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Bisbee Cochise Review And Arizona Daily Orb Newspaper Archives May 3 1900, Page 1

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Bisbee Cochise Review And Arizona Daily Orb (Newspaper) - May 3, 1900, Bisbee, Arizona my Ibraksi " " him by i i Iii ill. Ll.ll.1. i in v or w r j r ,. T a " is my. Pc we we but a. In v Sushl v la a pfc tit a id to t2 t rt77l7 to " ,.--x a $ i i i in Lair t it u v i k Vav -. I a Imi he 1 and Arizona daily orb i " i.,4kbb5 my lt7me in Bisbee. Arizoma thursday Eving May 3." too. Number 98 " is i to tar r ri1. Wini.,.f or is wish it & v. Khz & i Raj fir Hii. Y a a fac so it Zwia t.vmnt.1 rat ryrj2rfy0&jrlll4 e .&yi&mijmif3n 4lw to i Josts the its &bk&g&v55brtfrfl ast1 Imam polish Chase Ami a the pouter Bender. Wheel fatal results. W3roks say the Boers were prisoners eleven prisoners from Brantford Jhamba in thu. Ntrf11imlttm 3 at War Loco Many mighty acc Cha Day and drove the enemy out s&31.0 position Hou neck comte it icly Small loss us. Boer a dispersed in several direct it to moly North and Oast leaving ent Yii prisoners in our hands and sixteen Ivoun Dod. Mamius now encamped at Jaco u3, and. from lord How the men in soveral Days dered for today. Broadwood s cavalry arrived on Nifte Steno in Timo Rondo valuable Assis Abco by threatening Tho enemy s rear. Were ,0 Fis or other. Viii in us German lieutenant Gunthar was included among the list dead. They had forty wounded including Tho russian commander Maxi Raoff Tho foreign leg Ion. Twenty n Tho fifty thre e casualties the belong to Tho Fps Elan be Glen. Two frenchmen Tho foreign legion ure killed. Hamilton praised Tho chivalry and specially commended a purr .1 Nnami Strose a 4tho enemy Jan Tel to Shropshire win. Uvin 2q0iriolibb Tho enemy s avy a 4. Rndy Niv Vav Luff with Houn a the Rob met ing Holt line Siam 1 no praises Kitchener s a May 3 an Yakut 8th the Federal Tov Nino prisoners Oast thana 30th Tho at j from and Tho in prisoners were two Scro need. Bulle april Boers mount ii taken wv2"sn. May War Loco an Faal to totl1 casual tir.m&fd&p1 am 00.,. ". W a Viia a or o itt ?. A at to v v s .1 or to i. To in Ortr i. E Llali e on Beer w am. To " " to. Zwir j v a. J Fol Atli Africa l h " Ubu Aro Eis. Are in Poetown May 3 Philip Cronje voor no i ind was imprisoned at a Inion try. Need corps was shot dead Thero last night by and other Boers walked be Tho Lino and Jeorld when Tho guards them Back. Pretoria May 1 delayed or. Jr., who was arrested in connection Willi Niu i Usu ugh Biot Shell factory at has Leen remanded. An american has al5 been arrested on suspicion being in Tho explosion. .w.v.a 1m u&r3r Ivest taxation at last brought to a i close. A Ashington May 3 Al Aleno investigation is practically at an end Tho committee caring to hear but Ono other witness Liou tenant 1ycns, who the strikers Back to Tho pumps in Tho to has Ben this afternoon Tho Case will close with arguments from Tho counsel for the two Sido. Demo a a Tvan cd Mora witnesses but the it Publicar ruled against them. J Kilmarnock for $20,000. labial 5a3fcni. ?44isiwl Olgr san in i no crib in m.wwbaoumdw1t" Iii Rimton Kwh York May 3. John e. Evening to Intoy his three year d kill a Warnock which is proving a sensation Ong her Sot. Price paid was 7,000. Yesterday morning in the til at Park on a slow a Marnock went a carrying 110 urus Una Iier in in Wii Iii Jura Umuiwi Sider a remarkable test. May .5 statistics Tho movements from Texas to markets and grazing grounds Sas Ami inuit i territory to be Tim Cochin review by j. Flirl bicyclist loses con Roj her Lori is 1.4 Burfor Rob a acted 1w1w1 dispersed pcs Yeny Eizoh t Over Tho Sands the desert and Over to Trab Kles n a foul out the East and the order . Red came i at first though few in numbers yet each and Ove Ryono know to paint and fix the paleface till he looked like an Indian Loo so the Hills there s Many a wigwam s door that looks out into the sunlight and into a Hundred More. So now on the Hill and Mountain when the Sun going Clown there s Many a War cry Given that echoes about the 1 and should you to a Savage Man no doubt surely to called away in the night time to Council beneath a treo Many Tho Whito Man who has tried to guess , with considerable j warriors 4 commandant dead Milo Scro in to a Truman s train. So was Only fit Aud proper to show their greatness off to give a Parade and Blowout that no paleface to scoff so Tho High chiefs and Tho princeo3 painted All in Gaudy red in Buckskin and their moccasins were at the head. With ancient Bow and Arrow with a Tomahawk and Spear Tiff True the Noble red 5len were a sight indeed to fear and yet beneath the War paint in each dial a mum a Quirt the enemy admits that twelve ,., trill nil a in Romant Lii Sido Ancu Louay. Official april Tho Yoad Tho Coeur forced mines. When Tho sold Colt Tho Al Orris track alas men Neath Bisbee town you d and Ivy and take his sister s part so gather your for the order red men grave Causo they " ill always be your brother to u Jappen to to a Brave perchance you can guess our secret for this you must surely spy that duo paleface and Tho Indian Isas White As you or local. J. Porter Bender wa3 a visitor at Naco today on business. Or. Went Down to Naco today to visit his patients at that town. Lovi Perrins Little old boy thaw fld has had convulsions. Alexander Chisholm has returned & Willcox is erect Fajt Ishoi i and nine -4wsfeh, oust in former Liddy. 3 Clyti Nubuor Surre Nereu Tronio ordered Bigbie Johannesburg implicated heard sold warm mad Texas South land How is is dared procession s veneration i. Additional Edmundson three year is Rysick. Magpie minstrels May 11. Tho end men messes. Moore Burk Johns and Kelley will keep you in roars laugh Ter All the time. Or. Clarke want to Naco yesterday and reports Tho people Tho Border City excited Over Tho Prospect Tho speedy building Tho railway Abtan pm ores Dario Escalante and a an Madrill wore drunk and disorderly. Justice Williams distributed thirty Days Between the three them. Gregovitch and and Covitch who have been Woi King in Tho mines hero for some time left for Cape Nome this morning. Tho men Aro Good steady Fellows and experienced Mincis and will no doubt do Well in that Region. A flow Artesian water has been struck Southwest Pima. E. A. Jones a Leapal in Willcox last saturday on a Deal for Tho Salo his cattle. Henry lovin states Uva circular let Ter that to has 40,003 head mexican and Arizona cattle for Salo. Tho Copper Bello miming company in Tho Tombstone District reports re cent shipments five carloads Ore. Last month s importations cattle from Mexico aggregated 2,818 head which 2,074 wore entered at Bisbee and Nogales sunday Ryan Bro s. Made a delivery to ii. D. Rogers the Siegel Sander s company 839 head cows which were shop cd to o Portales new Mexico to go into pastures near there. Ryan Bros have four additional train loads Ryan Bros have made a delivery to ii. D. Rogers Siegol Sanders com Pany bom head cows when Wero shipped to Portales n. M., to go into pastures near there says Tho Range news. Ryan Brothers Havo four additional train loads cattle gathered and will to driven for shipment As rap idly As pos Soblo. A Rich Strilko is reported to have taken place within the past Fow Days in the she lock Mono in Black Hills Dis tract owned by Henry i. Clifford & co. Tho vein Oro has been Cross Cut at u depth about 17o feet and a body ittle 270,000 sheep 300,000 Tho Oro nearly eight feet across running clip for the year is twelve million a Good per cent in Conw and Silver has to valued it $2,000,000. Been encountered. Ehy Rumi a p i6bkk i iviu31 i Pasy Ltd to saw a Raan on a bicycle i y & 7 a. V 4- w a ?7 1 s 1. Know to w6si to and realizing that g v.7estimate loss life will considerably beyond three Hundred. Salt Lake May 3. Death s completely envelopes Tho a i Mous Coal town every House without exception is a House mourning and every household is pre paring to Bury its dead. Tho agonized shrieks w Dows and groans Moth Erless and fatherless Are no longer heard. Tho stricken ones Are beyond that now and their grief can find no utterance. Yesterday it was stated that Tho death list As based on a conservative estimate would probably exceed 250. It is now known that Tho estimate is entirely too Low and that in All probability 300 Mark will be passed. The work taking out dead continues and All the bodies May not be recovered this week. Just now Scofield is a vast morgue with undertakers by the score. The bodies found near the Entrance Are badly crushed and bruised As they received the full Force the explosion. Will Clark who lost his life while try ing to save his father had a Beautiful sister aged 16, devoted to her brother. When informed this morning will s frightful death Sho fell dead at her another feet. Accad picture i i 4 . Us r 5 " in &. I claw u Jav. Flu i gum Truar re to faces there i Day Ancl today Young John Miller a ladies Holper who is waiting for the bodies his three Brothers Harry Bance and Issaac to be brought out. A latest Turco people have gcne4n sane. A newspaper reporter fainted As he filed his Story. One the stories is that the Clark family Tho Fath Cir and son Wero among Tho first dead found. Another son will Clark rushed into Tho mine to Rescue them. To was wafted into death in a Trico by Tho awful Arter dam p. Whon Tho news was broken to Tho a pretty sixteen year a sister Lizzie fell dead at her mothers feet. Tho other three big mines Tho Coal company Aro closed Down As miners arc Fiockixta-hf1m t Cla Aives Sorl a friends at Scofield or at least to Rescue their bodies and help Tho suffering. Tho Coal company and the Reo Western Are both doing everything possible. Salt Lake met chants Aro sending provision Nothe fam Liq who have been deprived support and the Cash subscriptions. Amount to Over $15,000. A Carload Flowers will to sent Down tonight by Tho women Salt Lake. Tho loss by Rescue expenses claims for damages loss Mammoth Coal contracts and other items will to very great. At present company is merely working to res co dead and alleviate Tho suf Fering. London May 3 Central news hears that commandant Eloff has left Rafek in a practically abandoning the Kime. A recent dispatch from Mafeking said that general sym Ono the boor commanders conducting Tho Slego at Mafeking had left Tho Vicinity Mafeking. Twenty five e men find employment at Tho san Francisco Mino and mall Cedar District. Thoy Phlp Gold Bullion regularly. Tho Cedar District is fast com ing to Tho front. Tho Empire mine at Chloride in about to Havo the water pumped out it and work resumed. Tho Empire in Early Days produced a Largo amount High Grad o Ore. Mineral wealth. Jim Letson has brought up some very Rich Oro from Tho South Bisbee. The samples displayed arc taken from tin Lead without being specially picked showing Tho great possibilities this Mino and the certainty its Tutu Groin Lisenco among Tho pacing propositions this District. Or. Barrage the Butto and Boston company is expected in Gilbert any Day to Soo to letting Tho coi tract apr sinking a 100-Fo Shaft for which the figures Are already in and waiting for. Him. Atlantic Highlands n. ,t., May 3. William Gorman a Well known resident this place was killed on Shrewsbury Bridge on sunday night. Down Tho step approach control the machine Haven Deaver de to save himself by holding close to the rail but Tho Young woman s head struck against his nose knocking him Down. A violent hem Torrago the Mec she to m Tho the Tho Tho Tho nose followed. Got Man died last night. The Young woman made off without giving her name. New York May 3 the matrimonial tangle George m. Pullman will soon to unravelled by Tho courts Bowers sues for an absolute divorce naming Pullman Asho also sues Pullman for alienating his wife s affections. Business locals. Second Han d goods bought and sold atre. G. Ord co., plumbing and tinning shop. F Queen Rii Macy sup plies. Fj1 for Sale a boarding House. At ply h thin office. Jin Roi lived a new Lino shirt i it tit he flu it d. M20 Otto Kob Gran d Chen Schlor up. Boonville. Ind., Saye dewitts Witch Hazel paled soothes the most delicate Avn and Iun Lutho Moet put ebon ulcer with certain and to. D cures i lies and pm Dibease Don t buy an nit at m. Compar uen store and Ihfe div co. 4 Henry h. Tietjen. Boot and is Bohaker. nearly atty c. J. I. I. " Llu. X".1xj mule st a 5urtl r and gents Ouno Sito ant Lus by d to furnishings and fancy. Goods. Scion to Han goods. Bre cry Bonito Ilc Staple acid fancy groceries candies nuts to. Brewery Avenue. Miner s a Ion wines i Iqulia and cleans. B. Vna Vicli arc wet Avenue Curry & co. Dwillis in dry goods Grorer haul. Are boots Ami Sii ios Rural uni. And . Custom House broke Arizona. Tom s b11w1ii Pim doughnuts Cakos Oto. French ant meals served in courses. Thos. Pinelli Naco Arizona Alejandro Garcia cusn0m House broker la Riorita Sonora flex co . Johnson and state Hie broker houses and Lota Ilou Aht and sold . Hours Lor runt Money loaned. Office Ang us building room 3. E. G. Ord co. Plua1binq, tinning and Cornice work All work done Matly and promptly. Office be Otto a Itro Uuie. For rent. 0 four Roo m houses new $15 each. Ii an Loso Punpa 1 Tonuia Lui Ihu pow or. I i Beo heal estate co., e. B. Flagon mining or. Scan ueding s jewelry store to Muff i. R i i Sibry re. T5?" a or r v. & sikh a Saddest Mother Grande May st s ainu Hok three Days we Liall sell. Boys Waist cheaper than you be Ever bought equal Quality for Jwj fire. Forty dozen Mother s Friend waists nearly All . Which were received but a week ago have had their prices deeply Cut the waists Are perfect in every respect in Quality style and make which maker the Price sacrifice All the More unexplainable. you need waists now or will need them come tues i Day. The special prices will prevail until thursday May 3d, but the saving is so great thursday too let. This week s store news gives full details. She us dire it Orff r ill v Mojto v Sissy j p a " v j Yaj " " t a r " officers we Brophy ski j. S. Vice prank n j. . Foreign Exchange and telegraphic transfers to All the world. Accounts a j corporations matters entrusted Itu tuesday Copper j t r Queen Bank Bisbee in piano store. Incorporated. ?sv1br0phy. individual a fair Ais Toutin Tami attention. Rrt aut dolk3lass on office-i2 1 los v n it so i he. 1 -2 Art to febi., mexican Floney bought and 5old Agency for new zealand fire insurance company. Piano co., wholesale and retail dealers s & organs. Write for catalogue. Pianos monthly payments. South Broadway an Joeles California. Us company carries Overy think in Tho drug and chemical line and to Aro constantly Sido Lino Linos not addition will to Wall paper paints and Glass. Samples now ready for selection. Perfume to Sweet for anything but your handkerchief. Gold Label in packages Only. For the literary All the late and popular novels it popular prices. For Filfli 4vl?w mini 1a property film ill a s 7 i prompt original Workingman s paper a rfcs is daily Herald. A solicited. Stock. Oil Candy Saroni s my one 1 s a i wow i v. Xor s. 1 .sv., is 4w by it my
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