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Blackfoot Idaho News Newspaper Archives May 30 1891, Page 2

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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - May 30, 1891, Blackfoot, IdahoOr. And mrs. Bowser. He indifference displayed by the a Verilee husband to the pains and aches of the average wife is Only equated by the manner in which he suddenly goes All to pieces at the slightest sickness. We have a regular programme at our House in certain lines. I am subject to nervous headaches. About once a fortnight or. Bowser comes Home at noon and finds me on the sofa with my head tied up and my temples throbbing As if they would burst. Its just the next thing to being pounded on the head by a War club and if the House was on tire i should take my time about getting out and that without trying to save anything except the camphor bottle. Tin programme then runs As follows enter or. Bowser. Hangs up his hat and overcoat. Marches into Back parlor evidently suspecting some calamity. Stands and at me As if 1 were some curiosity. I try to smile but it is a. Dead failure. Quot Humph cholera i suppose a a in a it Quot very faintly a yellow fever then. I always knew you d have it Quot a no. Only Only Quot a Only Small pox he Nice thing to bring int o the House in t it a Quot or. Bowser in in be got one of my headaches a a too of is that All Good lands but you gave me a scare headache Humph if i was a woman of your size and age id show a. Little Quot but its dreadful a Quot Bosh there a nine parts of imagination to one part and he goes slamming around the House and whistling away As if every sound did not fall on my Skull like a blow of a Hammer. Quot Corning to dinner a Quot mercy but i can to Quot can Teh Welt if you will let your imagination run away with you in ibis manner i can to help it. Be More left for me to eat you i a looks in As be is ready to leave the Bouse and says Quot if you Are Down town this afternoon come in. Bye Bye Booby a we have another programme one which is followed when or. Bowser comes Home with a billions headache. If i happen to lie looking when begets off the cur a Block away i can Tel whal is the matter. He comes dragging his legs head Down and eyes half closed and i meet him at the door and inquire. A emr. Bowser have you been run Over on the Street a a a a worse n that a he gasps As lie sits Down of a Stair step and holds his head in Bis hands. By ill and he wants you to come up right away. Can to you that s too bad. Well Como in two hours at the latest. He s on the lounge now. Yet it started with a headache. Yes ill keep him smelling of the camphor bottle. the entire afternoon is taken up with nursing or. Bowser assuring him that to Lias not been struck with death. Then at Tea time i must make him Toast and poach him tin egg and at bed time the Cook and i have to help him no stairs. He gets into bed with a series of groans turns Over with the declaration that he will never see another Sun Rise and is sound asleep in ten minutes. Next morning when he arises fresh and Clear headed and i inquire if his headache is All gone he looks at me in a disdainful Way and replies Quot mrs. Bow ser my headache As you Call it was a violent and malignant attack of spinal meningitis and nothing but my great will Power aided by my Pluck and courage enabled me to throw it off had it been you you would have Given up and died a a Detroit free press. Overheard whispers. Climate of Jamaica. There has been serious misconception regarding its unhealthful Ness. The first consideration for those who desire to More than a flying visit to a tropical country is climate and in this matter there has been serious misconception heretofore regarding Jamaica. As a matter of fact the climate is As healthy As that of any tropical country in the world and More healthy than that of most. This is shown by the mean of the birth and death rates for the past five years. The mean birth rate has been per thousand the death rate 22.02, of this latter 1.75 per thousand died under the age of 1 year. Diversified As is the surface of the Island from the High mountains of the Center to the rolling Plains of the Seaboard the temperature is of course very varied. Near the summits of the Hills it is a sub tropical varying from 63 degrees to 75 degrees at 3 p. M. At the sea level it ranges from 75 degrees to 90 degrees. But Here the heat is tempered by a fresh Breeze that blows All Day and a Cool land Breeze that sweeps Over the hot Plains from the mountains All night. It is in the imprudent exposure to t his cold Breeze when heated by exercise that the danger of tropical fever lies. It is so pleasant that new Comers who carefully avoid a draught at Home Are tempted to enjoy the scene of refreshing coolness forgetting the danger from the sudden Check to the action of the pores. If the Sun in the West indies were As dangerous As it is supposed to be the White male population must Long ago have died out for they walk and ride in the Sun play cric Ket All Day and otherwise distort themselves after the manner of englishmen with have you been shot at or stabbed i out any ill effects but i do not think the example can prudently be followed by persons fresh from Quot higher Henry a. Blake in North american review for february. Awful answer by a Ruffian Quot would that i had a a emr. Bowser what awful awful thing has happened me atom e Quot in vet in be got one of those infernal headaches a a too of is that All Why i did no to know but some awful thing bad happened. Well dinner is ready and i be got pork and Beans As you requested. A up Ork and a Beans my soul woman but How can you talk a Park and a Beans to a dying Man a a Only a head ache Why what should a great big Man like you care about a headache come to Blithe staggers into the sitting room and Falls sideways on the lounge and utters a groan which aches the cats Back up to an Angle. Quot or. Bowser these headaches Are All imaginary a i observe As i take him by the legs and swing him about so that lie rests on his Back. �?o0-o-o-h&Quot a if i was a Man of your size and age i d show a Little a too of How can 1 stand it a a Well there la be the More left for me to eat. Better lie As quiet As you but i done to go out to dinner. He wants a Pillow for his head and he wants his shoes taken off and his feet covered up and then i have to remove his Collar and Necktie and tie a wet Towel around his forehead and All his Pluck has departed. It Isnit near As bad a headache As mine. The slightest headache a nervous woman Ever has will double discount any headache assigned to a Man to carry about but she must Grin and Bear it. I get the Hartshorn for or. Bowser. I change that for the camphor i chafe his hands. I make Mustard plasters for his feet. I warn the Cook to be quiet in the Kitchen and i Send our boy Over to a neighbors. Trien i turn the Pillow Over. Then i hold the camphor under his nose. Then i take off the Towel and tie it tighter around his aching head. He seems at last to fall into a doze but suddenly opens his eyes and faintly Calls a mrs. A Bowser a a yes a do you think think i m going to a die a a pie Why you be Only got a Hend ache. A but i feel a a a oneness a sort of sinking away. Do Yon think it can be collapse of the system Quot a of course not. You be got a fever h Little one about As big As a pin head. All you be got to do is to go to a Blit you a better Call up the a nonsense a if you done to get the doctor ill be dead in half in hour a and so i go to the Telephone ring up the Central and hold an imaginary conversation with the doctor As follows a emr. Bowers thinks he a dangerous Vestal virgins Ovid tells us that the first Temple of Vesta at Rome was constructed of wattled Walls and roofed with thatch like the primitive huts of the inhabitants. It was Little other than a circular covered fireplace and was tended by the unmarried girls of the infant Community. It served As the Public Hearth of Rome and on it glowed a extinguished throughout the year the sacred fire which was supposed to have been brought from Troy and the continence of which was thought to be linked with the fortunes of the City. The name Vesta is believed to be derived from the same Root As the sanskrit was which Means a to dwell to inhabit a and shows that she was the goddess of Home and Home had the Hearth As its focus. A town a state is but a Large family and what the Domestic Hearth was to the House that the Temple of the perpetual fire became to the City. Every town had its Vesta or common Hearth and the colonies derived their fire from the Mother Hearth. Should a Vestal Maiden allow the sacred fire to become extinguished she was beaten by the grand pontiff till her blood flowed and the new lire was solemnly rekindled by rubbing together of dry Wood or by focusing of the suns rays. It might not be borrowed. The circular form and domed roof of the temples of Vesta were survivals of the prehistoric huts of the aborigines which were invariably round a the Cornhill Magazine. Girl Slayer in Tibet. The people were in a state of excitement Over the marriage of the Belle of the place and the High Price her prospective husband has had to for her fifty tales to Purchase a a number two wife a was highly creditable to the town which bad Given birth to such a treasure. The Ssu Chi Danese Are much Given to Selling girls and Large numbers Are exported yearly from t Hung Ching far Han Kon and Shanghai and other Eastern cities the Price usually paid for one of six or seven years is from seven to ten tales. They Are kindly reared by the Stock Farmer who buys them receive a a Liberal education with All modern accomplishments a and when they have attained the age of sixteen Are easily disposed off at High prices. The Trade has nothing cruel about it and Many of these girls Are respected members of society in after life and certainly enjoy Many More material comforts than if they had been left in their poor villages. I have lived in Homes of highly respectable chinese where the wite had four or live Little girls purchased with her savings and they were treated with As much kindness and love As her own children a Century. Certain number of Days ago my attention was directed toward a Young Man of not altogether repossessing appearance who appeared to be waiting nearly opposite to my window for the coming of some other person. His countenance was expressive of vacant insipid Ity his gait irregular and his manner confused. His dress was nondescript very effective no doubt but quite inappropriate either to business a occupation or to the Pursuit of legitimate pleasure. He paced backward and Forward from Corner to Corner with an air of self satisfaction ludicrous to behold. Sometimes he stroked the Corner of a very Pule Mustache at others he bit the fingers of Bis curiously tinted gloves and after waiting some time i noticed that his step quickened a sickly smile passed Over his face and he advanced with an extended Quot hand toward a Young lady who was approaching quietly. A Sweet Little creature she was too. Her innocent face wore a please Dex pression and she blushed a Little As she recognized the Man. She Washy no Means Beautiful Blit a paroled. Her quiet dress contrasted strangely with his Dandy Gudiness and there was quiet attractiveness in her bearing generally which interested me very much. She could not have been More than sixteen i think and i looked from her to her companion. Were they lovers if so i pitied her exceedingly. She gave him her hand with a confining smile a Dainty Little hand it was. He raised it to his lips this act of gallantry convinced me of itself that there was something wrong. No gentleman would have attempted such a breach of etiquette in the Public Street. They passed from my sight t together and i Touhl not resist the notion that their meeting was a secret one that her friends knew nothing of her acquaintance with this Adonis toward whose face her eyes turned lovingly. I was sorry for her and wondered How it would All end. Would she discover her error or did she love him despite All obstacles and was it in his Power to make her Happy a few hours later they passed my window again. The same quiet Confidence seemed to exist Between them. He had evidently exerted his utmost Power of fascination. Her hand rested upon his Arm and she was listening intently to his conversation. They parted at the spot where they had met and his last words were uttered in that Peculiar whisper which is so much More easily overheard than the Ordinary tone of voice. 1 caught the following words a remember Darling. Wednesday at 11. The Southeastern was it an elopement he was planning i thought so. She was confused but 1 saw that she assented to his desire and was Loath to part from him then but at last she Tore herself away and walked thoughtfully Down the Street turning once round and blushing very much when she saw that he was watching her retreating footsteps. Wednesday at 11 this was monday evening. But after All Why should the assignation interest me hat had i to do with it except that i had much sympathy with the girl when i noticed the gratified selfish satisfaction with which he passed rapidly in an opposite direction. There is a strange fatality about coincidence. The next morning being tuesday i had an appointment at Holloway and As i usually do on such occasions i took the Tramway. Having business on hand i had quite forgotten for the first time my interest in the couple i had seen the Day before. My thoughts in fact were very wandering ones. They always Are during these Short journeys for the number of strange people the variety of individual taste expressed in their apparel and the curious remarks and snatches of broken conversation which All the passengers must overhear help to create a sort of chaos in my mind and Send me dozing physically and mentally. Upon entering the car i was followed by two ladies who seated themselves opposite to me and thus attracted my attention. One of these sadies was past the Middle age a widow apparently. The other was some years her Junior but her face wore a patient air of resignation and composure which led me to judge that she also had lost her husband several years. Her face seemed to be strangely familiar to me. Yet to the Best of my knowledge we had never met before. Where could i have seen that face she whispered something to her Friend i did not overhear a fragment of conversation that had been interrupted by entering the car probably. Then she was silent a moment acid afterwards still addressing her Friend she made a second remark and i heard these words quite plainly _ Quot uneasy about Ethel frequently in the evening a the words made no impression on me at the moment but they occurred to me a shot time afterwards. I think the words impressed themselves upon my mind at the instant of my recognition of the lady s features. There was a Strong resemblance Between this lady and the Young girl i had scrutinized the evening previously. This lady was her Mother possibly. Could the child indeed be Ethliel upon whose account anxiety was expressed in that possibility was it my duty to interfere the next words made me More Eer a Heung Lutna my heroine wore farm. Field and Garden. Luc fat unit Iki Ison. Quot she will leave for the country tomorrow. I Hope the change will do her Good. Her aunt has promised to take charge of her for a few i Felt that i roust speak then. It occurred to me that if i had a daughter who had formed a secret attachment to a Man like tie one i had seen last night i should look upon the information As an act of great kindness. I might be wrong. I must use great caution then t Here could be no harm resulting from word of mine. A Pardon me a i said a is your daughter a Young lady of about 16 years and does she sometimes Wear a Here i described the dress of the Young girl. The girl looked at me for a moment in Blank astonishment and being apparently satisfied with her scrutiny she answered she will leave London from the Southeastern station Quot the lady answered a yes Quot again. A Pardon me. I have Good reasons for asking these questions a i continued a was the Date and time of her departure fixed by yourself or by the Young lady a the person addressed evidently thought me insane but she answered my question and her answer gave me the clue i needed. A my daughter remarked last evening that she would like to visit her aunt to Morrow and that with my permission she would leave by the morning train. The invitation had been standing some time. I was to have accompanied my daughter. Unfortunately i am called to Canterbury upon business this �?o1 think i shall induce you to postpone your journey a i remarked. A will you mind answering me one More question has the Young lady any male Friend i mean is there any Young gentleman she meets by an appointment having your permission to do so Quot a certainly not a said the lady indignantly. A my daughter is much too Young to accept attentions from then i described to her the meeting i had witnessed with the languid and gorgeously gotten up Adonis. 1 spoke of his manner toward the Young lady and of the appointment he had made with her. A you Are mistaken a said the Matron rigidly. A the Young lady was not i had partly expected this and yet i was morally certain that previous j to our conversation the lady Hod said to her Friend "1 am growing quite uneasy about Ethel. Do you know she frequently leaves Home upon All manner of excuses in the evening a and she had admitted to me that this same Ethel would leave town alone on the wednesday morning train from the southwestern station and that my description of her was the Correct one. Good Breeding of course should have prompted me to apologize for the interruption and make no further remark whatever but i was so convinced that the Young lady had no intention of visiting her aunt but that she did intend to Elope with the Cavalier of yesterday that i sacrificed the Point of etiquette and returned to the attack. Suffice it to say that i induced my travelling companion to postpone her journey until the next Day but to leave her Home As at present arranged and remain at he Friend s House further i obtained her Promise to be at the Southeastern station at the hour fixed for her daughters departure and i promised to arrange for some place where she could see without being seen. I succeeded in doing this and of course the Reader knows the sequel. Tire languid Adonis in the extraordinary costume was standing on the platform. Presently the Young lady joined him and lie took charge of the Little baggage she had carried with her. Bhe burst into tears but he quickly reassured her. After a time he would have handed her into the train but the now nearly distracted Mother rushed from her concealment and the girl fell fainting into her arms. The youth disappeared promptly but he was unearthed a few Days afterwards. He was one of a worthless dissipated set. He a intended to marry the girl Quot he said and then to a come upon her friends for a new Start in life. Happily his designs were frustrated by the coincidence attending two whispers. Ethel poor child was inconsolable at the loss of her a own True love a but she will learn Wisdom in time and when she finds her True love in reality she will thank me for my window scrutiny and for what followed it. She will teach her children to avoid i cautiously formed. Acquaintanceship. And relate to them How narrowly she escaped failing into the toils of a schemer whose self introduction in the first place was an impertinent insult and whose flattery was new York world. Valuable hints for our Rural readers. Pasturing crops Winter care of cattle carrots for horses How Australia irl Gates sore Mouth in pigs Dairy. Feet form tile inside Corners and a support in front and rear. The lust two pieces Are joined by a Cross strip to prevent spreading of the Frame which is a this shape. Carrots for horses Carrot contain a smaller proportion of moisture and More Nutriment than most other roots. They Are Good for cows or horses Blit seem to be especially adapted for the latter. Horse owners who can do so should grow carrots and those who have not the proper land should buy enough carrots Togiva ration every Day through the Winter. Give half As Many Oats As usual and make up the deficiency with equal bulk of carrots and most horses during the Winter will improve in appearance. The carrots give the animals a sleek coat probably by helping digestion. It is a diet of exclusively dry feed that makes the hair of Many Idle horses in Winter dry and harsh. If the horse is working lie will need the full ration of Oats but should be Given a ration of carrots besides each cultivator. Sore Mouth in pigs or. Isaac Patchin sends the following plan for preventing sore Mouth in pigs to the Prairie Farmer Young pigs will often fight for life trying to get the Best position for taking milk for the sow. They will bite each others Mouths and tongues using the upper and lower incisors to Good advantage investigation will show edges of the Tongue fringed and bitten before the pigs Are a Day old and if left to themselves their Mouths will become sore and some of them to such an extent that they will not Stock and thus grow weak and do not thrive like some stronger ones. In some climate and under the sunny sky of to the Corner posts and to the Middle Post strips three inches wide Are let into the front and rear and nailed to the top Board for the Sash to rest upon. Eighteen inches of fresh horse manure free from litter which has been collected in the stable is put in the Bottom and covered with four inches of Rich soil gathered and made ready last fall. Fifty pounds of Fine boned st and As much fresh Wood ashes Are Well mixed with this soil. The bed is left to heat which it does up to 100�, and then rapidly subsides when the temperature has fallen to 70s Earth is heaped All around the Frame As High As the manure to keep the heat steady and the seeds Are planted in rows six inches apart for convenience in weeding. Should a Sharp Frosi y night occur some sheaves of Rye Straw kept ready for the purpose Are Laid on the Sash and on Tine Days the sashes Are raised in the rear for six inches to give air. There is use on any farm or in any Rural Home for at least two or three of these Beds. How Australia irrigates. Australia has in her vast pastoral areas a writer in the Century says sources of wealth h As great and More permanent than those of her mines. Already she has nearly one Hundred millions of sheep which in the mild cases i have seen their Mouths so sore that they became decayed and Black Large pieces dropping off each Side of the Mouth. To prevent this i Basket the entire litter from two to twelve hours after being furrowed. Take them to a warm apartment a Way from the dam hold each pig Between the Knees with a Man or boy to help who holds a Small stick in the pig s Mouth. Then snap off the four in scissors take the litter Back to the sow and i never have had any More trouble nor have i Ever had a pig bothered with sore Mouth. Pasturing crops. Oats Are an important crop for pasturing when sown alone. The oat is also Frost a it roof in the Spring and May be drilled in the first moment that the land is fitted for it and on warm Early soil will be six inches High and Strong by the latter part of mrs and on being eaten off by the sin it will Start anew at once. If left till the seed head is formed there will be no second growth. The struggle in All plants is to perfect the seed and most of our annual plants if Cut when Small will grow ii gain and when having a Strong and vigorous Root will push on the second growth very rapid of. The second feeding of the Green crop should be when the Plant has reached the flowering age. If the crop be rank sheep May waste too much of it when fed upon the land. If mown and fed to them in Racks it will have the largest amount of Nutriment when the seed is in the milk. But the sheep at that stage Are not inclined to eat the whole stalk unless tempted by a Small allowances of meal upon the left stems. As we have seen this extra Grain food will be refunded by extra growth and the land will get tiie Benefit of enriched manure this is the end to which sheep feeding on worn lands should Point. The oat has the advantage of being adapted to nearly All soils and it my be the Best crop with which to begin the improvement. Crook s councils of War then it was that his subordinates began to notice one of Crooks peculiarities which he retained through life. He held his first a Council of Crooks councils of War differed from those of any other general living or dead. He never asked any one for an opinion never gave one of his own but taking his Rifle in hand strolled a Short distance away from Camp sat Down under a Rock crossed one knee Over the other clasped his arms about his shins and occasionally rubbed the tip of his nose with the Back of his right hand. This last was the infallible sign by which the troops afterwards Learned to know that one of Crooks councils of War was in Progress. He communed with himself canvassed All the pros and cons of his . In hiring help As a Rule it will to secure the Best. Good help is As economical on the farm As any where else. Winter care of cattle although the Winter thus far has been one of mildness and pleasantness comparatively speaking yet there Are nights and Days which Are cold and Chilly and at just such times the cattle need shelter and Good care. Good open Sheds facing South and East with Racks to feed the Hay and Straw in Are very excellent for cattle. And often no other stabling is needed save for the Milch cows and Young things. It is Well to keep the Sheds Well littered with Straw and the Racks Well filled with Oats Straw and Good Clover and Timothy Hay. The Salt boxes should always be in a place where the cattle can easily get to them and should be kept Well supplied with Salt. Liis is especially needful where cattle. Are fed Cornstalk and the like. Salt is very beneficial and very necessary to the Good health of cattle. One of the Best ways to feed Cornstalk is to scatter them Well Over the barnyard providing the ground is not Muddy As cattle do not quarrel half As much As when feeding from Racks. The reference Here is to stalks which have been Cut from the Fields and dried in bundles. When properly cured this makes valuable feed and the cattle relish it. There Are various ways to feed Corn fodder some Farmers using a feed Cutter while others prefer to allow the cattle themselves to gather the fodder. As to advice As to the Superior method of feeding the writer would say that both Are equally Good and no Choice can be made. A Good hotbed. Here is a Good plan for making a hot bed for starting Early plants. It is 12 feet Long and 5% wide Takin four Sash 3 by 6 feet. It is made very simply. Six pieces of 4 by 4 Chestnut Timber three 3 feet Long and three 2 the country require no shelter throughout the year amino food beyond what they get on the open Plains. It is True that the sunny sky May turn into a sky of brass and that drought is the dread of the australian Shepherd Herdsman and Farmer. Occasionally there is a succession of dry seasons and then sheep have perished by millions and cattle by thousands on the More Remote stations. To master recurring droughts is the great problem of australians Inland future. Here us elsewhere nature challenges Many a free Advance and places some special obstacle in his Way. Australians refacing their task with Energy Confidence and the Promise of much Success. They have Learned the Art of drawing wealth h even from scrub land of which a single sheep requires several acres Lor its support. Irrigation works on a Large scale have been begun in Victoria and South Australia. The storage of water in reservoirs is being carried out in a Large Way by municipalities and private companies. Throughout new South Wales and Queensland the Boring of Artesian Wells has met with satisfactory Success. Once Given the certain Means of carrying the flocks and herds through the occasional periods of drought there seems no limit to the pastoral capacity of such immense provinces As new South Wales and Queensland. With completed systems of irrigation Australia promises to become one of the greatest grape and fruit growing countries in the world. The Many difficulties with which men Are confronted on this great continent Are More than matched by its wonderful Miossi Bilies. Dairy notes i 1 town pa., has a ten year old boy who milks a dozen cows takes the milk to the Creamery and visits his muskrats traps before breakfast. A new York Stater amp nge held an interesting discussion on the question a can milk be produced with profit at two and a half cents per quart a the question was decided in the negative by a rising vote. Good butter cannot be made from inferior or spoiled Cream with any More certainty than Good from bad flour no matter with what care it May be managed. Results depend altogether upon condition and if these Are neglected failures Are sure to follow. If a Farmer kept cows that gave Little milk horses seemed unable to work,1 or the pigs refuses to fatten lie would at once Endeavor to ascertain the trouble and remove it. When the hens do not Lay instead of trying to find out the reason he settles Down to the conclusion that hens done to and he thinks he is right so Long As the liens do not dispute it. At the present i Price of eggs it will to make hens Lay and Good care and the right food will secure eggs. Farm notes it pays to take care of a Brood sow she is a Good a mortgage Clover makes the Best pasture for hogs. Hogs like a variety in their food As Well As other Stock. If the beet is to do its Best we must give it a warm Well manured soil. Fruit and wheat have been badly damaged by the recent cold weather. Good Wood choppers Are in great demand All Over this Section of the country. Calves that Are Well cared for and liberally fed while Young make Large Thrifty cattle. Never put a frosty bit in a horses Mouth. The Man who would do this deserves hanging. To restore Strong Ham to its original freshness slice and soak Over night in milk either Sweet or Sotir

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