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Blackfoot Bingham County News Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1942, Page 6

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Blackfoot Bingham County News (Newspaper) - August 15, 1942, Blackfoot, Idaho Ports slants by Lucia melancholy Jone Jack Troy quiet on favourable trends for negroes in baseball fight but Busy Man treating Adverse angles Atlan Taga. Sons my Good Friend and contemporary Jack Troy after a period of total silence which caused this column to wonder if he knew of the heated baseball discussion raging on the sports Page of virtually every daily newspaper in the country finally snapped out of his wordless Ness the past Friday morning. In his August 7 piece or. Troy presented reasons which doubtless to him seemed sound As to Why negroes be Given a try at major league baseball. He con tends the idea is not practical. To strengthen his argument or. Troy elsewhere on the Page displayed with main and sub head mrs a syndicated associated press article by Harry j. Odonnell White which quoted Leroy Satchel Paige negro baseballs no. 1 Pitcher As holding that entry of coloured stars in major league Ball could not be worked out successfully and would ruin negro league baseball. Paige a further quoted As saying that even were negroes Given a break b the majors a he would not care to join the Whit Low Wyatts Carl Hub Belis red Ruffings and Bob Fellers because he doubted that any by league club would pay him his 1941 free Lance salary of $37,000. Or. Troy likewise quoted Joe Bostic sports editor of people & voice Harlem negro weekly who Felt that entry of negroes in the majors would write coloured league Hall in red Ink. My worthy contemporary even went to far As to dig up an Angle attributed to the oldest Active coloured manager Candy Jim Taylor of Chicago As follows we know there is no Law against hiring coloured boys in the majors. Just As theress no Law against hiring White Hoys for t e american giants. But we Are going to stick to our coloured boys an i know the majors Are going to stick to the Whites. From this Point it is Clear that while or. Troy was conspicuously Barren in his response to the Many syndicated a releases dealing with impending big league trials for negroes which Cam e up for his scrutiny he was quite energetic in assembling views and opinions supporting his personal position that coloured stars Shou still be withheld from the majors for practical reasons. Cliff w. Mackay editor of this newspaper elaborated on this Type of artistic omission and coloration in his militant july 26 column titled our unofficial censors. Favourable a angles about Negroe being considered for big league trials were omitted by or. Troy in the same unwitting Man Ner that the Roland Hayes Story was suppressed until the world compelled Southern dailies in s Elf defense to provide their readers with some kind of information on the incident. The Southern press almost without exception turns Loose like a hot Brick any Story reflecting outstanding credit on the negro race but it goes to extra Effort in most cases to display articles dealing with Adverse news about coloured people. No wonder or. Mackay styles these great chamber journalists our unofficial censors. It is a designation they Wear with Honor. And apparently or. Troy has pulled up a chair in the old chamber himself. Who is the supreme judge As to whether or not it is practical to admit negroes into major league baseball. No one person or group of persons perhaps. But who is in a More respected position to decide that question than probably any other group the club owners of course do they not show by the deep consideration and favourable attitudes they Are now giving the question that they think the time has arrived when the negro May be successfully integrated in the major league baseball Industry do not All major league club own ers agree integration of the negro in the majors would be a great Box office stimulus Isnit it sound business to make As much honest Money As possible it certainly cant be denied that clubs like the Philadelphia ass and Phillies Boston bees and Washington senators need Box office stimulation. Integration of negroes in the baseball Industry would provide the needed stimulation. Crowds ranging from 30,000 to close to 50,000 have witnessed the last five East West sepia classics in Chi Cago and constant turnouts of from 15,000 to 35,000 have witnessed games played by coloured athletes at Yankee stadium Briggs stadium Forbes Field and other big league stadia. And Satchel Paige denies that entry of negroes in the majors would ruin negro league Ball. He admits quickly not enough negroes would be inducted into the major league tent annually to make an appreciable difference. After All dont the negro loops lose these same name stars to the mexican league yearly Josh Gibson even left his Homestead Grays and played a full season in South America for boo a negro league teams dont collapse when these great stars depart in quest of bigger pay. They keep going in the usual swing. The negro clubs could not hire Good White players even if they wanted to for the simple reason that White boys Are not barred from organized Ball and can get Superior pay in the various minor and major loops operated by their own color. Or. Troy and Candy Jim Taylor have no Point there because whether or not negro teams hire White players the fact is it would be a Good business proposition and a great Box office Novelty if they did. Or. Troy is wrong when he says n euro league Ball is a million Dollar business. It Isnit even a Quarter Mullon Dollar business. A majority of the clubs is operating in the red. With the Homestead Grays the biggest Money maker Josh Gibson and Buck Leonard and the Kansas City monarchs Satchel Paig e and Hilton Smith close. Entry into the majors of negroes would be a big Boon to Colore base Ball. It would give the game Back to the sandlot High schools and colleges on a tremendous scale. It would restore interest in Industrial league Amateur and Semi pro baseball and would be the Lifeblood of the Brand just above the Semi pros. Clubs barely break ing even on attendance receipts would get Well Selling just one Good player a year to the big leagues. Since there Are no big league cities in the South negro league development below the Mason. Dixon line would he phenomenal. The South in or he tan a n y Toher one Section would reap the benefits of the integration of which i speak. The problem of the mob or. Troy tries to raise is largely � product of his own Wishful thinking mostly imaginary. A baseball crowd May differ radically from a Golf or football crowd but the line is thin Between the baseball and football crowd. There is Little difference Between a baseball a and fight crowd one being about As demonstrative As the other. And there have been no bumps rushes or race riots because Joe Louis is wearing the world heavyweight Crown or because he has fought White opponents. Nor did anyone mob Kenny Washington or Jackie Roinson in Texas a Lynch state when they played for Urcla against sum in Dallas opposing Southern White boys. On the contrary the White boy s praised the negro boys and Kenny and Jackie in turn praised them for their splendid sports Manship. Football Contact is even closer and More intimate than baseball Contact a know i played both and there has never been racial friction Between White a n a coloured athletes in cases where they have played together. Southern colleges have always created friction where none existed by raising the color line. No matter How Long the e integration of negroes is delayed it will ultimately come because racial discrimination because of race Creed or color is wrong of u my american undemocratic. Ancon to tit Iona a Dun Christian. V you cant defeat truth by crushing it to Earth ?_2 a saturday August 16, 1942 Satchel Paige denies entry of coloured stars to majors would ruin ne6ro Ball ethiopian clowns keep up their winning habits illustrious Pitcher probably misquoted by a writer Cincinnati Ohio. S n s elated Over another Streak of re cent successes. The Cincinnati Miami ethiopian clowns have their attention focused on two major events scheduled to come off on their Home grounds Here at Crosley Field Cincinnati sunday after noon August 16. Finds the Denver tournament winners of last sea son and current leaders of the negro major league engaging in a big 3-team double header to be celebrated As peanuts nays ses Day a a and on Friday night August 21, the clo yes take on Satchel Paige and the Kansas City monarchs of the negro american league under the arc lights at Crosley Field As one of the High spots of their seasons activities. The August 16 sunday twin Bill will have the clowns taking on the Nashville coloured stars crack negro nine sponsored by the Louis Ville and Nashville Railroad in the first game and the reorganized new York Lincoln giants in the Nightcap. In Between games nays ses idol of Cincinnati will be presented with numerous gifts and Beautiful ceremonies. The clowns Are still jubilant Over the 2-to-l eleven inning Vic tory pitchers Leo preacher Henry and Dan Baldhead turned in Over Verdel Mathis and the Memphis red sox in the second game of their August 2nd double header at Crosley Field and Bankhead s 6 to-4 Triumph three nights later be fore the largest crowd to Ever see a negro game in Indianapolis Vic tory stadium Over the Birmingham Black Barons. The continued consistent hitting Superb catching and Iron armed throwing of Pepper Tarzan Bas sett the rocking chair receiver and the Long distance clouting of Fred Khotan Wilson outfielder. Have been features As the clowns piled up win after win before record crowds everywhere. Chicago. Ill the whole coun try is rapidly becoming Peanut Yasses conscious the great Pitcher and Ace comedian of the Cincinnati clowns christened Edward a. Davis by his parents upon his entry into the world 25-years ago. Has become the recipient of a flood of publicity in Large periodicals of late. The Chicago daily news on saturday August 1, devoted a full Page of pictures of Peanut in its rotogravure Section the Chica go defender that same week printed his life Story the sporting news Bible of baseball extolled him highly in several recent issues and Gene Kessler sports editor of the Chicago daily times in an article describing the Best negro players fitted for major league service placed this inimitable character and Diamond performer at the top of the list. Clown Grams the Cincinnati clowns Are mighty proud Over being asked to return to red Bird stadium in Columbus Ohio for the fourth time this season on August 25. Probably to play the Birmingham Black Barons. They set an at Tendance record for a negro game in that Park with a crowd of Over 6.000 several weeks ago India Napolis too wants them Back for August 28, following their sensational Triumph Over the birding Ham Black Barons nine there August 6 Flash word has just been received that the Indianapolis american association club managed by Gabby Hart Nett is desirous of meeting the clowns in a Post season game. Yes the clowns will be glad to oblige. The Springfield 111., Browns who Are leading the three Eye league also Are considering challenging the clowns. Z Ray Robinson misses shot a red Cochrane new York a n f Ray Robinson Folie punching hair Lem welterweight who has yet to be Defeated As either an Amateur or a professional will not meet the 147 Pound titleholder red Cochrane on september 10. As was originally scheduled. Cochrane who has been resorting to every subterfuge to keep from meeting Robinson wants saw of to risk his title it was Learned saturday. The fighters had been matched in an overweight bout for the Uso. But Robinson after disposing of Sammy Angott in Madison Square Garden Friday night told promoter Mike Jacobs Early saturday that he did not see How he could come in Over the 147-Pound limit and make the Cochrane match a non title affair. He said he weighed Only 144 1-4 for Angott and Felt the weight before the 10 round match was Over and if he tried to fight with three or four More pounds it would affect his performance. In the Friday night affray Rob Inson scored his 112nd straight win by faking command from the St round after Angott the Light weight Champion had taken the first three and evened up the 4th. The Harle Minte had Angott. On the verge of a knockout in the last three frames. It was the first time Arnott had not won in a return bout Over an opponent who previously Defeated him. By Lucius Jones sons sports editor another question was fired at Paige. How about the major league players Satchel replied no trouble there. Baseball is business. And a Days work is a Days work. There s nothing any one can say to me that la Stop me from playing mis quotation somewhere thus it is Clear to see somebody has been doing some misquoting How different Are the remarks of Paige As presented by Tom Reilly to those of the great Pitcher As broached by Harry j. Odonnell who quotes Paige As follows and considering it strictly out Side the financial Angle which is All i d be interested in because of conditions that would exist it Appeal to me because of the inharmonious other problems. You might As Well be honest about it. There would be plenty of problems not Only in the South where the coloured boys be Able to stay and travel with the teams in Spring training but in the North where they stay or eat with them in Many places. All the Nice statements in the world from both sides Arentt going to Knock out Jim Crow. Somebody has done some mis quoting. Something ought to be done to smoke out the liar. In the present conflict when the nation and its allies Are Amici an intense War for True democracy. Is no time for democratic advancements to be stymied by the tricks and deceptions of cheap journalism. It is just possible Leroy Satch Fil Paige negro baseballs greatest Pitcher May Baye been misquoted by Harry j. Odonnell White associated press writer in an article syndicated from Albany n. Y. Under a. Friday August 7, Date line. The said article appeared in he at Lanta Constitution of that Date. Hurt negroes if Tom Reilly White sports scribe for pm. Fearless new York after noon daily is still reporting with the scientific accuracy for which he has become famous the lesser known or. Odonnell is guilty of a flagrant bit or mis quotation where or. Paige is concerned. This. I contend because i have just finished Reading where the great Pitcher told or. Reilly its ridiculous to believe the proposed try outs for negroes in the ame rican and National leagues will result in wholesale raiding of negro Talent which would in turn ruin the negro leagues. About 75 negro players were on display sunday August 2, at Yan Kee stadium and performed to 32,000 fans. These players almost to a Man saw no possible harm that lifting of the big league racial ban could do to the coloured leagues. Paige is Angle discussing the question of what effect it would have on negro Lea gue Ball for their greatest players to be inducted into the big show. Paige quickly quipped hell Man they won t steal that Many Paige according to pm which is militantly waging a Campaign of endorsement for negroes getting a big league try named six players he is sure would make the major league Grade Hilton Smith pit Cher Willard Brown outfielder and Ted Strong outfielder All of the Kansas City monarchs Josh Gib son Homestead Grays Catcher Buck Leonard Grays first base Man and Walter Dandridge new Ark eagles third baseman. Southern Angle How about negro stars when clubs go South or Stop at some hotel which might bar them those questions were asked Paige. Sat chel reportedly told the pm writer thatus up to the clubs them selves. If the clubs stand up for their men nobody yes going to Stop them from doing what they want to of name stars to vie in nationals James pig Greene sex Blacker a Catcher to Start in 42 East West classic sunday by j. D. Mcghee Ata publicity director Orangeburg s c. Sons perhaps seven of 1942 ten ranking players will be on hand to participate in the 26th annual National championships of the american Tennis association which will be held at Lincoln University aug. 17-23 inclusive. Richard Cohen rated number 2 will Lead the pack followed by Robert Ryland Howard Minnis Joseph King John Chandler Maurice Jackson and Donald Ellis. Additional interest in menus singles will be entered in two for Mer National champions. Or. Reginald Weir and Eyre Saitch who according to current reports will make Strong comeback efforts for the Crown. Mcdaniel probably out Only four years have passed since Lincoln University was the scene of keen rivalry Between the East and South. No less colourful this year despite the probable absence of Jimmie Mcdaniel will be the National championships. In All tile events on the program there will be with the finals played on sunday seven full Days of High calibre Competition. Flora Lomax who staged a come Back last year at the Silver Jubilee to win the a omens singles championship will again have Tough going against any now faces not seen at Lincoln before Katherine Jones a Veteran by experience is expected to give trouble after a year of Good Tennis at Prairie View Texas. New twosome in menus doubles two colourful teams May be missed but new pairing for Richard Cohen and Howard Minnis Are Likely to make this event the same breath taking spectacle for the gallery on Sun Day in this final of the finals. Pair Ings for Cohen May come from Ryland Joe King of John Chand Ler. A newcomer maybe paired with Minnis. These top events will not fur Nish All the thrills. Juniors May dominate the play since War activities have not hit so hard this up and coming division., Raymond Jackson the defending Champion will have Many new challengers to defeat if he expects to retain the Junior Crown. Everything in readings Lincoln University is sure to be out meeting place for the youth the girls and events is expected to be top All previous re cords for entries and keen com petion. Officials of the american Tennis association and Lincoln univer Sityar extending a cordial invitation to All lovers of Tennis to join them in witnessing some Fine play ing at the 26th annual National championships. Chicago and with the balloting ended the deadline for votes having been Midnight Sun Day August 9, the wast team will take the Field sunday after noon August 16, in spacious com Iskey Park 35th and Shields ave nue for the 10th annual East West contest will be and most Likely Bat As follows Cool paper evil Chicago or Jethroe Cincin Nati buckeyes in left Field Par Nell Woods Cincinnati manager on third base tied Strong Kansas City monarchs in Brightfield Wil lard Brown Kansas City monarchs .429 hitter in Centerfield Joe Orneil. Kansas City monarchs first base t. J. Brown Memphis shortstop Peg Green Kansas City Catcher Johnny Sampson Birmingham second base and As pitchers. Satchel Paige of the Kansas City monarchs who led the entire voting Hilton Smith Kan Sas City monarchs Verdel Mathis the port Side hurler of the Mem Phis red sox. And Eugene Brein Mer of the Cincinnati buckeyes. The East batting order is still in doubt and wont be known until the last minute. Topping the Vot ing for manager in the East is the Veteran. Vic Harris of the Homestead Grays. Tex Burnett will be one of the easts coaches. However those close to the negro National league know that Tom Wilsonis circuit is going to throw its full strength in the Field in or der not to give the West a Chance to tie the count in games a present the East is out in front five games to four in the series. Although there will be a game in Cleveland tuesday night August 18, with the same players in action for the United service organizations the second game will not count officially in the East be. West series. Josh Gibson to it a heading the cast of players for the East is David Yinpo barn Hill. New York cuban stars hurl or mentioned often As one of the negro players who May get a try out with some major league base Ball club. Barney Brown of Phila Delphia. Ray Brown of the Home Stead Grays Jonas Gaines of the Baltimore club and his pitching mate. Byrd also lefty Hill and Leon Day of Newark. All mentioned Are pitchers although Newark has been using both Day and Hill in the a Affeid because of their slugging ability. This year the East has Josh Gibson Homestead Grays and Roy Campanella of the Baltimore elite giants As catchers. Roy caught the full game for the East last year and was awarded the trophy for being the most valuable player in the 1941 game. Gibson was in Mexico last year and al though he has a reputation for clouting Home runs the wests fans who Are dyed in the Wool negro american league bugs Point out that Gibson has played in other East versus West tilts and did not get any homers. Pea Eye Butts May get try playing first for the East will be either big Jim West of Philadel phia or Leonard of the Homestead Grays. Leonard is a Veteran of the East West games and clouded a Homer off Ted double duty Radcliffe last year. Sammy Hughes Baltimore second Sacker absent from the fray last year will be Back on second with the Veteran Willie Wells Newark manager or Dick Seay of tie new York Black Yankees in Short and Pat Patter son of Philadelphia or Roy easter Ling of the Grays holding Down the far Comer. Tommy Butts of Baltimore May get into the game at. Short. The East is Well off in Fly chasers. There Are Jerry Benjamin of the Homestead Grays Bill Wright and Henry Kimbro of the Baltimore elites. Jud Wilson and Chin Green of the new York bark Yankees Vargas of the cuban stars. Stone of Newark and big rim Williams of the cubans. The East., As has been previously stated can Send either Hill or Day the Newark pitchers to the out Field. Neil Robinson liked the West is using but one first baseman and he is Orneil. In event that something goes wrong Tad Strong will be shifted from the Outfield to first. Behind the Bat in event of injury to Green will go double duty Radcliffe who ran pitch As Well As catch. He is at present playing for the Birm Ingham Black Barons. In the out Field the West will have Neil Rob Inson. Whose Home run Fame is still fresh in the minds of the East West game and his Home town Memphis is pulling Strong for him also there will be Davenport of the Birmingham club Hyde of Memphis and Pennington of Chicago. As substitute Short Stop will be Rolph Wyatt of the Chicago american giants and there is still a question whether Alex Radcliffe will get into the game the Chicago third Sacker has seen action in Many East be. West contests and in most of them has held his own with the East when it comes to hitting. However there Are fans who would minor Roc Carter of Memphis at the far Comet infield of the world Champion Homestead Grays this Diamond Quartetti is As j Good As any in Pic a is i Kornj in air tight infield and very few balls get thro it for hits. At j

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