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Blackfoot Idaho Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 4

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Blackfoot Idaho Republican (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Blackfoot, Idaho1c june 23, 1920the Idaho Republican mum of of administrator Alfalfa Weevil experts Are Here undersigned the administrator of the estate of Frank Martin deceased will sell at Public Sale in one parcel to the highest bidder upon the terms and conditions hereinafter toned and subject to confirmation by the said probate court on or after monday the nineteenth Day of july 1920, All the right title interest and estate of the said Frank Martin deceased in and to the real prop erty hereinafter described and All the right title and interest that the said Frank Martin had before his decease by operation of Law or other Wise acquired in and to that certain lots pieces or parcels of land situated and lying and being in the county of Bingham state of Idaho and More particularly described As follows to wit All of the Northeast Quarter be of Section thirty four 34township 2, Range 37, East Boise Meridian Bingham county Idaho. Terms and conditions of Sale As follow As to wit said Sale shall be for Cash one half of the amount for said Purchase deposited at the time of Sale the balance upon Confirma Tion of Sale by the probate court and the delivery of the administrators deed to the purchaser Pur Chaser to assume the payment of Tak ing the property purchased by him subject to All the state and county taxes assessed for the year 1920. All persons desiring to bid upon this property must be at the court House in Blackfoot Idaho at 2 Oclock p. Monday july 19, 1920, at which time and place the said property will be offered for Sale. To the highest bidder subject to confirmation by the probate court. Dated this Twenty second Day of june 1920. The in of Troph missioners Are heavy taxpayers and in a measure Are spending their own Money. They came to our state to make their Homes and have tried to serve the people who placed them in this responsible position the same As they expert their employees to or. Milton Christen James just tells of bonded roads notice Sale of personal property h in the probate court of the county of Bingham 8tate of Idaho. In the matter of the estate of Frank Martin deceased. Notice is hereby Given that in pursuance of an order of the probate court of Bingham county state of Idaho made on the seventh Day of june 1920, in the matter of the estate of Frank Martin deceased the undersigned the administrator of the estate of Frank Martin deceased will sell at Public Sale upon and conditions hereinafter men to gives views of work of the county commissioners give spraying demonstrations thru out serve them son on whom most of the Burden Falls is a Young Man of limited experience and when entrusted with this work has worked Early and late with no other object in View than to make Good. The salary paid him was about half what any other Man with like ability would ask. The county ? v i the University of Idaho Exten Sion division is co operating with the farm bureaus in several counties in Idaho where Alfalfa Weevil has gotten a Start and is conducting Spray demonstrations for the control of the pest. Claud Wakeland Extension entomologist for the University is in Bingham county now conducting demonstrations. A very enthusiastic and interested crowd of nearly sixty men assembled at Springfield yesterday to witness the demonstration which was very successful. A demonstration was held today on the Asylum farm and another will be conducted thursday afternoon at 2 o clock. All who Are interested and this includes everyone for if you have Alfalfa you Are going to encounter loss from the Weevil sooner or later Are urged to be present at the demonstration. The Weevil confronts the Farmers of our Western states As the greatest menace to Alfalfa raising which is known it has gradually spread from the Small territory around Salt Lake City until now it is reducing the Hay crop in five of our West Ern states and it is but a question of time when it will ice a problem in every Alfalfa raising state. Nearly All the Hay raising sections of Idaho Are now infested. Some Farmers will have to undertake control Meas ures at once to protect their crops and others will need to prepare for the Day when the Weevil problem is theirs and no Man need deceive himself by thinking he has any immunity from Weevil damage. Control methods have been changed from year to year and numerous methods have been tried with vary ing degrees of Success. Without doubt spraying with Arsenical Poi sons offers the most practical economical and dependable method known at present. A Spray applied at the time the eggs Are hatching in greatest numbers and 3 correspond ing Large number of larvae is at tacking the foliage of the first crop will greatly reduce the damage to this crop and will protect the later crops for the same year. A sprayed Field May be left standing until nor Mal time of cutting or until in Blos som and growth of second crop will Start immediately upon removal of the first crop of Hay. Each Man can determine the effective Date of Spray by watching his crop. In Gen eral a Spray applied just when in jury to the foliage becomes easily noticeable and increases rapidly obtains the Best results. This Date May vary considerably in different years. The effective Date for applying Spray is now about right in Bing Ham county. While injury As yet is not very severe in any part of the county there Are a few Fields heavily enough infested to warrant demonstration work. More can be Learned in attending a demonstration in person for a few minutes than by Reading pages of description. Take an hour or so off and be present at the Asylum farm thursday it will More than repay you. The Spray used by the Extension division is a regular Orchard Spray machine equipped to Spray a strip of ground thirty feet wide and As fast As a team walks. It will cover two acres in about Twenty five min utes. For rapidly transporting the outfit a truck is used and As soon As a demonstration is completed in one county the outfit is loaded and taken to the next county where work is planned. The Extension division is conduct ing an extensive series of demonstrations in seven counties of Idaho and is advocating the adoption by Farmers generally of spraying. Where Hay acreages Are Large a Farmer can More than pay for a Good Spray machine by the saving of one year s crop. Where acreages Are Small it is advisable for seven or eight Farmers in a Community to Purchase and use a Spray machine co operatively. James just of Presto one of the the native sons of that neck of the county writes an interesting letter dealing with Road problems. It goes straight to the Point like a rates Tail and we thought you would like to read it so Here it is the or. Stone the superintendent came Here a stranger made Many friends and has been employed by Bonneville county to build their roads and that alone should be Evi Dence enough to place the Peoples o. K. On his work in Bingham county. Our ranches have been moved nearer to the markets by this Road work our farms have been made More valuable by the Good roads go ing by or near them and the Large corporations who pay the greater part of this Bond Road Money have no voice in voting the Bonds and do not complain but they say let the Good work go on. Now fellow taxpayers let us place our approval on the Road work of these men who have been at the wheel of Progress undesirable position to say the least. Quit Knock ing and slip a Good word in once in a while and get together again in the near future vote More Bonds or get the Money any old Way and build More roads. If these men have made mistakes rectify them. We have their work to take pattern from they had to build the Model and we gladly pay the Bill. Very truly James just. Terms mentioned subject to the Confirma Tion by said probate court on Mon Day the nineteenth Day of july 1920 All of the following described per Sonal property or any other per Sonal property that might come into the hands of said administrator be longing to the estate of Frank mar tin deceased to wit one Black Mare seven years old Black horse seven years old one i ? Ai Hope you will give this letter space in your paper so the taxpayers May know How one of their num Ber feels As to the bonded roads. The Money is about spent. Let us see what the result is and what we have for it. We have Many thousand dollars of machinery that is Worth All it Cost less its we Rover one Hundred Miles of Road graded above the water line of the irrigator and several Miles covered with gravel. I have been Over every mile of these roads and to every gravel loading station at different times have handled dirt and gravel All of my life and think 1 know something about what it should Cost and am glad i can say that no Money has been wasted in the handling of the dirt and gravel and in Many cases has been handled for less Money than i would care to handle it for. It is quite True that some mis takes have been made. These mis takes Are a common thing with us All and if mistakes had never been expected there would not have been any need of putting the rubber on the end of the Lead Pencil. I firmly believe the men who have been responsible for spending the Bond Money have tried to be As careful As if it was their own. The county com i one Brown horse eight years old sorrel horse eight years old All of an weight of around 1000 Onei. Average pounds one Bay Colt past one year old one cow and one yearling calf and any other personal property that might belong to the estate of Frank Martin deceased. The above is a reproduction of the Thomas h. Ince trophy to be awarded for efficiency in fire Protection. The Blackfoot fire department under the direction of fire chief Simon has entered a contest with other cities of the West for Possession of this trophy. Terms and conditions of Sale As follows to wit Cash at time of Sale. Place and time of Sale 3 Oclock p. M., monday july 19, 1920, at feet Yard in the City of Blackfoot Bing Ham county Idaho at which time and place the Stock above enumerated and any other personal prop Perty belonging to said estate will be sold for Cash to the highest bidder. Thomas s. Lavalla administrator. ,1trip to Orient pleases Many chollas s. Lavatta night of the Chautauqua is interesting Omalley and Ricks attorneys for adv. 81-84-87 administrator. Adv 81-84-87o Malley and Ricks attorneys for administrator.,1. H. Early makes suggestion the Idaho Republican Blackfoot Idaho. Gentlemen acknowledging your Public ser vice questionnaire. In my estimation a weak and extravagant spot in our county government is the biennial the first number on the Chai Tau qua program this week Given tues Day evening at the big tent was a lecture by Julius Caesar Nayphe a native of Athens Greece and reared in Palestine. He illustrated his Sto Ries of the far East with wondrous hand decorated tapestries and Gar ments with the assistance of six Blackfoot beauties who wore the elegant costumes of the holy land and acted out the ceremonies of receiving a guest and celebrating a betrothal in that land. The Young ladies were the misses Hazel Roberts. Laura Faulconer Fredericka Barrette Suzanne Reece Norma Parkinson and Merle Ridd. In their difficult Impromptu drama they did remarkably Well. Not a person in or. Nay hers audience but went away with a better understanding of the Book that contains the ruling doctrines of Chris Tian Faith. The vague statement of Jesus vague to nine tenths of humanity in my father s House Are Many mansions now stands Clear in the minds of All who heard the description of a Home in Palestine we wonder How Many millions of preach ers and Good folks generally have gone thru life picturing that House off Many mansions As a spiritual sky scraper constructed of Clouds and wings to their own particular Farcy when in fact it was Only an idea illustrated by the Ordinary Home of Jesus Good neighbors. The coat of Many colors that Jos Eph wore turned out tuesday even ing to the suprise of most every body Tho ave been a shirt. It seems that in King James time there War some reluctance to Call a Spade a Spade. The famous translators apparently thought Best to Call a shirt a coat to avoid any unsavoury or immodest allusions to undergarments. Or. Nayphe wore a shirt of Many colors to demonstrate and explained that it was presented to the guests of the House As soon As they arrived As a sign that they were Welcome and mighty command the hospitable services of All in the family. Or. Nayphe was Grace itself he was witty and entertaining. Not a moment was allowed to drag. In spite of a bad cold he became so interested in his performance that he made it longer than usual and perhaps the generous reception he had from his audience moved him to give fullest measure. It is always instructive to hear an intellectual foreigner Tell of his impressions of America. Or. Nayphe showed that he was a keen student of people. Americans need such interpreters. His wonderful tapestries attracted the admiration of All the women and most of the men in the tent and dozens made a close examination of them after the performance and marvelled at such work being done from 3 to 5 cents a Day by Little armenian girls. President James Duckworth opened the evenings program with a spirited Appeal to the citizens of Blackfoot to support the Chautauqua. The coat was a shirt ? w a for All these hundreds of years the civilized world has been Reading about Josephus coat of Many in. Ii 1 and now comes or. Nayphe of the Chautauqua a True ? grecian and informs us that the coat was a shirt and that we. Have All been fooled by the wily translators of King James court who thought that mention of shirt immodest in the Book of Faith. Of course in v rim it 4 i Tiv i walking James time the Bath tub was you might say few and far Between but x the delicate lace like Beauty of our Platinum and Gold Lavalliere captivate and Delight the most exacting critics Eye. It is our purpose to have our grocery and meat service fit the convenience of patrons like a comfortable shirt with steady prices and consistent supplies. Our patrons Are our guests combining selected jewels of highest Quality with the most exquisite crafts Manship in Platinum and Gold they truly represent gifts that will be cherished forever by the Happy recipients. Inspection invited. T 1 Blackfoot jewelry company the Broadway Market t Ines onion s new perfection big reduction shoe Sale continues w Cook stoves and oven. 1 f n ? a this Sale has been going on with such sat in faction to our patrons ? ?1 that since we wish to reduce our Stock of shoes we shall continue to offer the same discounts delicious cooking 10%klead pipe cinch on All line doughnuts a Juicy roast Cereal cooking All at the same time Range of flame on a new perfection gives the right heat for every kind of cooking. A Low flame. A is the lowest most economical flame on any Oil stove a simmering flame. A medium flame most frequently used this is not the hottest flame. A the High Blue flame with clean White Points is being used under the oven. Notice the close up View of this flame in the Large Blue Chimney. It is the hottest fastest cooking flame. The Long Blue Chimney Burner drives clean intense heat directly against the utensil makes cooking a pleasure. the Story of an honest to goodness Lead pipe cinch. Frank Savage is in the hos Pital with a cracked head after his fight with h. Dugan. Savage used a sugar bowl. Dugan had a Lead pipe. 20%wide Queen Quality shoes Nice line White Canvas strap pumps on 411 entire change of the personnel of county commissioners. Remedy amendment of the Constitution of Idaho wherein commissioners will be first elected to serve two four and six years respectively. In View of the difficulty of amendment electors should return to office one or two of the commissioners at each ejection. To intelligently spend $250,000 a year to conduct the Ordinary affairs of our county requires a Good Busi Ness head and experience in the cer Tain line of business. I therefore recommend care in nomination and retention of competent men on the Board just so Long As they will give proper attention to the work in hand. Very truly j. H. Early. A is All Blue. Although44 just received Selling for $2.25 and $2.50 come in and get acquainted with our shoe department our styles and prices Are right notice of administrators Sale of real estate at Public Sale. In the probate court of the county of Bingham state of the matter of the estate of Frank Martin deceased. Notice is hereby Given that in pursuance of an order of the pro bae court of Bingham county state of Idaho made on the seventh Day of june 1920, in the matter of the estate of Frank Martin deceased the a Kinney mercantile co. Neil f. Boyle hardware co. Blackfoot we appreciate your business / a n.8 a a kit l .f0m

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