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Blackfoot Bingham County News Newspaper Archives Nov 17 1955, Page 1

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Blackfoot Bingham County News (Newspaper) - November 17, 1955, Blackfoot, Idaho Mississippi state univ Efel state College Mississippi this is a negro paper dedicated to the maintenance of peace. Good will order and Domestic Tranquility in our state the Community citizen a paper of character education and information volume seven new Albany Mississippi thursday november 17, 1955 number Twenty four when will the negro learn How to discover that he is being used As a tool it is an old saying that history repeats itself. We have seen enough of repetition that we can say it is True. In 1868 Northern carpet baggers designed a plan to soak the South in debt. They could do it Only through the ignorant negro. Any time a people wish to conquer they seek the weak spot. Absalom used this technique to overthrow his father Davids kingdom. Any time a people wishes to make an i Brake it seeks the weak spot. Negroes were placed in High state positions during the car pet Bagger Days. The purpose was to accomplish selfish ends negroes soon lost those High positions. Some say that they wore unlearned and that we Nave advanced too far to allow Uii Oody to use us As tools. The politicians and communists Are doing exactly the same thing by the Southern negro today. Only in a differ ent order. It any negro who has com horse sense should read at Torney general Eugene Cooks speech which was made at the t oth annual convention held in Atlanta Georgia and later printed in the Community Citi zen and yet supports the a act we dont care How much sense he is credited with having he has not made any More Progress in using Good judgment than our forefathers did when they first came from under slavery. One Man said that the a act lawyer won a decision in the supreme court for de segregation. This is True. The carpet baggers placed negroes in lawmakers seats but what has the negro gained other than finding his inability. Desegregation has existed in some states for Many years especially in schools. What states have produced outstand ing negroes if one will Check the record it will be found that Southern states have produced More outstanding negroes than any other Section of the country. The world Book encyclopedia records 30 National outstanding negroes. 85 per cent of that group were born and reared in Southern states. States where segregation has existed Ever since the proclamation of emancipation of slavery. With these facts As recorded what advantage has the North ern negro achieved Over that of the Southland negro what Are they trying to do the Northern negro who knows his condition is bought in by the communists and is helping the marxist forces to spread their propaganda in the Southland. If you doubt the above statement Contact a Lay Northern negro whom the communists think does not have much influence and he will Tell you that the Southland negro has a broader privilege than does the Northern negro. The marxist forces Are trying destroy our democratic system of government. They Are Organ izing ignorant negroes making them believe that they Are friendless and that the a act was set up for his advantage. This is absolutely untrue. Negroes who Are supporting the a act Are buying their own tragedy. What becomes of the Money you have been put Ting in the a act for the last 20 years ? it goes to new York and other Headquarters to the big Man who spends it for him self and his family. The a act is a corruptible Racket. Then too every negro in the South should read the editorial in november 11th Issue of the Tupelo daily journal. We received permission to re print it in this Issue of our paper. Of an expert is one who has previously made the same mis Iowa Excelsior. To americans citizenship and the american Congress in the name of America let me Appeal to you whom so Ever you Are or your political affiliations to take time and give due study to americans gravest pro Blem your u. S. Supreme court and its perfidious decision in the segregation Issue. First con Sider its thoughts and actions prior to handing Down the said important decision. Secondly j study its full context and sur Mise on the serious results com Ling therefrom if its decree is fully carried out throughout your generation As Well As the Ages to come think of How it will effect the posterity of your America individually and As a j nation throughout the years ahead. J 1 would have you take a look at these nine men composing the said court of the great blessings they have received at i the hands of the most wonderful country the world has Ever i known a country developed and 1 brought into its glory by and i through the sweat and blood of i your and their forefathers and by the will or a Loving god. And at a time when it the said court could have righteously and legitimately shown its gratitude and appreciation As Well As exercising its highest sworn duty i ask what did it do in sum and substance it did what Judas Iscariot did More than Nineteen Hundred years ago and thereby committed the greatest crime known to Iran. It Connie idly and fraudulently implanted a 1 miss its decree on your and their America As a signal to the communist and All enemies of America that they were thereafter within their Legal rights to go ahead with their crucifixion of your America that it May continue to grow and grow More communistic and i Mongrel to go Down As a Degen Erate nation of mixed Breeds 1 and later to be taken Over by communist Russia without fir ing a shot. Yet americans to add to the monstrosity of the crime As was the Case of the christs crucifixion too Many of the nations citizenship including officials Are either too acquiescent or too glorying in their Perfisity of the supreme 1 courts audacious act indicating 1 that Judas Iscariot Are not con fined to the supreme court and 1 with a Strong suggestion that patriotism and integrity is but a i Shadow of the past too Many \ being brainwashed in consid-1 Etc Tuluii i a mess of Pottage would have you take a look in in the background and see that Lack of Wisdom and gratitude of these nine handpicked j Black Robed imitators of Hon or Justice and integrity fully observing that Lack of consideration they gave to the sweat an blood of their fore fathers As Well As the nation and to their god in turning their Back to the nations All time honoured Constitution and diligently sought j far and wide for ignoble avenues for its basis in reaching its doubtless premeditated de j vision that brought shame and disgrace on this Here to fore honoured court and leaving America in the depth of per 1 Plecity and distress not know ing what catastrophe will next be in order to further place the f nation in the Depths of despond j ency As Well As lowering her citizenship. Or. Congressman you should 1 know every Angle of the said a supreme courts decision and How the same was arrived at wholly on unethical illegal 1 grounds communistic inspired. 1 when the High court descends so Low How could it have a semblance of respect from any decent citizen in All Amer Ica in conclusion i will ask the Congress in whose hands lies this great responsibility what should be done in the above grave matter that America May live. For answer i will quote a a pathetic picture integration this photo of a negro Pupil in t a integrated school at Hoxie arlt., inspired comment. The above picture is one of the most pathetic pictures we have seen in a Long time. It is a demonstration of what integration of schools will bring to Southern negroes. The picture shows a school occupied with several White children and one negro girl. The negro girl is sit Ting on the front seat with her books on her Lap. There Are vac ant seats on each Side of her. Rhe White children and the teacher Are in the rear of the room in a process of recitation. This Little negro girl exhibits loneliness and a misfit. It is a tragedy to try to Force anything Iown the throats of a people who have the Power to evade sheir dislikes. Not Only will negro children de boycotted and handicapped in he South in integrated school but they Are boycotted n the integrated Northern schools. We Are convinced that he Southern negro is enjoying Nore Freedom than any of his Ellow class in our country there is segregation among All passes and in All parts of this world and there always will be. Who is responsible for the sad picture mentioned above and who can avoid the re occurrence of similar incidents negro parents Are responsible and they can avoid the re occurrence of such incidents. If the great teacher told his disciples to Tarry in no place where they were not wanted it seems that Jun sane minds would catch a hint from his teaching. No Parent should suffer his child to be dropped in any place with no Means of helping itself. I All who have acquired any de Gree of knowledge know that it is solely left to the teacher As to whether the child learns. The saying is that you can carry a horse to water but you can not make him drink. Who i has the Power to Force teachers to teach negro children it is a sure fact negro teachers will not have the Opportunity to teach in integrated schools in Mississippi. My fellow parents and teach ers do you wish to see any negro child boycotted As the above picture shows if Inte Gration takes place that is just what will happen and in some cases worse. Negro leaders cite racial co operation Cleveland the Progress of he negro in Cleveland and Bolivar county was the theme it the annual banquet of the Cleveland negro civic club held n the auditorium of the negro school Here recently. A number of White civic Lead is made Short talks including District judge de Green Sherff elected Howard c. Williams Ifa Yor Wattie Bishop Cleveland school supt. W. J. Parks Boli Var county representative Char in Jacobs Tetlow Johnson Man Tiger of the Cleveland chamber f Commerce and others. Industry needed both White and negro citizens f Cleveland were agreed some sort of Industry is needed for he absorption of Idle labor they said some method of Inan Ting is needed where per haps the negro workers might ultimately become stockholders. B. T. Searcy Cleveland negro physician and president of the Legro civic club pointed out hat decency and Good will to Vard negroes still abounds in his town and in this Section of statement by one who needs no introduction Ulysses s. Grant let no guilty Man escape if it an be avoided. No personal consideration should stand in the Way in per forming a Public duty. 7/29/1875. The crime or. Congressman is As Clear and As usable As a Bright noon Day sky ind is As odious As hell itself and t is solely in the hands of the Congress to do or not to do. We shall wait and see while our hearts fear and tremble for bil ions of souls yet unborn whose destiny is within your hand to Given the Best in life or blackened with a Bleak future. 3/2/55 t. W. Graham the state despite wide publicity Given to some recent incidents. He related incidents of How inter racial Good will and cooperation can be promoted by meetings of responsible White and negro citizens at the local level. B. L. Bell superintendent of he negro schools of Bolivar county who acted As Toast Naster told the group some of c or so called leaders have taken tiie leadership away from the Ordinary negro and we Are sick did tired of it. They Are up North and other places making Peeches and All for personal gain not to help the working Mississippi negro. Wishes for to h. H. Humes Delta negro eader of Greenville and editor of of the Delta leaders negro Liew paper published there told he group i just wish this meeting was being televised so that racial agitators could see for themselves How Well the White and negro people of Mississippi get along together. We dont need nor want any outside agitators. Other negro leaders address ing the group were j. B. Buck president of Natchez College at Natchez Percy Green editor of the Jackson miss., advocate j. H. White president of missis Sippi vocational College at Itta Bena w. A. Higgins superintendent of Clarksdale negro schools c. J. Jones superintendent of Mound Bayou school j. W. Chambers superintendent of Areola school and c. B. Thur Man Mound Bayou postmaster. Of madly Beautiful if you want to see a raving Beauty just look up the girl who won second place in a Beauty Lake Iowa Pilot Tribune. Globetrotters to head for Dixie Boston the dazzling Harlem globetrotters wind up their first swing of the new basketball season in new England Here t riday night at Boston Garden and then go dancing Down to Dixie. Abe a Persteins spectacular Sharp shooters continue to reign As the games no. 1 attraction i hat was clearly and dramatically shown last week when they made their initial 1955-56 visit to historic Madison Square Gar Den in new York. They played two games in the Garden afternoon and evening and Drew a total attendance of 28,000. The Trotters exhibiting a whirlwind passing at tack and phenomenal shooting Sill created a panic in the big Arena. Never before have Gar Den fans seen such an amazing or remarkable demonstration of court magic. Leading the Way of course was bombing Bob Hall the fun Niest As Well As one of the most talented player seen in manhat tan in years. One Veteran writ i Ulvi Yuoi i duct leu key uie Trotters mixture of Tom foolery and Fine execution of basketball wrote afterwards there have been hundreds of teams in Madison Square Gar Den but none like this one. The globetrotters had the fans in an uproar from the very first whistle to the last. Bob Hall basketballs newest comic should be on Broadway. Head Lay Mem in the aisles surely fans in the Southland will not get their Chance to see Hall Clarence Wilson Josh Grider and the rest of a Persteins great combination. Of English lesson words often misused do not say i donated a Dollar to the boys for ice Cream. Say i gave a Dollar to the boys. Do nate is properly used when the gift is important As i donated ten thousand dollars to the Church. Often mispronounced mayor Alty. Accent first syllable not the third. Often misspelled Merchan Dise noun and verb ise not ize. Synonyms dress noun apparel attire clothes clothing costume garb garments Raim ent Robes uniform vesture. Word study use a word three times and it is yours. Let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Days word Scrivener a professional or Public writer a scribe. Pronounce the i As in it. A Scrivener was engaged to record the proceedings at the meeting. Or. Bashful receives citation Tallahassee or. Emmett w. Bashful of the political science department at Florida a and m University recently received a citation from the Florida supreme court because of the Fine service he had done for the state of Florida. The citation was Given in the form of a Resolution after the justices had had an Opportunity to examine a copy of his Disser tation the Florida supreme court. A study in judicial be Lection. Or. Bashful rejoined the a and m. Faculty in september follow ing a years leave As a Ford Fel Low during which time he competed work for the . Degree at the University of Illinois. The Resolution follows Emmett w. Bashful a member of the faculty of Florida agricultural and mechanical University an alumnus of University of Illinois has lately been awarded the degree of doctor of philosophy by his Alma mater. He chose As a subject for his Disser tation for this degree the Flor Ida supreme court. A study in judicial selection. The justices of the court have been privilege Vesper services held at Jackson College or. John b. Eubanks professor of social science at Jackson College urged his audience to face their responsibilities As he spoke during the Vesper hour sunday afternoon. Or. Eubanks said there has been too much walking with crutches. Take up your Beds and walk in things spiritual. Using As his subject lets talk sense about religion the former Jarvis Christian College head lamented the tragedy of people with empty lives and people who in this land of plenty still find they have nothing to live for. Too often religion has been equated with Church attendance alone when we Are surrounded by sins of different kinds and de Grees / he said. Religion teaches us to face the realities of life to face our own inadequacies. It helps us find meaning in me transcends ail barriers. One Power of religion is in this sore of thing. Or. Eubanas urge his listeners to de just Iove mercy and Waik he win thy god. I he Jackin College choir directed by or. Robert a. Henry Sang let thy blessed bpm by p. Tsche Nokoff. A. Alien Johnson was at the Organ. Sundays program is typical of the Vesper services Neil at Jackson College each sunday afternoon at four o clock. Friends alumni Lormer Stu dents and ail others Are invited to attend these services when Ever it is possible to do so. The speaker for sunday no vember 13, will be miss Jean k. Norris of the language arts department. Miss Norris is a graduate of Prairie View a. & m. College and of Iowa state University. During the past summer she toured several european countries and had Many Rich experiences. This is her third year at Jackson col lege. De to examine a copy of this dissertation with much interest and profit. It evidences much exhaustive and capable research on a subject not before undertaken and is a most valuable contribution to the political history of our state so valuable in fact and so expertly done that a copy of it should be made and deposited in the court Library As a Perma nent reference work. Therefore be it resolved that the justices of the court warmly congratulate or. Bashful on the completion of a task expertly done and be it resolved further that a re quest be made to or. Bashful for a volume copy of this Dissert tation if available for the court Library and that if a copy is not available that it be made by the court staff for such use and be it resolved further that a copy of this Resolution be forwarded by the clerk of this court to or. Emmett w. Bashful As a Token if the courts appreciation for the Fine service he has done for the state of Florida and that a copy be spread upon the minutes of the court. The above resolutions unanimously adopted by the justices of the court october 17, 1955. Of Columbus news or. And mrs. A Colley Collier of St. Louis mo., motored Down to be at the funeral of mrs. Tom Marshall sunday nov. 6, 1955. Also they visited or. And mrs. Worthey and had supper with or. And mrs. Robert Lowe of Washington ave. South. Or. And mrs. Earnest Worthey and or. Pink Worthey went to Mapleville ala., to attend the funeral of their Mother on oct. 30, 1955. Of give generously to your Community Chest Campaign we Are a Long Way from $50,000. It is More blessed to give than receive. Be a cheerful giver
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