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Bisbee Cochise Review And Arizona Daily Orb Newspaper Archives May 14 1900, Page 4

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Bisbee Cochise Review And Arizona Daily Orb (Newspaper) - May 14, 1900, Bisbee, Arizona 4t .1 u r u a 1i Smej a j local Brevi ties i Al j v sheriff soot White loft a sunday. " tuck Pottar went was this morn . Flu bound for Texas. a Verl div returned yes till duty from Mexico where to has been Catt. 1 Job Mobery the converter bos9, left saturday morning for Sweden where h will co ii Alx Moh Thi o., Kat teen the Tuv if aft Thea morning s train fore Lefco where to goes Inho in Terri Tot Thea paper. The tre Lii Bot be any meeting the t 5ood templars tonight out respect who will lecture at $h4 Tyer House this evening. V . Porter Bender was an outgoing in Arengi thai mornings the gentle mar get to Jira Money due my As & result a lawsuit recent in decided1 in his favor against Tho South " Erri pad inc. K h. Petor Hansen Beer a lab Hiowt faille below Bisbee it v is t be to roughly equipped and Situ ated it Vlf to amidst Tho Shady cot i to Wood Trees it should make Ideal it sort during the summer months. 1 n,fiyfc6 a Pequeen Library is repainting i Chi age Learoh Letec Tufe and Many in a events that will add to the Trie Bisbee Library is inf cafe Oatha main Uit Ebythe Copper Queen company Tery its employees and Tho Public Fol a l Wyatt Earp the Tel known gun flight who hot idea his repel Altonin it wind aft Wool Days w 4secked out in san Francisco a few , i by t6 mule inv a Ell i Knouff some Earp attempted to dub the borilem5to, but tit latter put it 1 pc a him and knocked him Glassy the Fol it is thought try he gun the Nix 1 time Bat mulch Tephas been there be Epe Mhd to tabs Ner May head the fun f " re n i Tiava waa Nult n i inti r gift Ron Ata jew mummtltw1 v m who has manufactured from Llano trap Dib prints something unique in the ratio scr Flint Nalluri Natlyn iac6mjllelaha1jttrfectlye. While you 4 can Mak e yourself Beleve that you Are Abdat to enter the upion depot take a stroll 3own Midway Pleasance the constant Jingle the Cash Register u,4kyouhwth4 the a Dea in at you a re i toed thiere Chris i a always present log a Novelty some kind.i.,a a i ii t surf . J. V Tho committee arrangements in i an Tho in depend int orse r ried men Ihor Obj Paxton i r to dlr sincere thanks to All those rho so 54 generously contributed their efforts to Rarda e occaslo4 to peas Ani . Has1 been. Theconunlviee.1 Hopes that its Jirl ends will n Ava Many another Opportunity to prior that h As always endeavoured to further the Ateret Lvov to Commonwealth. Take special meet ii j. W 6tije is hereby Given to Tho Stock held Era the Montezuma Gold mining company that there will be a special meeting Tho stockholders hold Tho the 14 Day May 1900, at 9 clock a. M., at the office the company in Bis be a Arizona territory for Tho purpose electing directors for the ensuing year,4 and for the purpose Selling the property said company either for Jonah otherwise and such other Busi " fee m3s May come up. Flt. Hamburg r. Jacob president Secretary. Dated at Blob to a. Tommay 1st, 1900. M410t Sakl Tea positively cures pick head to inti Taiton and constipation. A Ueli Futral Herb drink. Baa Ovea All Arap Tuma the skin producing a per in it Coap Ixion Money refunded. 25 tit. Aad st Chi. For Sale at Bisbee drag Start. Tour face. 8howiibeute your feelings and bait Taal your Beau a Welli 4m-Ipar a blood makes itself apparent in a Vale and tallow complexion. Pimples Aad two erd Piona. If Yoa Are feeling Spaak Atud worn out add do not have a health armm Cauca 1 should try a kor t Odoj knit. It a tuna All Boa area a where. Cap 8araaoar-Iluvaada Tifi Terii fill j know lag this a adj Netry Bettio a positive aaa Tantee. For Sale Ai Liaboe dog Kurte. Tic arabic erupt Lem Ara Gunni but Akin a tiption Rob Jifa Al Joy. Boeklen e Araica Salt. Ura thana Ciao old. Run Ninx and fever Morei. Aleardi Boia Leloni Corni warts out Bra Tea bars Arcaldi Chappy Saodi Ehl Luini. Beat pile Onro Oil Earth. T Rolvea out Paina and Chat. Only 25 itt. A Box. Cure guaranteed. Bold by Cappar Joaan agora and Bisbee Dru a Rich strike. An abundance Good Ore Dis covered near Charleston. A recent discovery exceedingly Rich orb near Charleston. Arizona bids Jair to bring thut Long dead Camp into equal greater prominence than that which it enjoyed in Tho palmy Days the eighties period. The pm Teaburg Karlzon a Gold and Copper co. Has Deve loped a group claims three quarters a mile from the one Tim e prosperous smelting town with Tho result an unearthing Mineral that has astonished All those who have lived travelled in that Vicinity. The first the claims the , is situated Throe quarters Varallo in an Easterly direction from Charleston beyond the in the following named order lie the san Juan the Manila the resurrection the giant Santl a and Tho first named the contains Ore Sam Ples which showing free Gold in a Porphy ratio and Quartz formation Are so Rich As to cause Surprise among Allex Perien ced " Ming men who have seen them. Tho san Juan which has received the most development any Tho claims has yielded an Ore pile no mean dimension running High in Gold Silver and Lead. The Lead occurs both in Sand and solid carbonates. A recent shipment ofj20 pounds this Ore caused quite a sensation among the mining men no examined it. Tho Eastern line the san Juan de Boquillas. Grant runs from North to a r r to Rouin the Oan Juan. Ine claims have quite a romantic history. In the Early fifties professor Bronca a graduate fre Iburg University Ger Many a noted mineralogist und a vet eran Tho mexican War in the wander Ings Peculiar to his geological ilk happened upon the outcroppings the present Arizona plots Bur g group. Attracted by the apparent value Tho claims he endeavoured to develop them but account their remoteness from civilization and the Crudo methods att the command miners in to those Duys the professor had made but Small head Way in his work when Tho apaches sifter several bloody attempts succeeded finally out luf existence the German Pioneer and his utile Force miners. Several Mounds show where the dead were buried after the several Battles Tolj Atrero waged Between the fierce aborigines and the courageous Little band pal Facos. Tho mexican inhabitants that neighbourhood Long ago rumoured that ghostly visitant had been seen about the Adobe ruin in which professor Bronca former to Nau await Ana succeeding generations f Havo enlarged upon the vague stories until at Tao preset Day Thero is firmly fixed in the sen Orlum every mexican in Charleston an unswerving Relief. That every night Dur ing the Darif tet ipod a erd bund Bobks 0drrayed glow caper about in mad revel Tho crumbling Walls Tho mouldering old fic e. This belief in the visit Atira supernatural beings has played no mall part keeping Prospo tors naturally superstitious Brough thir lives Tho site what realy Soems about to become one the Rich i Man eng properties a Southwest. Many years alter str Fiessor Uron Cas death Capto. In Jeff Ards Nolan. Agent at Apache , no fort Bowie and . Doling Mado an attempt to work the group but they forced to abandon the project because Tho hos tile apaches. From then the prop erty wus lost in the thin Haze. Of Rumor although it is known that a couple chlorides took several thousand dollars Worth Ore from Tho claims and disappeared without returning to Tho property describing its situation. From the departure the chlorides the claims Wero abandoned and unknown until . Flash and Ben Bart Lett old and competent prospectors camped during their wanderings the ground in question and with True pros Pector s instinct at once decided they had discovered a Rich mine. They saw that Trio ground had Beon worked to a Small extent but after a thorough investigation they decided that Tho claims practically Wero Virgin mines. On account Tho Lack knowledge among prospectors concerning Tho situation Tho property the impossibility its being thoroughly exploited by its original workers and Tho compulsory end All former development when the water level had Buenro Allied Tho Presont locators concluded Thoro was Overy probability Tho existence an extensive Oro body beneath the Suner Iclal War Kings. By car Fdl prospecting Thoy Havo brought to Tho sur inc a few tons Tho Oro from the ledge and Havo sent it to smelter with Tho Gratifying result above noted. Alth6ugh.lt will require More capita than Tho present owners May readily command to put up a Stull client working fund for development yet the owners Havo decided that they will avoid Tho error Many former discover cars Mineral treasure and insist not Only upon receiving u fair Price for their property but upon retaining a goner Ous interest in Tho ground out which Mey a Nuevo win Corao Giunti Licaus. The personnel Tho company u As Fol lows h. T. Fisher president and general Raa Nagor a Bartlett Vlco president Frank hard foam ref and so a. D. Union Secretary with office at Tomb m Juu Stone. A representative the re View while travelling in that Vicinity a few Days ago was invited to look at the property and was agreeably sur prised by the Rich Ore stacked up the several claims. They not Only contain Rich Gold and Sliver Oro carrying a heavy percentage Lead Aud Copper but the entire Deposit is sprinkled with a red crystallization known Tajno Lyode Numa Mineral used extensively in the arts. Molybdenum commands a High Price because its use in hardening the steel plates used in armoured ves Sels. Tho Oro contains every form Carbonate Lead much it being Galena. The claims Are situated close to the Railroad a condition that will contribute largely to their future successful development. F. B. Thlork fled health inspector Chicago says Kodol dyspepsia cure cannot be recommended too highly. It cured me severe it dig its what you eat and cure s indigestion heartburn and All form s dyspepsia. Copper Queen Storo. Curry & co. Dealers in dry goods groceries hardware boots arid shoes purchasing and forwarding agents. Custom House brokers. Naco Arizona. Free coinage j. E. Brown & co props full assortment wines liquors and Fine cigars main Street Opp. Can can b Carretto. General merchandise k. St., Bisbee. Agent for California Star winery Alfred Nyhan f. Boarding House at Chris Hansen s place courteous try atm ent. Hole.intmaji., c. Sienkel practical watchmaker and jeweler main Street Bisbee. Aug. Giesler Naco lumber Yard keep Avn is Hrand a 1ccte l Stock lumber doors Sojit Mould pics and Naco Arizona. Miner s Saloon wines liquors and clears. B. Vucovich brewery Cayenne. City Transfer Good Sonvico and prompt at. T Netlon. Satisfaction Gumiran teed. W. N. Edwards. Prop. Leave orders with s. K. Williams. The Jersey Dairy a. W. Strunk prop. Pure Freh milk delivered to All parts the City every evening. Pure Cream 1 Lueiro s mall quantities. The Only Dairy in Llis behaving blooded cows. Satisfaction guaranteed. L Cave Ordo i at Tho str Tom Gourd in in House. Can can restaurant open Day and night Short orders a specially meals at a hours. 1. L. Carretto & co., prop Letoris. Jaji st4 Waldorf restaurant open Day and night , prop. J q j Ivl a sex first class Phoenix bb12f, Mutton i Ork and Cal. , us Ulen find Dpi Noftle constantly hand. 0. K. Still to Picari ietto s a. Bauer proprietor county records. Deeds Pauline Cornilous to Keith Preston Pearce property $1. J. B. Harris to j. Johnson bit Bee property 8500. P. Owma to l. C. Shattuck Busbee property $050. J. A. Prout to l. B. Boyd mines woo. Prank palesse to Jesse tales a bus Beo property $5. E. Dunlap to c. O. Anderson Wil Cox property$2,000, b. J. O Rel Ley to mls i. Gogerty Naco property $500. H. C. Lockling to e. H. Reeves trus tee cattle $702. R. E. Johnson to Dragoon mining com Pany mines $1. Mortgages. C. O. Anderson to h. E. Dunlap. J. J. Glenn to Everhardy and satisfaction mortgage. J. B. Harris from Ivym. Malcome. W. W. Mahew Merton wis "1 consider one minute cough cure a most wonderful Medicine Quick and it is the Only harmless remedy that gives immediate results. It cure Concha colds croup bronchitis Grippe whooping Corith pneumonia and All Throat and lung diseases. Its Early use prevents consumption. Children always Ike it and mothers endorse it. Copper Queen store and Bisbee drug co. Ski fill mrs. 8lewett, proprietor. Boots shoes and slippers for ladles and gentlemen. Gentlemen s furnishing goods ladles ready made skirts Complete Lino millinery main st., two. Doors above. Post office for rent. 3 four Roo m houses new $15 each. For Sale 2 san Jose pumps. 1 Benicia horse Power. Bebee real estate co., e. B. Hason manager. Schmieding s jewelry store. New England Kitchen open Day and night Short orders a specially meals served to families Viand parties. Lain Street Whitehead & marched proprietors. The Senate. Chris Finlayson prop. Wines liquors and cigars your patronage solicited. Experienced mixology its main Street Bisbee Ariz. Com 8 a fiery a fld Erial pies. Doughnuts cakes Oto. French restaurant meals served in courses. Thos. Punelll Naco Arizona 111 1 Huv inc a stamp Mill it signal Motl. Turns custom work is solicited at to rate i a ton. Apply at n. Anglus store Bisbee m Liwo t meals 25c and up cooking that Kincs an appetite. R Behrens & Markey opposite Ito und Vinici. Angus general merchandise Mala Street bib use Arizona Union m ii a l. A Overlock prop. Idiom ill i5vf. A Tel Mutton pork ii huh and into Lull Ciuk my pjs an cakes r to owl r to Dilly cake a rip Vitul. Bub Weiyi av5nue, Busbee cameras not a toy but a real Buffalo electric camera. Size picture 2x2j.f we secured the Agency for these goods for Southern Arizona and in order introduce them have decided to give one free tickets you Bre Alum after you have secured the they entitle you to1 a Buffalo electric Caine a. We have Only limited number hand an advise you staure one be re the Supply exhausted. Skirts and pique suits just the prettiest est to be found anywhere. Mexican carved leather belts at Leas than Otwe pm buy we these goods. This accounts for the Lotf prices. Cd he Bank s. J. B. W. H. H. Worth Wash Duck them. Incorporated directors Ben. Williams d0ugla5s, Aloius Brophy Gunningham. Foreign and telegraphic transfers to All parts the a Prui. Accounts incl Vadnals firms and corporations solicited. to our care will receive prompt attention. Mexican Money bought Hotd. Agency for new zealand fire insurance company. Benson advebti8ements. Ii s a m general merchandise Benson Arizona Shine s lunch counter right at depot everybody knows Shine give him Call Benson b.maier&co., dealers in general merchandise wholesale and retail. When in Benson give us a Call. Good goods and Low prices. Casino Saloon right across from depot. Wines liquors. Beer and cigars. Benson Arizona. A. J. Coulin9, proprietor elite Saloon we. Ohnesorgen prop. Benson Arizona. Opposite Southern Pacific wines liquors Beer and cigars constantly hand. Grand Central Tho Only american hotel in Benson rooms ground Flook for families especially. A. Friedman proprietor. Benson Arizona. Bis by. Assay office All work guaranteed Money refunded. Kodak pictures office mob Hill. Ait. Tellman proprietor the turf lets0n & a Talley finest liquors wines Beer and cigars sportsmen s resort. Main Street Busbee Arlen. A full link . Cameras and photograph supplies. Cameras j from $5.00 to $35.00 developing and Printine Dono by at lowest prices. Satis faction guaranteed. C. P Hart & co. Conner Queen pharmacy. A with every $10 Purchi with ten premium1 v every Lollar a e. A soda fur chased us in Titus to a ticket ten a to f is Are importers j. J. Exchange a Arizona. Of 91 Bisbee w. H. Brophy. Pc Dent j. S. Douglass Svic e president m. J. . Cashier do you Gondi " i Gnoss i a cd to be Hoo everybody else. When i caught cold i just let if a tie think ing it would cure itself in k few Days course the coughing and spitting mucus sometimes lasted Sev eral weeks tint alter a while the trouble we would sub rid Al ways not iced Hoir Var. That . My Throat seemed to get weaker and the least Vansein the weather irked the couching gain. Tihe last cold was the Moat severe be All. really frightened. Cough drops ind Home n Good. act Soumah bpm Edyl rot a bottle and a never a the like the Wax it acted. Before to Rebowe was gom i was we. My Throat was Strebig and we u could be. Since Ihn have had no Mora trouble. 1 think a Kufa English remedy strengthens the deify to lining the Throat that it easily resist atthe Chasna a tempera signed . 251 Gold st., Brooklyn v. A bold atsse., 60c. And $1 bottle through oat the United states and Canada and in eng land at is. 2d., 2s. 3d., s. Cd if you arc net Lati fled after buying return 3he bottle d your drug get and get your Tipney Back i n an Torix the abort Gnu Reut. R. y rr1a, bust wic5,itiqa6r and Cigar. Nile Tmay Lirl Ctet. To st. Jiann apr bios. & White it it Wiks liquors a cd cigars. Open Day an Beer tap. patronage solicited. Main Street can can building. T California Market Kenney bros., props. Beef Mutton port fresh veal sausage Etc Choice cuts meat duly. Fresh bread daily Roodt a hard ire to All part the tows upper slain st., Bisbee the fashion. Courteous treatment patronage solicited. Main Street. Bisbee Arizona. Azurite geo4.punn, proprietor. Wines liquors i Nestle Ani up Portet Crews Bis bees. Favorite resort main Street l. L. Krallman Carpenter and builder Naco Arizona. Or i 1 my x i p iffy Lan 1 " --4 v in Isk. Fonsa
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