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Blackfoot Idaho Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 3

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Blackfoot Idaho Republican (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Blackfoot, IdahoThre the Idaho Republican june 23, 1920 i 1% i Hull of the Durante a sen might Firne in the night anti sweep him away. \1 he discovered a Little plateau on the top of one of the Douvres Pinnacles. I he ascended the Pinnacle by Means of a knotted Cord every time he made his Way up or Down he risked his life hut there his bed must be for time i was everything. And for weeks he lived on the Douvres rocks at his work work that demanded the knowledge ii of a Sailor a Carpenter an Engineer a Blacksmith. Incredible toil to repair Pulley blocks and construct hoisting tackle to reshape broken joists and make old sails into twine to Cut. Iron bars into files and Long spikes to take apart frit land Stow the paddle wheels to re Sharpen hatchets and renew saw Teeth these were but the beginning of his preparations and More than toil. Part of the food which he bad brought with him was washed into the sea and he dared not leave the wreck unguarded to sail to Guernsey for a fresh Supply so he gathered the tiny shellfish from the rocks and hunted the crabs which ran in and out of crevices. One Day he pursued a crab into a Cave. While peering about up to his Waist in water he Felt something rough cold Slimy Coll itself around his right Arm. Its pressure was like a tightening Cord its steady persistence like that of a screw. A second cold Coll wound itself around his body a third a fourth a fifth lashed them selves around him. He could scarcely breathe. Suddenly a round Slimy mass darted toward him. It was the head of the Devil fish. Gilliatt had his knife his left Arm was still free. The monster stretched out a sixth tentacle for the free Arm which would mean Gilli Attis sure death but with one Superb circular stroke Gilliatt whipped off the Slimy head. The tentacles relaxed fell the decorating committee4 4 i 44444444444 4 4 4 with the Carl Blackburn family Sun-1 Day.4 i condensed classics 44 Springfield Arthur Klee of Ludianna and James Harrington of Idaho Brails have accepted a Job on the a. L. Shelman ranch. The swimming season has opened at Springfield. Seven bathers and a number of spectators enjoyed them selves saturday f boys have ventured in before but the water is getting warm enough to be really enjoyed now. B. M. Parmelee Louis Severn and or. Slater made a business trip to Blackfoot saturday. Or. And mrs. Don Shelman and Little daughter Doris were guests at the h. V. Chandler Home sunday. Charles Wells and Arthur a Ege motored to Blackfoot sunday. Wednesday evening june 16 miss Funtella Bradford entertained about thirty of her friends at a dancing party. Completed a Large modern Home. The up stairs was left in one Large room and makes a very Nice dance Hall for a Home. Mr., fritter the Montana cattle Man was Here Friday to ship some cattle. Jim Shelman motored to Blackfoot saturday evening. T -4? i m a. W. Mcmillan and wife and Little Eon of Del a Iowa have been visiting at the Claude Beasley Home the past week. Or. Mcmillan is or. Beasley is Uncle. He is travelling the West looking for a location. They went from Here to Oregon and expect to go from there to California and Back to Iowa by the Southern route. . Bert Harris and or. And mrs. Shoemaker and three children All of Blackfoot were visitors at the. H. X. Chandler Home sunday. J. W. Criddle and wife and two children were the dinner guests at the Russell Wallace Home sunday. Or. Myres of California has ship Ped two car loads of beets to Spring Field and will place them on the old Egling Poison place. It now belongs to g. A. Line. Claude Wakeland who is in charge of the investigation of the Alfalfa Weevil held a demonstration at the l. Shelman ranch monday. Or. And mrs. W. W. Stephens and daughter Vera and Raymond Steph ens and wife of Blackfoot visited 4x? the toilers of the sea new a a Raj i by Victor Hugo a Arrix \ condensation by jams b. Connolly s3 it in doubtful whither tiny other books of modern oilmen have Iron Neh widespread and 1 in in e d late popularity an Vic Tor Hugo i treat Romance. Amer Ica and England thrilled to Deckena hot it until later that he captured Continental Aud Lincea. M Hugo i Lea mis Erable was pub 11 a h e d Ulm Ulta be Only in Parla London Brussels Milan Madrid Rotterdam help in and Hud peat. And Aeron the Teaa in the dark est moments of nor civil War soldiers pored Over the English translation by their campfires and debated about Jean Valjean and i the Good Bishop Myrvel. Four years later appeared toilet of the sea that amazing epic of the deep and attain the world almost halted its daily work to read about a simple Sailor Anil his titanic Hazard amongst monsters of the sea. This tale Swinburne pronounced unsurpassed even among the works of its 1 author for splendor of imagination and j of style for pothos and Sublimity of truth. I Hugo was an exile from his native land when these novels were published. When Napoleon Iii. Mounted the throne the novelist a fiery Republican found it Wise to turn Hla Back upon Pari. He used to Brussel disguised a labourer and then settled in the Channel islands. There he lived for nearly 20 years although each summer j be travelled on the continent. He did not re enter France until the downfall at Napoleon following the disaster at Sedan. What France thought of him was evidenced at his funeral. More than 1,000,000 people lined the streets of Parla an the procession moved to the pantheon where he wan burled in that last renting place of the great men of France acting for the Idaho Republican handling the thousand peonies and other Floral and patriotic colors to make a Bower of Beauty at the Chautauqua this week for you. I aft to right miss Vada Thompson mrs. Christopher Barnstable miss Herma Albertson. V the Bradford have just 2 my 7/ not wife accused4000 dogs Teel paso Richmond John h. Stout Blacksmith slept he received three shots in the leg. His wife is charged with felonious assault. Elpaso Tex. Approximately 4000 souls constitutes Al Pasos population. The dog License drive is on with a Rush. A i v i Beachy is having a big shoe Sale i away lie was dead. Gilliatt had still to got his crab. In looked into the deeper recesses of the Cave and found the Skeleton of n Man. Around the ribs was a leather Belt. On the Belt was a name club in. Attached to the Belt was a Flat tightly sealed Little Iron Box. Within the Box were three sheets of paper bunk of England notes of 1,000 each in All 75,000 francs. But the engines were what he had come for. He toiled on and one eve Ning he sailed into St. Sampson and tied his Sloop weighted Down with the Dunn Deus engines to Rethier Ryus wharf. He hummed a plaintive air which he had once heard Peruchet teat is ? 1 ? 0� o o Sib i it 0 $58o Vij v v -4% 0 1cp i play on Lier piano. It was five years since Gilliatt had first seen Peruchette. In All that time he had never spoken to her. He knew her is Meu know the morning Star at a distance. Onoe seeing her with her Uncle he had dared to pass quite near. Gilliatt was a Young Man of doubt i he fancied that she smiled. I he walked noiselessly now toward Rethier Ryus House. He saw above him the windows of Deruch Hettes room. In the Garden he saw Peruchette herself. A Nightingale was singing. The night was inexpressibly silent. There was someone with Peruchette. It was a Man the Young Episcopalian curate whose life Gilliatt recalled he Tiad once saved from the High tide of the gild Holni our Rock. The curate had offered him a Sovereign which Gil Lintt had refused saying it was no matter. The curate had then pressed upon him n Bible. The curate had the Beauty of a Pale head and face of a pictured Angel. He spoke a language which eth ced the rhythm of the sacred psalms. He spoke now. Peruchette spoke. Their speech was of love. They embraced. Gilliatt stole off in the night. Irn one Christmas morning Deru Rehette 11 charming Young girl wrote the name of a Man Gilliatt in the Snow. Gilliatt seeing the name and knowing who wrote it Nev is the first one in a Long time and she is going to be a Hummer everything included nothing reserved or forgot. Ful birth and unpopular disposition who lived by himself in an old wreck of a House in St. Sampson in the Isle of Guernsey. Lie was a Fisherman also a Carpenter a Wheelwright a sort of Engineer when need be. Lie was also a dreamer of dreams. 1 &. Is Peruchette lived with her Uncle mess Dethierry a Man at once Good matured intolerant superstitious and progressive in Bis wandering Days Dethierry had befriended ran nine an adventurer who repaid this kindness by running off with 50,000 francs of Rethier Ryus the savings of forty years and intended for Deruch Etu s dowry. However Dethierry bad still his Steamboat tie Durn Nde. She at least would not fall him. Other steamboats failed but not his Durante this be cause of her wonderful engines. The master of the Durante was Simeur Clu Hin who had built up a reputation for High respectability. He was a capable prudent Seaman and a wonderful swim Mer. Also he was a Man who knew How to bide his time. I 1 reasons stocks too heavy and we need the Money. You know about what the prices will be but Well bet that you dont guess Low enough. Shoes Are not going to be much cheaper this coming fall As there is very Little reduction in wholesale prices 5. Dethierry was transported at the re covery of ids wonderful engines will build a Hull around them he said. I shall have to borrow but my credit Only for that villain of a see Here is a note from ran he gave club in for me he 75,000 francs equal to what he t Sale starts Friday the 25thi is if is Good. Club in mine. J in one of his trips to the main land j club in encountered the thief ran nine 1 As he was about to leave the country with a Fortune of 75,000 francs. At the Point of a revolver club in took from ran nine the 75,000 francs and i at once although it was foggy set sail in the Durn Nde for St. Sampson. The Durn Nde was wrecked on some rocks in the Channel. Club in disembarked his passengers and Crew in the Long boat. For himself he would go Down with his ship. The passengers and Crew arriving safely in St. Samp son were loud in their Praise of the heroic Captain. All Rethier Ryus Hopes foe Peruchette had lain in the Durante. He Besought men to go out to the wreck to see if there was Hope for her or if club in remained alive. They went Gilliatt first of All and returned to report that no club in was there and that the Durante was hopelessly wrecked. Only her engines remained intact. I Friday instead of saturday so that we will be better Able to take care of the first Days crowd says stole from me with interest. 1 said Gilliatt Are the 75,000 he handed Dethierry the lit we Are starting this Sale on Here a francs. Tie Iron Box with the three 1,000-franc notes. Dethierry embraced him. You More than Man he exclaimed. You shall marry Peruchette at once i shall not marry Peruchette. Dethierry insisted. He stormed. Gilliatt was like Iron. Dethierry grew redder. Gilliatt paler. Gilliatt had his Way. Peruchette and the curate were married. They set sail for eng land on the packet Cashmere. Gilliatt crossed at Low tide on the stones which led to gild Kolm our Rock to see the Cashmere pass. The tide was coming in but the Cashmere was coming out. She moved slowly in the Light Breeze. The tide crept up on gild Holm our hut Gilli Attis eyes were the tide crept we will be closed wednesday afternoon and All Day but be on deck Bright and Early Friday morning you will find Many of our shoes displayed and priced in our windows on the Day before the will be impossible to display More than just a few of the Many values you will find t i Sale opens but Itsy everything Cash no approvals no refunds m for the Cashmere higher to Iliin ttys Knees but in a spot of sunlight on the Cashmere were Peruchette and the curate. Her head was on his shoulder his Arm around her Waist. There was a silence like the Calm of heaven on the sea. The packet passed on. She was beyond the Waters of the Harbor. The tide was then at Gilli Attis shoulders hut the a Aefret was still within sight. She became a spot in the Haze. The spot dwindled disappeared. As she vanished the head of Gilliatt was in the word Rouse her engines Dethierry from his despair. Her engines his engines which he had de signed himself they were the real value of the ship if he could but re cover the engines but How wha Man could devise the Means to save them the superhuman being who could do that Why he should marry Peruchette. A Annn pushed his Way through the crowd surrounding mess Dethierry and you would marry him to it was /y1 a f,6 he b h Beachy shoe company its v i is his Niece. Peruchette said the , a fit i. Gulped. Nothing was visible but the sea. Copyright 1919, by the Post publishing co. The Boston Post. Gilliatt. Mess Dethierry raised a solemn hand. I pledge myself to it in gods Kinmel next Day Gilliatt set sail. With extraordinary skill he mane Vered to the one spot near the wreck where it might be possible to Moor his Sloop. This Nook was 400 Yards from the wreck too far for the sleeping place of a Man who had rot a minute to waste. Yet he could pest bunk on the 6,/l a a j a a r just so. the Senate still maintains in uric boxes although nobody Ever uses snuff nowadays. When the women break in they can fill Mem with chocolate drops Louisville courier journal Jami 11 e r wife. 1 Jim i i put Jhk 1k

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