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Blackfoot Bingham County News Newspaper Archives May 18 1940, Page 8

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Blackfoot Bingham County News (Newspaper) - May 18, 1940, Blackfoot, Idaho Editorials the Phoenix Index a paper with a purpose slogan dont spend your Money where your people Are not Welcome the Phoenix Index is published weekly at 1214 e. Monroe Street Pho Efcic Arizona phone 4-2713 mrs. Alberta Gibson editor and publisher Bev. J. W. Gray associate editor subscription rates one year $2.00 by mail $2.50 six months sl-25 by mail a 5o per copy the Phoenix Index is not connected with any political party of action and shall at All times regardless of any set Rul tags of regular ions present the news completely impartially and free from hatred. All news matter coming to this paper should be in our office tues Day not later than 9 a. M. Of each week in order to appear in the current Issue. News matter must be plainly written on Only one Side of the copy Sheet otherwise it cannot be used. We Reserve the right to condense or alter All matter for safety or convenience unless the same is paid for. Make All Money orders payable to the Index 1214 East Monroe Street. All articles or news must Ltd signed by contributors or they will not be published. Platform 1. To give to the coloured people a race paper that they can feel proud of and in which they May express their views on All political social religious and economic questions which face the race. 2. To awaken racial conscience especially in business to the extent that we must become Job makers a Well As Job seekers. 3. To instruct boys and girls in the Art of Thrift. 4. To promote the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of Roan 5. To build a firmer racial foundation for posterity. To succeed in any business we of the coloured race must compete with those of other races. We must use the same technique As other races in dealing with our patrons. Above All we must Render dependable efficient and courteous service at All times in that a alone will be Able succeed in any business Enterprise. Therefore realizing these vital Points the Index shall at All ume s give heed and respect to any suggestions from its readers in regard to rendering a better service. A weekly forum shall be published each week in which your views May be expressed on any question of local or National scope. Such views Are to be presented As personal opinions and shall not reflect in anyway the opinion of the Phoenix Index 244,000 native song the treatment of the subject matter provided through Rich Ard Wrights native son with Harlem As the locale by la Uraj Magazine is one of the fairest accounts of real conditions among negroes Ever published through a National medium. 1 Hough the Magazine account specifically concerns Harlem where 244,000 coloured americans live the conditions and problems pointed out could be applied to Chicago Memphis. Birmingham or Atlanta As Well. The Story As the account says is not pleasant but it reveals How thousands of our fellow citizens live under conditions which often produce vice and crime. Among the things pointed out As disadvantageous to tje native sops of Harlem Are poverty race discrimination Lack of j recreational facilities which drive them to delinquency the High death rate due to poor living conditions and prevalence of tuberculosis rickets syphilis together with crowding and ignorant health habits and consignment to menial tasks cheap diversions and Drudgery. Prevalence of play in poolroom bars cellar dives and creep joints and prostitution Are pointed out As tilings which pull the race Dove award. It is significant that the Magazine pointed out that however tainted jts bodies Harlem is souls Are clean for the Community s biggest Industry is religion. Perhaps its Promise of a pleasanter life after death is an understandable attraction for people whose present one leaves so much to be desired. It is hoped that the mag Azirin article will touch the under standing of the majority group which enjoys the Many luxuries and advantages of american life. Americans More than 12.000,000 native sons need a break from the disadvantageous positions in which they find themselves. And she s rated tops i " the very Lovely Dolores Brown who floes the warbling with ers urine Hawkins famed Tuxedo Junction orchestra is rated tops by Ted Yates famed Broadway columnist who is a regular contributor to this newspaper. I dont believe they c conflict a a another significant a Lehm i query is can we keep out of the War As a matter of fact the states is already practically in a conflict. Except for actual As an american unit the whole country is geared to the conflict at least in Low a As the expression concerning the shifting of gears of automobiles goes. Friday saw prominent members of the highest legislative body Cal for enormous increases protective forces and the lending of Aid to the allies to the full extent up to sending men abroad. Any Small incident could cause the gear to be shifted in High. American production for the allies has been in High gear for months. Everybody is shocked at hitlers lightning War. The propaganda that is being fed the american pub lie makes the shocks most severe. Most of us Are saying Hitler must be stopped. It is unfortunate that tolerance fair dealing and Good will were not taught the mothers sons who made the treaties of past wars. The horrors that Are being experienced in the present conflict would never have appeared a the scene of time. Instead there is confusion and hatred killing and destruction of the worst kind to say the least. Mothers sons Are fighting. Tottering empires when the present War started several months ago this column predicted that hitlers bombs would be the cause of the destruction of most of the empires the world has left. Already during past few weeks the world has read and seen pictures of Kings and their governments on the run. Hitler is proving the terrible a courage that he was feared to be Julien Chamberlain began his Long series of capitulation. Will his might tear Down the English and French empires As it is threatening to do to Tike dutch and belgian units what Side is god on in the conflict it has been interesting to note How fervently each Side has expressed belief that god would see it to Victory. Hitler has perhaps expressed this belief in Public no less than the others. The coloured groups of the world Are naturally interested in what would happen to them in a nazi dominated world. If what has happened to minorities in Germany such As the jews and later the poles is m store for negroes under the fore system then we naturally want no part of it. Democracy though sometimes harsh it has been towards coloured people continues to Appen r the Best government for All. If nazism offered something better then it would be different so we say too Stop Hitler with total emphasis. Between the lines by Dean Gordon b. Hancock for and Mammy comes Back the arrival of the new negro was marked by a stolid de termination to drive the Black Mammy from the forefront Owna tonal thinking. Black Mamm ism in All its relations and ramifications was spurned As beneath the dignity and facial notice of the newly arrived new negro and his heirs and assigns forever. Mammy beat a Hasty Retreat in spite of the fact that her influence Ancl Finan Cial backing was behind much of the Advance of the negro race. She had helped to Lay the foun Dation of the Hopes and aspirations of her stricken people. Her sweat and her tears and her blood were Swift witnesses before the bar of Public opinion where the race is Ever on trial. That the negro should attempt to disqualify her in the eyes of the world was somewhat startling if not indeed distressing few indeed Are the prominent negro families today who cannot number among their members some Black Mammy who acted Well her part and won recognition for her nearest Kin. Our schools Are Well populated w Ith sons and daughters whose places were secured in part by the influence of Mammy. Many of our diplomas have been drenched with the sweat of some Black Mammy just what the new negro should turn so violently against her and her lowly ministrations of service is somewhat puzzling. But thanks to Hattie Mcdaniel whose Genius sparkles in gone with the wind Black Mammy is Back with colors flying actor More important when one sits four hours and sees the Superb acting of this Gen ius of the screen one is convinced that the actor is More important than the role. The role is import ant but acting is the thing. That miss Mcdaniel ran away with a perfectly Fine show is not an Inci Dent. She put her heart in her role and this Humble role lifted her to Fame and Fortune. The Fine portrayal of Black Mammy by miss Mcdaniel is not an exaggeration in any Wise but faithful to the truest traditions of the old South Fjone but the flagrantly misguided could Ever Dis Parage the Fine influence of the Black Mammy on the social life of the South. The White men Ana women of the South who have time and again stayed the flood Gates of violence against the defenceless negroes Are those who have made humane by the tender touch of some Black Mammy. The Fine influence of these Noble souls upon the mores of South have made the negroes Cross much less heavy than it would otherwise have been. It is a mighty Fine thing for Hattie Mcdaniel to bring Mammy Back until the new negro can recover his sense of values and proportion. In other words if the new negro so called can play his role As effectively As the Black mummies of the South played theirs he will do himself an honorable service. It is not the role but the actor that counts. Indebted to actors the negro race and the nation is under obligations to Bill Robin son Louise beavers and Hattie my Daniels for the e part they have played in getting the negro on the screen at All. I Well remember when Bill Robinson accepted a subordinate role he was heckled by these supposed new negroes who called his role Uncle e atomism. Bill Rob Inson is a Wise negro and would not the destroyed. He faced reality. He knew that if the negroes entered the movies they would have to assume Humble subordinate roles. Ther e were the rash among the negroes who clamoured for leading flies or none. To take less than the leading role was betraying the race. Bill Rob Inson went ahead. It was the same or nearly so when Louise beavers appeared in imitation of life. But by. The arrival of Hattie Mcdaniel the negro had awaken to the fact of reality and the odium had largely passed and so instead of heckling miss Mcdaniel the negro hails her. This is one of the Healthiest signs that the negro is not hopelessly lost in the Maze of untoward Circum stances. When tha negro wakes up to the fact that it is the actor and not the role that counts we Are go ing to get somewhere. Damages totalling continued from Page 1 selves on the mercy of the court were Given suspended sentences of two to three years. The attack by the mob on the potato pickers served to concentrate attention on the whole problem of negro migratory agricultural work ers in new Jersey who Are brought up from uie South in trucks by contractors heralded into unsanitary and fire trap barns and Chick in coops and deprived of political and civil rights or. Clendenin stated further. Township officials expected that lie incident would be forgotten As have similar ones in previous years. They tried to delay arrest and than to Whitewash the gang but this attempt was Defeated by our pressure and publicity. The workers defense league is saturday May 18,1940 football and negro Privati colleges by Walter r. Chivers professor of sociology Morehouse College this subject was introduced in last sundays column. The questions discussed then were which is More important the intercollegiate football schedule or the regu Lar curricular activities and what effect does the intercollegiate football schedule have upon the non participating element of the student body ? today the Center of interest will be How important to the College is the individual football player and what future has the negro College graduate who has majored in football the writer Over a period of three years was graduate manager of athletics for this College. Beginning Frie first summer after his appointment he became increasingly disturbed Over the stronger interest held by the alumni in prospective football players than either in the Quality of students at Large or the additions and qualifications of three months interest because of Lihs alarm the writer from Lime to time ques other schools and discovered that generally the alumni of negro colleges have a three Mouths intense interest in their Alma mater this is the foot Ball period. This is also True in White colleges but at White col Leges the athletics is so often entirely supported by the alumni association while in negro col Leges this extra curricular activity is an extra Burden on the Money raising Energy of the col lege administration. The alumni so often argue that if you can get the Cream of the football players from the High schools Vou can have a winning team. They graciously become scouts to that end. Then during the summer months the College officials receive numerous letters from interested alumni setting Forth the glories Praise and anthropological measurement of the new football Genius which they have discovered. In most cases they not Only do not Send a Check to cover his expenses but grow eloquent when pleading to the administration the value of furnishing expenses free to this prospective football player adding that it might not be a bad idea to give him a Little spending change in order to meet the com petition room some outstanding football school. I a winning team according to the supporters of High powered 1 football is the most effective advertisement that a College can have. It will attract students in larger numbers than any other medium. The further question then is what value to an educational institution Are students whose prime interest in education is to a to a College affiliated with a football team causes let Down after All the football season lasts Only a third of the school fear which would make it logical to conclude that the students in Terest would lag the other two thirds of the fear. Even More than that abnormal concentration Over a period of three months would naturally cause a detrimental let Down Over the period of the other six months. The writer does not believe that a winning team is nearly As effective in attracting Stu dents of purpose As the ability of the College to secure employment for its graduates. The writers experience has been that the average College Stu Dent becomes concerned Early in his College career about preparing himself for making a living. But for the Sake of argument let us Grant that d winning team does attract a Large number of students. The fact remains that the negro privately endowed College has to subsidize the education of the majority of its students so therefore does not need to further increase its financial Burden in or der to have an Ever larger student body. Since it has to go in for subsidy it is going to need More and More a More convincing argument when begging for Money than that the College must get football a non partisan and non political organization devoted to the defense of workers rights with National Headquarters at 112 a 18th Street new York City. Players in order to be an effective institution. Employment problem the negro College graduate is finding it More and More difficult to get employment. The College is having to devote More and More time and Energy to seeking avenues of employment for its graduates because there Are More and More negroes graduating from College each year and the jobs Are fewer therefore prospective employers Are in a position to set up More rigid requirements for employees. The College really has to have a Selling argument based on the Quality and intensity of work done by the student in Bis major Field. When a significant number of its senior class presents two major Fields interest one in an education Field and the other in adj Othall. The College is at a disadvantage unless the employer is seeking a football coach. There Are very few positions for negro youth to get employment on the basis of their preparation for coaching football. They Are usually hired As teachers and have coaching assigned As an extra activity. Because of the naturally divided interest of a football major it is logical to concede that he could not have put the sufficient amount of extra work on his educational major needed to make him a worthy competitor for a possible Job opening. Become confused it is conceivable that Many Young men who majored in football and find that it has no Transfer value when they seek to enter their lifers work Are Likely to become cynical and confused. Dur ing the time that they Are majoring in football they become used to the favors of the College teachers students citizens and press. They discover when they have graduated from football that their interest is transferred to their football successors and. They become the forgotten men except possibly when their names Are used in football rallies in efforts to whip up the old College spirit or to redouble the efforts of indifferent members of the team. This article will be continued next week news in Brief continued from Page 1 Ford a brother and sister mrs Ruby Kelley and Adley Eckford All of san Antonio Texas War Ren s. Eckford of new York his brother was killed in Phoenix in 1930 when his plane crashed. Or and mrs. Eckford lived in this City Many years moved to California More than a year ago mrs. Myrtle Bell of East Jeffer son Street is improving after a Long illness. Or. Charles Brown of East Washington continues very ill at his Home. Two members of out group were invited guests at Din Ner at the grand Case of the re publican clubs. Or. And miss. Henry Garrett an Midi Pioneer Barber of Phoenix and Arizona who for some time has resided in Nevada has sold out and returned to Phoenix for their future Home. They Are temporarily with or. And mrs. G Nas. Gardner of e. Washington. Or. T. A. Crump one of our prominent dentists in Phoenix was a business visitor in the office of the Index. � accompanying him were his Little son and or. Hadley Murrell and of How they worked mrs. T. Grant in the masonic Temple on 4th at e. Jefferson st., suffered a broken anti last Mon i Day As she Fel on the stairway. When kidney trouble causes you to get up nights when bladder is irritated when passage is difficult when backache results flush poisonous waste and acid from kidneys gain in health if you Arentt feeling just right Are nervous have. Dizzy and occasional backache study your kidneys and learn More about yourself. Through the delicate filters of the kidneys add and poisonous waste axe drawn from the blood and discharged from the body thru the bladder some times these filters Are less Active than they should be because of excess pois Onous waste and kidneys do not fume tion property they need harmless stimulation. One reliable Medicine highly efficient and inexpensive is Gold mss Dail Haarlem Oil capsules. 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