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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - September 20, 1890, Blackfoot, IdahoTulio Idaho aka is no Jorz a a i la i it ii Lite. Klack fool Idaho i i a g wifi have come to a pretty pass when judge High and Low shut their eyes to the real Issue of a Case and upon some trivial by Point give Justice a slap in the face. That walk through the wheat inventor its who have business tact and ability May make some Money but they Are never regarded As Public benefactors or As deserving the honors due to professional patriots. What strange survivals of old forms of speech we constantly meet with. It is said for instance that there Are Etoll some old settlers in Chicago who refer to the Chicago River As a the at the Pasteur Institute believes that As human rendered proof against vaccination so dogs can be rendered proof against hydrophobia by inoculation. Jilt Trieu in new York beings can be Tunn a pox by every Little while some one is kilted while sleeping on a railway track. Of course the remedy for this is for each legislature to pass a Law to the effect that people shall not use a railway track for sleeping purposes. Together we Waseil in the evening Tun. Above us the Enki spread Golden Glenr. And he Bent ids Lipeml Noil looked in my epee a is in held Ino fail most Deni till it him Sweet 111 the ave Niino Lime 0 and our pathway wont through the Field of what narrow that path Ami rough the any. But lie was near and the Bird Flung True. And the s tar Cane out in the Twilight Gray of it Witzl Sweet in thi evening time so try he spoke of the Onyn Long past softly of blessed Days to he close to i Iirma. And a loftier i pressed the Corn died path wan Eden to me. Of it was vat it in the evening Timet grayer the Twilight grew and greyer still. The rocks flitted Home through the purple Shade. The nightingales Sang where i he thorns stood High. As 1 walked with him in the Woodland Glade of it was Sweet in the evening time and the latest gleams of Daylight died my hand in his enfolded Lay we swept the Dew from the wheat As we passed for narrower narrower wound the Way. Of. It was Sweet in the evening time he looked in the depth of my Eye wild said sorrow and gladness will comp Lorue Sweet but to Gerber Well walk through the Fields of life close a we walked through the Fields of wheat a Good words. His class. When lie was finally graduated with High honors and announced his intention of entering the ministry we All said that he would in a few years become Otic of the most famous preachers in the country. I visited hint not loner ago. He is the pastor of a Parish in a Large factory town with a shabby gent Mil Congre a ration which worships in a shabby genteel looking Church. He is married and has six children tho quarrel and play in the mud and dust. He rare v smiles an i there is on his face a look of constant preoccupation. His clothes Don t tit him and Are decidedly shabby. He no longer Baa a future All his energies Bein consumed in the Petty and corking cares Ortho present. Indeed the Best part of the Nan is gone dead 1 might say and there remains a galvanized Nuto Nifton which wearily goes through the motions of his calling. Of youth youth How often do you deceive us with the Promise of a future that never comes do not read anything upon which Vou wish i pass a Lair judgment until Vou Are in a pleasant Frame of mind. No production however meritorious favourably impresses the Reader who is vexed irritated and uncomfortable. On More this one occasion chemists and physicians have shown that the present fashion of having bodies roughly embalmed shortly after death throws serious difficulties in the Way of chemical analyses in eases of suspected poisoning. In Wyoming the women Honvo voted so Long that nobody thinks anything about it. From All accounts women go to the polls just As simply and naturally As they go to the pos Tollice or the Railroad station. And from present observations they look very much Tike other women. The miserable thief who steals a pocket Book is a babe in influence Aud nod example compared with tile business Man who under the outward to re i Hij seeming of Honor and probity defraud difficult it jigs associates Oil of thousands it is not the Money it is the loss of Faith in business integrity that is involved for these lie at the foundation of All Busi Ness transactions. The Way to establish with the mexicans is to Send agents among them not Only to sell things hut to teach the purchasers How to use them. The a Lent must be not Only a Salesman but a teacher. And that is what he is not at the present time. He represents both a tool company and a hair Oil Syndicate and a a he can reap a Rich Harvest of commissions by vending hair ii he devotes his energies that Trade and drops the tool Trade. To it is the duty of every citizen Sura Mon Ltd before the grand jury at any time or in any Case to refuse to answer any question outside the grand jury room. Only grand jurors have a right to put questions. Any one no matter what his pretensions undertaking to bully bribe or intimidate by Disten Tention or threats of arrest any on into answering questions outside the grand jury room May he punished if the right Steps be taken before the criminal judge. A Peculiar kind of warfare. Making War on indians is unlike any other War making in which armies engage. Finding them not lighting them is the difficult problem to solve. If the Reader will consider that the theatre of operations in any Indian campaigns whether in Wyoming Dakota the Indian territory and Texas or arizonan is about As Large As the new England states with new York added Tomt each of these possible theatres of War is an uninhabited wilderness that they Are without roads and often impenetrable for hundreds of Miles because of arid deserts or impassable Mountain ranges Tomt while All parts of each territory Are to the Indian As familiar As the paths of the Home Orchard Are to the Farmer and his children it is and of necessity must he an unknown land to the Best info Ned White Man that in these trackless wilds the Indian had no fixed habitation that upon being discovered by his enemy the direction of the Trail lie takes is a matter of indifference to him that where night finds him is his Home and that his subsistence and Stith him if All these and collateral matters depending on them Are considered an idea can be formed of How is to make successful War on the Indian. In War the Indian though partially civilized reverts to his worst phase of savagery. Much has been written As to the false sentimentality which crops up in the discussion of the Indian question by humanitarians and lovers of fair play which it is not intended Here to repent. Hut it May properly be observed that it is worse than nonsense to urge Tomt the Indian regards the White intruders As the de seen dents of those who two centuries and More ago came to this country and by might deprived the indians of the lands and Hunting Fields and is thro Tigh Liis children pursuing the a red mail toward the setting san 1 the Indiana a knowledge of his a tory scarcely extends hey on d i one generation. His White enemy is served in War As is any other enemy and for the same reasons. He has no inherited animosities dating from the time of the Pilgrim fathers. Nor curious will making. A new y Ork court has established the Validity of a will of a citizen of j kindly invitation that state who a left ids entire pro. Perty about $90,000, to the United states government. The new York Law prohibits bequests of More than a certain proposition of a Many ses. Tate to the religious or charitable institutions when he has near relatives living. In other words a Man can. Not buy Pence for his conscience by adding another wrong to those he has before committed. The first duty of property is to provide for those naturally and legally dependent on the Man who owns it. The Law will not even allow a Man White living to impoverish himself so As to leave his family in want. I this is Otten in practice it is because exist a Quot Laws Are not enforced. W hat to cannot legally do while living the Law will not help Quot him to do when dead. But giving to the government where a Man has no near relatives and those More Distant i hat lie 1ms, is another matter. The court probably held in this Case Tomt the Man was right in thinking to As nearly related to the entire american people and bad As much obligation to them As he bad to the few Distant relatives who alter death would claim what they had while living done nothing to prove they could properly Limaye any interest a people who do nothing for their a night of storm ust lock up your rooms Marjorie and go Down with a for a Lew weeks a said miss Alise Walton coaxing by. Quot you know Yon can to do any work Worth mentioning during the heated Terra and Quot she was going to say a you will Only he consuming your hard earned Money if you remain Here a but after the briefest hesitation tactfully added instead a by a of know we shall be Only too delighted to have your a thank you Alixe a said Marjorie with a grateful glance at her Friend from under her Brown lashes. But her Pale proud lips trembled almost imperceptibly and for awhile longer he hesitated about accepting the in. Distant relatives while living ought to he restrained by Sha me from profiting by their deaths. Where there Are near relatives the Laws of most states make More just disposition of property than its owners themselves would probably make. The Law recognizes a supposed natural affection which events often show does not really exist. The tendency of every race track is toward degeneracy. An honest jockey is rare Bird Buta strict management holding the whip aggressively can compel honest races. One corrupting influence is the close connection Between the betting shed and the stables. The average Book on an interesting event is 13,000. Multiplied by forty the wagers Are something like $120,000. Half of it is the Money of amateurs and stragglers who accept the bookmakers dictum As to the favorite Aud Back him. N Ati lift electricity observers. Produces but one kind of known to scientists or the Only difference in the currents being Gruter or less proportions in the Quantity of the current or in the electro motive Force voltage or tension of the current there is no difference Between the electricity produced by chemical action in the cells of a Battery and that produced by magnetism in the armature of u Dynamo or that produced by a Flash of lightning. Popular theory has pictured several kinds of electricity when in fact there is but one. File courts in England Are Stern nod unsentimental. One of the fashionable guests at Stanley s wedding who stole several valuable Silver spoons from the room in which the wedding presents were exhibited was arrested and sentenced to two weeks imprisonment. She was a widow with great wealth and a prominent Light in the highest circles of London society. In the United states her theft would have been called by the fashionable name of kleptomania and she would have been headed from the court room to her Carriage with a Humble apology t does lie feel grub i i Ude for kind usage shown to his ancestors or to himself. The annuities paid him Are looked upon As tributes exacted by fear or homeless worthy principle and kindness shown him Are those by whom they Are shown Are weak and afraid of him. Fortunately for the Whites the indians in their warlord Are not in the habit of attacking our so called forts on the Frontier else the horrors of past wars would equal in any year the Fen Raul pictures of the Indian Mutiny against the English. Our iro it Ier for shave often been at the mercy of the indians but the capture in any instance could not have been made without great loss of life and it is characteristic of the race they Are slow to attack when certain death Awa Tsuny great numbers. They Are Brave where superstitious beliefs make chances of Sale to greatly in their favor but will not take the risks that satisfy the civilized Gen. Wesley Merritt u. S. A. A before and after. From the nov Yor k Tribone. Perhaps tute of the Saddest and most pathetic eights is to see the Bright joyous fun Loving Brilliant Dandy of 24 or thereabouts transformed into the spiritless taciturn and shabby family Man of Middle life. We ail know of such transformations As mysterious As they Are unexplainable. In a open demos Thackery has painted for us with a master hand some of these evolutions downward in the clerical profession when the Brilliant oxonian or whom everybody predicted a Mitre somehow or other missed t he running and conies out seedy hopeless Recluse in n country parsonage whose Oery appearance suggests a life of tragedy. 1 know a number of such cases. There was Goodfellow of Harvard. In All his class and Brilliant Fellows they were too there were none so Brilliant As he. His conversation sparkled with jest and epigram and his Good natured Buh Omie won him a Host of friends. He was a Good ruses and set the fashion for a resourceful wife. A Good Story comes from one of the Mil districts of an sex swell who married a Young woman with a rep. Tuntion much o the Chagrin Otili family a who Cut Liiv off a so to speak Lor such a fatal mistake. Recently tie paternal hearts began to relent and a proposition was made through an accommodating Friend that the Young sex swell should divorce Ali Quot objectionable daughter in Law and receive in return not Only the parental Blessing but a goodly part of the parental exchequer. When the matter was Laid before Modgie she advised her spouse to accept the generous Reward offered for the a inconstancy of Man a suggesting that it would be advisable to Replete the empty coffers a a what a a divorce More or less lets have one by All Means Divide the spoils and get married Over now could n Man an sex swell have a More accommodating wife. A Why a she said to a listening confidante who of course circulated the matter us nil Well regulated confidantes do a Why 1 am ready to do anything for the dear and she added ingeniously a Only inst Winter when lie was strapped for funds i went to san Francisco and worked in a san Francisco Gail. The june Bug rampant the Bug is a very useful insect but Liow objectionable it can make itself on occasions was shown by an inc Dent which occurred one night on the Central Ruil rond of new Jersey. The milk train was carrying two passenger coaches behind the milk cars and As the night was warm the half dozen passengers aboard had the windows All raised. The train had been standing on a Side trek n few minutes when a swarm of Large june lugs attracted by 1he car lights flew in through the windows. In five minutes the seats were nearly covered with bugs and they began to Craw around the legs of the passengers and to prove otherwise unpleasantly officious. In five minutes the insects had Possession of the two cars and the passengers turned out. The problem which now presented itself was How to get the pests out of the cars before the train started. A fire Ivas suggested and while the passengers gathered Brushwood and kindled a roaring Blaze one of the Bra Kemen went into the ears and put the lights out. The r use was successful the bugs deserted the cars and the passengers went Back shutdown the w windows and sat in darkness until the train new York comm Erciso advertiser. She was just a poor music Tencher and the Prospect of staying in town while nearly All her pupils were out of it during the sultry Days of Midsummer and using up the Small sum she had while earning nothing with which to replace it was not a pleasant one while on the other hand the alternative offered her of spending her enforced vacation in a Cool airy cottage by the Seaside was indeed very very tempting to the tired hard worked girl. But she was sensitively proud and shrunk from the thought of receiving the Manv benefits which some of her wealthy acquaintances and particularly miss Alixe Walton were so willing to bestow upon her. A come what do you say Marjorie a persisted Alixe after allowing a Lew minutes for consideration. A but of course it will be a yes a since that is the Only sensible decision which you could possibly make. Very Well then a giving Marjorie no Chance to contradict Here a we Are going Down next week and Early in the following week we shall expect you to join us without and so with n kiss and one of her most coaxing smiles the pretty imperious daughter of wealth and Laski ion won the coveted answer from Merj brie a self reluctant lips almost before the latter was aware of it. A the proud Little Bohemian a laughed a Fiss Alixe softly under her breath us she ran lightly Down to the Carriage waiting for her at the curb. A she would almost rather swelter Here in town and perhaps half starve in the bargain Almu to accept anything that looks like patronage. A but. Thank goodness she cannot doubt the reality of my Friendship. And she might have All those comforts and luxuries of her very own if she Only would for in a certain that Parke Griswold a a a pausing abruptly with one Dainty foot on the Samoge step As a new idea seemed to strike Here a Why did no to i think of that before or Griswold will be a charming addition to our Smalt Circle Bat it will never do too Ive pretty miss Marjorie a hint of Tomt a it was one of the most charmingly picturesque spots imaginable on the Atlantic const. A Little Back from the Ocean stood the spacious Walton College its Long windows everywhere opening upon wide and pity verandas and thence to the Broad stretch of velvety Lawn with its Brilliant Flower Beds and sparkling fountains. In vivid contrast Between that and the sea Lay the White Shingle Bench White just below the smooth Shore changed to one of rough and rugged grandeur great Rocky Points and Cliffs jutting sharply out into the moaning Waters. Just now the whole picturesque scene was hooded with the soft Golden afterglow of Sunset and the Beauty of it bad drawn every body out upon the Lawn or the Beach below. A Little apart from the others the soft rippling Waves Curling almost to their Leet stood miss Walton and mar Orie Trevor the latter looking District singly Lovely in one of the simple White gowns that she usually wore and a Bright coloured Light wrap drawn gracefully about her shoulders. They were hitting Newny in merry girlish fashion when Alixe turning her head suddenly caught sight of a. Tall masculine figure striding toward them from the Lawn. A dear me a she exclaimed with a petulant Little air of vexation which seemed charmingly natural. A there comes or. Griswold. I shall love to postpone my Story until a More convenient time a ooh done to go Alixe a cried Anjorie almost pleadingly laying a detaining lined on her companion s Arm As she turned to hit away. Alive laughed. A i dear if 1 did no to know that the gentleman does no to take the least bit of interest in my society. And it is ones self de trop really can t do it even to please you and the next moment she was flitting up the Beach past or. Griswold who merely pausing to Exchange a laughing word or two with her hastened on to join Marjorie now standing silent and motionless her Back toward him Aud her Brown eyes hushed terrified accents fro lip. Then Evert Long else was lost of a and forgotten in the exciting that followed. A Noble ship had struck on the rocks and some of her hapless passengers went Down to a watery grave while others were saved by the almost superhuman Effort of Strong Brave men on Shore. And not the least among them in heroism was Park Griswold. White and awestruck Marjorie Trevor went Down and watched them at their Noble work. With a curious thrill at her heart she Bent Over one tall still form that la Ark Griswold had rescued from the Waves and Laid near by upon the Beach. One look and she turned and grasped her lovers Arm. A it is lies it is Basil Thorne a Sha whispered with blanched lip. A this is the Lover 1 told you of last Parke Griswold uttered not a word in answer but As he turned Back to his Orji of heroism the look on i Brave handsome face told Marjorie All the Story of his suffering. A she Knelt beside that motionless figure on the Sand scarcely breathing herself As she saw the signs of life returning to it. At lust rhe Blue eyes opened and a smile of ineffable happiness ining believe be i would though it was Luminer the hand some Marble White face. A Marjorie a he whispered trying to draw her Cheek Down to his own a we will never part she asked no questions then Only tried to bring him Back to tile and strength. But inter she Learned that tho Story of his marriage had been Only an unfounded Rumor. What her life might have been but for that night of storm and terror Marjorie shudders to contemplate. Although she says that because he saved her husband s life her affection for Park Griswold is almost Strong enough to make Basil jealous. But both Basil and Marjorie Thorne live in the brightest Hopes of seeing pretty darkened Alixe some Day console the Noble fellow for i disappointment. Aud when that occurs and just now the event seems very probable a the cup of their happiness will in deed be Story paper gazing wistfully out Over the sighing sea. For awhile he stood beside her talking Rotthe Sunset glories All about them then they strolled on Down the Sands toward the craggy Points below. A let me sit Here Marjorie a he i said and she started a Little at that 1 name which he used now for the first time. A i have something to Tell you i have waited so Long so patiently but you will listen to me now Marjorie a with tender pleading in his voice a i must Tell you what is in my she sunk Down mechanically upon the Large Fiat Rock which he had designated her lips pressed together her Sweet face very Pule and a. Pained half frightened look in the Large Brown eyes which were so persistently averted from the tender glances Lient upon her. In silence she listened to the avowal which she could Parry no longer. But when it was ended and he turned to her with flushed expectant face awaiting her answer she Shook off the spell and spoke to him in Low tones which though Sweet and pitying As music fell like ice on the passionate fever of his heart. �?o1 am sorry a she answered simply. A by a of know i have done All 1 could to avoid this or. Griswold. I understand All that it would mean to me your love accept it gladly if if i had a heart to give you in return. But i have not so i must beg you to forget me and to bestow your love upon some other some one who will cherish it As Yon a then Yon love another Marjorie a he asked huskily. A Tell me the truth. If j must lose you a he stopped for his voice failed him. Am he looked away from the Lovely face beside him wit a changed expression on his own that touched Marjorie to the heart. A there is very Little to Tell a she answered sadly. A the Story is Brief and simple enough but it killed my heart. 1 loved once or. Griswold with All the strength and passion of my soul. Like you he was Rich and handsome and 1 the aught yes even now i still believe that he was True and Noble and generous All Tomt a Man set cupid be. But trouble came Between us we parted in bitter anger and he went away. He vowed that to would put the Ocean Between us and never look upon my face again. I have heard since that he was married to a Beautiful English girl and a that is All. But you see now Why 1 have no love to give any one. My heart is dead a she repeated with infinite mourn lowness her great., soft Brown eyes turning again to the sea that was growing Gray and lonely in the deepening dusk. But Parke Griswold a handsome face had undergone another change before her Little Story was ended. It was Bright and flushed once More with hopefulness. A even after Alt that Marjorie i implore you to be my wife a he entreated his Strong voice full of a passion and tenderness that seemed irresistible. A the is gone out of your life forget him try to love me instead. Of i think you can learn to if you will Only try my Darling a he would not let her go hut continued to plead that his masterful love could suggest woman a ready wit. A there s a Peculiar motion Peculiar to woman alone a said Edgar a. Elliott the philosopher to a st. Louis. Republic reporter As lie pointed to a frightened female on the sidewalk. A that woman is frightened because she fears those prancing horses May jump upon the sidewalk and crush her beneath their Iron shod boo s. But what does she do under the circumstances does she with woman so ready wit climb that Fence or get behind that big Hogshead a a no sir As you see she is desperately engaged in pressing the Palm of her right hand Over her right ear and looking frightened. Iter object in standing so still and retaining that position of her right hand against her right ear is to escape from the crushing hoofs 01 that big team. But that s Only a specimen of this so called a woman a wit. A How to take soda until at last Marjorie found herself from the Boston goitett0 faltering hesitating almost on the verge of yielding to his prayer. A a my Lile is so hard and lonely a she reflected As she listened to his burning words a Why should t i give it into his keeping he loves me Well and truly and perhaps 1 might forget in time i might even learn to love him who can fell a a lot my have t Ime to think it Over or. Griswold Quot she said at last putting her hand to her forehead with a faint pathetic ittle smile. �?o1�?Don t know what to say to you just now. But to Morrow perhaps or at most before we return to am so together they walked Back almost in silence to the cottage. Alixe was watching for them at the window. A the has proposed to you i know he has a she exclaimed under her breath drawing Marjorie aside with her own dark eyes sparkling joyously. �?o1 knew he would when i saw you walking Down toward the Point. Of Marjorie what a foolish girl you will be if you done to accept him a a Job Alixe done to Pense Don task me whispered Marjorie the slight flush that had warmed her Cheeks suddenly dying out. And then she escaped to her own room to think out ii she could the problem of her future. The next night came Down dark and Stormy and terribly desolate beyond description the moaned and roared and dashed upon the rocks below with awful fury sending the White Spray in a blinding Shower Over All the Beach. The loneliness the desolation somehow made Marjorie realize what her own future must to if she put love from her forever. A it is like my life a she murmured shuddering by. A nah i had it est take love now while it May be mine a and she slipped still half hesitating Down the stairs with the thought of seeing Griswold and giving Liim her answer while the mood was on her. Just As she reached the dining room a deep sound came booming. The sound which is so thrillingly awful on such a night at this the minute gun at sea. It brought every one to his feet and every Nee there was White and horror stricken. A a ship in distress a a a vessel on the rocks a a god help Thorn la were the exclamation-1 that passed in Good soda should be sipped quickly drinking off the effervescence which is Mere foam an interval of a minute or two should be allowed before the last half of the Glass is taken clerks should know this and give the customer time without warning by looks or actions that they Are expected to leave in the shortest possible order after bolting their soda and paying Lor it. A Glass of soda Isa refreshing stimulus better than food in a very hot noon but rapidly tossed off As most people take it is a recipe for cramps and indigestion. If it is poor soda tasting of Metal with the Sil ver worn off or standing in Silver too Long Flavoured with syrups made from oranges or Lemons whose Musty taste is Plain to All refined salutes the less one takes the better for life and health. A a Good and to the True born Westerner in whom the instinct of moving on to find a More desirable country never Dies not even the Pacific Ocean can be Barrier. A Man of this class who had lived successfully in a number of states and territories Between his native Ohio and his pre8ent Home in California one Day had a revival of his migratory longing. He must a pack his grip Quot and a go a but How can Vou get any farther West than California he was asked. A pshaw a he answered. A there s plenty of West left All Down through mexican California and South America. There a Peru now i d give a Deal to see the mines Down there. I Tell you sir a he cried warming with his subject a it must be real Good and Westy Down in Peru a a True Flag. Humo Roythe census. The census taking reminds me of an old Story that is forgotten by people now. On the printed Blanks were the words age of Fetter if living. Age o Mother % 11 living. One of the papers were returned with the startling information that the father was 120 years old and the Mother 112. The City fathers hastened Down to see this ancient pair and were much surprised to hear that they died Long ago. A then what do you mean by this a said the angry official pointing to Granges a Why that s straight enough. It says a age if living a Aud that would v been their Ages iding now. A Boston transcript

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