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Blackfoot Bingham County News Newspaper Archives May 3 1903, Page 1

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Blackfoot Bingham County News (Newspaper) - May 3, 1903, Blackfoot, Idaho The Brunswick news. Volume 2, number 186. I full report of the system ? what City Engineer Johnson of Columbus has to t say of it. A lengthy statement Sibile the system is not in a very / bad condition it needs better at Tention some remedies offered. Brunswick ga., april 2t, 1903. To the honorable mayor and City Council of Brunswick a. Gentlemen a Ftping requested and employed by you to make an investigation examination and report upon the sewerage system let your City and its present condition \ beg to submit the following i find from records and data which have been furnished me by the clerk of Council and City Engineer that the sewers were built during the years 1894-95, from designs and plans furnished and construction superintended by messes. Wearing Chapman & Farquhar consulting engineers and the work was done by contract by her Bert Tate then of new York the said Tate furnishing All the materials and labor used in the construction of the sewers. The records also show that the entire system was completed and put in use by june 1, 1895, since a which time it has been in continuous operation. Name of system. The system is what is known and designated in the United states As the separate system of and is so called because Only the House drainage or waste from water closets Bath tubs sinks and o Ner like appurtenances of a modern dwell ing store or manufacturing establish ment is allowed to enter and pass through them All surface rain or storm water being excluded from entering the sewers. There is one exceptional feature, Tein Pirics mates it not exclusively a separate system Viz that in the design and construction of the system provision was made for taking into the sewers at certain Points the sub surface or ground Drain age and collecting this water at one common Point with the sewerage thus making it a part of the volume of How delivered by the sewers to be disposed of at the common put fall or Point of delivery into the Bay. On account of the natural conditions i surrounding Brunswick it was Neces j sary to conform to certain features in the design of the system which would not obtain or be used As a mat ter of Choice or preference under any other circumstances. Reference is made to the Well known fact that Tho level of the tide water surrounding the City is so near that of the surface of the ground that it is impossible to place the sewers at sufficient Depths and on proper Grade to afford drainage anti necessary velocity of flow without placing tile out fall and a considerable portion of the sewers below the level of the water in the Bay at cer Tain stages of tile tide. To provide for and overcome this Dili Mculty a suitable Point has been selected at Hie inter Section of Reynolds and Mansfield streets where All the sewage of the entire system is brought through main sewers and collected in a Large basis or Well. As Tho Elevation of the Grade of these main sewers is below the level of the mean Low tide it is necessary to use artificial Means to remove the sewage from the collecting Well and keep it below the level of the main sewers leading into it in order to produce the necessary flow and prevent Deposit and accumulation and solid matters in the sewers. For this purpose suitable pumps have been provided which lilt the sewage out of the Well and deliver it into the pipe or sewer Laid at a higher level which in turn discharges it into Oglethorpe Bay or Turtle River at the toot of Mansfield Street. Such in Brief is an outline and description of the system As a whole. Keeping these general features in mind 1 desire now to discuss certain Points which from my investigation and study of the situation seem to lie pertinent. 1 will take these up some what in the nature of questions which have been submitted to me by Mem Bers of your body. Was the system properly and Well designed. In answer to this question i will say that As a whole it is. Tho Concep Tion and general plan is Well and properly executed Fertile it is not such a system As wolfed be selected by Choice As before pointed out. The existing conditions made it imperative to use the plan adored. There Are several features of de Tail in the system which Naughf to criticised and certain features which since the severs were constructed and put in use have proven defective and ted to be altered and re Eon strutted. Such criticisms however could be made of any entire plan a that could be prepared. The Points of difference often being Mere matters of individual opinion or treatment of particular features and not effecting the general principal of de sign and efficiency of the system As a whole and it is doubtful if these defective features which sub sequent experience rendered it Neces sary to Chance could have reasonably been foreseen and provided for by Tho authors of the design. The Type of joint used in connecting the Terra Cotta pipe Lias proven to be the most defective of the whole system but this is rather a matter of construction than of design. In what condition is the system now in i have made a careful and personal examination of sufficient portion of the system to form a competent and Correct opinion of both the physical and sanitary condition of the sewers and it gives me much pleasure to be Able to say that with a few exceptions these conditions Are Tat this time Good. I fill that in the Southern part of the City or that portion lying South of Mansfield Street the sewers Are in � excellent condition. They Are exceptionally free front Deposit and accumulation and the flow is free and unobstructed. In the Northern part of the City or All that portion lying North of Mansfield Street the condition of All the sewers is not so satisfactory. In some of the Mains 1 found an accumulation of Deposit of Sand in the Lio Tom of the pipes extending throughout their entire length. This is. True of the Mansfield Street and Cochran Avenue Mains. The de posit in the Mansfield Street main was very slight being nothing at the pump Well and gradually increasing in end at Cochran Avenue. Deposit is Al depth or amount towards its upper k up Juh nue main from 1 to it streets the up per end Section of the main it is exceedingly and excessively great so much so that it should he removed or it is liable to reach such a Point that it will obstruct the flow sufficiently to Back p the sewage in the g st. Sub main which it enters at this Point. There a e other sewers in this District in which slight deposits of Sand Lias formed but in does not. Appear to be increasing at this time. 1 was Par j titular by impressed with the sanitary condition of the Sowers and the absence of fetid anti foul doors. When the manholes were opened Only in a few instances was there any odor noticeable and in most of those opened no odor at All could lie detected. 1 attribute this condition to the Large volume of flow passing through Ilio sewers which is composed to a Large extent of the discharge from the flush tanks and inflow of water. This so dilute the sewage and keeps the sides of tie pipes so clean that it. Lire vents composition of the sewage and consequently the generation of foul chorus in the sewers and also produces a Good velocity of Bow which keeps the air in the sewer in circulation i find the pumping Plant in Good condition and of sufficient capacity to handle the coi ume of sewage now required to be pumped. I opened several of tie flush tanks and those Examinee were Well and properly constructed and in Good con Ili Tiou. Some of them were not Dis charging properly due to a slight derangement of the air pipes and siphons. It is Well known and recognised Lowe com that ail flush tanks Are liable to these slight derange ments and that they lie constantly and periodically inspected in order to secure their satisfactory operation. Have the House connections or drains been properly Laid it would practically impossible to satisfactorily answer ibis question without uncovering All the House drains and actually inspecting them. To to this is equally impracticable and the exigencies of the situation do not seem to require it. There were two drains pointed out to me however which it seemed desirable to examine one to the school build ing tapping into file Wolf Street lat eral m to Mansfield st.,and one on Gloucester "si., tapping into what is called the Wood sower Ai Stogie a i st. Both these drains were Lucov tronti Bucu on third pages meeting will be interesting lawyers an ministers to meet in debate Tomor Row night. Handle a live st Jeci interesting program to be rendered at meeting of the new town de bating society All invited. The new town society have provided a Good entertainment for the Public for monday night. There will be a joint debate be tween three Well known lawyers and three of the leading ministers. Tiie subject for debate is resolved that environment has More to do Wuh the formation of character than has heredity. 1-Adies Are cordially invited and a full attendance is expected. The business meeting of the society is called for 7 30, but the joint debate will begin promptly at 8 Oclock. Rev. C. G. Bradley col. C. P. Good year and col. Edwin Dart arc the committee in charge of the debate and not until monday night will the Public know just who the speakers will he. Tie society continues to grow in interest and those who attend regularly assert that for entertainment instruction and general moral and men Tal advancement it would be hard to find anything More to be desired. At the business meeting monday night it is said there will be proposed several new and attractive features. Held on dark charge. Cliff Jordan alleged to have harmed Little girl. Griffin May 2. Cliff Jordan of Macon who formerly lived in this City hag been arrested on a warrant sworn out by j. A Heath who charges him with attempted Iffla Aultma i a. �4wm-,&ia.vurffoa is a Young Man and is mar leu. He was arrested by officer Crowder just As he was boarding the Down train. He will stand trial before judge x. R. Mills at 1 Oclock monday. Trouble for coast line. Attorney general Wright refuses to accept the tax returns of system the Atlanta journal of yesterday has the following which will lie of interest in this City comptroller general Wright today declined to accept the tax returns of the Atlantic coast line railway be cause accompanying Tho returns there was no statement of the Bonds owned by the company its Gross and net earnings and other information which was required by Law. Tho returns were brought to the comptroller by tax agent Joseph of Savannah hut on examining the paper comptroller Wright refused to accept them stating that the report should accompany the returns also a certified copy of the charter from the Secretary of state. Or. Joseph had none of these but insisted on leaving the returns with the comptroller. Or. Wright declined to take them however until the Law was complied with saying that the railroads of the state could not dictate to the state what should be done when the Law clearly provided How the re turns for taxing franchises should he made. Tho value of the franchise was Given in the returns which were submit ted but no information As to what the franchise consisted of accompanied the papers. According to the figures announced by tax agent Jos Eph the value of the property of the Atlantic coast. Line in Georgia tits year exclusive of the franchise is $7,809. Tito value of the franchise is put Down at $1,130,922. Last year the property of the com Pany without any franchise tax there being no Law taxing them at the time was $7,068,622. Business store sold. Savannah Man purchases building on Bay Street. M. Sutton of Savannah has Pur chased through Brobston Fendig & cos., the Large Brick building on Bay Street now occupied by j. 11. Heller & Bro. This building was formerly owned by or. Drummond of Atlanta and it is one of the Best business stores on Bay Street. Brunswick ga., sunday morning May 3, 1903. A fashionable wedding stopped by a divorce. Minister at Hartford declined to per form ceremony. Hartford May 2.with the bridal party approaching the Chancel and the i Church filled with fashionable people. Rev. Or. Godwin of Christ episcopal Church refused to perform Ilie Cere Mony and dismissed the guests lie cause after Reading the marriage License lie found the bridegroom had been divorced ten years previously. The wedding was to have been that of Lincoln Chase manager of one of the largest department stores Here and miss Gladys Geer a daughter of one of the oldest residents of Hartford and prominent socially. Mechanics struck but the engineers work. New York May Day experience not As bad As feared. Now York May 2. The strikes of Ilie mechanics and labourers looked for May 1 did not materialize to the extent anticipated although a great Many men. Including 30,000 italian excavators struck. An agreement was reached by the Railroad officials lid the Marine Engi neers to submit their differences to arbitration and to put a Stop to the Gen eral tie up of All the freight steamers in this Vicinity. Freight continues to move As usual but Tihe demands of the engineers temporarily demoralized the movement of Craft which depend on the tugboats. In the building trades there is not a strike to interfere with work the Only trouble being that caused by the differences Between the amalgamated and brotherhood carpenters. Will have a Ball team. Players Are at work and wiil soon begin practising. Brunswick will have a Ball team this year and a first class line at that. A number of players have gotten together and decided to organize one and this week will probably see things quite Active in local Ball circles. Brunswick this year it develops has some genuine Good players. Two or three of the men employed on the Public building it is understood Are fast Liall players and they have signified their willingness to assist the local team and Are quite anxious for Nas Acci. , or years hut who on account of illness has not played with the locals will be with the team this season. Or. Bowen it is stated is a Good Catcher just what has been needed by the Brunswick club. There is also a pit idler Here who played Ball with or. Bowen years ago and he also will play with the locals. With these players together with the material we already have will give us an excellent team. The Hoys will now begin practising and will at once make dates with out of town teams. Will Walker the local Pitcher who is one of the Best Amateur twirlers in the state is in Fine condition this sea son. To inspect Georgia troops. Major French will begin the work in Savannah monday. Atlanta May 2. The inspection of the Georgia state troops h major c. H. French of the sixteenth regi ment of infantry u. S. A., stationed at fort Mcpherson recently designated by Secretary of War Root to do this work will begin with the Savan nah troops on monday. Major French Wil or 1 ably leave for Savannah sunday. T inspection is to ascertain the number of Krap Jor Gensen rifles which Are to be distributed to the Georgia troops. Inspector general Oscar will join major French the latter part of next week. Governor j. M. Terrell this morning called a meeting of the stale military advisory Board to meet at the Capitol on May 12, at which time the subject of a military Encampment to be held by the Georgia troop Ai Griffin this summer will he discussed. The governor has already received assurances that the government appropriation for such an Encampment will lie availability the time proposed to hold the Encampment. May be a Lynching. Mississippi planters Are running Down murderers. Vicksburg miss., May 2.william Legg a prominent planter living at Adams Landing on the Mississippi River six Miles West of Redwood was attracted to a burning Gin Bouse last night and set. Upon by Negroe who shot him Down in cold blood. Posses from Redwood Oak air dec and Adams county Are scouring the country for the three negro. Suspected As the murderers a wholesale Lynching is probable in they Are caught. Was 11 one i exposition speeches delivered by French ambassador and Spanish minister it was International Day diplomats gathered Early and held informal reception before proceeding to the grounds Good weather. St. Louis May 2.lnternational Day the second of the Trio devoted to tie dedication of the Louisiana Pur Chase exposition broke fair with a Promise of better weather than prevailed thursday. The Day was devoted to greetings to and responses by the representatives of foreign nations which will have buildings at the fair and the proceedings constituting the Dedica Tion of the foreign Section. The history of the Louisiana Pur Chase under its three Sovereign ties Spain France and tie United states was suggested in the appear Ance of the three speakers Senor Ojeda the Spanish minister m. Jus Serand the French ambassador and d. R. Francis president of the Exposi Tion. In the Liberal arts building where the exercises took place mingled the colors of Spain Franco and the United states. In tie morning the diplomats gathered at the st. Louis club where an in formal reception was held. From the club they were taken in carriages under military escort to the Liberal arts building. The audience did not begin to approach in size that of thursday but there was this advantage those present could hear the speeches. At noon the Assembly was called to order by Corwin it. Spencer. The in vocation was delivered by Rev. Carl Swnnson following which sex senator John m. Thurston of Nebraska was introduced As president o fue Day. To talk on Odd Fellowship. Hon. Robt. T. Daniel to lecture Here monday night. The local lodges of Odd Fellows will have As huh guests tomorrow night Hon. Robt. T. Daniel of grif Fin and lie will deliver an address on Odd Fellowship at the grand. Or. Daniel is one of the most prominent Odd Fellows in the state and his lecture is looked Forward to with much pleasure the Odd Fellows extend a cordial invitation to lie people of Brunswick generally to attend the lecture. There will be no admission fee. The following program will in Ren dered during the evening music or. G. W. Blanton director. Address of Welcome and introduction of past grand master Robert t. Daniel by col. D. W. Krauss. Address by or. Daniel. Presentation of medals in behalf of seaport Lodge. No. 68, music. Prayer Rev. W e. Porter. Examinations Here today. Engineers conductors and flagman to be examined. An examination will be held in the City today at the office of the a & i Railroad and a number of conductors engineers and flagman of the b. & b. And a. Feb railroads will he examined. The examination will lie conducted on tin part of the b. It i., by b. J. Fold w. A. Slocum and j. R Man Gram and for the a. It p by g. Smith or Waycross. Liis examination is held jointly owing to the fact that tie b it i. Use Iho track of tile a. It b. For a number of Miles and the engineers conductors and ramen of both the lilies have to travel Over the same route. City court meets monday. The session promises to Bea very interesting one. Judge Sparks will Convene the City court in regular May session Tomor Row morning. Both tic criminal and civil dockets of the court Are Well crowded with cases and the session promises to lie a very interesting one. It is not known yet which docket will be Dis posed of first. It the judge will pm Ahly begin on the civil cases. The session will probably last All the week. Acting German Consul had a narrow escape. Came net being i died during Sale Nonica dynamite no. I constantinople. May 2.the acting German Eon Siti at Salonica had a Nar Row escape at the time of the Dyna mate outrage which destroyed the ottoman Bank. He was in an adjoin ing club which was wrecked by the explosion. The Consul extricated him self from the debris and was Only slightly injured. The German charge Here has made a vigorous representation to the Porte on the subject and is also holding the government responsible for the dam age done the Gorman schools of Salonica. The consuls at Salonica report 50 persons killed or injured on both sides As the result of the bomb throwing including three germans and four ital ians wounded and one Swiss killed. Turkish official circles Are inclined to advocate inflicting a Sharp lesson on Bulgaria which is considered to be responsible for the outrage but fear the Powers will not permit it. There have been no disturbances at Salonica since april 30. Ready for the veterans. New Orleans is making great preparations for the reunion. New Orleans May 2.judge John h. Rogers of fort Smith ark., has been selected to deliver the oration at. The Confederate reunion. He is considered one of the most distinguished speakers in the South. The executive committe has invited an additional speakers who is one of the Best known Southern orators but his answer has not yet been received. Rev. Finley of Fisherville va., will preach the memorial Sermon on the second Day. General Gordons sponsor will be miss Elhel Tilman heard of Auburn ala., and his maids of Honor miss Louisiana Gibson of Lexington ky., a Niece of the late general Randall Gibson of Louisiana and miss Anna Castleman of this City. Money for the reunion fund is com ing in More freely and Loo too will be raised before the reunion begins. The committee lit charge of listing rooms will make a thorough canvass of the City and list every room obtain Able. A number of people Are offering to the Uei greater than Ever before All the buildings Are ready and the plans for feeding and housing the veterans Are about Complete. Advisory Board to meet. Georgians militia to discuss question of Encampment. Governor Terrell has called a meet ing of the military Board for May 12th. At that time the arrangements for an Encampment of the Georgia state troops will be made. The place for holding the state Rifle shoot will also be determined. Governor Terrell is desirous of having the state Encampment at Griffin though lie says the companies May Camp in their own territory if Alliey desire. The expenses of the Camp will be defrayed by the United states govern ment. Other matters of importance will also be passed upon by Ibe Board. Several applications Are on file from companies wanting to b e mustered in to the state troops and these will very Likely be acted upon. Party lost track of. Believed however that they were in Columbus yesterday. Tho party of officials of the b b. And of the Stoer Plant who left the City Friday were lost sight of yester Day and it. Is not known where the party is today. However it is Gener ally thought that they Are some where in Alabama. Yesterday if is thought the party was in Columbus As it was generally Given out that they would spend the Day there. The news wired to co Livia bus for a Story on their visit Lasi night but no reply was received. The party will probably return to Brunswick tonight or tomorrow. Will have a pretty place. Morgans drug Stor e will Bea hand some one. The Morgan drug company has leased the building adjoining the pres ent store and will occupy both places by june is. These stores with their solid Marble fronts Are already among the handsomest in the state but when the arranging of the Interior is furnished it will be one of the Handsom est drug stores in Georgia. Or. Morgan has ordered a handsome soda fount which will reach hero in a few Days sails for Salonica. Naples May 2.the italian naval division has been ordered to sail directly Lor Salonica. Price five cents. Neele s Cush is causing Worre Money alleged to have been stolen Many times receipted for. Payne the last to get m cuban government now demands that it be paid to that govern ment. While Neeley insists it is his Money. Washington May 2.four depart ments of the government Are now wrestling with the interesting prob Lem As to what to do with the Money taken from Char lev it we Neeley when he was arrested by the chief of Rochester n. A and held in the jail of that City awaiting the arrival of Post office inspectors from Washington who wanted him for looting the postal revenues of Ciuba the amount taken from Neeley was $6, 234.18. This amount in the original package now reposes in a big Safe in the office of postmaster general Payne. It was turned Over to the postmaster general last monday by Secretary Root. It came under the custody of the Secretary of War by its having been turned Over to him by general Leonard Wood when the Lai ter wound up his military governor ship of Cuba. Chief inspector Cochran of the Post office department receipted to the chief of police of Rochester for Hie Money and carried the Lucre to Cuba As evidence of Neeley s wrong doing there. General Wood in turn receipted to or. Cochran for the Money. When Secretary Root induced the Post master general Payne to receive the Money the latter reluctantly gave Tho Secretary of War a receipt for it reluctantly because the postmaster general like everybody who has had to handle this Houdneh of Money Lias accepted it. With doubt and i Givings Kwh a hat Fitu would no v r to Avi. To ait.-. # s Hrc i the Roches ter Lief of police gave to Neeley when the arrest was made on a new York la entrap train in that City three years ago there Are now five signed obligations out for the Safe custody of Hie Money which in the theory of the Law Neeley stole from the postal revenues of Cuba when he was connected with tile postal service established in that Island by the Post office department of the United states. Soon after he was released from Hie Penitentiary at Havana by Ali amnesty extended to All american Pri owners by president Estrada Palma Neeley who is said now to he engaged in bus Ness in Cuba made a demand upon tile Rochester chief of police for tie Money. He called on the nov York official for tile Money because it was the new yorker who had the Money from him and he held the new York mans receipt for it. Collided with a Hack. Or. R. E. Hunter painfully Hurt on bicycle last night. Or. the Well know u druggist met with quite a painful no cadent last night and As. A result he will probably lie confined to his Home for three or four Days. Or. Hunter was on his bicycle Bou id Home. When in front of Eikanas store on Newcastle Street he collided Wilh a Buck Hie Shaft of he vehicle strik ing him. Or. Hunter was knocked off the wheel and was hastily car ried to the office of or. W. A Hatcher where his wounds were dressed lie was later carried to his Home. While not seriously injured or Hunters wounds were quite Pairin verdict. For $20,000. New York May 2. Vincent my Man a 9-year Ohl boy 1 Wover a r verdict of $20,000 against or metro i Itan Street railway company by or supreme court for Hie loss of i is i feet. He sued for s3� and on former trial Gol a Verdot of s3o, one of the largest verdicts on re or Cincinnati has big strike. Cincinnati. Max 2.owing to r i agreement in the building True Council Ami contracting associate Ofin Winnall Aimont ten men arc i today including 20p Carpenter. Strike affects Baltimore. Baltimore. May 2. A general Sti of Union workmen in the build trades went into effect yesterday is estimated Liat. 4,000 Here and \ rated workmen

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