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Blackfoot Idaho News Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1891, Page 3

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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - January 3, 1891, Blackfoot, IdahoVisor al if Len and women the vigorous Are they who pay attention to the Laws of health of which one of the Foremost is take care of your digestion. Should a temporary attack of the enemy dyspepsia Surprise you foil his subsequent assaults with Hostetler a stomach bitters. From the stomach come the fundamental supplies which minister to vigor and thoroughly transmuted into blood actively circulated Are the maintenance of the system. Pallid in countenance nervous attenuated in figure poor sleepers Are the dyspeptic. Reinforced and built up by the great Stomachin the wan and the thin inc ease in color and bulk appetite improves nervous symptoms disappear Bleep grows tranquil and refreshing and the of Mana and despondency notable in invalids gives place to Light hearted Ness a capacity for racy enjoyment of the Good things of this life. Use the hitters for malarial bilious Heui Nutly and kidney troubles. One enjoys both the method and results when Barap of Fig mistaken it a pleasant and refreshing to the taste and acts Ren try yet promptly on the kidneys liver and bowels cleanses the system de actually dispels colds headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of figs is the Only remedy of its kind Ever produced pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects prepared Only from the most healthy and agreeable substances its Many excellent qualities commend it to All and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of figs is for Sale in 60o and $1 bottles by All leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who tray not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it do not accept any substitute. California Fig syrup co. Ban Francisco Cal. 10uisiiiue. A. New York. . Grateful comforting. Epps a Cocoa breakfast a a by a thorough knot Lodge of the natural Laws Whlon govern the operation of digestion and nutrition and by a careful application of the Fine properties of Well selected Cocoa. Or Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a delicately Flavoured beverage which May save a Many heavy doctors Bills. It b by the judicious use of such article of diet that a Constitution May be gradually built up until Strong enough t a resist every tendency to disease. Hundred of Subtle maladies Are float Nir around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak Point. We May escape Many a fatal Shaft by keeping ourselves Well Lor titled with pure blood and a properly nourished sort Etc made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold Only in half Pound tins by grocers labelled thus James Epps amp co., homeopathic chemists London England. Bore Wells i my our Well machines Are the most Pink a a a Wilt i it Subj Abts. Durable Boyd Moue work and Auk greater profit. They fi.ni81i Well where Athi is fail any age a inches to us inches diameter Loomis amp Nyman Tiffin Ohio. Frei i pm o lathe acknowledged j leading remedy for All lha 1 unnatural discharges and private disease of men. A certain cure for the Debill 1 Tating weakness Peculiar to women. A s us. A 1 prescribe stand feel Safo i the Evans chemist cd. In recommending it to r or that 0 Bill sufferer. L o. S. A. Msj 3t0neh, m 0�?zdect up in. Sold by . Price of of. _ Curts in. A toil it a i go fat a 0t w \ Pauo it mat or. Vrem Luty a Asa Nativo Trei it or. Are you weak it Yon suffer from lost Mam Hood n kit vol s dlsasf9, u1l los Sta of any kind from in losses we will give you a Flakk trial of this word Kholl 0 Korin. We a cubic in every Case. Write us to Send you a Frick Sam-p1� package sealed in Plain wrapper. Bead . Silver or Ata a Pivot cover packing and Postie a. Madrid Chi tical co., 417 Dearborn st., Chicago i. It of a a Usei by c1til it a knt a at Jou amp a i o and women la the u. S. A. A a it their lire and their health Aid their Flap Pireu to Ridge s fat a i their daily diet in inf Miry and childhood Haring Ber Ridge s food. By druggist Quot 19 tub la a dive food u is we a Licu All Costi ukat fainter Mae. Old coens wanted1 it you have any i am a dates before 1871,Send list. To pay from five cents to $ltm0 Premium on hundreds of kind. Enclose stamp for particulars. May mean a Fortune to Vou. W. T. Of Cush p. 0. Box soi6, Oil of Kilt. Emory mind wandering cured. Books Learned in Odd Reading. Testimonials from All parts or the Globe. Prospectus Tobt free sent on application to prof a. Loia Etia 337 fifth ave. New York Homo Doc oration our improved Novelty hug Sta China uses2 Needles coarse Needle for y rugs mittens ac., and Fine Needle for zephyrs or silk on Plush or velvet. Machines sen by mail for 1.10, Price list of machines Rug patterns Flo embroidery Pat Phyra. Plush ac., sent free. E. Ross or co. Toledo. O. Terns on Muslin yarns be Liberal terms to agent , Chicago ill. Magic Lan techs. M a n h oods Ful imprudence causing premature decay nervous debility lot manhood ac., having tried in vain every known remedy has discovered simple Means of eel a cure which he will Send sen Tod free to his be hour sufferers. Address If. Reeves Esq. Boa 32�, n. Y. City. I amp Vlf a h a.111.1-10,1, it a. A successfully prosecutes claims. Late principal exp Miner u s pension Bureau. Syr la last War. 15 adjudicating claims atty since i risk mud 15 to 2ft reduced 15 to 2ftnoun. To per month by hannit4# boreal remedies. No starving no inconvenience confident fat folks. We Send of air Montali address d1l o. W. F. Haftl per 43 8uw 8t.f Chiago he Well Rii i a but in the world. Catalogue fre. He it pc a tas eyj11u, j.,., -. Patents a a a a a a v by no or do our. Bonds highest Price paid for school and municipal Bonds correspondence solicited. D. M. Sells Omaha neb i a nip can have smaller feet filid my cum fort. Pamphlet free. Sam ple pkg 10c. The Pedone c�., new York. W. A u. Omalia-513�?4?. A doctors confession. He does no to take of Tench tried clue and and Vine the it Porter not to. A Humbug of course it is. The to Cut led science of Medicine is a Humbug and has Beca Frota the time of Hippocrates to the present. Why the biggest Crank in the Indian tribes is the Medicine a a very Frank was the admission especially so when it came from one of the biggest Young physicians of the City one whose practice is among the thousands though he has been graduated but a few years a says the Buffalo courier. A very cozy was his office too with its cheerful grate fire its Queen Anne furniture and its Many lounges and easy Ehi drs. He stirred the fire lazily lighted a fresh Cigar and went take the prescriptions Laid Down in books and what do you find poisons mainly and nauseating stuffs that would make a healthy Man an invalid. Why in the world science should go to poisons for its remedies i cannot Tell nor can i find any one who a How does a doctor know the effect of his Medicine a he asked. Quot he Calls prescribes and goes away. The Only Way to judge would be to stand Over the bed and watch the patient. This cannot be done. So really i done to know How he is to Tell what Good or Hurt be does. Sometime ago you remember. The Boston Globe sent out a reporter with a stated bet of symptoms. He West to eleven prominent physicians and brought Hack eleven different prescriptions. This jus shows How much science there is in there Are local diseases of various characters for which nature provides positive remedies. They May not be included in the regular physician s list perhaps because of their simplicity but the evidence of their curative Power is beyond dispute. Kidney disease is cured by Warner s Safe cure a strictly herbal remedy. Thousands of persons every year write As does h. A Gardiner of Pontiac h. A August 7, 1890 a a few years ago i suffered More than probably Ever will be known outside of myself with kidney and liver complaint. It is the old Story i visited doctor after doctor but to no Avail i was at Newport and or. Blackman recommended Warners Safe cure. I commenced the use of it and found Relief immediately. Altogether i took three bottles and i truthfully state that it a a it o harm to do this and no Barm to do that a generally Means to take another step toward molecules Are very Small nearly As Small As the Eoula of some people. Z took cold i took sick 1 took Soots a emus my result i take my meals i take my rest and i am vigorous enough to take anything i can Lay my hands on f Iii log lilt too for Scolis emulsion of pure cod liver Oil and soda not Only cured my ill cup Leut consumption but built me up and is now putting flesh on my Bones at the rate of a Pound a Day i take it just As easily As i do such testimony is nothing new. Scott a emulsion is doing wonders daily. Take no other. P unify your blood. But do not Uso the dangerous alkaline and mercurial preparations which destroy your nervous system and ruin the digestive Power of the stomach. The vegetable kingdom gives us the Best and safest remedial agents. Or Sherman devoted the greater part of his life to the discovery of this reliable and Safe remedy and All its ingredients Are vegetable. He gave it the name of prickly fish a lifers a name every one can remember and to the present Day nothing has been discovered that is so beneficial for the blood tor the liver for the kidneys and for the Stimach this remedy is now so Well and favourably known by All who have used ii that arguments As to its merits Are useless and if others who require a corrective to the system would but give it a trial the health of this country would be vastly improved. Remember the name prickly Ash bitters. Ask your druggist for it. Prickly Ash bitters co., st. Louis. To. Mothers Friend to child birth easy if us Flo before confinement Book to Quot Moti eur a m ailed from bi�ai9f1ele� a Kul Lator Atlanta Ca. Sold by All druggists J. Thomas amp co., wholesale shipper of Colorado Coal Iso Curt a st., dei\tlill,c0t,0 specie rate to club end Farmers alliances. A Allf from nervous debility Vii wasting Etc. Send for my free Book of remedies and cure Ron Acle at Home. Or. J. Renaer Hij Clark men tji and Tom Fork information Cuce a Home far fill i kill a t l Benil stamp for Illus train do ii Obj 1 us ill in o. K. I it of by. To i rank he . Run. Cd situations furnished students work two hours for Board and room Standard Biu news Collve lat Hoot . I o bid to w. To Larimer prs to Omaha Nib. He was the Han a a Confidence Many yes to Are a Sharp crowd but occasionally our smartness gets us into trouble a said one of the schemers to a reporter. A i attended the grand army Encampment at Boston. I had an old Veteran in Tow one night talking War with him for All i was Worth. I said i was at the Battle of Gettysburg and slept in an old barn about half a mile East of the town the night after the third Days Battle. 4 a he looked up suddenly at this. A was it a red barn a he asked. I said Yea. A and did another Soldier sleep with you a i done to know Why i was so thoughtless but i answered 4yea.�?T he jumped at me and yelled a give it Back to me you thieving ?1 said i. A my pocketbook. You took it you lying Well sir it took me a half hour of the hardest talking i Ever did to convince that old vet that it was another Seattle journal. Lifting poner of plants. Experiments of a Peculiar character have been carried on at several of the noted agricultural colleges of the United Stales the object being to ascertain the lifting Power of growing plants of different species. The one result which has perhaps attached the greatest attention is the discovery that a weight of two and a half tons can be lifted by the common a a Yankees pumpkin in the course of its development. Or. Carpenter relates the Story of a paving Stone weighing eighty three pounds that was raised from its bed when joined by others on All four sides by such a soft piece of fungi As the common mushroom. And still another and More remarkable Story is added to the above. A Man having a cask of Sweet wine placed it in an empty cellar to mature. When examined several years later it had risen from the floor of the cellar to the ceiling having been borne upward upon the tender shoots of a Vine fungus with which the cellar was . Louis Republic. A Porc Elln , the painters Gazette gives the most approved method of producing the a a porcelain finish a which is the latest craze for finishing dining rooms in pure White. If it is new work the Wood must have a coat of shellac to prevent pitch from coming through if hard Pine it should receive two Coats. If Over old paint it must be Sand papered Down to a perfectly smooth surface and All imperfections filled with Putty. Give the work four Coats of French Zinc mixed with raw Oil and enough turpentine to make it dry with Only an egg Shell gloss. Give enough time Between each coat to dry perfectly dry before applying another. When dry and hard sandpaper to a smooth surface with no. 0 sandpaper then it is ready for the finish which consists of two Coats of French Zinc ground in and thinned with demur varnish. There should be no Oil in the finishing coat As it would tend to Lessen the gloss and turn the paint yellow. A when the Robins nest again a said she a i suppose my cold will get so he Felt very sad but suddenly Bethought him of i it a. Ziulpa cough syrup the cough a cured and those two were Happy. Put one bad Man among seven Good men and at the end of u month you have one Good anti among seven bad ones. People Call it Bach Acbo and do nothing for it until the doctor is called and he pronounces it rheumatism. If they had used salvation Oil in time the doctors Bill could have been saved. About Duncing. As to my dancing it seems to to a popular impression abroad that my legs do duly for my voice. Why it was Only the other Day that a Friend of mine who saw me shaking my legs i had been Laid up several Days with a boil on it innocently inquired if i was a running the dancing is not a Mere matter of legs. The audience not Only watches the legs of a Favorito dancer but they also observe his eyes. The brain o dancing is in the Eye. The end of the dance that Calls Forth applause depends More on the expression of the face than on any movement of the feet. The hands play As great a part in dancing As the feet a Francis Wilson in Kate Fields Washington. Do your clothes last As they used to if not you roust be using a ship or a Hong Iio Der that rots them. Try the Good old fashioned Dobbins electric soap perfectly pure to Day As in 1865, the Eagle is the Bird of Freedom but the Turkey has the most friends in the fall of the year. _ Rook on in raft Law do Yon want to know All about tin new Tariff rates Aud other customs legislation h. F. Downing amp co., custom House brokers. New York have published a handsome pocket sired Book with All Tariff rates arranged articles on How to figure a duties foreign express rates drawback of duties and All information on imports and exports. With this Book you Are a Tariff expert. No other Book so Complete Handy and Rol Labio Lias yet appeared and As All a re interested in Toto Tariff All should have a copy. Send 11.00 to it. V. Downing amp co., 20 Exchange place now York. If the ethic pen could change his skin it would throw a Good Many men out of employment in politics. Being conceited is the Only satisfaction some men find in life. How patient a Ina can be in a photograph 1 How a to Lily i we offer one Hundred dollars Reward for and Case of Catarrh that a inuit be cured by taking mails Catarrh cure. F. J. Cheney a co., l�?Trops., Toledo. O. We. The Udert tuned have known f. J. Cheney for the lust 15 years and believe him perfectly hour Abl in All business transactions and financially aide to carry out any Oil Gallons made by their Arm. West it Truax wholesale druggists Toledo 0. Walding Kin Van a Marvin wholesale druggists Toledo 0. Mali a Catarrh cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Erice la be. Per Hollie. Sold by Alt druggists. _ How easily a Man whips an enemy in a play i one Many a Blunder Cal is out greater ingenuity on the part of another. The Only Safe Way is to avoid a Man s example and take his advice. The Only shoo factory in Omaha. W. Y. Morse amp co s menus women a and children a medium and Fine grades of shoes made in our Large factory in Omaha neb. Ask your storekeeper for this Brand they Are the Best. A v. Morso amp co. Have tho Only shoo factory in Omaha so when the merchant deals with this firm he knows he is buying from first hands and at Headquarters. In one year we have made so Good a reputation for our a a Morse a school shoes that to have been compelled to make other important lines. Merchants if you want shoes that will Wear that will fit that will please your customers Send your orders to w. A Morso amp co., Omaha neb. Fifty dollars in Gold Reward to any one finding a piece of shoddy in any of our own make of goods. We Only sell to merchants. W. V. Morse amp co., Omaha neb. Dyspepsia is said to be unknown in Japan. To Are boarding houses. Swedish asthma cuke never fails. Send your address. Trial package mailed free. Collins Brothers drug co., st. Louis to. When some men can to have anything else they have a habit Garfield Tea net on blood Ren Oraton the entire a Raini brine in Hue of health Bank to faded checks. In Texas now they track a horse thief on Hoss Trail Jan system. A sobe Throat or Coupon if suffered to Progress often results in an incurable Throat or lung trouble. A Brown s bronchial troches a give instant Relief. The tattooed Man is the Man whose neighbors boy has a drum. When baby was sick we gave her Castoria when she was a child she cried for Castoria when she became miss she Clung to Castoria when she had children she gave them Castoria not to do a Little Good Overy Day Means to do a great Deal of Luck hic. A in. Wiki lows for children teething soften the rums reduce Luff amp Mma ton allays pain cures wind Colic. 25c. A bottle. The Roan who runs his Boota Down at the Heel has a hard time keeping his toes Square with the world. Holman s liver fads. Holman liver fads cure malaria. Holman s liver fad euro bilious Ness. Holman liver pods euro la digestion. Pamphlet free with full instructions amp and commendations. Holman la Vek fad co., f. O. In of 2u2, n. A marriage unfortunately sometimes proves to be an Auti dote. Foul poisons that accumulate in the blood and rot the machinery of the system air eradicated and expelled by using prickly Ash bitters a Medicine that will not irritate the stomach or bowels. It acts in a gentle manner on these delicate organs and restores health in every Case. Illinois voters must have been Happy when they fired trades and occupation the youths companion for 1801 will give an instructive and helpful serious of papers each of which describes the character of some leading Trade for boys or occupation for girls. They give information As to the apprenticeship required to learn each the wages to be expected the qualities needed in order to enter and the prospects of Success. To new subscribers who Send $1.75 at once the paper will be sent free to Jan. 1, 1891, and for a full year from that Date. Address the youths companion Boston mass. How much did the Man owe who robbed Peter to pay up Ali i st Acobson governor of Maryland says it executive chamber is a Niue polio .7id., Jan. 6, �?T90. A a a have often used st. Jacobs Oil and find a a Good Elihu e. Jackson Cov. Of my. The Best. Musical. There seems to be Little going on in musical circles of late but there is much talk among musical people of the marvelous cure of Hiss by a the High contralto Singer who has Long suffered from a severe Throat or bronchial affection super induced by Catarrh in the head and who has been perfectly cured by the use of or. Sages Catarrh remedy coupled with the use of or. Pierces Golden medical discovery por All bronchial Throat and lung affections and lingering coughs it is an unequalled remedy. When complicated with chronic nasal Catarrh its use should be coupled with the use of or. Sages Catarrh remedy. Of All druggists. Mem Meub Continental clothing House Omaha neb. Two 4j.lthat Vito a . Menus soils $8. Menus ote coals $10. We will Send to any address a sack or Prock suit made from the celebrated Victory cassimere in a neat Brown Check for the Best wearing fabric for a Low priced garment in the Market and a Plain Brown or Black Beaver overcoat for Send p. O. Order and if goods Are not satisfactory return them and a will refund the Price and pay All express charges or they May be sent 0. O. D. Rules for measurement for coat breast measure and length of sleeve. For pants Waist and inside leg measure. Freeland Loomis amp co., Omaha. The largest clothing House West of the Mississippi. A wet to a Quot Little Early amp a user cd Lite fir ways cure headache torpid liver dyspepsia bilious bad breath a a i bad complexion a constipation Carters ittle i ver pills. To a Lively cured by flies Little pills. J they also relieve Dis-1 tres from digestion and too Hearty eating. A perfect Rem of Edv drowsy Neift bad to to in tho Mouth coat do Tongue pain in the Side tor rid liver. They regulate tho dowels Jug purely vegetable. Price cent. Castes keeici1ie co., hew Toas. Small Pill Small dose. Small i. H. Gabten i. Eye nose ear Throat specialist. Graduate of Bush medic&1 College 1871. Ill note Eye and ear infirmary 1884. New York polyclinic 1889. Glasses fitted. Artificial eyes in Stock. 1104 0 Street Lincoln neb. J a present. I t Send us your address an a we will make you a y o present of the Best automatic Wasi Floc a machine in the world. Now amp so to amp Idor Ruli i a to in us needed. We want you to show it to your friends Glt a . Youran Coln Money a Wall Kin a handsome watch a first from each county. Write Quick. Address n. Y. F it laundry works. 5 dry st., n. Y. For one Dollar ent a by mall will deliver Freu of nil charges to any person in the United mates a i tie Ollu Wing articles Arof Oujo packed i u a neat Box one two ounce bottle ref pure a vaseline 10 Eta. One two Oliney bottle vu5ello pomade 15eta. One Jar of vaseline cold 15cts. One cake of vaseline camphor ice 10 cd. One aloof Vaselina soap u Nancen ted.,. 10 Eta one cake of vaseline Sony. Sente a 25 Eta. One two ounce Bottlo of 25 Eta. 1.1� or for stamp any single article at the Price. If you have occasion to use vaseline in any form be careful genuine goods put up by of in original package. A a few to Many druggy Baare trying to persuade buyers to take vaseline put up by them. Never y Leid to such persuasion As the article is an imitation without value and will not Arlve you the result you expect a bottle of Blue Seal Vaselina is sold by nil druggists at ten Cento cuksk41eoi ii a Fig. A 8l, How York. Pensions. The disability 1111 is a Law. Soldier disabled a Nee the War Are entitled. Widow win a Are dependent Ara included. Also fun Reutz dependent to Day. Whoso sons died from effect of army Here vice. If you wish your claim speedily mid Sucre fully settled add Era Janies Tanner late commissioner of pensions. Washington d. C. Engines Icileus Moi air cite he gig Wokim a. I Argest works West of tie Mississippi. Write Fot Esti Jules. So Lex City a. E Annicc write for term. 3 Sample Corset free to in amp Dell a a a gis. Lewis Sobielo co., 89� fit 9m the positive cure. I Ely 06 Warren st York. Arsce 50 c Chichester s English. Red Crons Diamond Brand Pymn Reymi a with original and genuine. Tit pm a Pav tire not to Leabu Pill for ill. Ngaine my Drosdat for coma wow # a Fush Diamond Brand in red olt a cold a Emilio by pm him with Blue Libbon. Take no other kind. and imitations. Ail Pill la Pute Board boxes pile wrapper Are dung Rou Ena Terf Clu. A a dreg Fota or ien<3 a an ,p5rtic2ura foal Walata an a 4reflcf for Ltd utter or return Moil sol sir Chio Hester chef eco. A Sun. Huid by All local let rag Lau. , pm Best cough Medicine recommended by physicians. Cures where All else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists. Christmas presents free i a a v i our special Premium catalogue sent free to any address gives three ways of securing a great variety of the finest goods in the Market for Christmas presents. goods can be had without Cost by earning them in sending us two or More new subscribers. 2d.�?they can be had for part work and a Small difference in Cash. 3d.�?they can be bought for the lowest prices possible if you do not care to earn them As premiums. Curtis publishing company Philadelphia a. % k amp k k k k k k a k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k

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