Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
4 Apr 1896

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Blackfoot News in Blackfoot, Idaho
4 Apr 1896

Read an issue on 4 Apr 1896 in Blackfoot, Idaho and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Blackfoot News.

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Blackfoot News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1896, Blackfoot, IdahoTylik Black foot news. Published every saturday it key Jon i a publisher. Blackfoot pm a. A Idaho. It will be Lound in Good time that the United states Treasury can go a loan. The defense of Damli Turkey has been roasted by the press Long enough it is now time it was hasted by the Powers. With Germany at his Back president Krueger ought to be the most formidable figure of the time. The census of Germany just completed shows the population of the Empire to be 51,758,364, an increase of 2,329.894 during the last five years. The King of Corea is constantly surrounded by japanese spies and fears that he will be assassinated. The Dis it was sultry in the smoking room. For one thing the weather was hot j for another the Commodore had just finished a yarn. Markham always maintained that the atmosphere became sulphurous after the Commodore had recounted a personal reminiscence but then he was Given to exaggeration. Still we Felt grateful that the Story had passed off without the inter vent Jap of a Thunderbolt and sat gasping Relief and credulity. Then mild May from sheer nervousness i believe not from any desire for a recurrence of the Ananias episode stirred up the colonel. The colonel was sitting behind a big Che Root evidently incubating a Kettle wherein to Cook the Commodore a cabbage. A wonderful escape that sir a said Aries. Patch added that his majesty was night Mildmay addressing the colonel by guarded by the american Mission a yes sir. We in the service in the old Days before it became a school for step dancing and circus Riding used to or. G. Frank Lydston a distinguished have experiences which the country nerve specialist gives the following i cer heard of adventures wore com cure for Hiccough a i always cure my Mon Bil Benies. Sir in those it Las. Self of Hiccough by holding the ends of my two Index fingers As close As i can without allowing them to touch. In that Way i concentrate my mind so closely on the fingers i forget the dispatches say that mayor Strong did not kiss the Bride at the Vanderbilt Belmont wedding. This strengthens the suspicion that the Bride Isnit the dream the new York society reporters and artists would have us simple westerners believe. Still a Chicago magistrate would have had the moral courage to do his duty even if it pointed to a new York face. U Gad sir a British Soldier in those Days thought no More of walking 1,000 Miles through the enemy a country than you do of step dancing around the Park. A probably sir you be never heard of the defense of fort Damli no sir i Don t blame you. Sir if you have not heard of a feat of arms which preserved half a continent for her Niaj a esty god bless her we Veall heard j of suppressed dispatches and ingratitude in High places lest the Feather bed step dancers should be replaced by j men. A it was in never mind the Date sir and never mind the place. If i mentioned them you would recall the episode and it is not for me to boast by telling the full extent of the services j it was my Good Fortune to Render this t country. A a foreign Power no sir i will mention no name Damme sir i Hope 1 know my duty better than to rekindle International complications had stir i red up the niggers against us. I was in command of fort Damli sir at that time with a handful of men a Mere handful but men sir such As your dancing schools do not turn out nowadays. A fort Damli is built on a Promontory running out into the sea and is Only get at Able from one Side. The niggers had massed All their forces in the Plain in front of the fort. Twenty thousand of them sir or rather As i wish to guard against exaggeration 1 Wall say that i counted 19,803�?a-swarming Over the Plain thick As cheese mites in a Stilton. �?o1 had ninety three men All told including a one eyed drummer boy hut we laughed at them sir. Whenever the niggers came at the fort we loaded our big guns with broken bottles bedsteads War office regulations which was about the Only thing they had supplied us with from Home and mowed them Down by the dozens. When they reached the Walls my boys giving them cold pig. Took Tea with the niggers. A i used to sit on the powder Maga Zinc smoking a Che Root As Comfort-1 ably As in a doing now. Gad sir How. 1 it All comes Back to me that Little official calculations made in Russia \ Evjy 0f a drummer used to nip out plans Are in Progress for the settlement near Phoenix ariz., of a Large mormon Colony. Brigham Young jr., of Salt Lake City is now negotiating for the Purchase of the Buckeye irrigation canal and a Large area of land adjacent thereto for this purpose. The canal Heads on the Gila River Twenty five Miles from Phoenix and 100,000 acres can be irrigated extending it across the Hass Yampa. Those who know just where the shoe pinches will be interested by the information which comes from Union Hill n. J., that Charles Heinzman of that place has discovered a new and sure a scorn cure Quot that May be relied upon to work every time. The Corn was on his Little toe and after or. H. Had suffered As he stated a the torments of the damned he told his wife to Cut off the toe. She performed the operation As delicately As she could with a butchers a Leaver whereupon or. Heinzman rejoiced greatly for several Days. At length blood poisoning set in and today the poor Man is dwelling where mortals we up no and transmitted to the state depart ment of the United states Consul Gen Durral karal at st. Petersburg show that the e present years Harvest of cereals in the Ebete to rid is much smaller than last years compared with 1894 the decrease is in wheat 150,467,000 bushels and Bye 128,971,000 bushels. Other grains turned out better. In Russia the Harvest was Short 55,371,733 bushels of when t and 88,345,428 bushels of Rye. The financial Organ therefore commends the policy adopted by Russia dealers of holding Back their grains to obtain better prices later on. The official estimates for next year place the amount of wheat required to be imported at 513/923,715 bushels and Rye at 91,133,791 bushels of which Russia will be expected to Supply 121,853,925 bushels of wheat and 57,527,706 bushels of Rye. She will be Able to Export 131,663,860 bushels of wheat and 59,529,342 bushels of Rye. A press report from Washington says the introduction in the House by or. Beach of Ohio and the Senate by or. Allen of Nebraska of resolutions favouring a Congress of the american republics has Given an official impetus to a project that has been vigorously revived since the disclosures were made in the venezuelan controversy. Both these resolutions were received with favor and Many of the experts on foreign affairs in both houses believe that some definite action will be taken along these lines by the present Congress. Or. Allen in his Resolution fixed the name of the Congress As the pan american Union and suggests that its object be to prevent encroachments by european Powers on this hemisphere. In the plan offered by or. Beach in the House it is proposed that the president invite the South american republics to Send plenipotentiaries to a conference to be held in Washington within a year for the purpose of forming an american Union with the same objects in View the Secretary of state to be the repro tentative of this government a. Member of the House foreign affairs committee said that he believed the committee would give favourable consideration to this Resolution. When the financial backers of the Atlanta exposition figured up their loss they discovered that during the time the fair was in Progress there had been 818,000 paid admissions and 435,000 passes. When the a pass Quot figures were divulged they went out and took a drink to quiet their nerves. There is great Hope for the race when a conscience stricken violator of the new York game Laws sends 3150 to the authorities As a Fine that might have been put upon him if he had been found out. There is also Hope for the game. After the fight and mend his drum with niggers skins. After about a fortnight of it we had the niggers piled up three deep facing the fort. A Well we Lead held that fort for seven weeks no Damme lets be accurate for forty eight Days and we looked like holding it for seven years or until there Wasny to a Nigger left to come on when one afternoon it was about half past 4 on feb. 21�?i�?Tm not Likely to forget that Date in a hurry Lieut. Simkins of the Bombardier my subaltern came to me and said a its All up sir. We Haven t a round of ammunition left and the niggers Are preparing for a general assault lie was a Brave Man was Simpkins fell afterwards at Seringa Ataru Cut clean in half by a Cannon balls but he looked a bit scared then. A a a is that All a a a i said off hand. A then we shall have some fun with the Bayonet. I am surprised at you. Sir for reporting such a after this rebuke i turned away when the Little drummer almost ran into me in his excitement. A a a Captain said he saluting i was Only a Captain in those Days a three men of War reported in the i looked out to sea and saw As plainly As i see you sir three frigates standing on the horizon flying the flying the Flag of the foreign Power which was aiding and abetting the niggers. A Well sir i must admit that when i saw these ships and remembered that we had not a Grain of powder in the whole blessed fort i admit that for a moment i Felt at a loss. Another Man who was less anxious to keep to facts might Tell you that he never hesitated but i wishing to Deal with things As they were i confess 1 Felt at a loss. A but Only for a moment. Lieut Simpkins said with a sort of Grin a now sir you had better surrender to the Fri to the foreign sir a i answered drawing myself up a a Tomlinson Dies hut never 1 beg your Pardon yes sir quite right. By a perversion of history these words were attributed to Blucher at Sedan. But i Hope you will allow that i ought to know when they were first uttered. Blucher May have adapted them. I make no complaint. Well As 1 said for a moment a breathing space�?1 Felt that the game was indeed up. 1 sat Down on one of the now useless forty Pounders to review the situation. As 1 meditated my Eye fell on some coils of Telegraph wire which Hudson of the Survey department had brought into the fort before the outbreak of the disturbance to connect us with the capital. As my glance fell upon it a thought flashed through my Bra in. A a a saved i cried leaping from the Cannon. A the captains got Mem again a remarked that Devil s Imp of a drummer boy. Without heeding this breach of discipline i sent for Hudson in a few words i whispered my idea to him. A Captain a he cried a you Are a Genius a Marvel a however it is not for me to repeat the compliments perhaps not altogether undeserved he paid my resource. A with his help i wound the Tele graph wire around two cannons connecting every two guns with a spool of wire. In this Way we connected every two guns with a spool of wire. In this Way we connected eight Guus on the land Side of the fort and six commanding the Bay. The the wires from each gun were taken into the powder Magazine where Hudson had rigged up an infernal machine of his own devising. A we had hardly completed our work when night fell a you Are sure they Haven to any muskets a Hudson said to me before we separated for the night. A perfectly a 1 answered. A Only Spears and a then it ought to be All right he murmured a but How about the ships a a lets Settle the niggers first a i replied. A sufficient for the Day Are the auctions a with these remarks he left me and i sat in my powder Magazine awaiting events. The hours crept by very slowly. I tingled with excitement for i knew the next hour would determine our Faith. At length in the pitchy darkness the drummer boy with his Only Eye glowing in the blackness like a Carbuncle whispered softly a Captain they re coming a still i waited. A then in the death like stillness a yell broke on the startled air. I knew the crucial moment had come and 1 a i pressed a Button. There was a whirring sound. Then All was quiet again until a cheer from my men rang out and i knew that All was Well. Seizing my club 1 hurried out into the darkness. Everything was dark ask As the War office and the fort was deserted. A just outside the Gate i stumbled across a body. 1 turned it Over with my foot. It was a Nigger in full War paint and unarmed. Then i knew that my plan had succeeded. Hurrying Forward whither a Dull thud varied by an occasional groan guided me 1 found my Gallant Bombardier clubbing for dear life ror the bayonets and barrels of their muskets had been removed by my orders among a scurrying crowd of Savages. A Well sir we banged and banged until we could no longer raise our arms. As Day broke i ordered the drummer to beat to quarters. He was nowhere to be found. Shouting to my men i ordered them to retire to the fort. Then the Sun Rose and what a sight met our eyes every Cannon in the fort was studded with Spears and knives As thick As a Pudyng is of plums As close As a pin Cushion is of pins. A what had happened will be obvious to you. By the Telegraph wires and an electric Battery in the powder Magazine i had turned All my cannons into electro magnets of forty horse Power. Consequently As soon As the enemy were within Range i turned on the current. Every steel weapon in the hands of the niggers simply whirled out of their grasp and stuck like horse leeches to my magnets. \ a the absence of the drummer boy was soon explained. As against my distinct orders he had been wearing a Hanger when i turned the current on he flew against the nearest gun and stuck there As a c. O. Does to a decoration. It took six men to haul him off j a then in the Joy of Victory a sudden dread came Over me. How about the three men of War the foreign Power ought to have landed its Myrmidon by this time. Scourged by my misapprehensions i hurried to the Seaward battlements of the fort. There in the Gray Dawn a strange sight met my eyes. A nailed to the cruel rocks to the Westward of Damli Lay these three men of War. Hopeless wrecks buffeted by the Waves against the grinding crags. What had happened was simple enough. Damme sir it flashed across me in an instant. The Force of my Seaward magnets had been such that it had deranged the compasses of these vessels. Following their distorted guidance they had run ashore on the reef Westward of the fort. A even As 1 watched i saw a to it oat push off from the wrecked Flag ship. At once i donned the Graceful uniform of my regiment the Munchausen a own. As the service fondly termed it and Drew up my Gallant ninety three in platoons to await our vanquished foe. A tall officer of Gallant bearing his dripping uniform decorated with a Star stepped ashore. A a a Field marshal said he bowing to me with a Grace that left me no doubt that i was standing in the presence of a Prince of the blood Royal �?~1 have the Honor to surrender to you my sword a a a a not Field marshal a i replied accepting the sword As i marked the diamonds flashing in its Hilt a Only a Captain of her majesty a Loyal regiment of Munchausen a said his highness turning to his followers. A what Chance have we against a nation where such men Are Only captains a bowing Low he followed me. My prisoner into the fort. A that sir is the True history of the defense of Damli. The end is Plain. I after my Victory they sent a general j from Home who reaped its fruits who 1 was rewarded by a grateful country a by sticking every condemned letter of the alphabet after his blighted name j but the nation has yet to learn to whose resources they owe the Victory j of Damli. You were pleased to observe. Sir he sir what sir your obedient servant sir. Waiter two of the same with a slice of new budget. They cents ti1k feast of Hamka. Eight Days of fun for jewish families caring the festival us lights. A Hanuka lie Tsehe Hanuka licht sche Zehn cents a this was the shivering cry of two White bearded old hebrews who stood at noon yesterday in front of the Koscha restaurant just off the bowery. Others repeated the Call echoing it throughout the lower East Side and so it will be heard to Day and for six Days More were offering for Sale at 10 a package of Lanuka lights Small coloured candles which Are used in the Homes of the orthodox jews to celebrate the t est n al of Hanuka. Hanuka the a feast of Light Quot is of eight Days duration and commemorates the dedication of the second Temple at Jerusalem. To Day which began. Of course last night is the 2,248th anniversary. In the synagogue there Are prayers twice a Day at Sunrise and at Sunset. It is Only a half Holiday else there would be four services and no work. As it is a season of rejoicing. The faithful May work in the daytime Between the hours of prayer and song if Only they will play at night. Up town the jews do not pay much heed to the Days but on the East Side the week is looked Forward to with Happy anticipation and is observed in a merry spirit of Domestic fun making. A a mugs Schur jes buoys Quot after this the chant m the churches the father goes Home where he presides at the ceremonies there. He chants again the hymn in which it is promised that the Messiah will surely come this year. Each verse As he sings it is repeated by the family. Then comes the fun for which the children Are impatient. The Hanuka lie Tsehe Are brought out and then the father lights one on the first night two on the second three on the third four on the fourth and so on until on the eighth and last night the room has eight Vari coloured Gay Wax candles burning symbols to the oldsters of Hope and Faith to the youngsters of fun and frolic with Tate their father. For. On these eight evenings whatever he May do or wherever he May go on other nights of the year the head of the family must be Home and amuse his wife and children. People who have been taught at a distance to think the East Side hebrew s As a sullen Folk in dismal Homes could learn something pleasant a by peeking and eavesdropping Over there these Days. They would see Many proud prospering lords of Large families dispensing a mehr fun als a circus As a yiddish Deutsche jewish dutch boy put it in his Besten Lish to a reporter. There Are stories told out of the talmud funny ones too and games with Dice for nuts and a a Sech a Schulg Quot sixty six and dominoes and cards of All sorts. I there Are quiet games but there Are Good things to eat and disputes often Lead to romps Over the floor w Ith yells at which even the Irish neighbors do not often complain to the police. To those who know what it Means the peddle so cry has a pleasant sound despite the indescribable drawl. A Cha a nuke and the greeting of the Day is a gut Jou Tiff Quot in the jargon. A Tjom simply. In the hebrew new York Post. Not hypnotized. A year sighted astronomer Schiaparelli the astronomer who first discovered the so called a a canals a of Mars did so with a much smaller Telescope than those in use in Many other observatories at that time. And yet he is a very near sighted Man. Garrett p. Servoss of Brooklyn in speaking of his first interview with the eminent italian said a few Days ago that Schiaparelli would hold a visitors card within five or six inches of his eyes in order to decipher it. The singular part of this Story is not that a Man we Ith such an infirmity should be Able to outdo other astronomers for keenness of vision depends rather upon the Retina than the Convexity of the lenses of the Eye and the Eye piece of a Telescope can be focused so As to suit the latter. But it does seem a Little Odd that the gifted scientist in question should habitually refrain from wearing eyeglasses. Possibly he has a theory As to the effect of their use upon his visual York Tribune. I mrs Tilton denies thai her Hin Baliu exert Ned hypnotic Power. For the past seventeen years mrs. Tilton w Hose name at the time of the Beecher Tilton scandal some two decades ago. W As in everybody s Mouth has lived quietly in her Little Home far out on Pacific Avenue Brooklyn lost sight of to All except a few of her most intimate friends. The present tendency to attribute unusual or criminal actions of individuals to hypnotic influence has according to the new York Herald been applied to the Tilton Case of Thomas g. Shearman attorney for Henry. Ward Beecher in the memorable trial who has since that time distinguished himself by referring to the Case at every Opportunity. He claims that the confession made by mrs. Tilton after the trial w As attested by her we file she w As under the influence of the hypnotic Power exerted by her husband and to Back up his statement Law yer Shearman related an instance w Lien Tilton bad talked about his Power Over his wife. And while she was in her Home Over a mile away lie. By the Power of his will Over hers compelled her to go to the Library and take up a certain let ook named by a gentleman with whom he was in conversation. A Herald reporter visited mrs. Tilton to inquire As to the truth of this statement. Her hair is White and As entered the room she waited helplessly for the sound of a voice to direct her to the location of her visitor. A i am almost Blind Quot she announced in a Sweet gentle voice. A a Cataract has completely obscured my right Eye and the left has almost when asked about her imputed subservience to hypnotic influence she replied a it is entirely untrue. I know nothing about hypnotism spiritualism or Auy Allied belief. I have no Faith in it. 1 do not believe i have Ever been subjected to any such influence. 1 do not believe in when asked about the Experiment in which she was reported to have obeyed or. Tilton a hypnotic Power Over her she said a i know of no such incident whatever and had never heard of in reply to the question about the existence of such a Power in or. Tilton she said a i do not think it existed. In or. Tilton s relations to the household i believe that quite the contrary was with regard to her signature to the confession w hich was said to have been obtained under such pressure of hypnotic suggestion she said a it is altogether untrue a but would not add More except that in that connection a an intricate tissue of nineteenth Century falsehood has been the Point we As one upon which she was obviously sensitive and she was reluctant to enter into detailed discussion of it. A it is altogether untrue 1 Fiat such a thing As hypnotic influence was in any Wray connected with she said As she Rose gently and going to the door. In a soft Lowr voice said times. Priscilla Mundy a hard at work Over the weeks Wash Wrhen a loud Knock caused her to wipe her red suds blistered hands smooth out her thin hair Roll Down her sleeves and walk quickly to the door. A woman of her own age and her exact counterpart so far As face and form were concerned stood in the rickety porch surrounded by a big collection of bags baskets and bundles. A Matilda Quot cried mrs. Mundy. And then tears moistened her eyes and she clasped the visitor in her Bony arms. The newcomer returned the embrace and kissed mrs. Mundy affectionately. A you look awfully worn and tired Priscilla Quot she observed As the latter led the Way into the meanly furnished 1 parlor. A i lows a everybody Quot org. Mundy sighed before she made reply. She had a great fashion of sighing of late and goodness knows she had sufficient cause to. A a in a she answered apologetically a and i suppose the hard work does make a body look worn and tired. The children Are All Well. They Are All at school except Tommy. He a gone to town with his a so he s gone to town Quot observed Matilda with a particularly Strong emphasis on the a lie a yes Quot was the final response. A in Harvest time too and All the place going to rack and ruin right under his eyes just for Lack of attention. Priscilla by Don t you put your foot Down a a a ooh was the protest. A now look Here Priscilla Mundyk Priscilla Besiie that was a she con tinned resolutely a a in be come to Stop a month and ill just Tell you things have got to go differently while in a Here. Johns folks told me How shamefully you were being treated. Why they said he even allow you to pay them a visit and Maria declared that you did no to have a decent gown to your mrs. Mundy Hung her head and the tears started afresh. A i stopped at John s As i came on Quot continued Matilda who by the Way a was mrs. Munda a a twin sister a and they told me to make you come up and spend a month with Mem a a i can to leave. Matilda just now. What with Quot began airs. Mundy. But her sister interrupted her. A nonsense Quot she cried. A a done to make excuses to me. You be got to go and that a the Long and Short of it. The coach will be by Here in half an hour j and i told the Driver to Stop. Put on j one of my dresses and make yourself look decent for John s folks see a lot of company and Maria is mighty Dressy. Here is $5 to pay your she handed the shining Gold to the bewildered woman and gently pushed her from the room. A a what la Tom say a a ventured mrs. Mundy timidly As they climbed the rickety stairs together. A a in la attend to him a was Matilda a confident and rather spiteful answer. A say no More about and airs. Malundy who recognized and Felt powerless to resist the Superior will Force of her sister allowed herself to be a made and when the coach stopped at the door on its return trip she was ready for the visit to her brother John who lived about Twenty Miles Distant. In one of her Sisters neat fitting dresses with a Snow White Collar at her Throat and a bit of ribbon in her hair gloves on her hands and a smart Bonnet on her head she very closely resembled Matilda who had put on one of airs. Mundyk a Plain Calico House dresses and stood beside her to bid her Good by. A now have a Good time Priscilla a said she As she gave the poor woman a Farewell kiss. A a in la keep things moving at when the coach rolled away and was lost from View in a Cloud of dust Aliss Latilda be Bee entered the House and resumed the interrupted work. By 3 of clock the clothes were hanging on the line the Kitchen had been cleared up and the other rooms swept and the Beds made. Now she hustled about preparing supper and was mixing up dough for cake Wien a Small boy knocked timidly at the Kitchen door. A Well a w As a Latilda a inquiry As she opened the door. A please miss Malundy a began the Urchin a Ama sent me Over to ask you if Willie and the girls could Stop at our House to night a a yes. They can stay a was the answer and the boy. With a muttered a a thanked mom Quot bobbed his Bead and ran away. A now i la hive him All to myself a said Latilda aloud and her Sharp eyes twinkled maliciously. A and i la be bound hell learn a lesson this Day that Hewton to forget the brute Quot she Lead supper on the table when the sounds of wheels were heard and peeping through the window she saw a red Wagon with yellow wheels drawn by a Bony horse just turning the Corner of the House. A Man and a boy were in the seat. The boy was driving and the Man reeled backward and Forward whenever the wheel of the vehicle ran against an obstruction. A drunk is usual a was a Latilda a comment As the Wagon halted before the Kitchen door. The Man alighted and walked unsteadily toward the House. The boy drove the horse on to the barn. The face of the Man. Who was no other than Malundy. Was red and flushed and he kicked open the door and staggered into the room. Latilda looked up quickly and her eyes flashed. He caught the gleam and strode toward her. Be look at me that Way a he cried balancing on his heels. A give me my a when supper s ready you can have answered Latilda quietly although her lips twitched convulsively and her hands were clasped nervously. A and when you come into the House you kick Down the doors. They were made to be a what a gasped the Man. A you heard what i said Quot answered Matilda. A a in a tired of your bullying and i w ant you to Stop it or it la be the worse for Tom Mundy stared at the woman lie supposed his wife in mute astonishment. She had never talked to him like this before and he did not know what to make of it. A will do what i please in Iny own House a a he cried hotly. A i reckon you w on to if you go showing me any More of your a i wont hey a he cried and raising his hand he kicked the table spitefully a a we la see who a master the blow was a powerful one and the table with its Load of China fell to the floor with a crash. Miss Latilda Bebee sprang toward the Vandal and her Gray eyes flashed fire. A a we la see who a master Here a she cried. And before the astonished Man could apprehend the meaning of her sudden onslaught she seized him around the Waist pinioned his arms close to his Side lifted him from the floor and carried him kicking and struggling through the open door. A barrel of rain water stood under the Waves and into this she soused the Yelling Man head first. Again and again he was plunged into the cold water until nearly suffocated and gasping for breath to begged Piteo sly for mercy. A you be got enough have you Quot cried Matilda and she soused him under again. A % m y v a a a a i m a yes a you la to gasped. Kick Over the tables will you a she cried and once More she forced his head beneath the water. A no. No Priscilla Quot he pleaded. Ill do whatever you she released her hold and pointed towards the shed. A go in there a she said a and 111 bring you out some dry clothes. 1 want you to understand that hereafter you be got to behave a yes. he presented a pitiable sight and Aliss Matilda could hardly restrain her laughter. She turned and entered the House hid the thoroughly cowed bully slunk into the woodshed. Matilda brought him dry clothes and he dressed himself. She waited outside and when the change was completed Ohamed the door and stood beside him. For an hour she remained closeted with the now thoroughly sobered Man. And when they finally came out and entered the House there were traces of tears in the eyes of both. Little torn hearing the uproar had remained at the barn and when Latilda had cleared up the broken crockery and rearranged the table she went out and called him in to supper. Tom Mundy ate his food in silence and tears occasionally started to his eyes. A a in la go Over after her Matilda a he said As he chair Back a and if Ever quor again i Hope 1 May the Way to a a in a tired a a that a Matilda. To Morrow pushed his i touch 11-choke a talk a agreed of wandering about from pillar to Post and hereafter i intend to live with you. Ill let you have the Money to pay Oft the mortgage and fix the place up and As Long As you act like a Man in a your 8he was As Good As her w Ord and six months after her arrival the Mundy place had undergone a startling transformation. The House was newly painted and Coily furnished the fences had been repaired the roof of the barn mended and poor Priscilla Mundy found her husband from whose brutality Slie had so often suffered changed Inte a kind indulgent hard working sober Man. A a it Sall due to Latilda a he said one Day Asho looked out Over his Wrell tilled Fields with his arms around his wife a Waist a fall due to Matilda and that water he kissed his wife a upturned face and brushed away the tears of Joy which glistened in her eyes. A thank heaven for the water barrel she whispered and returned the press. Napolez no a first child. The emperor of the French was at Warsaw. The polish capital Gay and frivolous. New Hopes awakened the spirit of Folly in aristocracy and the still a s had the now at the very height of his physical Powter w As often conspicuous in the revels. In the intervals of his serious labors Napoleon gave Way to a life of sensuality and the women wore prodigal of their charms. One of them was the w Ell know countess Avale ska. A Beautiful woman who while yet a child had been forced into Wedlock with an aged Nobleman. She was now made to feel that the future of her country depended upon her captivating Napoleon for he Lead singled her out As the most Beautiful of All the crowd which pressed around him on his entry. Indignant when the proposition was first made she finally listened to the flabby morality of her friends and gave an unwilling consent. It is thought that her child was the first bom to Napoleon and that this fact combined with his disgust for Josephine s incessant and inconsistent outpourings of jealous complaint As to his conduct had much to do with his attitude concerning the political advantages of the divorce. Such was the Young polish noblewoman a eventual Devotion to the father of her child that throughout his subsequent life in Europe she ran every risk to be near her idol and actually followed Horn to . A skate one of the most important among the numerous articles now produced of aluminium is made by a new York Man. It is a racing skate that is Tery Light and at the same time Strong enough to withstand the tremendous pressure put upon them when skating at Railroad Speed. The skate is composed of a steel runner eighteen inches Long one sixteenth Inch thick and almost As thin As the Blade of a knife. This Blade is supported by a Peculiar shaped aluminium runner support on top of which is a slight strip of mahogany making altogether a beaut Ini and artistic skate the any Winum reminding one of burnished Silver. One of the greatest problems skate manufacturers had to contend with was to produce a skate eighteen inches Long with a knife like runner to be Strong and rigid and at the Sun time Light in weight so As to make them practical for

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NewspaperArchive FAQs

Looking for more information? If you’re not ready to talk to a representative, here are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if institutional access to Newspaper Archive is for you and your institution.

Newspapers allow readers to step into the life and times of past decades and centuries from all over the world. Not only do they have interesting and unique articles and photos, but they also have advertisements, comics, classifieds, and more.
The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!