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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - June 1, 1889, Blackfoot, IdahoHydrophobia to Georgia death of John Womack after terrible agony from the bite of a cat. 1 he death of John Henry Womack in Walton county from hydrophobia mused by the Bito of a cat says an Atlanta in letter to the Cincinnati enquirer has resulted in the destruction of nearly All those animals in that Sec icon tho Story of Womacks death is thrilling in the extreme. One month go from last wednesday won Taek was bitten by a cat. The wound was a severe one on tho left forefinger. It healed up in a week or ten Days and the incident was forgotten. On the 9th Hoinack complained of a shooting pain the his Finger. At first this was confined of the Finger then it reached the Elbow Niheu to tho shoulder finally entering the body. He described the pain by rating that it was in the marrow of his a ones and Felt like plus sticking. The shooting pains became More frequent Mil severe. Saturday night he had a violent fit. The unfortunate Man would a jump like a cat beat his breast with his fists lie Down upon the floor and kick until the Bones in his toes were broken. The fit lasted seven minutes. After it was Over Womack explained that he had been perfectly conscious he Ivole time but was utterly unable to control himself. Half an hour after tho first was the second fit. A for god s Sake open the floor Quot pleaded Womack a tin choking to the door was opened. A shut it Quick Quot screamed the madman a shut it Quick in a choking to subsequent fits were in every Way like first except More severe. A wife a he said after one a i want d to bite you but t clamped my Teeth and do on sunday neighbors were going to Chain Womack for the Protection of the family but to begged them not. A of know you All Quot said he. A i know if i bite Yon you will die. When i want to Bito you i just think of you suffering As i do and i wont a i he fits continued at regular enter a is of ten or fifteen minutes until wednesday morning last. Womack was Theu put in a room alone is he was getting evidently less Able to control himself. His lower Eye lid and the Muscles about tho cheekbone began swelling until the oyo entirely closed. In he Lump under each Eye was larger than an egg. It was first red. Then Blue finally almost Black. The upper lid contracted exposing the Whites of the eyes. When tho spasms would i oink i tho eyes shone with a greenish glitter Liko those of a cat in the draft k. Womack was locked in the room in a hurry and in tho confusion the baby was left on tho bed. Womack bad a terrible spasm but did not notice the baby lying Throe feet away. The Mother of the child ran in and picked up the baby. The spasm had passed off. Womack took his wife a hand hold it for soveral seconds told her Good by and also several relatives and neighbors. As the door was about to be shut no in he begged for his wife to Como to him again. A go Back John Quot said a neigh Lior Womack obeyed. The door was shut. Almost immediately he jumped up twice screaming a ooh then to fell and Lay quite still. The door was opened and be was found lying Oti the floor dead Bis head propped against to e bed his heavy Beard w As matted with White froth and after he fell a considerable Quantity of the same froth fell from his lips forming a Pool our he floor. Womacks feet and hands were terribly bruised and lacerated. His Finger nails were torn off his breast was Black and sore from boating it ten Days ago mrs. Womack was bit a Ien by the House cat. It was known that tho strange cat that Lead bitten Womack had also bitten the House cat tuesday mrs. Womack complained of. Pains in her Heel similar to those experienced by her husband Aud As in that Case these pains did not Ron nonce until the sore had apparently healed up. The country was scoured for a mad Stone. Finally one was found. This and other remedies real or supposed Are being used. Tho news that mrs. Womack had died which was published in the Georgia papers was incorrect mrs. Womack is apparently in Good health As Over talks As usual and the Only symptoms Are the slight pains starting in the Heel extending to the ankle. Sho says Trio mudstone has eased these pains though she still feels occasional twinges. There was some doubt in the minds of the country people about Womack a Case though the effect is none the less marked on that account they have killed All tho cats and dogs for mites around. Mrs. Womacks raise is being watch a with keen interest and the identity a already shown oct oct her Case and her husband s is causing general alarm a 3-year-Olil coloured girl the daughter a of Gus Starks was bitten the Day after mrs. Womack was. The cat that bit her was also bitten by the cat that bit Womack. Three or four Days ago John Parker a 6-Yoar-old White boy was bitten by another vicious oat. Several mules and horses have Boon bitten within the past few Days. If it i. Net hydrophobia what is it period of War the taxes must be in. Creased thus entailing greater burdens upon the working people. Thousands of persons who to Ordinary times Are tax producers Are then made tax eaters because they Are withdrawn from the productive industries of the country and merely consume that which is raised or manufactured. In the proudest Days of the Homan Empire even in tho Golden age of Marcus Aurelius the maintenance of sixty legions or barely 360,000 men scattered throughout Europe Asia and Africa was considered an enormous Burden on the people and one which they could ill Bear. Now Europe alone has on foot the colossal number of 4,000,000 of men in its standing armies during a time of profound peace. The roman legions were constantly fighting with the German or the scythian barbarians or the parthians in the East tet it was never proposed when there was an apparent cessation of hostilities that the army should be increased. It is left to our modern governments to be constantly increasing their armaments when All Are making assurances of continued peace. Hut tho longest sighted statesmen declare that it is impossible to be adding annually thousands and thousands of soldiers to the standing armies without ultimately culminating in a volcanic burst of War which will not Only shake All Europe but All Christendom. The destructive forces which arc already marshalled and drilled to strike at a moment s notice naturally alarm think i ing men because it seems like scatter Trade with Mexico. Why european merchants monopolize tho republics Commerce. A being a resident of Monterey mex., for the past five years Quot said Paul k. Smithers to a st Louis Post dispatch reporter a i have for the first time come to st. Louis for the purpose of making arrangements for purchasing goods suitable for the mexican Trade especially in the line of boots and shoes. From st Louis i go East whore i Hope to be Able to secure proper Cottons and coarse linens for the same country. A i have been engaged in Commerce for a number of years with Mexico oud am continually astonished at the Lack of Enterprise shown by our american manufacturers in securing the Trade of this great country which lies at our very doors is our natural tributary and produces almost nothing of itself except raw materials. Yet we allow the English and germans to take by far the greater portion of the Trade away from us and instead of excluding them they come very near shutting us out. The reason is not that the transatlantic goods Are better than those manufactured in this country for the contrary is the Case but that every foreign manufacturing House has a resident agent who not Only attends to the sales but keeps his principals posted on the exact kinds of fabrics required by the people. Other things being equal american goods Are accorded the preference. An incontrovertible proof of this is to be found in the fact that american Trade Marks Are most extensively counterfeited by european manufacturers. Some houses who will lug gun powder or dynamite in every. ,. Of v. In. A not do this themselves do not raise any room of one s House. I hese destructive May not be exploded it once but sooner 1 or later the crash of demolition must ensue. That is the Way in which real 1 y great statesmen look at these formidable armaments. Germany is essentially a military nation and her increased armaments have caused such a scare throughout All Europe that other nations say they must Arm in self defense. When another War occurs the severest test will be a i plied to the military system. The germans have been considered invincible for the past Twenty years because in their last conflict with France they had right manifestly on their Side. Hut the Folly and the arrogance which the French exhibited just previous to the War of 1870 May break out in Germany for there is no telling what fools nations May become at certain periods of their Wisconsin the Bishops hat. I hear a rattling Good Story that occurred in one of the Best known hat establishments in this City. Enter a Woll known Man about town who hands his hat to an attendant to be ironed. Tabile standing Bare headed at the counter in comes Bishop Potter. The latter mistaking the club Man for one of the shop Walker gives him his hat with the inquiry a have you a hat like this Quot the club Man in the coolest possible manner takes the hat turns it Over examines it closely looks at it inside and out then in slow and measured tones he remarks a no i have not Quot and he adds reflectively a if i had i am if i would Wear this happens to be a True Story. A new York truth alaskans wealth. The Wisdom of win. H. Seward in pushing to a successful Issue the plan of purchasing the russian possessions in America which was flouted at in Seward a Day becomes More and More apparent As the years Roll by. The Purchase Money including All the Cost of negotiation has been More than recovered in the valuable Seal fisheries while the Mineral wealth of the great territory has begun to be developed. More Tolian All else however Are tho Salmon fisheries in All the streams along a thousand Miles of coast. The streams there Are crowded with Salmon of a Superior Quality More plentiful than they were in tho Columbia in its Best fishing Days. It is said that not less than a million dollars will be expended during the ensuing summer in establishing fisheries along Many of the Alaska streams when it is believed on Industry will begin that is bound to rival the fisheries of tho East Over which Uncle Sam and John Bull have so Long wrangled. The Supply is positively beyond All All computation a an agreeable condition of affairs by the Way when it is remembered that the Supply of the Columbia River is slowly being exhausted. Cod fisheries have also been discovered along to Banks with which tho Many Alaska islands Are surrounded. The Timber resources of the territory have not yet been explored. Certain it is that even Seward builder Wiser than he Cincinnati times. Peace As formidable As w a. In the worlds history it has hereto Foro been considered that a condition of War was much More formidable to a my ion than that of peace. During a tried the Gat first. When Bob Bryor was a Small boy his step father Uncle Tommy Leroy was very sick one Day and the Little fellow in his anxiety and cunning gathered a multitude of herbs to make him Medicine and when it was compounded to to test if it it was Poison g to a dose to a eat add it did no to Hurt ii. Wrhen he took it to Uncle go messenger. There is one religions Pew in this City always courteous to strangers and that a de Pew a new York world objection to its being done by the retailers to whom they sell. A a san instance of the extent to which this is carried. I know of a Large shoe firm in Saltillo which makes a practice of paying a Small amount for every st Louis shoe Label which is brought them. These they place on English shoes and sell them much More readily than they can those stamped with tho european Brand. A where the for goers beat us out of sight in models. Take boots and shoes for instance. The mexicans at least those of tho country districts outside of the Rich Valley of Mexico Are a Barefoot race but Are just beginning to use shoes generally. They want an article at once cheap and Light and a Model that can to bought ready made and some kind of a fit secured. Our dealers need an excellent article but nearly All the Low priced shoes Are t High in the Ankles with heavy soles laced close up and worst of nil Are made on a last that would not fit one mexican in a Hundred. In this country those who buy cheap shoes require them to be wide in proportion to their length and the average sizes Are All Largo. The mexicans arc a Small race and with feet Small in proportion to their size. The consequence is that an american consignment contains a majority of shoes that will suit nobody and Are a dead loss to the purchaser. The English and germans on the other hand have made a Peculiar kind of last known As the mexican last which is used Only for shoes intended for the Spanish american Trade. They Are rather sandals than shoes with Flimsy Light soles made of poor material and leaving the ankle unconfined. As shoes they Are very poor but Are far More to the taste of the mexicans than the articles sent from this country and with a forged american trademark Are driving ours out of the Market. A the same fact is observable in Cotton goods. The mexicans have a Strong Eye for color but do not want it Bright and especially want it in Largo masses and figures and not in Small patterns. Nearly ail the american Cali Coes Are printed in Small Flower or Vine patterns the ground being either White or Bright red. The English and French taking pains to inform themselves of the National taste make their prints of Pale yellow or Dull red in solid masses and for this reason their products Are preferred. A very slight change in our system of manufacture in which some attention was paid to National taste would increase our Trade tenfold. This is very markedly the Case with the coarser grades of White Cotton which Are extensively worn by the negroes indians and poorer classes of persons. Our manufactures Are too heavy and too closely Woven being the exact counterpart of the goods sold in the Southern states of America while the English goods Are of a much More open texture and Are therefore greatly preferred. They make goods especially for the mexican Trade which they attempt to sell in no other part of the world while we making our own Market tho Standard try to sell goods suitable enough for that to poo pc who want something else. A few shrewd commercial travellers who would be Able to appreciate both the needs and tastes of the people of Mexico would be Able to increase the business of their employers by millions of dollars every year. No american can see this great Market which belongs to us by nature absorbed by foreigners simply because of a Little carelessness and inattention on our part and i Hope that our merchants will open their eyes to the great Field for Trade ready to their the nations forests. The first step in tho Effort to provide for the conservation of the Foresto on tho National Domain should be the with j drawl from Sale of All Forest lands belonging to the nation. It will not be necessary to preserve and Tun n All these forests permanently b extent of Forest territory which who required by a practical plan of Forest preservation and management for our Western Mountain regions cannot be at once precisely determined. A thorough examination of those regions and of tho agricultural country depending upon them for its water Supply will be necessary in order to show what forests must be retained and what tracts of Timber can he put upon the Market without injury to the important interests involved. Until such an examination has been made none of the Forest lands now belonging to states should be sold. Riding for dear life in the primitive Days of California juries and courts of Justice fell into disrepute among the people for the lax methods employed in the administration of Justice upon captured criminals and outlaws. At the time of the organization of the vigilantes affairs had reached a crisis and Young and old including Many of the Best citizens of san Francisco league themselves together and formed what is even now remembered in the Golden state As the strongest the United fld most powerful organization of a the kind Ever known. It soon grew the second step should be to commit to enormous proportions and its to the United states army the care and labors extended Over a great por guardianship of the forests belonging to the nation. There is in time of peace no other work of National defense or Protection so important As this which the army can perform and it is Plain that under existing conditions the for Tion of the state outside the City. The most binding oaths of secrecy were exacted and they were always religiously kept. At first there were those who wanted to suppress the Osta on the National Domain will not to order but these soon Learned for a indeed cannot be adequately guard their own health s Sake to hold their cd and protected by any other moans. The measures which have been tried including those now in operation or nominally in operation have proved almost entirely ineffective. The forests on the Public lands Are pillaged by settlers and by the employees of Railroad and mining companies without scruple or limit. Oiler instruments will have to be employed if the forests Are to be preserved. Their Complete and final destruction with that of the soil which sustains them is under the Presont system or want of system Only a question of time and of a very Short time. The officers of the United states army Are educated by tho nation for its service and they constitute a Hody of men not equated by any other in our country in their equipment for guarding and protecting the great Forest regions belonging to the nation. They possess every kind of fitness for this work in greater degree than any other class of men and if authorized by Law to undertake this service they would have tho Power and the Means Neces i sary for its performance while everybody else is at Presont inevitably powerless and incapable. As there is Likely to be very Little work for the urmy hereafter in tho care of the indians it will be available for this service of guarding the National forests. The work can he done Well by the army and it would Cost nothing or very Little while any other plan would necessarily be both ineffective and costly. This guardianship and defense of the nations forests by the army of tho nation should be continued and maintained until a sufficient number of adequately trained and equipped foresters has been provided by the nation ii government for the administration of a Complete and permanent system and policy for the management of the forests on the Public Domain. This brings us to consider the third Stop. This should be the appointment by the president of a commission to make a thorough examination of the condition of the forests belonging to to the nation and of their relation to the agricultural interests of the regions through which the streams flow which have their sources in these forests and to report with tho Facto observed a comprehensive plan for the preservation and management of the Public forests including a system for the training by the government of a sufficient number of foresters for the National Forest service. Peace and finally the vigilantes became so bold that prisoners were carried without molestation from jails crowded court houses and other places. It was Early in 1858, in the Palmiert Days of the vigilance est Sway that John Neumann now a Gray haired Veteran of about seventy had the adventure that he loves so Well now to talk about. There had been series of stage robberies All around san Francisco and the favorite prey of the robbers seemed to be the Sacramento Overland. This stage had been stopped no less than six times in As Many weeks by the Roblier. And Alt efforts to capture them had met with signal failure. Vigilantes armed to the Teeth accompanied the stage on each trip but every time they were compelled either to hold up their hands or to fight while under cover of the highwaymen a weapons. On the fifth Day after the last robbery had occurred it became known that a Large Quantity of Gold dust was to leave Sacramento for san Francisco and a double guard was placed on the coach. On the morning following the Day of which the coach loft at ans about Daybreak three men with masks drawn Over their faces and mounted upon handsome and Well trained animals appeared directly in front of the coach and the cry of a halt a greeted the ears of t he half slumbering guards. The Driver seeing three rifles aimed directly at him pulled now remained but to catch him and bring him Back so away dashed the six horsemen toward the Hills beyond the City. The pursued Man had the advantage of nearly half an hours Start and a Superior animal the pursuers had the advantage of Superior numbers such Power is was vested in them by their own organization and the knowledge that there was practically but one exit from the City for a mounted fugitive. At noon on the following Day Neumann was travelling along a rude Roadway on an open Plain. Presently he heard the sound of horses hoofs and turning in his Saddle saw two mounted men at a considerable distance behind Riding rapidly toward him. He started his horse off at a Gallop and then a desperate race began. His animal was in fair form despite his ride of the preceding Day and he was thus Able to keep Well ahead of his pursuers though he seemed unable to gain on them. For More than an hour the race continued and the hunted Man was unable to distance his pursuers. The vigilantes had Siace starting and slowly but surely they kept gaining on Neumann. He was almost on the Crest of a Mound in the Road when a Rifle Ball whizzed past him. He Drew rein turned around and fired at one of the vigilantes horses. The Ball struck the animal which fell carrying his rider with him. Then Neumann started off again. The other vigilante raised his weapon and fired a shot but it missed. It was evident that lie could not hit his Mark while his horse was travelling at such a Speed so. Reining in his animal he took aim and fired just As Neumann was disappearing Over the Crest of a Mound. His faithful animal stumbled then with a cry of pain Sank to the Earth. Neumann jumped to his feet and running Back to where he could get u Good aim at his remaining mount de pursuer he fired again and once More horse and rider rolled in the dust. It was now useless to attempt to escape. There were but two things for Neumann to do either to kill his pursuers or give himself up. He did not care to shed human blood if he could avoid it and the fact that his pursuers had thus for spared his life led Toth Hope Tomt after All the vigilantes had some doubt of his guilt. He Lav upon the ground and waited until the Foremost Man had approached to within about two Hundred Yards distance when he suddenly arose and with folded arms the horses Back and the coach was stood looking calmly at his pursuer. Brymo it a. At in no of it 1 a t 1 advertising doctors. Gradually the barriers for physicians who want to set Forth their Especial abilities As healers in the advertising columns of a newspaper Are Boug broken Down in st Louis. No longer ago than in january last a spirited fight took place in the medical society of that City Over the election of a president. One of tho candidates for the place was from a number of Radical men who were conducting the st. Louis weekly medical review in whose columns they had been announcing in the most inviting terms possible their respective merits As Throat lung nose Eye and oar specialists. The conservative straight laced ethical doctors of tho City opposed these advertisers and brought to a Stop. One of the guards raised a Rifle to his shoulder but before he could pull the trigger lie fell Back with a Bullet through his Sichart then a terrific fusillade of firing began which lasted for seve Ralmo Nientsu. The guards won the Day one of the robbers was killed and the other two were beaten off. The Driver of the coach Aud one of the guards were killed and another guard was badly wounded j one of the vigilantes jumped to the it ground Tore the mask fro in the robbers face and to his great astonishment recognized him As a prominent and respected citizen of san Francisco. This explained in great part Why it had been impossible to locate the robber for the robberies had doubtless All been committed by persons of this character. One of the other robbers Rode a Whitehorse the third Rode a sorrel. Both wore wide brimmed Slouch bats and Black clothes. A passenger volunteered to Irive the coach and the horses sped to the nearest stage station about four Miles Distant where relays of horses were kept. Two of the guards in mounted fresh an in als an d started 1 off .18 rapidly As possible for san Francisco. About two hours later they reached the City and reported the Case at Headquarters. Fifty mounted vigilantes were dispatched in i directions in nearly As Many inmates with orders to bring Back the robbers dead or alive. The news of the attorn Ted robbery und the fight spread like wildfire throughout the City. Some one said that John Neumann wearing n dark suit of clothes and a Slouch hat had left the City on the morning of the preceding Day mounted on a White horse and that he had returned Only about an hour previously. The statement was verified by several persons and the vigilantes determined to Institute a phase for him. Neumann stood at the Edge of the beat them who re Upen the latter with a crowd which gathered to talk about Drew from the society and organized a the crime and heard his name men new one calling it by the same name. 1 toned As being connected with it. Of course the two factions Are not at All complimentary to each other in their discussions of the situation. Figuratively speaking there Are More scalpels lancets and spectrum flying in the st. Louis medical air than there he had been absent from Home at the time of the affair and had returned that morning. It was a remarkable coincidence and he was in a bad predicament. He knew that in a court of Justice he would he Able to establish ids innocence but there were stink pots flying during the hot was Little Hope of doing so before a test chinese Battle Ever fought. The tribunal of the vigilantes. He bad secular press has Token up the contest no time to spare and in another Aud naturally enough sides with the moment he was running at full Speed persecuted advertisers. A Cincinnati a the direction of is Home. He in times. meat problem solved. In the Days of fast freight lines and refrigerator cars the problem of transporting fresh meats for Long distances has been satisfactory solved. The Village Slaughter House and the Village hardly had the sound of his tired hastily strapped his pistol ease around him Slung a Rifle Over his shoulder and rushed Toth Estable where he threw the Saddle of the Back of his favorite horse a Largo and powerful Bay animal and started off for the Hills beyond the City. He had escaped none too soon for horse s Butcher will soon to things of the past but the Butcher will be More profitably and pleasantly employed As a retail dealer in meats slaughtered elsewhere. Over in Italy they poke Vesuvius up a Little whenever the tourist crop Isa trifle York Herald. Hoofs died away in the distance when by a mounted Meu Drew rein is front of the House half of them alighted and entered use Ereis in Nious in made a Hasty but thorough search. The stable was visited. It held but one horse and Neumann was known to have two. Nothing quickly raising the Rifle to his shoulder the vigilante took deliberate aim at Neumann then held the weapon there As if hesitating. Neumann did not move. The vigilante ordered him to surrender and the other replied that to would do so Only on one condition. Again the demand Lor an unconditional surrender was made and refused. Tiie third time the condition was named and granted. It was that a fair trial to Given Neumann before a tribunal of the vigilantes. The Man advanced Aud when within a few feet of him recognized an old Friend whom he had not seen for years. The men were delighted to see each other and Neumann told the Story of his disappearance on that fatal Day and the other promised to Aid him. At the time the Trio entered the City two Days later two human forms were dangling from a limb of a t ree a few Miles away. They were the two robbers. They had been captured had confessed the crime at the last moment and had pleaded in vain for mercy. Neumann however had to be tried and he established his innocence beyond question. The vigilantes made every reparation in their Power for the wrong done him and in less than a week Neumann was sworn in As a member of the order. in the old haggling Way of Trade which has in this country at least happily gone out for the most part and been replaced by the More honest one Price system in which a dealer puts a fair profit upon his goods and Sticks to that it was customary to demand a great Deal More than the Asker hoped to get. One time on the Texas Frontier a Man came into a Camp Riding an old mule. A How much for the mule a asked a bystander. A a a is a Hundred dollars a answered the rider. A til give you five dollars a said tho other. The rider stopped Short As if in amazement and then slowly dismounted. A stranger a said he a i ainu to a go in to let a Little matter of ninety five dollars stand Between me and a mule Trade. The mules another Story somewhat of tho same sort is related of an old tenant Farmer who on paying his rent told his landlord that he wanted some Timber to build a House and would be much obliged if he would give him permission to Cut Down what would answer for the purpose. A no a said the landlord sharply. A Well then sir Quot the Farmer put on a will you give me enough to build a barn a a to make a Gate then a a a that Sall i wanted a said tho Farmer a and More than i

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