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Blackfoot Idaho News Newspaper Archives Mar 30 1889, Page 7

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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - March 30, 1889, Blackfoot, IdahoCleanse the system with that most tillable Medicine i Alne a celery compound. It Purl Les the blood cures constipation and regulates the Uver and kidneys effectually Elemis info the system of All Trastoy and dead matters. With tills action la combined nerve tonic and strength entus qualities reviving the energies and spirits. Quot a i have been troubled tor some years with a complication of difficulties. After trying various remedies and not finding relict 1 tried Paine a celery compound before taking one full bottle the Long trouble some symptoms began to subside and i can truly 3ay now that i feel Tike a new Man. Digestion a amps improved and i have gained ten funds in weight since i have commenced k lug the compound. Honesto Stearns. Felchville it $l.on. Six for $5.00. Druggists Wells Richardson k co.,props. Burlington it color photograph Diamond dyes sign headache by to lira Little p1in. They a no Roitero Dia Trow from Dysep a in digestion und too heart eating a perfect remedy for dizziness nausea drowsiness bad taste in Tbs Mouth coated Tongue pain in tho hide. Torpid . They Recap ate the bowels. Purely vegetable. Price 2s cents Cartes Medicine co., new icae. Small Pill Small dose. Small Price. Acc walw3p # a Wilts Sulci do cured Roe of bipod pol a in after l bad been treated in it al with old so called remedies of Mercury and Porass. 8. S. 3. Not Only euro the blood Poteon. But relieved the Rheu Taal so which was of used by the poisonous minerals. Go. Bov Ell. Imm 8d Avenue. S. Y. Nine years ago scr Fula attacked two of my children and they were badly afflicted with that Dos Esse which resisted the treatment of or family physician. I was persuaded to Ubo swifts been Flo k Soonk an account of cures in my county paper. I i i m by a a in was apparent from the first be doses and in a Short time Iny children were cured and Are still sound and Well. John Wjlliam Lexington a. Switty al Pinno is entirely a vegetable remedy and is tho Only Medicine which permanently cures Efula. Bipod Humours cancer and contagious cd Poison. Send for books on blood and skin uses mulled free. The Swift specific co. Drawer 3, Atlanta go. Mon Cash is fibred to tie person who shall Send in the largest number of curly subscriber to the it ladies Home journal Between now and july let 1880, at 50 menu per year had Price after that Date no tue scr pts is received or Tew than $1.00per year. $100�?s.loo is offered respectively for next largest clubs. A Good Cash commission paid for every subscriber secured if desired instead of scr Noums. Hundreds of Dollar cuu be made urling the next six months by men women or children. We furnish free Sample copies pm Stera a. Address Curtis publishing co. Philadelphia. A. Days trial. This new elastic truss a a re different from All r a tier. Is cup ion in. Jilji 8� of a Hijii Hclair Ball in rider mde up it mtg toll Isopi minho f Tbs Bod to ball1,1 to up presses Back Tea into attn in just As a per Sor does with the Finger with Light pre Aore the Bernia la he a .1 a entirely Day and night and a Radical a ure certain. It andr Baa. Sent by mall circular Trae. A Rilatos truss Ufa. Co., cd emf him Jones Yky a a a in fit gym , i wet amp Iund a ill a to in lie is mtr in a Prim # inst he in the Mutual life insurance company of a Caw York. Til Largett Cha peat sad beat la the world. Cash a ski 9130.0aa.090. A Luosa to Khz we. R. Allan by eclat a foil Genii my agent. I preve Riba and fully an Doraa Bly g a the Only a Pacific for the certain cure of this disease. O . D., Amsterdam n. Y. Tvs have a Ort big o for Many years and it has Given tha boat of Aatila faction. R. Dyche. A co. Chicago. Iii. 91.00. Bold by drug Glate. Cur efts i do not mean merely to Stop them Ercira time and than have them return. I mean it Radical cure. I have Tawada fits. Epilepsy or falling sickness a use Hrayr study. 1 warrant my remedy to cure the worst cases. Because outliers have failed is no reason for not now Recei ring a cure. Scud at Onca for treatise and Freo bottle of my infallible remedy. Give Rivres end p. O. H. O. Root m. 183 Perl i t. N y a i Pisces cure for 1�?o egg cures where ail else fails. Best cough 6yrtip. Tastes Good Dae in Timo. Hold by druggists. Aaaabiaatf18�?�1 wanted soldiers homesteads. The Addrena of bold lera and Sallow was Home less than before june for Lia Auto this paper. W. E. Das Van Moses Colo. Seeds fresh or Abl. Only tend a Cento per arge package. 500aqu ate of Hub. Mara one acre no Volt prn�enl4 _. Moth feed farms. Ill. N. J., of Huuha 463�?s. R. Tol on it. A lick. Oeds Den aia times Loews Jan. 17. A Jeor Nins that j. Tolson of the firm of Tolion bros., shoe and clothing dealers of this City held a Nolty ticket in the december drawing of the Louisiana state lottery a times news reporter called at his store last monday to learn the facts. In reply to our question or. Tolson said Quot yes sir i held a Lucky ticket in the december drawing i have just returned from new Orleans where i went to get the Money. I received three Bills two $1,000 and one $5,000, $2,500 in actual the reporter asked How much lie invested. Or. Tolsoni a reply was a i spent $10 for ten one Fortieth tickets. Orio of the tickets no. 43,035 Drew $100,000, and my part amounted to $3.500,�?� he said he would continue in business at the same stand a where they Lead big drives in shirts clothing Etc. Sir. Tolson is a Happy Man Over his Inck. To certainly ought to feel very Good on winning such a big amount of Money these hard times. One who never had Uncle same a army. Proom wanted a Bride preferred. Elys Catar he Gream Balm cleanses tin nasal passages allays la aia and Iii Hun in Alion. Heals the sores. Restores Ali it senses of taste and smell. Try the cure Hay Feyer a per Tecl in applied in q Eccli nostril in Ltd it agreeable. Fri end a ecu la at Drucci Sefl by mall Regia Lemi. I mint Ely it Fly turks 5g Warren st. New York. A perfect specific or remedy. Sage al Catarrh european emigration to by amp Ili in of the increase. 7�tj shocking Accident. So read the headlines of Manv a newspaper column and we peruse with palpitating interest the details of the catastrophe and Are deeply Ira preyed by the sacrifice of human lives involved. Yet thousands of men and women Are falling victims every year to that terrible disease consumption scr Fula of the lung Sand they and their friends Are satisfied to believe the malady incurable. Now there could be no greater mistake. No earthly Power of course can restore a lung that is entirely wasted or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery will rapidly and surely arrest the ravages of consumption if taken in time. Do not therefore despair until you have tried this wonderful remedy faint heart never won a fair lady unless Tbs owner of the heart bad plenty of stuff. Genteel quack. A yes it pays a said a big fat physician with a name Thuoc is known throughout the medical world. Quot i have a practice Worth $40,000ayear.�?� a women a Quot yes you be guessed it first time. They pay $10 every time they come into my office. When one gets on my list i Tell you she stays Quot and Jar. H laughed Long and loud this is quackery Gilt edged genteel quackery to keep suffering woman paying tribute year in and year out and doing them no Good. Or. Pierces favorite prescription cures the Peculiar weaknesses and diseases a it of women. It does not lis to them nor Rob them. Lire. Ormiston chant in lecturing in England on her american experience. When baby a amp i sick we gave her Coa Tori a. When aha we a child she cried for caa Tarla when Ahe became Muta Abe Clung to Castoria when Abe had children Ehe gave them caa Torl. No Man can see the dirt that is Back of his own ear. Plena note. That the Union Pacific Quot the Overland route a in connection with the Chicago amp Northwestern railway now runs a solid daily train consisting of elegant Day coaches free chair care especially built for Titis service and the latest improved Wagner and Pullman sleeping cars Between Chicago and Denver. This train leaves Omaha for Denver every Day at 10 00 a. M. And arrives in Denver at 5 00 a. M. The next morning. It s to your interest to see that your ticket reads via the onion Pacific. There Are 3,000,000 women in the United states earning their own living. Co it compel on surely cured. To the editor a please inform your readers that i have a positive remedy for consumption. By Ite timely use thousands of hopeless Casro have been permanently cured. I shall be glad to Send two bottles of my remedy free to any of your readers who have consumption if they will Bend me their express and p. 0. Address. Respectfully t. A. , m. C., 181 Pearl Street new York. A youth with in ambition to Rise 1 like a situation As elevator boy. Row old Kow express cabbage Leihy tir Clcil variety fro to. Try in 10 ctr. Per packet. If you want tho Best Garry an you Erar bad Ordor our cd Belco Low a Oedy Tbs year Beautiful Allee rated catalogue free or with a packet Eracli bin re a Cal bag and my Copper Klufa onion it be largest kind 1u sex jul Utenage for 15 cent to new eur Fomero a will Lead for trial 12 packet Choice vegetable seed. Inc la a Ting Loose to Vertiea. Or 12 packet Choice lower it Ltd for 2ic. Or �0 cd a in agouti Tania for$1. Iowa seed ce.,demolae�,. I Tosio Dayi the in fat wanted i Zitke. Joco Brewater a safety rela Holder Given away introduce them a very horse owner buys Frera 1 to s. Lines never under horse s feet fiend 25 events in st Roo to pay postage and packing for a Loki related ban pie that sails tot 61 cents. Address Brewster mfg oo., Holly Hill Sweet be sprouted of potatoes out to be sprouted of shares. In experience required. Directions for Ojo Utleg of Kab. Address t. , Columbia Fiskio. G Oles tested seed cols s tuns. Bardes annual free. Latest n Vel Les. Lowest prices. A11 should have it. Cole a re. . S asthma can rec red. A trial bottle sent free to any one afflicted. Delta it Dro Hou Bueter n. Y. Piss cure for consumption the Fly Baa to rus Peet Lor the abort tailed Hora. The respectable Mao neither vaults nor condemns himself. Stand no Lor your rights your wrong will stand up fur themselves Erard a or on of. Corr of Tole no j Lacia .Vtt 8. 8. \ finn j. Casnet Maleta oath that hatha Taler partner of tha firm 1 p. A Chechet 4 co., doing brain eat in tha City of Tola a county and state store and and that said firm will pay the aum of one Hundred dollars for each and artery Tara of Catarrh that cannot be cured by tha Uia of Hall s Catarrh Cork. Frank j. Chi by sworn to Befarah me and subscribed in my Prea Anca Thia 4th any of Dar Amber a. A 1888. A w Gleason a a Quot a i notary Public. Hill a Catarrh Cura a taken internally and Acta it Raety upon tha blood and mucus aur Facea Ottha Ayata. Sand Lor testimony Ala free. _ f. Cheney amp co., Tola a 0. Cd Soll by Druggie to t5 Canta. Routine and discipline of life at the various posts. To Many people life at tho various Forwand military stations throughout the country is As a sealed Book says tin new York times. The Laws and regulations governing the army however Aro clearly defined and comprehensive and Many of them have remained unchanged since the founding of the government. Like All of Gaul the geographical limits of military jurisdiction Are divided into three parts known a tho military divisions of the Atlantic the Missouri and the Pacific each commanded by a major general of the army. Theae grand divisions comprise the whole territory of Iho country. The division Headquarters Are at governors Island Chicago and san Francisco respectively. The army consists of Twenty five regiments of infantry ten of cavalry and five of artillery a battalion of engineers consisting of four companies and a detachment of ordnance. The ninth Aud tenth regiments of cavalry and tho Twenty fourth and Twenty fifth regiments of infantry Are coloured soldiers. These regiments Are in All respects on tho same military footing As ail others. Tho non commissioned officers Are selected and promoted from tho ranks of their own regiments and the commissioned officers Orot assigned to the regiments As vacancies occur. Each coloured regiment has a chaplain. A detailed description of the duties of soldiers even in pc o times would require too much time and space a Genera idea of the daily routine will Correct the erroneous impression so generally entertained that a soldiers info is one of idleness. Reveille is sounded at or near Sunrise the exact time1 varying somewhat at different posts. At the first note the Garrison Flag is hoisted. All soldiers on duty must turn out in ranks at this and All other Roll Calls. Drill for an hour or More follows soon after at a time fixed by the commanding officer. The ceremony of guard mounting takes place at nine of clock fatigue Call comes next in order the sick Call which intervenes not being of course a Call for duty when such men consisting of tho old guards Aud others designated in turn perform the necessary fatigue and police duty of the Post. At eleven of clock first sergeant s Call is sounded when these functionaries repair to the adjutant a office for the perfecting of 1he Rolls of the sergeant major thus enabling him to keep his roster correctly and also to receive such information and instructions As May be necessary concerning their troops batteries or comp Nies. Dinner is at noon. At an hour designated by the Post commander afternoon Drill Call is sounded when the troops exercise in such Maneu vers As Are proscribed. Dress Parade usually tacos place just before Sunset and it is so timed that Retreat is bounded just after the a troop beats Olf during that ceremony. The Flag is lowered at the inst Noto of Retreat. Supper soon follows dross Parade. Tattoo Roll Call is at nine o clock and tips or lights Aro out a half an hour later. While attendance at religious ceremonies is not compulsory in the army Many of the men attend divine service at those posts of which there lire thirty four that have chaplains and More Observance is Given to the Day than was the Case in former years. Men Are detailed for guard duty with such frequency As tho strength of tho Force at the Post where they Are stationed renders necessary. There Are three reliefs of a proscribed number of men with one Corporal to each Relief Aud one sergeant of tho guard. Two hours on one Post and four hours off during the tour of Twenty four hours is the unvarying routine. Each Sentinel is instructed by the officer of tho guard i who is a lieutenant under authority of the officer of tho Day Quot to take charge of this Post and All government property in View Salute All officers according to rank in Case of fire alarm tho guard a and such other orders As Are doomed necessary Are Given. The order is Given to the sentry on no. I a to turn out the guard for All general officers the commanding officer the officer of the Day and for All armed any breach of discipline while on guard is an aggravation of the offence and it behoves the Soldier to have his wits about him and to it tend strictly to duty during his tour. Guard duty is like the Reading of tho Koran an endless task. Our military posts Are in Many instances isolated communities in Thern selves and in Many respects As different from civilian settlements or villages As can Well be imagined. There Are Post schools at which enlisted soldiers can if so disposed pick up a fair common school education during one term of enlistment. The subject of compulsory education in the army has been exhaustively discussed of late and so accomplished an officer As Brevet major general James b. Fry has Given u a his opinion that enlisted men should not be compelled against their wills to attend Post schools. About ton years ago James a. Gari old wad Robert Schenek while serving on the committee on military affairs in the House of representatives prepared a clause in the revised statutes Section 1,831, which afterwards became a Law and which is As follows a schools shall be established at All Posth garrisons or permanent Camps at which the enlisted men May be instructed in the common English branches of education and especially in the history of the United states and tho Secretary of War May detail such officers and enlisted men As May be necessary to carry out. This provision school hours for soldiers Are from half on hour after Retreat until Tattoo Roll Call. The Post schools Aro not at Presant kept up to tho Standard of excellence intended by the provisions of the Law and at Many posts tho letter of the Law alone is observed. The men of tho army have various amusements which however vary much at different posts. Amateur theatricals and musical performances Are or frequent occurrence at some during the Winter Post and the company libraries Are sources of Comfort to soldiers and gymnastic exercises Field sports and athletic games serve to amuse them. Marksmanship May to said to have begun with the Advent of the foreign team that came Here fifteen years. Such development of Sharp shooting As followed has rarely been know until now. Marksman and sharpshooters predominate in the ranks of the army. The practical life of a Soldier and technical studies necessary to a thorough knowledge of his duties Are far greater and More exhaustive than i generally understood. E is ancestors Teeth. In the Dingy Little court room of the Hamlet of Hamden conn., a Motley crowd of villagers gathered a few nights ago drawn thither by a lawsuit of a novel character. The Bone of Contention was a set of aged false Teeth artificial molars that had been burled in Mother Earth for the past Quarter of a Century. A Norwich special in the Boston Globe says Amos Barnes their original owner provided by will that when he died his Teeth should to buried with him. They were bought in the Days when dentistry was a Pristine Art and tho set mounted upon a Gold plate Cost sixty dollars. When tho sting of death made him the Graves Victory his wish was fulfilled Aud he and his false Teeth were burled together in a plot in the Corner of his own Yard where his old wife Ruth soon joined him in his endless sleep. The worldly goods of the couple passed along the line of posterity every thing with the exception of tho plot of ground where tho aged couple were buried going to their son Merwin Bonham. That Little strip of land however went to Ruth s daughter a mrs. Bradley of Springfield. She in turn gave it to her daughter who deeded it Over to Gilbert Bonham Nephew of Merwin Benham und the wealthiest Man in All Hamden. The peculiarities of Amos As related to Gilbert in the Days of his boyhood aroused his curiosity to such extent that to vowed a vow to see those Teeth. The sober thought of More mature years did not affect his weakness in this direction any and to kept his vow. Merwin Denham in a drive past the spot where his fathers Bones repose noticed that the blab was gone and he called upon Gilbert for an examination. Arriving it his nephews House to was surprised to find the slab turned into a molding Stone. A scene ensued which reached the Climax when Gilbert nourished the pair of old false Teeth before the eyes of his Uncle Merwin and in Vitco him to try them on. Investigation developed tho fact that Marcus Wood in the Sexton had exhumed the dust of Merit no a father and rescued the Teeth from everlasting oblivion. Merwin at once swore out a warrant for the arrest of the accommodating old Sexton and Gilbert made counter charges against his Uncle and secured a warrant for his arrest upon a charge of stealing his Merwin a a grandfathers Tombstone and using it for a horse Block. The eases came before the Justice in this complicated order and that official sagely threw both out of court. Gilbert gleefully invited villagers to Call upon him and see tho set of false Teeth which he carried in his trousers pocket As a Mascot this invitation was too much for the a oldest inhabitants a and they advised Merwin to sue his Nephew for disseminating scandal in the neighbourhood Merwin accepted the suggestion and Gilbert was notified to appear before the Justice and show cause Why to should not pay damages for carrying the old Teeth of Merwin a father Aud using his Tombstone for a molding slab different Points of View. Mrs. Minks a so you now live on Blank Street is that locality respectable a mrs winks with asperity a a a live mrs. Minks Muesli Hurt a a Well 1 think you might give a civil answer to a civil question.�?new York weekly. A Princess menagerie. Princess Maria Theresa of Bavaria combing is an uncommon taste for travelling with a passion of Domestic pets and As she insists on taking quite a menagerie of them about with her the two things do not go very Well together. She is unmarried and is attended in All her wanderings by a maid of Honor and Chamberlain. The care of the Princess cherished animals devolves on the latter functionary Whoso a cosilion is no sinecure Asho has no fewer than fourteen of them to look after including several dogs two magpies an enormous rat and a diminutive Bear. I have found nut a gift for my fair its not a rum of Flotd nor Flower for her hair nor Pearl for her White neck hot 8aiva-Liun Oil for her euro Throat. She1 a aug ins Bird. Tit ail urge common a tic Perenne or taking an increased interest in property Irineo Ritner and pc Liap tor that very reason Are i Boring their live by using or. Lull h cough syrup when they Are first attacked with a cough or cold al a year in the future serve so Long a year in the Pust seems so Short. It is an old adage Quot to be forewarned a to be 8a let it be a your Case Olio read this and keep on hand s Luhv Balsam which is sold by All druggists. Don t quarrel big an enemy. With the world it in too a slight cold if neglected often attacks the lungs. Brown b bronchial troches give sure and immediate Relie. Sold Only in boxes. Price 25 Cento. The greatest mockery wealth give to poverty is selfish generosity Slop Gokh. Many people neglect what they Call a simple cold which if not checked in time May Lead to lung trouble. Scott s emulsion of pure cod liver Oil with hypo hos plites. Will not Only Stop the cough heal the lungs. Endorsed by thousands of physicians. Palatable As milk. Try it. Sold by All druggists. At every Railroad in Holland there is a water Worman at the crossing. J a cured by nags or Iacoi Ishii g0.md.theehas-avoge�er in Diamond Vera Cura for dyspepsia. A pos Jtj a curb for indigestion and All Aston Ian trouble Arling therefrom. Four drug gift or general dealer Irtel get to try Cura for you if not already to Stock or it will the sent by mad on receipt of 23 Els \5 boxes in Stamps a a ample sent on receipt o f cent stamp. The Charles a. Vogel1cr co., balt mtr my. Kidder a pastilles a in Bap Bitch Hue. Ii Tilths i opium it by Fra am by a seat remedies Allens Aletto Belem a und be pm neat the Drux Futa peek of u la to Ifil lemme a flirt of entire h la need. Lion wherever Price 25cta.,soct�., $1 por hotels. No s-g1nt bottles Ere out up for the Ceccone me Dettan of Ell who Deni re a imply n co grf or croup re Bot. Hose do Tinna a remedy far sons or Coy lung piss As s should curs Kim Largo $1 Bat Uto. Mothers Road Oakland st a. It., april h 1833. ,�?1the demand for Alleif s a vhf Bali Sam to decree Alix Eor jul amp Nutly. The Lef Tea the left them 1 no Medicine equal to it for Crone end when plop Couch c. A Martin. Mold my All Medicine dealers Ham cured rows treated free. Poe Lovely cured with vegetable Remetir. Here cured a aerie thou inn cases. Cure Peti Enta n renounced Hope is by the Beni Phy a a ret dose Nyta plums rapidly do Ftp Yallen. From not Sou symptoms rapidly disappear end in Tew Deya at least two third of Ell symptom Ere removed Bend for Freo Book of testimonial of miraculous Jure. Tea Days Trent ont uru Jahed free by mall if Yon order trial and 10 Yenta la Stamps to pay mall ii. Olla in a sons. Atlanta w free prettiest Book Ever printed. Ton ends of Naringi Best heed a cheapest Ever frown. In Kate Ike cheap As dirt by sex. At la. 100600 Pkt. New torts divided Fettke Tok customer. I five away wore than Torna Nell. Send for my cat plague. B. H Soma War Rockford ill fun fifi it Studt. A oort keeping it. E vice arithmetic Sho hand eic., Thor our Fly taught by mall. Low rates. Circulars free. By arts a College. 131 Alain so. Buffalo n. Y. I Charlestown Alaw i jul 9 a a Aiko in Furu Utah a Vijai to Mari Lilno tin m a Warl either a. Ceily am tit in. To a a Kab. Taun a co i Juu. Guzek Sciand d tic top Tom re Horther Brown of 188 Jinda my Ocada. End any yields Yea often doubled them by Wero to Rowry Beoda go tag them oat m. Barley 70, Coro left potatoes 600 bu., Etc. We pay in Prate 61 50 on farm Beeda a by $1,880 a Jefe table for largest yield la 1889. You can win one or More if Yua want to. Hern Naier Refl Glass greens a Tatoia 600 bu., Etc. Bee catalogue about it. Operate 6,004 sons in or rowing seeds. Floor room of Eood store Over t agree Neuar fan Voity w.0w our City bar 12 Maila 70 fat Ipolit train and is expire daily no we can fill All order at one. Rend 9c for Grain Pam pm or 10c for giant Tail tags and Tret flue Catalon w join a. 8al25ee, la crease i. A prominent merchant in trouble. Old Mono bag mope to id of Liq ail Day. As snappish and Cross As a boar tho Cirks know enough to keep out of his Way. Lest tho merchant should grumble and swear. Even Tabby the oat. Is in fear of a cuff or it kick. If she ventures too near they All know the master is up to Borough. And his freaks unexpected and queer. A hat makes us old fellow to surly and rim. And behave to confound edly Maloaf there s certainly something the matter with him if it stomach or liver or spleen 7 we be go copied it i liver la Aluf Alfh and bad i blood ii disordered and foul it a enough to make any one Bope scisly mad. And Greet Hie Best Friend with a growl. To Correct a Clug Giak or disordered liver and to cleanse and purify tha blood and thereby sweeten the temper or. Pierce a Golden medical discovery has no equal. It improved digestion builds up the flesh invigorates the system dispels melancholy and makes life Worth living. It is guaranteed to Benefit or cure if taken in time and Given a a i i in. In fair trial in All diseases or which it is recon ended or the Money paid or it will be refunded. Copyright 188?, by world s die Isbart medical association proprietor. C Ata r r h m the Heap no Khattor of How Long Btu Tacut Tgu 1b per Rumen try cured by or. Fiacco a cat arum by meow. 60 menu by i us Pili

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