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Bisbee Cochise Review And Arizona Daily Orb Newspaper Archives May 9 1900, Page 1

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Bisbee Cochise Review And Arizona Daily Orb (Newspaper) - May 9, 1900, Bisbee, Arizona Bw3wb Ify st. 7" a2fea0.l i " u -.-&-.,. Jis 17 tx7t7"tr?7l7i m jul. A Jill t v to and Arizona daily orb t 4 f v v 1? j1 -. F. R volume in making a president second Day of the Illi Nois convention. President Mckinley eulogized tube pm lists indulge in rec Riml. Niton Republic ans a caused using Money. Peoria 111., May 8. Tho second a take Day of the state Republican conventions was marked by intense excitement. An i a l of pm Munso and Brilliant crowd was pres ent. Among Tho fashionably dressed women on the platform was mrs. John r Tanner. Joseph a Fifer was Choson permanent chairman. He was Given an ova Tion. To eulogized Mckinley and references to the president wore Roc Elved with tremendous cheering. Senator Mccullom appears to o have firm control 1 of the convention. The Forest reserves the problem of allowing grazing to be investigated. Washington May 9. Gilford pin Chot forester of Tho department of and f. V. Coville botanist of the same department Wil Leavo Washington for the West about May 15, to Mako personal investigation of Tho problem of grazing on Tho Forest re Flores. Tho restriction of sheep Gaza 1 ing in these areas has raised a storm of protests from Wool growers and Public feeling in the West has Ocomo divided and intense. A plan for an exhaustive investigation1 by Tho government was published a few weeks ago but Tho tour of these officials will to the. First actual work in Tho Field. They will be met at Holbrook Arizona by a com Matt be consisting of a. E. Pottor of that City who is Secretary of thoj1 Ari Zona Wool growers association and j. A. Bark a substantial resident of Phoenix who represents the cattle and irrigation interests. Thoy will spend three weeks in Tho Black Mesa Reserve and then visit others in Arizona. The examination will to extended to other Western reserves later in the summer. Coeur d Aisne trouble. President is in stated a minority report. Washington May 9. Tho investigation of Tho goer d Alono affair ceased today. Tho committee report that Tho military did not of coed its authority. Merriam was ordered to Idaho by Mckinley and simply obeyed the president s instructions. Tho democrats will make a minority report and will hold Mckinley y responsible for Tho Idaho reign of terror maintaining that the troops were kept there without color of Law and by so doing disregarded Tho constr Ilion. Nearly out of wind. Jeffries Cerbe to Mill is Likely to fall through. New Voitk May 9. Tho coming Joff Erles Corbo to Mill May yet fall through. Jefferies insists that Charlie White shall Refosco Whilo Corbett says Sam Austin shall act in that capacity. Be Sturios says Whito or no fight. Cor Bett says Austin or no fight. Sporting Ynen think some Ono is trying to crawl out. Little interest is being shown in Tho coming Mill so far. The pop Listic Row. Sioux palls May it Tho populist National convention delegates Spont tills morning denouncing Tho. Claims of Tho Cincinnati convention to represent Tho party. Edgerton of Colorado do Clarid that Money was Boty freely used by Tho republicans to bolster up the a Eddlo of Tho Road cause. Senator Butler concurred in edger Tymn is into tibents. Sioux Falls May 9. The anti Brya n move which Delegate of Wisconsin tried to Start has tiled Tho senatorial Quartetti which is running the Vonoven town Butler Allen Hel Wohl and pot a grow Aro believed to prefer noon few Konco of troops. Unless trouble occurs at elections withdrawal will begin in june Washington May 9. Secretary Root has decided that the reduction of Tho military Force in Cuba shall begin before Tho end of july unless trouble should occur at Tho municipal elections whish would make la adv Sablo to continue Tho present forego. Thero Are Between eight and nine thousand sol Diers in the Island now and recently Tho Secretary director that 400 More be sent there before Tho Middle of june. This Means the in breast of Gen. Wood s Force in Case of trouble at Tho coining municipal elections and should Tho sit Moro troops will to sent from Garri sons in this country and Tho withdrawal will to delayed several months. Tho opinion of Secretary Root and other War department officials that a peace Ful Condo wild Itil follow Tho mull clap elections. This opinion is based upon reports received from Gen. Wood and other army officers in Tho Island Al though reports from Santiago indicate that slight trouble May to expected there. The plans Mado for the return of the troops provide for their transportation on regular army transports to Southern ports and a Camp will to opened in Tho South where they will be kept for several weeks before they Are distributed to the regular army posts. A sensational speech. Irish Are an erased and powerless Factor. London May bulletin at Tho annual meeting of Tho Primrose league this evening lord Salisbury made a sensational speech against Ireland which is destined to stir up a tempest on Tho North Side of Tho Channel. Re Ferring to Ireland and Tho death of Homo Rule and other political issues Tho Primo minister said there is no Hope that to shall give Ireland practical Independence for to have Learned from South Africa How re disloyal government Ean accumulate armaments and thus secure terrible advantage. The British government now knows better than to give this Power to a disloyal government in Ireland. For the moment the Irish Are an erased and powerless Factor in English poli tics but do not let englishmen imagine it is to be the Street car strike an amicable adjustment Days not seem possible st. Louis May 9. Up to 10 o clock this morning Thero had been no Chango in Tho Street car strike. According to an agreement Between the City author lie s and the railway company no at tempt was Mado today to run the cars. The night Force of police was immediately sent Homo after Twenty fou r hours of continuous service a suburban car was wrecked Early this morning by Cleveland advices say that hundreds of Motorman conductors and engineers engaged there will to dumped into st. Louis tomorrow. Increased the fare. Tacoma May 9. Regular single first Clas s Faro to Cape Nome has Boon increased to $150. The Victoria is the Only vessel having any accommodations loft. Naco items. Day before yesterday Bert Sullivan an american was arrested in Naco and placed in jail on the Sonora Side. Five minutes Lator a mexican was introduced to the Interior of a jail on the United states Side. An Exchange of prisoners probably will occur. Or. Wolff Tho affable Naco Saloon Man was in Bisbee yesterday. Mrs j. M. Miller wife of Lin rider Miller has been critically ill for Tho past soveral Days at Naco. Or. Of Bisbee has been attending Tho lady and Sho is reported As convalescing today. T r. Glare physician for the to Tozu Mil Copper co., at Nacos Arl accompanied by his family arrived in Bisbee yesterday and will remain a Fow Days. Tho Tucson Library building commis Sion is advertising Oxten Savoly for competitive plans for Tho new Carnegie Library building which will to erected in that City on military Plaza. Tho commission has Oll Rod five per cent of Tho Cost of Tho building to Tho Success Ful architect. Tho building will Cost $2",000, which has been contributed by Andrew Carnegie on condition that Tho City furnish $2,000 a year for main Taining Tho Library and adding now Hooks. The building will to a Model in architectural design As Somo of Tho 5 a hit acts on Tho coast have been 1 interested in Tho Competition. Bisbee. Arizona wednesday evening May 9, panic shtick in censored press report favor tie British. A Span re with till dutch finding Poison j bullets the enraged britishers Bayonet Boer prisoners. Capetown. May 9. It is reported that the Boers of Tho lad Brand District Aro panic stricken believing their Retreat to Tho North to Havo been Cut off. It is hoped Here that French who is believed to be near lad Brand will succeed in intercepting some of Tho boors convoys. Killed a spaniard. Ladysmith May 9. In a recent skirmish near Elands Agate a spaniard who was fighting with Tho Boers was killed. Taking up new positions. Sea Label May 8. Delayed Tho Boers Aro reported to be taking up a position at Bosch and on Tho lower Zand River West of Kronstadt. It is reported that the boors on the North of Roberts front Aro roaring. A Largo number of burghers Are already sur rendering. Bayon eted Twenty five e. Victoria b. A May 9. A British Soldier who was in the engagement of spin Kop in writing relatives hero says his party took fifty Boer prisoners. Fact that half of Thorn Noison Pil bul i r lets. This so enraged the British that they Bayon eted Twenty five e of the Boers on Tho spot. A total wreck. Melbourne May 9. Tho Iron sail ing vessel Sierra Nevada from liver Pool has been totally wrecked on the Het ids. Tho Enn Tain and Twenty to o of the Crew were lost. Jack Osier a Miner in the employ of of the Copper Queen company happen 4 de to a serious Accident while at work in Tho mine last evening. It is reported that about 200 tons of dirt came Down completely covering the info Stu at e Man for Somo time breaking his right Arm in two places and otherwise doing him bodily injury. Tho injuries however Aro not considered fatal summons. In the Justice court no. Or clot county of Uoch of. Territory 6 Arzona. Otto v. Be Minli Ort. is. defend but ii Minosh action brought in tin Justice court of prec not in mud Tor the county of Cochiso ii the 1 Critor of Aii Zoutis in the ii uni of Tow i err Story of Arzoun. T William pump defendant Irr Latiin von ure hereby sum Ioimo Ami Rock Elrod to no near in Icelon la on lit Talaat on Biho ulivo named plaint of in the Tutu court t no i eel nut. In Una for Tho count of c ,1 Ihno in the territory of Arzona. Uduc. Aii Smi i to Tho coins lint tiled in did just Lac Cost at Bushee m Uia county within live duh Oncu Silvo of the Duvet service Ufier in Bor Vlco upon you of this summons. If Vivod within Precius but it sorted a i thou thin precinct nut within Tho county Tei Dinya if served on Ottlie Cuury in us Oiler cues Twenty . I Lus a Tiou u Ticu Iier Jou Toro Coe r he us of sent o o is 1.0u dollars to to Ardnold mud Doli Vurcy to on of the Hove Nui Icid till Nelll at Jour m a Elul m Ului ice und iciptes.1 in lax county. Ariz our id i Toty Dirrim Tho Acari. Lius and Lyviu Between the months in Fibre any. Lahd mid of inert Tho i in t v. Or judgment i be tumult will in taken us inst Jou. Til von under in Luuri at Lila oco this 22d Tiluy of Juu Uuie a. O. . K. Williams just co of the peace of Kii id pet Tinct. Notice. To whom t Ray concern. All it toxin urn Hoiby cautioned not to Purchase. Pond or Luna tie c Lituin Ini Uini Elim at present known us lust to e Otsumo Ner Iii known no the Ullin b prior location situate in our rom Man Init i strict Cuch uti Counti err Story if Elm Luw Ioco fitly been bonded by a Kutlus not the Rich Titi oui Auto one 1. V Wallace Thomas . H Mathias zilch Iii Locut is karst pull Huilton Murroh v8, l xxx. Volcanic eruptions. Are grand but Elm eruption Rob Lif of Joy. Huc Ulun a Arnica Salv. Siree Ilien Aleo old run Nam and fever to i ulcers boils melons corns warts Cuti Dull Imona scalds chopped hands in Blain. Guat Pilo Emu on Earth due e out pains and Only 2 an a Box. Oure Guarani cd. Kohl b of Par Simun Toro Usu Uta Beo do Koto. 5111 it. Metz prop r. C in and works tomfi0 i soda wat a. Sarsaparilla Ginger aleetc., Etc crder5 from abroad will receive prompt attn Tiki. Fca my. Toboni tiers for then v t Distle will h Lelia Rod free without Dtta a mlle or Oil ref v. G. Medigovich wholesale and lie Tail dealer id groceries. Game received Onck poultry. Jaq Siors. Iii tit my Jioio attention smokers when you Ydut a Gesuino jux Exielu Cigar and a Good Smoko cull Tor the i join Inojos i or Tsaio everywhere Howard k Smith nurserymen and florists kinds of Harden plants Shadt am i b Ruit Trees. Moi Milaa Lour foot Lynli 50 cunts each. A Tine line of gut Flowers. Liberal disk omit of o Dura of $10 or Over. P. O. Box no 484 s Angeles California. Notice of Foffi film. Ijimiki., at Mizomi f uru Ury id 1900. To a i. Dui uni Liis lies or Lou uie Liei by Uoti Utu thu two Buve up Udud Tiu Jura ia7, 1 us mud loud Miroo u1111uh.u to mrs in Luxor mud Mill ovum mis i join the Jessio mine situate m Tui rom turning list not count or leu Sojot Iii usim Joo Uruu notice a Junta Moon of Amine a thur " " coup in Anous. In or tier to Liolu Buiu ainu i. Under lilo Inov Loiis o so Viou it or tie Tutu ii 01 tie unit u estates mud tie thereto Louii i Iii a upon it lieu is tie Iii Ouist to Noil by till Uini or the period us Nair True Zubor Ai Iclef. And if within ninety do Days after Iii not you Lull of Ici Uso your pop Orion us sum exp udi Tutera s our interest in Ilie sunt Usu Iii win become me property of Clio Kii Bici ibis your who live Muse the i cupid eur expenditures by Tuo terms of sunt of Exilou i. P. H. Isakh Ringlon . Tibt publication Febi uary a loot. Alias suit Liono. Ill the a leu icefall i lot Dis Tirui of Inu Teri Story of Ilious in mud Tut to county of of Cirise leu Becova i Scutio is. Fleury p. Minimal Uedoi Iunus. Of Iii it Onkit in Trio District court of the r it District 01 me territory of at to ii in mud Lor Trio comity of coat due unit lilo pulp Mill. Jiuu ill the Oulu Oil ill of Cuire in no since Ottlie Jieru of Usu a Lull ice Lyo ill t. Liu Lein Iory of Ariz our sends Reot Lotf to lie buy f. Niit lies Sou Ute Iier by requited to appear in an Kunou eau list you by to Loova Jiuu Iii Luiu in in the in Ortof Cheiu t lieu Ieiri Oisin it it tie Emlory a Vii Gnu i Anil Lor Iho count of of cruise and to answer tue died therein wit Iii ten Ilus Vexel Sivo of the Day of ser vice Ulie Rilie service on us of mis Siuri Nisi is lit Sivea Willilu this coup in or it set Ved out of this county out in cams District Wahidi Twenty Days Uthi Wise Wuh it thirty a so or judgment by get unit will be Tuku Usu list of Teok Lilit to to Pryor of did void Pirint. Ilie Sani action is brought to obtain a de i of divorce Horn Ilia Ponds of Inetri in ii a to ii Story of tie Turee Iii our 0u1i-Ili of Ana Tor costs of tins action Iii by under my hand and the soul of the Iii Tut court of Ali Orvist Fiat rat of the Ler Mitory 01 Ai Tzou i Tor the Utility of Cochise tins Iota buy of Aiice in Itie year of our Ltd h. N is Uiel , publication Mure Western business Colue a. Elpaso Texas. The and Uris business train Una Bool of the still Necat to cot ses bus Uoss ii 1 so Irth Auu Mbra Oliu look Lee plan in arithmetic com Mercial guv dolls guess Vilm Rippell Eliji y ring it Tipul calculating spors mud Lei Jui r Oriun hoi Thund Lype Lvutin in Oihi dial nine in i Etain whole. My Eri Zinnius Iii lieu Latiuk by actual Ali Tutlo. V b Boitor the Stipe Rio r of splendid equipment mud personal ii nution in act trained . We propane slut omit Tot the Best posit Iii which e Cuie. Atit Veuth Loiue la connection write Lor Raton Etc j All term Sci Liis Beni temblor Ltd Pretl. A n. Louis. T Riu Hill line of. Cameras and Imioto Rapoli supplies. Cameras from $5 00 to $25.00 and it inti Dono by of at lowest prices. Isaias Ufuti on Gua Samoeil. C. P Hart & co. A Hoer Queen pharmacy goo business locals. Girl wanted immediately a i w ply at this office found Between Bisbee and Naco a pocketbook. Owner can Havo same by calling at this office. Second hand goods bought and sold at e. G. Orel co., plumbing Anda inning shop. Queen pharmacy for photographic sup plies u 21 n for Sale a boarding House. Apply at this o just received anew line of Smirt valets at Blewett a. M20 of Otto k re anti , k p. Bootel to. Ind., says Dewitte Witch Hulk Salve soothes Tho most delicate Drin and heals the most stubborn ulcer certain and Good ,cur6i t is and Ekin diseases. Don t buy Annita ton. Copper Queen t ii Bee drug co. Hole in the Wall jewel0re c. M. Hinckle practical watchmaker and jeweler main Street Bisbee. J. I. Krallman Carpenter and Naco Arizona. For bargains go to Barney s Pivaco main st. It Goldstein proprietor. Bra goods ladies and gents furnishing goods clothing hats Caps boots and shoes Etc. Malachite Cia. Store candies and fruits cigars and tobacco specially. 44 main Street. Dan Hankins proprietor. Ours new full coloured extra full concealed hmm Kuba is so Sele number in 1vj e. G. Co. Plumbing tinning by Cornice. Work All neatly promptly. Office a ietto Tho brewery. Henry it Tietjen and she. Nutly Vagli twi g. S. Stein Lai cd Airt 0its it the Fanon Soow. Bra try a Mimi. C. Kado Victel Staple Aii Faico Ceceile s cashes nuts Etc. Brewery Avenue. My j. Johnson real mate broker houses and lots bought sold com Nieson. Houses or Money loaned. Office Ang us Rowa i a c Raub. Main Street above stable and rents bicycles novel Blo Cui and to Palrud key specially. Rambler bicycle for b Carretto. General merchandise o. K. St bus agent Calif Era Star Liery Alfred Nyhan boarding at Hansel s courteous treatment. Everyone them. $5.00 hammocks a a Shady spot a cooler Etc. Interesting Reading Kkt i matter a Hammock and such things As trouble Arew Wjk forgotten. The very of laziness and Julur pm it ious ease seem to hover about these hammocks ours. Lie in once and you have the disease of pm it do not i in most virulent form. A a. It a is Hammock nevertheless season s hammocks better than the. Carried a f it Over kind. Are aft Friej it weave Wavy it Pillow and it 43 82 it it it it it t h e l v wry w v. Of. Fat t and Boot rept Irenr done. I 1. Aad second Hab d and a 3. Palace y. A Mje. Hoise Chris place m of of j them a this Are x fancy close wot Valance spreader. Justee but there Ark $4.50, $4.00 50, $2.00 cheaper ones. And $1.50. S Hammock Hooks extra Strong cents a pair a Wei i fat in work done Tadt. J. Vaud Bent work. Runs lock. Solus a Achiles fat Tola for its 25 fat Copper Queen Storla Ord mine repairs. Microbes Hammock Tmur w ski k Flo bbb the California Market Kenney Bros proprietors. Fresh a ssh Mutton pork veal sausage cuts of meat bread daily. S. Goods delivered free to All parts of the town.,0 upper main st., bus acc i. I Rev. or. W i i v. My Fulg to i if a f tit i v i i in . A Fri . Etc. Istatt Vul a Man i v y a mme mrm by wwttf&ri&13ttr j , a of five Jii of wifi a Tow in Fri Jav. Ihh&z2r3tr?r i Izz zsrh3vljz tit la a film Jim Fra Kirk f a to. Own i a 0 & & 1 x 4 it. Vik. R
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