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Blackfoot Idaho News (Newspaper) - January 3, 1891, Blackfoot, IdahoNor voice nor speech. Wtown love it blessedness hath Broucht to one who loner and Long hath sought How impotent of speech if he have aught of love s humility. What words the Story can translate when one hath found his own souls Mata what voice hath he that can befit a Joy so almost infinite there cannot be a common Tongue for soul and body so among the world of worlds i wander lost not finding what i need the most. Not till the soul from Earth is free will it have Wisdom perfectly to Tell what Bliss its being moves to speak heaven s language which is love a. And yet beloved Here w e Are on Earth. And heaven lies afar nor would i Unete. My very dear to learn the language of that sphere Eurth is so Sweet so Dearest take a rho to i can give Lor loves own Sake and of Sweet silence. 1 beseech take what transcends my utmost speech and where 1 fail. 1 Pray let her be my mute souts interpreter. A Carlotta at last. Osephine May hew was left an orphan in her childhood the sole inheritor of her fathers princely Fortune. Her guardian conscientiously fulfilled his duty 111 the proper investment of her Money but left her intellect and character to be formed by the Servile crowd of Money worshippers who surrounded her. Consequently she grew up selfish and Lauty in. Patient of contradiction claiming and receiving homage and. Admiration As her right. She possessed great Beauty of both face and figure and was Welt educated and accomplished. Josephine resided with her guardian. Lie was a widower and his family consisted Only of himself Josephine and is daughter in Law mrs. Monroe. Mrs. Monroe was n Nice patient Little woman scarcely More than a child in years or strength of character yet old in sorrow and trouble. She had married George Monroe Ngn inst the wishes of her parents who saw and comprehended his utter worthlessness and very soon she rued her misty step for he a proved wild Aud dissipated and Enre Ess of her comport or pleasure. Unlovely As was Josephine in Many respects the Rich treasure affection of Many a Manly heart was lavished upon her but her heart remained untouched until she met Norman Remington he was her equal in birth and station and greatly her Bop error in moral Worth and True dignity of character. She soon loved him with All the ardor of her passionate nature and gladly plighted to him her troth. Norman lavished upon her the Earnest Devotion of a Strong Loving nature. He thought he saw beneath some True womanly sensibilities which lie fondly dreamed it would be Bis care to awaken and develop. Soon Oiler their engagement Norman had expressed his disapproval of or. Gasper Fenton one of the most persistent of her followers. He was of Good family and of rather ii had a dissipated unsettled look. Josephine with her womanly instinct has mistrusted him from the first Aud had Only permitted him to join the train of her. Admirers that she might have the pleasure of scorning him when he should presume to propose. There was to be a Large Charity Ball got up by the elite of the place. Norman asked Josephine to go extending at the same time his invitation to mrs. Monroe. Much to Josephine a Chagrin she accepted the invitation and when alone she pet j a lastly asked a Why did you ask that Low bred widow to accompany us you might at least have consulted my pleasure a my dear Josephine cast aside All such a womanly thoughts and Teel Ings. I pity her loneliness and it will surely not harm us to give her one evening of Josephine shrugged her shoulders but remained silent. She did not earn for an open rapture with her Lover but she mentally determined to punish him by luring again to her Side Gasper Fenton whom he despised and hated As did every honest Man. The Ball had already begun when they entered and mrs. Monroe being claimed by an old acquaintance for the Waits just forming Normn Nind Josephine were soon floating about in its dizzy mazes. After the dance he left her to speak to some friends. Gasper Fenton who had been watching his Chance now stepped Forward and paid his respects to the haughty Beauty. Stic was al smiles. And emboldened by his suave reception lie begged the favor of her hand for the set just forming. She graciously accepted darting a look of Triumph at Norman who was just leading mrs. Monroe to form one Side of the some quadrille. After the dance was concluded. Norman led mrs. Monroe to a seat and hastily excused himself. Turning to seek Josephine he saw her stepping through the open window to the Balcony. The Silvery Moonlight struggled faintly through the parted curtains and glistened softly 011 her Satin Rolie As she swept from his View. He hesitated a moment and then strode after them. Wulk ing up to them he offered his Arm to Josephine without noticing Fenton. Quot the night air is too Chilly a he said a after the heat of the dance. You had better return a meeting his rebuking glance with Defiance she said Joc Osely a excuse me or. Fenton i suppose i have to Fenton bowed saying a remember the next Waltz is Norman hurried her in without giving her time to reply. He said nothing but with a determined almost a fierce look upon his face he led her to the conservatory and placing her in a seat where they were hidden from View he said abruptly a a now Josephine explain your a really Norman your tone of command is highly a Josephine done to Trille with me. You have insulted me and evidently with a purpose. I want you to Tell me Why you have thus openly defied my expressed wish by receiving that base scoundrel with Freedom and a you have no right to speak to me in such an authoritative manner. 1 resent it. You choose your own companions and j claim the Liberty of doing the a Josephine once More i will suppress my just indignation and beg of you to shun that Man. Heis under the outward semblance of a gentleman a bold bad Man an adept in All manner of evil a Gambler and a Scoffer at women. You know me too Well to think i would thus malign any one without undeniable proof. Ilis very presence is contamination to any woman and my wife must never Consort with such unexceptionable she Siose with a gesture of importance. A a you Ore really . If Gasper Fenton is so dreadfully wicked Why your favorite mrs. Monroe with her abundant Supply of goodness restores the Norman turned very White hut remained speechless. He followed her Back to the crowded rooms. As they entered Fenton met them saying a really miss Mathew i began to think you had deserted me. Our Waltz is just going to she took. Iii Arm her overweening Pride exulted at thus defying her Lover. Norman did not come near her again during the evening but when she descended the stairs Sha wed and wrapped for Home he stood ready to conduct her to her Carriage. The drive Home was a silent one. Mrs. Monroe still excited by her unusual dissipation chirp used merrily about the pleasures she had relieved but the grim silence of her companions quickly quenched her flickering Gay Ety and she Sank Buck in the Carriage oppressed she knew not Why. Arriving Home Norman conducted the ladies to the House and with a Cool Good night retired. Putting on his dignity a said Josephine to herself As she went up to her room. Next morning after a restless night a note was presented to her which on opening made her flush with anger and Surprise. It ran As follows a Ami a Moy Liew a i find that i was completely mistaken in your Chni Fictor. We could never be Happy top Etlie and i shall consider on engagement annulled. Yours etc., Quot Norman a variety of emotions struggled n her heart she had loved Norman Remington passionately. Pampered and spoiled As she had always been she had never once thought that her rebellious Folly would Lead to this. Pride and resentment were dominant traits in her character and she exclaimed a the doubtless thinks that he has inflicted the direst punishment upon me for opposing his wishes Aud Means to make up to me when he presumes i am sufficiently humiliated but he shall learn his mistake. When he next addresses me it will be mrs. Gosper Fenton. One month after the eventful Ball Josephine married Gasper Fenton. It was a Brilliant affair Aud the Young couple started off on their wedding tour with All the pomp of circumstances which wealth affords. Woyen roof unmitigated misery passed away. Josephine a revengeful act Hud recoiled upon herself. Her husband had proved to Bemore despicable than Remington had assumed. Restraint no longer necessary he attempted no conceal Mutof his evil companionship or his immoral practices. Nightly he either held an digit at Home with companions As brutal is himself or went abroad to some Den of no doubtful character. He had Long since ceased to treat his wife with any semblance of respect. Lie taunted her with coarse allusions to her love for Remington which he knew she still cherished and never ceased to worry her for sums of Money. One cold wretched Day in the Winter As she sat by the window gazing wearily out at the wildly Drifting Snow her husband entered und taking a seat beside her he said a you Don t look Well a indeed 1 am quite Well a she replied for she would never acknowledge to him her increasing weariness. She Well knew that he would rejoice rather than weep Over her death. Quot no you Are not Well and have not been for some time. You should see a a by a is and make my will 1 suppose Quot she added a maliciously. A look of hatred flashed upon his eyes but he answered quietly a i did not mean that but it is certainly every ones duty who has much property to make a a you Are wonderfully anxious for my death a she said bitterly. Quot however a she continued with the sem Blance of resignation a perhaps it would be As Well. It you bring an attorney Here this afternoon 1 will ease your mind if not my his eyes sparkled with this unexpected compliance and he said unhesitatingly a and dare 1�?will a ooh a she said quickly a to whom should i leave my property if not to you i have no near relatives or with a countenance Radiant with ill suppressed Joy 1m took hold of her hand and said a my dear wife i Hope you will live Long enough to enjoy your wealth. 1 see i have mistaken you and i humbly beg your forgiveness for my harshness. Quot i was madly jealous of theatre Migton and feared you still cherished his memory and it made me act unbecoming by. Rut after such an unmistakable evidence of your love 1 can Douht no longer. I shall return presently and he hastily left the room. Josephine cast a scornful Milia Nannt glance at the retreating figure Ollier husband. A fool does he think to Blind me with his maudlin sentiment i will out wit him Fenton fearing to let her Resolution Cool soon returned with a lawyer and a will was quickly drawn up and attested and signed. This will Josephine gave to her husband with every appearance of satisfaction and Fenton thinking it secure muttered exult Antly a i never hoped to secure it so easily. It shall now be my care to see that she makes no but Josephine was a match for Bis cunning. The very next morning she had another will drawn up. Leaving everything to some Distant relative whom she had never seen. Her health gradually failed and when the cold raw winds of March swept Dol fully around her dwelling she was confined to her room and soon she was too weak to Rise from Lier bed. She knew that before the Balmy life giving air of summer would come she would be lying in her grave but the thought of her second secret will was the source of an exult not Joy even on the Borders of the Tomb. Frenton too know that she was dying. A i will search a thought he a she is sly and Crafty and perhaps she has eluded my vigilance and made a later will than the one i so he searched the House Over but found nothing. A if she has any it is secreted about her bed a he thought As he watched her with opening cautious eyes. He soon detected her nervous habit of feeling about her Pillow and at once thought he saw the Corner of a paper. A the sly Jade a he fiercely muttered. A she has one beneath her Pillow but by heaven ill have it and destroy it a watching his Opportunity he entered the room where she had been left alone. He had been drinking to drown his anger and disappointment and when Josephine saw Iii fiend like face she shrieked with fear. A hush your noise. You thought to fool me but ill have that will that you be secreted about you if i have to choke you to get he Mude a Rush toward the bed and snatched the Pillow from beneath Lier head. Filled with fierce strength born of excitement his wife clutched him about the neck with her attenuated hands thus impeding his movements. He attempted to choke her off but she Clung to him with a deathly grip. Her sunken eyes glared frightfully the red spots of her Cheeks deepened showing More Videly the Gastev pallor of her face and his shrill cry for help rang through the House. The servants rushed to the room and dragged the infuriated madman from the bed just As his frantic clutches at the lied clothes had disclosed a Legal looking document. The dying woman Sank Back exhausted. The glaring eyes grew filmy and expressionless the jaw dropped and the clenched hands relaxed. She was dead. Gasper Fenton was handed Over to the authorities and the last will and testament of the unhappy Josephine beg Garing her husband was executed. Hindsight in excess. A the most Rem arable Case of Hindsight i Ever came across a said the old Railroad superintendent a occurred on my division several years ago. A Young Man named Brown was operator at a Way station about ten Miles this Side of Alliance. He was a Good boy All Over and i had my Eye on him for promotion. But one Winters night after ordering a freight train to come West he let no. 10 passenger express go East. How he made the Blunder he never could explain. A on a single track Road nothing under heaven could prevent a wreck and Brown realize that before the rear lights of the passenger train were out of sight. Most men would have lost their Heads at the thought but lir own did no to. He remained at his instrument and telegraphed me As follows a Send wrecking train at once trains 10 and 37 in �?o1 went out with the wrecking train at once picked up Brown on the Way and found a and Emu Shup sure enough though the engineers of both trains had sighted each other in time to Avert a frightful catastrophe of course i had to discharge Brown but if his foresight had been equal to his Hindsight what a splendid railroader he would have a Cherokee Romance from the st. Loutiti Globe Democrat. On a prominent Eminence in the Prairie overlooking the town of Tahlequah has been a solitary grave Jor sixteen years. It contained the remains of Mary Downing the wife of a full blooded Cherokee chief Lewis Downing at the time of her death the place was her Home and it was her dying request that she should he buried on the Summit of the Hill. 8incethen the property has passed into strange hands und the grave has been in the midst of a Corn Field. The present owner a gentleman from Georgia hearing she was a chiefs wife thought it was due her to rest in a More sacred place. So Lier remains were exhumed and taken to the Tahlequah cemetery. Her Maiden name was Mary Ayer. She was born in Bethlehem pa., was educated and accomplished and a woman of wealth. She had romantic ideas and her infatuation for indians was extreme. In 1865 chief Lewis Downing was sent to Washington d. C., on business for the cherokees. Though a full blood he spoke English quite Well. While at Washington he had occasion to visit Bethlehem and acc Dently met miss Ayer who Felt desperately in love with him. The chief lingered Louger in Bethlehem than ii had intended not being Able to tear himself away Iron the charms of so fair a lady and Ere his departure had won her consent to be his Bride and share a place in his wigwam. It was agreed Between the two that she could follow him to the territory and be married at the capital. months to dispose of her property and convert her valuables into Cash. Chief Dot Wing returned to his nation and with hit it proved a out of sight out the ardor of his love soon cooled and he wrote withdrawing his engagement. She after Reading his letter remarked that a it took two to make a contract and two to break it a and so wrote him. Bel Rethis letter had reached the chief he had married a Dusky Maiden oflus own tribe. Miss Ayer having gotten everything in readiness started for the territory. According to contract she arrived at nth Acquah and on hearing of ii a marriage made up her mind to make her Home among his people devoting her life to 1 heir advancement. Years elapsed and the chiefs wife died. Miss aver being yet single he renewed his vows and was again Nee Ted. They were married and went to the Home she had built. The life she had Long dreamed of was realized but not Long was she permitted to fill his House with tight und love Ere death claimed her. On her deathbed she told the chief that on the third evening after her death she would return to him at her Home. But he inheriting the superstition of his race closed the House after the funeral and returned to his Home about thirty Miles Distant on grand River. It is said that on the third night after her burial lights were been moving from window to window and the indians believe to this Day that she reappeared of that night. Falling into a net. The first thing an Nero at learn when he gets u Pon ther Lapezo is How to Tail into the net. He quickly discovers that the safest Way to strike is upon the shoulders. Then comes the Long hours of practice to learn How to strike there. A trained performer can to a certain extent always control himself in the air. He can twist about on his Buck or some other position that is Safe. The trouble with Many is that they turn too Quick. The two most dangerous positions in which to strike the net Are on the face or feet Foremost. The former makes a broken neck or a broken Back probable while the latter is Likely to result m broken legs and a broken dispatch. She had him. He a talk about woman being equal to Man nonsense look about you and see the scores of men who have made themselves what they Are. But who Pray Ever heard of a self made woman a she a women Are naturally modest you know. It is for that reason that they choose to Trust their making in the hands of Providence. And if you will look up the matter with unprejudiced vision i think you la agree that on the whole the work which Provedence turns off will compare Well with the work of the self made making peace. Simple words Are Best though a very Busy Man cannot always Stop to pick one. At a hotel a waiter came out of the Coffee room and informed the manager that a Man was raising a disturbance because he could not have his accustomed seat at the table. A go in again a said the manager a and propitiate him in some Back went the waiter and said a if Yoa done to like the Way things is done Here you can get out or ill propitiate you pretty weekly. A in Williamston mich., became dry and the owner was puzzled to give Acau Sefrit. To discovered after Long investigation that the roots of a Willow had grown a distance of Twenty four feet coiled up on the Bottom in a solid mass and were carrying All the water into the foliage. A station master Astom sned. An amusing incident lately occur de on a Southern Railroad in England in connection with the Duke of Norfolk and the Marquis of Bute. Tie Duke and the Marquis were fellow travellers and when the train stopped at station a companion joined them in the person of the station master himself who was going for a aunt some Twenty Miles further up the line. The Duke and station master who were both diminutive men and therefore fond of talk soon got into conversation while the Marquis a a tall robust Many was inclined to be reticent until he found Bis Friend the Duke up to ins ears in conversation when he himself joined addressing most of his conversation to the stranger. At length the train arrived at band the Marquis bid a Hearty Farewell to the Duke and with a kindly Adieu and a shake of the hand from the 6tranger, the Marquis quilted the Carriage while his dispatch Box and wraps were secured to the Surprise of the station master by a tall powerful Footman and the train soon glided again out of the station silence was not however Long maintained the station master breaking out with the question a i wonder who that swell was a a that a replied his companion a owns the Marquis of the answer seemed to dumb found the station master for a time but presently he exclaimed a so that were a Marquis was he Well now i do think it kind of him to talk to two such snobby Little chaps As 11s, done to Yon a the Duke nodded his assent and had a Good laugh. When the train Drew up again his Grace affably bid his companion a Good Bye a and on alighting on the platform was received with the greatest deference by a number of Jesuit priests this incident again setting the station master the task of inquiry who inquisitively asked a brother official a who that Little Bloke was a a that a replied thu guard a is the Duke of the station master after this declared he would never travel first class again As Long As he lived. They weren this mules. I was in the smoking car of a train on the Louisville amp Nashville Road running from Decatur to Montgomery Ala. Just As the train started a Man came bouncing in breathing hard and evidently pretty Well tired out. After sitting Down for a couple of minutes he Rose and came Over to me. We were alone in the car. A stranger a he said us he sat Down in half of the seat. A i no Dond broke and want you to Friy fare to a very Well Here a the change and you can hand it to the a thanks. 1 see you have an overcoat lying on the seat. Quot would you have any objection to my slipping it on for five minutes a a none at a you Are very very kind. Suppose we Exchange hats for a minute a a now lend me your glasses Ana that a there they he had just got settled when the conductor Como in. The stranger said a a Guntersville and handed out the fare and the official received it and passed out. The inn in Day to another word to say until the whistle blew for Bis station. Then he got out of the overcoat handed Over the other effects and Shook funds and said a i can to Tell How much i thank you. They weren to two minutes behind a you were fleeing he Quot a i ran two a and the the cause a a could no to prove my ownership to a $250 mule team. Good by old Chap. If you Ever go into mules and get brought up Short Send Detroit free press. He found the Bishop. That others besides boys and girls sometimes make mistakes As to the things they can or cannot do is shown by an anecdote told of happening to a Young Man who thought he would like to work with tile late Bishop Patterson in the islands of the Pacific. The Story is told in the new York world runs As follows or. A., came from England to be ordained by Bishop Patterson when the Headquarters of the Mission was at Koh Ingrama a few Miles from Miyk land on the coast of the land locked Harbor. Boon not Eris arrival in Auckland he hired a boat to take him to the Mission station there to his Surprise he found no imposing Rove of buildings no pier and he had to wait in the boat until someone could be got to carry him ashore through the water. In response to his shouts a Man in a flannel shirt and trousers waded out at last from the Shore and a gave a backs to the newcomer Landing him dry on the Beach. In answer to inquiries Lor the Bishops Palace Small building close by was pointed out and to a further question of a where is the Bishop a the Man in tucked up pants said a slam the Bishop a did t consult the owner. A lot of us were waiting at Syracuse for the train from Oswego when we noticed an old Man and his son the latter about 23 years and built like a horse. Something seemed to be troubling the boy and by and by the old Man slipped around and put us on. To said a Bill has got a bile on his left leg about As big is a pint cup. He s had it two weeks and i got him to town to have it lanced. Como to get Here he Ain t got the Sand. Sun thin or ter to done and in be thought of a a Well a a a in a bust the bile in a Lorn minit if i could get the Chance but Bill suspects me. If one of you Fellers would go up and a tap him head be the most thankful Man in the county after it was you will always find some one in a crowd ready to offer himself up for anything. The Man in our crowd who volunteered was travelling through the country with a fireproof paint. He was a slim cadaverous Chap Vith a wheezy voice and he Aid to the father a old Man pm do it. In be had big est for the last Twenty five years and i know what it is to suffer. All of you keep quiet Aud ill have Bill singing Hosn Nahs in loss la five he stepped out of the crowd wandered around for a bit and As Bill became interested in a Railroad notice tacked on the Wall the humanitarian approached him and dealt him a smart kick on the calf of his left leg a wild yell and a jump followed and then the room was filled with Lints dust Coats arms legs and boots and we pulled Bill off to find the paint Man lying unconscious and apparently tied into fourteen knots. A doctor who was present worked Over him for ten minutes before he opened his eyes. Bill and the old Man had slipped out Long before that and we had picked up two Teeth a crushed hat a broken watch Chain a smashed watch and some pieces of cloth and Laid them beside the victim. He stared at us for a minute or two cleared his Mouth of blood and then a t up to Sav a Bill had a bile. I was fool enough to try to bust it for him and Bill busted me instead gentlemen place me on a Bench and leave me to my of elections. I want to Figger out if i Hainet a dangerous Man to be allowed to run at Large a a new York conscience. A that Fellows a Tough a a the d hold you up at night a a i believe a a he a Rob your House a a i think he a then Why did you give him a Quarter a the above conversation occurred Between two gentlemen standing on the Corner of Broadway and 14th Street. A a in la Tell you Why a said the one who had promptly handed out the piece of Silver w Lien a a struck Forlong aids Money. A one Day two or three years ago i was Down on canal Street. K Tough looking Chap asked me for Vioney and i not Only refused but fire atoned to have him arrested. I fid no to exactly mean it but he thought a hat i did and in his hurry to get away he ran in front of a big truck team and was knocked Down and run Over. The wheel crushed his hips and he did no to Lyvo Over ten minutes. 1 helped carry him to the walk and in a telling you straight when i s a that he kept his eyes straight on mine until they closed in death. There was that in his look which made me feel contemptible compared to a worm for the next month it beamed to me that everybody in new York looked upon me As worse than a murderer. That Man died blaming me for his death and i d have Given $500 to see him live. That a Why i come Down whenever in a struck and if i Hadnot Bur half a Dollar in Earth id Divide it if called York Sun. In cutting a big Cypress tree near Astor fla., a living Alligator seven feet Long was found therein. As the opening in the tree was not half Large enough for the Gator to get thro ugh the presumption is that it crawled in when quite Young and lived on other animals and reptiles that sought Rei Uge there. A Host who provides razors chief Justice Paxson of the Pennsylvania supreme court recently called at born ennui Sbarber shop in this City to get shaved. After the work had been performed he inquired of the Barber As to his charges for Honing razors and the latter naturally thinking that there would be but one or two stated that his Price was 25 cents apiece. The judge had nothing to say against this and next Day called and Laid Down n tot of thirty seven of the finest Chin scrapers Ever seen. The judge explained that lie was accustomed to have Large numbers of gentlemen sojourners from Philadelphia at his furry mansion in Bucks county and from the fact that the nearest Barber shop was nine Miles Distant lie naturally had to be provided with Sharp shaving implements for their accommodation and with a Good lot of them too the guests being like the judge capable of shaving a Democrat. And now the City of Mexico is Lead about its census too. It expected the enumerators to find 400,000 inhabitants but All they could find Jade but 327,000, and the citizens of the mexican capital Are is mad with the government of the new York is with superintendent Porter. The census Raker s lot is not a Happy Otro anywhere

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