keep the a rest. That la let me out with her and i done to care about the but 1he Man of Midnight stoutly objected. It would be a dead loss of $200, lie said and worse yet it would be unprofessional. Bowlder thought deeply a moment. Then he took a new tack. A any objections to taking a drink with me a he asked. A none in the world a said the Bur Gla r. Bowlder explored his coat pocket for a bottle lied Brough Home to restore him after Bis sleep. He offered the bottle to the burglar. A after you is manners a said the person. Bowlder drank and then the burglar did the same. A a you re a Democrat a demanded Bowlder suddenly. A i suppose even burglars have their a administration Democrat a said the burglar a that s what i am. I believe in sound a i m an administration Democrat remarked Bowlder. A i knew we would find common ground at last. Now As a member of the same party As yourself i want to ask a favor of you. You be got about $1,500 Worth of plunder there and yet you see yourself there a a Good Deal of furniture you re leaving behind piano up stairs and All that. Tell you what ill do. Ill play you one game ten Point seven up to see whether you take All or nothing. Come now As a favor a the burglar hesitated. He was afraid there was a trap in it. Bowlder gave him his word As a Gold Bug and Democrat that he made the offer in All honesty. A if you win a said Bowlder a you can cart the furniture away to Igor Row. Ill order you a Wagon As i go Down and you can sleep in the House and see that i done to carry off anything or hold out on a but it Ain t Worth As much As a Lent i be demurred the burglar. A Well see Here a said Bowlder sober lie Ivas by now a to avoid spoiling sport ill throw in my watch and $30. That s the burglar admitted that the proposal was fair but stuck for seven Points. A i like straight seven up a be said. A make it a seven Point game and ill go Bowlder produced a pack of cards from the sewing machine drawer. At the burglars own suggestion they lighted one Gas Jet. A Cut for Deal a said Bowlder. The burglar Cut a ten spot Bowlder a Deuce. The burglar had the Deal. The King of diamonds was turned As Trump. A beg a said Bowlder. A take it a remarked the burglar. The hands were played. Bowlder had the Queen and six spot of diamonds the marauder had the ten. Nine and seven of diamonds. Bowlder took High Low and the burglar counted game. A no Jack out a remarked Bowlder. A no a said the other. And then in an abused tone a say you on to beg nor nothing do you the Idee or a gents Meggitt in a two hand a holding of the Queen and they had played three hands had been out once. Bowlder keeping score. It stood �?obowlder�?1,1,1,1,1,1�?� �?oburglar�?1, to 1,1.�?� it was Bowlder a Deal. He rifled the cards with the deftness of one who plays often and Well. A bound to Settle it this said the burglar. A the score stands g to 4. You bet your life ill stand on the Bare Jack if i get Bowlder threw the cards Down and turned Trump with a snap. It was the Jack of clubs. The burglar looked at it wistfully even sadly. A a that a Square is it a he said to Bowlder in a tone of half reproach. A you ainu to the Man to go and turn Jack on a poor Crook from the Bottom of the deck and you Only one to go a a Bowlder assured him the transaction was perfectly honest. A yes i guess it was a said the burglar rising. A i was watching Yon and 1 guess it was straight. Its just my Luck that Sall. Well i must go its getting along towards 4 o car fare. This somewhat raised tie burglar s spirits made sad by seven up. A do you know parcs lie said a if it Wasny to for my weakness for Grabil 11id be a Rich Man years Washington Post. Protects users of a Royal. The forty ii mortals. Centenary of the Fanion French Academy rata i i lied by Richelieu. The Institute of France celebrated is Centenary from the 2�?�d to the 26th of october last. Richelieu established the Academie Francaise in 1635, but the French Institute which included that Academy and three others those of physical science moral and political science and the Fine arts dates from the 3d Bruma ire of the year in during the first Empire the Academy of moral and political science was suppressed but a new Academy of scholarship and archaeology was created under the title of 1�?Tacademie it inscriptions it Belles Lettres. Afterwards. In 1832, the suppressed Academy was revived so now there Are five in the Institute. At present the French Academy has forty members the Academy of sciences sixty eight the academies of Fine arts and of moral and political science forty each. Each Academy has also a number of Mem Bres Libres. The French Academy consists entirely of French writers and elects 110 foreign members but the other four academies elect from six to ten foreign members apiece and from forty eight to a Hundred correspondents. To be chosen a foreign member of the French Institute is reckoned the highest Honor that can be conferred on a Man of learning by his Brethren in France. It is a distinction that was conferred As will be remembered on the late Richard m. Hunt. All foreign and corresponding members of the Institute were invited to its Celebration. The exercises included various receptions and meetings on the 23d, 24th and 25th, a banquet on the evening of the 24th. A representation at the theater Francais on the afternoon of the 25th, and a visit on that Day to the due do Aumale at Chantilly. Of the foreign members of the academies of political science inscriptions and physical science the seniors Are respectively or. Gladstone prof. Max Muller and lord Kelwin and the senior foreign member of the Academy of Fine arts is Verdi. Such names As these give one an idea what an extraordinary gathering of Wise men the Institute Centenary s weekly. Her stratagem. Of Iii to fix unforeseen Flaste of or. Mcowat it failed. A i believe you have been deceiving me Billiger a said mrs. Mcowat. A deceiving you. Lobelia a exclaimed Billiger aghast. A How a a you have been trying to make me think you done to a i swore off smoking six months ago. And you know a i know you did. You done to smoke about he House but i have reasons for thinking you smoke in your office Down town just As you used to and in a going to find out. You Mark my a a he Mph a the subject was dropped. Or. To swat turned to his paper again and Lobelia Lay Down on the lounge and went to sleep. A Clio s going to find out. Is she a said or Mcowat to himself next morning while on his Way Down town. �?o1 wonder what her scheme is maybe she intends to Surprise me maybe a Here an idea so Brilliant so original took Possession of or. Mcowat that to laughed aloud a if that a her plan a he Soliloquy sized a will fix her. She will meet me at the front door this evening perhaps without waiting until i have had time to do away with the evidences of my perfidy and make myself presentable. She will unmask me Pera Ven Ture a right. Mrs. Mcowat. Ill be on hand about the usual 4 at 6 30 p. M. Or. Mcowat. Presented himself at the front door of Liis dwelling and let himself in with his Latchkey. A Billiger pm so glad to see you in be been lonesome a pair of soft arms stole around his neck a you done to know Billiger How Faugh what have you been eating a a unions. Lobelia Tribune. Hating powder company wins it it Che in United states arts the decision of judge Showalter in a recent Cuse that came up before him sustains the claims of the Royal company to the exclusive use of the name Quot Royal As a Trade Mark for its baking powder. The special importance of this decision consists in the Protection which it assures to the millions of Consumers of Royal baking powder against inferior and unwholesome compounds. The excellence of this article has caused it to be highly esteemed and largely used almost the world Over. Its High Standard of Quality having been always maintained Consumers have come to rely implicitly upon the Quot Royal Brand As the most wholesome and efficient of any in the Market. The cupidity of other manufacturers is excited by this High reputation and Large demand. Very few of the hundreds of baking powders on the Market Are Safe to use. If their makers could sell them under the name of a Well known reputable Brand incalculable damage would be done to the Public health by the deception. The determination of the Royal baking powder company to protect the users of the Royal baking powder against imitators by a rigid prosecution of them makes such imitations of its Brand extreme a rave. Have a drink a said Bowlder a and have another the cracks Man took a drink. Then he selected a Cigar from Bowlder a proffered Case. A if its All the same to Yonne Quot said the burglar a a in la smoke this later on after and he put the Cigar in his pocket. A there let me show you the Way said Boulder leading the Way to the front basement door. �?o1 hate to ask it of a stranger a said the burglar As he hesitated just outside the door a but the fourteenth Street cars will be running in a Little while now. And would you mind lend Lnu me a Nickel i live Down on the b. Amp o a of course Bowlder would lend him tricks in High diving the secret of dropping safely into i shallow tank of water. A what bothers most people who think anything about the subject a said Kearney p. Speedy a High diver who began his Public career by jumping. Bead first from the or. Louis Bridge four or five years ago a is How a dive of fifty or sixty feet can be made into a tank of thirty six inches of water. You see they confuse diving with Bridge jumping quite a different thing. Bridge jumpers Are neither jumpers nor diverse they re droppers that is. They reach the lower i a of the Bridge truss and drop fee 1 Foremost into the water. The trick is to maintain the perpendicular. They must have plenty of water under them too. The Leigh Dover As you have seen makes a Clear dive head first just As a boy does from a springboard in swimming. I do it in very shallow water. 1 weigh stripped 180 pounds and never do any training. I have been diving from the top of a circus tent All summer into a tank but seven he 1 id and into water but three feet deep. The shallow dive is possible from the same principle that a Cannon or Rifle shot meets the most resistance the More powerful the Impact. You see i give my body and head a slight inclination upward at the instant i strike the water it Raij Calisesi me to pop out As a Board w011 id do or an oar on the Feather. I Learned this trick in the st. Louis natatorium when a boy practising in shallow water and from a greater height. Then there is a certain elasticity in the water known to the High diver but the trick is in the strike and turn for water will break Bones and crush chests As Many a Man York Herald. 1 not quite fitting a i see you have a new organist a said the occasional attendant. Quot yes a answered the medium Quot the other fellow got entirely too fresh. We called up the spirit of Brigham Young last what do you suppose the idiot played a Only one girl in the world for me a a Cincinnati enquirer. A cough cold or sore Throat requires immediate attention a a Browne a bronchial troches will invariably give Relief. The Roan who loves his neighbor As himself will be slow about Goin to Law. The reviving Power o Parker s Ginger tonic Render it Innis enable in every Home. troubles colds and every form of yield to it. The Devil sees to it that a Grumbler always has something to grumble about. Get and use it if you want to realize. The Comfort of Beira without corns. It takes turn out perfectly. 15c. At Druggis s. Good or bad company is the greatest Blessing or greatest plague of life. Fits All fits stopped Freo by or. Kline a great nerve restorer. Kofi Safter toe Fira Niay s us get. Marvelous cures. Treatise and $2 trial bottle Frety fit cases Bead to or. Kline,931 Arch fct.,ljiiija.,l to Good Fortune does not always travel in a Carriage. If the baby is cutting tee to. Be sure and use that old and Well tried remedy lbs w ursynow s soothing so Rte a for children teething mom Quot you con. Some say that the hypo phosphates alone Are sufficient to prevent and cure consumption if taken in time. Without doubt they exert great Good in the beginning stages they improve the appetite promote digestion and tone up the nervous system. But they Lack the Peculiar medicinal properties and the fat found in cod liver Oil. The hypo phosphates Are valuable and the cod liver Oil is valuable. Scott 6tnufsicrl of cod liver Oil with hypo phosphates contains both of these in the most desirable form. The Oil is thoroughly emulsified that is partly digested. Sensitive stomachs can Bear an emulsion when the raw Oil cannot be retained. As the hypo phosphates the medicinal agents in the Oil and the fat itself Are each Good Why not have the Benefit of All this combination has stood the test of Twenty years and has never been equalled Scott a emulsion has been endorse Cuby the medical profession for Twenty years. Ask your doctor this is because it is always palatable always uniform always contains the purest norwegian cod liver Oil and . Insist on Scott s emulsion with Trade Mark of Man and fish put up in 50 cent and sizes. The Small size May be enough to cure your cough or help your baby on the Day we have done no Good we have done much evil. 1 have found Piso a cure for consumption an unfailing Medicine. F. R. Lotz 3305 Stott st., Covington ky., oct. 1, 1894. If ail our wishes were gratified How poor we would be. A Hanson s magic Corn warranted to cure or Money refunded. Ask your druggist for it. Price 15 cents. Fill Man with whisky and he can give the pig Points. Coeds cough Balaam la the oldest and Best. It will break up a cold quicker than anything else. It u always reliable. Try it the a motor co. Doer half the world s Windmill business Beauno a his reduced the Cost of will Power to 1/6 Wobu it it is Many Branch houses and supplies its goods and repairs at your door. I can null does furnish a. Better Art a ele for less Money than others. It maims pumping and geared steel galvanized-after-1 completion windmills tilling and fixed steel towers steel Buzz Sun frames steel 1�?~ned cutters and feed Grinders on application ii will name one i of the a articles trial it furnish until january 1st at 1/3 the usual Price. It also makes tanks and Pumpa of nil kinds. Send for catalogue. Factory 12th, Rockwell end Fillmore Ireata Tuii Cash Parker a hair 3as-Sam cd race and beautifies the hair. Promote a luxuriant growth never fail to restore Gray hair to its Youthful color. Cure Calp diseases a hair tailing. Opium morphine habit cured in 10 or. Stephens Lebanon Ohio. To 20 Days. No pay till cured. Gift Cut 83 to 810 a Dat to you. Myth i u Worix write Hill 56 fifth av., Chicago. I timely warning. The great Success of the chocolate preparations of the House of Walter Baker amp co. Established in 1780 has led to the placing on the Market Many misleading and unscrupulous imitations of their name labels and wrappers. Walter Baker amp co. Are the oldest and largest Manu 1 fact users of pure and High Grade Cocos and chocolates on this continent. No chemicals Are used in their manufactures. Consumers should ask for and be sure that they get the genuine Walter Baker amp goods. Walter Baker amp co., limited Dorchester mass. Stop naturally you done to have to swear i go b is amp a makes so go or the nerves w Strong and v Job brings Bank the feelings of youth to the prematurely old Man. It restores lost vigor. You May gain ten pounds in ten Days. Guaranteed tobacco habit cure. Go buy and try a Box to Day. It Oosta Only $1. Your own druggist car tee a cure or Money refunded. Booklet written guarantee of cure and Sample free. Address nearest office. The Sterling remedy co., Chicago. Montreal can new York. Flack la amp Ditc Cut Fly cathartic cure constipation. Purely vegetable smooth and Unju Hanii i w easy sold by druggists everywhere guaranteed to cure. Only to a. Pesos cure a i Freily believe Fiat Piso s cure kept me from having Quick consumption. A a mrs. H. D. Darling Beaver Meadow n. Y., june 18, 1895. For go Nsumpi cures where All else Falls. Best cough syrup tastes Good. Task in Tutu. Sold by druggists. �5 it. M

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