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Blackfoot Idaho News Newspaper Archives Jan 18 1890, Page 3

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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - January 18, 1890, Blackfoot, IdahoWhen the songs Cone out of your life. A lion the Grotie out of your lift that you thought would inst to the end a that first Sweet song of the heart that no alter flute Cau lend a the song of the Birds to the Trees. The song of the wind to the Flowers. The song that the heart sings Low to itself when it Waken in i e s morning hours you ran Start no other song not even a the masons note will falter Forth on the empty air if. Dies in a our aching Throat. It is All in vain that Yon try. For the spirit of song is tied the Nightingale sings no More to the Rose when the Beautiful Flower is dead. 80 let silence softly fall on the bruised heart s quivering strings perhaps from the loss of All you May learn the song that the seraph sings a a grand and glorious psalm that will tremble and Rise and thrill. And fill your breast with its grateful rest and its lonely yearnings still. Unidentified for love s Sake. The Library of Friedholt Castle was one morning the stage of n dramatic tableau. The count s heir and son Norden Hud a few hours before mar ried the Little peasant girl Bro Hilda Laurenz and had now come to ask his father s forgiveness. The count had Long cherished More ambitious schemes for his son in marriage and his rage was furious when his daughter Irmengarde led her brother and his Young wife into the Library. Non Lens a eyes quailed before the Stern look in his father s eyes. For once his Gay self Confidence deserted him As he Sank 011 his Knees at his fathers feet and craved forgiveness. The sight of this gentle Young couple Only added to the counts anger As he cried a forgive you never you can go and take your your wife with you. In do you hear a a ooh father a said Irmengarde pleadingly a look at her. She has the face of an Augel. No wonder Norden loves a no i will not look at Here the Lawborn the presuming. But Irmengarde desisted not in her Endeavor to make peace. A think of our Mother a still continued the soft voice. A even As you loved her my brother a mention not your sainted Mother in such a and As he spoke the count pointed to the door and turning to nor Den said slowly and sternly a go. Do not let me see your face Norden grew Pale to the lips. He had indeed offended beyond forgiveness. He had his Arm about Hilda. A a come a he said a we Are not the first who have Peri led All Lor love and have lost. Remember though turning again to his father a the fault is wholly mine not hers i was deceived myself and so have misled her. I Felt so sure of your love and forgiveness for any act Short of a dishonourable a if your idea of Honor is to mingle base blood Ina pure unsullied Stream it does not Accord with mine and the counts lip curled in unmitigated scorn. A i advise you to make new acquaintance with the a i will sir a answered Norden proudly stung by his fathers contempt a and you shall not be troubled with �1 sight of my face again until i have proved my right to claim the he kept his word. Before another month he had himself and Hilda in a sailing vessel the Odin bound for America. Then news came that she had gone Down with All on Board. Alas for Pride and anger when the death Angel lays his cold hand upon the heart of one we have loved even though estranged to All appearances forever. When the count heard of his songs death it seemed to smite a blow at the Springs of his own life. He fell As though stricken by a heavy band moaning a my son my son of cruel father to slay ids own flesh and blood a Irmengarde ministered to him tenderly in this hour of anguish and when after a weary lingering illness he once More arose from his bed he was a changed num. Months dragged on sad and interminable All seasons seeming alike to the mourning lather and sister. Then came a morning when the Cloud was lifted in a burst of gladness. A Cable Telegram in the morning papers announced that a few survivors of the Odin had reached american picked up by a passing vessel a and that Norden and Bro Hilda Friedholt were among the names of the saved. The next mail carried letters to the Young emigrants asking them to return and conveying messages of love and forgiveness but in the near presence of dentil Nordens Boyish impulsive nature had undergone a Chat Are and lie realized that he had failed in duty to his father and that he must make reparation by doing something to atone to him for the sorrow and anxiety he in his thoughtless Wilfulness had caused him to suffer. Sobe wrote Home an Earnest Manly letter expressing his deep happiness and gratitude to his in Thor for the Loving recall but saying that he must fulfil his resolve to win a reputation which should add new Lustre to his time honoured name then he would return and Lay his laurels at his feet thus earning his forgiveness. Ten years later. At the exhibition of machinery in the Centennial exposition one a continual interest and admiration. It combined the application of Anri Uci ple which though often tried Hail never before succeeded. One morning a. Distinguished looking foreigner paused among before it. On his Arm leaned a Beautiful girl evidently his daughter. As it happened a Groug of gentlemen were discussing ils Peculiar excellencies and their remarks being on then own native Tongue attracted their attention. A these americans a said one a carry off the Palm everywhere for mechanical a shut a said one a this name is Notan american one. I see not Why it should to in this particular a it has a right Here a was the answer a for or. Fried holds Talent received its first impetus in this adopted country of which he has become a naturalized Irmengarde for it was indeed nor Den s sister gave a sudden Start. she whispered a did Yon hear fan it be Norden a just then the crowd parted and a splendid looking Man in tho prime of life came toward them. One look was enough. A father a a my son a Quot a burst simultaneously from their lips. It was indeed Norden Friedholt who had won this proud Triumph who had distanced All competitors. A i was waiting he said after the ii jts greetings were Over a to Sec what treatment should be meted out to this child of my brain. Then if successful i was coming Home to you and Irmengarde and to the dear Oid another Lieut found them at nor Dan s homely the Beautiful dignified woman who came Forward to receive them it would have been hard to recognize the startled girl in her peasant dress whom Norden had introduced to them so suddenly As his wife on that never to be forgotten morning Long ago. Hilda had come to the new world with an Ideal to attain to As Well As Norden. It was to Render herself worthy of him and of the proud old name he had bestowed upon her and she and spared no pains to accomplished herself. Now she was richly rewarded in porting the Nobleman kissed first upon one Cheek then upon other saying in ins courtly Way a Good night my daughter. I Hope it will not be Long before Norden brings you to your rightful place As mistress of Dora Castle. My Rinien Grnde Here Only Waits for you to take the keys As lady chatelaine to leave her old father. She is betrothed and will soon be for her the Bacilli on a Bald head or Nymon reclaims to have isolated a Bacillus called by him a Bacillus Sriniv Orax which is Theca self Alopecia. It is he says found Only on Theca Lofman other hirsute parts of the body and also the fur of animals being free from it. Tho Bacilli invade the hair follicles and make the hair very Brittle so that they break Oil to the skin. Then the roots themselves Are attacked la the microbes can be destroyed Early in the disease the vitality of the hairs May be preserved but after tho follicles Are invaded and Alt their structures injured the baldness is incurable. The following is or. Raymonne s remedy to prevent baldness ten parts crude cod liver Oil ten parts of the express de juice of onions and five parts of mucilage or the Yolk of an egg Are thoroughly shaken together and the mixture applied to the Scalp and Well rubbed in once a week. This he asserts will Certini Iilva bring Back the hair if the roots Are not already destroyed hut the applicant of the remedy must be very distressing to the patients friends and neighbors. A medical ii ecord. Jean Ingelow at 60. Jean Ingelow lives in nil old fashioned Cream coloured Stone Home in Kensington set in the midst of extensive grounds with handsome Trees and Many Beautiful Flowers and shrubs. At least this is her House in summer time her lungs Are not , and in Winter she occupies a Little cottage in the South of France on the shores of the Mediterranean covered with vines and smothered with Flowers. She is nearly 60 now but does not look half her age her eyes Are so Bright and her Cheeks Are As Rosy and rounded As a girls. Of late years she has written very Little and even what she does she rarely publishes for her theory is that a poet never writes any immortal verse after he or she passes 50, and she May very justly rest on the laurels she has won for Herselie fore she reaches that age. His eyes went Back on him. A a doctor a said a red faced and watery eyed Man from Wayne township As be came in l r. Babcock a office in Hammondsport the other Jay a a in a afraid my eyes is Goin Back on me and dropped in to kind of see if i can find out where they re a nah a said the doctor. A what seems to be the matter with your eyes a a that s what i done to know a replied the Man. A but they played me a trick to other Day that done to leave no room for doubt but what there a something out of gear with pm somehow. Ill give you the symptoms. Maybe you done to know that i m quite a Coon Hunter but i Mil. T other any my boy bought one of these Britch loading and repeating shotguns and i told him id go out and see How it d work on a Coon. I went out and Hadnot gone More than a mile up the Hill before i seen to the limb of a Chestnut tree. He came there so sudden that i get it through me where he had come from 01 How he got there. But 1 did t Stop to ask 110 questions but up and blazed away. Now in be got the name Over our Way Doc of never Nissin anything i shoot at and of Ourse when i pulled up and Wonng a away it. That Coon i expected to dec him Tumble but lie did no to. When smoke cleared away he Sot there jest As he was when i seen him first. 1 was surprised now i Tell you. I thought it was the guns fault but blazed away again. The Coon never moved. I happened to look somehow or other at a tree off to the right of the one the Coop was in and there sat another Coon on a limb. I thought i d try my Luck on him and so i let him have a shot. He never stirred. A i begun to git mad by this time and durin a Little conversation i was having with myself about the gun 1 happened to glance at a tree to the left of the first tree and there on a limb was another Coon. I tried my Luck on the third Coon and did t hit him no More than i did to other two. I looked at the first tree there was that Coon sitting right where he was when 1 first seen him. I looked at the second tree and there was that Coon still on the limb i turned my head toward another tree and there i seen a fourth Coon and looking around me whichever Way i might every tree i had seen had a Coon in it and All As fat As Coons could be i got wild. A a a Thunder a i hollered a Here a the Woods full of Coons and i Hain t got nothing but this newfangled gun that wont hit a a but i. Began to Blaze Wayas fast As the gun could spit n Cartridge Fust at one Coon and then at another until every darn Load Wasem Riedout of had not dropped aeon. I was list air oink to Slat that gun to flin ters against a tree when i a ppe Neil to rub my Eye and when i took my mind Down there on my Finger was a Nice Jolly fat Wood Louse. I looked up but every Coon was gone the fact o the matter is Doc that Wood Louse had been hanging to one of my Eye Winkers All the time and i thought i was seeing Coons. He i git tiny near sighted or is it the optic nerve doubling up 011 the a a neither one a said the doctor. A have the Hind pocket in your Hunting pants cat Down from quart size to half pint and you la be Oil the Man went out shaking his head and said head think about Cor. New York Sun. Feat of an absent minded Man. There is a Man in Weymouth mass., who is a Little absent minded. One Day he was going to Hingham for a lond of imy and intended to get a Wagon on pleasant Street. He carried his Fork in one hand and led the horse with the other passed by the Wagon and walked to that town. He hit lied his horse and spoke to a Man about stowing the Hay. The assistant asked where the Wagon was. The words he uttered were a for heaven s Sake have i left that Wagon at Home a he started Back after it. Nil when he was on the top of fort Hill he discovered that he had left the horse hitched in Boston Globe. Wild men. With the Progress of science a whole race of then has disappeared the so called a wild men Quot in who Seex Stence the most Learned firmly believed a few decades ago and who still live in the imagination of Many who Are unacquainted with Regentin vesting unions. The wild Man was supposed to lie a Peculiar creature half Man and half beast forming the connecting link Between the human species and the apes. The belief in his existence is to be ascribed without doubt to erroneous observations and reports of travellers. A mob controlled by Waterpower. The sheriff of Washington county md., who subdued a lot of refractory prisoners with the prison Hose used a weapon that is As efficient task Gatling gun. And much less harm full. A riotous mob that would stand up against musketry tire May be scattered by a Well directed Stream of water. Men would of course get used to water it could not hold them in Check very Long but they seem to be As much afraid of it when it is suddenly applied As a cat is of wetting its feet. The Only basis of Trade with her. He. Was an agent with a big Basket of goods on his Arm and he Lead just rapped on the door of a country farmhouse an old indy of forbidding aspect opened the door and sized him up before to had a Chance to open his Mouth and Sahl Savage by Quot Don t want anything a but Madam a be replied with a weary attempt it n smile is he mopped the perspiration from his brow with his Cattail Quot allow me to show you the goods please. I have washing soda at two cents a Pound Silver Tea spoons at ten cents per dozen and the finest Tea at Twenty cents per Pound with a Teacup and Saucer thrown in this Alono is Worth a a Don t want anything ter Day a she repeated still More savagely a Madam a he replied As he slowly returned the goods to the Basket a if i were to offer you the whole ii us Ness for ten cents would you take it a a no i . I Don t want your old stale shop worn stuff at any Price so Clear a Madam a he continued sadly a if there is in tiling in the world that you would buy just let me know and i will bring it to you on my next trip a a fall right you persistent Puppy a she replied. Quot the next time Yon come bring a dozen genuine ten Dollar Bifid for a Dollar a dozen and i will take the lot. Now git ont and go and loud up with something Saleable before you show that red nose of yours Here intermittent religion is like intermittent advertising it Only insures intermittent Reward. American reference in travel. Somebody has said that if Cannon were devised which would fire a Load of passengers from new York to Chicago in ten minutes and land four loads out of five successfully the fact of the fifth Load being pretty regularly smashed would not deter the bulk of the traffic from going that Way if the Price were not too Way age. An Irish assistant. A Well known up cown undertaker a Lew evenings ago was telling a Story regarding an Irish assistant that he and in his employ a few months ago. A shortly after the engagement of this assistant a said the undertaker a i thought it Well to give him a practical lesson in business and i detailed him to the care of a jewish funeral. Upon his return rom the event i with considerable interest asked How it a a Fine Fine a said he a but those jews Are quare people a in what Way Are they queer a said 1. A Well Don Tye see when the Corpse was in the coffin some old Feller came up and put a half Dollar in its hand. Now what was that for i Dunno a a Rota that a i said a was on account of a tradition the jews have about crossing the River Jordan before they reach heaven and the Money is to pay their ferriage.�?�. A Well is that so then Bedad that Duck will have to swim for i swiped the fifty before they screwed Down the a woman a absent mindedness. A one of the worst eases of absent mindedness i Ever heard of was that of one of my lady passengers a a what were the circumstances Captain a a she was a in Paducah woman about forty years old and she had a Horseshoe with her which she Nad found on the Way to the a a Well �?o8he brought it along she said because finding a Horseshoe while on a journey was the surest sign of Good Luck. But what do you suppose she did next morning a a give it a searched under her Pillow got Lier false Teeth packed them away 111 her Valise and put the Horseshoe in her Mouth. And mind you she never discovered her mistake either until she went to the breakfast table and there she called her jaw with the toe of the shoe while trying to get away with a Beefsteak a a Cincinnati enquirer. Hard on horses feet. There has been but Little sickness among horses in st. Louis during the last few weeks but there has been a decided increase in the number of cases of lame less. Nearly All of these Are foot troubles and Are due to the concussion of our hard Granite streets. You will see a still greater Wear and tear of horse flesh year by year As the streets Are reconstructed. Carriage horses which Are driven Down town n great Deal and the draft and delivery horses Orthe Grent firms Are the principal sufferers. The Fine roadsters Are usually to highly prize by their owners that they rarely bring them Down town bub use them exclusively for driving in the Parks and on the interview in st. Globe demo cent. There a a Charm about to. The last counterfeit Hall Dollar put out had thirty seven cents of the real Quill about it or nearly us much is the government puts in and the gang would have had to float tens of thousands of dollars to make Day wages. It was harder work than digging potatoes but there is a Charm about beating Uncle Saul which never grows free press. A sensational letter. An amusing hoax appears to have been perpetrated upon the foreign press in the shape of a letter alleged to have let la written by the present Czar prior to his ascension to the throne to the famous editor and inn Sia vist Leader Aksakoff whose widow tried a few weeks ago. The document in question which bears the Date of May 22, 1866, contains bitter comment on the class of courtiers by whom the Imperial family was surrounded and compares the highest officers of state to contemptible lackeys. The publication of the letter in question has excited an immense amount of attention throughout Europe and it appears to have been copied in almost a very foreign newspaper of any importance. The whole thing is however but a hoax. The letter in question instead of having been written by the present emperor was addressed in 1766 to count Kotchoubey by the grand Duke Alexander Paul Witch who subsequently ascended the throne As Alexander 1. The courtiers referred to in such bitter terms were the ignoble a orites Catharine ii. The original letter will be found in tho first volume of the Quot life and times of Alexander 1,�?� published by u. To Neville in 1874. For adoption. A gentleman living near Allegan mich., relates an interesting Story of feline sagacity. Pome person owning a cat with three Kittens and desiring to be rid of them took them Inabni to a Wood near the gentleman a House Anil dropped them. In a Short time the Mother eat was seen to approach the House with a Kitten in her Mouth. Beaching the the door she dropped the Kitten and retreated to the Woods from whence she returned with another Kitten but instead of leaving it where t he first was left she took it to a neighbouring House then returning to the Woods brought out the third and last Kitten and left it at still another neighbors. The old eat then disappeared and was not seen again until it was time for the Kittens to be fed when she visited each House nursed the Kittens and then disappeared again. This course of procedure sin followed until the Kittens were weaned when she disappeared and has not been seen since. Was it reason or instinct that caused the Mother eat to distribute the Kittens to different Horne up the amp i ail might be adopted and the lives of All spared a youth s companion. A Ashot off his companions gun barrel. I was Hunting Quail Nea Reidsville a c., six years ago with s. S. Harris and James play of that town. Harris and myself were walking Side by Side when two Birds were flushed at the same time. Harris was 011 my left and fired at the Bird on my right 1 firing at the one on his left. Thus Cross firing both fired simultaneously. Harris killed his Bird but i did not. Harris said my powder was not Good. We walked on about thirty paces when Harris lowered his Gnu to extract the empty Shell. Suddenly he exclaimed a look the end of my gun barrels have busted off. We examined them and found they were not busted but 1 had shot them off As smoothly As if they had been Corn stalks when they fired. We walked Back to the spot and found five inches of his gun barrels lying there. I have one of the pieces now and will mail it to judge Gilder sleeve if desired. This is an Iron truth nothing fishy about it. If you desire reference i refer Yon to or. George Cary . New York evening world school teachers. If every new girl who is introduced is a school teachers should be a a dropped by the Board when she proves to be a failure we would soon have no teachers or Good ones at least. It is strange but a fact that As usual the girls who for from two to three years seem utterly hopeless finally become the Best in the staff while on the other hand those who Start out most promising too olten becomes worthless. While the Normal school lays a Good foundation it does not finish u teachers in fact a making a teachers Only commences when she makes her debut in the ssi ool room. The superintendent s staff and her principal watch instruct and discipline her for three to four years when she is a thorough reliable teacher and then she goes Oft and marries generally. An editorial necessity. House agent a let me see 1 have a very Nice vacant Flat sir on a applicant a a won to do. I done to want a Flat. I must have a a House a a yes with a a Garden a a adm Well now i think of it i have one place a Little ont that might suit. There is a space of ten or fifteen Square feet at the Back it is now paved with Stone but the pavement can be taken up easily a that will do a a fall right. Fond of Flowers he a a no but i be got to have some sort of a Garden you know because 1 i m the editor of an agricultural papa the clocks secret or guarded by ghosts. It was hard Worb to build Upa doctors practice in such nil out of the Way Southern town but 1 held on and hoped for the Best. Annie taught in the Public school there and said she was Content to wait if it for ten years until Shes Bould be Able to marry. I was Fust beginning to despair when i heard of my uncles death in the North. He had left me nothing however Bat ids old Manor near the town where i lived. A Mouldy old Structure inhabited by an old Darkey care taker and for years the upper floors had never been lived in i took Annie Down on saturday to look Over the place for after nil it was something to own a House and lie free from rent when we married. A Zefi was you a said the old degrees when we explained the reason of our visit. �?o1 go up them winding stairs. The upper floors is full of ghosts and a hostesses. Why my rudder went up one Day and he was found nigh dead the next i Only laughed at her superstitions and started . When about Halfway up the most horrible sounds greeted us. It was As the old woman had said As though a whole Host of demons were groaning Anil gnashing their Teeth and the sound seemed to envelop us. They were horrible and wore enough to make the stoutest heart Quail for they seemed to increase after they had . I turned to Annie As quickly As 1 could and seeing by her lace that she was Likely to faint put my Arm about her to support her As i seated her on a lower step for the sound ceased As we stepped Back. A do you Tinnil waiting for Nie Down stairs a i asked a while i examine into this or would you prefer to have me wait and come out another time a a no i am going upstairs with you a she said bravely. A i am ashamed of my want of nerve just As she spoke she leaned Back and rested one Elbow on the step above her. Instantly the horrible sounds were Hen re again but As Annie to veil Forward again they suddenly ceased. A you Ltd better let me take you Down a i snid quickly As i saw her face lose color again. A no a she said in a half subdued voice a i Felt something give was just then Tom. See what it it did not take me Many minutes to remove the carpet but in doing it i found that 1 could at will Render the horrible sounds audible or inaudible. Annie became As much interested and excited is 1. And when i raised the Loose Plank that seemed to cause it All she peered with is much interest us i into the cavity it revealed. A a in a not afraid of anything now a slip Lead said when i hesitated to remove it. �?o1 must see what it is a what we did see was a mass of machinery. There were wheels so put together that they grated frightfully when touched. A what do you suppose this was for a asked Annie. A i do not know unless my Uncle used it As a sort of watch dog to keep from being molested while upstairs. He surrounded himself with mystery to make himself and everything about him a terror to both Black and White during the we examined the machinery and its connection and found that Eracli step above it was connected with some part of it so that the sounds kept increasing As one proceeded up the stairs but just is i was about to restore the Plank to its place she stopped me and drawing out a slip of yellow paper read a behind the clock on the above us still and silent stood the old clock on the Landing. Slowly and with a feeling of Awe we went to it and moved it wondering what new mystery was about to be explained but apparently there was nothing unusual examined the clock itself and then the Wall having some visionary ideas of secret panels but All of no Avail and we were about to give up the search when these name out again and shining through a broken shutter showed a solitary speck in the old fashioned paper that glittered like a Diamond. Eagerly we worked it it until we could understand tho Workings of it and then yes there was our secret panel Anil there was my dead and gone uncles Money Box. Taking it into an adjoining room and examining it we found papers and Money amounting to $5,000, which had been hidden during the War for Safe keeping. As the Money was All in Gold it would have been a godsend to some one had not my Uncle by his eccentricities and mysteries kept every one at Bay. Unfortunately he did not live to enjoy it himself and it was left for me to inherit and make the most of. Annie and i decided immediately to make our Home there and it is a very Happy one for the winding stairs Send Forth none but Happy sounds now. It happens that Way. A yes sir yes sir lie observed As he rubbed his hands together a the next Alderman from our Ward must he a clean decent honest intelligent Man and credit to his constituents. Yes sir yes sir we have made up our minds to that ail citizens irrespective of party. We shall go in in Masse. The candidate Why he ii be selected from my party of course a a Detroit free press

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