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Bisbee Daily Review (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bisbee, Arizona Paft four member associated press. American newspaper publishers association and Arizona daily newspaper association. Full leased wire associated press service published every morning except monday by the state consolidated publishing company at the offices of the company main Street Bisbee Arizona. Entered As second class matter at the Bis Bee Post office. Foreign representatives s. C. Theis company 366 fifth Avenue new York 837marquette lildg., Chicago k. J. Bidwell company 743 Market Street san fran Cisco. Local and foreign advertising rate card on application at office of the company or its representatives named above. The Wittl in u exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All new dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also to the local news published herein. It thlllltlll4 t Tui lil Miku daily review. Bisbee. Arizona Sabsch option rates19.00 three months one year. In months $4.50 sunday Only. One month making America Safe a Itlo of immediately following the Denman Goetha by controversy Over the United states Saip plug Board the famous army Engineer coined an that will lat for years. He declared that a Board was Long Nar Low and How Apt la the characterization to the thing that the Arizona Good roads commission would foist upon the people of the state under the Guise of a Highway commission one of the first arguments in favor of the proposed Bill and the com Mission it creates is that it does away with politics. By a careful Reading of the measure. It is seen that each of the five commissioners is paid $20 a Day and actual expenses the annual limit being 100 Days in which the commissioners could work. From much experience in observing boards commissions and other similar organization it is Safe to say that each com missioner so appointed would draw is also Safe to say that the expenses of the commissioners would not be far below $20 a Day. This would make a grand total for the entire commission of $20,000 a year or $4000 a piece. The Bill further allows the members of the commission to make trips within and without the state of Arizona. How easy it would be for selected members of the commission to make investigating trips to Honolulu to determine the Best method of draining a Malpas country for a Road so far As eliminating politics the Bill actually encourages it. Take the maximum salary each commissioner is entitled to Prev under its provisions viz., $2000. It is just enough to attract the Small bore political henchmen end provides sufficient Money to keep that character of Hanger of n for the balance of the instead of framing the Bill so that it would Appeal to the very Best Talent in the state those who wrote it apparently jumped into the Middle of the Stream. The sum provided is just sufficient to attract the unworthy and is not Large enough to secure the services of a Man who is competent and who would not work on such a commission without recompense. The distracting scheme provided. In. The. Measure would. Encourage a one a n commission and that Man would of Coure be the resident of Maricopa county. The other commissioners would prefer to work nearer Home. Instead of a few political friends to be taken care of by the Road department of the state As is the Case at present under the direction old the state Engineer the patronage would be split five ways. There would be five times the number of deserving relatives and friends to be taken care of at the expense of the taxpayers. T from a political standpoint alone the proposed commission Bill is been written for the encouragement of Maricopa county s Host of leaches. It is claimed the measure eliminates politics while in reality it promotes the most obnoxious form of it. It has not the semblance of fair play or Good service in its pages. It constitutes merely a subterfuge under which Dwight b. Heard Hopes to make Tho other counties in Arizona pay for Mari copa county s highways. O " Long narrow $2,511 the maximum salary $2000 a year. It and wooden with government tried to rejoin to a Phi anti Salon n league in the person of its general counsel. Wayne b. Wheelrr. Lias seen fit to jump All Over the candidacy of governor James m. Cox of Ohio for the democratic presidential nomination. Tins action is typical of certain of the dry it came to ridding thi3 country of i he Saloon and liquor lobby evils a Large body of people were with the league. But now the Saloon is gone. And when it comes to dictating who shall and who shall not Runi for a office apparently in an Effort to make America and a number of Well Pai d Federal jobs Safe for the anti Salon n league that is a horse or another color. The great danger with regard to the anti Salon n league is that they will commit the same error the distillers Aud Brewers did namely try to run the country in spite of itself and regardless of anything but a single Issue. If there is anything the american people will not stand for that is it. It is a notable and so far unexplained fact that concerning the re pull Ca n convention and nominee Harding Wheeler and the league remain silent. And yet the word is from Harding s own Camp that the senator is known to be o firing yourself an american legion Post recently conducted a discussion on what tie War did for each member was called on to say in what Way the War had influenced his life for better or for worse. Many men spoke of the War As f sort of Dice to x that had shaken them out of old ruts. Some had been Square pegs in round holes and others round pegs in Square holes. Either they were before the War contented with the ruts and holes they were in or were afraid to get out lest they get into something worse. I then the War came and Shook them from the army they were faced with the alternative of starting life anew or going Back to the old ruts. Those who choose the former course found therein Opportunity to remake or revise their lives in whole or in part they said they had been Able to get better jobs and what is better they had discovered a con tenement they never knew in therold places in which they had been mis placed and which the had been afraid to leave. They needed to be pushed out once pushed Uliey made their Way to Success. They Point the Way out to All men who Are bogged in ruts. Such men should not wait until they Refl red because they May then be Loo old to Start anew. They should fire themselves promptly and strike out on a new Road. " i o not bread alone one or Ibe reasons persons cannot live on bread alone is because of Tho " severe milling process through which White flour is put before it be comes bread. The Mineral salts and neutralizing substances found in the hulls and outer coating of the wheat Are eliminated. An eminent dietician recently Eaniri that the reason Worms Are Seldom found in High Grade White flour is because the Worms cannot find Etious n varieties of food in it to live. On the Oiler hand bran and whole wheat flours have to be watched pretty closely to keep the Worms out. Instinct teaches. Worms where the food is. What Ilutka would a person have living on. Starch alone thai s what living on bread alone Means literally it is the White Fluffy kind. Or. Harvey Wiley while connected the the flour Industry. Put it u doubtful whether this can be done until More women know the value of whole wheat and demand belter food qualities in the flour. In the meantime there Are just two things that or Wiley or any other dietitian would t want to be to wit. Is White flour Weevil on or a locked in an american jail. Who Ever we a i t we vat Oij a corpulent bread be jail Bird the of the has and it As own. If the in the Al is to the and the be As As 10 and As late As the arc hot or Rolls o some sort. To a a soup is never Are not in the and Are the and the in the. T v v ,. V hot " . And j ". A that in the is by a the has her for the and the Are at j be the but the to be. For., and new in of v in. Ice the the at 8 is the most Are the a and ices Are All that is of Are to a the is in the room As an. For mint ices in it a to a to smile the Bisbee daily review wednesday morning june 23, 1920. The heat certainly is Tough on Fri fun. Beginning Calendar june Beitf acknowledge the e perfect month. Brides choosing wisely have claimed their ceremony takes place morning formal breakfast served wedding party guests meal May served Early o clock 12 30. Breads always muffins tiny raised distinguish breakfast from luncheon used lights included table decoration Cream sugar served with Coffee Coffee to served Early meal. Menu for. Wedding breakfast Fruitt cup l6b"stertimbales, Mayonnaise olives radishes salted nuts broiled squib potatoes Gratalo Finger Rolls rom Aine salad French dressing toasted crackers breakfast cheese parfait d amour Bride fruit cake Coffee wedding takes place afternoon often followed reception. Bride table bridal Patty guests revived Small tables simplicity must keynote meal needs quite substantial. Menu wedding luncheon jellied Bouillon sweetbreads mushroom croquettes peas Cream sauce Crown Lamb asparagus Mold radishes Ripe olives celery salted nuts stuffed Tomato salad crackers pineapple a wedding cake Black Coffee evening wedding ceremony being performed o clock perhaps formal. The cats however simplest sort. Salad sandwiches fruit punch fancy cakes consid ered Good form. Boxes Bride s cake often give i each guest favors. Supper served dining Lap menu wedding supper assorted sandwiches crab meat salad salted nuts wafers individual holds fancy cakes Coffee we hear lots about the june Bride but nothing about the june bridegroom. Yet takes Groom make Bride Here s the june Bride Groom by Lee awhile Hingston at one time in the Days that were i knew a certain character who All called to Orr Brown his Ruddy Luce was round and fat. He always wore a White p us hat about our Little town. For Brown the Days were never Dull he used to keep three Quarter s full and merry was his Eye no evil in old Boozer lurked but if he Ever really " worked he did it on the sly. His voice was Solt. I is manner mild he was a Friend of every child Law f always find a Little dime to but a Little lad a top to fix a broken toy he d Stop lie was not pressed for time. Of i Don t suppose he mar went to Church. But he would pay the rent of some old friendless Crone who All Good having come to doubt could always find the Latch Strin g out where Boozer lived alone. At length he died Ami from afar came strangers in a private car to Bear old blown away. They blushed at his suggestive name and Murn aired of his people s shame e Chilynn Knelt to Pray. Now 1 Don t know what Boozer die in that dim unknown past he hid or what Hish 1 renown but when i. Kin died Lull of years. I wonder or Uch Heartfelt tears fell a for Hooter Brown. Father turning Back the Calendar seventeen years ago today the devoted car with which the ancient egyptians strove to preserve the bodies of their beloved dead the remarkable intellectuality and mar Velous Art of the people of ancient Greece and the appealing disaster of Pompeii serving As the subject of professor James Douglas lecture last evening before an audience that filled the gymnasium Hall. Four Young men have planned to leave Bisbee this morning for the he Achu mountains. In the crowd was a minister and one of the others carried a marriage License in his pocket. The action of these gentle men will be understood As perfectly natural on their return. Bisbee was the scene of two wed dings . S. Sheldon and miss m. E. Hill and John a. Hopkins and miss Catherine Henninger were the contracting parties. July 1st will find de rouser and Jimmie Nichols in charge of the cop per Queen hotel in the place of Thomas whiteheads to has had the manager Enron that famous hostelry for several months. Uncle Joe exhibits his calluses 4 of vl4 a Clejoe i Ca Jvon v v Chicago. Just like a said Uncle Joo Cannon vet con Gressman Tiff he watched the go Ilion of the Lle publican Ali Kiwi a onic i mention. And when the sessions to Gan to get warm he removed his coat and sat with his calluses right out in Public View. Cannon is Only 81 years old and says ? the youngsters Are entitled to front seats. He had one. Korty Fly e thousand men and ?ai.-000,00 0 have left the state of Nebraska for Western Canada in the last 20 years according to a report by the Canadian government office at Omaha. Queen Mary of Rumania puts big Deal Over beloved ruler works hard to bring her country out of hard times Bucharest june 22. Queen Mary of Rumania displayed her Busi Ness ability and her Faith in her coun try by putting through an important Deal in locomotives not Long ago. The rumanian railways were in sad need of the new engines. There were american French and English agents Here to. Sell locomotives but for Money Only. None of them had enough Faith in Rumania to sell them for anything except for cold hard Cash. 1 then the president of an american concern who had been Selling locomotives to Poland came to Rumania. An interview was arranged Between him and the Queen who presented such a Strong argument on the future of her country and its resources that the hard Heade d business american agreed to furnish locomotives and rolling Stock and to take in payment Rumania s nation my Bonds. The Queen believed in Rumania and she knows How to convince others be cause she has been Over every foot of its ground. During the Days that she was Princess she travelled by train and by automobile and on horseback until she has come to know All of the resources of her country and a great Many of its people. Here is what she said to the associated press correspondent about her country the Queen of a Small country those who Are accustomed to see Rul ers of a great land can Little under stand what it Means. It Means work and anxiety and Hope and a great toil if for Small results. But the Field is Large and if the heart is will ing great is the Queen Mary has a reputation As a writer and now that the War is Over she has resumed the literary work she abandoned when the War began. Whatever May be the value of what i write i am Happy to say that i have facility in writing she planned. I write in the morning be fore 1 begin my Day s work but interruptions do not disturb me. If i have to see some one i go Back to my desk and am Able to take up the unfinished sentence where i left it. Part of my writing is in the nature of a Jour Nal which i have kept throughout Trie War but it is of such an intimate nature that much of it cannot be published until Long after i am the most admired work of the Queen aside from her fairy stories is a Little Book entitled my coun try wherein Riti a casual impressionistic manner the Queen tells of her travels through the country de scribing the life of the peasants their desires to own the soil their willing Ness to work hard. The quaint cos Tumes of the women the curious architecture of the churches and houses and the Beautiful women of the country and the Charm of the wind ing Dusty reads. For All her Beauty and Fine clothes the que n is not afraid of dirt. This fact is shown in her boundless admiration for the Dusty Plains and duster roads of her country. One Day during the German occupation of Rumania when she Caw and picked up an ill Cla d Little orphan girl that was part of a group of refugees but seemed to belong to nobody in particular. The Queen gathered up the child in her arms and took it Home thinking later to find us Mother. To Date the Mother Lias not been four a so the Queen has adopted the Little girl As a member of her own family. Another girl that the Queen has almost adopted is miss Anne Shaw of Philadelphia who has Leen in re mania with the american red Cross for More than a year. Miss Shaw came to know the Queen through her red Cross work and then especially Rel Ness Elizabeth with whom she has struck up u fast Friendship. The Queen i Eastily approves of the Friendship and when miss Shaw is about the House the Queen treats her As a younger sister. Queen Mary is a Good judge of human nature. When she receives a stranger she puts him through a sort of a third degree. She places him a chair facing a lighted win Dow whereas she sits with her Back to the Light and if the stranger meets with her approval As a person to be trusted she then is Apt to remark i think the Light is too Strong for your eyes and asks him or her to change the seat. Then he is ready for conversation. She makes it Point to be in touch with All sorts of opinion and has Mado friends with a great Many of the Radical politicians of Rumania. Not Long Siree. She invited All Tho writers and newspaper Folk of re mania to her Home serving them ten and had a heart to heart talk with them. She explained that she was working just As they were for the Good of Rumania told them that perhaps in the past she had not worked s might confessed thai she had been ignorant if not Nils Guidt but promised to do better in the fun ure acid asked to be permit Ted to work with them to the com Mon end of making their country go cull. The Queen is keenly alive to the so Arm police in factory town with shotguns Waterbury is quiet under eyes of guards carrying riot weapons i associated Preis lentil Wirt Waterbury ccnn., june 22. In spite o the nervous tension following the riot last monday in which one striker was killed and two police lieu tenants were seriously wounded. Water Bury was quiet today there being no i renewed outbursts precipitated by j strike. Policemen with riot guns kept guard in the streets and broke up every group of strikers or any Impromptu meeting held in the streets or in Halls. Three raids were made on Halls. No arrests were made however. Earthquake ruins Many buildings in California town Cox text Dkl i Cili one probably exceed $100,000. Loss in los Angeles and other Points were Estima Ted at $25,000. Slight shocks were Init at 5 a. And 12 35 p. Today no damage be ing reported. When Street car traffic on the Linos of the los Angeles. Railroad Colora Tion was halted for half an hour be ginning about 10 3s a. M., officials of the company stated they had word the delay was due to an earthquake Shock which temporarily crippled a Power Plant at Huntington Lake 7f Miles East of Fresno. Late today the officials said they had another break Down but that the cause was not stated to be an earthquake. Due to old fault san Francisco june 22. The temblor that shattered Inglewood Lou Angeles county la.,t night was Southern California s second experience with Earth shocks within three year3. On april 21. 1918. The towns of san Jacinto and Hemet in Riverside county about 70 Miles Southeast of los Angeles were Beverly damaged in a series of three earthquakes. The effect of the disturbance was plainly Felt in los Angeles where plate Glass windows were broken. An Earth quake affecting the same territory occurred on december 25, 1889, and there was extensive property damage and some loss of life. No earthquake has occurred in Culi fornia in recent years however approaching the severity of the disaster that visited san Francisco on april 18, 1906, when the City was Laid in ruins through the combined effects of the Earth disturbance and fire. Laymen familiar with the causes of earthquakes in this state ascribe last night s disturbance in Southern Cali fornia to the slipping of the strata in the principal geological fault extend ing along the coast Range mountains from a Point on the Northern California coast about 200 Miles North of san Francisco to Gulf of lower California. This fault follows the coast line closely for distance of about 100 Miles South of san Francisco when it swerves Inland approximately Twenty Miles and gradually extends further eastward traversing los Angeles Riverside and san Diego counties. Londonderry quiet Londonderry ire. June 22. The Cit was quiet thl i afternoon. Of the person injured sunday night. Iwo Are in a serious condition mag Istrate s meeting today decided to a second urgent request to dub Lin for miliary reinforcement and to e institution of martial Law. Sawtelle to coast Tucson. June 22. Jul dare Wil Liam us Wilelle of the t United states court for the District of Arizona will sit in the United states court at san Francisco during the months of july and aude us he made this announce ment from the be no yesterday when he postponed a Case until september. Arrest alleged gamblers Prescott. June 22. Eight men and five Slot machines journeyed from Seligman to Prescott this a a to croon because the lip in i Anonymous letter to sheriff Davis proved to be Good. The men including John King proprietor of a Pool room Are charged with violating the gambling Law. The sheriff said to found the Slot machines installed in a Pool room and added that a poker game a interrupted by the officers. Shrine order grows Portland. Ore., june 22. Tho ancient arabic order. Nobles of Tho Mystic shrine made a net. Gain of 74.725 in membership the past year according to the report submitted by b. Rowell Imperial recorder at the annual Imperial reunion which opened Here today. " Cial changes brought by the War. To the possibility that thrones Are unstable but she is said to believe that there is still much Kings and Queens can do if they stick to their jobs and smile. The result getters to new want ads

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