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Blackfoot Bingham County News Newspaper Archives May 4 1940, Page 7

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Blackfoot Bingham County News (Newspaper) - May 4, 1940, Blackfoot, Idaho Saturday May 4, 1940 Wilson turns to classical form for new blues number called Chip off the old Bach new York City sons Teddy Wilson formerly pianist with Benny Good mans quartet and now leading his own hand will soon feature a blues composition done in the classical form of the fugue made famous by the great composer Bach and having the effect of a Jam session according to a recent announcement. Wilson is enthusiastic about this piece of music because it combines Liis love for the classical Back ground with his virtuosity for play ing swing. I got hold of this Fine piece of music from a Nineteen year old White new York boy. Albert tep per. Wilson said he is a Stu Dent at the new England conservatory of music in Boston and he brought the score to me last fall i had been looking High and Low for just such thing he continued. But had no Luck in finding it. This was the answer. It is called a Chip off the old Wilson said that after he obtained the composition his prob Lem was to find the right Arranger who understood both the jazz and the classical forms of music and who could adapt it to his orchestra. He finally prevailed upon Charles Hathaway he said a Fine Arranger to do the Job. Hathaway Inci Dently also knew Tepper. The jazz fugue was first submitted by Tepper As an assign ment in a course in counterpoint taught by Warren Storey Smith at the conservatory. Or. Smith is not Only a teacher but a critic on the Boston Post. He encourages original american music including jazz. He commended Tepper. Tep per. After recording the fugue with some of his classmates showed it to Wilson. Alberts the son of Saul Tepper Well known Illustrator and one of the contributors of music to the annual illustrators club musical shows in new York City. Beale Street to be reincarnated Memphis Tenn by ale Street not Beale Avenue but legendary Beale Street May go Travelino this summer to visit lip and Down the Kiver on a show boat with its special destination St. Louis when the elks National convention meets there next a gust. Beale Street of the frying fish Hearty laughter gaiety and heart throbbing blues of the vivacious women and strutting males Beale Street with All its swagger May go to town if the idea of Lieut. George w. Lee exalted ruler of Tine Memphis elks mate Alizes. His plans Are to reconstruct the famous thoroughfare on a showboat and Send it up the River with a cast to stage shows at River land Ings. A Beals Street Shew of sing ing swimming jamming and Jive he said. They All knew Beale Street along the River. Dedicate dormitory Charlotte n. C. A no dedication of the James b Duke memorial Hall at Smith univer sity Here last week marked official opening of the first dormitory for women to be erected by the school. Gets movie bid my l he s1 Imam 3m we h �gj9gkp&. We Wmk was Lula Hymes Tuskegee track Champion who had been offered a part in a Hollywood production in which her track Talent will be Fea tured. Negotiations or Ere not concluded because miss Hymes indicated that she wished to maintain her Amateur standing for at least one year in order to take part in the National senior a omens aau championships at Ocean City n. J. She has lied the accepted worlds record of 11.5 for the 100 meters. A reporter at Large Dick the atones Case restaurant will put its House in order and Fea Ture entertainment once again in a fortnight. Edna Mae Harris Lovely idol of screen and stage is the current hit attraction at the Howard theatre in Washington do. The column predicts that Thomas e. Dewey and Robert a. Taft will be the Republican slate in the 1940 presidential race. A handshake to Republic pictures for that rating the records by Frank Marshall Davis . Bechet on two fronts Sidney pops Bechet the old new Orleans jazz Cist who is still the world s Foremost Soprano sexist and one of the greatest Clari a exists shows up on two fronts this week. Under the name of the Bechet Spanier big four the hot record society of new York issues two newly waxed 12 Inch platters. Sweet Larraine and Lazy River four or five times and China boy. Blu e note quartet entitled lonesome blues and dear old Southland. Be Chetys steady rider and saturday night blues the latter a 10 inches. Its impossible to treat these performances adequately in the limited spa e available but it can be said that this is the genuine jazz article As far Over Ordinary band efforts As Champagne is above Root Beer. With Bechet and Muggsy Nanier on hrs Are Carmen Mastron. Guitar and Wellman Brand Bass. The weakest of the four is Mastren. But otherwise it is glorious stuff. Muggsy and pops footlight flickers by Alvin Moses backstage chatter and things would it be in order to throw a swell shindig for Eddie Roch Ester Anderson without inviting that svelte wife asked a stage struck i Chorine who has invaded the privacy of More Hap by married lives than and Milf Hitler has the Borders of Small Neutral countries. Hers answering Eicho in the persons of a chorus member yelled Back. Now you know or. Mini shall Apollo theatre would hear about it before the first drink served and you d be right Eack on seventh Avenue standing in the Relief line where we snatched you from of. What the Heck just forget i Ever mentioned the subject a a said the baby voiced other individual. Skip it sister skip it. Later and we mean Only a minute or two later Young lady ran smack into or. Anderson on a leisurely walk from his qua tens in Theresa -.hotel, Long Cigar and All we vender what her thoughts were As they passed each other like ves Sels in ship lanes on a dark and foggy night Bardu Ali went Over big with his hand at tire teachers Guild. Congress Casino last Friday night. Tie Guild members who were All for signing a better known name find their styles admirable suited. For real kicks catch the e Spaniel muted Cornet on four or five times Ana be Chetys Frt Licking sax on China boy. With Bechet on Blue note Are Teddy Bunn whose guitar is far better suited for this Type of work than Mastren a pop Foster on Bass and Sidney Catlett on Drums. He uses clarinet exclusively with saturday night and South land the Best of the Fine group. Thes e pieces Are not the least bit commercial and will sound As fresh and inspired two decades from now As they do today. Decca which scored heavily with he Chicago jazz album again rings the Gong with album no. 114, a recital of original guitar solos by Carl Kress on three Pat ters. Titles Are afterthoughts parts 1, 2 and 3 love song and Peg leg shuffle Helena and Sutton Mutton. There is swing on these but there is real brilliancy and a thorough Mastery of this instrument. Kress Long recognized As one of the greatest guitarist adds to his stature in his album. Lionel Hampton got together a powerful group at Victor to Cut. Dinah and singing the blues and the boys produced something on the latter. Of course its not up to the old Trumbauer Beider Becke classic but its stirring jazz. Coleman Hawkins has a moving rhapsodic Tenor Solo in front of Lionells vibes that sends. But Dinah is a bit of a Flop with Benny Carters trumpet and Hawks work not up to Par. Although they Are pop tunes it never entered by mind and the sky fell Down As played by Benny Goodman on Columbia have gangs of Bounce and rhythm. Both sides Are excellently arranged heres a real Gem of rhythm sinking and credit it to the an Drews Sisters on Decca. They go o town on Tux do Junction and Rhu Boogie. The latter especially effect be. Heres another cab Calloway jiving swing Roo built to order for the jitterbugs. Paired on this vocation Are the new tune Boog to. And a Novelty. Chop chop. Charlie Chan Gene Krupas version of Tuxedo Junction on Columbia is so Low and Getty and gets across Well. The coupling is so Long and of the seasons better tunes 1. Ism not too enthused Over youve got me voodoo old and Harlem stomp As played on Decca by Louis Arm Strong. One of his inferior discs. For an extremely danceable pair grab the Ziggy Elman Blue Birds of to through with love and something to re member you by. Good s los and ensemble. Bob Crosby has quartet of commercial tunes on Decca Cecilia and they band voted they had no regrets aver signing up Ali and next sea on he gets the Date again the Man must have something or u m 1 wrong strolling from Dickie Wells around about 4 a. M. Sun Day morning was the character known to Harlem As the Beach Comber with a put Lenly tips hazy blonde Gal and her two aryan companions. Obviously. Mien had ail fooled around too Long with the Gin bottle for their Steps ran in Angures like 8" a and a of the Well known alphabet. The lights were against then but the Brave guardian like bronzed brother insisted on risking his life for their amusement by jumping in front of speeding cars not 50 feet away from him and directing their course in traffic cop fashion finally the blonde sobered up enough to shrilly shout. Of dont make such a Damn foul out of yourself thatus All youve been doing All night Long. As ossified As he appealed or pretended to be. That dirty crack seemed to sober the brother to such an extent that he shut up like a Ciao and had to be coaxed into the taxi they hailed some five minutes la ter moral confucius say Many time Man and boy think hum whole show him merely Clown or court Jester the Phoenix Index Phoenix Arizona this is new York. The hustling bustling pedestrians making their Way to Harlem s shopping Center West 125th Street Between seventh and eighth ave Nues at nine thirty on a saturday night. In another hour the Street will be deserted save for the mingling mob jostled you when you pass them in front of the Apollo theatre where they await the curtain Call Lor the midnite Tropic. Kiddies no grown up peering into the Large plate Glass window of Jimmy Danials Case restaurant trying to get a glimpse of americans no. 1 Gladiator Joseph Louis Barrow. Pulcher etude at 66th Street and an eyeful accompanied by two friends leaving i of ewes Lincoln Square sunday nit Adele Fuller. Buxom but Well built Louis Armstrong dashing into the Cotton club being hailed by Ofay pretties Send Mem tonight Schmo their voices drown in tie drone of heavy White Way traffic. Drawing a Cherry tree and poking fun at publicist Ai Wilde artist Art Harris whose dismissal As manager at Harlem s savvy ballroom remains a mystery. Freddie Gailliard Dapper Secretary to Joe Louis whose mannerisms rate him with cinematic Ofay Warren William the suave lady getter. Quite a Dresser too this Gailhard Feller. Tic crowd at that gala boxing show at the Golden c Arena wednesday night. A far cry Back to the Good old Olympia sporting club Days when the Mcmahon Brothers ran boxing in the negro sector of the City. When fighters actually sought and did not swoon for a Kayo. Broadway out enemas be for the debut of Ella Fitzgerald the first lady of swing at the famous door tuesday night last. Sweetest music to our ears the Mills Brothers guests of Sanua Coffee on we the people a program. True no one has Ever topped them doing the so Ignacious version of Tiger but. Youll find folks aping you at most anything you originate even if you thumb your nose thumb Back splendid production dark com mand in which the sepia stars Marie Gower and Clinton Rosa mond share honors with Clair Trevor and John wave. The Hall Johnson choir is also in this motion picture which definitely finds negroes doing some very Fine acting in one of the years Best films. Or. Charlotte Hawkins Palmer memorial Institute. A Brown president and founder of Delia North Carolina is to negroes what Emily Post is to Cau rations. Her Brilliant articles on etiquette appear in the Norfolk a journal and guide. Worth Reading too. N. worst bus wreck which occurred on mondays rainstorm has taken three lives to Date. The Chicago political War is in its Early stage. Wait until june the Windy City will be Well policed. However and the order will be to act and let them talk later. When the n. Y. Yankees american league and worlds baseball champions open their season on Friday. April 19, a plaque will be unveiled in the Centerfield bleacher s in Meme a of the late colonel Jacob Ruppert. Ruppert had always sanctioned negro baseball in major league Parks and he donated heavy to the cause. The Jacob Ruppert trophy is the prize catch of the National negro baseball league. Cosmetics you find in the Kitchen by Helen Jameson no matter How efficient a Wom an May be in running her Home and keeping it supplied with the thousand and one items necessary for the Comfort and happiness of the family she will now and then run out of something or other. She will pick up her favorite lotion find that there is not a drop in the Container. Or the cold Cream Jar a s Only a Light film and Liei poor complexion is wind torn and weather beaten. Well there Are cosmetic substitutes at hand. We wont say that Home Beauty remedies can compare with com Mercial products. If we so much As hinted at such an idea wed have the cosmetic chemists in our ambrosial locks. What they have done for the Good appearance of the Thrail sex is plenty. Improving their wares each year fulfilling every Pulcher etude need. Getting Back to the cold Cream Jar until you can buy some More 1 use the thick Rich top Cream that the Milkman rings. It will soothe i a chapped skin it will take the sting out of a sunburned surface. It can be used with excellent re sults after the soapy face washing in Case you have the kind of a complexion that kicks up a riot when it is lathered. Smooth it in with flattened fingers. Follow along with a brisk tapping movement. If the hand lotion bottle has gone dry Wash your mitts with soap suds and commeal. Rinse Well with warm water dry gently and Mas Sage the hands with Olive Oil. Force it into the cuticle around the nails. Work it into the Knuckles. Wring your hands together to Hustle up circulation. Ought to write a Book about you from another world and Over the Waves with the last Lite nearest Ai proven to Good jazz. I i i legion Post hand to play music do i ring the a Nice handful i of coloured people were of real Money in any mans store engenders respect As two recently found out. Journey ing downtown to one of the More exclusive furniture stores with a Young lady who wanted to buy furniture for her Bachelor apart ment we were greeted in a lackadaisical manner by one of the clerks in the store. The Salesman insolently asked our wants and never put himself in the mood to sell until the e lady inquired about the higher priced articles. He casually asked about her credit references and when she said she wanted to pay Cash his eyes opened wide but he said Noth ing. After spending three or four hours in the store the lady had bought some s4ot Odd Worth of furniture gave a Check for it and left the store the cynosure of All sales persons eyes. We were treated with the utmost Courtesy and re Spect by everyone with whom we came in Contact All to we could Tell they were not accustomed to hav ing coloured people buy at this store. Eddie Rochester Anderson Fea tured player in the new Paramount Flicker Buck Benny rides again entered the ranks of the Caesars this week for he came saw and conquerer the town. Som e Tiree to four thousand people filled 125th Street from Side to Side for More than an hour one night this week Rochester made a personal appearance it one of tie local Alica Jires. Harl emania first organized gang 1 activities in Harlem uncovered when a raid by cops on the rhythm out revealed a gun renting Agency out revealed a Gui renting Agency. Twig hotel Theresa Lias a resplendent Doorman who rests All Day Long. Few guests come by Auto so i work is easy Young Harlem girl told writer that the had lived Here for 15 years and just recent j by met a Man for the first time who was a gentleman. He met her at a Ciance took a taxi to a Nite club. Did not insist that she drink bought food at a Barbecue place spent plenty Nickels m the Picolo danc de with her once took her Home j in a taxi and then did not ask to stay All night. She was surprised be Nite lifer in Harlem i Dusty Fletcher one of the perennial comedians of Harlem finally changed his routine an jokes. He a 3 Lunny for the first time in his life As he appeared on the stage of the Apollo theatre this past week. Eddie Cantor is reported As trying to sign Ethel Waters Clarence Muse and Eddie Rochester Anderson for a Orth coming musical Sweet land of Liberty. Broadway is rumoured to be taking More than a passing interest in staging Richard Wrights Best Selling novel native son. Marc Connelly wants it and has Aliemi on n Ioie m it. New York. By Sid Thompson for and jewish merchants in Harlem particularly those on 125th Street Are making the fight of their lives for the lucrative Trade of the negroes living in this District. In combination with one of the local weeklies they Are doing extensive advertising and holding All manner of celebrations in or der to attract buyers. In fact they have done every thing but hire More negroes in their places of business but they have promised to hire some negroes if they get a Large in crease of business during this drive. This past saturday one of the largest stores on the Street held an indoor Celebration with speakers from All walks of life extolling the Virtues of trading in Harlem. The big sop to the negro Public was the hiring of the Charles Young Jessye choir sings dances for Brooklyn by Carl Diton Brooklyn a. N. A _ the. Brooklyn Institute of arts and sciences brought to a close last wednesday evening in the opera House of the Brooklyn Academy of music its series of music and the dance in a negro Folk festival of song and dance featuring the Well known Eva Jessye choir thrilling a Large audience. The program consisted of two parts spirituals and songs of love labor and Leisure including such Well known numbers As water boy and Handys St. Louis blues the Jessye version of which was so effective in Gersh wings porgy and Bess. Arrange ments of both Grant still and Hall Johnson were also included. Separate female and male selections were interspersed among those of the ensemble As a whole the work of which was enhanced j by staging. This singing body has 1 been Well trained and was sex j a optionally Happy in its pianissimo work. The Solo parts were interest ing 1 Rochester records four new numbers los Angeles. And Eddie Rochester Anderson soon May be heard on two new records singing three songs of coloured composers and one from his most recent Pic Ture bulk Benny rides again according to an announcement this week by Paramount studio s music publishing company. Recorded for Columbia rdc Oid company the songs Are if Money grew on Trees by Leon Rene waiting for Jane by to Trent lets scuffle by Harvey Brocks and my my Sung by Rochester in the picture hot licks of his band Charm nationwide lbs audience John Kirby at Bass fiddle leads his band in a new program called a Low gently Sweet rhythm Over the Columbia networks on sundays at 4 50 p. In. Central Daylight time Maxine Sullivan appeared As soloist in the initial broadcast april 21, and Ella Fitzgerald on april 28. Variety said this music conies up out of the Depths of native no Arctic Harmony like a Yellowstone Geyser scalding hot and with a wild sort of rhythm. Many letters have been received. Personnel As shown above includes St piling Oneill Spencer on the Drums rus sell Procop sax Billy Kylo at the piano Buster Bailey clarinet St Charles Shaver trumpet and the Leader himself extreme right. News of theatres american musical festival to be featured by Many negro artists ii i proceeds to s Relief Fand new York sons Many negro artists will be prominently Fea tured in the forthcoming american music festival which will be Given for the Benefit of the Dorothy Parker Spanish childrens Relief fund wednesday evening May 8. At the Mecca Temple 133 West 55 Street. The program to be presented at the festival is Lively and varied Baptist 15th session new Orleans the ii Teeth annual session of the flit St District associations 1 Bap tji t g dining Union Mey Here wednesday at the Beulah Baptist Diu Iruh. With James e president of the Union acting As Host the convention brought to Gether Baptist youth leaders Ana delegated from every Section of the state. Or. John in. Wood Dies Indianapolis _ Bishop John w. Wood of the Sec Ond District of the ame Zion Church and prominent Churchman for Mere than 30 years died at his Home thursday april 8, at 11 35 a. M. He succumbed As the result of a stroke suffered at Lavrence Burg k,v., sunday while he was on route from Asheville n c. An aluminium rolling Mill will be Ere Ted in India to work with imported raw materials and eventually with aluminium obtained from Domestic Bauxite. And run s the Gamut of All phases of musical fare. There will be four separate sections including concert Folk theater and dance and popu Lar or swing music in All of which negro artists will participate As Well As three recent winners of Guggenheim fellow shop s for Musi Cal composition. In addition to miss Parker who is chairman of the committee col leagues serving with her include Olin Downes noted music critic for the new York times Richard Watts. Jr., drama critic for the new York Herald Tribune Herman Shumlin prominent Broadway pro Ducer and others. Among the popular negro figures in the cultural and musical world who have consented to appear on the program Ore the following Teddy Wilson and his swing quartet the Boogie to brie pianists celebrated barrel House musicians from the Case society Juanita Hall and her choir in a presenta tion of Suzanna and tire elders written by John la touche who wrote the lyrics for the Ballad for americans Jelly Roll Morton originator of jazz stomp and swing maker of the archives for the u. S. Congressional Library on the his tory of american music Laura Duncan. Learn Belg and the a1 mos s oct Ette singing a new num Ber by Alex North based on Lang Ston Hughes famous poem Mother. Among the participants Are Elliot. Paul Harold Rome Earl Rob Inson Motlon Gould. Phil Loeb. Paul Creston and Cecil Leeson. Harlem trivia by Marguerite l. Martin new York and As Mal Colm Fulcher Broo Klynas Little boy blab said some years ago a cocktail is a funny thing it. Is so inconsistent consisting As it does of stuff to make you non resistant. You put in liquor first and that of course should make it Strong but then you add some water which is week or am i wrong you put in Lemon next and that id Sone to make it sour Ana then to put some sugar so dim the Lemon s Power and next you add some Ginger with intent to make it hot Bright after which you add some ice to chill it on the spot when its comfy it Ely done up Brown you say Well Fella heres to you a and then you drink it Down All of which is byway of introduction for our discussion of the cocktail party for the Benefit of the National negro Congress held last sunday at the Harlem con nun Ity Art Center. We saw Bessye Bearden of the department of internal Revenue in a stunning All Gray outfit or. Frank Horne up from Washington and the hous ing authority Barbara Watson daughter of judge James s. Wat son Bill Chase and Dan Burley of the Amsterdam news or. Lisle Carter Sheila Winston when we met Ages ago at a party in Green wich Village and whose husband is a movie critic Caska bouts musical artist whom we met at another party Ages ago Williams and sister Tharp two of the entertainers who were kind enough to lend their services simply scads of friends from Boston and the quartet from Case society one of the most popular night spots in the Village. Think everyone agreed that it was a grand affair. Comes a Lasi minute admonition irom Barbara Watson to be sure and see Katherine dunhams performance on sunday for the Bene fit of the new York Urban league. Weave been to see miss Dunham and her ballot group twice now. And if it we rent for the Penn relays we d go again they re that Good. On the 30th of this month the Alpha Delta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity held its usual Spring prom Page seven

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