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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - December 19, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoCoining out of her songs sick room mrs. Thomas met Bob Hilliard on his Way Down to breakfast. The doctor just went out did no the a queried the Young Man As he reached the Landing on which she was standing. A i thought i heard him. How is Tom this morning any bet a a that a right a ter Bhe sat Down in a big armchair standing by the window Laid her head 312 the window Sill and burst into tears. A it Isnit As bad As that is it a he finally asked. A the doctor Hasni to Given him up altogether has he a she raised herself up and wiped away the tears from her eyes. A there is Little Hope. Bob. He did no to say it in so Many words. He meant to be hopeful but lie �?o1 suppose lie is still delirious a a yes he is As bad As Ever. He still keeps up that monotonous cry of a Mary it is curious when no one except himself knows who Mary is. Of Bob if he should die without recognizing me that is the hardest part of All. He cannot last much longer unless a change comes for the better a turned towards the window and looked out upon the Square with its great Trees almost stripped of their autumnal splendor. A something has got to be done a he said half excitedly. A the can to die. He is too Good a fellow too Bright a fellow the kind of a Man the world needs a but what a mrs. Thomas asked hopelessly. A the doctor has done everything Quot that he could do and he have done Bob walked Down the Hall to the door of the room in which the sick Mau Lay. And put his hand on the Knob. Then he turned quickly and came Back to the window and the Little figure in Black crouched in the big armchair. A Tom is delirious. We done to want him delirious. That is the Point mrs. Thomas Isnit it a said Bob. Mrs. Thomas nodded her head. A if the delirium passed away he would sleep a a Well that a it. He Lias got to sleep a did you Ever hear of cases where the presence of one particular person in a sick room exerted a great influence Over a delirious person it might have Bob but i never knew any one who did a Tom wants Mary a the Young Man went on a and perhaps if she came to him she might save his life. X think it is Worth trying at any rate it cannot do any a but who is Mary you tool me that you did not a yes i know x did i done to know for a certainty but i think 1 could pick her out in a crowd. Tom never told me her name but he told me a Good Deal about her. Putting one thing and another together. I think 1 May venture to say who iary a and who is she. Bob a a Quot lie is the unattainable As Bob called her. She is wealthy she is Beautiful and she is said to be Good. She is a Leader in her set and has As Many Young men running after her As she probably finds convenient. Her father is the chairman of the great Southern railway company in whose employ Tom and i Are fortunate enough to a Mary Suin Perhaj is Why she would never come Here it is almost ridiculous to suggest such a thing. You done to know her do you a a i am sorry to say that i Don t. You see i am hardly in her set. Tom has met her though. He was sent up to the chairman a House one Day with some papers requiring or. Summer Hayes signature. Ale had to wait about half an hour i my during that interval miss Sumine Hayes. Who had found him greatly interested in a picture in the drawing room showed him her fathers collection. When Tom came Home that night lie told me about it. He started to Tell me about the pictures but when lie Lead finished i found that i had heard a great Deal about Mary Little about the a and is that the extent Quaintance with her a a i believe she bowed to him Street one Day a she never would come Here Bob. The idea of asking her is absolutely Quot it docs seem that a assented Boh reluctantly. A but there does not appear to he any other Way out of a you done to understand it Bob. She is a Young woman. Not one whose age would allow her to visit the bedside of a strange Young Man. You done to realize the position it would place her a perhaps not. When her fathers office boy was sick she visited him and carried him fruit and Flowers a yes out he was Only a Hoy. Tom is a Young Man and that makes a great Deal of a i dare say it does. Still this is a Case of life and death and Slie might come if you put it to her in that a but 1 can task her a you must. He is your Only Sod and he is the Little woman burst into tears again. A come done to cry a lie said tenderly. A a a did no to mean to put it so brutally. X Only wanted you to see it a but 1 can task her. 1 Haven to the a if she comes at ail it will be Only because you. As his Mother asked it. She will do it out of sympathy with you if she does it at All it will be on the impulse of the moment. She wont Stop to consider the impropriety of the thing. X create an impulse. We have got to Lead Trumps and play Trumps All the time. If she wont come come for you Slie wont come at he stopped Aud looked at her anxiously. A a old i can to Bob. Its such an awful thing to the catch on the door of the sick Man s room acc dentally gave Way and the door swung slightly ajar. The nurse inside quickly closed it. But not before a plaintive cry of a a Mary had reached the two people in the Hall. A a in la go Bob. It will not he of the slightest use hut drowning people always catch at and very of his a in the lie exclaimed. A get on your Best clothes. It s a Little Early for a morning Call but the servants of people of the standing of the summer Hayes Are More easily impressed by Good clothes than they Are by anything else. Ill have a cab at the door for you when you Are miss Mary summerhayes sat in the armchair by the window of the Hall and wondered Why she had allowed herself to openly rebel against the social rules so carefully taught her. She had endeavoured to convince herself that she had come simply for the mothers Sake but somehow the conviction did not seem perfectly honest. An attempt to blame it 011 her impulsiveness resulted in an even greater failure. She grew half angry with herself and once she Rose from her chair with the intention of seeking safety in tight. But she Sank Back into the chair for the reason that urged her to flight also chained her to the spot. The 1 she determined to face it bravely and found a great sweetness and Content growing upon her. But even As it grew a fear replaced it and All life seemed to go out of her body for she remembered that his Mother had said that lie was dying. When mrs. Thomas came out of the sick room she found the girl weeping. She sat Down on the Arm of the chair and Drew her toward her and comforted her. A i am afraid you Are somewhat upset she said. A i am almost sorry i asked you to come. It is so Good of the girl dried away the tears from her eyes. A i am a Little hysterical i think a she said. A but i am glad i am Here if x can do anything to help you. Do you want me to go in now a a do you feel Strong enough a a ooh yes i am All right now. It was Only a momentary weakness. Is he still delirious a the a there is no one else there a a no. I sent the nurse away for a Little a you will come with me a she said As Slie opened the door. The room was darkened and the Young girl stood in the doorway for an instant acc Stoming her eyes to the dim Light. A Mary Mary a called the sick Man As she stood there and the Mother with her hand on the Young girls Shoul Der Felt a shudder run through Lier body. She led her to the bed beside which a chair stood. Miss summer Hayes sat Down and gazed at the Pale face lying on the Pillow. She placed her hand on the hot fevered forehead and with the other took one of his. A Mary has come a she said in a Low voice stroking his forehead and brushing Back Liis hair. After a few minutes the patient gave a Little gasp of Relief. 8 lie sat there for ten minutes longer and Only once did he again cry out a Mary a and then the cry had changed from one of entreaty to Content. In a few minutes his breathing showed that he was asleep and the girl bending Over him kissed him lightly on the forehead disengaged her hand from Liis and Rose from the chair a take me away a she entreated As she fell into Liis mothers arms. A week later Mary Simroe Hayes told her Mother of her Early visit to the House in the Square. There were tears in her eyes. A it does not matter now Mother. He is dead. Dead and he lever knew How much i loved him. Lie was conscious just before lie died and he whispered w his Mother a Tell her Mother if you see her that 1 loved he died soon afterwards. I saw his death in the newspapers you remember the evening the Ferguson were Here and i had that severe headache. It was a heartache and i did not come Down. The next Day x went to see Liis Mother and Slie tool me How he died and we cried together Over a but Mary you surely did not love the poor fellow. Why you had scarcely seen him before a Quot a i feel that i shall never love anyone else in the a but or. Roanoke Mary. You will never have another Chance to marry so a Eva Nta Geo sly a i like or. Roanoke very Well As a Friend. I respect him too Inucci to marry him. Then you know lie Lias a terrible prejudice against widows a she continued with a Light touch of her usual Lively manner and then lapsing into intense seriousness a i am a Willow though a . A be Able to same Way an expensive playhouse. A Little Chicago girl has one which Cost ieu>00. A Little girl out in Chicago who has a very Rich and Independent father is the owner of the most Beautiful and Complete doll House probably that Ever was built it stands on the Lawn of her Home and built of Brick with a tiny Tower and cupola it looks like a Small copy of any fashionable residence. A flight of Stone Steps leads up to the front door which is of solid Oak beautifully polished and provided with an electric Bell to announce callers. On the door which is four feet High big enough to admit a Good sized child is a polished Silver plate with the name of the Little owner written upon it. Once inside the delights of the place would rejoice any Little girls heart. The hallway is finished in hard Woods and is lighted by a Small Gas lamp hanging from the ceiling umbrella and hat Racks stand there and pretty Portieles separate it from the parlor. In this handsome room the Furni Ture is All White enamelled Wood Cov ered with White brocaded silk. It has a Beautiful mantel covered with hand some ornaments a real Gas chandelier besides Lovely Little lamps on tables. The dining 100111 has sideboards and China closets the Kitchen is exactly Complete manner. As the ceilings Are bedrooms Are fitted up in the most Complete manner. As tie ceilings the six feet ten inches High the rooms Are plenty big enough for the Little owner and Quot her friends to play about in. Lovely Colls from Paris make up the family including handsomely dressed dolls As ladies in the parlor a Cook doll in the Kitchen baby and nurse dolls in the bedrooms and waitress dolls in the dining room. The House and fittings and family Cost Over $3,000. And do you know that there is 110 More real fun to be had out of it than from the Lovely doll House Many girls make out of soap boxes a new York times. Might believe the inhabitants of the crowd the talking Bear. On a. Summer evening in autumn Peggy sat at her cottage door mending a pair of stockings when casting a glance outward she perceived a great crowd of men women and children coming fro 11 the other end of the Village and in the midst of them a Black Bear led by a keeper. The latter wore a Large White Redin Gote in which he was Able to wrap himself twice a very Short Vest and pantaloons the worse for Wear. His boots stood in want of repair and his Gray hat had for a Long time lacked part of its brim. Beside him walked a hungry looking lad dressed in White playing a Large Flageolet and Healing a Tambourine. Arrived before the red lion the Dely hostelry in the Village the mount Bank paused. He made a Circle about him and ordered his Bear to stand upright. Then flourishing his Baton Over the head of the animal he began to dance with him taking Steps and poses which the Bear imitated. One Flop fiend were Happy for laughed heartily. A ventriloquist who was stopping at Fife red lion. Regarded from a window this spectacle of buffoonery. Arriving a hat morning he had already had opportunities of recognizing the character of the inhabitants of the place. The idea therefore occurred to him of amusing himself at their expense. He descended among the spectators /.lid, profiting by a moment when the Flageolet and Tambourine were silent he approached the mount Baux. A no doubt your Bear can talk a he a Aid to him. The Man regarded him fixedly shrugged his shoulders and replied brusquely a question him and you will find this was what 1he ventriloquist expected. He made a Stop toward the Bear and said in a mocking voice a you dance like a member of an opera company and i compliment you. From what country Are you my gentleman a a from the Alps x will not attempt to describe the dismay that seized the crowd. They were All struck with astonish not and affright but the Surprise of the bears owner was the greatest of All he opened his Large Dull eyes Liis cavernous Mouth and remained immovable As if Liis feet were rooted to the a pot. The ventriloquist turned toward him. A your hear Speaks very Good English a he said. Then to the animal a you appear to be sad a a the air of Hope iced has made me up genetic a replied the Bear. Here the crowds began to Retreat and the ventriloquist continued a have you belonged Lor some time to your master a a sufficiently Long to be weary of a is he not kind to you a a yes kind As a Blacksmith with his a would you like to revenge yourself non him a a one of these Days i will eat him As one cats at these words the affrighted crowd retreated still further. The dismayed keeper wished to draw the Bear again to him but the animal tired of wait l talking it literally aunt Emeline Tommy hold your Tongue Tommy after a faithful trial a i Yin taunt Emeline. It s too Slippery. A Somerville journal. Oysters in chafing dish. Ulicy May be cooked to perfection in this simple Way. The chafing dish is especially Nice for cooking the Oyster. A few receipts May be acceptable. For panned oysters when the dish becomes hot put in two tablespoonfuls of butter add two dozen oysters half a cup of Cream on Oyster liquor Salt and paprika to taste cover the dish and Cook three minutes. Turn the oysters upon squares of buttered Toast. Another Way to pan oysters melt a Large Tablespoon Ful of butter in the heated dish put in a teaspoonful of flour and stir until it is Well blended. Add oysters enough to cover the Bottom of the dish without crowding and season with Salt and Cayenne Pepper. Cover the dish and Cost the oysters until the edges Are ruffled stirring them to have both sides Cook alike. Pour Over the oysters a couple of spoonfuls of Sherry and serve on pieces of Crisp Toast. Another method is this put in a chafing dish a tablespoonful of butter and when it is melted add a dozen and a half Large oysters. Scatter Over the oysters some finely chopped celery Salt and Cayenne Pepper. Cover the dish and Cook until the oysters Are plump and the edges ruffled. Then pour Over Thein two tablespoonfuls of Lemon juice and serve on toasted crackers. For a Curry of oysters fut one tablespoonful of butter in the heated dish. When it is melted stir in one tablespoonful of grated onion the same amount of flour and a teaspoonful of Curry powder. Gradually stir in one cup of Oyster liquor and stir until it thickens add two dozen oysters and season with Salt. Cover the dish and Cook about two minutes and serve. Creamed oysters put one tablespoonful of butter into the chafing dish and stir into it the same Quantity of flour. When they Are Frothy add one end of Cream and let the mixture come to a boil then stir in one and a half dozen oysters that have been heated to a boiling Point in their own liquor and drained. Add one egg Well beaten and two tablespoonfuls of Sherry or not As one May desire. As soon As the egg is stirred in cover the Burner and serve. For Oyster saute put two tablespoonfuls of butter in the dish and when hot put a single layer of Large Well drained oysters in the Bottom of the dish. When browned on one Side turn them and Brown upon the other adding More butter if it is needed. Season with Salt and paprika and serve with toasted crackers and sliced times. Mining of talc. Mineral much la eco though no familiarly known. The Colliery guardian gives some notes abstracted by the institution of civil engineers from a paper by p. Villez on the a talc quarries of Luze ing uttered a surly growl. The ventriloquist stayed no longer but turned away and took his course toward the the crowd imitated him and rapidly dispersed. The ventriloquist having reached die door of the red lion looked Back and laughed at the fugitives while the unconscious cause of All this disorder tranquilly seated in the Road seemed to throw a careless and philosophical glance upon the terror lie had occasioned. The same evening the ventriloquist met some of the villagers who had gathered at the inn to discuss the mornings adventure with Many amplifications and comments As was their amiable custom. He thought the joke had been carried far enough and laughingly explained How the trick had been done. They listened attentively but when he had ended the older men Shook their Heads with an air of incredulity. A this is very Well to Tell the children a said Grandfather Cliffy a but we Are persons of experience. It is not the first time that animals have spoken for one remembers Balaam a ass. Besides the almanac predicted this event in announcing that in mid August three Days before or three Days after a marvellous thing would transpire in the the ventriloquist insisted and wished to give proof of what he advanced but the crowd departed with suspicion persuaded that he wished to deceive them. The innkeeper who had observed All with a watchful Eye and a 1 Locking smile a roadbed the discomfited ventriloquist. A Milord a he said a do not be astonished at what has happened. Romance is always More Welcome to the crowd than reality. You wished to jest with these rustics but they have taken the joke in Earnest. Nothing will now convince the inhabitants of Hopfield who love the marvelous that the Bear has not spoken. This proves one thing. We should beware of circulating a Story which is fals. It til easier to find believers in the most absurd or mischievous statement than to convince a certain order of people of the simple harmless Trula a Exchange. Nac. At Luzena in the upper Valley of the Ariege talc is quarried on an extensive scale in the Granite of st. Barthelemy a Mountain 7,700 feet High and about Twenty Miles from the main Chain of the pyrenees. The quarries which Are situated about two Miles from tie Summit and 5,900 feet above the sea Are opened in a bedded Deposit included Between Mic schist below and lower silurian slates above which Lias been followed for about �?o.000 Yards in a North South direction with a dip of about go degrees to the East tie thickness varying from 160 to 1,000 l get As does also the composition. Masses of Limestone and Granite the latter often of considerable size Are frequently found included in the silicate of magnesia which also contains some Alumina. The Best Rock is of a Brilliant White color and feels Greasy to the touch when ground to Fine powder. The principal Quarry at tre Mouin is worked in the open across the direction of the bed forming two or three terraces fifty feet High the surface covering six Quot to ten feet thick having been first stripped. The stuff broken is carried by a level in the Bottom of the Quarry driven in the foot Wall of the vein to the Valley of Axial whence it is hauled in Bullock wagons about twelve Miles to the works of Luzena where a water Power of ninety horsepower is obtained from tie Ariege. The mechanical preparation includes sizing by sieves drying in a rotating Cylinder Furnace breaking grinding and sifting. Nearly the whole of the product is converted into powder Only a Small part being made into pencils for marking out work on Metal or sold in the Lump form. The consumption extends to almost All parts of Europe and America. Tie principal applications Are in soap making and perfumery paper making and weaving. It also forms an ingredient in Wagon grease and is used As an insulator for electric conductors. A new preparation called cipro stat Ite made by mixing talc and sulphate of Copper is now being tried with Success As an insecticide in vineyards. Planting potatoes with Trees. A lady Friend informs us of the remarkable growth of some Shade Trees planted in front of her residence in this City one Spring a few years ago. She says it was due to the fact that a lot of refuse potatoes from the cellar were thrown into the Hole made for the Trees. The potatoes sprouted and made the ground around the roots of the Trees Loose and porous and As the potatoes were not dug but left to decay the soil was kept moist during the dry months of summer and Early fall. This is a valuable hint and should be acted upon by those who Plant Trees and shrubs in the Spring. The trouble with Spring planted Trees usually is the dry Summers. Heavy mulching is a great help hut the potato method is Indiana Farmer. Truly feminine. He do you think miss Kaj Okles off pretty ? she miss Karones of. She a t a bad looking girls when she has a veil journal. A new grief. A this pneumatic business a sighed the wind with a doleful sound a makes me and oxygen and Hydrogen fell on each others necks and melted into world he raid. He its indeed gone. Irate papa As the clock strikes 2 a ainu to Mary a fellow gone yet mamma�?1 judge by the length of his stay that be is badly Omaha world Herald. His grip a it a Fane. The Chap Book tells a Story of a Well known Huntress in London who in her in drawing room introduced John Drew to a gentleman named Monte Fiore. She eulogized or. Drew a Abili ties and the Genius of his acting the Drew family a Talent and after she had said All that was possible about him she thought it was necessary to say something Nice about or. Montefiore. She hesitated a moment and then turning to or. Drew remarked a you May remember that his favorite Uncle was frightfully mangled on the underground last two bottles of Piso s cure for consumption cured me of a bad lung . J. Nichols Princeton ind. March 26, 1895. General Horace Porter in his a scam paging with Grant in the Christmas Century deals with general Grant s Demeanour during the Battle of the wilderness. General Porter says that 2ven during the most critical moments general Grant manifested no perceptible anxiety but that he was visibly affected by the sight of blood. During the second Day of the Battle Grant smoked about Twenty Strong cigars his highest record in the use of tobacco. When bilious or Ostive eat a Cascara t Candy cathartic cure guaranteed. 10c, 25c. How to use for. If any one happens to have on hand some Short Broad pieces of far which Are not heavy in appearance she May utilize them especially if they should be Ermine for the Bolero fronts of an evening Waist. One of the Lovliest frocks i have seen this Winter was trimmed in that Way. Alligator fashion. A i like tie looks of the High standing Collar a said Cholly. A the Only objection in be against it is that when to Chew gum you have to hold your jaw still and move the whole top of you Yead you Tribune. Coe4� Coli a tit Siim la the driest and Best. It will break up a Eom Rule than anything else. It is always reliable. Try it. To give and grudge is no better than ni4 to give at All. Mrs. Win Down of so tiling syrup for children the Gums reduces to flank mat ion allays pain cures wind Colic. A a cent amp a Bottlik his is the Tsivie of year when men and women become weakened by the weather and run Down generally. The first parts that the weather affects Are the kidneys. The urea is not thrown off but is forced Back upon the lungs and disease results a caused by weakness of the kidneys. Large bottle or new style smaller one at your druggist. Here is oly one sure Way known to medical men for promptly checking troubles of the kidneys and restoring these great organs to health and strength and that is by the use of there Are 1,500 women postal clerks England. A it will go away after Amle a that a what people say when advised to take something to cure that cough. Have you Ever noticed that the cough that goes away after awhile takes the Cougher along ? and he does t come Back Ayers Cherry pectoral cures coughs it has stood the test of time it has saved thousands of lives it has restored millions of sufferers to health it has done what was never done never attempted before it has made men stronger and healthier it has made women brighter and happier it stands alone in All these qualities. Do you not think it would be Wise for you to use it and thus avoid the dangers of the season ? insist upon having it. Comfort to California. Every thursday morning a tourist sleeping car for Denver. Salt Lake City san Francisco and los Angeles leaves Omaha and Lincoln via the Burlington route. It is carpeted upholstered in Rattan has Spring seats and backs and is provided with curtains bedding ,Etc. An experienced excursion conductor and a uniformed Lullau Porter accompany it through to the Pacific coast. While neither As expensively finished nor 11s find to look at As a Palace Sleeper a is just As Good to ride in. Second class tickets Are honoured and the Price of a berth wide ennui re and big enough iof two is Only a it. For a folder giving full particulars write to j. Francis Gene a pass a agent Omaha neb. South West Missouri. The Best fruit Section in the West. No Droutas. A failure of crops never known. Mild climate. Productive Soli. Abundance of Good pure water. For maps Aud circulars giving full description of the Rich Mineral fruit and Agri Eultia ral lands in South West Missouri write to it John m. Purdy manager of the Missouri land and live Stock company Neosho Newton co., Missouri. Robt Purvis commission merchant. Omaha. Wanted butter. Eggs poultry game veal hides Etc. I Lavong been in the product business 2g years am Well acquainted with the wants of to bal Trade consequently ran obtain the highest prices. Am prompt in making returns and responsible. References any Baui in the state. Mr9. Burton Harrison one of the popular writers for 1es7. Celebrating in 1897 its seventy first birthday the companion offers its readers Many exceptionally Brilliant features. The two hemispheres have been explored in search of attractive matter. itly companion for the whole family. In addition to Twenty five staff writers fully two Hundred of the most famous men and women of both the old and the new world including the most popular writers of fiction and some of the most eminent statesmen scientists travellers and musicians Are contributors to the companion. A 9> to y to to to to v to to to to to to to to to a delightful Supply of fascinating stories adventures serial stories humorous Aud travel sketches Etc., Are announced for the volume for 1897. The timely editorials the a current events a the a current topics and a nature and science departments give much valuable information every week. Send for full prospectus. F to to to t to to to to to a to to to to free to Jan. 1, 1897, with Beautiful Calendar. As a special offer the youths companion will be sent free for the remainder of the year 1896, to All new subscribers. One of the most Beautiful calendars issued this year will also be Given to each new subscriber. It is made up of four charming pictures in color beautifully executed. Its size is 10 by 24 inches. The subjects Are delightfully attractive. This Calendar is published exclusively by the youths companion and could not be sold in Art stores for less than one Dollar. Distinguished writers Ian Maclaren. Re Dyard Kipling. Hall Caine. Frank r. Stockton. Harold Frederic. Madame Lillian Nordica. Charles Dudley Warner. Stephen Crane. A Hamlin Garland. Max 0�?Trell, w. Clark Russell. Alice Longfellow. Hon. Thomas b. Reed. Andrew Carnegie. Lieut. R. Z. Peary u. S. N. Or. Cyrus Edson. Or. Edward Everett Hale. Or. Lyman Abbott. And one Hundred others. 700 Large pages in each volume. 52 weeks for $1.75 of i a a -. Of lived to january 1, 1397 \ l.a0rioar a a free a thanksgiving Christmas and now a amp arts Dublo numbers z free a the coi Nanlou 4-Pago Calati Dar for 1897. The must cot costly gift Isis z i f Miami Miami i i i inn i tin in i i in i i Mui 11 i Iii Iii �?�>�?�11 �?�11,1 r the youths companion Boston mass. Of Iti kind tha companion Hao Ever of a ered 37 i kill. A a and the youth a companion 62 weeks a fully a to january 1, Ltd to to to to to to to a a to i % Rev. J. C. Macke of Carroll Iowa writes on nov. 11, 1896 a let me acknowledge the receipt of your enquiry regarding your medicines i find your or. Kay a renovator and or. Kay Slung Balm excellent articles. I should judge these remedies constantly on hand. To it a rather Lucky proviso to have do renovator it is a positive cure for the worst cases of dyspepsia constipation liver and kidney diseases and All nervous or blood diseases. At this time of year it is invaluable As it renovates and invigorates the whole system and purifies and enriches the blood the very Best nerve tonic known. It has two to four times As Many doses As liquid medicines Selling for same Price. Sold by druggists or sent by mail on receipt of Price 25c and $1. Send for our Booklet it treats All diseases sent free Lorn our Western office. Or. B. J. Kay medical co., Omaha neb. Sold by druggists

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