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Blackfoot Idaho News Newspaper Archives Jan 18 1890, Page 2

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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - January 18, 1890, Blackfoot, IdahoThe Idaho news. Noroian Jones flab sultor. Plack Foo Idaho. The. Pupils can study pronunciation ���111 the Aid of Hie phonograph in the i sense of n teacher. To is system of teaching is capable of wide Extension and has advantages that will commend it to general adoption. The new artificial silk in the process of manufacture is at one time very much Lite gun Cotton in its combustible qualities but not Toro so it is believed than the real silk dress which it poor Radii a wife insists on having. Count Chardonnet a Frenchman bus invented a process for making silk fiber. If it proves to be As successful As the scientists predict then the Worms Are in the soup. Such a thing has not happened since the diet of Worms. There is no form of government that does not meet with opposition. No one pretends that As great Progress Nas been made in the matter of government As has been readied in medi Cine surgery and of manufacturing. In various branches a scientific publication asserts that is the death rate enlarges there is an increase in the births. As people healthy they have fewer children As they become sickly poor and die More rapidly the birthrate grows higher. No one is Safe in making prophesies about political events unless he is inspired. No one can Tell by the looks of a boy in a Cradle whether be will become a Washington or a Napoleon. It is the unexpected that usually happens in political affaire. Another tailless Comet has been discovered. Astronomers Are astonished at the number of comets which have appeared of late destitute of their Caudal appendages. Can it be that evolution is producing strange results in the Home tar world Richard j. Gatling could not sell his famous gun to the United states so he went to Europe with it and me with Success. But the time came when the United states had to adopt his gun and it is now a part of the equipment of All our Light batteries. Ii he is a land More Salty than Kansas everything in the country of the River of Chai in Central Asia is described by Gabriel Bonvalot As covered with Salt. It is in the Walls of the houses and on 1he Banks of to Rivers and the water one drinks is very Salt. _ _ monarchical Rule is out of its Normal element on this continent. There is no place for Kings or dependencies of Kings Here. The experience of Brazil warns the crowned Heads of Europe that they must soon relinquish control Over their to monies in the Western hemisphere. It is estimated by anarchists in Chicago that there Are 250,000 of them in this country and they take out citizens papers merely to have the privilege of voting for each other when up for office. They Haven to the slightest respect for America her Sabbath her religion or her Ling. In consequence of the sentiment against jews and All things jewish the hungarian Cabinet has decided that official documents shall hence to rth read a israelite or a Israelit she instead of a jew a the term used heretofore. By reason of the hateful idea implied in the word. A Chicago paper says a samples of the ground Coffee sold in the markets have been Analysed and found to , Rye acorns Beans peas and sawdust. Traces of Coffee May have been found in the samples also but the analysis to did not seem to think them Worth Kings and emperors have Learned that when people invite them to step Down and out their Best course is to do so quietly. Resistance is futile As Well As dangerous now that the seed sown by the american declaration of Independence has begun to Bear fru in in the Universal conviction that governments Quot derive their just Powers from the consent of the a minister remarked to his congregation that the usual collection would be taken up but that the usual hymn would not to Sung upon the occasion. For a said he. A if there is anything distasteful to me it is to observe that while Sweet songs Are going up to heaven men reach Down into their pockets and debate with themselves whether they should put a Quarter or a 10-cent piece on the in the last fifty or sixty years the introduction of improved machinery and methods of production has increased the productive capacity of labor from Twenty to thirty times. That is to say. One Man working to Day with the Best machinery and under the Best form of organization of Industry can produce from Twenty to thirty times More than the same kind of Man could fill of cold Turkey and mince pies mid Avo produced fifty or year All the of Xiv. This st Jim is literally ago. A True. Spec1minsof wit. Koine menus affairs done to get straightened out until about the same time they do themselves. It e june Bug got do Golden Wing de Light nine Bug de flame be bed Bug got no Wing at All but he git Dar All do sure signs to meet a funeral profusion is a sign of death to lose a pocket Book containing Bills of avge denomination is considered very unlucky. A do you know or. Shaw Quot a yes lie is a member of our Church. Nearly a ill the members employ him As their family a to i see he is a regular Piller of the Marion Harland says that the coming woman will have her own Bank account. This will prove pleasant news or the coming Man especially it her Bank account is lug enough for Herald. It is a fact Worth pondering that though the night Falls around us it never Breaks whereas the Daybreak but never Falls. We offer this delicate fancy to some struggling aspirant for poetical hours. It will Cost $109,000,000 to put aur seacoast in a state of defence against a foreign foe while it wont Ost us ten cents to mind our own business and keep out of a Row with the rest of the world i latties a what in the world did Carrie marry that old Man for Why she is actually giving her life Minnie a not at nil. She is Selling her life As dearly As possible he is awfully the doctor a i think my dear sir that it would be better to have a consultation your wife is seriously anxious husband a there i told my wife Long ago she ought the hav prop a medical advice but she was so afraid of hurting your London Standard. A do Yon Ever receive contributions written of Bot i sides of the paper a asked a gentleman entering a newspaper office. A no sir never a emphatically replied the editor. A fall right i was going to endorse this Heck to your order but Idony twant Yon to break your then he went out leaving the editor in Adeep Green s statesman. It has often been said that the chief characteristic of the epitaph is its Lack of veracity but it is perhaps better that it should err on the Side of kindliness rather than wound thelit aug by a brutal truthfulness As in the Case of an inscription written for the Tombstone of a Lazy Man by one who knew him Well a asleep As usual a states attorney a so the defendant did propose to you Tomt you set fire to the store and get half the insurance. State now whether or not he offered to protect you from All risk of punishment at the hands of the Law. What did he say about that a witness a yes sir he promised to see me through. Hess Idhe a manage to catch me in the act and let you prosecute mrs grubber a Well Volji what fools these editors be a or. Grubber a Meh a mrs. Grubber a there a writ a letter to the editor of the Pun Mville trumpet asking what would be proper and inexpensive to git for a wed Din present and Here in the paper he a printed a list of about a Hundred things what folks gives As wedding presents and there a aint one of Mem costs less than a a Tell me Uncle dairies Quot pleaded Amelin a do you think that Henry will make a Good husband a a i think he will a replied Uncle Charles without hesitation. �?o1 offered him a Cigar last evening and he took it As freely As it was Given. When lie opened his coat in search of a match he exposed Liis Waistcoat and its two upper pockets were filled with cigars. 1 have no hesitation in saying that Henry will prove a saving economical a ii o s t o n transcript. Several men were at work on the brickwork of a new building. It was the Day after thanksgiving anti Mike and in at were chums. Mike had brought no dinner pail As lie had been on a spree the night before. About nine in the morning he got very hungry so he helped Lii self to paths dinner. When twelve struck Pat missed his dinner and upbraided Mike for appropriating it. A Faith t did a but ill get be another a How Are you going to get me nil other one a a a in la soon show there was a Small pet dog playing around the building belonging to the lady in the nest House. Mike procured a Small switch and seizing the dog by the Hack of the neck began hitting him with the switch not hard enough to Hurt him but hard enough to make him squeal like a Blue the lady who owned the dog hearing the rumpus put her head out of the window and shouted angrily a what Are you hitting Tomt dog for Quot a surfs he ate All Niy replied Mike in an injured tone. A Well done to touch the dog. Come in and ill give you some so in they marched and had their two walk together. Of ten with me kindly Comrade the Way to Yon in Bright the path of duty stretching out in Clear str Light lines of Light. Your heart is Young your vision keen the goal you plainly Sec Bear with me kindly Comrade it is not so with me. Too frail to walk beside thee 1 jag some Steps behind and the narrow Steps of Plain to you i cannot always find. My eyes too dim to reach the goal see but t he nearer Tomb thou Host thu morning glory. Hut 1�?the nightshade s gloom. Yel we May walk together if we but a a lie agreed to have one Hope one Nith one aim one Helper in our need. Ii is love Enn make Strong souls like you. And Faulter ers such is in walk peacefully together Here. And rest together by and by. The death Trad re y m. Hooper. I. Few persons who were in Paris on new years Day 188a, but retain a vivid recollection of its horrors. The evening closed in mild and tranquil but the night was full of perils. About 11 of clock a Fine drizzling rain set in that froze As it fell and covered the whole of the vast City with a Sheet of ice As smooth As a Mirror on which neither Man or beast could stand erect nor walk wit i safety. The festivities of the season had culled a great Many Persona from their Homes on that evening and the miseries of those who found themselves forced to traverse distances without the Aid of a Eon Geraneo can readily he imagined for the Cabman All struck work and went Home. Ladies in evening dress White slippers and opera clocks were to be seen clinging to railings and Lanai posts and weeping in very helplessness of terror unable to stir a step. Horses Lay moaning with fractured limbs on the Glassy Roadway and men slipped and tottered and fell some receiving injuries from which they never recovered. 1 had been dining with on old College Friend. It had been a Bachelor party and a merry one and it was past 12 of clock when we broke up. Of course there was a shout of dismay from the whole party some dozen in All when we discovered the condition of the Street but there was no help for us. We could not ail go Back to Quarter ourselves on our Host in his Small Bachelor lodgings and so we set off on our different ways. To make matters i worse our Host lived on tiie left hand of the Seine not far from the Luxembourg gardens. So that most of us were at an interminable distance from Home. 1 myself was stopping at the hotel de France on the tue st. Honor three Miles off. One other of the party had to go there also. He was a handsome Young fellow from the provinces named Gustav Leronge who Hod As i heard from another of the guests lately inherited a Good Deal of Money and Lias come up to Paris to see life. 1 could hardly claim him even As an acquaintance for we had that evening for the first time we went out into the Street lie de to what Quarter of Paris i met As ask was going and on learning my destination cried a Well in a going a stones throw irom there so come and we will walk he was not Only in full evening dress like the rest of us hut in a very elaborate one. His Low open Vest showed a shirt front of fabulous fineness Whereon glittered three Diamond studs each Stone of no inconsiderable size and of the purest water. Four buttons also of diamonds closed his Vest and he wore on the Little Finger of his left hand a handsome solitaire. I thought All this rather bad taste but lie seemed like a thoroughly Good fellow and his manners were certainly very interesting. We got along pretty Well for about Hallan hour slipping and sliding and stumbling about and then falling. At Hist my companion slipped and fell again and when lie strove to Rise Sank Back uttering a stiffed groan. A have you Hurt yourself Quot i asked anxiously assisting him to Rise. He fell Back with another groan. A i fear that my knee is injured a he said. Quot i can hardly with difficulty i got him at last on his feet. Bul Ever step Betook gave him pain if course i could not go off and leave him alone meantime not a human being was in sight. A where Are we a he asked faintly. J made my Way to the nearest Corner and read the name of the a the Hue de Risany a i replied coining Back. A i Timve not the least idea where we Are a he said. A i never heard of that by this time 1 was feeling pretty Well exhausted. I began to lie thoroughly discouraged. Quot our Best plan a i said a is to look for some hotel where we can pass the night. It is of no use trying to go any farther. There is not a vehicle of any sort to to had a a Lyon Are right Lull where Cun we find a hotel a As he spoke a Man in a a Jorae with a pipe in his Mouth swung himself under the Shadow of ail a Elvay near by. Quot if these gentlemen wish. 1 can show them a note close by a lie said in a civil tone. A do so and we will give you live francs for your pains a cried yer Onge impulsively. A Weare strangers in Paris you see and 1 have not an idea which Way to a nah Monsieur is a stranger in Paris will Monsieur lean on me tiie hotel is not far off not five Steps Distant in it was very near. A Little farther in truth than our officious Friend had stated but still just around the nearest Corner. It was an ancient looking whitewashed building standing Buck from the Street with a Small Garden in front of it. No name was painted across the front of the House As is usual with parisian hotels. Only a red lamp with tie word. A a hotel on it m Black letters was set in an Iron framework projecting above the door. We paid our conductor who shambles Down the Street after casting a last glance at the glittering studs and Vest buttons which Leronge displayed As lie threw Back his overcoat in order to gel out the Money. A sleep looking old woman inn Calico Short gown and Petticoat and with a yellow silk handkerchief tied about her head answered our summons at the door of the Little hotel. Quot of yes you can have rooms certainty. Though the House is very full. Monsieur has Hurt lbs knee 1ms he then Monsieur shall have the ground Toor room of course. The other Monsieur i must Pray to mount to the third floor a could we not have rooms together a suggested Leronge. A impossible quite impossible a the old woman was wide awake by this time and very energetic. A in fact the two rooms 1 have offered Are the last that Are left for the House bus a Good name though it is while talking slip had lighted n couple of candles and preceded us along a narrow passageway at tiie end of which Masadoor which Sheun locked and threw open with a flourish. A you see you could not be better lodged in the grand the room looked comfortable. It was Long and narrow. There wus one window it the left hand Side As we entered. The bed stood in an Alcove draped with hangings of Green Moreen. The window was protected outside by a massive Iron grat ing such As is usually employed on ground floor windows in France i advanced to this window and. Holding my Candle aloft peered out into the darkness. 1 could Sec Tomt it opened into u sort of narrow Yard terminated by a High Bland Wall. The old woman troubling herself very Little about my scrutiny of the premises was engaged meanwhile in lighting the fire which was Laid All ready for the match in the Little grate. When our old conduct Ress had got the fire Well under Way she Rose and testified her intention of accompanying me at once to the room destined for me. It was up three flights of stairs but was snug and comfortable enough though rather Small. The old woman lit my fire As she had done that of Leronge and then went Back to bed. Tired As i was Iliad no notion of go ing to sleep without paying a last visit to Leronge to see if he needed my help in undressing. So merely waiting to pull off my overcoat arid rain soaked hoots i went downstairs again. 1 found Leronge sitting by the fire and nursing his aching knee with a very dismal expression of countenance. He brightened no at once when he saw me enter and became in spite of Liis pain quite chatty and confidential. When i Rose to retire which 1 did in about half an hour feeling of ult tired he would not hear of my departure. A sit he cried a sit still for a while a tis Only 2 of clock and i have such a Story to Tell so Down i sat and lit a Israr while Leronge plunged into some interminable history of College scrapes and adventures. The Ann Clair in which sat was soft and comfortable the fire gave out a drowsy heat the Story was stupid and in fifteen minutes i was fast asleep. N. It seemed to me Flat i had just lost consciousness when i was suddenly awakened by a terrible shriek a cry As if for help with which it appeared to be my own name was mingled. 1 started Holt upright wide awake in an instant. All around was still. The Candle in extinguish cd. Hut the room was lighted by the Ruddy glow of the fire in the grate. So profound was the silence that the Patter of the rain against the window panes was distinctly audible. Leronge was nowhere to be seen. A a Leronge a i culled in a half whisper not wishing to Wake him were he sleeping a have you gone to bed a there was no answer. J stretched myself yawned and took a look it the clock. A half past i a 1 muttered. I must have been dreaming. 1 had Best get to bed As fast and As quietly As possible. I had no idea that 1 had slept so i took up my Candle and essayed to Light it at the fire. As i did so it struck me that the room was strange by unnaturally quiet not a sound not even that of heavy breathing betrayed the presence of the Sleeper in the Alcove. That horrid cry. Too was still ringing in my ears so j resolved that 1 would take one glance at my Friend to satisfy myself As to Liis Well doing. Quot he might have the i thought and so it. Will be a Charity to mouse him a so i Nova need to the Alcove lifted the curtain and looked in. There was no one there. The bed was in disorder the covering tossed aside and the Pillow pushed away but it was Unten anted. The Alcove was Small there was barely room in it for the bed. A Small washstand and a Little night table so that 1 saw the whole extent of it at n glance. For the moment i did not expect that anything was wrong. 1 thought that Leronge. Like the Mere boy he was had hidden away somewhere to give me a fright and had then cried out to awaken me. A a Leronge a 1 called impatiently a come out Here. Where Are you a there was no reply repressing a growing feeling of annoyance i set to work at once to investigate every Corner of the room. My task was a Short one. Leronge was no where to lie discovered. Yet there Lay his clothes. How could he undressed and lame have quilted the room a sudden thought struck me. A poor fellow a i thought Quot lie must lie walking in his sleep a with that idea i advanced to the door and endeavoured to open it. To my amazement i found that the inside Bolt was shut. It was evident that Leronge bad quilted the room yet where was lie he could not have gotten out of the Iron grated window and the room had but main Gle door. A tile bed under the bed i had not looked there. Doubtless lie was lying there and chuckling Over my perplexity. A nah the race ally i said to myself. I have him now a 1 advanced to the bed lifted the Valance t Green Moreen and found Llma the Bedstead was a sort of solid Box that continued to the floor so that there was. Technically speaking no a under the lied at All. I was now completely bewildered. Of course any species of foul play seemed out of the question. The bolted door and barred window seemed to Settle Tomt matter so far As the Entrance of any male actor was concerned. Yet if no one could get in How could Leronge have got out and if he had not quilted the room where was he could anyone have gotten in by a secret Entrance while we slept with that Ideal started to investigate the Walls. Two sides of the Wall were of course accounted for As outside of one Lay the passageway and on the other the open Yard. I carefully examined the Wall opposite the door. All solid and smooth there no Trae of an opening anywhere. Then i proceeded to the Alcove. Here i found rather More difficulty As the heavy bed curtains were considerably in my Way. But i managed to satisfy myself Itiat the Wall it each end of the bed was All right. Next i turned my attention to Hie Wall at the opposite Side of the bed. To investigate that i was forced to lean across the bed so i Knelt upon the Edge of the bed. And to steady myself leaned my weight on the Center of the bed. As 1 leaned my weight on the bed it gave Way suddenly beneath my hands. A Rush of cold noisome air streamed upward to my nostrils and had i not clutched at the bedpost with my other land i should have inevitably lost my balance and have plunged head Foremost into some horrible abyss. Yes. The bed opened downward in the Middle. I had solved the Riddle of Ruy poor friends Fate. I staggered backward heartsick with amazement and dismay it was some moments before i recovered myself sufficiently to continue my examination of the hideous trap into which i had so nearly fallen. It needed some minutes repose to enable me to proceed in my investigations. Wuen i did so was amazed at the horrible simplicity of the whole contrivance. The bed itself. Instead of being a solid mattress was merely two in Shiono doors fitting close together in the Center Aud held up by some Strong Springs such As serve to close the doors of Public buildings or stores. A certain amount of pressure was necessary to orce open these divisions. Each Side was covered smoothly with Linen and so closely did the two divisions fit that n glance would have revealed nothing unusual about the appearance of the bed. It merely looked like one of those mattresses which Are made with a division in the Center i carefully pressed the door open and peered Down into the depth thus revealed. The same cold Damp air that i Hod noticed before rushed up into my fare redolent of the chill Mould Ness of the cellar. I listened not a sound was heard from below. I dared make no farther examination. Who could Tell what unseen eyes might be watching my every movement what hidden ears might he Alert to catch the slightest sound that might suspicion or detection at first 1 thought of tying a Cord to my Candle and of lowering it Down into the abyss but i abandoned the project almost As soon As i conceived it. Poor Leronge was dead of that there could be no doubt. The fiends who planned that murder trap were not Likely to leave their work half finished. All that was left to me now was to avenge his Fate that is if i did not share it. Who were doubtless on the Alert. But one course remained to me and that was to return As stealthily is possible to tile room assigned to me. There to await the arrival of the hour it which 1 could quit the premises without exciting suspicion. I came to this resolve after much deliberation. 1 extinguished my Candle crept softly and Stealthy along the passage and up the stairs which seemed to my excited fancy to shake quiver and creak at every step that 1 took. But i gained my room unmolested bolted in Selfin securely and throwing myself on the bed without undressing j awaited Tio up Proncy of morning. Of the Long Long hours How interminable they were and How slowly they were passed How often the squeak of n mouse in the wainscoting or the snapping of a Coal in the grate chilled the blood in my veins and in realized me with terror often too 1 would drop asleep Only to Start awake rite next moment with the death shriek of Leronge ringing in my ears. I thought that the night would never end. At not the window slowly grew a glimmering Square the Pale Light of Dawn showed me the shape of things about me and the Friendly morning peered in upon me once More. Yet 1 did not dare to arise and go Forth at once. 1 must linger still until my hour Ofris aug would be sufficiently late to betray neither compromising knowledge nor i quietude. At last about 8 of clock a got up from my comfortless Couch adjusted the disorder of dress bustling a i did so about the room with a great pretence at making a finished toilet and whistling a merry tune. Then 1 rang my hell ordered the usual French Early breakfast of a Roll and a cup of Coffee and asked for my Roll to be sent at the same time. The Coffee was brought by the same old woman who had admitted Leronge and myself the night before. A the Friend of Monsieur left about half an hour ago a she said As she set Down the tray. A the left no message for a Friend he was no Friend of mine. I met him accidentally in the Street last night a was my reply Given in us Gay and careless a tone As i could Well assume a indeed Well. Ids knee Hurt him and he could not sleep so he sent Jean for a cab. Aud went Oft soon after Daybreak this 1 made no answer but continued to crumble my bread and stir my Coffee with pretended indifference. As soon As the old hag had quilted the room j emptied the contents of the Coffee cup out of Niy window put a bit of Roll in my pocket and prepared to go. No one offered any opposition to my departure but it was not till 1 found myself fairly in the open Street that i ventured to draw Iny breath freely. The ice was melted from the pavements and 1 Lead no difficulty in finding a cab. I hailed the first one 1 saw passing jumped in and cried to the Driver a to the prefecture of police at once As fast As you can drive a then As the Carriage started i fell Down in the Bottom of it. In a dead faint. An hour later the accursed Den and its inmates were in the bands of i Quot police. The latter comprised the old woman a Man who seemed to be the proprietor who was no other than the Man who had accosted Leronge and myself the night before and who had guided us to tile House and two Young Aud showy looking females who As 1 afterwards Learned were the Decoy ducks of the establishment. Guided by me the Able and intelligent Chiel of police made a thorough investigation of the murderous no a rat us of the ground floor bedroom. In. I sat Down to meditate Over my course of action and collect a seat tired thoughts. My first impulse was Toesco Petroina the House at once. But How was such a feat possible the window of the room was securely closed with Iron liars. Moreover if i did succeed in forcing out the grating 1 should find myself in a narrow Yard enclosed on All sides by n High Wall. Any attempt to leave the House by the door would of course arouse the suspicions of the inmates How a got a Start. From lir Man a Iron t town in tic Star. A tall portly Man. With a homely but expressive lace and a pronounced scotch accent was chatting with some friends in the fifth Avenue lobby. I recognized him As Hon. John h. Leeds of Connecticut and was reminded of the occurrence that gave him his first Start in life. Thirty years ago he w in poor boy earning amere pittance. To Day lie is Rich Lias Cut a wide Swath in politics 1ms much to say in Connecticut affairs and lives in a line mansion at new have a. When a lad he discovered some tramps endeavouring to wreck a train on the new York pc new Haven Road in a spirit of revenge for having been thrown from a train. They had heaped up a number of Railroad ties on the track just before a fast express from Boston was due. At tiie Point where the obstruction was placed the train would be going at full Speed and half a Hundred feet ahead was the Bank of a River. If the express struck the pile of ties it would certainly have been derailed and blowing ahead would pm begone Down into the River. Young Leeds knew tire train was due in a very few minutes when lie discovered the tramps at work. He could not attack them single handed neither had he time to remove the big ties if he succeeded by any device in scaring them away so he ran to meet the approaching express waving his red shirt. The train wus stopped in time and a purse Vas raised for Young Leeds and the tramps were captured. was Given employment in the Railroad company s office and a life pass on the Road. He Rose rapidly by honest Endeavor has held Many Public Quot in the held offices of Trust and served Assembly for several terms

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