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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - December 26, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoAutumn calling Cost me. A French calling costume is electric Blue Canvas cloth made up Over Bright Green silk. The coat is of smoke Gray cloth its Quaker sobriety deliciously relieved by tabs or minor velvet in a Gray Green pea pod Hue surmounted by a geometrical design in Fine mixed Cord. These tabs Are everywhere bound by a narrow hem of Sable and the same Beautiful fur forms the Tudor esque Collar. A finishing touch of elegance is Given by the charming old Silver buttons with which it is adorned. She had made a discovery. To Hope a she said thoughtfully a that you wont have anything More to say about the manner in which women Hunt bargains and get cheated.4 a Why not Don t you think your sex deserves it a a in a not going to discuss that Point even if we do deserve the criticism it does not come gracefully from a Man who buys hair restorer regularly from a Bald headed a Washington Star. Everything went wrong. A perhaps it was because i a forgot my morning or perhaps i a got out of bed on the wrong but up to Date i have attributed it to the fact that i had worked beyond my strength the Day before was All worn out and unnerved and having taken a hot Bath and gone to bed under summer covers with the window s All up tit the Middle i took cold in the frosty air. My head was aching and sore and hot and thumping. Every hair the missing link. Pittsburg chronicle a a the missing link is found a the great scientist paced up and Down his room in great ecstasy repeating at intervals the Joyful announcement a the missing link is found a he was very jubilant and Well he might be for it had been three Long weeks since one of his link cuff buttons had rolled away into one of the darkest Corners under the Bureau. Cascaret stimulate liver kidneys and bowels. Never sicken weaken or Gripe. Treating of the a Protection of Bank depositors a the Hon. James h. Eckels comptroller of the currency in the North american review for november declares that the proper conduct of a Bank must result More from the acts of those entrusted with its keeping than from the acts of the officers of the Law. If directors and officers fail to pay every attention to the conduct of the Bank a employees outside of office hours As Well As during them they Are Apt at any time to encounter dishonesty and loss. Mothers Cullers. Mix thoroughly together two cups of sugar a tablespoonful of butter half a of milk a scant teaspoonful of soda dissolved in boiling water two teaspoonfuls of vinegar the grated Rind of an Orange a Little Nutmeg and flour enough to make a dough stiff enough to Roll out. Cut in squares or circles and Cook in boiling lard. When cooked and nearly Cool sift powered sugar Over Home Jour Nal. Origin of a much quoted saw. The origin of a a fool and his Money Are soon parted a has not been ascertained with certainty but the following Story is sometimes told a George Buchanan Tutor to James in of Scotland made a bet with a courtier that he could make a Courser verse than the courtier Buchanan Rose and picking up the courtiers Money walked off with the remark a a fool and his Money Are soon Home journal. Lack of feeling. Gazing at the fingers that had just been claimed by the elusive circular saw he wept bitterly. A alas a he said a my ambition was to become a poster artist and now now the Best i can do is to become a shorthand writer a however in View of his morbid desire it was perhaps just As York press. A defective fruit cover. Often a defective cover will be found among the fruit jars and cannot be screwed Down to make the Jar tight. Put a Little Putty around Between the cover and rubber and when the cover is screwed Down As tightly As possible press the Putty in around the Crevice. When the Putty becomes hard the Jar will be found airtight. The complexion. A realist a she repeated. A Why he Drew a straight flush that was so natural it bluffed everybody out of the game a they were at no pains to conceal their admiration for the slender Man in Corduroy who drank Absinth yonder. A Detroit Tribune. On trial. A Marian Here a a Dray stopping at our door with a piano a sewing machine and a Parrot. There must be a mistake in the a no dear they belong to our new Cook. She s a graduate of the school of cooking and has kindly consented to try free press. Every economical woman s pet Economy is to reduce her Gas Bill. Pii auit i a bottle of it Baa Wax a a a a might have changed the map of Europe t the Battle of Waterloo the great Napoleon was so prostrated from nephritis a a inflammation of the kidneys that for More than an hour the Battle was left to his subordinates with the result that the fortunes of War went against him. Had it a Tux a n q m a is a a been known at the time Napoleon need not have been ill at such a supreme moment nor his Star suffered eclipse while All cannot be Napoleons All can be spared the illness which resulted in his downfall a a 1 1 concluded to go on to a Street beyond my own where there was a Cross town line and take a Transfer. To take the Transfer was easy but after waiting vainly for fifteen minutes for a Chance to use it i started out a afoot and alone and across lots a not crying but feeling very much like it. But most people have troubles of their own and do not care to read about those of other people. The misfortunes i have recounted were but samples of a train that pursued me All Day Long and landed me in bed at 8 of clock with a sprained ankle due to a fall a scratched face resulting from my st. Bernard a playfulness and Sev bicycle a a bins the latest was turned the wrong Way and a dozen ,.of them pulled in different directions. Era at5ded wrinkles because x Simp y had to claim the rights of my sex to Large bottle or new style smaller one at your Ujj Druyff t to. My shoes seemed to have shrunken or my feet swelled. I put everything on wrong Side before or inside out. Everything was awry. I had overslept in the first place having a most eccentric clock one of the kind of tantalizing conundrums that remind one of the clock whose owner said a when both hands Are at 12 and it strikes 2 i know it is half past 7.�?� the complicated calculations from this basis at All other times of the Day Are distracting to say the least and make one Long for logarithms or a any other old things to solve instead. And so it took me about three times is Long As usual to prepare for breakfast. By that time my Coffee was cold and my st. Bernard Pup with the Beautiful Large liquid Brown syes had surreptitiously appropriated my Steak at one gulp and was seated near my chair at the table looking sweetly and waving his Paw deprecating by at me evidently intent on making peace at once in order to obtain my Coffee spice Ball to top off with. I had planned to take a train to the sity scheduled for 9 55, and having ten minutes to reach the depot As i supposed i started out leisurely. When half a Block away i discovered i had left my pocketbook at Home. It was another sign of bad Luck to go Back for it but there was no other Way out of it. Still there seemed to be plenty of time. But As i sauntered around the Corner i saw the train two blocks away just pulling up to the station. As this was the Only train that would get me into the City before noon and i had an engagement to meet a Friend at 11 to attend Church together i started on a rim. I caught the Brace on the rear car just As it began to move Forward went triumphantly into the car and Sank exhausted by into the first seat just a3 the train stopped once More. And As i sat there for the next ten minutes trying to catch my breath my heart thumping like a trip Hammer and listening to the milk cans As they were banged out on the platform and the empty cans banged into the baggage car i vowed for the Hundredth time that i would never under any circumstances run for a train again. It is a failing of All suburbanites to make this Promise to themselves on every Opportunity and break it again next time. But i finally arrived at my destination and a waited and waited and like the a nine old maids in _ a v. I i a a up \ Vrej m Sun s7/�. Of hive break Down and indulge hysterics. In a fit of How a remarkable feat. Its equal in started on a run. Fhe play but no Friend appeared. Probably she did not run for her train but like the sensible girl she is turned about and went to her own suburban Church never giving me More than a passing thought. So i finally went alone to hear the wonderful speaker we had planned to hear together thinking i could forget my troubles under his eloquence. On my arrival at the place however what was my dismay to find a Little White card tacked up announcing that the services would not take place on this particular sunday on account of the sudden illness of the pastor. I concluded not to run for any More trains but walked Over to Clark Street in a dignified manner As befitted the Day and took my seat on the electric car just starting South. As i sat there placidly enjoying the Swift motion of the car and the Cooling Breeze on my aching head it struck me that we were making a Good Many More turns than usual and looking about on either Side. I could not discover one familiar object. Finally glancing up the Street and seeing a huge drove of steers coming our Way completely filling the Street from curb to curb and even overflowing onto the walk it dawned upon me that i had boarded the car without looking at the sign and was out in the a wild and woolly West a represented by the Union Stock Yards. Just How we were going to get through that Seething mass of horns unhurt was a mystery to me and became a source of great anxiety As a car approached from the other direction and that entire Herd concluded to pass Between the to o cars which were coming closer and closer together every Ani Nute until there was room for Only one at a time while three or four disputed the passageway and Only a vigorous punch from my umbrella kept one big Black dangerous looking fellow from insisting on boarding the car and Riding Back to his Home. As i was so far out of my Way i i Snake swallows size. The following is an interesting paragraph in a letter sent to friends Here by Harry Hammond formerly of this City who is now making his Home in Florida a today i had the Good Luck to see a curious sight that of one Snake killing and swallowing another. We came on the scene just As a a King Snake was killing a Blacksnake each a Little Over three feet Long. The King was tied and coiled round the Black and the latter a Tail could just wiggle after a few minutes during which the King tied himself in the most curious knots and ran his head up and Down his victims writhing body biting it Here and there As if examining his supper he turned the Blacks head gave it a preliminary bite and then slowly proceeded to take the Blacksnake into Camp. It seemed impossible that he could Swallow a Snake As Long and As Large As himself but he did. This is How he did it a the would stretch his head As Fai As possible get his Teeth hooked in hit victims Scales then slip his body up till it was in wrinkles at his neck Anc for some Way Down then Loose his tooth hold and slide his head Forward for another grip just As if you wer putting on a tight Glove in fact. It was the most interesting operation i think i Ever witnessed and the King swallowed All but three inches of the Tail of the poor Blacksnake and then with that dangling from his Mouth glided off into the grass. We let him go As he is a known enemy of the rattlesnakes and often kills Indianapolis journal. Shot fired fifteen Miles. From twelve to thirteen Miles say a London Exchange is the computed Range of the most powerful guns now made but the longest distance that s shot has been fired is a few Yards Over fifteen Miles which was the Range of Krupp a 130-ton steel gun. Firing a Sho weighing 2,600 pounds. The 111-tor Armstrong gun also had an extreme Range of fourteen Miles firing a shot weighing 1,800 pounds and requiring 960 pounds of powder but Quick firing guns Are More depended upon at the present Day than guns with such extreme length of Range. Of Quick firing guns the most wonderful is perhaps the Maxim which can fire As Many As 600 shots a minute and yet is so Ligh that a Soldier can carry it strapped or his Back. Krupp a 130-ton gun Anc Armstrong a 111-ton proved too expensive being unable to stand firing 10 times and their manufacture has practically been abandoned. The gun Mosi favored perhaps is the Twenty two ton Armstrong which hurls a. Solid Sha for a distance of twelve Miles. Con kid e ration for one another. It has been estimated that ninety be. Cent of people in Trade fail at Sonn time in their career and for a Mer chant to remain in business Over thirty years without needing Aid from Hii creditors is a remarkable incident. Peo pie of Good memories have seen great fortunes Tumble into nothingness Anc families that have boasted of then wealth reduced to penury through Sud Den changes that visit the commercial world. Every year adds new instances of these sudden reverses and while they should teach people to be considerate to one another they should also suggest to persons now Rich that they cannot control the wheels of Fortune and they should not be too boastful and too harsh in their estimate of others. Johnny s diagnosis. Johnnie was bathing with a Friend of his in the surf when the latter another Small boy was rapidly carried out to deep water by the undertow and would have been drowned had it not been for timely assistance. During the excitement Johnnie stood around open mouthed listening to his elders discussing the affair. When he arrived at Home he was asked a Well Johnnie How did it happen a the following was his version of the affair a i done to exactly remember but there was something the matter with Hie inquirer. Her favorite. He a permit me to present you with a copy of my new collection of she a ooh thank you i like poetry so he a and who is your favorite poet a she a the Man who wrote Tara a a then he ran he feared that she might want to sing to Plain dealer. A new so he me to fare for timer oui wheels in great cities. The latest development in cycling circles is the formation of a company which will establish a bicycle bins All or the metropolitan District. Within a week fifty of these establishments will be in operation and when the regular session opens next Spring the number will probably have been increased ten to fifty fold. The organization is known As the cyclists protective league. It has been incorporated under the Laws of new Jersey with a capital Stock of $100,000, with a Par value of $10 a share. The plan in contemplation is to establish from 500 to 5,000 a bicycle bins in and around new York City. At each of these bins members will be afforded valuable privileges such As storage for wheels arrangements for repairs toilet rooms Etc. The charge to members will be $2 per my nah or $20 a year. This will include an insurance policy covering bicycle accidents allowing $1,000 in Case of death and $5 a week indemnity for injuries sustained while cycling. These insurance policies will he issued by an insurance company already in business and in issuing them the protective league will act merely As an it gent. A there is a great need for some such Enterprise a said one of the officers a and we think we have a Good thing not Only for ourselves but for the Public at Large. We shall offer the same advantages to transients that we do to regular members Only the rate will be a Little higher. That is we shall charge 10 cents a Day for storage at any of the bins. With so Many cyclists living in Flats bins in residence localities should be profitable. Nearly every one would pay $2 a month for storage rather than carry a wheel up and Down stairs. Men who ride their wheels to business can store them in a bin convenient to their offices or shops during the daytime. Tefius storing them at each end of the trip would Cost less than two fares each Day. Should the plan prove profitable in new York the business will be extended to other Large cities. Besides the accommodation outlined above the league will sell and rent bicycles furnish repairs clean machines and do a general bicycle business. Some of the bins will be connected with refreshment stands and restaurants and others will be run independently. Coupon books will be issued to members of the league which will be Good at any bin. Fifty of these bins will be in operation during the present week and others will be established As rapidly As York world. Clark Kussell. A recent visitor to the Home of or. W. Clark Russell the Well known novelist writes a your Host greets you with an outstretched hand and a Clear ringing voice a voice full of cheesiness and one of those voices that have a Story lingering in All their tones an interesting voice decidedly and As you listen to it you realize Mayhap for the first time How varied a voice May be. But alas he greets you from a Couch Whereon he has lain for Many weary months and even years. From his Waist downwards and in his hands he is so crippled with chronic rheumatism that he can scarcely move. Wheeled from room to room and taking his exercise in a Bath chair his peregrinations Are not infrequently Tike those of the vicar from the Pink to the Green room and from the Green room Back again. And yet in no Way Are his spirits affected. Surrounded by his family his wife his two sons and his three daughters he keeps open House and a knife and Fork for the Many visitors who find his company infinitely More exhilarating than that to which they Are clothing never known As cheap. The receiver s Sale of the Belle Stock has been the biggest Success Ever known. We English priests and the Beretta. Ought anglican priests to Wear the Beretta this in the absence of greater problems is the momentous question agitating the minds of a Good Many churchmen just now. It is contended on the one hand that the old English Square Cap is the Correct clerical headgear while on the other the Beretta has the advantage of Sanction in the Western Church and moreover can be conveniently folded up and carried in the pocket. Meanwhile the controversy rages and one popular divine has found himself in somewhat of a dilemma Over it. Asked to preach at a Village Church he was informed on his arrival that there was to be a procession from the vestry through the churchyard to the Eastern door. A it is raining heavily a he pleaded a and i have to return to town the vicar was absent but the curate in charge of the service asked a shall i get you a Beretta a a no a was the prompt reply a but if you have an old umbrella about the place i shall be glad of Telegraph. The new diversion a baggage men Are getting so that they handle trunks very a yes they say they have More fun banging bicycles record can t fill mail orders. You had better come yourself. Owing to some goods closed out we will not substitute anything. Good men s huits at $2.50. Boys1 fruity to cents. Good lined mittens and gloves at 15 cents. Good heavy Overa is at 25 cents each. Menus overcoats from $1.90, $2.00 $2.50 to $2.00, which Are Worth double. Come Early while there is a variety to Coose from. 1515 Douglas Street. Receiver Sale Omaha neb., Between 15th and 16th streets. Table talk. Chinese beggars. A chinaman can live fairly Well on five cents a Day. Every scrap that can be utilized for food or clothing is made available. Yet in spite of this the fact remains that there Are More beggars in China than even in Southern Italy. They travel in great companies a men women and children. Tramping is often a matter of intense pain to the women because their feet have been mutilated so that they can scarcely walk. Crowds of Yelling Young demons of boys follow carriages a mile or two sometimes begging for alms. The vagrants have become so artistic in begging that they frequently Muti these swarms of beggars roam about i late themselves to excite sympathy the land in spite of the fact that every family of Means takes care of All of its poor relatives to the utmost extent of its ability. The chinese Are not Lazy. They would work if they could but i there is not sufficient work for All. A the food of the Anglo saxons a by Dora m. Morrell is the title of the leading article in the november Issue of table talk. It touches upon the menus and special dishes eaten by the English in America Australia Canada and India and is followed by a some old fashioned thanksgiving dainties a by Eliza r. Parker. Miss Cornelia c. Bedford gives an exhaustive and valuable article on a bread a miss e. Margurite Lindley on a dress and its effects upon health and talk publishing company Philadelphia a. Piso a cure for consumption is the Best of All cough Vav. Lotz a Bucher la., August 26, 1895. Beautiful evening gowns. For evening gowns net is being used in great profusion but it is not treated in its most extravagant fashion with trimmings of steel or jewel or Jet i met a Lovely net gown in Black striped with lines of Silver sequins set closely together in rows of five at intervals of about four inches. This had a bodice swathed round the figure with a birth of White tulle and it had White tulle sleeves while round the Waist was a Cre Selet of shaded Green Glace ribbon. Now to make Cranberry Jelly. To make Cranberry Jelly Wash carefully a quart of selected berries and put them in a porcelain lined Kettle with a Small of water and half a Pound of Good White sugar allow them to boil steadily for Twenty minutes and then press through a Jelly bag into a Mould which has previously been rinsed with cold water. Set away in a Cool place for several hours when it will be ready to serve. This Quantity should be sufficient for six Home journal. Forrest an a cavalry Leader. Who can doubt then that if Lee had been provided with a Reserve go Twenty thousand fresh cavalry under such a Leader As Forrest at Gaines a Mill or the second Manassas Orch amp a cell Orville the array of the Potomac would not have survived to fight another Battle for unless Sheridan be expected there was no cavalry general on either Side in the War who could equal Forrest in the Pursuit of a Defeated army. Lord Coheley has said in his sketch of Forrest that a a Forrest a sixty mile Pursuit of Sturgis after that Battle was a most remarkable achievement and Well Worth attention by military Century. The faults and Folly no of the age Are numerous but of the latter none 1� More ridiculous than the promiscuous and random Uso of a laxative Pill avid other drastic cathar tics. These wrench Eon Tulsa and weaken both the stomach and the bowels. If a Lostetter a stomach bitters be used instead of these no remedies the result is accomplished without pain and with great Benefit to the bowels the stomach and the liver. Use this remedy when constipation is manifested and thereby prevent it from becoming chronic. Put Napkin pie without eggs. For one pie fake three heaping Tablespoons sifted Squash or pumpkin one hearing Tablespoon flour and one and a half pints Rich milk. Mix Squash or pumpkin smooth with flour add milk. Sweeten to taste add a tiny Pinch of Salt flavor with Nutmeg. Pour into a deep pie plate lined with Good pie crust and bake in a slow Home journal. Harpers weekly dated nov. 7 will contain the first chapters of a new Short serial of scotch life entitled a lady love a by s. R. Crockett author of a the Gray Many and a the there will be a four Page article profusely illustrated on historic new York houses. Bostons subway by which the Street car traffic in the business portion of the City is to be put underground will be described in text and pictures. The great naval sound Money Parade in new York Harbor will be depicted. He Seimui 8 camphor ice with Glycerine. Cures chapped hands and face tender or sore feet chilblains files amp a. C. O. Clark co., new Haven cd Sloo Reward Sion. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been Able to cure in All its stages and that is Catarrh. Halls Catarrh cure is the Only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a. Constitutional treatment. Halls Catarrh cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system thereby destroying the foundation of the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the Constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much Faith in its curative Powers that they Otter one Hundred dollars for any Case that it Falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address f. J. Cheney amp cu., Toledo o. 8old by druggists 73 cents. Mary Cowden Clarke spent sixteen years of the a concordance to mrs. I Nilow a soothing so rep for children there Fatm. Reduces inf Lara mation allays pain cures wind Colic. �.�?T5 cheats a bottle a fashionable society is crowded with those who never pay until compelled to. Boston Razy. I la a quandary. Globe Benson pm almost sent a letter to my broker asking him whether he thought i was a fool and another one to miss willets asking her to drive and i done to know which of them this Telegram is Roberts what does it say Benson simply just try a 10c Box of Cascaret the finest liver and Bowel regulator Ever made. Fewer silk hats were bet on the past election than Ever before. The woman the Man and the she was a Good woman loved her. She was his wife. The pie was Good his wife made it he ate it. But the pie disagreed with him and he disagreed with his wife. Now he takes a Pill after pie and is Happy. So is his wife. The Pill he takes is Ayers. Moral avoid dyspepsia by using Ayers cathartic pills. Gladness comes with a better understanding of the transient nature of the Many physical ills which vanish before proper efforts gentle efforts pleasant efforts rightly directed. There is Comfort in the knowledge that so Many forms of sickness Are not due to any actual disease but simply to a constipated condition of the system which the pleasant family laxative syrup of figs. Promptly removes. That is Why it is the Only remedy with millions of families and is everywhere esteemed so highly by All who value Good health. Its beneficial effects Are due to the fact that it is the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore All important in order to get its beneficial effects to note when you Purchase that you have the genuine article which is manufactured by the California Fig syrup co. Only and sold by All reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of Good health and the system Quot is regular laxatives or other remedies Are then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease one May be commended to the most skillful physicians but if in need of a laxative one should have the Best and with the Well informed everywhere syrup of figs stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction. Comfort to California. Every thursday morning a tourist sleeping car for Denver Sal t Lake City ban Francisco and los a Rue Les leaves Omaha and Lincoln via the Burlington route. It is carpeted upholstered in Rattan has Spring seats and backs and is provided with curtains bedding Tow Els soap Ete. An experienced excursion contractor and a uniformed i Ullman Porter accompany it through to the Pacific coast. While neither As expensively finished nor As Fine to look at As a Palace Sleeper it is just As Good to ride in. Second class tickets Are honoured and the Price of a berth Wida enough and big enough of two is Only it. For a folder giving full particulars write to j. Francis Gene a pass a agent Omaha neb. South West the Best fruit Section in the West. No Droutas. A failure of crops never known a did climate. Productive soil abundance of Good pure water. For maps and circulars giving full description of the Rich Mineral fruit and agricultural lands in South West Missouri write to John m. Puroy manager of the Missouri land and live Stock company Neosho Newton co., Missouri. 16 of. To 1 la. A old. Null ror nor Rwjr buys the a a it by Sra i Aid at Lowers Price. A a a a Falln k fax bunt a Tomt Injo cd by a Enuol a 0. Old Illus u a Trail buy Othi jul nuff Terr. Hundreds of specialities at less than whole a amp Lyl prices Viz Orff jul Plano la Cdr i lilt horne., inf i hone 31111, Jac k Serfort v t u Kif a n y 13llnji 3 ii3 lers Fred Mill , let Rotts Piutti plow Cost p Iii. For a in lar a Impi Aru h in my re Enion tool wire Fenee Croy hrs re Llott Rry. A Titch Dalmani in. Slock. Florator in Road. P Ini form and lout or m ape. A so cd for Fri Anta Leyxie a fid a or Hnz in in Flonoy 131 8. Jefferson st. Choc too co. Chicago. 111. Hewing jts Rhin. In Arr of. Cru letter 1�?~n, Prev Shl Atmil jew veers l Orn ski Ruers Finnin Mil a tiny Rob Purvis commission merchant. Omaha. A Stu butter. Eggs poultry game veal hides Etc. Having been to the product business �?~�6 years am Well a i Alured with the wants of the Trade consequently can Octal the highest prices. Am Promp in mating returns and re6pox Sable. References any ban in the state. a Mew Way to i it ship your Grain to Stead of Selling your Grain at Home Send it to us al and save middleman a profit. We have saved other Farmer thousand of Dollar. Why done to you try it address for full particulars he Carr 6cco.ol Jodar a a Couch colds. La Grippe and Throat troubles speedily cured. In miss Nellie a Noyer 153d of. Tenth st., Omaha neb., writes a have used your or. Tgu avs lung Balm fora severe cae of la Grippe. Two doses gave Relief. My lunar were a it very sore and in taking the or Kay s lung Balm i found that it stopped any desire to Ltd cough at once. The soreness on my lungs and in my head soon disappeared1. It is very Wjk pleasant Rad easy to take and while it does not cause sickness at the stomach like v amp a a Many cough remedies it cures quicker than any i have Ever tried <1dr. Kay Slung baling Ltd a to cures every kind of cough. Sold by druggists or sent by mail for ?5 ets. It is perfectly Safe for All Ages and a sure cure for All lung troubles b end address Booklet it Bas Many valuable receipts and gives symptoms and treatment for nearly a All diseases and Many have said they would not take �5.00 for it if they could not get jew another address Western office or. H. J. Kay medical i of Omaha neb a a a a a a a a a Solo by drug6ists���������

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