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Blackfoot News Newspaper Archives Aug 3 1895, Page 7

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - August 3, 1895, Blackfoot, IdahoPirates killed her. Daughter of Aaron Burr died on the Ocean. Her disappearance has been accounted for. Just a Chain of evidence containing some valuable links indicates that Beautiful mrs. Elston died at the hands of coast outlaws. Of a Story of How Aaron Burr s Only child Beautiful Young Theodosia met her death at the hands of Ocean pirates years ago and How that fact was Only recently established by the discovery of a Pori trait of her rescued a from the Schooner whence she was thrown into the sea. Is now told for the first time. Involving As it does the deathbed confession of one of the pirates who drowned the Young woman the tale seems More like fiction than verified history hut there Are persons living who have verified it in detail and who will vouch for its accuracy. Theodosia Burr a Young woman of unusual mental attainments was married to the son of judge Alston of South Carolina a relative of Washington Alston the celebrated historical Painter. Or. And mrs. Alston resided on their Plantation near Charleston. When Aaron Burr contemplated returning from the extended visit lie made to Europe after his trial he wrote mrs. Alston to whom he was devotedly attached asking her to meet him in new York on his arrival there. Or. Alston engrossed with the business of his Plantation found it impossible to accompany his wife. There being no railroads in those Days and or. Alston deem Rig that a trip from Charleston to new York by sea would be less irksome to his wire than a stage journey by land chartered a coasting Schooner. Was a Little Black and tan dog. Care tul inspection of the Schooner proved nothing As to her antecedents. Even her name was not attainable but one of the Cabins had evidently been very recently occupied by a woman and in this Cabin was the painting which mrs. Mann gave or. Poole and which Mann appropriated As his share of the Salvage. The Schooner shortly afterwards went to pieces. Or Poole was an enthusiastic student of National matters. He Felt certain that the picture had a very valuable history and formed a suspicion that it might have represented the mysteriously lost daughter of Aaron Burr. He put himself in communication with several historical societies on the matter but his theory found Little weight in spite of a family likeness being admitted. As the Clergyman upon whose authority this Story is Given was returning from a recent visit to mrs. Poole while driving from that lady a House to Elizabeth City to take the cars Home he met a Young Man whom he knew to be very bashful and much afraid of the gentler sex driving a strange woman in a buggy toward mrs. Poole a residence. In a letter written to mrs. Poole shortly afterwards he Good Nat redly referred to the incident and to the Young fellow s evident embarrassment. This brought from mrs. Poole another chapter in the Story of the Beautiful picture. The strange woman was a descendant of the Burr family who resides in Detroit Mich. Her name has temporarily escaped the Clergyman a memory. She had been visiting at Virginia Beach. Van a where she had heard of mrs. Poole s mysterious painting from a North Carolina gentleman. Her visit to Elizabeth City was solely for the purpose of seeing the painting and no sooner had she set eyes c it than she offered mrs. Poole shoo spot Cash for the same besides any other additional sum she might require. Mrs. Poorie refused to part with the treasure. She told the visitor that there was a Strong family likeness Between the latter and the subject of the picture whoever that subject might have been and further informed her of the facts already Given Here As to How the painting came into her Possession. This elicited from the Detroit woman another remarkable reminiscence and one which taken in connection with the Marti As a Lover. The cuban Patriot loved unwisely. 11ih retorted death at he hands of the spaniards occurred on Hie same Day on which the woman to whom he wan devoted wan married to another the Haa a romantic career n the Day that Jose Marti the cuban revolutionist is said to have fallen with a gaping wound in his Throat the woman he had loved passionately but hopelessly was married to another. He had first met her in new York City where she had been one of his pupils. She was of Spanish descent an orphan Well connected a Clever musician and an Amateur song writer. Marti had been recently appointed Consul for Argentine and Uruguay in new York but he continued to teach Spanish history and Art. A widowed Mother and several Sisters in Cuba were dependent upon him and he was compelled to employ every Means to secure a sufficient income. Scarcely had he familiarized himself with the duties of his Consulship when the agitation for cuban revolution broke out. Clubs were formed meetings were held and Marti plunging into the movement became almost immediately its recognized head and front. Then came a demand from Spain that the South american republics which had Given Marti his consular Post should save As their representative some one other than an agitator and Theodosia Burr. In this mrs. Alston set out. She took with her As a present to her father a Beautiful painting of herself. But she never reached new York and Down to the present Day the Fate of Aaron burrs Only child has been a matter of speculation among historians some contending that the vessel and All on Board were lost at sea. Others asserting that mrs. Alston fell into the hands of some of the pirates who in those Days infested the Atlantic coast. But the mystery has at last been cleared up. Its accuracy is vouched for by the former Rector of Trinity episcopal Church Elkton a Clergyman Well known throughout Maryland and the Middle states. About five years ago this Clergyman was visiting in his native state North Carolina and for several Days was the guest of the widow of or. William Poole near Elizabeth City. Aboye the mantelpiece in mrs. Poole s parlor was an old fashioned painting exquisitely executed of a Beautiful Young woman dressed in White. It so greatly interested the Clergyman that he asked mrs. Poole whom it was intended to represent. She then gave the following Story of it eight years ago she said. Or. Poole had taken his family to pass the summer at the Little coast town of nags head n. C., where the United states Man of War came to grief. The place is largely populated by a banker so a generally a rough class of men who mainly earn a livelihood by picking up All species of flotsam and jetsam along the coast. One of these however was a very respectable and very old fellow named Mann. His wife was suffering from a complication of diseases and or. Poole took great interest in her Case. Under hts treatment she recovered and. As a Token of gratitude to the doctor presented him with the painting which so greatly interested the Clergyman. Mrs Mann said her husband had recovered it from a wreck. When quite a Young Man he was walking along the Shore one morning. His attention was then called to a coasting Schooner under full sail bearing swiftly Down upon the dangerous bar which in later years occasioned the loss of the Huron. With other a banker so Mann put out to her assistance. They boarded the Schooner but found that the Only living thing aboard foregoing facts proves that the painting is that of Aaron burrs daughter the one destined As a present to her father and that the unfortunate Young woman was drowned by pirates. This in substance is the Detroit woman a Story with her Mother in Detroit formerly resided her Mother s aged aunt a humane woman who gave up much time to visiting the poor and sick. One evening in one of the wards of the Marine Hospital of that City was a dying Sailor. Who seemed terribly startled As the aunt in company with others approached his bedside. He beckoned her to him however and after begging that she alone of the visitors might hear what he had to say a request which the others granted by retiring to the next Ward he stated that As a Young Man he had one summer been on a pirate vessel off the North Carolina coast. He then went on to say that he had then helped to overhaul a North bound coasting Schooner. On the vessel was a Beautiful Young feminine passenger dressed All in White. He had assisted to dragging her from her Cabin in which she was hanging up a painting of herself. While the pirates were engaged in throwing the Crew overboard he noted that this Beautiful Young lady paced the deck with magnificent courage and dignity her hands folded on her breast and her eyes raised to heaven. She made no remonstrance whatever and he steadied the Plank upon which she walked to the vessels Side thence to be plunged headlong into the Ocean. He wanted to take away her picture and her dog a Little Black and tan fellow but dreaded to touch either. After the pirates had plundered the Schooner of Money and other treasures they abandoned the vessel having set it under full sail to Drift to its doom with the picture and the dog aboard. The dying Sailor said that the Young woman s Sweet face had haunted him throughout life and his confession was prompted by a striking resemblance Between her and his elderly listener. The costliest fur is that of the sea Otter. A single skin of this animal sold last year in London brought a less a sum than it was six feet Long by two feet wide. Jose Marti Leader of cuban insurrection its. Marti warned secretly by a Friend sent in his resignation before either country had the Chance to remove him. A i no longer represent any country Quot he said a i am henceforth Only a cuban Patriot Quot at that Lime Marie Desquer the Young Mai in question of Spanish descent though she was. Showed Marti a sympathy which won his heart. It was a Hope ass passion from the Start and he must Lave recognized it As such. He had a wifi and child in Cuba but although he iad been estranged from them for mrs the Young woman aware that be was not free possessed too Fine a Seise of Honor to respond to his love had she Felt an equivalent affection for he. This she did not feel. A previous attachment to a Man from whom she lad been temporarily estranged and Rhom she afterwards married control i her throughout her associations with Marti. Whatever May have been tie attitude of the revolutionist her she consistently assured him the t she could never consider him More to her than a Friend. A Day came when Sie was led to believe that some sorrow might come to their continuing to set each other and when he called on Hei one afternoon she bade the servant that she had gone away. Then she Stoid and watched from behind the Curtin with tearful eyes. She did not see he again until two years after when hey met by Chance in a Public place and he spoke to her of his life work am of his having spoken in Public in Oneff the great Tampa meetings in English. He did not know he said How muh Power had come to him but he be lewd it was because he had been thinking of her. Quot Yote Quiero Yote Quiero he exclaimed and then they parted or the last time. But in those month of their acquaintance Marti wrote Nany Beautiful letters to the Young we Nan letters which even in the transition Bear Many characteristics of his refined and poetic nature. In one of then he said in the Shaw by Corners of my room there seems t whisper As if softly disputing with to empty air a Little voice that troublesome. Within me like a Mare Desquer. Song. I hear voice that now i never shall cease to a ear. I know alas the realities of lift and the terrible impossibilities of Arn Nging it to meet the desires of a obit soul and a compassionate Man May ave to my years without being burdened with Sla veries and anguished but know also that life is impossible am More frightful than any death could be if one must live with the soul orsolits de with the great and tender soil in Solitude and with every Hope shattered and falling to the Earth like a Flay rent in pieces. I know that if one world live out ones life with dignity to the end although one May not know the1 greatest happiness it needs that come in the hour of agony and of despair to console and strengthen and to give new life to our own. I would never be an instant at thy Side if i believed i wrought thee any harm i feel that i could Bear thee As a Little wounded Bird in the Palms of my hand. And again i see thee As when we parted last walking slowly slowly As if reluctant to leave me and each step of thine is As a kiss. For after knowing me thou Shalt suffer less never even in thy greatest loneliness Shalt thou feel thyself alone. Thou Shalt turn to me and live Day and night in my heart As a Bird in its nest. I have seen the Birds in their Happy nests in the Depths of our mountains and thou recall est them to me. The happiest life that is possible in the world is that of love and of work. This life As natural As the sunlight would that it might have been ours but still one May know sufficient of it to sustain and give courage for the rest of one s life thy desire to see me today thy pious and eloquent desire reveals to me that Between thee and me is that strange and divine Power born Only of the Exchange and Union of two suffering souls. Thy face is before me and i seem to feel myself filled with the Light of thine eyes. And Here with soul newly kindled Here i sit in my empty room. Worldly Wise in other words filled full to the lips with principle and the decorous ideas of the world the Young lady Felt that she could not afford to give this great Man any affection that might at any time be turned to reflect unpleasantly upon her. She had had her own Romance and was somewhat cynical and incredulous. She was capable of bitter remarks at times even to Marti for whom she had a profound reverence. She would never marry she would believe in no Man As a Over. And with an increasing sense of right and conventionality on her part and of hopefulness and of misery on his the Romance of Jose Marti dragged to an end. In his last letter to her he said Quot it May he that Yon will love some one it May even be that you will be reconciled to the Lover who caused you such pain before we met. It May be that you will believe in him again and consent to unite yourself to him for life. And when that time comes remember i have told you this i shall be lying dead with a Bullet of the enemy in my suffering heart. And so i shall not Grieve and thou Mayst be tragedy at an end. Three elves Fey the penalty of an elopement. A tragedy Long drawn out after years of suffering has reached its end at Columbia. S. Fifteen years ago John Allen was in love with Mary Hughes. The girl s father bitterly opposed the marriage and they decided to Elope. One night the girl climbed out of the window and joined her Lover and they were married. On their Way Back they met the father coming in search. A desperate fight followed. The bridegroom s Back was broken the father died from his injuries and the girl accidentally Hurt was paralysed from her hips Down. The husband died in a few years but she lived until yesterday always a sufferer. There was some investigation at the time but there were no arrests. No one knows what was said or occurred at that Early meeting on the Highway but three lives have paid for it. Mrs Corbett seeks divorce. The pugilist spouse Stren uhly object to Iii conduct. The beginning of pugilist corbetts Quot happiness was very romantic. It was mrs. Corbett in san Francisco when the Champion was but an Amateur athlete that he first met miss Allie Lake. She was studying in the state Normal school. Opposition by parents on both sides strengthened the Mutual attachment and finally led to an elopement to Salt Lake City. This was in 18,86, and since that time the pugilist has not spared any expense which would Conduce to his wife a Comfort. His Home in upper new York Cost him a round 528,000, and of late he has been living away from it and has Given mrs. Corbett 5100 a week. But this is not enough to compensate for the other woman in the ease and mrs. Corbett has signed the papers looking to an absolute divorce from her husband. Case of Wanton cruelty. Eyelids of an unruly animal Are sewed together with wire a special officer of the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals at Syracuse. N. Y., last week arrested Parsons a Farmer for a Case of shocking and inhuman treatment of an unruly Bull which persisted in knocking Down fences. Parsons sewed up the eyelids of the unfortunate animal with two pieces of heavy wire sharpened at the Points which he inserted As a physician would a Needle. After he had taken three or four stitches in each eyelid he twisted the ends of the wire together and in this condition the Bull was found with his eyes terribly swollen and bleeding. The Justice of the peace at South Onondaga let sons off with a paltry Fine of $10. Entombed for month. The remains of George Brown and Anthony were found in the Luke Fidler mine at Shamokin pa., last week. They had been entombed since last october when a fire in the mine killed five men and scourged the Mihe so that it was flooded. Beating Iron bars. Famous prison escapes of recent years. The Ohio had a number of them. How John g. Shaw and i fals sealed the Walls of the hostile gentlemanly George Edwond sea atonal escape a through a sewer. Volumes could be written of the notable escapes from the Ohio Penitentiary. It was from there the rebel general. John Morgan and his staff made their escape while prisoners of War. Some of the flights of common convicts have been quite As interesting however for. In the desperate methods adopted they outranked that of Morgan and his men. One of the most daring dreams for Liberty in recent years was made in december 1891, by John g. Shaw alias Joe Stockton and Jack Foster both burglars and All around Crooks serving time from Cuya hoga county. The cells of Shaw and Foster were close together and they managed to communicate with each other. It was agreed he tween them that they should make a rope and. After ascending through a ventilator to the roof of the prison they would let themselves Down into the front Yard on the outside. In the shop where they worked Many packages of goods came with Short strips of twine Cord tied around them. Shaw and Foster managed to pick up this waste twine from Day to Day and carry it to their cells. For nearly three months they were engaged in secreting the twine under their clothes taking it to their cells at the close of each Days toll and working during the nights in braiding it into rope. Some idea of the work involved is Given by the fact that the Penitentiary at the Point where they proposed to descend was nearly seventy feet # / a / i a All f a a a John g. Shaw High. Finally the rope was completed and the night agreed upon for the escape rolled around. The two men plugged their cell locks in such a manner As to prevent the bolts from sliding in. They had obtained some old overalls from one of the engine rooms and they exchanged their stripes for these. Then they made two dummies dressed them in discarded stripes and placed them on their Beds to tool the guard who occasionally paced to and fro. These preparations having been made they slipped out of their cells and ascended to the roof. The rope was fastened around one of the chimneys which surmounted the eaves and Shaw swung off. He Slid Down the rope As quickly As a circus performer and was away in an instant. Foster followed quickly but was less fortunate. The rope broke when he was Twenty feet from the ground and he fell sprawling upon the ground below. However he was not seriously injured and soon joined his companion in flight. The two manged to get As far As Dublin twelve Miles North of Columbus and As Daylight was setting in they sought seclusion in a Farmer s barn. Climbing into the mow. They were making themselves comfortable for the Day when one of them found that the Farmer had a Jug of whisky concealed in the Hay. Both proceeded to help themselves with uns tinted measure. Neither had drank anything during their Long years of imprisonment and consequently the liquor soon got the upper hand. A half hour later they were staggering around the Farmers barnyard and making the place resound with wild yells. The Farmer soon discovered that they were escaped convicts waited until they had fallen into a Drunken stupor loaded them into a Wagon and soon George Elwood. Landed them at the Penitentiary where he received the customary Reward. Gentleman George Elwood the notorious Crook who was shot and killed a year ago by a policeman at Hartford Conn. Made a Clever escape from the Ohio Penitentiary shortly before his ill Luck in the East. He climbed to the prison roof descended to the Warden s living apartments through a skylight exchanged his stripes for a suit of fashionable clothes belonging to the Warden s son in Law and walked out through the front exit. He waved Bis hand and said Quot Good by Quot to the guard As he based out of the grounds into the Street. The guard of course thought the departing gentleman was an Ordinary visitor and did not discover his mistake until it was too late. Spotty Wing the Young Cincinnati Crook who was once a prominent figure in the criminal circles of that City escaped two years ago by adopting the plan conceived by Elwood but his Liberty was Short lived As he was overtaken and captured an hour later a few Miles West of the prison. Old George Blackburn a celebrated Crook Twenty years ago who now at the age of 79, is serving his sixth term made a Peculiar attempt to escape when he was much younger. He was a civil Engineer by education and the prison officials had him make the plans for a new sewer. Blackburn had the sewer to constructed As to enable him to enter it from the Yard through a hidden manhole and then crawled All the Way to the Point where it emptied into the Scioto River on the out3lde of the Walls. He took two other convicts into his Confidence and the Trio started one afternoon the other two went ahead of Blackburn. When they spotty Wing. Reached the River they found that Iron bars had been placed across the Mouth of the sewer. Blackburn s two companions were Able to get through the bars by bending them but he was too Fleshy. They were so anxious to get away that they left him unassisted and he was compelled to return to the prison. The sewer was so Small that he could not turn around in it. And he was compelled to crawl bae word All the Way to the manhole a distance of 200 Yards. This experience disgusted Blackburn with efforts to escape and he has never Given the prison officials any trouble since that time. Blackburn has a Nephew Dave Blackburn. In the Penitentiary who is serving a life term under the habitual criminal act. Dave attempted to get out by testing the constitutionality of the habitual criminal Law about a year ago but the supreme court decided against him. The crime which brought about the younger Blackburn s life sentence was the theft of a Hen and her Brood of Little chickens. He committed burglary. However in obtaining the poultry and it being his third conviction was Given the full penalty. Some of the most noted Crooks never attempt to escape evidently believing that it pays better to serve out their terms and depend upon Good conduct to win them favor and eventually a Pardon. Troja is to marry. Col Jacob Ruppert. Well known in new York the Happy Man. A Newark dispatch says troja who charmed the audiences at a number of mlle. Troja music Halls in this City during the last Winter and who has been reported engaged to col. Jacob Ruppert jr., has at last admitted the truth of the report. Mile. Troja is in private life troja Griswold. She is an american girl and has been upon the stage since she was a child. At one time she was the Prima Donna of a company which bore her name. Col. Jacob Ruppert jr., is a Well known Man about town. His father col. Jacob Ruppert. Sr., besides owning the Centra opera House and other valuable property is the proprietor of a noted racing stable. The data fixed for the marriage has not been Learned. Smithton in Luck. A Spring in that flows pure whisky. While Silas Jones a Farmer living near Smithton pa., was digging a Trench in the East Side of a Hill saturday he struck an abandoned w Ell and detected the fumes of whisky. Digging through the walled sides be discovered liquor trickling through the rocks. Tasting it he found it to be Superior whisky. When he recovered from his Surprise Jones procure a barrel to catch the drippings and suspended operations. Today he will try to discover the source of the whisky Spring. There Are several distilleries in Westmoreland county. Some pet ple think the whisky comes from barrels hurled in the Hillside Many Yeti a ago when a distillery is said to Haw stood near where Jones discovered the Spring. Other people think that gun. Braddock. When on his March to Pittsburg hid the whisky As he passed near this place and being killed in an engagement with the indians the secret died with him. One reason for this belief is the finding of a Cannon Hall that was turned up by Farmer Jones plot. The discovery has caused great excl intent All Over Westmoreland county. Many people Caine to Smithton to Inque about the Spring

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