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Bisbee Daily Review Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Bisbee Daily Review (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Bisbee, Arizona I1 i. The review carries the Only full leased associated press wire report in the Warren District it i a weather Copper prices Arizona wednesday Ami Rajie no Renira Price Copper thursday fair Little change or the week ending november ird. 1920 14. M3.in temporal use. Average Price Copper for week Emolins nov. 17, 1020 .14."0 close .1125 vol. 24 no. 281 Hoover mediate Aid pod europeans Hoover urges eight american organizations form Relief Council plans Call for feeding 3,500,000 sex Foo d controller says tragedy Ofcar declares world facing most serious famine in years says americans must help Chicago nov. 2.1 formal announcement fihe organi t r a european Rev Council. Composed Al eight american organizations was made by Herbert Hoover at a dinner tonight. Continuation american support in feeding the under nourished Peoples Euronie was. Urged who will net As chairman the Council. The dinner tendered by Howard b. Jackson formerly vice president the United states Grain corporation was attended by 300 chicagoan. The Council consists the Ameri can Relief federation american red Cross. American friends service corporation Quaker jewish joint distribution Council Federated Council the churches Christ in Ameri . Knights Columbus y. M. C. A. And y. W. A. This Council after full investigation has decided that Complete prior Ity should be Given to american re Lief in Europe to support 3,500,000 children who have since the armis Tice been dependent on american Charity until the children Are secure Over the Winter said Hoover. Here is an Issue in our foreign relations which is neither race politics or re Ligion. It is just the preservation or the lives children greatest famine the War has collapsed among both allies and enemy in the face the greatest famine in three Hundred years. In the first stage famine the human animals eat the pc xxx or their cattle and thus undermine the production milk. In the second stage they consume the cattle them selves. The children the White races Are dependent upon cattle for their very existence thus famine bears hardest upon the children. Today there Are 3. 500,000 waifs who live by virtue the three thou Sand asylums hospitals clinics and. where doors would be closed but for american Charity. At the time the armistice americans were carrying the Burden 200,000 Chil Dren in Belgium and goo.000 in North Ern France. This system was spread Over Finland Ethonia Latvia. Lithuania Poland Germany Austria Czechoslovakia Serbia Rumania Hungary and Armenia. With the harvests 1919 and 1920 and the gradual economic recupera Tion the Burden has grown less Ana the Harvest next summer will greatly lighten the Burden. It is not a perpetual charge on american Charity. It is an emergency demand. It will Cost $23,000,000, about one Flo lira per month per child until the next har Vest. For every american Lollar an other Dollar local support is provided in equipment and food together with a vast amount Volun aril service. We have but to Supply them with their deficient milk fats cloth ing and in some countries bread and they will succeed without it they fail. Biggest Campaign yet to me it is a glory to Tho United states that 3.500.000 hungry waifs should sit every Day at our table. I would rather Tiave the american Flag implanted in the hearts the Chil Dren Europe than flying Over any Citadel Victory. Twenty years trom now they will form the basis civilization Europe. Are to pre serve the foundation society in the East we Are to keep open the Tove humanity in the West our duty is Clear before us. This is the largest cooperative benevolent organization Ever attempted in the United states. The organizations represented have come to the unanimously though independently formed conclusion that nothing but prompt and United action by the whole american people can Avert tragedy for the helpless children involved. The organizations forming the Council will organize their representatives in every town and Community the nation for the raising necessary probes immigration new York. Nov. 23. Senator Sterling South Dakota a member the Senate committee Nimmi Gration who re cantly completed a study conditions in Europe arrived at Ellis Island today to investigate procedure receiving Rimml it r giants there. Legion protests pardoning Vil listas Albuquerque n m., nov 23. Hugh a Carlisle Post the american lesion tonight adopted resolutions protesting against the action governor o. A. Larrazolo in pardoning 16 Vil listas from the state Penitentiary at Santa be win a e they were serving sentences for murder in connection with Villa s raid on Columbus. N. A. March 9. 1916. The pardons were granted yesterday. The resolutions Brand the Par dons is an insult to every Soldier who Ever wore a uniform in organized warfare and Are especially insulting to american troops who suffered untold hardships and some whom Laid Down their lives to protect the Honor and dig nity . This country involved As a direct result this so Call ban Border n is Emu 1 1 1 r in Iii Tuuu department Justice offi Cial says bandits crossed Over from american Side Brownsville Texas nov. 23. Ger ral Pedro Guzman former lieu tenant colonel in the Carranza army headed a Small band suppose mexican rebels which crossing from the american Side the Rio Granche yesterday captured the Little mexi can town Ramirez and afterwards fled to the Interior pursued by mex ican Federal troops according to Eugene h. Parker agent the United states department Justice. Parker returned tonight from an investigation made by him at tre Point crossing. 28 Miles West Browns Ville. Parker said that Guzman exhibited papers signed by general Lucio Bianco in which Guzman was commissioned general in the army. Gen eral Blanco is said to have recently been in the Vicinity Mission -. Only Nije men were in the bad that crossed to Mexico and All were armed when seen at the la Florida ranch. Parker Learned. On crossing they raided Sealund ranch where so ses were obtained and continued Inland six Miles to the Ramirez Sta Tion. Tre Federal agent s information to sealed that at Ramirer they robbed a Man named Jose Trevino $125. Then they captured the Railroad station Cut the. Telegraph wires and took the instruments. It is thought that probably a do?f2n men joined raiders on the mex ican Side. Report the capture a Tele graph operator at Ramirez was found to be untrue. Irish suspects Dublin. Nov. 23. The vigorous activities the Autho Ritts leave Little doubt that determined1 and concerted efforts Are being made to round up every Republican suspected being Active in outrages. The military forces Are tightening the cordon about Dublin and gradually working in toward the Center As was done during the easter rebellion 1016. It is believed a number re publican leaders in the provinces finding the Pursuit too hot have taken Refuge in Dublin. The total arrests today Are under stood to be huge but the government refuses to divulge tl4e arrests. The Dublin Castle authorities however admit the prisons Are so full that it Lias become necessary to utilize the Castle itself and that it was in a lumber room in the Castle that Peter Clancy and two others Wei shot yesterday. Truck owner must stand trial for causing death two persons in wreck Long Beach Calir. Nov. 23. A Coroner s jury Here today after hearing witnesses Tell an Automo bile Accident last week in which a. T. Van de water congressman j Lect Ami his Secretary. Miss Janice sub Ben. Met death returned a verdict stating they nere killed by Accident caused by the criminal negligence Carlyle Hughes in violation traffic the Accident recurred when Van de a Jor drove his automobile into a. Truck and trailer which had been standing unlighted on the Highway. Hughes owner the truck was arrested the next Day and Char a with manslaughter. He was released in $10,000 bail. Van de water will be Buie d tomorrow. Bisbee Arizona wednesday morning november 24, 1920 e admitted at Trust Indus it n. Y. Contractors Tell organization that fined companies with bids too Low estimates made by Bureau is testimony legislative committee hears witness describe Workings anti Competition body new York nov. 23. Further Tes Timony the methods used by con tractors associations in alleged fixing prices and punish ment meted out to offending members whose Low bids violated the associations rules was Given at Toavs hearing the joint legislative com Mittee investigating new York s alleged building Workings the Bureau the Concrete fire roofers association were related by Roswell e. Easton its originator. Books the builders Supply Bureau comprising 14 contracting firms also were surrendered to the committee by miss Elizabeth o Dea stenographer. Earlier the hearing was marked Bya Sharp clash Between Samuel bitter myer committee counsel and Grover Whalen commissioner plants and j structures formerly mayor Hylan s private Secretary duing his Examina Tion regarding City Ash dumping con tracts. To these development was added testimony former magistrate Frank e. O Reilly Brooklyn and two attaches the fifth District magistrate s court concerning More or less close relations Between the mayor and commissioner accounts Ilir Schfield. As Law practitioners with John t. Hettrick who was court stenographer there. He trick now. Is a Central figure in the building Trust As operator a code practice among 400 new Yorior master plumbers Anu plumbing contractors. Easton told How the Concrete fire roofers estimating Bureau. I Ortmei june 14, 1919, grew from the master league Cement orders Assoc anon until it expanded into the Concrete fire roofers association with a member Shipoff 12 firms which individually Are members the building trades employers association. It was agreed among the 12 Mem Bers Easton testified to permit tie Bureau to make their estimates on All proposals then 10 per cent was added to the estimate by the firm As an overhead Fli arge before bidding. The contractor successful Para the Bureau 2v6 per cent the contract. Then at the end the year the Bur eau divided the Mony among the unsuccessful bidders proportionately. You May have been advised that the process was Legal untermyer told the witness. The committee believes it was far from the Bureau figured All material Ana labor unit costs for the fire roofers association and upon its figures association members based their bids for contracts Easton said working for the elimination the duplication estimating and supplying its figures to All members the under the rules the association. Arthur Greenfield inc., was fined $300 at an executive committee meeting january 7. 1920, for taking a contract too Low Easton admitted under Vig Orous questioning by untermyer. The minutes the meeting were Lead into the records. French Premier urges his government to War greeks against return Monarch Paris. Nov. 23. Premier leygue3. When he appeared tonight in the chamber or deputies in the Vatican debate announced the government s intention to Issue a warning to Greece against the return or former King Constantine. Or. Leg res. In asking for a postponement or further interpellation so that he might be free to act said France does not wish to intervene in Greece s foreign affairs but after a War which imperilled civilization a Power put at its head a Sovereign. Who showed marked and constant hostility toward the allies had been the accomplice our enemies that Power ought to be warned that she can no longer have our cooperation. Nor expect the same feeling from us s the Premier said he wished to con Sider a definite course in the matter in Complete Accord with great Bri Tain. Mccann Salvator draw los Angeles. Nov. 23. Billy. Cleveland and Phil Sal Vator los Angeles boxed a four round draw it Vernon Arena Here to night. They met at 135 pounds. Be league Issue is undecided vice president Al claims last election did not express opinion America does not know what Harding s ideas Are Massachusetts governor is opinion that reaction period May reach extreme postbox. Nov. 2 vice elect Coolidge. Speaking tonight be fore a group Boston business men asserted that in the last election the country. Had. Expressed. Its opinion. .1 a i t outworn i Igor As it Lii l afew years ago against organized Cap ital and warned against the danger that labor might be divorced from apart in the government just As organized capital had been divorced. The Issue or tha league col Idle said had not Bee decided by the people. I he said any particular mandate was Given at the last e action on the question the league nations and that was the Prepon Umerani Issue. In thether. Wirt d Anniti t in t league they Yonl the democratic tic concerned North cant0n begin Derganc Prepon l today i Arment Champion company largest a Wilh became ques be r supporting Republican democratic party. Preponderance against the league Wilson league governor Coolidge said did know what the senator h main gathered regard league Heim schedule affecting league nation brought Wilson whether people would decide league working basis forming referee organized labor governor Coolidge recalled address Dartmouth College Winter pointed growth announced which further Cotton closed dominate conditions Termini Nypower organized labor which played important influencing machinery people country warning carried regarding organized the resources make mistake organized affairs government. America up build improve together common All. Forces sound advice counsel whatever sour . There danger reaction the present time reaction United states. When people United slates get started along Given they further warrant. Govern ment United state Justice should Farmers Northwest producers Are corporation profits Spokane. Wash., the United states Grain during made profits which properly producers conference several farm ers Eastern easter Oregon Northern Idaho urging Treasury the Federal Reserve Board agencies credit Farmers providing revolving fund. From flames Paul Minn. Persons rescued fire t o lad who killed father Given clemency Pat Erso years murder father. Frank Patterson their Home ranch near october 1919, found guilty jury Superior today. The recommended suspended when jury earlier afternoon asked whether would inclined to follow recommendation suspended sen tence. Judge Stanford rep lied did big abide by jury s youth alleged his father during quarrel. Testifying de sense saying father threatened kill paper weight and also Tri Poison his Mother. Narva Patterson testified finding the Poison. Nei. Ana As As the league in the the voting was equal or even or Earp 23. In favor the Republican the and extract de ticket and course Many men Vot i " the Fibre de who in razor the league. Said be tie them it simply a n the South will reduce option the Ovi 0, a ions avs a Wek. It 0 you can t say Inai was a votes dead that he not is in mind . Cent he had from h a. From 54 to 48 hours a Wek speeches in to the its work it Oia know that the Back by president was the to the old As a in a new i. ,. In he to that in an j men last he had out the corporate wealth Mills in today brought it the tha t it would undermine the found Jadoa h Mills for tons and our government j weeks or As Mav tie an d resulted j corporate and Mohawk Valley and the Utica influence m team Cotton Mills in Iceni called attention. Inin Wipff Days a Here a e continued to i thought was after d week to try had so a part in t e government. I think the cur heeded that out determination labor at last election Reed All now we do not to the with 1k.-. . 1. N 1 r. N. 1au mat we the at the present All the organizations we in to and to act or the Good we Don t want to disintegrate any the Good. Wethe and we can get is grave a at a will not be the know the the a Are Apt to go to extremes or Togo than the Circum stances it May be for All us to realize to Foj the was organized Tofor All and an influence in its a say entitled to Grain to 23. De Claring corporation its existence $50,000,000 belongs to the a Hundred Washington and adopted resolutions the Secretary to the to use through or to extend to the by a in rescued st. 23. Sev by i Phoenix Alva 18 charged he or his At on a in was manslaughter by a in the court jury a sentence however. The in tie the court be a 11. C. He not consider the court too to a was to shot a in he pleaded his to him with a to him. Mrs. To far was c., nov. Mrs Puli to mil1 t0 four was what Cut use to this City had with fear the four More that this fear in the curtailment the our have been and then also four week will what the our and that but want same vie need time have that will tend want ail Groin that to you line facts and Well that to that each have nov. That that fund owner nov. Eral were nov. 23 old. With Here the have self were Eastern Mills Cut production largest paper factory in the South reduces operations to four Days every week announced. Westinghouse cuts week Springfield mass., nov. 23. The Westinghouse electric and manufacturing company today put into 1.800 employees. At the same time the Moore drop forge company abolished its eight Hou r night to Drift laying off Between 700 and 750 men. The Westinghouse company Cherdin ? to j works manager a. Is. Reynders i to avoid reduction in the num Ber employed curtailment at Mills Utica. N. A. Nov. 23. Three the largest sheeting and Cotton cloth condition improve. Scarcely any work is being done in knit goods manufacturing although it is said Tjit a few orders Are being received. 500 men Are let out Memphis. Tenn., nov. 23 Lack demand for Cotton Oil and meal is give by officers the Buckeye cot ton Oil company As the cause for Tiea d its Lant Here about 500 men Are thrown out work. Negro accused assault talc in from courtroom and dragged through streets Tylertown. Miss. Nov. 23. Harry Jacobs negro while on trial today for an assault on a White Wom an was taken from the court room end lynched by a mob which gained a Cess by breaking Down two doors. Despite efforts court official and others the negro was seized a rope placed about his neck and he was dragged two blocks through the main Street after which the rope was tied the Axle an automobile which dragged him to a Bridge when tie body Wai swung to a limb tree and riddled with bullets. One Man was accidentally shot. Unsuccessful appeals were made by the judge and the husband the wort Ian assaulted to permit the court proceed in an orderly manner. French officials claim Money paid Germany for Coal used for propaganda Paris. Nov. 23. Most or the 200.-000.00 0 francs in Gold paid monthly Germany by under the spa Coal agreement since last july has been diverted to propaganda purim is a s and to pay British creditors according to information received today French official circles. These payments made in return for delivery promised Coal it was agreed by Germany would be used buy food to ameliorate the Condi men when fire in the Kennedy arms tons the Coal miners so that the company Orriny Cut off thir escape would be physically Able to maintain from the third floor and did $90.0001 the output and also to buy raw Madam age. None was seriously Hurt. I trials. Fund drive is started a6ain will Hays issues Appeal for million and half to cover deficit in party s coffers presidential race Cost three million Success Call for help is urged by National chair Man with an Eye to future new York. Nov. 23,-j- Appeal for contributions to make up a deficit $1,500,000 in the Campaign fund the Republican National commit tee was sent out tonight by will , its chairman. The Appeal addressed to the the country and All those who aided them called Atten Tion to the report the treasurer fired yesterday in Washington Point ing out that although the buying Power the Lollar was materially less than in 1916, the 1920 Campaign had actually been conducted at less expense than the Hughes .Mnaisfn four years ago. Hays accompanied his Eva for further funds by an expression a highest Praise at the spirit republicans during the Campaign. More than 50,000 individuals contributed about 12.000.000 to the fund he said. The presidential Campaign this year Cost approximately ,400,000, exclusive expenditures he wrote leaving a net deficit nearly a million and a half Dol Lars. This he declared. He hoped might be promptly made up by pop ular subscriptions in amounts less than the $1000 limit it during the Campaign. Addressing the editors Republican newspapers the statement declared that the National committee would have Een gratified natural order to revise the menant in by. Had it been to raise ally the absence one the most in the e Money necessary by the Small to stunt nations the world. Kin heinous. Nils however. Was Hardy to be expected As this has been the Host real Effort in that i i know the method is Hays added and 1 am convinced that you and every other Republican want us to distribute the expense campaigning in this manner it can be done at All. To this end we Are going to make a Public appear for i Tunus Ana in i want our., Chelp. The Success the Appeal for fund., and in this Effort. I want your help the Success the Appeal will .?.f enet to Rutur , Iuliu will re Wir in aiding our efforts to Dace the Busi Ness politics on the highest pos sible admits German Cash involved new York. Nov. 23 Loans aggregating More than $so0.00o furnished by Hermann Sielcken american Coffee were advanced through the German fiscal agent in 1915 to or. Edward a. Rumely. Then publisher the evening mail Wal Ter s. Kaufmann. Attorney testified today at the trial in which he his Law partner and or. Rutily Are charged with concealing True owner ship the paper fro Iii tie alien property custodian. Sielcken at that time was a Resi Dent Germany Kaufmann Testi fied and the loan was made in the interest the o Linan government s i desire to acquire in the United states a newspaper with which to expound the True German View 1 or. Rumely obtained tiie first loan$750,000. When he was heavily in debt the witness said and later was advanced $75,000. To i German fiscal agent. Or. Hein Ric h Albert he said was being so closely watched by agents other foreign Powers that they decided to employ a silent worker to carry out. Subsequent transactions. At or. Albert s suggestion he add As he asserted. Inmate almshouse runs amuck with bucket kills one seriously injures two Paterson. N. A. Nov. 23. John Block killed and two other Price five cents a Eagle Waits decision from United state possible Assembly decides Chan s r. My my. Covenant will lie until Harding take scandinavians vote on ame Bulgaria Austria i Burg will prot eluded in Mer Geneva nov. Cited press taif amendments to Tom league nations a the Assembly in the Mittee no. 1 that i Iza Tion which has b amendments is App Sion. I Arthur j. Balfour ctr i the. Sii Ugto i to. Tee that it a conclusions As to the wort league or to form an the covenant May be Imp. Proposed that the Tonnini tej mend the up hint ment a i committee to consider d report to the next meeting Assembly. The scandinavian delegates committee insisted upon tie. Ration immediately Amend. They Proi hosed. But they were med. The South american d Balfour s suggestion All More readily because they Are n opinion that any amendment the covenant should await pro positions that Are expected from the United states alter president elec t hard17ngs consultations on the subject. They declared it would be anti Iolj it the committee on Tho International court decided to Send a letter thanks and congratulations to Elim Root and other delegates to the. Hague conference. This is As far As they have got in their work. Antonio Hunes. Head the Chi. A delegation and chairman the committee on admission new Mem Bers told the associated press inlay that his committee already by d .,.,.i. I,.wulvi. N m in null i it i ilium i report. V he api location met membership in the 1 us nations leaked today. N i formation whatever was Given i subject by the secretariat Lea gue. Tills eleventh hour Ai necessarily will come up on Tae floor the Assembly before being referred to commit tee. The Council the league i i tons has decided to invite the scandinavian countries to participate in la slicing the plebiscite territory Vil a a to the extent one Hundred men each. It is announced from a Semi official l source that it is Meany certain that i Bulgaria Austria. Albania. Fin land and Luxemberg will be admit Ted to the league. On the other hand it is said that the commission deems it better at present not to admit states formerly Wonnina a part Russia and which have not vet been officially recognized. Baker orders withdrawal Cable Layin g. Permit granted Western Union Washington. Nov. 2 Secie tar y Baker announced tonight that he had revoked permission in mud the Western Union Telegraph company last May to Lay certain cables at Roseayn Bay Miami. Fla. The per Mit was issued by to distr t Engi Neer at Jacksonville Fla. And Baker directed its withdrawal by Telegraph tonight. Baker made no explanation his action. He merely authorized through his Secretary the statement that the permit had been rescinded. The Ann Orinis men t allowed. How Ever the statement in new York to night by Newcomb Carlton. Presi ment to do certain Cable work in the Vicinity Miami with which the Navy department has months at the request the state department. Bomb causes panic Cork. Nov. 23 an explosion occurred in Patrick Street this uni ii med. He procured the services Wal Den t the Western Union company Ter Lyons number the Bank iffy j Tjit his company had not Only rights firm Renn Korff and Lyons. By granted by act Congress but Spe on s was paid $5000 for his services rial pet Mission fhe War depart de 90. Was was too was for elderly inmates the Passaic county apparently was a bomb lit it is almshouse Here were injured today it known from where it came. a violent outbreak by Victor persons were in the Street and six Foddy. 75. Oddy who was admitted to them were injured the institution yesterday attacked the people scattered in panic them with a Metal bucket while they there were neither mimes nor to we re asleep. Ilice in the Street at the time

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