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Blackfoot Idaho News Newspaper Archives May 30 1891, Page 3

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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - May 30, 1891, Blackfoot, IdahoA August Flowers How does he Feol a he feels Blue a deep dark unfading dyed in the Wool eternal Blue and lie makes everybody feel the same Way a August Flower the How does he feel a he feels a headache generally Dull and constant but sometimes excruciating August Flower the remedy. How does he feel a he feels a violent hic coughing or jumping of the stomach after a meal raising bitter tasting matter or what he has eaten or drunk August Flower the remedy. How does he feel a he feels the gradual decay of vital Power he feels miserable melancholy hopeless and Longs for death and peace August Flower the remedy. How does he feel a he feels so full after eating a meal that he can hardly walk August Flower the remedy. @ go Gree i sole manufacturer Woodbury new Jersey u. A a. The soap that cleans. Most is Lenox. P unify your blood. But do not use the dangerous alkaline and mercurial preparations which destroy your nervous system and ruin the digestive Power of . The vegetable kingdom gives us the Best and Salust remedial agents. Or. Sherman devoted the greater part of his life to the discovery of this reliable and Safe remedy and ail its ingredients Are vegetable. He gave it the name of prickly Ash bitters a name every one can remember and to the present Day nothing has been discovered that is so beneficial for the blood for the liver Lor the kidneys and for the stomach. This remedy is now so Well and favourably known by All who have used it that arguments As to its merits Are useless and if others who require a corrective to the system would but give it a trial the health of this country would be vastly improved. Remember the name prickly Ash bitters. Ask your druggist for it. Prickly Ash bitters co., st. Touts. To. Consumption. 1 Bare a positive remedy for the above disease by it use thousands of cases of tho worst kind and of Long standing have Beon cured. Indeed so Strong is toy Faith b its Efficacy that i will Send two bottles free with a valuable treatise on this disease to any sufferer who will Send Roe their express and . Address. T. A. Slocum m. Cd is i Pearl st., n. Canary Birds la Tiem exposure or on account of moulting magic As funded. By mail 82. Securely sealed from of it remedy co., Omaha neb. I that hit re cd to a chirp either i. Exposure or on account of moulting can be Mode to warble tuneful melodies by Pulju ing Acala of Bird manna in their cages. It acts almost like a Charm in restoring them to song. It is an absolute necessity to the health Comfort and Hygiene of Cage Birds. It made after the a Pressberg recipe. Sold by druggist grocery and Bird dealer. Mailed to sir p. O in the u. S. Or Canada for 15 cts., he the Bikit icon co., 400 n. 3d st. Phu Adelphia. Fai Bird Book free. Ladies Only ale regulator sat. Or Iii to a Daj or Money re in s3. Seca Jervarion Cook manhood Fui imprudence causing premature decay a debility lost manhood it face Haring tried in Vail. Known remedy has discovered Asim Means of self cure which to will Semi a need free to his fellow sufferers. Address j. H. Reeves Esq. To 3290, n. To Citer. Land and Indian depredation claims. Up eclat attention Given to the above. Nathan Richford solicitor of claims. Washington d. C. Reference furnished in any state. Blank Ere. s , ice Lowll in b�1i i Ligio ii . A successfully prosecutes claims. Laxa principal examiner u,6 pension Bureau Yre la last War atty since restored _ a victim of youth if Ture decay nervous i every pension k is to 2 folks reduced Iba. Per month by harmless herbal i. No starving no inconvenience and effects. Strictly confidential. D be. For circulars and to Timo Niala. Address or 0. W. F. Snyder 23 state rarest. Chicago ill a a nines tents Covera for Loreoa Durons Tacki machinery sc., at a. J. Baker s. 104 Wert third Street. Kansas City to Send for it Rte catalogue. Algon and billiard men. For Saloon fixture. Billiard and Pool table. Billiard supplies and bar Glo Bend to the a Arden City Hilliard table cd. 41 a a 15 to. I amp la Street Omaha neb. S to travel. We pay a Var i lamp la s50 to 8100 a month and expend. M one 3c 11 lll1> ,.lladlsun,u in to Kniffi Lam or i iwo carefully inverted 4aft s in Burin Here bring annually from Twenty Jiuu s a Tacoma Levi Thumai to co., Tacoma. Wuh Garfield Tea free samples at All druggy cures constipation a and sick headache i ill or 319 w. 45th . A Suhk a let a a a fir cent profit on my Cometa a ugh i w Belt. Brushes curler a medicines Sarn Wales Ibex. W rite Bow. Or. Bridgman s77 by was. I. Y. Omaha neb., March 12.�?this Center of the United states according to the Popula ton decided by the last census. Is near Greensburg Indiana which shows a great increase in the West and is a matter that we should All be proud of. Not Only Are we gaining in null it ers but Lucre is also a general advancement of tho different interests. More particularly is this noticed in the mercantile line and now it is no longer notes aary to go Eart of the mrs out River for goods of any kind. Boots and shoes Are no doubt better represented than any other line and the old reliable firm of Kirk end amp la Jones it pc co., Omaha has done much to bring about this Good result. Kirk Udall Jones amp co. a full line of boots and shoes for men women and children. They make All grades and in any shape sizes or lasts wanted thereby enabling the dealer to give the consumer a perfect tit which by the Way. Is a very essential Point. Their a Gold medal school soem has become very popular and is giving Universal satisfaction. It is acknowledged the Best that can Posa i Bly be produced for the Money and is Well Worth a trial. The Consumers should Bear in mind that it will be to their advantage to at All times ask for goods manufactured by Kirkendall Jones it pc co handling a Complete Liue of leather goods this firm is also general agent for the famous Boston rubber shoe co. And carry a full line of their goo is at All times which Are sold at the very Best discounts. The warehouse at 1102, 1104 and 11�o0 Harney Street is a credit to the West and dealers should make it a Point to Call on them and see to what an extent the Boot and shoe in bless is carried on in the West. A difference in Hoya. There is a vast difference Between the ways and ideas of amusement of the Small boy Uptown and the Small boy downtown who makes his living by Selling papers shining Muddy boots or Bertig messenger. For instance the downtown newsboy scorns to throw snowballs As a a Ual thing. He will shake Dice a match coppers or smoke cigarettes and discuss some some melodrama playing in his favorite bowery theatre but he absolutely declines to throw snowballs. On the other hand his More innocent brother seven or eight Miles higher up on the Island still clings to the Good old fashioned sport of a a pasting everything and everybody Wilh a snowball that s All association of York Tribune. The Western settler a Concu specific Wotli every Advance of emigration into the fur West a new demand is created for Hostetler so stomach bitter3. Newly peopled regions arc frequently less salubrious than older settled localities on account of the Miasma which arises from recently cleared land particularly along the Banks or Rivers that arc subject to freshest tho Agrie us total or mining Emigrant soon learns when he does not already know that the bitters afford the Only sure Protection against malaria and those disorders of the stomach liver anti bowels to which climatic changes exposure and unaccustomed or unhealthy water or diet subject him. Consequently he places an estimate upon this great household sped he and preventive commensurate with its intrinsic merits and is careful to keep on hand a restorative and promoter or health so implicitly to be relied upon to timer used before the new York Senate committee investigating the sugar Trust g. S. Ellis an accountants testified that the Trust had made a profit of Over $11,900,000. The stockholders had been paid 10 per cent of this. The remainder is still in the hands of tho constituent companies. Dean my can to be cured. By local applications As they cannot reach the diseased j onion of the car. There is Only one Way to cure deafness and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by a gained condition of the mucous lining of Ujco eustachian tube. When this lube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing and when it is entirely closed. Deafness is the result and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its Normal Leonii Tion hearing will be destroyed forever nine cases out of ten arc caused by Catarrh which is nothing but a inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give one Hundred dollars for any cafe of deadness caused by Catarrh that we cannot cure 1 y faking Hall s Catarrh cure if end for circulars free. T. ,1. Cheney a co. Drops Toledo. O. Told by druggists to cents. The debt of nature is one that a Man always pars As he goes. W Hen baby was sick we gave her Castoria when she a a child she cried for Castoria when she became miss she Clung to Castoria when she had children she gave them Cas Torio. The seductive Mescal. Thai inhabitants of Mexico drink a pint of it a Day the Humble but Inspirit ing in Seal is derived from such imposing scientific terms As the Agunde americano Maguey arid american Aloe. In his report to agricultural Secretary Husk special agent Boston of this City says tiie Plant is a species of the numerous family of cacti indigenous to Arizona Southern California. Texas new and old Mexico. The aztecs when found by the spaniards used the Plant for Cordage matting brooms brushes shoes bedding and various Domestic purposes they roasted the pulp for food and fermented the juice into the latter has been improved by modern civilization into that Strong but not repulsive drink called Mescal the Maguey Plant matures in seven years becoming cabbage Heads in shape with prickly guards. It weighs from Twenty five to fifty pounds. The various layers is roasted by the natives Are nutritious and purgative. The Pul que is fermented in a Rawhide vat. The City of Mexico drinks 250,000 pints of Pul que daily or a pint per capita which ratio prevails generally throughout Mexico Pul que being the National beverage like wine in France Beer in Germany or4�?~budge�?� in Yankee Dom. Mescal Howers make excellent Honey. T Eer and Antelope seek them eagerly. The stalk of the Plant grows twelve to Twenty feet High and issued in mexican Domestic architecture. Mescal distilleries Are very simple and More secret than any Moonshiner s still. Maguey has been immemorial in cultivated in old Mexico but is not raised North of the line. In Arizona for Twenty five years past Mescal has averaged $2.50 per gallon new with $1 added for each year of maturity. A higher Grade article is called tequila and is Worth Over $10 per Herald. Dairymen stockmen 11 very table men and Korse ear men unite in saying that no such Burse and cattle lotion As salvation Oil bus Ever been put upon the Market. It should be kept at Verv stable Ami Stock Yard in the land. Priced cents a bottle. Achilles was one of the first men to appreciate the disadvantage of not being Well Heele i a go where glory Waits she said As she buckled on his Armor and pressed into his off hand a Small package. It contained a few bottles of or bulls cough syrup she did no to want him to have to contend with a e Ems and a cold All at the same time. Sensible girl i Charon is the Only ferryman who never stops on account off a. The humblest of orchestra conductors is always a leading citizen. There Are no Trumpa in China. Tramps object to chop Slicks. The less sense a fool has the More sense it takes to Man age him. If not above being taught 1 y a men take Good i Idva a try a Dobbins electric soap next monday. It won t Cost much and you will then know for yourself just How Good it is. Be Sutylo get no imitation. There Are lots of them. A the feline serenade might be called a concatenation of sounds. A a Ute it cold if neglect 1, often attacks the lungs. Browne a bronchial to Wiiks give sure and immediate Relief. Sold Only in boxes. Price 25 cents. The ladle Del Igli Lei. The pleasant effect and the perfect safety with which ladies May use the liquid fruit laxative syrup of figs under All conditions make it their favorite remedy. It is pleasing to the Eye and to the taste gentle yet effectual in acting on the kidneys liver and bowels. An extravagant wnl6t�?forty-eight inches around. Gilbert dress Len lne Best in the world. intelligent Ludy ill dressmaker know in Genuino Emula h ave name on Gelvosa. Pluck and perseverance picking Down from a Duck. The Polatos is very shy. Is done under the rows. Even its growing Itoney fun the Linin new. Tell mrs. Weils that her or any industrious person can make &0 a week in the plating business. For particulars address the Duke electric co., Englewood jul a Plater costs �1. I am working now and know there is Money to the business. Nature has made when life is not Worth living when it i a Dou ble one. The brusque and fussy impulse of these Days of false impression would rate Down All As worthless because one is unworthy. As if there were no motes in sunbeams or comets among stars or cataracts in peaceful Rivers because one remedy professes to do what it never was adapted to do Are All remedies worthless ? because one doctor lets his patient die Are All humbugs ? it requires a Fine Eye and a finer brain to discriminate a to draw the differential line. A they say that or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery and or. Pierces favorite prescription have cured thousands. A a they say a for a weak system there a nothing better than the a a discovery a and that the a a favorite prescription a is the Hope of debilitated feeble women who need a restorative tonic and bracing Nervine. And Here a the proof try one or both. If they if with a Ore Eye use i Thompson s Eyt water. Done to help you Tell the world s dispensary medical association so and you get your Money Back again. Some help for Voca Success. A what is the Best fool for a Singer a is a question very often asked of of me and of All professional singers. I reply a the pin a nest food is by far the Good Plain but nourishing food for that is the Best for health and Tobe Well in health is to be Well in voice and Good health is absolutely necessary for Good singing. Some few things should be entirely avoided such As nuts for instance which affect the Throat us Well As the digestion. To Lead a regular life is also absolutely essential and Young and indeed ally Artistes if they wish to Excel must live for their Art alone and must give up a great Many Quot pleasures but if this As it should do enables the artiste to become great then they have their Reward for All sacrifices. To be Artistes they should live As Artistes go whenever possible to hear and to see Tine singing and Tine acting Endeavor to see Tine pictures Tine statues read Clever books and the biographies of great men and great historical characters to live in fact in an atmosphere of Art and of intellect which will help them far More than at first they May he disposed to think in their own artistic career. I would say to a student a study the notes the words the intention and n lean ingot everything think these thoroughly out gather it All up into one consecutive whole and then and to it any Genius you May have of your own. And in doing this do not be discouraged it you do not immediately attain the desired result but persevere in your idea. In studying a new work i have Many times Miled to reach the effect for which i was striving but i have worked on and perhaps at rehearsal or perhaps at the first performance it has come to me quite unexpectedly and As a great Surprise like an inspiration. But All this must not also mean Uip shutting yourself up in the selfish contemplation of pour own personal career alone for you must remember that to act Well you must understand human nature Well and to sing so As to touch others hearts you must be in sympathy with those hearts Home journal. His Opportunity. The Story was told recently 111 several daily newspapers of a Southern boy who was ambitious to do great work As a journalist. He had a ready pen Broad ideas and a Strong Faith that l ight and Justice ought to conquer in the world. Lie was eager to help in the fight . If Hewer but the owner 01 editor he thought of a great newspaper or Magazine what blows he could strike for the truth hut he was Only an insignificant reporter 011 a Small daily paper. Of hour he was sent to report a fire the next to find out the Price of beef. Now he described the speeches made at Din Ner again the gowns worn at u Ball. What use was in these t things How Petty the work was How could in sell in tie worlds Progress Hydl he tried however Small the task to do it Well to put his Best sell in it. At last came the great disaster at Johnstown he was sent to report it. And made his Way to the scene at the great risk of his life. When some other reporters were alarmed at tie outbreak of illness and other dangers he induced them to stay in order that the nation might know the fact and Send Relief. When this was done he came Home with his health shattered by exposure to die. Hie Chance had come. He had struck his blow for the right and Given his life for companion tiie Crow is a wily Bird him Caw tons Asil were .1 up Lull Heady there is an old saying that a there is nothing sure in life except death and taxes Quot but the saying losses its Force when Sulzer a seeds Are included among the uncertainties. They never die and Only need a trial to prove themselves. John a Walzer la Crosse wls., is the largest Growe of Northern grown seeds and makes a specially of farm seeds wheat Corn outs and potatoes a illustrated catalogue contains full info Mailou regarding rare plants Flowers Fine vegetables ifee., with several coloured plates mailed for 5 cents or further information can be had by reference to advertisements of Salzer which Are appearing in our columns. Words with a ring a i pronounce Yon Man and Holman liver pad. Holman s pills cure malaria. Holman Sliver pills cure bilious Ness. Holman Sliver pills cure indigestion. of free with Ful l instructions Atnel Cor Omenda Rioni. Holman live pad co., . To 2112, . A Texa miser keeps everything under lock and key and he even bolts Iii food. A now Good digestion wait on appetite and health on ibis natural and Happy condition of the mind and body is brought about by the timely use of prickly Ash bit ters. While not a beverage in and sense it possesses the wonderful facility of renewing 10 the debilitated system All the elements required to rebuild and make Strong if you arc troubled with a headache diseased liver kidneys or bowels give it a trial it will not fall you. A Wise son know eth his own father s youth. _ or. Win blow syrup for children tee Lblanc a often he Iju uis. Reduces inflammation allays pain care wind Colic. 25c. A bottle. The wrong kind of learning leaves a Man woefully ignorant. Drink lion Coffee a True combination of mocha Java and to. Picture card Given with every Pound package. For Sale everywhere. Woo a a a pm a co., Toledo 0, sick headache i carte amp a positively cured by these Little pails they also relieve distress from and to Hearty eating. A perfect Rem Edy drowsiness bad taste in tho Mouth coated in the pm de torpid liver they regulate the Bowel purely vegetable Price 25 cent. Cae teb Heel cite co., new Toie. Small Pill. Small dose Small Price ittle Iver pills. How Many people there Are who regard the coming of Winter As a constant state of siege. It seems As if the elements sat Down outside the Walls of health and now and again led by the North wind and his attendant blasts broke Over the ramparts spreading colds pneumonia and death. Who knows when the next storm May come and what its effects upon your Constitution May be ? the fortifications of health must be made Strong. Scott a emulsion of pure norwegian cod liver Oil and hypo phosphates of Lime and soda will Aid you to hold out against coughs colds constr option Fula general debility and All anaemic and wasting diseases until the siege is raised. It prevents wasting in children. Palatable As milk. emulsion is non secret and is prescribed by the medical profession All Over the world because its ingredients Are scientifically combined in such a manner As to greatly increase their remedial value. Caution a Scott a emulsion is put up in Salmon coloured wrappers. Be sure and get the genuine. Prepared Only by Scott Bowne manufacturing chemists new York. Sold by All druggists a a it maybe Rue Whah some men say. I Braun Lehrue Gehab amp men say endorses go a v la is a solid cake on Courine soap a coff him i for Many years Sapolio has stood As the finest and Best article of this kind in the world. It knows no equal and although it costs a trifle More its durability makes it outlast two cakes of cheap makes. It is therefore the cheapest in the end. Any grocer will Supply it at a reasonable Price. Chichester a English. Red Cross for fire lit i Curt of stiffness Are you looking for a first class thrashing Machino Horsa Power Tad Power or saw Frame swinging Stacker saw Mill or engine if you Are Send to the j. I. Case t. M. Co., Racine wis., for their illustrated catalogue thee. Or. Owen s electric Belt ainu Audi Quot i s 30n.y. Patented aug. 16, is37, improved just 30.1089. By. Owsha a electro galvanic body Selt suspensory in a a score Alt rheumatic Coli a Quot plaints Ewid nervous debility Cost Ivines Sidney Bio Wue Lyan Rou new a eexxu.1 exhaustion wasting of Sefi caused by indiscretions in. Harried or single life. 3�nt to ramp spa by parties f r cart Ila 30 Dayi trial electric insole Suu also an electric truss and Belt combined. Fien j 8 a a Tase Tvr a Ulm to a books to Pfyffer what fish 111. Or amp a i n . Car i by lop mod a cd the i Poper. Aii re Owen electric Belt amp appliance co. 306north Broadway st. Louis to. Por one Dollar sent us by Mil a will x deliver free of nil chances to any Parson in the United stains All tho following article a carefully packed in a neat Box one two once Dottle of pure vaseline i gets. Ono two of use bottle vaseline pomade j Beta. One j or of vaseline cold cream15 cts. One cake of vaseline camphor ice 10ct�> one cake of unscented 10 Eta. One cake of vaseline Fob p. Scented 25 Eta. One two ounce Louie of White Vii Vellue 2d Eta. 81.10 or for Stamps any single article at the Price. If you have occasion to use vaseline in any form he careful to accept Only genuine Good put up by a in original packages. A great Many druggist Are trying to persuade buyers to Tonko vaseline put up by them. Never yield to such persuasion a the article is an imitation without Valuo and will not give you the result you expect. A bottle of Blue Seal vaseline i sold by al 1 druggists at ten cents Clie Serrol go Vyff co. �?~.�?~4 Suto st., san tort. H . Wests nerve and brain treatment.1 specific for by Torta dining a fit neuralgia a amp a fullness. Mental impression. Softening of the brain re Hulting in insanity and leading to misery decay and death. Premature old age barrenness. Lou of Power neither sex. Involuntary losses and sperm Torro a caused by Over exertion of the brain Milf abase Orvy a indulgence. Each Box contains one month s treat Penc. 81 a Box or six for $5, vent by Una al prepaid with each order for six boxes will Send purchaser guarantee to refund Money if the treatment Falle to ear. Guarantee issued Ami genuine void Only by or cog co., lilo of Imam Street Omaha. By Jwo. Boiling water or milk. Epps a grateful comforting. Cocoa labelled 1-2 la. Tins Only. Pensions a pension for every disabled Soldier or Sailor who served ninety Days during late War regardless of cause of disability. Pensions for All widow minor or disabled children of deceased soldiers and sat Lor who served As above. Pensions for dependent Parent regardless of dependency at Date of soldiers death. No charge Unter Biccum Ful. Address at once. attorney at Law Washington d. Ctn a Swul favor to forded in Corr be cd cabbage sit xae Lead a to offer a a 9 Osovik Oslos la Jib filow �,714# to introduce it and show la capabilities i will pay $100 for the Best yield obtained from 1 Mounir of a Ted which 1 will mail for 0 Eta Catalogna Fra Lavaa f. la p1umeppa or. Bailey dentist. A full Sot of Teeth for $5 00. Teeth extracted without pain or danger by a new prices. Gold Aud Alloy filling at Lowell office Paxton Block Omaha neb. The Ort Inal and genuine. The o. Ladle ask drug tit for , English Diamond a to its i a Aid with Biro ribbon. Take no a tier Kindall Pill in hexes Pink wrapper Are Dang crea Ocreter Fitts. Ai . Or wind to a Tetu Haimon for particular., , and Quot Kellet for l, in or return . 10,0 10 testimonial. A of Ftp Pap sir. Chichester chemical co., 11 cd in quarts by us i.e.-1 in Ragguz. Ph11.adklpbia, a. Piso�?T3 remedy for . Easiest to use. L cheapest. Relief is immediate. A cure is certain. For cold to the head it has no equal. It is an ointment of which n particle is applied to the nostrils. Trice,e0c. Sold by druggists or ser thy mall. _ address it Kwarren a. Off o lathe leading remedy for All tu9 unnatural discharges and private dissed of men a certain cure for the de blah Tallei g weakness Peculiar to women. ,. J 1 band feel Sarg in recommending it to b All sufferers. 8tgner, m Meca Pittil bold by Drogi Rafiu. Price $1.00 magic cure for Hen Only. 8500 fora Case of lost or failing manhood eneral or nervous do a Iutva weakness of body or mind the effects of non or excesses in Aid a a Young that we cannot cure. We Guy Rante rvs by Case or refund every Dollar. Five Days trial re ment. Full courses. Perceptible Benefit Reab fixed in Tryee Days. By mail securely packed to observation look of Lcuio co. Omaha. Nil. A Vul Lucaa n. A. . í�., Tiiu i a o a iro m _ ass Ftp Ray or fruit Trees i vines pea7 m. Wormy fruit and Leaf blight of Apple. Pear. Shemee Copf grape Iod potato rot Plum cur curia prevented by Annj caul loin oct fit. B a perfect fruit always Sells at Good prices catalogue a How inc All in Mlou insert to fruit mailed free. Quot Quot and Berry Plant in ration Price a. a lock of fruit Trero Tinea. Add Ami Stahl Juancy i a whiff a the death Ess i causes of Scarlet fever. Colds measles Catarrh a by the ubic of the invisible sound disc or kick in to kelp a lar for per cent. I to cases than All Simitar do Rice combined. To a to tit m Gianat Art Colht yet. r r visible irm Monik without removal. Pm j. Walb9, Bridgeport Conn. W. N. U.,Omaha,

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