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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1896, Page 1

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - January 11, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoYol. 9. Blackfoot Bingham county Idaho saturday january 11, 1896. No. 33 special to the ladies of Blackfoot and Vicinity we wish to say that having secured the exclusive Sale we will keep in Stock the entire line of a. J. Johnson cafe cons celebrated line of ladies shoes and oxfords none genuine unless stamped a. J. Johnson amp co., Rochester new York. We have just received our first shipment by express for the Holiday Trade. They have no equal either for Quality work Manship or fear. Call and look at the line. C. Bunting amp you troubled with a sold Call on us we have on hand the following cough syrups Kings new discovery Shiloh a cough cure chamberlains cough cure Ayers Cherry pectoral compound syrup White Pine and tar also any other Patent medicines. 8b Abl Opery perfumery cigars tobacco pipes Etc choicest candies in the City. Physicians prescriptions carefully compounded Day or night. Strict attention to mail. Orders. Ben. A Fernish Druggis 1,%.��?T�, Blackfoot Why can i sell As cheap or cheaper than any one else in Idaho i sell Large quantities of goods and i buy Large quantities and get lowest prices. I manage to get my goods in at lowest possible freight rates. I stand behind the counter and in that Way find out what the people want. I buy Only such As people want and have no dead Stock to pay for. I do my business with the least possible expense. I have no rent to pay. I am Content with a smaller profit than some people. Keneran rams Nerva v Rny affect people Are talking about the big business i am doing. People Are talking about the prices i am Selling at. People Are buying where they can get the most goods for the least Money. My Trade is increasing every the procession Pew prices our weekly budget. Stamp improvement on the March of time let this be Blackfoot a motto for 1896. The ice business will begin in Earnest in a few Days. The state Normal school at Lewiston opened its doors for the first time monday with a Good attendance of students. Last monday was not Wash Day in Utah. It was spent in general rejoicing Over statehood. Miss Mae Wheeler is Home again from a pleasant visit to Pocatello. Beak Eldridge Post trader at Ross Fork was at Bingham a capital two Days of the week. In the payment of your unpaid taxes look out a a Leet let for the penalties. The time for penalties is at hand. Billy Dineen has gone to Idaho Falls to engage in business Utah a cup of Joy and gladness is brimful and running Over because of statehood. There should be no loafers along the line of the Idaho canal company a big canal. Everybody can get work now. Misses Evie Rogers and Esther Behle returned to st. Margaret a Boise on mondays train. Next week will be an exciting week in Salt Lake City Over the election of United state senators. Or. And mrs. Biethan or. And mrs. Dietrich miss Wheeler and mrs. Glenn were witnesses of the comedy at the Pocatello opera House last Friday. The Odd Fellows moved into the newly furnished Hall in the Berryman amp Rogers building this week. The Board of county commissioners meets in regular quarterly session next monday and the Asylum directors next wednesday. The Malad Enterprise suggests the names of judge Standrod William Budge and Ben e. Rich for Congress. There they Are take your Choice. Mrs. George l. Shoup and daughter have gone to Washington to join the senator and spend the Winter in the capital. Mexican Amole soap Best in the Market three cakes for 25c. At b. H. Fernish a. The packing House at Idaho Falls began Active operations this week. Fifty five dressed hogs were the first Days disposal. If you want to save Money on your groceries go to West a Cash grocery. The Utah judgeship is attracting much attention in the new state and at Washington. There Are four or five prominent candidates for the position. The senatorial Barises in Utah Are not waiting for leap year proposals they Are proposing begging and entreating for themselves. All this country is agog Over the Prospect of the cuban insurgents shutting off the Supply of Havana cigars. The Railroad pay Roll at Pocatello is reported at $40,000 per month and this Means an Advance along the Iines in general business. This is Good for the Gate City. Every father and Mother in Blackfoot should have a curfew ordinance for the Little boys and girls. Call them in before 8 of clock at night a the Star spangled banners was Sung in the mormon Tabernacle inauguration Day by 1000 trained voices. Rev. Or. Frost will hold services at the Fairview school House West Side sunday afternoon at 3 of clock. Everybody respectfully invited. Josie Hill the woman killed by Larkins at Idaho Falls a few Days ago was a very prominent character in the Cabalan murder Case at Salt Lake City More than a year ago. Ben Fernish will give away on april 1st, one of the finest Cigar holders to the person having the greatest number of grand Republic Cigar wrappers. They Are the Best 5c. Cigar in the City. Sauerkraut at West a 10 cents per quart also pure Apple cider 45 cents per gallon. Strained Honey 10 cents per Pound. The new year number of the Montpelier examiner is a Beauty and doubtless will be kept on file by All Montpelier in Honor of the Enterprise of its editor Charles e. Harris. A freight train was reported wrecked on the u. Amp n. At big Hole Canon near Dillon thursday morning a wreck train Crew went up from Pocatello at noon the same Day to Clear the track. No lives were lost. There is talk of the establishment of a Woolen factory at american Falls but there has been a great Deal of talk about the Falls for Many years past. In truth the roaring Waters require loud talk if one be heard. The Peoples canal company West Side Are crowding their work As rapidly As possible. They now have about 30 teams engaged and expect to increase the Force As rapidly As the weather will permit. The country tributary to Blackfoot is filling up rapidly and Blackfoot must grow with the country. Earnest co operative efforts on the part of All citizens will do the work will make Blackfoot what the outside people have a right to expect of it. The prayer service which has been in Progress at the m. E. Church every evening this week will be continued through the evenings of next week. The meetings Are growing in interest and there is a marked increase in the attendance. Two witnesses from Idaho Falls Len Nie Vernon and George Coulter Are held by judge Stevens for their appear Ance at the court trial of Sid Larkins for the killing of Josie Dill. Not being Able to furnish Bonds they will have lodgings in the county jail. Three of the holidays this year Washington a birthday decoration Day and the fourth of july fall on saturdays. This of course will be pleasant ? news to teachers and school children. There is less Snow in the mountains towards the headwaters of the Snake and Blackfoot Rivers than has been noticed at this season for Many years past. Ranchers Are beginning to grow apprehensive lest the water supplies be Short next summer. The Salt Lake Tribune has published an almanac for 1896, which is brimful of general information. It is what every business Man should have in his office what every Well informed family will want in the household. It can be bought for 25 cents. The supreme court of the state has settled the Long contested Case in the Blaine Lincoln county fight. It holds the act of the legislature creating the counties constitutional. So Blaine and Lincoln will go on the maps. At Cost for spot Cash sleighs Robes and blankets. W. D. Trego. Cigar Holder Given to the one holding the greatest number of wrappers of grand Republic 5c. Cigar at Ben i. Fernish a. The very Best 25 cent Tea in the Market. Try a Pound at West a. Col. Hannaford received a Telegram wednesday evening with the sad news of the death of his Mother at Woodstock near Chicago at 6 of clock that evening. The death of Mother is a sore affliction it matters not whether it comes to one in Early morn at noontime or when the Sun of life is sinking far Down the Western Hills. Josie Hill the woman shot by Young Larkins at Idaho Falls several Days ago died the first of the week and Larkins is now held in jail without bail for the next grand jury. At the coroners inquest the verdict was that the deceased came to her death from a gun shot wound at the hands of Larkins and this Means that the Young Man will have a big fight on his hands at court to save his life. It is a sad sad affair growing out of the reckless ways of a Young Man disregarding his Early training and Home influences. A note to the news from a West Sider who was present at the Market Lake Rabbit drive last saturday says a we corralled about 1,200 rabbits and As Many More were killed outside on the Flats. I wish the people of the West Side would organize for a drive. The rabbits Are plentiful there and the people can to form any idea of the sport it is until they witness it. They can afford to go 100 Miles to take the suggestion of the writer of this note should not past unheeded by the lovers of this kind of sport. Let the matter be talked up Here in town and an organization effected with captains lieutenants and have other necessary officers selected and then in conjunction with a like organization on the West Side have such a drive As will surpass anything of the kind yet indulged in in the Snake River Valley. Wanted a Young lady with a clean Mouth. All Young men. Wanted a Young Man with a clean Mouth. All Young ladies. Consult or. Mingus for inspection before making application. Two indians of the fort Hall reservation were lodged in jail at Blackfoot this week on the charge of rape. The ladies of Pocatello had a grand leap year Ball Friday evening of this week. Pocatello has Snow and Idaho palls has Snow and Blackfoot has Nice Spring weather. Many a Brave and dashing Beau will make his Bow at the a Bow party this Friday evening at the Gray District school House. It needs no prophetic Eye to foretell a big split in Republican ranks in Idaho this year Over the senatorial candidates. It is growing now it is bound to come. Or. Keller dentist from Pocatello will be in his Blackfoot office on the 11th, 12th and 13th inst., ready Todo All kinds of dental work needed by any one in the City. Charges reasonable and work the Best. The other evening Fank Martin discovered a couple of Little children stealing Coal out of his car. As this is not the first instance of that kind he threatened to lock them up in the car if it happened again. The Little ones said that their father made them steal it. A rather poor business it seems to us for parents to teach their children. If the family Are in need of fuel they can get it other ways than teaching their children to Falls times. The pastor would be glad to have you attend the prayer meeting services at the m. E. Church. They Are growing in interest and numbers. Right Rev. Bishop Talbot is expected in Pocatello and Blackfoot next week. Three pounds Pioneer Tea at West a for $1.00. Try a grand Republic 5 cent Cigar at Ben h. Fernish a. New masonic Lodge. A new masonic Lodge will be organized at Blackfoot this saturday evening. Local members of the fraternity have perfected All necessary plans and Are Only awaiting the arrival of High officials of the order to Complete the work. It will be a memorable evening for All local and visiting members. Must use her advantage the girl who expects to profit by leap year must get a move on herself. This year will be the last leap year in eight years. The year 1900 will not be a leap year. Every year is a leap year that is divisible by four except those ending in two ciphers which must be divisible by 400. Whatever advantage you expect from leap year girls must Cometo you this year or you must be kept in the Shade for a Long time. Let a change come quickly. The time table for the Blackfoot and Challis stage company is most miserable. It accommodates nobody it disco modes everybody interested. As now provided the stage often leaves before the trains arrive with the Eastern and Western mails and returning arrive six to ten hours after the trains have passed. In this Way mails for Custer county Are delayed from 12 to 24 hours. A change to the old time of running will overcome All delays and inconveniences and we believe the postal authorities will so order it As soon As the facts Are presented to them. Railway construction in 1895. The railway age says a railway building in the United states reached this year a lower Point than in any of the last Twenty years indeed in Only two years since 1865, thirty years ago has so Small a mileage been built. Our records for 1895 now show Only 1,782 Miles of track Laid a tremendous decline from the great year of 1887, when almost 13,000 Miles were put Down. In the eight years since that time the decrease in construction has been great and continuous and this year the total built was Only about 100 Miles More than in the year 1855�?forty years ago. In Idaho Oregon and Utah not a single mile of new track was Laid. Cleaned out the stovepipe. There is probably no Man in Idaho More familiar with powder of All kinds than Phil Mcguire yet on tuesday last he swelled a powder charge beyond the limit and blew the Coltman lumber office into Smithereens. Phil had been informed that a stovepipe could be cleaned out by exploding a Small Quantity of powder in the stove and tried it. It worked most effectively not Only Clen nug out the pipe Chimney and stove but cleaned out the office spread the stove around on the floor and deposited Phil in the Back Falls Register. The reservation canal. Secretary Hoke Smith has awarded the contract for constructing the reservation canal to the Idaho canal company. The work is to be completed by june 1st. The contract Price is $90,000, and an annual maintenance at $15 per cubic foot. This will be Gratifying news to All Bingham county. Supplying water is the first step towards reclaiming the lands on the reservation and reclaiming the lands Means opening the reservation. The company has a limited time to do its work but it will be equal to the emergency unless Winter weather should close in and shut off work altogether. On with the work. Scrapers and plows to the front and idlers to the scrapers and plows. Montana cattle Trade. Helena mont., january year 1895 was the greatest cattle year Montana has had so far As total receipts from sales Are concerned. Revised figures of the business done during the year prepared in the office of the Montana Board of Stock commissioners give the total receipts at $11,000,000. The Secretary of the Board has handled during the year on account of strays $179,721. The shipments of cattle during the year 1895 aggregated 246,460 head the Slaughter for Home consumption being 60,000 head making the total output 306,460 head average Price for the year was a trifle Over $36 per head. Thus it will be seen that the cattle Industry brought More than $11,000,000 into Montana during 1895. The report of the state vegetarian shows there were brought into Montana in 1895 70,000 head of cattle. Delinquent taxes. Taxes became delinquent last monday but will not be advertised for Sale until May next. In co Quence of the decrease of penalty and length of time before Sale a great Many will allow their taxes to become delinquent. From the first to the fourth monday in january the assessor cannot receive taxes and property on which the taxes have not been paid will be advertised for Sale on or before the fourth monday in May and be sold on the first monday in july three per cent penalty is added As soon As the taxes become delinquent and an additional 3 per cent making 6 per cent and 12 per cent per annul if not paid prior to Date of Sale besides 25 cents on each tract of land separately assessed. The owner has two years which to redeem the land so sold. In other words if a taxpayers taxes amount to $100 and he pays them before the first monday in March the whole amount will be $103, and if not paid until Date of Sale he will have to pay 6 per cent., which for six months would be $6, and with the 3 per cent would make a total of $115, or 1j per cent for six record stray notice. Came to my ranch on the West Side of Snake River about december 1st, one red Roan steer 3 years old branded 0� on top of right hip left ear Cut off Short smooth crop Over bit and under bit in right ear also double Dunlap. Also one red and White spotted steer three years old branded with a 31 on top of right hip with left ear Cut Short and smooth crop under bit and upper bit in right ear. The owner must come and pay charges and take the above described animals away or they will be sold As the Law directs. James l. Bumgarner. Blackfoot Idaho january 8th, 1896. Best and biggest 5c. Cigar at Ben h. Fernish a the grand Republic. A of few prices 25 lbs Beans for,.$1.00 16tbs granulated sugar for. 1.00 30lbs roiled Oats for. 1.00 other goods in proportion. Candies nuts fresh fruits vegetables fresh oysters Salt herring Mackerel pickled pigs feet Honey comb tripe sauerkraut Apple cider Loose pickles Sweet potatoes strained Honey and Honey in the comb. The above goods Boig received daily Are pure and fresh. The Best for the Money in the Market. Satisfaction guaranteed or Money cheerfully refunded to lowest Cash prices in the City. O give us a Call and be . W. West Twenty five pounds oat meal. 1.00 Coal Oil by the Case. 3.00 eighteen bars White russian soap 1.00 four bars full weight Kirksy Savon soap. 25 six cans of fruit. 1,00 Corn 10c., 5 gallon Keg pickles. 1.25 Fine California peas. ,12l walkers family soap Best laundry soap on Earth 20 bars. 1.00 menus All Wool Fine suit last years Price $15.00, now 9.00 All Wool frock or sack last year $18.00, now.12.50 a heavy Wool Ulster overcoat. 6. I Fascinator 65c., 85c. 1.15 and 1.50, can to be beat. Ladies fur and Plush capes at two thirds prices marked. All Wool Germantown yarn 65c. And 75c. Pound. Ladies i Wool underwear suit 1.35 ladies Good. All Wool Hose.25 Black Clay worsted heavy Good menus extra heavy All Wool Hose three pairs for. 1.00 menus Wool Hose five pairs for. 1.00don�?Tt forget Yon can save Money by trading with Blackfoot Idaho

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