Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
19 Dec 1896

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Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
19 Dec 1896

Read an issue on 19 Dec 1896 in Blackfoot, Idaho and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Blackfoot News.

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - December 19, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoTie pen of Spades. L n a in Injo Rodier Way. A Well a said old Grumpy to the Busy bicycle dealer. A Well. I suppose your business is still running into people Quot a a Oil no was the merry reply dust now we Are running into Telegram. The order of. Prince William forbidding the officers under his command from attending the Union club where gambling is extensively carried on and following upon the order of Chancellor Bismarck in 1870, closing All Public gambling places in Germany has led to Many a discussion As to the extent to which gambling is carried of in other parts of the world. An old Diplomat who had resided a number of years at st. Petersburg being one of a recent company averred that the mania which possessed the military officers As Well As the whole russian aristocracy during his stay in the country was something terrible. An officer he said who did not Gamble received no credit for it and the Public Man who did not now and then run the risk of being ruined was considered to be a stingy fellow and was lightly esteemed by his acquaintances. Quot i know of one instance a continued the speaker a truthfully showing the Straits to which a Liberal player in Russia was reduced a at a grand Ball Oil one occasion to which 1 had been invited a lady was pointed of to me As the Princess August in off. She was a charming woman in spite of her age still pleasing through her Well stored mind and faultless manners. A now let me Tell you her history. Mer Maiden name was Mary -. She had been selected As maid of Honor to the czarina and was greatly attached to her. Her engagement at eighteen was therefore the natural consequence of possessing much Beauty and wealth and holding a High position. A Totor Boit her affianced was a Fine officer having reached the Grade of major general at an age when most officers Are serving As captains and lieutenants. But he did not play. He was often rallied about it and the Czar himself had expressed wonder thereat saying a come general let us have a game of preference a a Finis was an invitation not to be refused but so great an aversion had the officer to gambling that he did not know the rules of the game. A not know the rules of preference a exclaimed the Czar coughing. A you must learn them my dear general. A Little play drives off ennui. There a August Inoff who has reached the Apex of perfection in preference. He must instruct you a eau Ustinoff was the Best player at court prudent skillful and inscrutable. A Man to be avoided at cards. He undertook with real Zeal the instruction of peterhoff but he could rever infuse into his mind his own it udness and prudence. Peterhoff was hotheaded and played with a dash which of on times made his game famous for the amount of his winnings and losses. Gambling in a Short time became a mania with him and had it been necessary he would have paid men to play with him. On the occasion i am about to describe he was found late in the evening at the gaming table where he had passed most of the Day. He had Wen from his adversaries without interruption. Piled up before him wore almost j.00, roubles not to speak of 200 Promisee to pay from brother officers. A in a burst of exultation he exclaimed 1 will stake my Days winnings upon the Chance of a single game a a a How much a inquired aug Ustinoff who had just entered thereon. A a a three Hundred thousand rubles in round numbers a a of accept your offer a exclaimed the Imper tir Rabie aug Ustinoff. A the game for some time was equally Well conducted. After an hour or so a car peterhoff was noticed to move toward aug Ustinoff 100,000 rubles. Hardly had the night reached the hour of a a it when the bewildered general had lost every Ruble of his Days winnings a a a now for retaking the Citadel a he exclaimed. A the game continued the gains of aug Ustinoff continued and before the Dawn of Day and the nights Are Long in russian the Aid de Camp of the Czar had parted with Liis vast landed property in the Central provinces his possessions in Moscow and his Castle at Ukraine. A rising from the table he tilled and emptied his Glass several times walked up and Down the room passed his lingers nervously through his hair finally returning again to his scat. Opposite still sat aug Ustinoff who appeared to be amusing himself with cutting and dealing the cards. A spending Over him. Peterhoff said in a Low whisper a it is not yet Day aug Ustinoff. To not Rise a a a and is there yet to left some hidden treasure general a Quot with livid lips and contracted brow he gasped and Are you ready to take it. Aug Ustinoff you love the same woman As in the woman to whom 1 am engaged a the cards were again taken up but both seemed Loath to begin Augustin off. Probably at the thought that the Princess might not full ill the conditions of the Victory. Peterhoff at the thought of his wrecked career and future despair. A at the Cut the antagonists pause like wrestlers overcome with fatigue and impending defeat. The trick balanced at the first Deal. A a bold play was now ventured on by peterhoff which should have Given him Victory. It brought him defeat however. His frenzy had passed away. He was covered with profuse perspiration. A the agreement was carried out to the letter. The Czar s Aid de Camp however obtained permission to join the army in Active service. Fun departed for the front and nor returned More. A and the Princess 8ho paid the gamblers debt and became he wife of Augusti fill who had won her fairly with tar queer of Spades a a lend on news. Niagara s rival la lie Groat Plant at Laolao rep Lei a completion Niagara s great rival the Power distributing Plant at the Lachine rapids of the st. Lawrence River above Montreal will it is hoped be completed by fhe first of the new year. This is the harnessing of the Lachine rapids of the great st. Lawrence River which presents Many engineering difficulties owing to the formation of the River Channel at this Point and the extreme Cokl experienced in Winter making it necessary so to construct the dam that the floating ice will not interfere with the regular operation of the Plant. The work has begun by the construction of an artificial canal along the North Shore of the st. Lawrence right above the Lachine rapids and five Miles from Montreal. The main dam of the work running out from the Shore consists of a series of isolated piers of masonry and Concrete and is constructed about 3,500 a feet Down the River from the ice fenders. These piers Are made to form the flumes to take the Turbine wheels and shafting which generate and deliver the Power. The sixty turbines will operate under a head of 12 feet and will develop 200 horse Power each making a total of 12,000 horse Power All the year round. There Are three Power houses in which will be located the electric generators four in each Power House each of about 1,000 horse Power. These generators Are coupled to a Jack Shaft and six of the turbines Are connected to his Shaft with Bevel Cone gears thus transmitting to each Generator the it Ower of six turbines or 1,200 horse lower. The building extends the full length of the main dam and is 42 feet wide excepting at the Power House where it is 00 feet. The original idea of the company was to generate the Power merely and dispose of it on the Jack Shaft and to Lay out a Large portion of the adjoining grounds into factory Sites. Recently however it was decided to bring the Power into Montreal and dispose of it there. In addition to the great development of water Power the Lachine Hydraulic and land company has decided to Lay out its property adjoining the work in tin form of a Model town. The property will be divided into building lots drained graded supplied with water electric lighting and electric heating besides having its own electric railway to Engineer. Treed by a big Buck a Maine boys exciting1 experience with it Bellicose Deer. A Little son of Sumner Lane residing in the East part of Ripley had a most exciting experience sunday and one that he will remember for a Long time. The youngster on his Way to a neighbors House was passing through an old pasture partly grown up to Bushes and skirted on one Side by the Forest. He was walking along with Little tho Glit of his surroundings when he suddenly came upon three Deer one of which was a full grown Buck and having a Good set of Antlers. The boys size did not impress the Buck As very formidable and he decided at once to scrape acquaintance with the Young fellow. This did not suit the boy at All and for Protection he climbed up into a Branch of a convenient tree in less time than it takes to Tell it the Buck Wasny to looking for such a denouement but he advanced to the tree and placed his head against it and tried to shake the boy out. The tree was not a Large one and the yells that the kid uttered no doubt amused the animal for he continued his efforts some time and Shook his horns in a Way suggestive of disagreeable results should ii reach the boy at Short Range. The boy threw his hat at the Buck and after a time the animal trotted away apparently satisfied that he had acquitted himself in the most approved fashion. The boy waited until he considered the coast Clear. Then he started for Home in double Quick time where he breathlessly related his narrow commercial. Joseph Jefferson on a ii drama. A Are you making any announcements about your future plans a or. Jefferson smiled As much As to say a Well you always insist upon my retirement and in a afraid ill have to satisfy then he said a ooh i am not worrying about the future. As Long As the people seem to like me i dare say i shall continue to enjoy trying to please them. When they Are tired of me they will show it fast enough then it will be time for me to think of retiring a the reporters still ask me about the drama a continued or. Jefferson. A they ask me if i think it is improving and if i think it ought to be a and you Tell them a a the same thing of course. I Tell them that the drama is improving. Why certainly. But bless my soul did you Ever observe that there a More anxiety about reforming the drama and the stage than anything else in the world everybody wants to have the drama reformed. It has been undergoing Reform for 800 years now Hasni to it. To your certain knowledge a a now ill Tell you what i think of it he added a and then ill go and take my leaning Over confidentially he whispered a the drama sir is undergoing a continual and decisive and marked metamorphosis just like ladies Kansas City Star. Had no Hole in it. A newsboy saw a dime lying on the ground in the City Hall Park. A tramp sitting on a Bench near by saw the boy pick up the piece and claimed it at once As his own. A your dime did no to have a Hole in it did it a asked the boy. A yes it did a said the tramp a give it up a a Well this one Hasni to got any Hole in it so i guess ill keep it a a Harper s round table. A Good reason. A can you Tell me Why Lazarus was a beggar a asked the female teacher. A Why was Lazarus a beggar a she repeated sternly. A please May am a replied a Small boy whose father was a merchant a a because he did no to chronicle. Leu Cycle Rice is lick. Every bicycle racer believes he bears a charmed life when on the track. Like the a Man of destiny who fought All Europe to a standstill without Ever receiving a wound himself the racing cycler Lias a fixed idea which never leaves him that his a Good Angels is continually on the watch to guard him against danger and harm As lie pedals at headlong Speed around the track. This belief it is More than a superstition of the racing wheelman is something entirely unknown to the general Public and very rarely is it Ever referred to by the cyclists themselves. On the track it often happens that for some seemingly trivial reason a rider who is almost certain of winning a race will absolutely refuse to ride even though he May have gone so far As to come to the scratch prepared to were Hurt Alia ruins and were provided and Rode to a men came to the marvelous escape from death of a. J. Boyle. Start. In such cases no amount of persuasion or argument on the part of the racers friends or backers can induce the Man to Start in that race. Urged to give a reason his answer always is that he has an undefined feeling that he had better stay out of that race and stay out be invariably does. The real reason however is that the Man is actually afraid to enter the race. His feelings Are As nearly like the a Blue Funk of the school boy As anything and lie has an idea that his a guardian Angels causes this feeling As a sort of warning. Be this As it May the fact remains undisputed that racing wheelman Are peculiarly exempt from serious Accident while in contests. The death of a jockey while Riding in a race a fatal Accident to a Ball player broken limbs and injured health on the foot Ball Field Ami almost fatal accidents while playing Polo Are common incidents but it is Seldom indeed that one hears of a bicycle racer meeting his death on the track and even accidents of a serious nature Are so infrequent As to cause remark when they occur. That there is some mysterious influence which protects the apparently reckless wheelman As he rushes at break neck Speed around the track would seem plausible enough when the number of remarkable Falls a Man takes is considered. In ninety nine cases out of a Hundred where the rider takes a header Over a Fence or gets tangled up with his opponents wheel it would seem As if no human being could get out of such a mixed up mess alive even if he avoided instant death Fence surrounding the track Bead first and after turning a somersault which would have done credit Toa professional Tumbler landed on his feet in the midst of a crowd of spectators Hicks was also thrown Over the rail and after performing some wonder in a and intricate midair contortions found himself sitting in a seat among the holders of Reserve tickets. Owens was the Only Man of the three who remained on the track and it took four attendants the Best part of ten minutes to get him untangled from the three wrecked wheels. Yet none of the men though the wheels Lay when other machines they started out again finish. When the three Gether they were Riding at a record breaking Pace and there was not a person who witnessed the collision but thought that one at least of the men would receive serious if not fatal injuries. Let another Case is that of George Pfiffer a Well known wheelman who while scorching with three companions managed in some Way to get his wheel mixed up with one beside him. Pfiffer Rose Imo the air As if he had received a kick from a catapult and when he landed he was sitting astride a Stone Wall ten feet away wondering How he got there but uninjured. His companion in the shake up picked himself up from the Middle of the Road and after a careful examination All the damage he could find consisted in a few scratches a Good Deal of the roadbed liberally distributed Over his person and a rent in his new knickerbockers. In this instance the protecting spirit of the wheelman was particularly Well disposed for the wheels were practically uninjured. Of All tumbles on record however which seemingly started out for tragedy and ended in comedy that recently taken by Owens on the olympic track takes the Lead. He was in the race to win and Victory seemed almost within his grasp. The spectators had already begun to applaud him and the finish was hardly a length away. Suddenly no one can Tell just How it happened Owens wheel struck the inside Fence. The wheel halted abruptly the rider did not. He kept right on in the direction he was headed and did not Stop until he found himself in the judges stand. It was even Money As to who was the most surprised the rider the judges or the spectators at this most unexpected ending of what seemed at the moment of its happening a most serious Accident. Perhaps one of the most marvelous escapes that Ever a wheelman had from death was that of a. J. Boyle of Jersey City who while Riding Down what is known As the Gorge Road which runs from the top of the Palisades Down to the River lost control of his machine and narrowly escaped let eing earned Over the Edge of the Cliff. His machine went Over and was dashed to pieces Oil the jagged rocks seventy live feet below while Boyle at the very Edge of the precipice threw himself from the wheel and escaped with Only a severe shaking up and a few Mises. These Are but a few of the Many instances where the traditional a wheel men a Luck Lias seemed to interfere to save the rider from what seemed to be inevitable death. To the majority of persons it is an unexplained mystery but the Cycle racer settles it to his own satisfaction when he attributes his Many escapes to his a Good Angels or a Lucky Star a a st. Louis Globe demo crat. Mail mutter and Telegram. The annual reports of the Western Union Telegraph company and of the third assistant postmaster general were both made Public yesterday. Their methods of presenting the statistics of the years business Are so different that a close comparison cannot be made but the prominent facts Are that the Telegraph company received for messages an average rate of 30.9 cents each while the Cost of sending and delivering the same averaged 24 cents each. The company there by irly a and Hicks do some wonderful midair contortions from the terrible Jar of the sudden Stop. In almost every Case however the rider picks himself up unhurt often not even scratched and appears in the next race none the worse for his mishap. A Peculiar Case in Point was that which occurred at the Manhattan Beach track on july 15. During a race in which Owens Barbo and Hicks All Well known men were Riding in a Bunch they came into collision with one another and the result was surprising to riders and spectators alike. When the three wheels struck Barbo shot up into the air As if from a Spring Board. He sailed gracefully Over the fore made a profit on its operations for the year. The government on the other hand received a total of .882.499,208.40 in its postal business while the Cost of the same was $90.020.290,84. Which is thought to be a very creditable showing As it is a reduction of $1,079,956.19 in the annual deficiency. If it were possible to obtain a comparative statement of the business done under Western Union a a passes and under United states congressional and official a a Franks it would probably go a Long Way toward explaining the Disiere Nee in the years Ledger. The greatest clothing Saie Omaha has Ever seen the belly Stock is no doubt the finest goods sold under such circumstances As forcing the goods on the Market. We have still 200 suits which class up to $5 and $0 suits at $2.90. Men s overcoats at $2.50. You can Only appreciate this by calling and seeing the goods at 1415 Douglas bet. 16th and 10th streets Omaha. Receiver s Salb by but Delic Ioris Ginger wafers. Ginger wafers May be made i earning a Quarter of a Pound of ter add half a Pound of Brown sugar one dessert spoonful of ground Ginger. The grated Peel and juice of one Lemon. Beat thoroughly then add half a Pound of flour and a pint of Golden syrup beat thoroughly and vigorously butter your pan and spread the mixture As thin As possible and yet perfectly even and smooth. Bake in a rather brisk oven. When they Are partly done draw the pan to the oven door and Roll each wafer into a tiny Cylinder. This must be done very expeditiously. Then return them to the oven until they become Crisp and Home journal. An important difference. To make it apparent to thousands who think themselves ill that they Are not afflicted with any disease but that the system simply needs cleansing is to bring Comfort Home to their hearts As a Ostive condition is easily cured by using syrup of figs. Manufactured by the California Fig syrup company Only and sold by All druggists. Mrs. Mckinley a presents. Mrs. Mckinley has an immense collection of badges Given to her by the various organizations that have visited her the last one to be added to it was that of the 8yraeuse woman s Republican club whose president mrs. Frost with two other members joined a recent pilgrimage to Canton. Or. Edward Wood prime bar Iowa writes a i have taken or. Kay s Reno Vator and it has cured me of dyspepsia of about ten years standing. I was so i and of that everything i ate soured on Iny stomach. I can now eat most sold by druggists or sent by mail 25 cts. And $1.00. 8ee adv. Among the distinctively literary features of the announcements of the Atlantic monthly for the coming year is a series of papers on a masters of american literature a Irving Cooper Bryant Hawthorne Emerson and Longfellow in which the writings of each will be studied from the Point of View of the present by our most capable younger critics with the Effort to inform readers who come to these authors for the first time what parts of their writings Are of present interest and what relative values should be placed upon each there will be also reviews of the work of our younger authors such for instance As or. Henry b. Fuller or. James Lane Allen or. Harold Frederick or Woodrow Wilson and others. A merchants Hofei Omaha Corner fifteenth and Fauna ii st5, Street cars pass the door to and from both depots in business Center of City. Headquarters for state and local Trade. Rates $2 and $3 per Day. Paxton amp Davenport props. Troubles of the preacher. To the perplexities Ever incident to the study of the human heart a methodist Clergyman of Toronto the Rev. J. Gadery found an addition in his mail Box recently Quot Hen he received a letter in which the writer said a i enclose to you a Plant Leaf from my dead wife a grave and for mrs. Odery a Sample of the bridal dress of the lady i am about York Sun. Telegraphing through space the possibility of telegraphing through space has been turned to account in a most effective Way for maintaining communication Between the Mainland and fastnet Lighthouse on the Southwest cast of Ireland. Formerly the difficulties of carrying a Telegraph Cable up an exposed Rock where it was exposed to a constant chafing were almost insuperable. The non continuous system is now used and is said to work admirably. The Cable terminates in the water sixty Yards off and the electric currents sent from the Shore find their Way through this distance to two Bare wires that dip into the sea from the. Rock. Physicians Wise in their generations. The above class of scientists recognize and have repeatedly borne testimony to the Efficacy 01 Hostetler a stomach bitters As a remedy and preventive of fever and ague rheumatism want of vigor liver complaint and some other ailments and infirm conditions of the system. Experience and observation have taught them its value. They but Echo the verdict Long since pronounced by the Public and the press. Only the benighted now Are ignorant of american tonic and alterative Why he carried life preservers. It is said on account of their depth and coldness the Waters of Lake Superior do not give up their dead. A recent traveller there asked the Captain of a Lake Superior Steamer Why he carried life preservers the water being so cold that one could not Long survive immersion. A ooh a was the nonchalant reply a we carry the corks so that it will be easier to recover the bodies a to cure a cold in one Day. Take laxative Bromo quinine tablets. All druggists refund the Money if it fails to cure. 25o a russian reminiscence. Arditi prints in his reminiscences a pleasant Little Mot of Rossini. When mme. Arditi was first Poe sen Ted to him the great composer bowed and said a now i know Why Arditi composed i Baciow the kiss a again when Arditi had done Rossini some trifling service the composer was profuse in thanks and cordially offered him As a souvenir a one of my wigs a which were arranged on stands on the Chiff Onier. Casc Areis stimulate liver kidneys and bowels. Never sicken weaken or Gripe. A poor Man with a sunny spirit will get More out of life than a wealthy Grumbler. Is a constitutional disease and requires constitutional Rem Edy like hoods Sarsaparilla. This Medicino purifies the blood and cures Catarrh. Sarsaparilla is the Best Iii fact the Coe True blood purifier. Hoods pills a sir amp Otake the Acme lamp stove will warm your room at a Cost of 3 cents per Day and not affect the ought. Delivered on receipt of. Acme company 33 Wendell st. Boston mass Hows this we offer one Hundred dollars Reward or any Case of Catarrh that cannot be ured by Halls Catarrh cure. F. J. Cheney amp co., Toledo Ohio we the undersigned have known k. J. Cheney for the la get but years and believe him perfectly honorable in All business transactions and financially Able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West a Truax wholesale druggists Toledo o. Walding Kinnan amp Marvin wholesale druggists Toledo Ohio. Helps Catarrh cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c per bottle. A Oid by All druggists. Showing our Best Side to others will cause them to show their Best Side to us. Tony to tobacco spit and Smoko your life away. If you want to quit tobacco using easily and forever regain most manhood to Mado Well Strong , Uli of new urn and vigor take no to a the wonder worker that Maes weak men Strong. Many gain ten pounds in ten Days. Over 400,0ixtcured. Buy no to bad from your druggist who will guarantee a cure. Booklet and Samplo Mai de free. Address a a toil ing remedy co., Chicago or new York. Where there is no self culture there is no knowledge of True life. Just try a 10c Box of Casc Areis the finest liver and Bowel regulator Ever made. If a Man has no friends it Gen Eralio Means that he deserves none. R1 business and shorthand College univ la actual business from tub Start teaches business by doing business. Also thorough instruction in ail branches by mail. Life scholarship $4\ six months course $30. Corner kith and Capitol Avenue Omaha Nebraska. Patents Trad examination and. Advice As to patentability of invention. Send for a inventors guide or Liow to get a Patent. Of Farrell it son. Washington d. C. Omar Stoye repair works store repairs for svy Lead of stove made. 120t Dolglas st., Omaha Keb. Fly Iii habit cured est. In 1871. Thousands y i e a iffy cured cheapest and Best cure. Free trial. State Case. Or. Marsh Quincy Mich. Fresh oysters King Cole anti monopoly Oyster House Omaha neb. Patent 20year experience. Send sketch Forad i vice. Ltd. Deane late Narni. Examiner . de Aucy a Weaver me Iii , Rah Wutti a cured 0r n0 pay mrs Plaj he i i Vij m. Hovran Milwaukee Avis. And whisky hot a a Ltd do a sent i free. Or. In m. Woolley Atlanta a. I a Eye water. If afflicted with 1 sore eyes Usa w. N. U�?omaha�?48-1899 when writing to advertisers kindly mention this paper. Be is a berth 3 Cost cough syrup. Tastes Good. Use drug st Andy gat�iapti6 cure constipation 10 25 50$ All druggists a a flt to to to v ? at to cart Nyca Teof constipation Cascaret Are the Ideal Larad a id Abbu Midlil us fiume i Del j Tive. Never strip or Gripe hut cause easy unt ural resulta Sanije pie and Booklet free. And. Sterling remedy co., Chicase Montreal can., or new Tork. Si7.j pm important notice the Only genuine a a bakery a chocolate celebrated for More than a Century As a delicious nutritious and flesh forming beverage is put up in Blue wrappers and yellow labels. Be sure that the yellow Label and our Trade Mark Are on every package. Walter Baker amp c0� ltd., Dorchester mass

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