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Blackfoot Idaho News Newspaper Archives Jun 1 1889, Page 3

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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - June 1, 1889, Blackfoot, IdahoIt Fig an gang to a a people with tic eff. Facet drawn a if they had a wallowed a Feather amp it we a tickling their lung and they tro old be Happy if they could Only sneeze. Now there is no need a a milking area Quot a bottle let a. Bulls cough syrup will draw your face Back into a smile. Quot Kings Are Tike stars they Rise and they have headache cuts and hurts like meaner men and Are just As sure to Call for salvation Oil. If you would create something you must be something Goethe. Conan Mellon sure if cured. To the editor a Pense inform y leaders Thutt i have a positive remedy Lor con sumption. By its timely use thousands hopeless cases have been permanently cured. I shall be glad to Send two bottles my remedy fake a to any your readers who have consumption if they will Send me their express and p. 0. Address re Specif till t. A. Slocum m. C., 181 Pearl Street a per Japan legally recognizes Tbs Christian Sabbath As a Day rest. If Leeteg with Flore eyes Ana . I be Thomo Oan t Ere water. Drug Fouts a All 1l 2r�, thi state Louisia a has instituted a a Uit to break up the Cotton Oil monopoly. When baby was Nick. We Paw her Cna Torta fort tip was a child. for Castor la. Then Ahe hernia Mia Ahe Clung to Castor la when she Hal children use Gars them Castor is four Hundred millions meteorites fall into the Earth a atmosphere daily a the Spring comes slowly no this Way a sings Christ Hel but it is always summer time in California and the be to Way to reach that enchanted land is Over the Union Pacific railway the a Nons Golden Gate special every wednesday from Council Bluffs and Omaha. Lady Randolph Churchill is much affect ing Pale greens in her costumes. Rheumatism a a i Bav been a victim rheumatism for the past six years and 1 have tried various remedies but none gave Relief until i used Paine a celery compound. The effect was wonderful in two Days i was relieved All pain and when i had used one bottle i Felt better than 1 had for a Long d. H. A tax Belton ilk had smoked one. Wife i noticed to any that Yon have smoked Only one Cigar out that Box i gave you your birthday nearly six months ago. Hubby a do you think i can smoke those dear i wont to keep them As mementos Yotter affection. Wife i assure you i would feel just As Well if you would smoke them. Hubby but i fear i Hampton Republican. In to human Brehmjr an eminent German authority save a consumption is always due to deficient nutrition the lungs caused by bad a the Brompton Hospital for consumptive London England a statement hat been published that 52 per cent the patients that institution have unsuspected kidney disorder. This explains Why the proprietors Ware re a Safe cure claim that they have received Many testimonials which they have not published because the incredulity with which they would be received were it claimed that Warners Safe cure cures consumption. But the fact is that in your kidneys be cured and put in a healthy condition they expel the uric acid and poisonous waste matter and prevent the irritation the delicate substances the lungs thereby removing the cause. When the effect is removed the symptom kidney disease which is called consumption disappears and with it the irritation which caused it _ tile evolution ears. At a recent meeting the Western Microscopical club London prof. Stewart remarked that while we expect to find the ears upon the head in the larger animals we look in vain for the same arrangement in the lower invertebrate creatures. Many these like the Scallop have no head others like crabs and lobsters have their ears placed their horns Antenna others like the Green Grasshopper have the ear the fore leg others like the fresh water shrimp have it the Tail. In fact it would seem that in these lower forms life Whoso origin was Long Anterior to the evolution mat nature was feeling her Way and making experiments As to the future position the sense organs. Superficial Survey. Asbestos has recently been discovered in California. One grower in Oviedo Fla lost 1,000 boxes oranges by dropping during the late wet spell. A Bill has passed the Nevada Assembly Prohs biting the sole intoxicating liquors to women. The Rice prospects the South Uro not Good bad storms and floods have done great damage. Whal a it is a says a st. Louts Clergyman a that there Are so Many Sweet Juners and sour saints a since Snow made its appearance in Vermont More than 500 accidents have Deen reported f rom the lumber districts. It is stated that 43,030.030 copies tho Moody and Sanky a gospel hymns a have been sold in the United states and England. George Comar a resident Virginia City claims to have been visited by satan and to have had a Long talk with tho old boy. No less than fifteen boys have been 3 Row nod this season at Pawtucket a i., while skating thin ice around air holes. A thief in Carlisle pn., steals nothing but bibles and he has taken ninety one from the people that town without being Dia covered. It has been calculated that not less than 20,000,1x10 meteors each Large enough to be visible As a a shooting Star a enter our atmosphere daily. The Oral Salt. A lady finding a beggar Lvov at her door gave him a meal Coffee meat and bread and butter which he sat Down in the Aren to eat. A moment afterwards however he rapped beseeching by at the door again and its being opened remarked with Bis hand upon his heart a if i had but a Little Salt 1 should be perfectly course he got the suit. Human nature is always lacking something. Oftentimes it were better off without its wishes yet it is universally conceded that no permanent enjoyment can be had without the savor health which keeps go Oil cheer fresh and preserves and sweetens life for the future. The great Ruddy Farmer Pines because he has not won Fame position. The famous Man Longs for the Lusty health the sturdy Farmer. The Grain Salt is wanting. How to secure and retain the savor health in the midst this Rushing nervous overworked generation is a problem worthy our closest attention. It cannot be done with stimulants which but Spur Oil the Over worked nerves to fresh efforts Only to leave them More jaded and shattered. Nor with narcotics which temporarily soothe but to create an unnatural appetite the terrors which a be Quincy has to graphically portrayed. It May be asked what is the cause this extreme nervousness Lack appetite lung trouble deficient heart action failing eyesight apoplectic al tendency Etc. We reply poisoned blood caused by diseased kidneys and the troubles the Rev. R. H. Bosworth who becomes indicated Are after All but symptoms Paine s celery compound has undoubtedly cured More cases Rheum tim which had resisted other treatment than All other rheumatic remedies combined if troubled with rheumatism neuralgia Tisz Paine a celery compound at once a few doses will prove its Urt equated value. $t.. Six for $5.00. At druggists. Wells Richardson amp co., Burlington i Diamond dyes it stated fqqdi�5��5&�&� sick headache by Thip Little pills. To lib Yiao Eliare i Trena from digestion Antoo hefty eating. A perfect remedy for Dizzine Nanae Dowain Crft bad. Taste in the Mouth. Coated in tho Side. Tor it liver. They relate the Pocola purely vegetable. Price 25 Cento a a games Medicna co., new 70�z. Small Pill Small dose. Small Price in 18s3i contracted blood po1scb Bud Type and was treated with Mercury Pottash Aud Anu Parupia mixtures Eton Flag a Oreall the time. 1 took 7 Seo Oil bottle . S. Which cured me entirely and no Eiguy a the dreadful die ago has re Tornado. J c. Kay Jan. 10, 89. Nobby Villa lad. Sly Little Niece bad White Uttof to Ucb an extent that a he won confined to the Bod for a ion time. More Tenn 20 piece Bone a am out her in. And the Doctora Saki amputation won the Only vied to a ave her life. I refused the operation and put her li.8.8. And the in now up and Active and in a Good health a any child. I am Hiis slut feb. 11 m col Naboa 6 Book blood do a a rent free. Witt a Xci vie co. Or ver 3. Atlanta <3 Carters ittle Iver pills. Brownell a co., manufacturer and dealers in engine gaiters and pumping machinery of�1l description. Iren and Ummi Werkin machinery Law Mil machinery and supplies Kail Road and contractor bup Ellea state agent Dodty Wood spill Pulley and do dire s Patent system Power Tran tin Aalon by a amp Llla a rape. Of fonts Trenton Iron be a wire Hope it g intent Doublet Date a a it a. Acid 13 Leavenworth st. Omaha. Neb. I cure fits 1 do not in pan merely to atop them Lor time and then have them return. I mean a Radical cure. I have made fits epilepsy off falling sickness a life ion study. I warrant my remedy to cur the worst Case. Because others have Falle. La no reason for not re a cure. Send at once for treatise end i Reo bottle my infallible remedy Oise express had p. U. G. Root a go 183 Pearl st. N. A this Belt Rob tor 1s made a Privily for the Cuie derangement the Irene Ralto oif Fana. The l Outing bloc i Kiclty permeating through the Parr Nuit restore them to healthy action. Do not confound this with electric it. Ira advertised to cure All ills from head to toe. It la for the one spec la Purpo e. For circulars giving full add rest cheer electric Bel co., 104 information.______1______. Washington Street Chicago. Iii. I Piso a cure for i11 cures where All else fails. Boat Gough t toe tee Good. In time. Sold by druggist. Ask Aarau amp aaa secrets free maa onary. San grips and Morgan a Fate by Winall receipt 91, Rubli Fhlug co., Pizii i a Minn. In Cut Are coining Money with our new Book. Allen i d write for circulars. Distance no hindrance. Krap real Puli House 8t. Paul Minn. I a a a a asthma kippers ? i l Harlan town Vaa can . Atri Altott tie sent free to any one a by ctr la it a. Taft Bruj Law Uester n. Akter rain follows Sunshine. Stop that cough and cure consumption by using Warners log Cabin Cote go and consumption Smedt and Yon will find the Sunshine health won following. Two sizes si.00 Aud 50 cents. _ in lha wrong office. Pedal Era a my dear sir do Yon know Bow much time Yon lose dipping a pen into the Ink ten dips a minute Means s00 dips an hour 0,000 dips in ten hours and each dip consumes Quot business Many Quot yes i know i have a cured it All pedal Era Quot and yet i find you writing in the old business Many a yes i am using Liq Fountain pen a sold me about amont7 ago using it in the old Way because in wont write in any other pedal Era Quot beg Pardon in a in the wrong office. Good Day. A new York weekly. A Lucky haul. Tex Ball feb m. Learning a few Daya ago that lottery lightning had struck Marlin to the tune $5,000, and that messes. J. E. Johnson and Matt. Walker were the Lucky individuals a Ball representative proceeded to ascertain the truthfulness the matter. We met . J. E. Johnson in town last saturday. There was nothing unusual in his countenance Demeanour and he did not hesitate to state the facts. Or. Johnson is a Young Man engaged in the service . Walker his ranches tor two years he has been investing a Small sum in the Louisiana state lottery but the fickle goddess did not smile upon him until last month. On saturday before the drawing . Johnson and . Walker put up $25 each and purchased 50 fractional tickets. The Money was sent by Wells Fargo express and reached its destination promptly before the drawing in due time the tickets were received and examination it was found that they held one twentieth ticket no. 64,100, which Drew the second capital prize $100,000. The ticket was placed in the Bank Marlin for collection and was promptly cashed presentation . Johnson receiving $2,500 and . Walker $2,500. Or. Johnson says he proposes to continue investing a Small amount every month. Or. Walker has been twice Lucky having drawn $1,200 in August last. A medical Ait society for Seu support tag women has opened rooms in Philadelphia. The further Extension Tbs Tien Tom railway in China has been prohibited. The situation that has not its Ideal was never yet occupied by . Quot Brown is , troches Are widely known As an admirable remedy for bronchitis hoarseness coughs and Throat troubles. Sold Only in boxes. Assistant pastor at Plymouth Church find Olden n. Y., is a graduate Garret Bibigul Institute class is in. A gentleman in Columbus ga., has a razor in hich has been in constant Uso 104 years it bears a close resemblance to a Broad a but does Good service yet. A voting Dandy recently appeared in Piccadilly London in a costume Lavendar trousers Patent leather shoes Ami a Short jacket soap pm. The effect was striking. The newest thing in crests monograms is to put them Down at the Bottom the note Pap a instead at the top As before the chosen Corner being the right hand one. The Rev. Or. Homer Eaton the newly elected Book agent tho methodist Episco Pul Church is a member the Troy conference Aud is descended from old gov. Eaton Vermont. At Rivington ga., Aman who stole and hid a Jug whisky ran his band into a steel trap that had been put in tho place the Jug during his absence by a Friend the owner who had witnessed the theft. The Richmond Christian advocate in advanced kidney disease which is but another name for Brights disease. Unless remedied there will to a Complete breaking Down the great blood purifying Oreana the kidneys and they will be excreted piecemeal through the urine. I now in the Spring the year owing to the extra work which has been put upon the kidneys and liver through a meat diet during the Winter months these symptoms ate More pronounced and the danger to the patient correspondingly increased. It is therefore imperative that the poisoned blood vie eradicated and that the kidneys be put in Complete health which can be speedily and effectually accomplished try the use Warner s Safe cure a tried and proved specific in hundreds thousands cases. Pursuing the path we have marked out you will possess the Salt Content without which life a banquet is Quot Flat stale and Frozen it Elk the agricultural society France has been shown by m. Guerin that fresh commenting upon tho great educational and milk May be easily transported to the vantages the Southwest says that they most Distant places in a Frozen state mfr a 2aasarikssklsrffi.s Days and weeks after freezing the milk the thirteenth. �8 to Quai new for cooking yield a movement toward christianity among 0j Cream production butter and the jews Siluria is reported the Leader cheese and in All other respects. Being a polish jew Jacob Sheinman by asthma nothing is so Strong a gentle near netting is so gentle a real strength. A. Win and after March 17 the 1889, Fusi limited solid i press trails will run daily ver the great Rock Island route leaving Omaha 4 00 p. M. Council buffs 4 30 f. M. Kansas City 6 30 p. A and st. Joseph 6 30 p. M. Magnificent equipment Palace Day coaches Siee Pera dining cars and be tween st. Joseph and Kansas City and Chicago free reclining chair cars. Similar fast limited through trains Between Denver and Pueblo via Colorado Springs and Chicago. These trains Are Vestibule heated by s ten in from the locomotive and have All modern improvements that con Duee to safety and Comfort furnishing unsurpassed accommodations to passengers at lowest rates. Prompt Union depot connections in Chicago with outgoing East trains for Detroit Cleveland Buffalo Pittsburgh Philadelphia Baltimore. Washington Boston new York and All Points East save time and Money and see that your tickets going East read via Chicado Rock Island i Pacific railway. Name. Exiled to Siberia Twenty years ago because avowal belief a christianity he there began to proclaim Bis convictions a sheriff in Georgia actually attached a Railroad train by running a Chain through one the wheels the engine nod fastening it to the track. After a while to was convinced that he bad no right to Stop the United states mails and the train was allowed to proceed a Man who has twice attempted to shoot m. Puy president the tribunal Caret in France while the Bench firing three shots at him has twice been acquitted by a jury and declares that the will yet kill the magistrate. The cause i this remarkable leniency is not stated. The rats have become to numerous Aud mischievous at the residence Vav. B. Mitchell Americus a that they go into the Bureau drawers get tie Money that is stored away in them am carry it off. It is known that they Rise carried away several Silver quarters. The methodist episcopal Church now has 2,154,237 communicants against 2,093,335 last year indicating a not Piu in 1s$j Over 60,000. Tho value a Sreh property including parsonage has reached the enormous sum �37,540,515�?011 increase for the year about �4,825,001. The Earl Mulgrave thi countess Ellsmere the Bishop Lineon the Bishop Argyll and the Dean Worcester Are among the recent subscribers 1p the fund �64,000 required for the erection a Chapel and renovation st. Saver s Church Leeds As Ajmo Morial to . Putty. The Rev. Peter Wallace the Illinois methodist conference has Beec appointed chaplain the soldiers and majors Home at Quincy 111. Or. Wallace is 71 years old but Hale and vigorous. He sorted in the War and at Stone River commanded his regiment the seventy third Illinois. The Waldensian Church in ital has kept alive in spite the Dower the papacy for nearly 700 years. In addition to its thirty seven pastors the Church employs eighty five men and women As Evangelista col porters Hilbie readers and teachers. Fifty two these Are converts from catholicism. In one the great canyons out West there is an icicle 1,000 feet Long. A local paper thus describes it Ayo Lumo water unusually Large for the year is falling ova tho perpendicular Wall at the head this Canyon about an even thousand feet in height the Falls Are encased in a Beal tube ice which when the Sun strikes it looks like a giga Uio column Crystal standing upright a Abst tho precipice. Within the torrent Funes and boils with a defending Roar Akin to Thunder. The prussian War minister has just put fished in two volumes a history the co org the prussian army from 1807. It to pears that in the campaigns 1364 and and 1866 Niecy none standards were pierced by balls. In the Campaign 1370 the number regimental colors pierced was 15l the Flag the seventh regiment infantry was hit by Twenty three balls in the single Battle Mars la tour. In tho entire Franco prussian War thirty eight prussian Standard bearers were killed while holding their colors. M. Swetnam Blaine Lawrence county iiy., owned a Fine Milch cow which was seized with fits Aud pitched around in a dangerous manner and exhibited Many vicious freaks. She would strike her nose against any available object until the skin and flesh were torn away. Alarmed at the danger her doing harm. Or. Swetnam dispatched the animal and made an investigation when cutting her head open a Copperhead Snake was found in her nose which had crawled up the left nostril Over the Bridge the nose und Down the Roghi nostril where its fangs wore firmly imbedded completely hiding them from View. To Ray Rolls its ceaseless Conree invention Feu been inc ceded by invention tending to the Benefit Mankind till the very Ilena enu Heve become in by revient to bit will. Wit Noe the winged lightning trained to Brooma Fleet and ratty Metee oger the Placid water converted into a Power the like which car Pae eee the understanding the Enning Craft and ingenuity Roan have be sieved wonders for Hie amelioration Comfort and requirements. Under thi connection it May not be ont place to note what service . Bad Way Hae been to Hie fellow men in discovering and Oora pounding Safe and reliable Medicine for the belief pain and for the care Diana to. Or. Bad ways Medicine 10 Long and favourably known to the Public have Nevar been More popular than at the present time. Their excellence in tend All Over the world. Thay Are alike welcomed by the Rich a by the poor. In All properly stored Home Rad Way ready Relief a reapers Ilian resolvent Radway Dille Are Enre to be Fonod. Or Rad Way s Medicine can at All time he relied upon each to perform its proper function. Rad ways Bendy Relief i a Are antidote for pain i quicker in it operation and More powerful than any other preparation while it b entirely free from the dangerous effect Many which numb the senses and clog the circulation. Rad Way s Reedy Relief is Safe reliable and effectual Rocanas the Etiman Laniog action which it exert Over the nerve and vital Power the body adding tone to tha one and inciting the renewed and increased vigor the slumbering vitality the physical it Kumre. And through this healthful it imitation and increased action the cause tha pain i driven away and a natural condition restored. It i tons that the ready Relief i so admirably adapted for the care pain and without tha risk injury which i ear a result from the Nee Many tho go called Pein remedies the Day _ red Way Mir Eapan Ilian Resol von t a the great Modi Cal Dieco vory Trio a a for tho cure chronic Dia Tiea. Each re run Fula in ail it form a syphilis with it tremendous train evils and Man sons i eat be All kinds often to difficult to cure Aud yet to formidable set amp Gouda tic to Good health and to Good look. Lindway Pill the Only reliable Suba tint for Calomel Mercury Are still the people s favorite purgative and a sure cure for cos Livent a indigestion. Palpitation and the Kindred die the Bowel liver and a Toni h that Roeu t from Over rating use improper food improper Nao stimulants overflow bile in the blood and All mat where u purgative cathartic ape Rient laxative Medicine a required. Or. Radway medicines can to had any druggist at Moat the country stores. Add a Little boiling water to tho hog swill so ii to take the Cleill off. For two two cent Stamps we will a end you one the band it til manac in tho country. Quot Home Tead a Omaha neb. For the Sake one Good action a Bun a ired evil ones should be forgotten. Strictly filial no. Old gents Quot i understand sir in fact., i know you and my daughter Aro edging very rapidly toward Matrimony Quot penniless suitors a it is True sir and although i am obliged to confess it will have to be a Case love in a cottage i Hope-�?�?11 a say no More. Love in a cottage is the True Ideal happiness. You have my consent Quot a ooh thank Yon Quot a providing you can show me the deed the cottage. York weekly. He Ware Ola men is for Catarrh that Cea Tain Mercury a mortar j will a train lar destroy theaven Tuell and completely derange the whole Pya Teni when entering it through tha mucus air Focee. Such article should never be used exc it prescriptions from re put i Obj simians a the damages they will do Are ten fold to the Good you can possibly derive from them. Halls Catarrh cure Nanu facture a by f. J. Cheney a co., Toledo o., contains no Mercury and is takes internally and acts directly upon the Bloed and mucus surfaces the system. In buying Hall s Catarrh cure to sure you get the genuine it is taken internally and made in Toledo Ohio by p. X Cheney a co. A a a dolby druggy to Price 75c per Bot tie. Fob Chick re Choyou it Huron by Sheboygan Wii a Kov. 12, ims. 1 have need fit. Jaees Oil for Chicken cholera with great no Ceas. Every fowl affected with the disease was eared by it and re. It Baa saved k. A. Kuest Cyk Freedor Tine fowls. I recommend it As Memcaj doll an had was a linux r Diamond Vera Cura Fob . And All stomach Trou Ilki scam All i get i it to sour-8i unit cd. Member. It urea. Gin Doe in Conati Pentlen. Mulleen after eating. Food al Ling in the Mouth Aid Ali agreeable Laie Niter fall by. Ner Ruinen Nilow spirit. At drug Guu and Taun to by Mellon rare Jim a Ariit. <5 Boxe 100 Ltd stamp. Sam Stu tend am Recti i j-c4hi stamp the Charles a. Vogeler co. Est Mere 1 Ltd remarkable a a Flisch Pilod Cick. I it 4prioni rapidly while taking it a Kwh Scott Sis Olsion is acknowledged by Phi i Cian a to be the finest and beat preparation for the Relief coys ump tips sen Eua l debility. Wasting diseases children and cd Ronio coughs. Ali Dao Aoun. Goott amp Bowne How York. A he most certain end Safe pain remedy in the world that instantly atop the most a excruciating is truly the great conqueror pain and has done More Good than any known remedy. For sprains bruises backache pain a the cheat 8ides, headache Toothache any Ether external pain a few applications ribbed by the hand act like magic causing tha pain to instantly Stop. For congestion inflammations. Sore Throat bronchitis cold in the Chest rheumatism neuralgia Lum sciatica Paine in the Small the Beck Etc., More extended longer continued and repeated applications Are necessary to effect a cure. R ready Relief. Instantly relieves and quickly cures All internal pains. Cramps spasms sour stomach nausea vomiting heartburn nervousness sleeplessness sick headache diarrhoea Colic flatulence fainting spells. Sold by druggists. Co cents a bottle. 20 prize stallions Fere Nersas and French catchers reserved for Spring Trade to u puc1d Sale March 25,1889. These Stella a were Fri As a Tel Era Matibe tax a grew Hove fib raw France 1mb. I Lave found each year that a number wet Are a till not conveniently buy until Lata ii eat . And it was to Saccom Aardal the that Licat fal Laiad Arrve Twenty lad Way smothers Friend makes child birth East if used by Fob confinement. Book to Quot Mot Bim a . By Adfield regulator co., Atla Atalga. Bold my All dr�gi8t. Ely scream Balm Africa 50 Cenia. Will cure Catarrh apply Balm into pack poet Rel. Ely bros., m Warren 8t, a. A Tossova Day a knt fila Ila to mar. Brewster safety Lula Holder Given away a it Latre Duce them every Bora owner buy from 1 to 6. Lines never under horse t feet. ?end2& Beni Quot in a Lampa to pay postage and packing for a kill plated Sample that sell for a cent. Addrena Brewster goo., Holly till baby carriages we Manof Attaie to Ell direct to i re vat Par tic and deliver few 700 Ellra Chicago. Send for Catalogna. Ch�8, Haiseu. Mfr. �2-44 Cir Botha at., Duange to the a eat and it warn to accommodate the Ella a pm Vii a Ferric Wei will be placed Sale met be is it being 1 me Iii Imp a Keogh for Hick determination to so control my Emporia Loaa that i ran offer Par Chavec a first Ciata horse any Day to the year. Al Bali thelery Breeding gym rant fire with Lack animal Gold. A. W. Dunham Wayne Illinois. Thirty be mile wet Chicago the Chicago a North Western 11 abroad. If Lars hew ta1ur system a Finis any lady Oral Ahry intelligence can easily and. Quickly learn to Cut and Raaket any garment to any style to any measure for lady child. Address Moody amp c0.e Cincin Natl a Well drills for All purposes hive made 2 it. A minute with the Austin 4 Triumph. Send tor. For mall inf catalogue. F. Austin mfg. Co. Cok Ca Richter st. And Carroll ave. Chicago. Illinois. W. N. O., Omaha 458-13. A Jaq Jaq a a a in a a a re. By a a the Whu Haa invested from Llerve to five Dollar in a Kurt coat and at i am half hour experience a a atom find to i Lorrow that it la hardly a better Protection than a Mea gusto netting not Only Ficeli chagrined at being to badly taken in bet Alao Feela if a Dore not look exact for like Aak for tha fish Brand Slick v a t we offing then a win wits service wet Hen not style a garment that will keep lira dry in the to modest storm. It is called to Weka a fish Brand b pc Axil a Nanaa familiar to every cow boy ail Over the land. With them us Only perfect wind and water Root Quot Tower Fth Brand 1/ your storekeeper Goa tax and take no old i does not have the Risa read. A end . A. J. Town 30 so Muon st., Boston. Mass. Miraculous restoration. That a Antr lady tripping fix. How Light her step iwo Bright her Rwjr. How fresh her Cheek with healthful glow. Like Rosea that a daytime blow1 and yet few weeks have passed away since she was fading Day by Day. The doctor s skill could naught Avail weaker she grew and thin and Pale. At last while in a hopeless Frame. One Day Rise said a there is a name i be often seen a remedy perhaps twill help i can but and is according to direction. She took . Pierce s favorite prescription. And every Baleful symptom fled and see was raised u from the dead. Or. Pierces favorite prescription u the world famed invigorating tonic end Nervine carefully compounded by an experienced and skillful physician end adapted to woman s delicate organization harmless in any condition the system. It is purely vegetable and perfectly it is the Only Medicine for tho Dis Tressing weaknesses and derangement Peculiar to women sold by druggists under a positive guarantee from the manufacturers that it will give satisfaction in every Case Money will be refunded. This guarantee has been printed the bottle wrappers and faithfully carried out far Many years. Copyright 1sss, by world s Dis Maui Munch Aseo Canon proprietor. Or. Pierces pellets anti billions grannies Are laxative cathartic according to size dose

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